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298 Addendum Brief Yoana Krasteva

1. Building Users Requirements Assessment The sitting of the four buildings in my proposal is well-grounded with regard to the Salt Lane site and the given brief. By trying to take most of the site I suggest four buildings with different uses.

First of all the site is facing the back entries of the surrounding buildings which is one of the problems that needs to be taken into consideration. My decision was to orientate the attractive back entries of my proposed buildings to the existing ones and concentrate on a public space within the site. I wanted to create an intimate space which is wrapped by the suggested buildings and placed next to Fords Hospital.

Secondly I wanted to invite the occupants of the site and create a more engaging place for them within the site. As I want to invite people to walk through the site I created two main routes which defined the footprint of the buildings. The height of the buildings varies with the highest building being 15m. Most of the buildings are tree floors high meaning the rights of light are preserved. A strip of soft landscaping will run along the site giving it a new green look.

Thirdly in addition to the central space there are two small public spaces located on the two ends of the site providing a place to sit. Since I wanted to hide part of the wall running along the Fords Hospital a small tree floor building will be added providing a restaurant, shops and entertainment. I spread the uses of the buildings according to the level of sun, noise and view within the site. The form and sitting of the proposed buildings creates a sense of communication. The colonnade is the connection between the buildings as well as giving a strong identity to the whole site.

Finally, since I personally find the Fords Hospital the most important building on the site I wanted to keep the view to it clear. Because of this I decided to place different kinds of places to sit opposite and next to the Fords Hospital offering interrupted view of the building.

To conclude, I evaluate my proposal to be successful because of its sensitive design due to the location. By this I mean that I think my proposal wont fit any other site but Salt Lane. What I am aiming at is to take benefit of the every positive aspect within the site and create a design which will contribute the existing site.

Diagram showing my decisions for my design based on the site.

2. Value 2.1 Understanging Value

Value of land There is an endless number of factors which define the value of land such as location, public transport, utilities, population, vegetation, etc. Furthermore another factor which contributes to the value of site is a new development.

First of all, the most important factor is location. Salt Lane is located in the city centre of Coventry which makes it highly desirable because of the convenience to shopping, schools and parks. For example the land next to a school is more expensive compared to the same quality of land which is in 30 minutes distance. Another aspect that plays an important role is the presence of utilities and public transport. The public transport gives the occupants the chance to be mobile as well as it bring a lot of people to the site itself. Salt Lane site has several bus stops in close distance which contributes to the value of land. Since my main aim is to bring people to the site using the proposed Winter Garden I believe it will

influence the cost of land making it cost more.

Secondly, social factors such as population growth or decline, prestige and education levels have their impact on value of land. For instance, many people will prefer buying a land with prestige because it will mean that the there is a low crime rate. Salt Lane site is mostly a working zone which means that there are not that many constant occupants. My proposal offers family dwelling and live-work-studios that will impact the number of occupants on site which will again affect the cost of land.

Thirdly, another important factor will be the economic factors such as growth and new construction, vacancy, etc. Undoubtedly a land which offers vacancy will be more expensive because it offers people a place to work as well as gives the change to rent higher quality land. Since Salt Lane is located in a central point in the city meaning that people will have the greater chance to find a job which will be in a walking distance to the site.

The financial value of the site will be again affected because of the vegetation on site. By this I mean that trees are the lungs of the planet so if there are trees on site it will create a suitable atmosphere for new families to bring up their children. By adding a strip of soft landscaping on the site my proposal will enhance the existing site which will affect the cost of land.

Another factor is the quality of building because different sites are aiming at different kind of people. By this I mean that high quality residential building is suitable for people with higher income because people will have the opportunity to maintain or even develop the land. My proposal is aimed at people with higher income because this is a new development which is based on different sustainable standards that develop the environmental quality of land.

To sum up, undoubtedly, there are a lot of factors that define the value of land. I believe that my proposal for Salt Lane will affect positively the current value for the land as it enhance and develop the existing site.

2.2. Understanding density After I did the calculations about the density of the residential element of my project I realized that I am not happy with the results. After reading the Urban Design Compendium extract I familiarized myself more with the meaning of density. I now realize density is an essential part of the design process as it contributes to the liveliness of the place. It is essential to have the minimum mass of people to use services such as public transport and shops because this would lead to the further development of the urban space. For example, in my hometown 3

some parts of the town are not provided with public transport because there are not that many occupants. This is not acceptable in any case. In terms of density I dont think my project will be that successful as I havent taken the most out of the space. What I mean is that the density in my projects is less than the average so I will take it under consideration for my future work. 2.3. Calculate a preliminary construction budget for your project In order for me to calculate an expected budget I need to know the total area of the site and the area which the buildings occupy. Using Edina maps I calculated that the total area of Salt Lane site without trafficked roads is 4015.5 m2 . As a next step I need to know the floor area of each use excluding the external walls. I calculated the gross area for each use: Creche- 120 m2 Family dwellings- 720 m2 Shop units- 400 m2 Restaurant - 120m2 Live-work Studios- 300m2 Winter Garden- 180 m2 Studios- 500 m2 Workshops - 300m2 Caf- 120 m2 Community space- 300 m2

Now I need to calculate the net area which is 80% of the gross area. I can do that by multiplying the gross area by 0.8. Creche- 96 m2 Family dwellings- 570 m2 Shop units- 320 m2 Restaurant 96 m2 Live-work Studios- 240 m2 Winter Garden- 140 m2 Studios- 400 m2 Workshops 280 m2 Caf- 96 m2 Community space- 240 m2

The last step is to calculate the soft and hard landscaping within the site. Hard Landscaping 1655 m2 Soft Landscaping - 280 m2

Using the Spons 2012 I will calculate the cost of each element of my projects. The total cost for my project is: 2,563,900. Since I dont have the experience to define whether or not the cost for the project is high or low I need to compare it with another project. I chose NEO Bankside which has cross internal area of 42.000 m2 and total cost of 140 million. The total gross area of my project is 2574 m2 and the total cost is 2.5 million. I believe this is a reasonable amount of money and that it is acceptable. Moreover, I am now starting to appreciate the cost of new projects.

To sum up, I now have a deeper appreciation for budged, costs, density and value of land which will be used in my future work.