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A BYTE OF LIFE Monday, March 2, 2009

09 02
WORLD CUP Ad Club-Business Line Quiz
Eves ready to take on the world TCS employee part of winning team


Farm fresh
In this week’s
First Innings,
we profile
and Srivalli,
model links
farmers to

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Veteran playwright N.Muthuswamy
of Koothu-p-pattarai is back with
Arjunan Thabasu
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02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Monday, March 2, 2009

Classic comics on your phone

Now get to listen to folk stories, read Amar Chitra Katha comics
and download ring tones and wallpapers on
Vodafone Essar. The service is available through a voice portal and
through Vodafone Live.

TCS associate part

Strings attached
A senior IPS officer was all set to make
good of his very lucrative recent posting
but to his dismay some string pulling at the
political level saw him shunted out
immediately after. Infuriated by the

of winning team
“injustice,” the officer took out his
frustration on the poor orderlies.
According to sources the orderlies had
a tough time to sway out of the way
of innumerable office stationeries
that were thrown at them.
R. Jayakanthan of TCS partnered Gopal Kidao of MMS
The last laugh to form the winning combination at this year’s
There’s at least one policeman who
keeps to his words. A senior IPS Ad Club-Business Line Quiz
officer was recently transferred out
and while grudgingly leaving the man ERGO CORRESPONDENT
had promised to be back at his position
anytime soon. True to his words he is back

and is indeed having the last laugh as t a competition that had
others watch in awe and envy. questions that were more
cerebral than trivial, Tata
Hoax, hoax Consultancy Services asso-
ciate R.Jayakanthan combined
Journalists were in for a rude shock at the forces with Gopal Kidao of Ma-
state top cop’s office recently. Eagerly dras Metallurgical Services
waiting for a scheduled press conference (MMS) to be crowned the win-
the reporters were in for a rude shock ners of Ad Club – Business Line
when the visibly irritated IPS said it was a Quiz 2009.
hoax call and shooed them out of his office. The competition that was held
at Hotel Savera on Saturday eve-
Join the club ning was a marked departure
from regular popular quizzes as
Quiz Master Mitesh Agarwal with Gopal Kidao and
The policemen in the city are all set to form quiz master Mitesh Agarwal
their own union to protect their rights. Few chose to put to test the grey cells stunners. Sample this: Which was was a Satyam employee.
of the top officers who were rudely awaken much more than ever before. It the most emailed attachment in The winners took home a cash
from their slumber during the recent High was hard and serious quizzing, recent times, pushing aside even award of Rs. 25,000, LCD TVs
Court clashes, where they were literally and several participants savoured the likes of the King Khan? There from Samsung, watches from
manhandled by the advocates, are pressing it as a welcome change. Agarwal was some one in the audience Helvetica, mobile phones from
for a Police Union. If the move comes unleashed as series of mind- that got that right – it was Sa- Wavetel, printers from Modern
through it will be a first of its kind in the bending visuals for the teams and tyam’s Ramalinga Raju’s confes- Computers and several other gift
state. there were also some absolute sional letter. Needless to say, it hampers. ■

Jai Ho!

쒀 Governor Surjit Singh Barnala felicitates A.R. Rahman for his Oscar win at Durbar
Hall, Raj Bhavan on Sunday. PHOTO: R. RAVINDRAN
Monday, March 2, 2009

The out-of-the-box Act

roles as a modern licence. “As it
is a modern play we can bring
and a different narrative style.
The play portrayed that from
formed more than
characters each, displaying

in lot of innovation. Here the time immemorial mankind has dexterous change in body lan-

n a delightful departure story and characters never indulged in the arms race and guage and voice modulation. In
from norms, that in hind- change; only actors change. countries continue to horde a way, the actors got to perform
sight probably not all got, This is a new attempt from me weapons for war. more than one role, stretching
Koothu-p-pattarai over the and the audience has also re- It also gave equal importance their skills to the extremes.
weekend debuted its play ‘Ar- ceived it well.” to all the actors to perform the And as the koothu-p-patta-
junan Thabasu,’ in which all the The neatly-packed play was role of Arjuna and the kattai- rai’s current crop of artistes per-
actors took turns to play the all about Arjuna’s journey to Hi- kaaran (jester). Though a bit formed at the group’s
role of the protagonist and the malayas to receive the Paasu- confusing in the beginning, the auditorium at Chinmaya Nagar
jester in different scenes. pathaasthra from Lord Shiva play in due course of time in Virugambakkam, the group’s
Veteran playwright and direc- and the obstacles that he over- helped the audience travel veteran and actor Pasupathi
tor of the play N.Muthuswamy comes before getting the weap- along the story easily. The elev- watched from the shadows.
explained the inter-change of on, with new interpretations en actors took turns and per- ■

a new

What: Arjunan
When: On till March
15 (Weekends only)
between 7p.m. and
9 p.m.
Where: Koothu-p-
pattarai, No.1
Vaikasi Street,
Chinmaya Nagar,
Donor pass available
at the venue. For
details contact Devi
@ 9941446543
04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Monday, March 2, 2009

Ask your query

Is it beneficial to buy the new housing loans, which says that the interest rate
will be fixed at 8 per cent for one year? Since this is lower than what other
banks are offering my friend suggested that it’s a good deal.
Ravi Kumar, Cisco
From a broad perspective the idea of paying a lower interest rate seems to
be a profitable one for the borrower. But when we look deeply into it we need
to realise that no bank will give you a loan on loss. What it means is that any
loan has to be lent at a rate higher than the rate at which banks borrow
money. Thus what will happen is that they will try to recover the lost amount
by adjusting for it in the balance years of the tenure. Also there will be a lot of
“small text” which could have other clauses like no change in interest rate
even if the rates go below the 8 per cent level and such which need to be
prudently checked before taking the loan.
Mail your queries to, with subject line ‘Doctor’.

Mini Quiz
1. ETF stands for:
a) Exchange Traded Funds It’s good bye to all the paper work required to claim your travel allowance.
b) Electronic Transfer of Funds PHOTO : NISSAR AHMED
c) Exchange and Trade Finance
d) Equity Traded Fund

No bills required for LTA

2. PFRDA stands for:
a) Pensioners Fund for Research in Debts and Assets
b) Provident Fund Regulatory Development Authority
c) Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority
d) Prudential Franklin Reliance Deutsche Association
Send your answers to or SMS your answers to 92813 98889.
Example: If you choose ‘a’ as the answer to question 1 and ‘b’ as the answer to
question 2, type 1A2B. Winner get a free book on mutual fund and will be chosen
The SC’s rule comes as a sign of relief for all
Answers for last week’s quiz:
by lucky draw from all correct answers. those who are used to producing fake bills
SEBI – Securities and Exchange Board of India
NBFC – Non Banking Finance Company
or spending money to get them
SNEHA BAJAJ ticket, taxi voucher, etc.). This also meant that if the bills were not pro-
duced, the employee would have to pay
a tax and if he produced bills worth just
News you can use
recent verdict of the Supreme a certain amount, then he would be ex-
Court could bring a sigh of relief empted from tax only for that amount
to employed individuals all over regardless of the total LTA amount for
New pension scheme the country, especially those in which he/she is eligible. This meant
The Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority has announced its the taxable brackets. that your hard earned money went to
intention to appoint fund managers for the new pension scheme. It has been The SC has said that employees need the tax man because you did not have
reported that there are six fund managers who have been short-listed. These not show bills or vouchers to claim their the time to spend on maintaining those
fund managers will be responsible for handling the funds invested in the LTA while filing their tax details with travel papers. The court said: “The ben-
pension funds of the NPS, which is for the unorganised sector. their company. This in one shot takes eficiary of exemption under Section 10
away the entire headache associated (5) (of the Income Tax Act) is an indi-
NHAI bonds with maintaining those small tickets vidual employee. There is no circular of
The National Highways authority of India is offering non-convertible bonds and related bills to show proof of your Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)
that will give benefits for individuals who want to park their long-term capital travel. requiring the employer under Section
gains. Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) is the 192 to collect and examine the support-
The bonds will give the investor a return of 6.25 per cent per annum and reimbursement paid by the employer to ing evidence to the declaration to be
will be fully taxable. NHAI will repay the entire investment amount at the end the employee, for any travel expenses submitted by an employee(s).” In sim-
of three years. If you are an investor who will be receiving any capital gains within India, but for this two conditions ple terms, why should the company
from sale of land/house or other means then you need to pay a minimum need to be satisfied. (a) The expenses spend its resources/money on verifying
LTCG tax of 10 per cent, but if you invest it in the bonds you will not be taxed. can be claimed only for travelling with- the veracity of something which is a di-
in the country; (b) The expenses can be rect benefit to its employees? This has
RBI puts the safety net claimed only if the employee travels indirectly also benefited the employees.
The Reserve Bank of India has said that keeping in view the growing num- with the family and not if the family The bottom-line for both the orga-
ber of credit cards and debit cards and also the high levels of usage of the travels alone and (c) This allowance is nisation as well as the employees is
Internet for financial transactions, it’s imperative to have stronger safety paid to the employee every year but can drastic reduction in paper work related
norms. be claimed only for two travel journeys to claiming the LTA. Probably hence-
The newly devised safety measures would ensure higher safety for online every year. forth, your company would directly
transactions and also ensure that online alerts be sent to card holders when In the recent past, to claim the ex- credit it to your account at the end of
card is used. penses, it was necessary that the em- the year rather than waiting for you to
ployee shows his bills (hotel, train send in the claims. ■
Monday, March 2, 2009

In the bazaars of …
Venkata and
Srivalli are
more than your
vendor. They
left their plush
corporate jobs
to start a Ideas to Implementation: Venky and Srivalli on Thiruvanmiyur Beach. PHOTO: N. SRIDHARAN

supply and
distribution Matchbox Solutions is a so-
cial enterprise, which is based
niche area,” recalls Venky
about how the idea struck him
pockets in Valmiki Nagar, Ta-
ramani, Besant Nagar, Indira
his greatest hurdles.
Until then, it is late night de-
system that on the “bottom of the pyramid
engagements”. Besides consul-
when the farmer crisis was at
its peak.
Nagar, among others, via its
mobile van. “We get people
livery trucks, early morning
distributions that will keep this
links rural and tancy, the start-up is involved
in building core competency in
Venky’s homework started
with “setting the process
from different strata of society
and our perishables our sold
couple awake! ■
(This column celebrates the
urban market niche areas, including eFarm.
“The regular perishable
right,” studying different buy-
ing patterns, linking up with
accordingly. Around four to six
tonnes of vegetables and fruits
spirit of entrepreneurship.

commodity you shop from the farms, training the ground staff are sold a week,” they say.
retail shops goes through three and above all building a data So, why should you buy? “It

heir home and their car to five jumps before it reaches system. is 10-20 per cent cheaper than
are a mini-godown of the consumer,” explains Venky Venky’s search for a business shopping from a retail shop, Alert
perishable commodities. about the community-driven partner yielded more than he but as our volumes pick it will In the coming issue of
On weekends (6.30 – 9.30 farm-to-home supply chain bargained for. He met Srivalli, get even reasonable. We are as First Innings, we are fea-
a.m. and 5 – 8 p.m.) they are that makes buying vegetables a Business Management with cheap as going to Koyambedu turing start-ups who
out on the Thiruvanmiyur more transparent and eco- over eight years experience. market,” says Venky. share an office space. So
Beach running their weekend nomical. “Here, we bring it to “All my life I have been an eFarm’s revenue model is if you know of a friend/
bazaar selling organic fruits you within one or two jumps.” entrepreneur, selling biscuits, “cash and carry”. Plus, it has colleague who would like
and vegetables. To facilitate the supply, crafts, textiles and all things received a grant this January to be featured in these
The next time you spot an eFarm is in direct touch with branded. But, I never thought from the Government of India. columns, do mail us his
eFarm van stopping from 10 to 15 farms in Tamil Nadu, of selling vegetables,” Srivalli Venky is new in the market, details to
street-to-street or an enterpris- 200-odd self help groups and says how her current profile but he considers those prick-
ing couple taking orders from micro finance institutions. “adds value” into the venture. ing questions and convincing
customers, sourcing vegeta- It took Venky a month to his family about his decision as
bles or, for that matter, even Entrepreneurial call convince Srivalli about the po-
counselling others on how to A B.Arch graduate from IIT- tential in the market. “We have
run a mandi, make sure you Kharagpur, Masters in Com- complementary skills and are
shop there. puter Science from the U.S. very clear on each of our
Venkata Subramanian (Ven-
ky) and Srivalli Krishnan are
and over 12 years of IT experi-
ence, Venky decided to seize
roles,” says Srivalli, who taps
clients through social network-
In a Minute
Company: Matchbox Solutions
more than your next-door veg- the opportunity when it ing sites, online marketing, etc.
etable sellers. The duo left their knocked. Started: 2007
well-paying corporate jobs and “I had the experience of Vegetables on the go Founders: Venkata Subramanian and Srivalli Krishnan
years of industry experience to working in various domains in The couple say eFarm has
tap agri supply between rural IT, especially in crisis-driven grown from pilot to growth Team: 10
and urban market, with a mod- situations. As an entrepreneur stage, though it still concen- Funding: Self (friends and alumni)
el linking farmers to suppliers. I was keen on working in a trates on selling vegetables to Know Me Better:
06 VILLAGE ERGO Monday, March 2, 2009

Scary school trip

A school bus driver in Australia grew so fed up with
rowdy passengers he drove them to a police
station. The students angered Graham King by
throwing a lollipop at his head.

Computer Recession creates 50,000 police

desktops mirror jobs in US
Economic downturn has wiped off thousands of jobs
from hundreds of the American companies, but the

your personality same crisis has prompted the US administration to

announce a massive hiring of 50,000 police personnel.
In its first budget, the Barack Obama government has
proposed necessary funding to begin hiring 50,000

ersonalised desktops can displaying their past successes, additional police officers. “Supporting the hiring of
reveal a lot more than just meanwhile, risk revealing their police nationwide will help States and communities
your ‘fun side’, claims a egocentric side to colleagues. prevent the growth of crime during the economic
new study, which suggests A list of desktop personality in- downturn,” the Office of Management and Budget
that people’s personalities, habits dicators from the report includ- said in the government’s budget proposals for FY2010.
and ambitions could be laid bare ed: PTI
by analysing their computer 1. Desktop with icons strewn
screens. across the screen - the owner is
The study into desktop psy- muddled and tends to lose focus
chology was conducted by Win- easily.
dows Vista. 2. Even icons on each side - the
Michelle Obama’s dream guests
To reach the conclusion, Don- owner values balance and pro- Guess who US first lady Michelle Obama is “dying” to
na Dawson, a psychologist spe- portion and tends to keep a cool meet? Hollywood couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett,
cialising in personality head in tricky situa- reports When asked who she was still
and behaviour, re- Having too tions. Likely to be orga- ‘‘dying’’ to meet, Michelle told People magazine: ‘‘Will
viewed a selection of of- nised and dislike Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. He strikes me as a very
fice workers’ desktops many icons clutter. interesting and conscientious individual with a very
and identified several may suggest 3. Desktop with many strong family.’’ The first lady is keen to entertain her
clues that could indi- a person is rows of icons - reflects a “dream guests” - Smith, his actress wife and their three
cate a person’s perso- person who needs eve- kids. The Smiths, who married in December 1997, are
nality, reports The disorganised rything to hand, likes to parents to 10-year-old son Jaden, eight-year-old daughter
Willow, and the actor’s 16-year-old son, Trey, from his
Telegraph. and possibly feel in control and on first marriage.
She also said perso- top of their life, while at
nalities could be divided insecure. the same time revealing IANS
into categories: Generic, a tendency to be slightly
Specific place; Goal-orientated; disorganised.
Trophy; Escapist; Artistic and So- 4. Personal photos as wallpaper
ciable. - indicates the kind of person you
She said: “Our desktops are our are and what priorities you have.
Neo-Nazis plotting
personal space and as such pro- Often a parent will have a pho-
vide a fairly accurate personality tograph of their child, or a keen
‘Fourth Reich’ in Germany
A defector from Germany’s hard-core neo-Nazi party,
description of an individual. traveller will have a photo of an the NPD, has given a chilling picture of the rise of new
My belief is that everything exotic location. Photos of friends Hitler worshippers and their plans to build the “Fourth
says something about what we’re show popularity, which is useful Reich”. Uwe Luthardt, who was a senior member of the
like. You may not consciously be in work environments where you NPD, quit to inform on the party that Germany tried
aware of it but once you know, need good people skills. unsuccessfully to ban several years ago. The Telegraph
then your desktop can be used to 5. Plain blue wallpaper - sug- quoted him as telling about weapons stores and how
give off a positive message about gests the kind of person who likes members greet each other with “Heil Hitler” salutes,
who you are.” to keep their personal life private. sing the banned songs of the Third Reich and relish the
The expert said, for instance, 6. Trophy photos as wallpaper - idea of a new Holocaust against the Jews. Last year
having too many icons may sug- can suggest a big ego and some- neo-Nazi attacks in Germany reached an all-time high
gest a person is disorganised and one who revels in their past suc- and the authorities are battling to stop youngsters from
possibly insecure. cesses. ■ being attracted to the politics of the right, particularly
People with desktop pictures ANI
now that Germany is in a deep recession and jobs are
being lost by the thousands every day.

Photographer Leibovitz pawns

her life’s work to pay debt
Celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, who shot Michelle
Obama’s picture for this month’s cover of Vogue magazine,
has pawned her life’s work to pay the mortgages on her
property. The 59-year-old artist has reportedly approached Art
Capital with her art as collateral to borrow 10 million pound
to pay the impending debt. Leibovitz, who is famous for
taking the picture of John Lenon and Yoko One just hours
before his death, is concerned about the mounting debt on
the properties that she inherited after the death of her lover
Susan Sontag.
Monday, March 2, 2009
Websites of the day Frogs for dinner
Want to keep track of your calorie intake? Scientists in Belarus are breeding edible frogs in a bid to revive the
Read all sorts of interesting facts about the Fab Four at the former Soviet state’s poor economy. Belarus is home to the marsh frog,
BeatlesArchive: the pool frog and the edible frog, considered delicacies in many
countries around the world.

oldest steam
engine ride
espite recession and slow- the train through Internet on the
down in tourists’ inflow to Railways website. "Fairy Queen"
the country, travel by the train was rolled out for the first
world’s oldest working time by the East Indian Railway
steam locomotive on the Delhi- in 1855.
Ajmer route has gained momen- The locomotive of the heritage
tum with the heritage train run- train is the oldest working engine
ning to full capacity. in the world. On January 13, 1998
Plying only eight times a year it was recognised by the ’Guin-
during the first and the last quar- ness Book of World Records’ as
ters, the ’Guinness Book of World the world’s oldest working en-
Records’ recognised train chris- gine. A comprehensive two-day
tened "Fairy Queen" ran with its tour package with ’Fairy Queen’
full capacity of 60 passengers on is being offered by Railways and
Saturday when it left the Delhi includes on-ground catering,
Cantt station. Among the passen- lodging, boarding, transfer facil-
gers of the 154-year-old train, 30 ity, a visit to Sariska National Park
were foreigners, a senior Railways and cultural programme, the offi-
official said. The official said pas- cial said. ■
sengers can now book a ticket of PTI

Giant Panda fever
still grips Taiwan

iant panda fever continues Jason Yeh, the zoo’s director,
to grip Taiwan as the bears said the panda pair remained in
received their 500,000th good physical condition despite
visitor on Saturday. their big audience which is limit-
The Taipei zoo awarded a pri- ed to 22,000 people per day.
mary school student from Chang- The male weighed 108 kg while
hua County with a stuffed animal, the female, “Yuan Yuan,” lost
stationary and a book to cele- some weight as it just finished its
brate the occasion. fortnight oestrus period that
started in mid Feb-
ruary, he said. “Yuan
Yuan” now weighs
103.6 kg. The two
pandas, named
“Tuan Tuan” and
“Yuan Yuan” (when
linked, their names
mean “reunion” in
Chinese) arrived at
the zoo on Decem-

ber 23 last year. They
A member of Japanese ski jump team Noriaki Kasai soars through the air during the
made their public
Large Hill Team event of the Nordic Skiing World Championships in Liberec. AFP PHOTO /
debut on January 26.

08 SPORT ERGO Monday, March 2, 2009

Modi humbled
BCCI vice-president and IPL chairman Lalit Modi lost the
Rajasthan Cricket Association top job to IAS officer Sanjay
Dixit by five votes. Modi received 13 votes while Dixit
bagged 18 votes to come out as a winner on Sunday.

Practice game for

Sachin & Co.
Six Indian Test cricketers will get match practice
in New Zealand’s domestic
competition under an
arrangement that avoids any
conflict over the Indian Cricket
Real roll on
League (ICL), officials said on
Sunday. Test specialist batsmen
Real put pressure back on Barcelona
Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman and
Murali Vijay along with bowlers

eal Madrid reduced the gap
Amit Mishrah, Lakshmipathy on bitter rivals Barcelona at
Balaji and Dhawal Kulkarni will the top of the Spanish
make guest appearances to acclimatise to New League table to four points
Zealand conditions. when substitute Guti and veteran
The Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) skipper Raul scored in a 2-0 win
demanded the six players get time in the at Espanyol.
middle before the Tests start on March 18, but Espanyol, who had defeated
there was to be no contact with any player Barcelona last weekend, were in
linked to the Indian Cricket League (ICL). The charge at the Olympic Stadium
BCCI’s opposition to the so-called “rebel” ICL through Ivan de la Pena’s
league was underlined last week when it promptings in midfield, but their
barred Sachin Tendulkar and Dinesh Karthik inability to create clear-cut
from an exhibition Twenty20 game because a chances was to prove crucial. An
former ICL player was also involved. Under the impressive run from De la Pena
pre-Test deal, five of the Indian players will join from the midfield and a strike
New Zealand teams with no ICL connection and from Nene, which went close,
playing teams without any ICL players. The were all that Espanyol had to
exception is Dravid who will play for show for their possession in the
Canterbury but their ICL players Chris Harris and first half.
Shane Bond will not be involved. New Zealand
Cricket chief executive Justin Vaughan said he Top notch
was pleased they were able to meet the Indian Real soaked up the pressure
requirement for game time for the players. before Guti put them ahead from
“There have been a number of issues to work a free-kick conceded after a rare
through, including the involvement of ICL attack in the 67th minute. He cur-
players, NZC’s rules around overseas and led a left-footed shot from 30
qualifying players, player allocation, scheduling yards into the top corner and five
and travel arrangements,” Vaughan said. minutes later Raul slotted home
AFP to give Real the three points and
extend their winning run to ten
India down Kiwis Real coach Juande Ramos sin-
gled out Guti for special praise.
India downed New Zealand 2-0 in Auckland on “We knew that the game was not
Sunday, giving them a series win by the same going to be easy but we were very
margin. India’s Dilip Tirkey and Sandeep Singh motivated,” said Ramos whose
stepped up after a scoreless first half. Tirkey team had been stunned by a
nailed a penalty corner home midweek Champions
strike in the 43rd League defeat to Liverpool.
minute and Singh “There was little difference be-
followed suit in the tween the teams in the first half
67th minute, flicking but after the break Guti changed Real Madrid skipper Raul Gonzalez celebrates his goal against
the ball into the top the match and after his goal Es- Espanyol at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona on Sunday.
left of the goal. panyol had to take risks which led PHOTO: AFP
New Zealand felt they to the second goal.”
should have been ahead Espanyol coach Maurico Po- brace helped Sevilla come from after the visitors’ defence made a
just before the interval chettino felt his side deserved behind to beat Athletic Bilbao 2-1 hash of clearing a corner and the
when the ball hit an more. “We knew that the only in a dress-rehearsal of the Copa left-winger fired home from 12
Indian body, stopping a way they would get a goal would del Rey semi-final on Wednesday. yards.
certain goal, but India be from something like a set-play. Sevilla are third in the table, but Kanoute deservedly brought
successfully appealed on It was the only way they could 13 points behind leaders the sides level, bringing the ball
the grounds that the break us down,” said Pochettino. Barcelona. down inside the area before beat-
ball first hit a New “We tried to play football and we Mali international striker Ka- ing the keeper in the 38th minute.
Zealand player’s foot. had chances to score but the noute scored either side of half- Just before the hour mark, he
The Indians were then game changed with the free-kick. time to see off the challenge of calmly finished in the corner as
spectacular on the In basically one and half chances Bilbao who took the lead through Sevilla continued to take the
counter-attack in the they have scored two goals Inaki Gabilondo. game to Bilbao whose coach Joa-
second half, exposing against us.” Both sides started with wea- quin Caparros defended his deci-
the inexperience of the kened sides but while Sevilla sion to leave out players with on
New Zealanders who Late comeback were dominating it was Gabilon- eye on the Spanish Cup. ■
were frequently Earlier, a Frederic Kanoute do who made the breakthrough AFP
punished for turnovers.
India won the second Test 2-1, while the first
and third Tests were drawn 1-1.
Monday, March 2, 2009

It seems that, at the minute, everybody is going on about the IPL. It’s a hot
topic. But I want to play for England. The IPL is still a few weeks away and
my goal is to play for England and, after that, the IPL will take care of itself. It’s
something I want to play in, but my ultimate goal is playing for England.
Andrew Flintoff

Eves ready to take on the World

Members of India’s women’s cricket team
before their departure to Australia for the
ICC women’s Cricket World Cup. PHOTO: PTI

AYON SENGUPTA teams in India’s group are Sri Lanka and were successful in scoring over 200 runs. England. Once you start scoring runs, you get the
Goswami will be aided by Anjum Chopra confidence of taking on any team.”

yeing to end Australia’s dominance in and Mithali Raj and feels the perfect blend Despite their dismal showing during their
world cricket Indian eves left for of youth and experience will hold the team Tour to Australia in November, Goswami
Down Under for the ICC Women’s in good stead in alien conditions. “Our team thinks the experience will help them to
World Cup on Sunday. Led by Jhulan is very balanced with the right mix of experi- tackle the Australian conditions better.
Goswami, the fastest woman on the cricket ence and youth. “Even if we played badly in Australia last
field, the Indian side will be trying to usurp Only three players have not played over- year but all of us have a fair idea about the
the mighty Aussies who had defeated them seas. This is the World Cup that comes every pitches and conditions there and that is a
in the last Cup final. four years and every team would be eager to positive.
“We are confident and we had a long con- do well. We are not taking any team lightly,” Accordingly we have chalked out our
ditioning camp in Mumbai. All our players Goswami says. “I am glad that I have players plans and made the required adjustments.”
are in good knick and we will also play two like Anjum Chopra and Mithali Raj on Mithali also sounds optimistic about the
practice games whom I can rely for suggestions and advice. team’s chances and
before our first Mithali is our Sachin Tendulkar and every says: “Our openers
match against opposition fears her.” were getting out
Pakistan in Mithali also understands her role in the quickly last time we
March 7,” Gos- squad and says: “In the series against En- toured there. But
wami says. “Our gland and Australia, the batting line-up had now it’s the end of
primary aim is to flopped and we were constantly being bow- the season and the
reach the Super led out for totals between 120 and 130s. wickets won’t be
Six stage and Bowlers hardly had any chance to defend too bouncy. If any-
take it one game the score. You cannot win with such totals; thing they will keep
at a time from we have to score at least 200 runs to ensure low and we are
there.” a competitive total. But few days back in a used to those con-
The other practice match against a men’s team, we ditions.” ■

“I am glad that I have players like Anjum

Chopra and Mithali Raj on whom I can rely for
suggestions and advice. Mithali is our Sachin
Tendulkar and every opposition fears her.”
10 FLICK ERGO Monday, March 2, 2009

Mickey Rourke to play baddie in

fifth Rambo
Although actor Mickey Rourke lost the Oscar to Sean Penn,
his career seems to be back on track, and that too in a big
way-he has been offered a role by pal Sylvester Stallone in
the next Rambo film.

Priyanka goes
de-glam for
he donned work with Bharadwaj, a master things in each and every film of
trendy mini skirts and a bi- story teller known for giving mine, be it with the character or
kini in Dostana and was an his leading ladies a very ‘real’ the look. That’s visible in films
absolute stunner on the lived-in look. like Don, Love Story 2050, Fashion
ramp in Fashion, but Priyanka Speaking about her charac- and Dostana.
Chopra is going the de-glam ter in the film, Priyanka says: “In continuation of that, Kami-
way for Vishal Bharadwaj’s “Sweety is a very real char- nay and What’s Your Rashee (by
Kaminay. acter. She is a college-going Ashutosh Gowariker) will see me Priyanka
“In terms of look, it’s defi- girl in her early 20s and we essaying different characters, far
nitely not glamorous. In fact, have tried to keep her ex- removed from what I have ever stars
you don’t really see me wearing tremely believable.” played. I am very excited about opposite
too much make up in the film,” “We tried to ensure that both!” Priyanka stars opposite Shahid
Priyanka told IANS. the look fits the charac- Shahid Kapur in Kaminay and the
Kaminay will be her first re- terisation,” she adds. actor too is said to have a distinct Kapur in
lease of 2009 as a leading lady Since she was seen in a look. Shahid, known for his choc- Kaminay
after a hectic 2008, which saw glam avatar in both Fash- olate boy image, plays a double
her featuring in six back-to- ion and Dostana, did she role, and one of the characters and the
back releases - Love Story have any apprehensions played by him not just stammers actor too is
2050, God Tussi Great Ho, about donning an entirely dis- but also keeps an unkempt look. said to have
Chamku, Drona, Fashion and tinct look in Kaminay? But audiences will have to wait
Dostana. “Not at all. It was a con- to see their makeovers until June a distinct
What makes Kaminay spe- scious decision. I have al- 5, when Kaminay is set to release. look.
cial is that she has got to ways striven to do different IANS

Hrithik, Priyanka bag Oscar-winner Penn

Filmfare Awards hopes to take ’Milk’
Bollywood stars Hrithik Roshan and
Priyanka Chopra were declared the to White House
best male and female actors Hollywood rebel Sean Penn,
respectively at the glittering 54th Idea winner of the best actor Oscar for
Filmfare Awards ceremony here late his role in Milk, said Friday he
Saturday night. Hrithik won the award hoped the film would soon get a
for essaying the role of Emperor Akbar showing before President Barack
in Jodhaa Akbar, while Priyanka Obama. “Eventually we are hoping
walked away with the black lady for a White House screening,” the
statuette for her performance in 48-year-old told reporters ahead of
Fashion. Jodhaa Akbar pipped Dostana, the French launch of the acclaimed
Ghajini, Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na, Rab biopic about gay San Francisco
Ne Bana Di Jodi, and Rock On!! to bag politician Harvey Milk. As
the best film trophy, while the best California’s Supreme Court prepares
director award went to Ashutosh to rule on whether to annul a
Gowariker for Jodhaa Akbar. referendum that banned same-sex
Held at the Yash Raj Studios here, marriages last years, Penn said he
the evening saw a plethora of expected the movie would weigh
Bollywood’s Who’s Who dressed in on the debate. “I think this film will
their fanciest best walking the red be one of the steps forward,” Penn
carpet at the event. told reporters.
Monday, March 2, 2009
Look, who’s in car?
Sameera Reddy’s run with Kollywood continues. After the success of Varaanam
Aayiram, these days she is busy shooting for Asal. Late night movie goers were
recently surprised to see the pretty actress resting on a car, parked at the Sathyam
Cinema Complex, after the shooting. The movie has Ajit in the lead role.

Pierce Brosnan’s Cine City

hi-tech home
The 6.5 million pound mansion to be built in
California will be equipped with modern technology

I am not Sita of
Ramayana: Ash
Actor Aishwarya Rai, who is busy shooting for
Mani Ratnam’s upcoming flick Ravana, has said
that the name of the character which she plays in
the movie is not Sita. But she is playing a woman
who has similarities with that of Sita of
Ash, who is acting with her hubby Abhishek
Bachchan in Ravana, has added that they have
never played a conventional couple on-screen so
far, when asked whether she is paired opposite
Abhi in the film.


ormer Bond actor Pierce Brosnan is all set Pierce says will rival anything out there for clar-
to build a high-tech home which will even
rival 007 films. The 55-year-old actor, who
handled many gadgets while playing the
ity and sound. And the security system is going
to revolve around pressure sensors in the floor-
ing and infrared lights,” the source added.
Arasan to hit the screens
Good news to Rajini fans who are eager to watch
iconic spy on screen, is building a 6.5 million Brosnon will have a basement gym, music their Thalaivar on-screen soon. Rajinikanth’s
pound mansion in Malibu, California. room and games room in his two-storey build- yesteryear Hindi film Khoon Ka Kaarz is being
The mansion will be equipped with modern ing complete with wireless and bluetooth con- dubbed and released as Arasan in Tamil. The
technology. “Pierce has always loved technology nectivity. The master bedroom will have blinds background score and songs of the film are made in
and playing Bond only cemented that love. He that rise at the touch of a button to reveal ocean the Qube UFO format and have been remixed in 5.1
says this will be his dream house and it will have views, with adjoining separate bathrooms and DTS Surround Sound. Rajinikanth appears in three
every possible boy’s toy imaginable, plus a few walk-in closets for Brosnan and his 46-year-old songs and three fights in the film, which also stars
for his wife,” a source told Daily Mail. “It will wife Keely Shaye Smith. Sanjay Dutt, Vinod Khanna, Dimple Kapadia, Sarika
have a high-definition home theatre which PTI and Sangeeta Bijalani. The film has been cleared by
the Censor Board and will hit the screens across
India during the third week of March.
12 ERGO Monday, March 2, 2009

Friday’s Question:
Your favourite
childhood fairytale and
■ "Paati vada sutta kathai" that’s the
only fairy tale I know.
Senthil Kumar.P,
Sowsheelya, CSS,
SCB Scope International,
Padhu, Sify

■ Woodcutter and angel told by my

grandma because I didn’t tell lie after
hearing that story (not now)
Perot Systems
Jayalakshmi M. from Cognizant Technology Solutions has nominated her team members
■ Vikramadittan and vedalam for as Partners in Crime. The picture was clicked in Yelagiri.
giving a thrilling experience and for
the interesting questions and answers
between them.
Arun Kumar,
Beny Raja Jerome,
Allsec Technologies Limited

■ Peter pan - because I’m too

fascinated by fairies and their
glowing wings
Tata Consultancy Service

■ Beauty and the Beast because a

love which melts the heart and soul
of every one
Senthil Arjunan,
Sridhar.R, STG,
Senthil, Raja and Puru have nominated the Hexaware Internal Cricket Tournament Final
Winners as Partners in Crime.
■ Jungle book I like that Mowgli and
the share khan character in it.
Allsec Technologies Limited

■ Cindrella with her magical beauty,

shoes n the princes.
Allsec Technologies Limited

Today’s Query:
February 3rd is ‘I want
you to be happy day’.
Whom would you wish
to see happy. Prakash from Wipro Ltd has nominated his friends as Partners in Crime. This photo was
taken during team trip to Wayanad.
Monday, March 2, 2009

■ Dear Cargo Ravi, Because YOU’RE really

Mr.Pichu Mani of Allsec Technologies Belated B’Day wished
Limited has been nominated as Office Wishes.....!!! all the THINGS in life
Angel by Dennis Miller, Team Manager Chemoil-ODC Team that will give you
and his team. California Software(Calsoft) HAPPINESS.
He is a wonderful and a fun loving ■ Hi Revz,
person to be with on the floor. He prefers For idli, chatney is d Wishes from the Heart,
to be a “Man of Action” rather than a correct match, Prabhu, Amala, Glory, HCL
man of words. A perfect example of a For chappati, chicken is d ■Hi Muthu, (lal)
down to earth person. correct match, Many More happy returns
For friend, you are d of the day & God bless
correct match, you. " We turn not older
For you we are d correct with years but newer
match every day. May your every
Long live our friend day successful!"
KAPPAL Rockers!
Happy birthday Revz. Bilal, Shakeer & Balaji
Yours kappal friends,
Mythili, S.Kavitha.M, Vino, ■Dear Victor,
Karthi. May the new year that
Wipro Technologies opens ahead be filled wid
■ Hi Anu, happiness n joy.. Wishing
Wish u Many more Happy you a very Happy Birthday
Returns of the day :-) and many more to come...
Loving Wishes, Cheers,
COAF LS Team, Shaji & Divya, TCS
Wipro Technologies

■ Hi Senthil nathan, Belated Wishes

Sorry I missed your ■ Hi Gayathri,
Art featured in Birthday, Hope you had a Wish you Many more
this column will wonderful time and happy returns of the day.
receive gift cou- wishing you for many Let all your dreams come
pons from Fruit more to come. Love you, true. Have a great year
Shop on Greams Your Best Friend. ahead.
Road. Send in Happy Birthday !
your addresses so Wishes from the Heart,
that we can post P. Jayasri from your beloved friends ,
the coupons. TCS. HCL Technologies Ltd

■ Dear Gopal, ■ Hi Anitha,

Thinking of you and the Wish You happy birthday.
good times we spent!! me May all yours dreams
A.Kamalika Krishmy had doodled this. smile! HAPPY BIRTHDAY come true.
to friend who is always Have a great and fun year
close to my heart. Wish ahead.
you many more happy Keep smiling always!!!
returns of the day. May Best Wishes From,
God bless your future Susi & Anu,
with lots of surprises. Wipro Techonologies.
Keep Rocking!!
We wish for you that ■ Dear Kirti Kathuria
whatever you want most Wishing many more
in life, it comes to you, happy returns of the day
just the way you imagined to this fun loving, rocking,
it or better. lazy freak
With Love, Shrikanth N C (The S.P.E.C
Manivannan, Vasant, Prabhu, buddies)
Merlin, Krithika. Team TCS. Infosys
Dad : If u pass in the exam, I will present u 1 cycle. ■Dear Vidhya,
Son : If I fail ? ■ Dear Jansi jenifer, Wish you many more
Dad : I will present 10 cycle Hope your BIRTHDAY is a happy returns of the day.
Son : why ??? day Best wishes,
Dad : hmmmm…. to open cycle shop that makes you feel full Anand, Prem, Balaji
Shiva Kumar . A, Accenture of ZEST and ENTHUSIASM, iNautix Technologies.
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Monday, March 2, 2009

Thief’s heist foiled

An Australian car thief was caught
by police after he accidentally
locked himself in the vehicle he
was trying to steal.


S.N Saraswathi
of TCS clicked
this picture in
Kuala Lumpur
with her Canon
G5. Hobbies:

So you think you would make a terrific photographer but never really had the
platform? Mail us your best work and we’ll publish it in this space, with credit.

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Monday, March 2, 2009
Life’s a beach at Uni Word’s worth
A university in the U.K. is Quadragesimarian (kwah-druh-djess-uh-mair-ee-un) an obsolete and rare
offering a two-year, full-time word meaning ‘someone who observes Lent.’ This certainly applies to those
course teaching teenagers how people who observe Lent only as an opportunity for a Friday fish fry as well
to surf. as to those who take the more traditional and spiritual ascetic approach.



Logical thinking is fine, but incessant brooding or
pondering might not prove to be useful. Do not try
to push yourself for something which is practically
impossible. Try to streamline your thoughts in a
proper direction. Love life will be smooth today.


Achieving targets won’t be difficult at all. You will
be able to meet the deadlines very easily today. Pay
equal attention to all the pending work or it may
pile up into a huge mess. Lovers may spend a
wonderful evening in the company of their beloved.


You may wish to establish proper work routine and
BORN LOSER schedule in order to perform better at workplace.
You may want to devote equal time to your life
partner too. Lovers may find a positive turning point
in their romantic life, by the Grace of Ganesha.
On the work front, the day is going to be very
hectic. More than productive work, you may have to
spend a great amount of time for solving queries
and problems. Romance on the whole can be
smooth and satisfying, but watch your temper.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
You need a break. So finish off the pending work
and select a time when there is nothing major
happening and then finally go and ask for a leave.
Once that is sanctioned, you may want to take off
on an adventure trip or a romantic cruise. Try it.
Hard work has wonderful rewards and there is no
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT doubt about it. However, Ganesha advises you to
be patient. Things may not work according to your
plan or schedule.The Grace of Ganesha will bestow
upon the lovers like there is no tomorrow!
Not all days will be as fruitful as yesterday, but
there is always a tomorrow. Don’t let your mood
affect your performance or behaviour towards other
people. Even on the personal front, avoid stress and
take it easy.
It is best day to have a look at past and finish off
pending social and official work. At office, you may
interact with others in order to find solution to
some long-pending issues. Love life may remain
almost uneventful today, feels Ganesha.
“Why worry?” asks Ganesha. Everything will have a
solution. It is just a matter of time that things seem
to be so difficult and impossible. Plan everything in
advance. This includes everything from your official
tasks to fixing up a party.
You may be very verbal while at work so Ganesha
finds you giving suggestions to everyone around
you. Ensure that you are not hurt if your
suggestions are not accepted by others with due
PREVIOUS There is no weapon more powerful than words.
Ganesha wants you to realise that and take proper
ISSUE’S advantage of the same. Since you are capable of
impressing others with your speech, you should use
SOLUTIONS that on the professional front as well.
Ganesha feels you will wait for your lucky charm to
show wonders today. Hence during the second half
of the day, you might find yourself wasting time.
Lovers might feel a pinch when the beloved doubts
his/her integrity. All will be well soon.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Monday, March 2, 2009

Foxes up a tree
A family of foxes has made an unlikely home at
the top of a tree in Suffolk, England.

Sky-high Makeup seller

costs to use is YouTube star
27-year-old Brit mum has how to recreate Leona Lewis’

a toilet become a YouTube sensa-

tion with her make up ap-
plication videos. Lauren
Luke’s YouTube channel, pan-
make up from her Bleeding Love
music video. “That’s when things
really started to go berserk,” CBS
News quoted her as saying. The Brit mom’s
Ryanair’s chief executive said Europe’s
largest budget carrier might start
cea81, has drawn more than 4.5
million viewers, and Luke moves
The video shows her in her be-
droom applying makeup to her-
video is among the
charging passengers for using the toilet
while flying, but his spokesman
between the first and second self while looking straight at the most watched slot
most watched YouTuber slots in camera. Many of the videos dem-
cautioned Michael O’Leary often just Britain. Luke, a single mother liv- onstrate how to create celebrity
made things up at will. ing with her mother and sister, looks - musicians like Miley Cy- Luke has also been approached
“One thing we have looked at in the decided the time had come to try rus, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, by gaming mogul Nintendo for
past and are looking at again is the something that would allow her and actresses like Kim Kardash- creating a makeup game centred
possibility of may be putting a coin slot to work during her son’s school ian and all of the stars of Sex and on her for the Nintendo DS.
on the toilet door so that people might hours. the City. “It’s mad to think I’ll be on a
actually have to spend a pound ($1.43) She began selling makeup on “I’m over the moon about it,” Nintendo game,” laughs Luke.
to spend a penny in future,” O’Leary Ebay. She also started posting tu- she said. She’s set to launch a cosmetics
told BBC television. torials on proper makeup appli- “It didn’t dawn on us until peo- line in the beginning of April, and
Reuters cation for her Internet customers. ple started to come up and say, a book is also being published in
The turning point, Luke says, ‘Aren’t you the girl of YouTube?’ October. ■
was when she posted a tutorial on she added. ANI