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Abstract has opened new possibilities, what it means to be the successful company.

About unprecedented growth, the company is defining in the Internet and with giving structure of this new liaison channel and deal. About the limited stocks in its arms at any moment, Amazon has mastered its close communications with wholesalers. The majority of products-amazons of books, music, video films, and even holiday gifts are the information goods and by that require a various sort of the strategy based on application of emotion of clients. Introduction The management of Amazon understands increasing feedback to economy, apparently on an example of software industry, first of all from Microsoft, in that measure, aspires to encourage synchronous, a positive feedback, and other so-called external networks. All over the world book publishing, instead of comes close to the size of the health care help or financial services, nevertheless 86 billion dollars in retail industries, with $ 26 billion that makes in a home market. Association of the American publishers assessments of the industry, estimated on wholesale in the USA, will grow on cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15 % during between 1996 and 2001. The industry is strongly scattered, without single company controlling 25 % of the market share. (The Future of, 2011) Managing inventory is a serious problem: the quantity of subjects and titles under print are around 1.5 million as many as compared with compact discs. has opened business in July, 1995, as extremely the Internet-business. In it now are listed more than 3,5 million books (including about one million outside of prints and to use names) in its online-catalogue. To cope with it significant inventories, Amazon uses virtual model - the company is physically carried out only a part of these names at any moment and has close communications with wholesalers, including Ingram books, whose presence has helped Amazon to open shop in Seattle. Amazon were having more than 7,5 million clients as of September, 30th, 2010 (up to about 1,5 million 9 months earlier) in 130 countries of the world, from 64 % balance incomes is received through repeated deals. Net sales recorded 153 million US dollar at a loss in 20,9 million US dollar as of last quarterly account. The firm has offered 12 % of its share for public in May, 1997 in the price $ 18 per share. (The Future of, 2011) About a year later, the shares bargained in a range $ 90, 400 % return. In November, 1998, it has crossed $ 200. Long-term directions of business with one step at a time are promulgated. In addition to books, in the beginning Amazon has ventured in videotapes, music, books on tape, and sheet music Then it had moved in compact discs in summer 1998, becoming top trading music Internet Company in the first quarter of operation. In late November, Amazon has declared, that it was temporary expansions in holiday gifts, including, electronics, toys, appliances, as well as games. This step while it was expected, send earlier, than observers predicted the majority, that is one more copy where Amazon operated actively and are compelled to respond other players of the industry. In comparison with books, such products offer higher profit margins and to force some pessimistic analysts to reconsider the opinion on long-term cost of the action. All production of Amazon cores, Hal Varian, the economist from University of California, names information of the goods, products which have distinctive features and traditional products behave differently. The information of the goods is often necessary to select tests before purchase, cost of pricing on the basis of (especially for online of the digital information is easily duplicated) becomes

inappropriate, as well as the information of the goods very experience, application of strong emotional preferences. (Eisenhardt, 1999) Mission of the company is spoken nothing about books, according to its web-site, Amazon aspires to become an authoritative source of the information for products. Background of Business at Amazon had been begun by Jeff Bezos who studied computer sciences and the electrical engineer in Princeton before worked in investment-bank till 1994. His interest towards Internet as the consumer environment begun when he saw paces of growth in World Wide Web traffic in spring of 1994. As Bezos had said in interview, I have come across statistics that paces of growth of use a web there were 2300 percent a year.... It has appeared, that though you could not measure base use, it is possible to measure growth rate. And things seldom to grow so are fast.... Simply interestingly, that I can tell, that initial conditions were non trivial. And consequently it seemed that the web is going to receive very big very quickly. The nearest objective of business Bezos in receiving higher quickly returns reflects understanding by increasing feedback of economy, motive power in the industry of the software that is main primogenitor of Amazon. Really, history shows how Bezo had chosen books as its area became a part the Internet of folklore. In summer 1994, he intensively investigated various products to sell through the Internet, and then has chosen from the book among 20 various candidates. (Hagel, 1999) He along with his wife moved to Seattle to take advantage of the big stock of area of talented computer programmers, and information of the goods, on a fragmentation as a supply and demand are concentrated to a possibility, provided the fact to books, also inventory demands the book retailer being require easier meeting with communication with what distributors constitutions with a stock in the house. It is important to note, that from the beginning, Amazon works on businessmodel it is constructed on use of the Internet, instead of from the point of view of offering the goods or service. This prospect directly contradicts standard business wisdom which calls up executives to establish business objectives and then to enable these objectives with technology. Bezo as FedEx Fred Smith and others instead studied set of new technological possibilities and the wrapped up business around of them. How Amazon delivers value Amazon have mincingly constructed four times of the valuable offer which to each measurement is directly connected with understanding levers unequivocally generated online to environment. Convenience: The internet is opened for business all time for 24 hours, through some time zones. Amazon site offers some ways to the given book: through reviews, multiple dimensions of search capability, referrals from last search, email notification and various recommendations of engines, or personalized messages on a web-interface. The site is intended for minimization of loading of time for users of modems. (Though the site is intended for house buyers, Amazon magazines are significant splashes in the traffic on a lunch break as clients to be connected through the employer corporate networks). Selection: 1,5 million new books, in a combination to about one million to be used and outside of printed editions, provides access to inventory about in 100 times the size of typical shop of shopping center. Visualization differently, printed catalogue Amazon will be the size of 40 New York phone books. (Nick Wingfield, 2010)

The price: Amazon owns stock for much shorter timeframes, than physical retailers owns. As of the end of 2010, firm, by assessments, on the average 26 cadastres turn to a year about 2,7 for traditional competitors. Work to a lesser degree assists the price of sale: Amazon, income on one employee makes company $ 300,000 against $ 100.000 for traditional bookshops. Rent and amortization (4 % against 13 % for retail commerce) significantly are below for the virtual dealer. Even with delivery it is added while ordering three books (which many buyers mentally discounts, cost of convenience), Amazon leaves to be about 8-10 % cheaper, than physical retail commerce, with the savings increases with objective of the size. (Nick Wingfield, 2010)

Servicing: Amazon online companys basket application lists an estimated time of reliable delivery. Proactive notices on new books of interest, in a mode of actual time of delivery, backorder notices, and interoperability with clients (by means of responses of readers) use all communication possibilities of the Web and e-mail and as a result there are more than clients, than it is usually possible for book sellers especially, if they offer discounted prices for the mass market. Amazon company extraordinary productivity on some traditional measurements specifies their businessmodel some advantages. The main thing from them maybe a monetary stream: Amazon companys working cycle of payment to suppliers before payment from clients actually is negative. Considering the fact that credit card companies usually pays to Amazon within 24 hours of receipt of payments from clients and Amazon pays to their suppliers 46 days after receipt of goods, thus company uses the money of clients for one and half month. This enables the company to brand its image of products and spend heavily on advertisements and promotional activities but as soon as global branding efforts to be leveled, that the working model promises significant advantages in profitableness in comparison with physical competitors. Leadership Team The team of the Amazon management comes out of high technology, anybody at a level of VP C ever held significant positions basically in book publishing. These executives, nevertheless, represent decades of experience in many sectors and the functions concerning to businessinformation thus Amazon became: consumer goods branding, logistics, for the publication on the Internet and development of the software. (Nick Wingfield, 2010) It is indicative that Wal-Mart claim against Amazon in October, 1998 has submitted, approving, that in a network of retail commerce has enticed key heads of Wal-Mart to get access to patented intellectual property: Retail link of Wal-Marts data mining system. Two areas led by heads of WalMart - information systems and logistics were the great value for the future Internet-commerce for both companys plans to move forward. Alliances The central aspect of business-model of Amazon is its communication with other subjects of managing with which it can command differently. Terms of "suppliers" and "clients" are not applied especially strictly the majority of parties in the Network of Amazon attitudes. An example is the attitude of the company with Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq and now. Business of Amazon works on servers Alpha Digital, but Amazon in turn, has approved these servers. (The agreement on the one who provides that to whom for how many is the proprietary of the company, but the partial agreement barter of the hardware in exchange for visibility and " live ammo " field tests would not be unusual.) Even more complicates models, Amazon was the button on cursor AltaVista search interface since October, 1997. It will transform digital (now Compaq's) with intensive movement of a site to shop for Amazon. The matter is that value it is maybe replaced in several ways for conceptual frameworks of attitudes to a chain of deliveries, providing Amazon with outstanding flexibility in the decision of the demands.

Agreements, with Altavista are in place with other Internet "portals" directories and search systems which serve the centers for huge quantity of web-activity. Amazon has struck attitudes with Yahoo! (ranked as number one in web-pages, served to spectators), Excite (ranked 2), Prodigy, Netscape, Home, and Geocities. Unlike it, Barnes and Noble - the leader reigning in American book-selling has moved later and has more limited attitudes on a side of demand, its agreement with Bertelsmann and Ingram does its potentially terrible offer. In America online for example, Barnes and Noble is visible only for subscribers to AOL which a rank sixteenth among web-sites that would be opened on the Internet; Amazon has placed on site of AOL which enters in first ten. (Hagel, 1999) Also it is believed that Amazon obtained its placements at much lower price of $10 million per year Barnes and Noble is paying to AOL. Amazon is working closely with Ingram books, largest book wholesaler. Working with suppliers, Amazon carefully hides the information of clients, even at the order only a small amount of copies are made: all proceeding of deliveries occur in storehouse of Amazon and the supplier has no possibility to contact the client directly. From the point of view of demand of operations, probably, the most original alliances appreciable of them: those, with clients and partners. Amazon has bibliophiles of predilection in a source of differentiation by means of attraction and accommodations of booklovers comments in the book displays. It creates loyalty and bibliophiles who write responses (Amazon, as vanity of press) and bibliophiles who find communities among adherents (Amazon as Usenet without a spam or a flame). (Ward, 2000) It appears current visitors to attract for the future, and does a brand franchise that is much more difficult to duplicate. The program is perhaps, the vivid example of Amazon possibility to touch to more client segments and niches, not adding weight in the form physical actives. Competitors Competitive policy of Amazon is unusual. Three large firms try to make a hybrid to play associations of physical and virtual components. Barnes and Noble, $ 2,5 billion seller, runs shopping malls and supermarkets, alongside with moderated business of mail order stores. Auxiliary runs college bookshops under the contract., another affiliated, has appeared on the Internet in the middle-1997, earlier, than corporate parents initially planned. Here, as well as everywhere, Amazon has forced its basic competitors to respond - to pricing, to the unions, promotions - and the essential impulse early the engine is supported. Blackwells with headquarters in England, does similar to work in the online market from physical bases and Borders, Barnes and Noble are the cores physical competitors of Amazon. (Ward, 2010) Conclusion For all the sensation around of it, Amazon was possible to update with advantage in its industries, new strategy and models of behavior are entered into the Internet-commerce, and has returned to more than 1000 % for investors. The firm constantly surprise its observers and competitors, and are happy with the clients. The same as Lu Gerstner advantages has brought lessons from consumer branded products to IBM so Jeff Bezos and similar leaders apply principles of the software of economy in new sectors of economy. Many observers will track race between quest of Amazon for a fraction of the market and demand in the markets of the capital on profitableness to see, if investments into promises are really viable. If it so, consequences as for business circles and investors will be significant as old measures are made become outdated. Only some companies cost on such various a crossroads as Amazon does now. On the outside, the company, apparently, is ready within the limits of easy understanding of the objectives as it sends on realization of strategy on transformation, with the

same Bezos style the confidence that has resulted retail electronic commerce within eight years. (Rowley, 2001) Amazon, as well as productivity of the actions, always is required a suspension bracket of disbelief. But transition from retail commerce of a portal, with the seller in the company of technology of service, is the largest a trick, that Amazon did not try, and, probably, what finally, whether will be Amazon survives. Amazon believes as booklovers continues to rise so their growth is reciprocal and the company will try to serve clients with more better infrastructure and quality of products. References

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