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<doc id=U2 cat=TEACHERwbB1 arg=CALL OF THE WILD> You can make a wildlife pond quite easily.

Joanna is a member of the local environmental group. Planting trees can help reduce soil erosion. Chinchillas are an endangered species. The Amazon rainforest has an extraordinary variety of wildlife. A pond is a small wildlife habitat. Factory waste pollutes the earth's rivers and seas. People always try to improve their living conditions. The discovery of new medicines can help save lives. Many animal species are at great risk from extinction in the Amazon. Mike, have you been on holiday? You're as brown as a berry. If you get a good night's sleep, you'll be as fresh as a daisy in the morning. When she first started college, she was as green as grass. Her lips are as red as a rose. My neighbours are going to start a campaign against the cutting down of the big tree outside their house. We are trying to raise money to build a wildlife pond in the local park. On Sunday, students from our school are going to plant trees on top of that hil l. At home, we try to recycle as much rubbish as possible. If you want to help protect wildlife, why don't you adopt an animal? We use public transport a lot: this way we help reduce air pollution. The Mauritius Maunhus Dodo bird died out around 1690. I ran out of paper and I couldn't print my essay. He couldn't make out what that sign said. You look worn out! I think you need some rest. They have brought out my favourite writer's new book! We should recycle all paper, plastic bottles and aluminum cans in our homes. We ought to recycle all paper, plastic bottles and aluminum cans in our homes. You mustn't drop litter on the ground. You mustn't hunt endangered species. You should respect the elderly. You ought to respect the elderly. You must keep your dog on a lead. You have to keep your dog on a lead. You should ask a lawyer for advice. You ought to ask a lawyer for advice. I have to work tonight. I must work tonight. You should stay at home for two weeks. You should rest as much as you can. You should drink plenty of liquids. You shouldn't see friends until the spots go away. We will take part in an environmental campaign when we join "Save a Tree". We won't go until you come back home. I will recycle the magazines after I finish reading them. Don't forget to walk the dog before you leave for school. When will he reach Paris? He is going to meet the Minister of Health on the 11th of November. He is going to travel to New York for an Ecology Conference on the 30th of Novem ber. He is going to give an interview to Save the Planet magazine on the 1st of Decem ber. He is going to go to the Environment Awards in Manchester on the 5th of December . He is going to have a meeting with his staff on the 10th of December. He is going to appear on a TV chat-show on the 15th of December. I am going to donate 20 to my local environmental group. Well done! I think that's a great idea.

Are you going to go to the countryside this weekend? I don't think so. I heard on the news that it is going to rain. What are you going to do for your science project? I am going to make a wildlife pond. Sam is going to join Greenpeace next month. Great! I will join then, too. Is Tony coming to the environmental fundraiser tonight? I don't know. I will call him to find out. My suitcase is so heavy! I will help you carry it. You look exhausted! Yes. I am. I will go to bed. What are your plans for the August break? We are going to sail around the Greek islands. You still haven't cleared up the garage. Sorry. I promise I will do it tomorrow after work. I'm so thirsty. I will get you a glass of water. Why did you wake up so early today? I am going to meet Alison for a quick coffee before work. Antonia plays the cello so beautifully. She is going to become a great cellist one day. What are you doing tonight? I've got tickets to a classical concert. I am going to see the St Petersburg Philharmonic. Good afternoon. Can I speak to Tonia, please? Just a minute, please. I will get her for you. Are you going to learn another foreign language before leaving school? Yes, I am going to learn Spanish. By adopting a sick animal, you can help save animals from extinction. The chinchilla is in danger of becoming extinct. We must protect both large and small habitats from being destroyed. Today, nearly 15 percent of the wildlife in Britain is at risk of becoming extin ct. The red wolf lives in the wild. It is against the law to hunt endangered animals. You must not hunt endangered animals. Dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago. Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years. It would be a good idea to check the site before you fill in the adoption form. You should check the site before you fill in the adoption form. You ought to check the site before you fill in the adoption form. If we don't want animals to become extinct we must protect their habitats. We have to protect natural habitats or wild animals will become extinct. We must protect natural habitats or wild animals will become extinct. It is everyone's duty to do what we can to help the environment. We must do what we can to help the environment. We have to do what we can to help the environment. An increase in factory production will lead to an increase in factory waste. Thanks to the Internet, communication among people has become easier. Man's indifference has led to the extinction of many species. The development of new medicines will save people's lives. In the conclusion of your essay, you can restate why recycling is so important. There are more than two million green sea turtles in the world. The green sea turtle is not the only sea turtle whose numbers are getting smalle r. The green sea turtle provides food for human beings. A lot of countries do not allow people to hunt the turtles Fisherman do their best to avoid catching the turtles. The turtles are sometimes caught in old fishing lines.

The turtles like to eat plastic. Tourists frighten the turtles away from their nesting beaches. Bright lights are dangerous for young turtles. Scientists have known about the killer disease for a long time. The green sea turtle is a large turtle that can grow to 1.5 metres in length and weigh up to 200 kilograms. It is found in warm coastal waters around the world, but the largest populations today are in Florida and the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Borneo. In all these areas the turtles are at risk, with populations in Florida and Mexi co officially described as endangered. Although in the past there were probably several million green sea turtles in th e world, today scientists believe that fewer than 200,000 adult females remain. Below we list some of the reasons why numbers of this and other sea turtles have declined. People around the world have used the meat of the green sea turtle for food sinc e ancient times and it is the main ingredient in turtle soup. The eggs, which the female turtles bury on sandy beaches, are also collected by hunters. Unfortunately, although laws banning the hunting have been passed in many countr ies, people continue to do so illegally. Every year, more than 10,000 sea turtles are accidentally trapped in fishing net s. Unable to breathe, these turtles soon drown. Many of these deaths could be avoided if the fishermen made minor changes to the ir equipment that would allow the turtles to escape. For some reason, many fishermen seem unwilling to do this, although the law requ ires them to do so. The seas are littered with rubbish which can prove deadly to the turtles. They can become entangled in old fishing lines and nets or they may mistake piec es of plastic for food. When the turtles swallow the plastic, it can block their digestive systems and t hen the turtles starve to death. More and more beaches, used by the turtles as nesting areas, are lost every year as tourist areas are developed. This means that the females do not have a familiar place in which to lay their e ggs and as a result some females may not nest at all. Even if the turtles do manage to lay their eggs, these may be crushed by people walking along the beach. Just as seriously, the young turtles are often confused by the bright lights whe n they hatch and are unable to find their way to the sea and safety. In recent years, scientists have reported that a new disease is affecting green sea turtle populations, particularly in Florida and Hawaii. Scientists suspect that the disease, which eventually kills the infected turtles , is caused by a virus or parasite, but the exact cause is not yet known. How interesting! I never knew that. Sorry, I didn't think of that. Don't you just love it here. I suppose you're right. You will hear a person commenting on a new book about global warming. The book says that most experts disagree on the reasons for global warming. Most scientists agree that the rate of global warming is growing quickly. The speaker says that the book contains too many complicated ideas. The speaker agrees that we should buy more local food produce. Don't you just love it here? The sea is so beautiful and calm. Yes, it's a beautiful place. Did you know that turtles survived the dinosaur extinction 65 million years ago? How interesting! I never knew that. Why are you throwing all that paper into the rubbish bin? It's best if you recycle it.

Sorry - I didn't think of that. Jane, wouldn't it be better if we rode our bikes to school instead of taking the school bus? We could do our part to reduce pollution in our city. I suppose you're right! Hi, Jo. How is it going? Hi, Beth. Great, thanks. I've just finished my essay. And you? I've just finished mine, too. Well, let's do something! OK! How about going to the conservation park? They are offering free guided tours today. Great. Why not ask Tom if he wants to come, too? Good thinking. I'll give him a call. I have an idea! Why don't we walk instead of driving there? That's an excellent idea! Sam is thinking about volunteering for a fun run that will help raise money for endangered species. When he saw the advertisement below, he took some notes. Using the phrases below, turn the notes into sentences, as in the example. I would like to know how long the race is. Could you please let me know what time the fun run starts? I am interested in finding out when the closing date for entries is. I would appreciate it if you could tell me if there is an entry fee. I am interested in taking part in the Endangered Species Fun Run, and I would be grateful if you could give me some further information and send me an entry for m. First of all I would appreciate if you could tell me how long the race is and w hat time it starts. I would also like to know if there is an entry fee and when the closing date for entries is. Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you. Why has the writer started off with Dear Ms Hill? Has the writer covered all the points? Has the writer asked questions not mentioned in the notes? I am writing to request some information on the Save the Panda fundraiser that I saw advertised in this week's edition of Animal Lovers. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please write back at your convenience with the information. I saw your advert in Ecology magazine and I would like to find out more about yo ur organisation. I want some information on Greenpeace. I would appreciate it if you could send me some information on Greenpeace. You can call me on 121 017234. I can be reached on 121 017234. I'd be interested in applying for the environmental officer position. I would be interested in applying for the environmental officer position. You can get in touch with me at the address below. I can be contacted at the address below. Best wishes. Yours sincerely. Yours faithfully. Formal letters are sent to people in an official position or people you don't kn ow very well.

They are written in a formal style with a polite, impersonal tone. You can write a formal letter to request information, apply for a job/ course, e tc. I can't wait to hear from you. I am looking forward to hearing from you. The Portman Environment Agency is looking for young volunteers for our help cent res. We work with environmental agencies in 30 different countries around the world. </doc>