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MAHENDRA KHOT Phone: 8867909197 Mailto: mahendra.khot@tcs.


Objective Do The Deed With Heed And Bring Positive Resonance In The Growth Of Company. Current Role Description I am currently working as a Murex analyst with LCH.Clearnet.My job is to develop and test the ITD/EOD schedule- codes for FOREX-CLEAR Application .Report and resolve Member queries related with registration of trades.Timely upgrade and enhance the performance of the codes concerned with Murex Workflow(MxML) and Datamart.

Technical Skills Software Tools UNIX,ORACLE PL/SQL,VB,PERL,JAVA,C++,C,Windows Script MUREX,ORACLE 11g,VB6

Trainings Program/Course Banking &Financial Services: Capital Markets and Financial Services Knowledge Transition Program - Domain Category Duration (mins) 240 Start Date 08/11/2012 End Date 09/11/2012




Certifications Title TCS Business Domain Academy: Certificate in Derivatives Acquired On 01/09/12

Customer Experience Summary

Customer Organization Period Role Description

LCH.Clearnet Limited Tata Consultancy Services JUN 2011 TO PRESENT Murex Analyst Business Functionality: We receive market data from Reuters through Markitserve.Market data is stored as market data snap for different registered members/clients.Liablities are computed in Murex, and are sent to banking proxy for the collateral validation.Once all members have the sufficient collateral ,

Margin is closed, and corresponding reports are generated for different members using Business Objects.If the member gets default, then DMP(Default Management Process) is followed.Generated reports are moved to portal so that members can find their individual reports for reference. Skills 1)Datamart modelling 2)writing XML/XSLT scripts 3)Murex USER-ADMIN:Creating a user-account and assigning to group. 4)Murex proprietary formulae: XMLF,XMLFBM,XFF 5)Querying the database using perl, unix and java. 6)OSP( One Stop Processing) Tracing a trade in murex workflows 8)Rich-Client-- DSD determines the associativity between different murex tables. 9)Querying TRADE QUERY for NDF trades and finding out the P&L of those trades. 10)Writing SQL and PL/SQL procedures. 11)Importing or exporting the database dumps 12)Writing SHELL /PERL scripts. 13)Monitoring Control M jobs

Customer Organization Period Role Description

Citicorp Credit Services Inc. (USA) Tata Consultancy Services DEC 2010-JUN 2011 UCSS developer. UCSS(Universal Customer Support System) is one of the IT DESKTOP applications used by CITIBANK. I developed the "Dispute management system" for UCSS. This Dispute Management system justifies good -faith decisions for the issues (Disputed Transactions) raised by customers against bank.UCSS is three tier application.Front-end is designed using Visual Basic,


Middleware- C++/Oracle middleware tool,BackendMainframe. 1)Analyse BRD (Business Requirement Document) 2)Develop a Code using VB.(VISUAL BASIC) 3)Do unit-testing of the code. 4)Resolve the issues raised in SIT(system integration testing) and UAT(User Acceptance testing)phases.

Experience Details TCS Experience Prev. Experience Total Experience 2 Year(s),2 Month(s) 0 Year(s),0 Month(s) 2 Year(s),2 Month(s)

Qualification Details

College/School KLE College Of Engineering And Technology K.V NO.1 Sambra K.V NO.1 Sambra

University/Board Degree Visvesvaraya B.E (Electronics and Technological University Communication) CBSE 12th CBSE 10th

Year 2010 2006 2004