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Rosa Parks, born Rosa Louise McCauley WAS a pivotal figure in the fight for civil rights.

She WAS a protester of segregation laws in the US, and her actions LED to major reforms (changes), including a Supreme Court ruling against segregation. The 'First Lady of Civil Rights', as identified by the U.S. Congress, Rosa Parks is one of those great females who THREW themselves wholeheartedly to the cause of giving the underprivileged a better life and a better future. Rosa WAS BORN Edwards, a teacher.

When her parents SEPARATED, she and her younger brother Sylvester, MOVED In her early years , she

on the 4th of February, 1913 to James McCauley, a carpenter and Leona until the age of

with their mother to Alabama.

eleven . Later she ATTENDED the Alabama State Teachers College for Negroes for her secondary

education. However, she HAD TO drop out subsequently, as she HAD TO care for her sick grandmother and then her mother.

In 1932 , Rosa MARRIED Raymond Parks, who WORKED as a barber in Montgomery and who later
BECAME a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

During this time Rosa Parks TOOK ON various jobs from being a domestic worker to a hospital aide. The following year years
and WAS she FINISHED her high school education, thanks to her husband's support. , to be , Rosa in the 1943, volunteer Rosa secretary Parks to the JOINED president of the the



NAACP association.

Throughout her life

HAD WITNESSED the segregation between the white and the black

people. She HAD SEEN it happen in schools and colleges, in the workplace and even in the public transport.

On December 1, 1955, a Montgomery, Alabama, bus driver ORDERED Mrs. Parks to give up her seat
to a white man.

Shortly after A year after

this BEGAN a nationwide movement that LAUNCHED the career of none other than

Martin Luther King Jr. and a 382 day long Montgomery Bus Boycott. This PAVED the way for the removal of the racist and discriminatory attitude within the United States of America. the bus boycott,

on the 13th of November, 1956, the United States Supreme Court December , 1956 and the bus boycott ENDED the next

PASSED a court order which DEEMED the racial segregation on buses to be unconstitutional. The order REACHED Montgomery on the 20th of

day . In 1957, after receiving many death threats, Mrs. Parks and her husband, Raymond Parks,
MOVED from Alabama to Detroit, Michigan.

By 1977, Raymond Parks HAD DIED of cancer. Ten years later , Rosa Parks and Elaine Eason Steele
CO-FOUNDED the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development which HELPS young African-Americans develop leadership skills to improve the community and learn about the civil rights movement. which

When she turned 80, Mrs. Parks WROTE her autobiography, called "Quiet Strength," Later in her life , she RECEIVED many honors, including the 1996 and the Congressional Gold Medal. After her


Presidential Medal of Freedom by Bill Clinton in

death, on October 24, 2005, at age 92, Mrs. Rosa Parks LAY in state in the US Capitol Rotunda in
Washington, D.C., to honor her pivotal role in US history. She WAS the first woman and the second AfricanAmerican to be given that honor. Rosa Parks' biography is a picture of a woman who HAD the strength and the courage to stand for what IS / WAS right and correct.