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FINANCE DISSERTATIONS 2010/11 First Name Last Name Supervisor Jingwen Ang Leilei Tang Alexander Asvegren David

Hillier Samantha Garry Matthew Christopher Mihail Laurel Catalina Jianxiong Shu Ki Xiaotong Michaela Zhenye Yuxin Rebecca Katie Jane David Yucong Biggar Bower Brailsford Brennan Calinescu Campbell Carrio Chen Cheng Cui Dorans Du Duan Fenton Field Dick Davies Andrew Marshall John Capstaff Dick Davies Leilei Tang David Hillier John Capstaff Jonathan Fletcher Helena Pinto Patrick McColgan Juliane Thamm Helena Pinto Jonathan Fletcher Patrick McColgan Helena Pinto Title Risk exposures, international diversification and ishares An Empirical Analysis of Equity and Currency Hedging Properties of Gold and Other Commodities Foreign Denominated Debt: Substitute or Complement or Foreign Currency Derivatives? The determinants of corporate hedging: A comparative study of the UK and US IPO performance in hot and cold markets The Relationship between CEO Cash Compensation and Performance: An Empirical Analysis An Analysis of Hedge Fund Returns, Performance and Persistence Are CEOs struck by the hand of irrationality as are mankind? A UK Study into whether CEOs exhibit behavioural Biases. Domestic vs. Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: The long run performance of UK bidding firms An Evaluation of the U.K Unit Trust Performance: Evidence in Emerging Market Executive Compensation and Firm Performance, an Empirical Analysis of UK Financial Firms The Stock Price Reaction to Layoff Announcement: Evidence from U.K. Market M&A: The Impact of UK Domestic Takeover Announcements on Security Returns. Has he UK Recession of 2008-209 lead to greater wealth creation for UK acquirer shareholders. An Empirical Analysis of the Relationships between CEOs compensation and firm performance: some new evidence from UK Fund Performance and Sensitivity of Fund Performance to Different Measure Rewards for Failure? An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of CEO Severance Pay in the United Kingdom Dont bank on it: An investigation into the link between executive compensation and risk taking in the UK financial services industry. CEO Compensation, Stock Ownership and the Influences On Corporate Merger & Acquisition Decisions Share Repurchase and Short Term Market Reaction In UK

Fitzsimons Helena Pinto Gao Dick Davies

First Name Lan Robbie Melanie

Last Name Supervisor Title Ge Helena Pinto Agency Cost and Ownership Structure in AIM Traded Companies Gemmill Patrick McColgan Firm Performance Surrounding CEO Turnover: A Study of UK Firms Gilmour Patrick McColgan The Initial Underpricing and Long un Performance of UK IPOs: With Evidence from the Internet Bubble Period Christopher Graham Dick Davies Short-run UK market reaction to open market share repurchases Emma Guthrie Jonathan Fletcher A Performance Evaluation of UK-Based Emerging Market Unit Trusts Greig Guthrie Andrew Marshall The Value Effect of Foreign Currency Derivative Use for UK firms in the AIM. Christopher Hawkins Juliane Thamm An Empirical Investigation into the Factors Affecting UK Investment Trust Performance Pu Huang Juliane Thamm Evidence from the UK market: Long-horizon abnormal performance arrouding rights issues and placing Ruolun Jia David Hillier Stock Market reaction to CEO Turnover Announcements: An Empirical Research from UK Evidence Quanquan Jin Jonathan Fletcher Predictability of Index Tracking Funds: Evidence from the UK Jaskarn Khaira Dick Davies Is There A Pronounced Market Reaction To Dividend Reductions and Omissions During The Financial Crisis? Fraser Kuhlwilm Dick Davies Information Signalling as an Explanation of Share Repurchase Activity in the UK Gordon Larson Patrick McColgan The Long Run Performance of UK IPOs and the Influence of Venture Capital Jinyu Li Juliane Thamm \To identify the existence and impact of noise trader risk in British markets during the period of 2000-2010 Tianshu Liu Andrew Marshall How does the Relationship between Capital Structure and Firm Performance Differ in the UK and he US? Gavin Loudfoot Andrew Marshall Currency and Commodity Price Risk: Evidence from the Alternative Investment Market Oil and Gas Industry Xiao Luo Leilei Tang An Empirical Examination of UK Unit Trust Performance from 1994 to 2008 Xiaoxu Ma John Capstaff Long-Horizon around Right Issues and Placings in the UK Market. Iona MacDonald Juliane Thamm Does Microfinance yield Diversification Benefits for International Investors? Niall MacDonald Leilei Tang An Evaluation into the performance and strategy of UK Unit Trust David MacPhail Dick Davies The Long Run Underperformance of United Kingdom Initial Public Offerings. Laura Martin John Capstaff The Underpricing of IPOs and its relevance in the UK Financial Markets

First Name Last Name Supervisor Natalie McAtier John Capstaff Richard L Neil Steven Craig Xiaopeng Louise Jack Roman C KathleenLouise Anna Gayle Bryan Laura Yue Michael Wen Hao Craig Katarina Chen Yuchen

Title An empirical investigation into the relationship between risk and executive option-based compensation in the UK market for CEOs and CFOs McCallum David Hillier Are Prudent Decisions Being Made by Those who count? The Implementation of Fair Value Accounting McKenna Andrew Marshall The Determinants of Corporate Cash Holdings Policy: Evidence from the UK McKnight Helena Pinto Do Executive Share Options Improve Future Company Performance? McVicar John Capstaff Seasoned Equity Offerings: An Analysis of the Long Term Performance of UK Rights Offerings and Placings Meng Dick Davies The effects of the choice of payment on stock returns and the winner of the acquisition game Murray David Hillier An Investigation into the Relationship between Corporate Governance and Corporate Insider Trading in the UK Noble John Capstaff Long-Horizon UK Share Price Reactions to undertakings of Rights Issues Nowak Andrew Marshall Protection in Mergers and Acquisitions: The use of Collar in constructing the deal. OHare Patrick McColgan Shareholder Wealth Effects of CEO Replacement Decisions Ohagan Simmons An Empirical Investigation into the Wealth Effects of Convertible Bonds in the UK Market Does the Extent of Derivative Usage Affect Firm Risk? An Empirical Investigation into the Relationship between Financial Derivatives and Risk. Smith John Capstaff An empirical investigation of the hedging effectiveness of the FTSE-100 futures contract through hedging strategy analysis, holding period analysis and time period analysis. Stevenson Helena Pinto Executive Compensation and Firm Performance An Empirical Investigation of the Link within AIM traded companies Sun Andrew Marshall The market value of corporate cash holdings: An empirical analysis of UK firms Sutherland Jonathan Fletcher Multifactor Linear Asset Pricing Models: Tests in the US & UK Markets Teo Leilei Tang The Performance and Efficiency of UKs First ETF iShares FTS 100 (ISF) Thomlinson Helena Pinto Executive Compensation and Risk-Taking; An Analysis of UK Financials Thornes Jonathan Fletcher Performance Evaluation of Norwegian Funds 2000-2009 Wang Patrick McColgan Some UK Evidence on the Relation between CEO Pay and Firm Performance Wang David Hillier Long term impact of insider trading on stock market in different industries Juliane Thamm Andrew Marshall

First Name Fiona Russell Daniel Qingbin Te Tong

Last Name Supervisor Title Watt Leilei Tang Market Reaction to the Announcement of Cross-Border Takeovers: Target Perspective White David Hillier The Impact of Fair View Pensions Accounting in the UK: An Empirical Investigation Wild Jonathan Fletcher Linear-Asset Pricing Models: An Empirical Investigation into their Specification, Using UK Returns Data. Wu Jonathan Fletcher Evaluation of Unit Trust Performance and the Impact of rust Characteristics: Evidence from UK Market Zhang Juliane Thamm The Wealth Effect of Convertible Security Issues: Empirical Evidence from the UK Market Zhang Leilei Tang An Empirical Analysis of Hedge Fund Performance: 2000-2009