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Exercises EXERCISE 1
I am from Winchester, Hampshire. Winchester is .city in ..United Kingdom. I live in .town called Taunton which is on ..River Tone. I live in house in quiet street in the countryside. street is called "Hudson Street" and .house is old - more than 100 years old! I am. English lecturer at near ..centre of .town. I like books, music and taking .photographs. I usually have .lunch at college. I usually go home by car. We have all kinds of food in. England. I like Polish food very much. Sometimes, I go to .Polish restaurant in Bath. restaurant is called "Magda's". Polish food is delicious! EXERCISE 2 1. Robert and Jessica went to ___ party last night. 2. Can you tell me how to get to ___ cinema from here? 3. ___ college is closed today. 4. Gregory is one of ___ strangest people I know. 5. I recommend you try ___ tomato soup at this restaurant. 6. ___ beer is good for you. 7. Would you like to see ___ film? 8. ___ apple a day keeps ___ doctor away. 9. I can't believe I failed ___ yesterday's test! 10.Do you have ___ dictionary that I can borrow? EXERCISE 3 1. There were many dogs in the park. One dog was ___ Dalmatian. 2. Pandas and ___ tigers are both endangered animals. 3. Magda is wearing ___ blue dress with red shoes 4. Bornholm is ___ island in the Baltic Sea. 5. Christmas comes once ___ year. 6. ___ owl is __ bird. 7. The Severn is ___ river. 8. Jane went to the shop to buy ___ bread. 9. Hania broke ___ glass when she was washing-up. 10.Tom took ___ umbrella as it was raining heavilly. EXERCISE 4 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. This is ___ easy question. Stephen could you speak ___ little louder. May I have your ___ phone number? I have never seen ___ UFO. May I ask you ___ question? Astrid is ___ best teacher in our school. What is ___ name of the next station? My girlfriend has ___ my car today. I went to ___ sea during my summer holiday. 10. Is there ___ cash machine near here?


1. This is Joanna. She's _____ doctor.

2. 3. 4. 5. a. a b. an Simon is ____ engineer. a. a b. an That's Sandra. She's ___ hairdresser. a. a b. an Sean Connery is ___ actor. a. a b. an John is ____ electrician. a. a b. an

6. Mr. Sako is ___ teacher.

a. a b. an 7. This is Shirley. She's ___ housewife. a. a b. an 8. That's Mark. He's ___ police officer. a. a b. an 9. I'm ____ student. a. a b. an 10.Kate Winslet is ____ actress. a. a b. an

EXERCISE 6 Complete the following exercise with a / an or the articles. Leave blank if no article is needed. According to ..National Weather Service, ..cyclones are areas of circulating winds that rotate counterclockwise in ..Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in Southern Hemisphere. They are generally accompanied by some kind of precipitation and by .stormy weather. .tornadoes and .hurricanes are .types of cyclones, as are typhoons, which are ..storms that occur in ..western Pacific Ocean. ..hurricane is cyclone that forms over .tropical oceans and seas and has ..winds of at least seventy-four miles hour. .hurricane rotates in ..shape of ..oval or .circle. ..hurricanes can cause .great environmental damage. ..Hurricane Andrew, which hit ...coasts of Louisiana and southern Florida in August 1992, caused .extreme devastation. In terms of environmental damage, .Hurricane Andrew is one of ...most devastating hurricanes ever to hit United States. Fourteen people died because of Andrew's effects.

EXERCISE 7 Fill in a, an or the 1. We have ..beautiful garden. is full of roses. 2. Is fencing .popular sport in .world? No, it isnt. 3. I'd like of orange juice please. 4. Can you give me ...envelope, please? Certainly. Oh! Wheres ..envelope? 5. Is there post office near here? 6. Theyre at ...cinema. 7. My brother is in ..classroom. 8. Would you like ...hamburger? 9. Selena has got What is .cats name?

10. is very cold. Hasnt it got central heating system? It has, but central heating is broken down.

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