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Re: Debut Script MELLIE GRACE AT 18 NOV.

27, 2010 SMALLVILLE 21 HOTEL Mandurriao , Iloilo City INTRODUCTION OF THE DEBUTANTE Good evening ladies and gentlemen an d especially to our young ladies and young gentlemen who are present to celebrat e this special day for the CANONG and BELICENA family. Their baby, MELLIE GRACE is now a very fine young lady as she turns 18. Friends, let us all welcome our d ebutante with our warm applause. (Let the debutante stand on the center stage an d wait there for her two gifts from her parents: earrings from the mother and ri ng/necklace from the father.) Angie is presented with 2 special gifts. Earrings are to remind her to listen to the words of God and her parents; and to listen a nd respond appropriately to the world around her as she turns into a young lady. A ring/necklace signifies her faith in God, herself and the world. It represent s the never ending cycle of life. A symbol of the unending stage of womanhood an d her abilities and future contributions to the community. WELCOME REMARKS BY TH E PARENTS SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION ( Part I) Baby / Childhood Pictures PRAYER OF T HANKS At this point, Mrs. Elizabeth Belicena ( the mother of the debutant) will lead the prayer of thanks. DINNER: Enjoy the food .ladies and gentlemen. INTERMISSION: Karl and Ping Canong (mother and son tandem), Jethro Mark Jerez (2 nd cousin of the debutant), Ping Canong THE 18 ROSES 18th birthday marks the end of teenage and the beginning of adulthood. It is a very special day in every on e's life because on this a person cherishes the old moments filled with love, ca re and shelter but now the person is moving towards adulthood where she will be loaded with responsibilities and independence of thought and expression. As the debutante receives her 18 roses let it be a reminder that like the rose life is beautiful, however, there are thorns that signify that life isn t that easy for ther e are problems to be faced. It is up to her how she will handle these hurdles wi th the support of her family and friends. Music please (call the names one by one f or the 18 roses). (Call the names one by one for the 18 roses.) Ronald Oquendo J r.

John Abantao Jr. Nicolo Doplayna( to be replaced by Karl Frederick Canong) Krist ian Nierves Jason Recibe Carl Vincent Mondejar Adrian Rey Penetrante Vincent Mic hael Baclaan Russel Faigones ( replaced by John Agustin Belicena) Martin Louie U y John Albert Visitacion (replaced by Armel Matapaha) Mr. Antonio Belicena Mr. N athaniel Damasco Mr. Bobby Canong Mr. Jerry Matapaha Mr. Arnel Canong Mr. Ernest o Canong Mr. Richelieu Belicena ( the father of the debutant) SLIDESSHOW PRESENT ATION (Part 2) Elem/Highschool, College Pictures) THE 18 CANDLES / TREASURES PRE SENTATION Thank you gentlemen! Now, it s ladies turn for the 18 candles. As Mellie G race receives her 18 candles, let it be a reminder that in time of difficulties there are people around her to help and guide her. Likewise, never forget to ask for the light from up above for the divine guidance. Mellie, tonight is another milestone in your life. It brings along a long way of anticipation and dreams along with motivation and inspiration to reach out for the stars. This is an age when you become more responsible with your life. Let t he 18 treasures which you ll receive remind you that life is like a treasure box, fu ll of surprises but never be overwhelmed by these treasures because YOU, YOURSEL F, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR FRIENDS are the real treasures. (Call the names one by o ne for the 18 candles. And ask each for a simple message before giving the candl e.)

Christaline Sumalantar Ma. Patricia Angela Santias Rhea Ann Sajulan Febelle Esti mera Janessa Demegillo Kristine Marie Bocaya Joy Crisadee Cadiz Ma. Pauline Venu s Saul Ellen Jane Yaplito Alyssa Marie Mallorca Anne Nicole Cordero Anthea Kryst el Mogato Therese Mary Javellana Sheila Jane Jerez Ma. Milagrosa Belicena Sherry Louise Pagunsan JM Emer Matapaha Krizia Joy Canong BLOWING OF THE CAKE CANDLES SINGING OF TRADITIONAL BIRTHDAY SONG May I request everyone to please stand and sing the birthday song. (Lead the HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG). CUTTING OF THE CAKE PARENTS MESSAGE ( Wishes)

TOAST FOR THE DEBUTANTE ( by the parents)

Happy birthday Mellie Grace! May this day always be a special one to remember. ( Allow others who want to share a toast for the debutante.) WORDS OF THANKS FROM THE DEBUTANTE (Talk of the Mellie Grace) Mellie, may this day and onwards be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter an d love. Again happy happy birthday and to all enjoy the party!!! TO OPEN THE DANCE FLOOR . A DANCE NUMBER (From the cousins) .a belly dance!

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