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Questions from Application Engine 1.

How can you make a dynamic call to an app engine program through call section ? Add a Peoplecode step in the called section, and use "PeopleCode Built-in Functi ons," CallAppEngine 2. What is the difference between %Select and %SelectInit? Both are used to hold the value retrieved from a select statement to a state rec ord field with the below difference. %SelectInit construct is identical to the %Select construct, with the following exception: if the Select statement returns no rows, %SelectInit reinitializes the buffers. In the case of a %Select construct where no rows are returned, the state record fields retain their previous values. 3. What is the difference between having a work record and a physical table as s tate record? Work record Data won t be saved in database. Physical table Data will be stored in database. 4. What is the advantage of set based processing and how are temporary tables be neficial for this? Set based Processing Is a process to update/insert/delete bulk rows of data at t ime instead of doing row by row. Temp tables are used to hold the data in server itself and avoiding trips to Dat abase. Although temporary tables are not necessarily required for set processing, you w ill find that well designed temporary tables complement your set-based program in a variety of ways. Creating temporary tables enables you to achieve one of the main objectives invo lved with set based processing the processing remains on the database server. By storing transie nt data in temporary tables, you avoid the situation where the batch program fetches the da ta, row-byrow, and runs the business rule, processes the data, and then passes the updated data back to the database. If the program were running on the client, you encounter performan ce issues due to the network roundtrip and the diminished processing speed of a client (compar ed to the database platform). 5. What are the different commit levels in an application engine program? Section level Step level Implicit commit when Application engine completes Also we can use, explicit Commit in SQLs and Commitwork() in Peoplecode. 6. What is a restartable application engine? How can you make an AE restartable? Restartable properties helps the AE restart after the last committed step in the failed run. There are many other characterstics of restartable AE. 7. What is the difference between Application Engine and SQR? AE- Batch processing SQR - Reporting

8. What is the significance of %UpdateStats? Update the statistics for a temp/physical table. Metta sql makes it database independent command 9. What are set processing and parallel processing? set processing Bulk rows at a time parallel processing Parallely jobs are processing data. Data can be divided in logically groups and can be processed