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Tim Larkin knows the values of hard work and cheerful service.

He is the best choice to represent the hardworking people of SC District #1.

Vote Tim Larkin in the Republican Primary on March 19th, 2013.

Who is Tim Larkin?

Cyber Security Professional Veteran of Afghanistan with more than 15 years of honorable service in the Army National Guard Global War on Terror Medal Afghanistan Campaign Medal Kosovo Campaign Medal Raised in the Lowcountry; received early education in Berkeley County GI Bill educated Manager with a local Department of Defense Contractor Volunteer Director of Information Technology at Domestic Abuse shelter where he was named the Dottie Pittman Volunteer of the Year in 2011 and 2012 Freemason and member of the Scottish Rite and the Omar Shrine Shriners International. Committee Member in Local Boy Scout Troop

Where does Tim stand on the issues?

Economy: Work with businesses, both Large and Small to ensure that they are free of unnecessary government burdens. Let them grow, let them work! Gun control: The second amendment is clear and court cases have tested its intent and validity. The federal government should NOT attempt to pass a universal law and I will not support one. This should be dealt with at the local or state level. Fiscal Budget: Less spending. Lower corporate Taxes. I support the Fair Tax. Affordable Health Care Act: This law passed. We must work within the framework while it is in place. I will support legislation that reduces the burden on employers. Cyber Security: The Federal government was created to Provide for the Common Defense! I will work to guide existing agencies on this front.

Tim Larkin for Congress!

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