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List Of things for Homam

1. Fruits 2. Flowers 3. Coconuts 4. Rice 5. Haladi

5 veritys 1 or 2 bunches 2 2 lbs (pounds) Small packet Small packet Small packet 1 Packet 1 Set(9 type of grains) 1 Small packet 6 each
Milk, yogurt, ghee, honey and sugar

Any 5kinds of fruits.
Any colors of flowers, can bring more than this.

With water

Uncooked rice(plain rice)

Manjal-Pasuvu in other Language
we can use If you have it in home already. we can use If you have it in home already. we can use If you have it in home already. we can use If you have it in home already.

6. Kumkum 7. Camphor 8. Agarabatti 9. Navagraha

1 Cloth 0. 1 Sandal powder 1. 1 Pan leaves 2. and supari 1 Panchamruth 3. 1 Coins 4. 1 Deepam(Diya) 5. 1 Mango leaves 6. 1

You can get it in Indian stores, ask Navagrah grains

or navadhanya.

Cloth for Kalash, Blouse

Piece or Towels, red is preferable.

Bring if you got.

Tamilpakam or vettale in other language Put it in small small bowls separately,Or mixit in one bowl.

(If 25 cent) $6 to 7 2

25 cents,

For Navagraha

Oil lamp or Ghee lamp, if

you have already in home thats fine.

2 bunches 4-5

Normally you cant get it, but ask for this in Indian store.

Dry Coconut

For Havan (homam)

1 Trays 8. 1 Bed sheet 9. 2 Pooja items 0. 2 Dry fruits 1. 2 Small bowls and 2. napkins 2 Ghee 3. 2 Gods idol 4. 2 Homa Prasadam 5.

5 1 or 2
Arati,Ghanta,panchap atra

For arrange flowers, fruits, etc... Used home trays are ok.
Spread sheet To sit in floor, washed

Only if you have in home Your choice Used home bowls is ok Matchbox also needed
Ganapati etc..

Small Silver or steel 34 bowls

1 bottel

Modakam Or Payasam

Modakam 21 small for homam+minimum 8 for naivedyam, or 2 cups of Rice Payasam (use Jagry instead of Sugar) Using for Homam

2 Havan samagri 6. 2 Silk cloth 7.

1 box 1 (small one, for Homam)

if u don't have bring one small Red blouse piece

You can choose the pooja place as facing east or west, Wash all washable pooja Items, spread bed sheet on pooja place, keep all pooja materials there. Arrange all fruits in trays, cut the flowers in trays. Keep it kalasham if you have one. Wear Dhothi or your traditions dress. Temple Donation for pooja in home is $151, pay with priest after pooja finish through cash or check, have to pay Mileage to Temple (50 cent per Mile) if priest driving to your place. Priest Dakshina is your choice, you can give whatever you feel. If you have any question you can reach me on these numbers or this id

763-445-9396 Thank you, Namasthe from Priest

Gowtham sharma

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