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Report 1 Introduction Reading is fundamental to function in todays society. There are many adults who cannot read well enough even to understand the instruction on a medicine bottle. This is a scary thought- especially for children. Filling out application becomes impossible without help. Reading road or warning sign is difficult. Reading is important because it develops the mind. The mind is a muscle. It needs exercise. Understanding the written word is one way the mind grows in its ability. Young childrens can develop their language skills by reading. They also learn to listen. Reading helps childrens focus on what someone else is communicating. Reading also develops the imagination. With reading, a person can go anywhere in the world. They can be a king or an adventurer. Reading also a complex activity and in order to become proficient in recognising and identifying words. In order to acquire the ability to identify words speedily and fluently. A child needs to use information from different sources. When the child is reading indepently they use these cues to predict, identify and confirm (self-correct). Therefore our school, from the first day we started approach students to read lady books that provided by NGOs Selangor. Aim Of The Programme Reading is one of the best hobbies a person can have. So, our school plan to encourage students to read. Therefor, the first day we encouraged to see books and reading materials as exciting, pleasurable and interesting. The objective of this programme is to improve students vocabulary. By this, students learned how to infer the meaning of one word by reading the context of the other words. In the sentence students can also be exposed to many new words. Other than that, pupils also practice to improve their concentration level. It requires students to focus on what they reading for long periods. Since, students must concentrate in order to read like a muscle. They will get better at concentration. Reading also builds self- esteem. The more pupils read, they will get more knowledgeable with more knowledge comes more confidence. More confidence builds self

esteem. Since well-read children feelings get better about their self. We also help to children to improve their memory. Because reading requires remembering details, facts and figures and in literature plot lines, themes and characters. Besides that, we also encourage students to improve their discipline, improve the creativity and also try to reduce their boredom.

Duration of Programme Everyone knows, reading is a complex process. So we should choose a right time and place to read. Reading at night, in bed doesnt work for many people because this can make them sleepy. So the good time to do this activity is in early morning. We start our programme at 7.15 am every Thursday and Friday. Year 2 and Year 3 pupils will gather at assembly. They are given Lady Birds books at different level. They are given a few minutes to do silent reading. After that teachers in duty will call up some students and they read again the story to teacher. Teachers will check their reading skill and do correction if needed. Hence reading place thats comfortable and free of distractions is important.

Target Group The targeted groups are level one student who would be involved in this programme. Year 2 and Year 3 pupils have to complete their reading at the sixth level. At the end of the year they are awarded.

Report on Implementation of Programme. This programme can be implemented by all the teachers in the school. If teachers have free time they are enisles to check students reading skills. Teacher on duty will fill up the evaluation form when children finished reading. Only selected schools from the Sepang zone are provided with this programme. The NGOs given 150 books for my school. And our PIBG spend nearly RM 600 to by these books. The books are very effective for readings with whole word approach.

Every Thursdays and Fridays teacher listen to students reads a different book. An interactive bulletin board in the classroom allows students to create their own solutions to various problems that they face personally. After each read aloud and discussion. Students compare the different stories and plots using a story mapping or graphic organizer. After a few months, students reading increases in their vocabulary and they also improve their spelling. The books are likely to be more sophisticated than students average conversation. Spelling program actually was a real solution to teaching of reading.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Program This reading programme helps students to reduce their stress. When they reading a book their mind shifts gears. A stressful day can be easily distracted by a story book (lady bird ). Sometimes students feel very hard to put the book down because the story is really good for them. Reading also improves analytical thinking. They improve their general knowledge. Other than that, we have in increasing students vocabulary by succeeded running this programme at the school. They also improve in their spelling. This mostly helps our English teachers. Pupils try saying and using the perfect words when they are speaking. For me better listeners are more successful in life. While reading books, especially challenging ones help students to exposed many new words. Reading text out loud help them master the correct pronunciation. Reading helps them to improve their listening skills, which not only improve their grasping power but their hearing ability as well. However, we still have a problem in run this program. We normally dont have enough books. The prize of the one book is very expensive. The number of books given by NGOs still not enough for our pupils. To overcome this problem we ask our PIBG to buy the books. And they did so. Sometimes we cannot run this program because of the other school program. Pupils who are very week in reading still cannot recognize the given words. For me, this kind of students needs a more specified programme. They should be given different kinds book as simply as can. This can be helping them to improve their reading skills.

Suggestications and recommendations Teacher can use different method to improve reading skills among school children. They can change their reading styles. The environment of the reader should look more serious. Then, make sure pupils read short story or a few paragraphs to a friend who are also reading same kind of books. Students also need to practice active reading by highlighting and underlining key information and taking notes. Teacher does not need to rush on their reading. Finally, do not look at the time while reading. This always disrupted children thoughts for a good 10 seconds.

Conclusion Overall, reading is an essential skill for pupils which needs to be cultivated in young age. Therefore, reading programmes and practices among level one student must be in top priority to language teachers. As the old saying teach a person to fish it would save his life forever.





Report 2

Ministry of education is committed and is taking serious measure to improve the standard of the English Language among its pupils. For that Ministry of education (MOE) introduced the education policy To upload Bahasa Malaysia and To strengthened English Language(MBMMBI). the aim of this policy is that it will enhance students proficiency in the two languages, namely Bahasa Malaysia and English language. through the MBMMBIs soft landing approach, the change of medium of instruction for the teaching of Mathematics and Science is done on a gradual basic to accommodate the variability in students and teachers readiness. This MBMMBI Policy , students will get more benefits than what they could achieve through the previous policy, PPSMI. Not only students will increase their proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia , their proficiency in English language will be strengthened too. This program is now implemented for year one students.

Aim Of This Programme

MBMMBI is effort by the government to improve the teaching and learning of English among the students. KSSR is the new curriculum in our teaching. Elements of grammar, phonics, and language arts are given more place and importance in the teaching and learning of the English language. This transforms the curriculum in areas such as curriculum content, organization, pedagogy and classroom approaches will effectively help improve the students commands in English. Proficiency in the English language is important because it is the international language of communication. Mastering the language enables the exploration of knowledge which one has to compete nationally and globally. So we believe that the implementation of this programme in our school can help students improve in English language. At the end definitely students can speak well in English. We hope the aim this programme to make students love to learn English success.

Duration of Programme

Under the MBMMBI policy, the teaching period for English in the National lower primary schools increased to 300 minutes a week for Tamil and Chinese school. Period for English increased to 150 minutes a week. This will increases contact time between teacher and students and will also provide more opportunities for teacher- students interaction.

In my school, Madam Kristina will observe English teachers on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Alternatively every week she comes to my school and observes teachers in duty. Madam Kristina also recommends new ideas that can be applied for effective teaching. Moreover, every Tuesdays our school English teachers gather for a workshop organised by MOE for more information on the English language teaching. This is a 3 years contract. Madam Kristina from over sea is our school mentor for 3 years. ( 2011-2013)

Target Group The targeted groups are Level One students (Year 1 until Year 3) would be involved in this programme. The rest of the pupils will undergo the soft landing approach.

Report on implementation of programme This programme can be implemented by qualified English language teachers. Teachers who teach this subject must be English optioned to ensure quality from the pedagogical aspect. 5 selected schools from the Sepang Zon A are provided with this programme. Teachers made from Sepang Zon A their teaching and learning more enjoyable and attractive through various methods. The skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing and the language art sessions will incorporate activities such as exploration, information, gathering, reporting and production. Our school headmaster provides a good conducive learning environment. The monitoring of cleanliness, cheerfulness, and safety at schools will be enhanced from time to time to ensure that the class size, the physical condition of classroom and schools are conducive for teaching and learning. The teachers are also are given model used as a guide.

They can refer to the some standard when it comes to pronunciation, witting and grammar. The grammar aspect of teaching and learning also given focus in the grammar module at year 3. Teachers done their teaching attractive and effective language teaching and learning. They are holding activities such as singing, jazz chants, choral speaking, drama, music and other teaching aids. For various English genres childrens contemporary literature, structured preliminary reading materials are provided. As a conclusion, students day by day improve in English subject and they also show their interest to learn English as English is fun to learn.

Strengths and weaknesses of programme

Proficiency in the English language is important because it is the international language of communication. It helps our students enables to exploration of knowledge, which one to compete nationally and globally. This programme improve the Standard English language among pupils. Five months ago, students do not understand English. Even though they also having a problem to speaking English. A lot of grammar mistaken can be found from their speaks. After a few moths, now they learn to speak. Hence, they tried to speak in English to other language teacher. Their speaking skills has improved. They using a proper method. This is a good achievement for English teachers in my school. Although, the teaching aids for this programme is not enough. Because not have time much time to prepare teaching aids for every classes. For that coordinator Madam Kristina helps us while preparing teaching aids. Every Tuesday they doing gathering at PKG Sungai Pelek.

Suggestions and Recommendations. Teachers taking extra effort in learning the language themselves. Recent PPDs programme on lesson study would help teachers to develop teaching strategies and share their teaching aids. Teaching aids created for long terms use and share in district level from the open market. Then, involving parents in carrying out programme in school will safer enhance the effectiveness of teaching English Language in school.

Conclusion As s conclusion, these programmes are saving introduced to a safer teaching and learning prose among the pupils and teacher. Although, there are much problem faced by the teacher practically. Hopefully it will be solved as times goes buy with the help of experience teachers and supporting administration.