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Vernacular Words Abadi Deh Badastur Banjar Banjar Jadid Banjar Kadim Barani Bigha Biswa Biswansi Chahi Chahi Nahri Chari Chaukidar Chkota Dholi Gair-Mumkin Girdawar Girdawari Gosha Jawar Kalar Kanal Kanungo Karam Kharaba Kharif Khasra Khasra Girdawari Khata Khatauni Khewat Khewat/Khatauni Khud Kashat Killabandi Lamaberdar Latha Girdawari Marla Masri Mauza Min Misal Haqiyat Musavi In Inhabitant Site Of Village Unaltered Uncultivated Land New Fellow (Land Not Cultivated For Continuous Four Harvests Though It Was Cultivated Earlier. Old Fallow (If Continued To Be Uncultivated For Next Four Harvests) Dependent On Rainfall A Measure Of Area (It Is Different In Different Areas) One Twentieth Of A Bigha One Twentieth Of A Biswa Irrigated From Well Irrigated Partly From A Well And Partly From Canal. A Kind Of Millet (G.v.) Grown For Fodder Village Watchman Lump Grain Rent Or Rent Consisting Of A Foxed Amount Of Grain In The Rabi And Kharif. Death Bed Gift Or A Small Plot Of Land To A Brahmin Barren Kanungo Or Supervisor Of Patwaris Harvest Inspection Corner A Kind Of Millet (Sorghum Val Gave) Barren Land (Sour Clay) A Measure Of Area Supervisor Of Patwaris Unit Of Length Portion Of Crop Which Has Failed To Come. Autumn Harvest List Of Fields, Field Register Harvest Inspection Register Holding Of Tenant Holding Slips Prepared At Re-measurement A List Of Owners Holding A Combined Khewat & Khatauni Cultivated By The Owner Himself Rectangular Measurement Village Headman Cloth Copy Of The Patwaris Map Measuring Of Area A Small Pulse Village Portion / Part Record-of-Right Mapping Sheet

Nahri Naib-Tehsildar Parat Patwar Parat Sarkar Patwari Rabi Sabik Sub-Division Sub-Divisional Magistrate Taccavi Tehsildar Waris Wasil Baqi Nawis Wattar Zamindar

Irrigated From Canal The Deputy Or Assistant Of Tehsildar Patwari Copy Of The New Settlement Record Government Copy Of The New Settlement Record A Village Accountant Or Registrar Spring Harvest Former A Sub Division Of A District In-charge Of A Tehsildar Loan Granted By A Government To Landowner For Agriculture Purposes. In-charge Of A Tehsil Successor Revenue Accountant In The Tehsil Diagonal Line Landowner

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