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Kalapurusha Concept : Original Concept Creator S Kuber Rakesh Arora Co-author: Navin

The Kaal means eternal time and Purusha means the man. All the classical texts refer Aries chart as Kaal-Purusha or Zodiac Chart, meaning the chart of a Man.

The Kaal-Purusha Horoscope, in short referred as KP Horoscope is the first and most important horoscope for understanding the hidden secrets of predictive astrology. The KP chart is important for all branches of astrological knowledge as it may be very difficult rather impossible to delineate all twelve ascendants from Aries to Pisces. It is requested to first read basics of astrology through classical texts like Phaldeepika, Parashar Hora Shastra etc.

The first ascendant, as we know is Aries, ruled by a martial planet Mars. Mars is the Man, Male governing planet. Aries ascendant and his lord Mars represents all Men born under this Sun. The Almighty God Himself though Nirakaar (without bodily form) in His basic existence but appears in Sakaar Rupa (bodily form) as Ardh-Naarishwar Rupa; which means in the combined form of God Shiva (male) and Goddess Shakti (female).

As this is the first point of creation of this Triguna (tri means three and guna means essence meaning combined form of all three essence which exists in this world) or Sakaar or bodily form, it is utmost important to begin our Astrological understanding from it. The God Shiva (as a first male on this earth) has Aries Ascendant with exalted Sun in the first house. It is rightly mentioned in Indian classical texts about God Shiva as our symbolic Father and Goddess Shakti as our symbolic Mother. In other words, this is the first creation of almighty God as male and female identity on this universe. This is totally different from the modern ideology which mentions about human male and female form as the mentioned two forms are the super powers of this universe as per Indian Mythology.

The "Earth" in classical texts is referred as Mrityu Loka. Mrityu means death and Loka means place. Many learned people also refer it as Naraka, i.e. Hell. Anyone born on this earth must die sooner or later. Death is ascertained from day one of the birth. As the Aries represents "man"; Libra represents "woman". The rising ascendant represents birth or beginning of life and eighth house indicates end of longevity i.e. death.

For that reason, Mars (male governing planet) and Venus (female governing planet) are the only two planets in Zodiac who rules 8th sign also from their first sign. As Aries is the rising sign of Mars, Scorpio sign represents death. Similarly for female, Libra is the rising sign and Taurus represents death.

It may please be kept in mind all the times while delineating 12 ascendants that Aries sign is the Ascendant sign of KP horoscope and its lord Mars governs male natives of all 12 ascendants irrespective of any sign rising in natives' Ascendant.

Thorough understanding of Aries ascendant will not only help us to delineate all 12 ascendants but also unfolds the most valuable and secret information of Art of Living. By the time we will complete the delineation of Aries Ascendant, we will be crystal clear in our mind how to delineate all 12 ascendant charts and also different aspects of our life like Health, Finance Management, Education, Profession, Love & Marriage, Future planning etc.

As Aries sign represents male native, the Mars, its characteristics will represent the Man of this world. We can also say by understanding significations of Aries sign; we will be able to appreciate how a Man, in general, may live on this Earth or what are basic promises as destined by almighty God. Other 11 rising ascendants will tell us how that native is different from a General Man.


Classical references

Aries natives have good strong body with moderate weight. They are full of energy and enthusiasm but have hot temperament. They are egoistic, clever and have Alpa-Santati (less progeny). They get motivated quite easily but many times they get over aggressive. They believe in ruling and seldom take orders from others. The Aries natives do not get scared of even intense problems which may come their way; rather they face them quite bravely. They are not among the class who would quietly stay at home and rest peacefully. They like competitive environment and always believe in winning out of such situations. They openly criticize people so often &

indulge themselves in arguments and quarrels. They do not hesitate for even physical assault. They enjoy situations when their opponents are defeated and they beg them to forgive.

They become good soldiers and also succeed in departments like police, law etc. They have the knack of injecting enthusiasm in people. Although Aries natives, externally look to be very shrewd and cruel but they are very emotional and kind at heart. The do forgive their opponents if they apologize sincerely. They are among the people who can even forgive their bitter enemies. If they join politics, they may be known as dictators. They do not like to take suggestions or advice from others and can not tolerate even constructive criticism. They make plenty of enemies in their life and suffer on that account.

They are simply materialist people and rarely think of spiritual development or salvage. They have no interests in religion activities and some times they may be communist. Aries natives are not romantic in nature. If they fall in love with someone, they try to quickly get her on their side. They can go to the extent of forcefully getting their girl of choice. They are not among ones who will undergo depression if refused by opposite sex. They just believe in achieving what they want; by hook or crook.

If Mars is not in good position in horoscope, they may have very high level of sexual desire.

If Mars is under benefic influences and there are other combinations of spiritual advancement, they may become high level of saints. They will have pure heart and mind.


All humans on this earth have four types of desires: (1) Dharma (desire to do spiritual work for betterment of self and others), (2) Artha (desire to acquire materialistic objects like money, property etc.), (3) Kaama (desire to enjoy luxuries of life and sex) and (4) Moksha (desire to quit re-birth cycle or desire of quitting from emotional bindings).

The first house of Dharma trine (1/5/9) has firy and moveable sign ruled by Mars. This is the exaltation seat of Sun (lord of another Dharma House, 5th house) of Zodiac. The exaltation

status means the status of excellent cheerful stage. Any planet in exaltation becomes karka i.e. it gives auspicious results apart from its lordship results. As we know, trine lords, 5th and 9th lords are the most benefic and later being the highest.

Sun gives excellent results in first house of Aries ascendant.

Aries is the exaltation seat of Sun. Sun provides vitality and good health to our body. Sun as fifth lord rules our intellect.

So, for a Man (Mars), good health carries the highest importance. It is an old saying that health is wealth. One should always thrive for improving Gyana (knowledge) for better living and should protect his physical body. As fifth house rules Ishta Devta i.e. the God we should be praying or mantra (mantra is a divine sentence made by a prefix OM for daily recitation). As Sun represents 'one' and Sun exalts in Aries sign which is also "one"; it is indicated through KP horoscope that one should worship one deity only instead of worshipping different forms of God in different Dashas (periods) of planets. We should desire for the benefic of self and others. Many Learned Astrologers normally recommend worshiping God or planet related to main / sub periods of planets or related to transit of a slow moving planet. Although, there is no harm in following the mentioned advice as it does give good results but worshipping Ishta Devta (one deity) wards off all evils if worshiping is done daily basis without break. It is the proven fact that when any activity is performed on regular basis for longer duration, it yields at par excellent results compared to multiple activities performed at one or different times. It is clearly mentioned in classical texts, all the planets work under deities and all deities are under control of mantra (a divine sentence made by using divine words like OM). God is one and He himself creates his own different forms for the management of this world. All the forms of God have full capacity and authority to do all the good for a native. So, recitation of mantra of any form of God can bestow us all positive results hence not requiring any unnecessary wanderings.

5th house rules our promises, ideals, ambitions, desires etc. By keeping our promises and character, we can make make good fortunes not only for self but also for our forefathers, father and son (As trine from 5th and 9th house).

The significator of this house is Sun himself indicating almost sole governing of first house by Sun.

This is repeated and specially highlighted again that Sun as ruler of a trine, 5th house posited in ascendant in his exaltation state contributes to vitality of physical body and mind. Sun makes the native a highly noble character. Sun gets maximum directional strength in 10th house, the house of Saturn where sun gives high positions and status to the native. Sun posited in any of the trine house even in exaltation state will contribute to the vitality and strength of physical body and significantly improve significations of the house. But, Sun posited here may not contribute for the materialistic growth of a person. Kindly see that sun will certainly assist in removing obstructions coming in way of destiny.

Now lets' take debilitation of planet in Aries ascendant:

Saturn is the planet of physical work. Saturn is significator of servant. Saturn as slow moving planet gives slow and steady results. Saturn gives late results especially of the houses he rules or posited in. Mostly Saturn's results are felt till the age of 30 years or 36 years or in the old age. Its' main / sub periods or transit results however can appear at any age and its ill effects will be more prominent before the age of 36 years. The (negative) significations of Saturn are felt when Saturn is weak. It is contrary to other planets. Signifcations of a planet are felt only when the planet is stronger. So an exalted or strong Saturn will take away all his (negative) significations and will give good results. An exalted Saturn may signify plenty of (Karmas) work which native may have to perform in this birth or coming births. Although Saturn represents physical work but the level of work may differ with its relative strength. Saturn may make one work as Manager or an office peon depending upon his natal Strength. As we know, Saturn debilitates in Aries ascendant as 10th and 11th lord. A debilitated or weak Saturn is the strong indication of professional failure. It makes the person arrogant and adamant. A debilitated Saturn posited in ascendant aspects third as well as tenth house which indicates professional failure due to the nature of the native and mistakes committed by the native himself. A debilitated Saturn does not generate interest for deeds or work.

Also, an afflicted Saturn indicates poor desire fulfillments as natural 11th Zodiac lord.

10th house is the house of karma (work) opposite to 4th house, the house of sukha (mental happiness). The two opposite houses (here taken as 1/7 axis) are complimentary to each other as well as have opposing effects. It does create difference of opinion among the two despite of having positive and mutual benefits. For example, to achieve objects for sukha (happiness), i.e. 4th house signification, one must work and perform his duties. While performing the duties, native may be accumulating wealth and objects which may give him pleasure but the native

cannot enjoy the same while executing his duties. Yes of course, one can enjoy the accumulated resources at his leisure time. If native stops performing his work, all objects / money etc which were providing him the sukha will finish at some time in future causing loss of signification of 4th house through 10th house. Similarly, fifth house rules our desires and eleventh rules fulfillment of desires. Ascendant rules the male (husband) and seventh rules the female (wife). Normally planets posited in 1/7 axis oppose each other openly but planets posited in other two quadrants (4 and 10) oppose at the back of the person. For example, if two planets are posited in 1/7 axis, it could cause disagreements between husband and wife. If the two are friendly planets, it will result into moderate disagreements but two inimical planets will give serious disputes. But planet posited in 4th or 10th represents secret enemies or opponents.

10th house and its lord Saturn represent the workplace. In simpler understanding, Saturn rules all working people, subordinates, employees etc. Also, Saturn is in-charge of all individuals in this world when it comes to giving effects of deeds of the native. This is the planet Saturn who keeps the track of work or karmas of all individuals when they are performing their duties. For that matter, even a King (governed by Sun), when he is performing his duties, is supervised by Saturn at that moment. We all must work to perform our duties. Saturn is the karma (work) significator planet.

Ascendant is the exaltation seat of the ruler (Sun) and is the house of Mars who administers and controls the whole work and working community. This indicates mainly two results. Firstly, the ruler seat carries great amount of responsibility requiring knowledge and skills though there may be lesser amount of physical work.

But Saturn represents physical work which may not require high degree of knowledge or skills. Hence it is undesirable position of Saturn. Secondly, a worker, in general can not take the seat of ruler or in other words an office peon can not replace Manager of the office. In case if it happens it will spoil office management; henceforth debilitation point of Saturn. Please see that debilitation of any planet means state of depression or unhappiness.

Any debilitated planet would give its ill effects for the house he owns or posited in. Debilitated planets of course give only bad effects for health but material success is not totally denied. Debilitation can also be understood as weakness of a planet and his inability to perform his natural work as signified. If the same planet is under benefic aspect or in conjunction with benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus, positive tendencies of the planet improve by greater extent.

When Saturn moves to ascendant, this is an effort to achieve status and position of the head. This is an effort like someone trying to put shoes instead of hat on the head. As this debilitation has happened in ascendant, native losses all his respect and status in society. So whenever a native dishonors his elders, seniors or advisers it leads to his debilitation (the state of sadness, depression and loss of respect in the society). Any planet in debilitation sign is the planet in the state of depression and he can do little well for the native even if he owns good house lordship.

Saturn as the slowest moving planet among 9 planets or GREHA (Greha represent 9 numerical number; the nine planets) Saturn is the significator of reaping results at the right time. The fruits of good karmas or deeds which reach us at the right time can be compared to the state of exaltation of a planet. If we glance at how nature performs his duties and how every single moment of nature activity is time bound we will appreciate the time bound results. One may desire of reaching status, power and wealth overnight and may perform ill (debilitated) deeds or karmas. It is also possible that some may get success in the beginning but one day, may be in this birth or coming births, these deeds will finally afflict his own status. If we see, Saturn is the only planet in Zodiac who aspects his own house, 10th house, the house of deeds or karmas; and that too from ascendant itself. What more confirmation we need to declare that no native can escape from the results of his deeds. Sooner or later, it will bounce back to us like a ball bounces back after hitting the wall.

There is clear verdict from almighty God through Kaal Purusha Zodiac chart that we can neither escape from deeds or karmas nor the fruits of our deeds or karmas under any situation.

Overall, as we know, ascendant represents all aspects of our life. But the most concerning areas are indicated by the planets getting exalted or debilitated in ascendant. We must keep improving our knowledge, maintain our character, fulfill promises, look after our physical body etc. while executing our deeds and let the result follow at its normal pace. The fruits of all deeds will certainly reach to the native in the form of destiny but at the right time.