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SUMMARY Big Bazaars Sabse Saste Din

Its that time of the year! Rock Bottom Prices; Mega Discounts & huge Savings! Big Bazaars annual offering to its customers Sabse Saste 5 Din is here once again. Big Bazaars biggest shopping event - 'Sabse Saste 5 Din', was held across its over 200 Big Bazaar and Food bazaar stores in across 85 cities between January 25th to 29th, 2012. What started off in 2006 as a single day campaign has now become Indias most awaited and exciting annual shopping festival for consumers to choose and grab great products at great prices. From daily household needs of food and grocery to apparels, footwear, toys, luggage, kitchenware, bed and bath ware, home decor, furniture, electronics and fine gold jewellery; 'Sasbe Saste 5 Din' has a bonanza to offer for each and every one in the family. Big Bazaars Sabse Saste Din has become the most awaited shopping days in India due to its range & size of the deals and offers on various products across our stores. These 5 days will truly be the most economical five days of shopping at Big Bazaar and we look forward to it being yet another successful shopping bonanza for consumers Some of the Key offers for 'Sabse Saste 5 Din':

Home Needs

Prestige Induction Cook top + Cookware set and Pressure cooker (Original price Rs. 6765 now at Rs. 4095 ---Discount of Rs. 2670) Nirlep 3 pc Nonstick Cookware set (Costing Rs. 1825 now just Rs. 899) Whopping 30% off on Prestige 5 l + 2 l Pressure Cooker priced at 2025

Home Fashion Bombay Dyeing Bed Sheet for Rs. 1099 Buy 2 for 1299 Recron Pillows Rs. 299 Buy 1 Get I Free Luxury Carpets 51 per cent off (Rs. 1000/- and above)

Fashion Men Shirt (Wide Range) -- Buy 3 for Rs. 799 only Men T-Shirt (Wide Range) Buy 2 for Rs. 349 only Sarees & Dress Material (Wide Range) Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Electronics Koryo 32(81 cms) LCD TV for Rs. 14690 Akai 32 (81 cms) LED TV for Rs. 19990 Olympus 14 Mega Pixel HD Digital Camera Rs. 3990

FMCG Rin Advance Detergent Powder 6 kg priced at Rs. 402/- now only for Rs.324/Britannia Good Day Cashew 162 g/185 g Rs 25/Treat Jim Jam 95g Rs. 15/Good Day Choc chip 87.5g Rs 20/Sunfeast Cream Bourbon 148g-Rs 20/Golden Harvest MP Chakki Atta 5kg X 2 Rs. 179/-

Q 1) Does this promotion campaign reward loyal customers? Explain. Ans:-

The concept of sabse saste 5 din was started by kishore biyani to convert most customer into loyalty customer; they did this by using the market concept of market skimming by giving them huge discount. Previously Big bazaar was not offering any reward to its loyal customers. But from September last year the Kishore Biyani-led Future Group, the country's largest retailer has tied up with Payback, Germany's largest loyalty solution provider and started an customer loyalty program called PAYBACK INDIA card in which customers having the Big bazaar payback loyalty card will be given a credit point 1 on purchase of sale of goods worth Rs 40 which will be equivalent of Rs 0.25 saving. The customer can redeem their points at any of the 1,500 Future group store and will not be tied to the point of purchase. In this programme, the ability to collect and redeem points is vastly enhanced. Customers who want to redeem their points can do so at Ezone stores to buy a colour television or at Pantaloons to buy a T-shirt, also once they have earned a good amount of points they would be rewarded with gift vouchers. The payback card also allows the customers to earn points from ICICI Bank, HPCL, Future bazaar, pantaloons,, home town furnitures, brand factory etc.

Q 2) What would be average daily-sales during the campaign, or the total sales achieved over the 4-day period? Ans:-

Big Bazaars Sabse Saste Din has a huge contribution towards the annual sales of Big Bazaar. Last year the annual turnover of big bazaar at Mumbai central was 80 cores of which Sabse saste 5 din contributed 5 cores. This year at Mumbai central mall there was a problem due to which the electronic section was closed down as a result the average sales during the Sabse saste 5 din went down as compared to last year but overall it was able to achieve the target set by it. Total sales of big bazaar this year was 3 cores and 15 lakhs. And average daily sales of big bazaar was around 60-65 lakhs

Q 3) Compute the average size of the customer basket in Rupee terms. Ans: Average size of customer basket = Total sales achieved in 5 days/ Avg no of customers. The overall sales of Big bazaar for five days 3 cores and 15 lakhs and approx average of no of customers is 3000 then the average size of the customer basket is Rs 1050.

Q 4) What were the challenges Big Bazaar faced during the promotion campaign? Ans: - During Big bazaars sabse sasta 5-din following are the some problems which we realized through our experience Management side problems The Big bazaars sabse sasta 5-Din is one of the most popular seller in India. As per our information for this event they were preparing from many days but then also their management was not proper. There was not proper provision for refilling of finished stock. Many times people wanted specific product and they were told that the product is out of stock or there is no person to bring it from store. Improper display The arrangement of product was also not proper, many times best offer products got hidden behind useless products. Also the staff member were handling product in a very raw way as a result of that many products got damage. Many times they put heavy products on delicate products because of that the products get damage. Crowd management Crowd management was one of the worst department which was managed. There is no proper queue system. People are roaming just like in fish market. Also there is long waiting for trolley. People were also not satisfied with customer service. Many times their normal questions are also not getting answered. It was raising dissatisfaction in their mind. Many time people take wrong advantage of the crowed like stealing of goods

Many time because of rush people handled products badly and it damaged the goods

Improper utilization of ability If on one counter person is able to attend all customer efficiently then also they employee 2 to 3 on that place which cause in under utilization of recourses.

Q 5) what was the objective of the Promotion Campaign? Has the campaign achieved its objective? Ans: - : The major objective of the promotion campaign is as follows 1) Earning maximum profit: Maximum profits can be achieved by selling maximum goods to the customers at cheaper rates and at huge quantity. 2) To build brand Image: The peoples who are in majority comprising of the middle class or upper middle class with limited purchasing capacity are the main audience. Those peoples who are situated at the bottom of the pyramid in the sales graph are benefiting through this campaign. So the main objective of big bazaar was to get concentration of this major population to purchase the product during this campaign. 3) Promotion strategy for BIG BAZAAR: Sabse Saste 5 din has been a boom for Big Bazaar and have earned a big mind share amongst the customers. Many peoples have turned up for Big Bazaar due to this campaign and also earned a name for it. 4) Stock Clearance and proper Inventory Management: Through this campaign Big Bazaar is able to maintain its stock and also have a proper control on the products that are available in the inventory.

Q 6) Do such campaigns bring in new customers, who then become loyal customers of the retail chain? Ans: - These campaigns are having capacity to bring in new customer. In such campaigns you get the set of the customer who feels that he should take advantage of this offer and not let this opportunity go. Most probably the new customers don`t become loyal customers as they only do shopping during these 5 days and then shop occasionally and wait for the schemes of other retail chain to shop from there.

Q 7) What other days of the year could Big Bazaar capitalize to introduce more such campaigns? Ans: They can introduce such Big bazaars sabse sasta din every month But these days must be different from Big days (for every new sasta din they can keep discount on different things which will create enthusiasm in the mind of customer that next time what? and it will help to attract more and more customers) They can also provide facilities like movie hall, play station in mall only Big Bazaar can take the same campaign during Ganpati festivals, Diwali, ID and also during Dushera. All the above festive seasons are the best to introduce any such of the campaigns

Q 8) Which products were the most in demand, why? Ans: - The products which were in demand are as follows: 1) Fashion section: In this section the product of the jeans which had the scheme of jeans ranging from 499-699 buy two for 899. And also the jeans which of little higher range which had the pricing above 799 was given for the flat price of 599. These products were mostly in demand and the target of this section was achieved every day and also they had some record breaking sales in this section. Also the Dress section had the same scheme but two dress pieces for 999. 2) Grocery section: The scheme for Rs.777 combo offering which you will get 5kg Basmati rice, 5kg sugar and 5lit Fortune oil was one of the best sellers. The product overall was priced above Rs.1200 and in Big Bazaar it was much cheaper in rate.

3) Home Appliances: The other product was the combo 3 burner gas stove offer along with which you will get pressure cooker and some utensils which was at the cheaper rate of Rs.7000. And when you buying a 3 burner gas stove you have pay 6000 to 7000 for that gas stove alone, but here the customers were getting Pressure cookers, pan and also other utensils along with it which was cheap.

Q 9) Which products did not sell during the campaign? Why?

Ans: - Ladies clothes and the Shaving cream and after shave product did not sell during the campaign. Because: Ladies clothes like Kurtas and Skirts were not having much of designs and cloth material was not too attractive. It was looking Dull and the price was high and Consumers was Expecting Less price as compared to Other Market at that time in Big Bazaar. Shaving Creams and after shave was less sales because of No discounts. The price of that products like Gillette Shaving cream and after Old spice After shave and all Gillette products having same price as which customers get at Medicals and other market shops.

Q 10) Make recommendations on how this campaign can be made more successful in the future. Ans:-

Our Only recommendation would be to start the advertising campaign of Big Bazaar`s sabse saste 5 din little early so that people may become much more aware of about it and will wait till 26th January and not do the bulk shopping in the new year time.

Q 11) What were the logistics/people issues Big Bazaar faced in the back-end during this campaign? Ans: During The campaign the logistics/people at Big bazaar were an issue. They Faced the problem at the time of replacing the Products with new product from store room to Respective place They were making the arrangement soon but the issue with them was the internal coordination with other employees, some employees were not so enthusiastic about their work and they were just going and taking rest in Fun zone rooms. It created a Gap of late supply of good from store room to their respective place.

Q 12) Do Big Bazaar employees receive special incentives during this promotion campaign, in either the form of bonus or additional leave, or free goods? Ans :- Yes, this promotional event gives a good platform to earn Incentives to the Big Bazaar employees as because they are given targets to achieve and on that basis incentives were given. The employees were very enthusiastic and eagerly doing their job because by looking at the past sales and incentives given to employees it encouraged the present employees that they can also earn more during this promotional campaign. During the promotional event the employees were given free meals twice a day for the all the 5 days.

Q 13) what avenues did Big Bazaar use to promote this event? Which avenues were the most effective? Ans: - Advertising has played a crucial role in building of the brand. Big Bazaar advertisements are seen on Print media, T.V, Radio, Road Side billboards etc Print Ads: newspaper advertisements were present just before launch of the campaign. This created aura about the Big Bazaar brand in the minds of customers. TV Ads: Kishore Biyani spend a lot of money in brand building exercise. Big Bazaar`s sabse saste 5 din commercials were shown on various channels in India. Road-side Advertisements: Big Bazaar`s sabse saste 5 din bill-boards were displayed on prime locations in various cities for the promotional exercise.

Radio Ads: This technique is used in (Tier 1 / Tier 2 cities). Now-a-days, it is replaced by advertisements on FM channels. This informs customers about Big Bazaar`s sabse saste 5 din.

Q 14) Did this promotional event clash with any other event/events in the city which would have affected the sales of Big Bazaar? Ans :- As per our knowledge the Big Bazaar`s sabse saste 5 din promotional event didn`t clash with any other event in the city.

Q 15) What is the demographic mix of the customers visiting the outlet? Ans: - The demographic mix of the customers visiting the outlets is lower middle class to high class.