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Type 100 - 120 & 200

Bulk handling of any kind of cereals, seeds, nuts, animal feeds and many other free-flowing materials. Suction and/or Blowing Special design for all climatic conditions: high salinity, dusty atmosphere and extreme temperatures. All parts treated by sand blasting: various antirust coatings and epoxy enamels. Capacities: up to 250 metric tons per hour. Weight: 3.5 - 8.5 tons according to type and accessories. VIGAN high pressure 2 to 4 stages centrifugal turbo-blower with automatic air regulator for maximum reliability in all working conditions. Diesel Engine Electric motor: first class manufacturers with worldwide after-sales service. Up to 300 HP installed power and about 80 % of real power consumption for optimum energy savings and low fuel requirements: from 15 to 35 litres/hour.

170 tons/hour

Duba - U.A.E.

170 tons/hour

Latakkia - Syria

VIGAN cast iron heavy duty airlock of 75 to 200 litres per rotation with replaceable and adjustable blade cutting tips and bronze sealing rings. Low speed and automatic airlock safety clutch. Heavy duty main frame: rectangular section steel beams mounted on low pressure tyres. Two front wheels steered by articulated towing bars. Transmission by V-belts and stainless pulleys, with double telescopic universal joints. VIGAN assembly includes a full range of engine components such as extra large radiator and micronic air filtration system for maximum life time, minimum maintenance and trouble free operations.

140 tons/hour

Shangai - China

Special safety and control devices such as measure instruments and automatic shutdowns. Full range of accessories: front and rear hydraulic booms, automatic self-cleaning filter, special suction nozzles,

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60 pages catalogues full of technical data
170 tons/hour

and coloured pictures

Baku - Azerbaijan

Hundreds of worldwide References

170 tons/hour

Sfax - Tunisia

VIGAN Mobile Type 120 :

with self-cleaning filter, front telescopic boom and telescopic blowing pipe into mobile hopper on quay

Rotating & Telescopic front Boom


250 tons/hour

Alexandria - Egypt

VIGAN Mobile Type 200 :

with self-cleaning filter, front telescopic boom and mobile belt conveyor for direct truck loading

Rotating & Telescopic front Boom


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Manufactures Bulk Materials handling Solutions mainly:

Mobile pneumatic conveyors or vacuvators or grain pumps Pneumatic continuous barge unloaders and mechanical barge loaders Mechanical and pneumatic continuous ship unloaders for vessels up to post-Panamax Mechanical loaders for any size of ships Vigan capabilities include also complete turnkey projects for port terminal including ship unloading & loading, storage facilities and bagging operations.




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