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Why I believe in life after death

build a case is there life after death 7 reasons 1. nature - cycle in nature - ebb death and there is new life echo dies bringss up an oak tree catapillar builds own tomb and then breaks forth into a new form of life we call butterfly - cocoon Pluto I am not sure whats after deaath but nature seems to give us a picture of what it would be like what it is like some new life

2. Anthropology - study of cultures thru all ages every culture believes universally all over the world from a 1000 years to 5000 years there is life after death 3. Psychology - studying of human behaviour - inner longing in every human being which says there is something more. there has got to be more to life than this - yah but Ecc 3v 11 He has placed eternity in their hearts therefore our minds and hearts would have to hunger for something more 4. Ethics - in order to have morality you need to have justice - we all agree it got to be fair we get angry when things aren't fair but s life fair so argument you have to have an kind of morality you have to have justice but so since life isnt fair there needs to be an after life where all evil is punished and all good is rewarded 5. philosophical - Emanuel Gant - ethics and justice if you work this to have moral integrity and sanity there has to be philosophically life after death or non of life make sense 6. Sceince - near death experiences - went out of my body telling what happened - 24-25 m people that went near death- 8 million claim mysterious spiritual experience aware of coming out of their body psychologist and cardiologist heart stopped, or no 60 % 20% darkness one lady 3 hours heart stopped and no EEG for 3 hours - clinically dead - on the way to mogue on the cart she pulls the sheet down - scary -she describes how they tried to revive her the jokes they told, elevated out of her body, the tunnel experience - point medical research indicate that when your heart and brain stop life continues in some new form

7. Documentation of the Bible - for centuries that says there is life after death, the testimony of Jesus Christ. who in other religious system has died and come back to tell us what it is really like. over 500 eye witnesses - He is a really reliable source. showed Himself for 40days Belief in life after death is a rational and plausible conclusion

What is it going to be like? what are you going to experience? the Bible has a lot to say about this. 4 main things the bible teaches about life death 1. At death every person spirit enters immediately and consciously into the relational aspects of eternal existence - no pitstops, the moment you die you are conscious of eternity Jesus teaches more on heaven and hell like nobody else and He is the authority on it - teaching about you need to prepare for the after life you can know the moment you die Luk 16 v 19-31 Lazurus and the rich man 1 in hell 1 in heaven both are conscious about where they are gulf between the 2 once death occurs there is no plan B no bridges basis is on response to the truth - Moses and the prophets - scripture imediately after death you would know where you were dead whether in hell or heaven and you will be conscious of it Paul 2 Cor 5 v1-8 to be absent from the body is to be at home with Christ Phillipians 1 v 22-24 to stay in body or to be with Christ which is better by far not only those who believe and wickednare resurrected both will be resurrected Acts 24 v 14-15 defending apostleship in court before a Roman official there will be a resurrection of the righteous and the wicked Luke 14v14 Revelation 20 v 11-15 describes the resurrection of the wicked. 3. every person will be judged and granted the extended capacity to fulfill in eternity their depest desires whilst they were on earth judgement is going to be an extended capacity to have Hebrews 9 v 27 apointed to man once to die and after that the judgment

John 5 v25 those who hear the voice will live and God has given Him (Jesus) authority I know you sinned Jesus paid for it and HE sent His Spirit basis of judgment what did you do with the free offer I extended you make your choices and your choices make you. if you are a believer in Christ what is your deepest desire here on earth scriptures, praise and worship, be with the Lord, be used by God, be near God judgment will take those born again people and extend their capacity to be that. same is true of the other side

Every person will spend eternity in heaven or in hell your deepest desires will be fulfilled spend eternity with God or hell away from God Matt 25 v 46 eternal punishment the righteaous to eternal life it begins now John v24 Believe in Jesus eternal life heaven extends the capacity to enjoy it. Once you die you can't cross the chasm but before then God is saying come over.

what is heaven like and what is hell like 2 Bible studies Preview of heaven the great advantage and Preview of hell the horrible choice HEaven 1. God is there - no sin, intimacy,accomodation, new nature no more pain, new body, new vocation, rule and reign with Christ the whole universe, serve Him, wule with Him, peace, no fearforever, community, oneness, great big party, marriage, intimacy, reunion, Hell - God isn't there ie no life, beauty etc, value, security, joy is all gone, utter darkness like solitary confinement forever and ever - alone, weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, place of remorse and shame - understand its their choice, their fault. But He respects and loves you so much He wouldn't force you on His train But how could Christ allow this 1. Man's dignity and freedom demand hell - get to make a free choice - have a choice to reject or accept Him - you have intrinsic value He created you. HEaven is a place where people who have been forgiven and have desire for

extended and expanded fellowship CS Lewis and atheist after conversation wrote if a game is played it must be possible to lose it. if the happiness of a creature lies in self surrender nobody can make it for him though many can help him to make it and he may refuse it - I will ... without their will - how can willful surrender with their will - how if they don't give in. if you keep saying no then God has to grant you your desire 2. God's holiness and justice God is absolutely pure and holy when He appears in scripture fall on their face before him - quarantine 3. God is Just - we say 'thats not fair!!' made in the image of God - why doesnt He just say 'oh sorry you made a few mistakes come on in to heaven ... someone kills the people you love - before the judge...' he is gotta pay there has to be justice - God is loving ut He is just!!!! 4. Sin's seriousness demands it If I do this I will confess it later - stop playing that game - you will get forgiveness but you will pay for that sin. sin is serious - you have put the money on the table its serious 5. Evil's defeat Satan, demons etc place logically for all the harm they have done, the punishment is comiserate with the crime. Question will your eternity be a blissful adventure or will it be a horrible choice have the most serious honest conversation with the God of the universe - say no to the cheap thrills of this world - what you do now will be directly in proportion to your reward in heaven Question - is there really any meaning to life? diversity in the population there is a future and its pretty clear