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"jobynimble" aka Joseph B.

Schmidt Has Quite A Checkered Past -- $159,000 judgement against him -- IR/promoter of at least two "green" shady companies that went down in flames -- non-disclosure while shamelessly pumping (despite given millions of free shares) (jobynimble aka Joe B. Nimble aka Joe B. Schmidt further proof at end) Jobynimble: Joseph B. Schmidt: (1) Mr. Schmidt, The Shamed Broker Mr. Schmidt the former broker with a permanent negative FINRA record:. "This broker has been involved in one or more disclosure events involving certain final criminal matters, regulatory actions, civil judicial proceedings, or arbitrations or civil litigations." (2) Mr. Schmidt, The Lawsuit Loser NASD arbitration judgement of $159,000 in his case (more than JBII's fine!). His clients of accused him of ignoring their requests to invest them in conservative investments and instead bought high risk microcaps, penny stocks, etc. while refusing to execute trades when directed by his clients and churning their accounts and even one at least one occasion refused to sell the stock when directed before the stock tanked. Just two of his clients alleged $495,580.75 in damages. Proof that the online version of Mr. Schmidt is the same Mr. Schmidt as above: (3) Mr. Schmidt, The Shady Investor Relations Guy In 2001, Mr. Schmidt quit (or was fired) as a broker after 20 years to begin working as an investor relations guy for a shady green recycling penny stock who's symbol was KBFP, now after massive loss and failure and at least one or two reverse splits, the stock symbol is now GERS, last reported to have negative shareholder equity of $40 million and has racked up $157 million in net losses. Confession of being IR and name at the bottom of every KBFP PR: Proof he quit/fired as a broker the same day as he became IR, ending a 20 year career as a broker: Partial list of many PRs with his name at the bottom of them: Emails to a shareholder (himself actually) including one touting how excited he is about the technology: (4) Mr. Schmidt, The Non-Disclosing Promoter/IR Mr. Schmidt is seen pumping IEVM without proper legal disclosure: (do a search for prior years as well) Mr. Schmidt gives IEVM a ridiculous target of $1.06/share (IEVM current sits at .04 per share, down 96% vs. target): (2007 pump, one of many)

What Mr. Schmidt did not disclose even once in all the years, is that he was given millions of free shares of IEVM as disclosed in its filings. A mere sample: "On December 28, 2004, we issued 125,000 shares of our restricted common stock to Joseph Schmidt pursuant to his consulting agreement dated November 18, 2004...we issued 125,000 shares of our restricted common stock to United Capital Group, Inc. in accordance with Mr. Schmidt's request pursuant to his consulting agreement dated November 18, 2004" "We issued 2,000,000 shares of our stock to United Capital Group in connection with consulting services on February 1, 2007" "On August 26, 2008, we entered into a consulting agreement with United Capital Group, Inc., wherein United Capital Group, Inc. agreed to provide the Company with investor and public relations services"

Proof that jobynimble is Joseph B. Schmidt at Siliconinvestor: 1. Jobynimbles first post to IHUB was on KBFP, 10 days after Joseph became IR of KBFP (further on that board hes posting emails from IR that were really apparently to himself) 2. Jobys profile says has been involved in the markets since 1981 and is a retired Investment Banker Joseph retired from Myerson brokerage firm after 20 years as a broker in 2001, having worked as one since 1981. 3. Both Joby (on IHUB) and Joseph (on SI) liked and made many posts about thinly traded and almost unheard of KBFP (IR guy), IEVM (IR guy), BDEV (who knows), FAME, NEUN, and many many others with almost the exact same posts.

4. December 16, 2001 under Joseph B. Schmidt on SI complained he couldnt log into IHUB:
"can't get into IHub...I'm sorry. Your posting privilege has been suspended until Saturday, Jan 1, 2000 12:00 AMerror message I get when I try to post, sheesh..." 2 days later December 18, 2001 under jobynimble on IHUB he mentioned he hadnt been able to log in: "I'm having alot less trouble using IE getting here. Forget Netscape - not even once can I access IHub the last few days using Netscape 6.2; no problem w/ Internet Explorer."