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170 Galloway Road Scarborough, ON, M1E5A5 416-281-5313 annmariehill@rogers.

com March 2013 Welcome to the Spring edition of a brief newsletter for members of Ann Marie Hill Co-operative


In 1974, a group of non-profit housing co-operatives set up a small organization to promote the development of new co-ops and to provide the education and assistance needed by the growing cooperative housing sector. Today, the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto (CHFT) is a membersupported organization representing more than 45,000 people living in more than 160 non-profit housing cooperatives located in Toronto and York Region. Ann Marie Hill is a member of CHFT and here are the benefits of membership; Development Services: Since 1975, CHFT has provided development assistance for non-profit housing co-operatives. Projects have included townhouses and apartments, new construction and the rehabilitation of existing buildings. CHFT has always concentrated on creating co-op communities that include facilities for people with special housing needs. Member Services: The growth of co-op housing created a huge demand for information, education and services. In 1975, CHFT published the first manual for co-op housing directors. By 1990, CHFT and the Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada had set up the Co-op Housing Bookstore as a joint project. Since then, the Bookstore has produced 32 plain language publications on co-op management and community issues. The Bookstore receives orders from housing co-ops across Canada and around the world. Many Bookstore publications are available in French.

CHFT also provides education for co-op members and staff. Each year, CHFT offers more than 80 courses. The Board of Directors, Your Co-op and the Law, Chairing Skills, Dealing with Conflict, and Financial Management are popular topics. Member co-ops can participate in Co-op Cost Cutters, a bulk buying program. Co-ops receive discounts on appliances, paint, office equipment, cable TV and gas. In 1996, CHFT introduced the Co-op Housing Investment Program (CHIP). Alterna Savings gives CHFT member co-ops higher rates on current accounts and term deposits. CHFT staff is available to advise co-op boards, committees, members, and staff. Co-ops that belong to CHFT can request neutral chairs for difficult meetings and mediation services to resolve disputes between neighbors. CHFT also helps co-ops deal with government policy issues. Housing Information Line: As a service to the general public, CHFT provides an information line. Basic information on co-op housing is available in six languages - English, French, Spanish, Polish, Somali, and Tamil. The information line receives more than 36,000 calls a year. If members need more information you can log on to

From: the CHF Canada Website

Welcome to the Spring edition of a brief newsletter for members of Ann Marie Hill Co-operative ANN MARIE 2013/2014 BUDGET MEETING

The 2013/2014 Ann Marie Hill Co-op General Members Meeting on the new Budget will be held on: Date: Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: Meeting Room at 170 Galloway Road, Building D. Kindly use the front entrance door to enter the meeting room. Notice of this meeting and budget information will be distributed according to By-laws of proper notice. Members unable to come to the meeting are asked to send in regrets to the office. Attendees to the general members meeting will have a chance of winning prizes from the raffle draw (member with the winning number should be physically present at the end of the meeting to qualify for the draw).

The Earth Day for the year 2013, is falling on Monday, April 22nd. Ann Marie Hill Co-op will have a Community Clean Up day on the following Saturday, April 27th to commemorate the Earth Day by doing our share of clean up as a Co-op community. Members are asked to help out in the community clean up by volunteering a couple of hours on April 27th, 2013. Members of the Town Homes are asked to clean up their back and front yards. The Co-op office will provide members with brown bags and rakes. These bags are used for recycling leaves, grass and branches (broken down). Do not use plastic bags for leaves or dead grass! Please come out and be a part of Ann Marie Hill Community on: Date: Saturday, April 27th, 2013 From: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. FREE INCOME TAX CLINIC 2013

The Co-op office is in need of Volunteers to help out in the office and with the upcoming budget meeting on
March 20th, 2013. Members who are interested in volunteering can help out with the following:

Direct attending members to the meeting to sign in the attendance sheet and to help out with the raffle tickets. Delivery of budget packages to the members Collating and stapling documents Penny wrapping

Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities formerly known as West Hill Community Services is offering Free Income Tax Assistance for lowincome families. This clinic runs once a year at tax time. An appointment is necessary. Please call 416-847-4147, leave your name, phone number and your address to book an appointment. This program is possible thanks to many volunteers from the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Main telephone number for Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities is 416-284-5931.

Members who can help out can call the Co-op office at 416-281-5313 and leave your name and number. High School kids could get community volunteer hours for their contribution of time.

Welcome to the Spring edition of a brief newsletter for members of Ann Marie Hill Co-operative


Since beginning in the spring of 2011, the choir is growing into an exciting, musically creative platform for young people living in the Kingston-Galloway and Orton Park communities. Choir members aged 6-18, have had the opportunity to join and meet others who share a heart for music and express a desire to show talent, individuality, and diversity by means of song and dance. By aiming to positively influence those in the greater community, SECMG Choir members have the opportunity to learn and perform a wide-range of popular, inspirational, and inter-faith based songs during rehearsals and scheduled public performances. With skillfulness, the choir members have engaged with the community at numerous events throughout the city, including performances for United Way, East Scarborough Storefront and St. Andrew Presbyterian Church. In effect, the group hopes to continue building up members this season through practice, performance, and civic engagement. Continue to stay on the lookout for upcoming performances. New voices are always welcome! SECMG Choir
From: Residents Rising Newsletter, Scarborough East Storefront

Employment Opportunities for youth 15 to 25 years of age! Date: Monday, March 11, 2013 Time: 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Location: Scarborough Civic Centre Rotunda, 150 Borough Drive (McCowan and Ellesmere Road) Please bring in your resume to the job fair. If you need help to get your resume ready for the Job Fair, visit your nearest Employment Centre. For more information call: 416-396-5155


Members who are Pet Owners are reminded of the poop and scoop by-law. When the white snow goes we do not want to see brown rolls. Here are some extracts from the Co-op Pet Policy: Pets must not interfere with other Members use or enjoyment of their units or common areas. Members must clean up any mess created by their pet Members must repair any damage to the property of the Co-op or another member caused by their pet.

Welcome to the Spring edition of a brief newsletter for members of Ann Marie Hill Co-operative


As you live in an apartment complex you know the pressures that can sometimes come with this arrangement. After all, you are located a wall a way from another person 24 hours a day. You have to share various common areas on a regular basis. There is bound to be some type of static when you live so close to and constantly interact with other people. Here is a quick guide for how to conduct yourself in the laundry room. 1) Time Your Clothes. When you come into the laundry room to wash your clothes and see an empty washer you will probably pump your fist in excitement. After you finish loading and starting the washer up, glance at your watch and time it. If possible set a reminder. Make sure that you are back in the laundry room within 5-10 minutes of your wash ending or you risk the possibility of someone removing your laundry. 2) Allow Others a Grace Period. If you come to the apartment laundry room and see that someone else's wash cycle is about to end, or that it already has ended, you have to allow them a grace period to retrieve their clothing. This is a very important unspoken rule of the apartment building laundry room. Allow your neighbors at least 15 minutes after the wash or dry cycle to end before taking it upon yourself to remove their clothes from the machine. 3) Be Considerate. Do not utilize more than 2 washers and 2 dryers at a time. 4) Clean Out Your Lint Trap. Many people don't realize that when they finish drying their clothes they leave a thick layer of lint from their clothes in the lint trap. Nobody wants to have to touch the lint from your clothing, so please, clean it out yourself after you finish taking your clothes out of the dryer. 5) If Someone Breaks The Rules, Don't Get Violent. If you happen to walk in on someone who has disrespected the unspoken rules of the apartment building laundry room, don't let it get the best of you. If they handled your clothes, tell them in a calm voice how you don't appreciate the fact that they didn't allow you at least 15 minutes before removing your private items, and move on. Avoid getting into an argument in the laundry room. 6) Laundry Detergent Please use only Liquid Soap Detergent in the machines in Building D. Do not use powder soap.

Coinamatic has converted the coin Washing Machines and the Dryers in building A/B and C with L.G. Smart Card. Members in building A, B & C now have their smart cards for laundry. The Card Reload Centre has been moved from the front lobby of the tower at 170 Galloway to the vestibule of the building (beside the intercom in the tower). There are instructions on how to reload your Smart Card. Members can transfer funds from there interact, Visa or master card in the amount of $10, $20 up to a maximum of $50.00 to their Smart Card. Only members living in building A, B & C can use powder soap in the detergent dispenser. The laundry machines in building D, 170 Galloway will only take Liquid detergent in the dispenser. Members can call the Coinamatic Customer Service line at 1-800-561-1972 if you have any questions or to inform of any breakdown of a machine or dryer.

To avoid create blockages in your plumbing, please refrain from disposing your cooking oil in the kitchen sink. The proper way of disposing cooking oil is to pour your cooking oil in an old empty container and cool to room temperature. You can then scoop it out and place it in your green bin with your other compostable waste. City of Toronto is now accepting cooking grease as a compostable waste.