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Engro Foods (Pvt) Limited (EFL) was established in 2005 as part of adiversification process at the Engro Group. The plant located at Sukkur (Sindh)on 23 acre land, has the raw milk reception capability of 300,000 litres per dayand UHT milk capacity of 200,000 litres per day. The project cost was of $ 16million and it provides direct employment to 750 people.Engro Foods has entered the Food business through milk processing and sale with the companys vision to pursue growth opportunities based on country fundamentals and own strength. It also positions the company to leverage its corporate social responsibility initiatives and work closely with rural communities to promote integrated farming and livestock development. Thise ffort is expected to play an essential role in poverty alleviation and improving livelihoods of the poor in the milk collection areas.Olpers Milk, companys first bran d was launched in March 2006 in 20 cities of the country simultaneously. Since then two other brands Olpers cream andOlwell have been successfully launched and have established Engro Foods Limited as a major player in the foods business already. Their goal is to be one of the biggest players in the

food business and their aim is to dominate the food business. To achieve this they will settle for nothing less than the cream!The vision statement of Engro Foods Limited is

To become a fast expanding mega foods company.

STRENGTHS:Brand of Engro Foods:

Olpers is a brand of Engro foods. Engro is a wellestablished brand name in fertilizer, IT and infrastructure. The brand is well known so customers will automatically have a brand association to Olpers and see it as a premium quality product. It can easily afford

research and development. It can also promote its brand through better channel.
Public Relationship with farmers:

Engro foods have a strong bond and long term relationship with the farmers who are willing to supply milk to the company.
Strong Consumer and Product Research:

Olpers have done a strong consumer and product research before and after launching its product. EFL has hired various global research partners like AC Nielsen, Mindshare, JWT Asiatic and MARS advertising and marketing agencies.
Third Generation Plant:

Only EFL has a third generation UHT milk plant in the country. It is the only company using Bactofuge technology to virtually eliminate bacteria and ensure premium quality and hygiene.

Milk collection and Distribution costs: EFLs 34 out of 40 milk collection centres are located in Punjab, whereas

its milk processing facility is situated near Sukkur. It increases the chance of milk collection and distribution costs.

Owning Red Colour:

EFL has not owned the red colour like Nestle has owned green colour for Milk pak, Haleeb has a blue carton etc. Consumers might have problems in recalling the brand because there is no colour association attached to Olpers.


Growing dissatisfaction with loose milk and growing awareness about health issues have led to increased processed milk consumption.
Fourth largest producer of milk: Pakistan is the fourth largest producer of milk in the country. Milk is the largest commodity of the sector from the livestock sector accounting for 51 percent of the total value of the sector. There is an opportunity for Engro foods to grow in this part.