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Build a cloud within a day
HP CloudSystem Matrix software accelerates the path from virtualization to cloud

Many IT organizations want to start small. you can build a private cloud within a day with HP CloudSystem Matrix software. and to optimize costs across the enterprise. and reduced time to market—and are ready to continue down the path to the cloud. 2 . That’s the strategy HP CloudSystem Matrix software was designed to facilitate. and also has the automated provisioning and capacity planning features of HP CloudSystem. to build a pilot or proof of concept for the cloud. HP CloudSystem Matrix does not require or rely on HP hardware. As a software offering. increased flexibility and agility. flexibility. HP CloudSystem Matrix software is delivered through Matrix Operating Environment. It offers a complete IaaS offering for virtual environments with service provisioning on any x86 servers supported by VMware. taking advantage of the most complete. They want to start understanding how a private cloud can make their organization more flexible and agile. This shift requires new means and approaches for IT to help organizations accelerate progress towards solving their most pressing challenges—including speeding innovation. and improving financial management. or you can move to HP Cloud Server Automation software to broker and manage private cloud. public cloud. It includes a built-in infrastructure service designer. and managed clouds with HP CloudSystem. many IT organizations have reached a high level of maturity with regard to virtualization and are starting to look into the automation. and self-service capabilities that a cloud solution can provide. HP CloudSystem Matrix software is a cloud software solution for virtual environments.Business white paper | HP CloudSystem Matrix software Executive summary The convergence of mobile technology. Creating the right cloud delivery strategy is critical to reducing your organization’s risks and building its future. public. and expand from there. a self-service portal for IT. and traditional IT services with complete service lifecycle management. This strategy lets you leverage your existing virtualization investments in order to quickly and cost-effectively reap the full benefits of the cloud. Microsoft® Hyper-V and Red Hat Enterprise LINUX (RHEL) Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) allowing you to leverage existing hardware investments and giving you flexibility in future purchasing decisions. As they expand. the core cloud management software in HP CloudSystem Matrix. It can also be extended to advanced solutions such as platform as a service (PaaS) or software as a service (SaaS). enhancing agility. Today. They see that this strategy provides them opportunities to develop and deploy new business strategies and delivery models that can enhance their ability to survive and thrive in a demanding and unpredictable world—a world where the cloud is a key component of their ability to accelerate innovation. and the advent of cloud computing are driving a dramatic shift in the ways enterprises deploy and use IT. to become significantly more agile and efficient. they can add self-service capabilities that make it simple for IT users to request new virtual environments. This solution lets you build a quick infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud solution in hours without a significant additional investment. increasing efficiencies. social media. helping ensure flexibility and choice. and simplifying the path to the cloud. When you’re ready to transition to advanced cloud solutions like PaaS or SaaS. big data. HP CloudSystem Matrix software If you’re already taking advantage of the benefits of virtualization—lower costs. integrated cloud portfolio across private. It’s an ideal platform for delivering IaaS. you can upgrade to HP Cloud Service Automation for Matrix to add application provisioning to CloudSystem Matrix services.

Business white paper | HP CloudSystem Matrix software What HP CloudSystem Matrix software can do for you Deploying the HP CloudSystem Matrix software can bring you tangible benefits in many ways: Move your test and development environment to a cloud Create a dynamic test and development infrastructure that lets you rapidly activate and deactivate test and development environments so you can quickly repurpose infrastructure without reinstallation. improving utilization and reducing cost. With support for a broad set of applications. Build a quick and simple proof of concept When a demo is not enough. CloudSystem Matrix software will let you provision services both within your private cloud and at selected cloud service providers including HP Cloud Services. and achieve increased space and power efficiencies. providing customers with choice through an open. and improving reliability. public cloud providers. you’ll have a cloud that lets you: • Design a service catalog in the Matrix drag-and-drop infrastructure service designer • Publish service catalogs to a self-service portal accessible to users • Provision services automatically after a service request is made Whether you want to build a simple cloud solution for virtual environments or you’re trying to understand the full HP CloudSystem solution. with confidence through an end-to-end management and security offering. In fact. HP CloudSystem is built on proven HP Cloud Service Automation and Converged Infrastructure. provision. cutting costs. It provides the flexibility to scale capacity within and outside the data center. and traditional IT. many organizations build a proof of concept (PoC) to understand how the solution can meet their main requirements in a real environment. and deploy robust cloud solutions across your enterprise. You can also pool and share resources. software. and information. Finally. As the foundation of our Converged Cloud strategy. optimizing cost and flexibility. HP Converged Cloud encompasses a complete portfolio of hardware. Use of capacity planning can help you contain server sprawl. but time and resources are usually tight. In a day or less. It extends the power of the cloud across infrastructure. it’s extensible to existing IT infrastructure. The PoC is an important step in the selection process. private. and released when no longer needed. Savvis. improve utilization. 3 . you can build a PoC quickly without adding new hardware. CloudSystem provides IT with a unified way to offer. build. HP Converged Cloud is an industry first: a comprehensive hybrid delivery approach based on a common architecture that spans traditional IT and public. and Amazon. Expand the cloud to include your production infrastructure You can use HP CloudSystem Matrix software orchestration capabilities to accelerate delivery of shared infrastructure services. and services that allow you to design. Start with a few existing virtual machines as the resource pool. a simple and quick PoC will let you experience the full benefits of cloud computing instantly. standards-based approach. applications. HP Converged Cloud strategy and HP CloudSystem To help you understand how to use the power of HP CloudSystem Matrix software in your organization. while reducing complexity. With HP CloudSystem Matrix software. This “cloud bursting” capability lets you access resources in the public cloud that are paid for only when used. and it supports heterogeneous environments. let’s look at how it fits into our Converged Cloud strategy as part of our HP CloudSystem solution. then use a virtual machine to install the HP CloudSystem Matrix software. and with consistency through a common architecture across all delivery models. you can freely move workloads during planned or unplanned downtime to increase and help ensure availability. and manage services across private clouds. and managed clouds.

• HP CloudSystem Service Provider: Public or hosted private cloud designed for service providers to provide public cloud IaaS and SaaS. It’s an investment in the future of your enterprise. software. as well as an avenue for growth and expansion. For more information Get started today—download the customer-installable HP CloudSystem Matrix software at hp. perform the following steps to allow users to request a service from the self-service portal: 1. Microsoft is a U. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Sign up for updates hp. This offering provides a single service view of the client’s environments—from private cloud to public clouds to traditional IT—with advanced application-to-infrastructure lifecycle management. There’s no easier way to introduce your organization to the benefits of cloud computing. Set the virtualized infrastructure to be managed and apply license. you can have a complete IaaS cloud up and running in several hours. registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. and services private cloud solution that provides Connect to a VM management server like vCenter or System Center server.Business white paper | HP CloudSystem Matrix software Full range of cloud offerings HP CloudSystem has three integrated offerings.P. 6. or delete service. Configure server pool and network pool. The trial version is fully capable and comes with step-by-step instructions on how to use HP CloudSystem Matrix software for a virtual environment with VMware and/or Microsoft Hyper-V. February 2013 . Start with a trial version The easiest way to get started with HP CloudSystem Matrix software is to download a 90-day trial. without the need to configure deployment servers or dynamic storage provisions. PaaS. 4AA4-1993ENW. change lease period. Create additional users for the cloud solution. • HP CloudSystem Enterprise: For those looking to deploy private and hybrid cloud environments and the full range of service models (IaaS. Your organization will gain greater agility and become more responsive to the unpredictable demands of today’s. and tomorrow’s. These offerings provide a range of services for all customers. including aggregation and management of those services. IT environment while enjoying lower costs and greater Share with colleagues Rate this document © Copyright 2012–2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company. Design a service catalog with VMs leveraging existing VM templates. 4. Manage service lifecycle functions like modify configuration. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. and SaaS). L. Once you finish the installation. Start with a quick pilot. The new included ability to provision services to a RHEL KVM requires HP technical services to install and configure. as well as basic application deployment and monitoring. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. This entry offering allows you to provision infrastructure and applications in minutes. 5. 2. leveraging your current investment. 3. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. The offerings include: • HP CloudSystem Matrix: An integrated hardware.S. not months. then move rapidly to full-scale deployment. With HP CloudSystem Matrix software.