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The Anne Sullivan School

P.S. 238
1633 East 8th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209

March 2009
Vo l u m e 1 , I s s u e 5

5th Grade Newsletter

March Happenings Writer’s Workshop
Our school Science Fair will be taking place on In March, we will finish Response to Literature
March 16th. Please make sure that your child and work on a Report of Information. The
completes their science project proposal and report of information will be in conjunction
brings it in to Ms. Escowitz as soon as possible with what the students will be learning in
for approval. Science boards can be purchased Social Studies. The students will be learning
for $5.00 from Ms. Escowitz in Room 321. how to engage the reader, develop a
controlling idea, create an organized report,
Parent Teacher conferences will take place on include appropriate facts and details and
Thursday, March 19th from 12:20-2:20 in the provide a sense of closure in their report.
afternoon and from 5:30-8:00 in the evening. Please make sure that your child goes to the
Report cards will be distributed at these library and selects appropriate books,
conferences as well as your child’s Social magazines, and websites to help them write a
Studies State Exam score. There is a half day great writing piece!
on Thursday, March 19. All classes will be
dismissed at 11:20.
The fifth grade will be going on a trip the Hall of In March, we will cover Unit 8 of Everyday
Science on Tuesday, March 31. Math which focuses on Fractions and
Ratios. We will review Grade 5 standards
such as creating equivalent fractions;
The fifth grade will also continue to work
simplifying fractions; converting improper
on specific math, reading, fluency, writing, fractions to mixed numbers. We will work
science and social studies GOALS! Make toward Grade 6 standards such as adding
sure that you have a conversation with and subtracting fractions with unlike
your child about their goals for the month denominators; multiplying and dividing
of March! fractions and mixed numbers; and reading,
writing and identifying percents of a whole.
Reader’s Workshop Parents, please refer to the Family Letter for
In March, the students will read and Unit 8!
comprehend informational books and
reading passages to develop
Science and Social Studies
understanding and expertise. The
This month in Social Studies, the fifth grade will
students will learn how to restate or continue to learn about Latin America and its many
summarize information into their own countries. The students will be working on a non-
words; relate new information to prior fiction report using the country they picked in class
knowledge and experience; extend their with an emphasis on its history, geographical
ideas; and make connections to related features, people, traditions and resources. We will
topics or information in this month’s be working on this non-fiction report during
Reader’s Workshop. Please make sure Writer’s Workshop and researching information
during, our Computer class with Ms. Stouber.
that your child is reading for at least 40
minutes a night and is recording this
This month in Science we will wrap up Unit 2:
information on their reading log! Please
Earth Science and FINALLY start Unit 3: Food
make sure that your signature appears in
and Nutrition. Get ready for some fun and
the correct column. exciting experiments and interactive learning!