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Hey Guys, just giving u ideas for the war bands, and the info on experience and stuffs 

Here’s the stuff on experience as says my 3rd edition rule book

First off, there are unit roster cards, which help hold unit info and experience, ill try to
scan for you sometime soon =D

Next there’s the earning table (note: ill edit any parts that wont make sense in 5th edition):


Fought in battle For every battle the unit takes +100

part in (death or not)

On winning side If the units on the side that +100

won the battle (note: I dunno
about making it half points for
tie or not, ur discretion…)
Achieve Objective If the unit captures an +(Variable points, im thinking
objective at the end of the like 100 for the unit that
battle. (Note: I don’t know if originally captured the point,
this should be all troop or 50 for every unit within 3”
choices within 3” or all units etc.. but im not sure, what do u
within 3”, the only problem is think?)
that only troops can contest
Broke/Destroy enemy in If the unit forces an enemy +100
assault unit to fall back, or wipes the
unit out (through sheer combat
or initiative test for falling
back) and no u cant gain 200
points for making them fall
back then wiping them out
form initiative XD
-d3x100 (seems kinda steep
Reduced to half strength/ If the unit is reduced to 50% but seeing as it cant loose less
vehicle damaged or less of its original numbers, then what it did at the start of
or is a vehicle that suffers the battle I guess its not too
lasting damage (ie: is bad…)
immobilized or has a weapon
destroyed) however this loss
of exp cant bring the unit or
vehicle down to less then it
had at the start of the battle.
Wiped out/vehicle destroyed If the unit is killed off or falls -100 from total
back off the table, then it gains
no exp form the battle at all
and the unit loses the exp.
Acting beyond the call of duty At the end of the battle, each +D3X5 I think it should be
XD I love this one player can nominate one unit times 10 but I don’t know.
in his army that he thinks has
performed particularly
admirably. This unit receives
the exp and a nice shiny
medal/squig/gemstone or
whatever =D
And that’s all the fat lady sang…

Onto something else:

Some characters do not have to be with a particular squad, such as Eldar Phoenix lords
and Imperial Guard Commissars. These characters earn exp points in the same way as
other units, and if they are fighting as part of a squad they will receive any exp points the
squad earned while they were a part of it. However they make rolls for battle honors
separately from any squads they joined and so may gain a different skill. Negative
modifiers are applied as well, so for example if your space marine chapter master fought
in a unit and won, and also achieved the mission by capturing a point, but lost half the
squad he was with fighting with them he would roll the D3 (lets say he rolled a 2) he
would gain +100 for fighting, +100 for winning, +100 for capturing an objective, and
–200 for losing half strength, winning him a total of 100 exp (yay!)

As a unit gains or loses exp and its status changes, it will gain certain benefits or suffer
penalties. For every 1000 points a unit earns, it gains a battle honor. Each battle honor is
represented by a particular skill or ability, depending upon the type of unit. For every
battle honor gained make a roll of d6 (2d6 in the case below) on the appropriate table. If
you roll a battle honor a unit already has you must reroll and may modify the test by +2
or –2. If a unit loses a battle honor (form losing exp), randomly remove a ability.

As a units experience changes, the point value it is worth will also change to reflect their
expertise and availability. For every 1000 exp the unit has its points cost increases by
10% (I think this is brilliant, as to keep pt cost of the army lower) so a unit with 1000-
1999 exp has its pts increased by 10%, a unit with 2000-2999 is increased by 20% ect…

I don’t know what you’ll think of this but its here so it must be somewhat balanced XD :

Units from the troops, heavy support, or fast attack sections of the army list with 3000 or
more exp become an elite choice for the army. These specialized troops are often called
upon to fight in other battles and their availability is limited.

A unit gains exp by working together as a team and growing more familiar with its
weapons. If the new recruits are brought in, the unit’s exp will deteriorate as the overall
skill level is brought down. This is represented by losing exp when the unit is reduced to
half strength or wiped out. However if a unit is issued with new equipment or otherwise
has its role altered it may have to spend some time regaining its exp, although it is
possible for a unit to be changed and the fighters to take to their new role without any
loss of exp. For every change made to the unit (each new member, different leader etc…)
make a standard leadership test. If the test is passed, the changes have no effect on the
unit, if the test is failed however, the unit will lose exp as per the table below. Vehicles
have a LD value as per the table below:
Changes in numbers -100 exp for each squad member added or
taken away. (one test per member)
Weapons/equipment change -100 exp for each weapon/piece of
equipment changed, taken away or added.
Transport change -100 exp for a transport vehicle added or
taken away.
Change of leader -d3x100 exp for changing the squad leader
(adding or taking away)



Whooo almost done here.. last table THE BATTLE HONORS!!!!!!!!!!!

2D6 Roll Skill Attained
(1) STREET FIGHTERS- If the unit is in
cover, then its saving throw for cover is
increased by 1 point!
(2) HARDENED FIGHTERS- The unit gains
the stubborn universal special rule!
(3) STEADFAST- The unit may attempt to
Reroll to regroup even if below 50%
strength! Space marines and Tyranids re-roll
this skill.
(4) GUERRILLAS- The unit gains the move
through cover universal special rule. If the
unit already has that special rule, then they
re-roll this skill.
(5) TANK HUNTERS- The unit always passes
any tests for tank shock, in addition they
receive a +1 to armor penetration rolls.
(6) COUNTER ATTACK- IF a close combat
involving this unit is a draw, the side that
has this skill wins automatically, If two
units have the skill, then the result is a tie.
(7) OVERLAND EXPERTISE- The unit may
Reroll 1 dice while checking for difficult
terrain or dangerous terrain.
(8) RAPID DEPLOYMENT- The unit gains
the Scout universal special rule, this may
not be used however to outflank. If the unit
starts in reserve, then you may add +1 to
rolls to see if they come in.
(9) RESOLUTE- The unit may Reroll any
failed morale checks.
(10) LIGHTNIG CHARGE- If the unit makes
an assault into the enemy and wins, the
enemy suffers –1 to their initiative test for
falling back.
(11) FOCUS- During the shooting phase the unit
may elect to add +1 to their ranged weapons
ballistic skill. However the unit gets –1 BS
in the next turn, alternately they may elect
to add +1 to their weapon skill, but strike at
initiative 1 in their next close combat turn.

(12) PARAGON- All friendly units within 6” of