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DESCRIPTION OF EVENT Participants will properly prepare a banquet set-up according to a Banquet Event Order (BEO) function sheet. The event supports the following OCAPs and Family and Consumer Sciences National Standards: OCAP 4.0.1: Practice personal hygiene OCAP 4.0.3: Perform safety procedures OCAP 4.0.1: Set-up meeting and banquet rooms OCAP 4.0.1: Break down meeting and banquet rooms FCS 10.4: Demonstrate practices and skills involved in lodging occupations ELIGIBILITY 1. Participant is an affiliated member of the state and national FCCLA organizations. 2. Participants are enrolled in a Hospitality & Facility Care, Food Management & Production Services or Multi-Area Cooperative Family and Consumer Sciences program. PURPOSE 1. To properly prepare a banquet set-up according to a Banquet Event Order (BEO)/Function Sheet. 2. To demonstrate teamwork skills in the planning and execution of the set-up. 3. To demonstrate safety techniques, good body mechanics, and efficient work methods. 4. To exhibit appropriate grooming, attire, and hygiene acceptable for banquet set-up personnel. 5. To demonstrate teamwork skills in the planning and execution of the break-down. 6. To demonstrate the proper safe and sanitary storage of supplies and equipment. PROCEDURES TEAM EVENT (2 participants) TIMING FOR EVENT Preparation/Demonstration of Set-up Questions/Scoring Breakdown TOTAL TIME for event: 25 min. 5 min. 10 min. 40 min.

1. On the day of the event, register and find assigned room. 2. Report to assigned room 30 minutes before scheduled demonstration to complete necessary paperwork.

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3. Participants will begin the event with sanitized hands. Depending on the facilities, the participant may have to sanitize their hands before entering the assigned room. 4. During the activity presentation to the evaluators, participants will: a) follow the BEO/Function Sheet presented to them and prepare the room according to the BEO/Function Sheet b) answer evaluators questions after the set-up is complete and before breakdown c) breakdown banquet set-up and properly store supplies and equipment to designated areas d) notify evaluators during the presentation if equipment or supplies are found to be soiled, frayed, ripped, or unsuitable for use in banquet set-up RULES 1. 2. 3. Participants may view the facilities 30 minutes before the days activities begin. Timing for the event begins when the first team member enters the room. Teams are allowed a maximum of 40 minutes for the activity with 25 minutes for preparation/demonstration of the set-up, 5 minutes to answer the judges questions, and 10 minutes for demonstration of the breakdown and properly storing supplies and equipment to designated areas. Timekeeper will periodically notify teams of time remaining and will stop the demonstration when the allotted time has been used. Judges will ask 5 questions from the prepared list.

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SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT PROVIDED BY PARTICIPANT 1. Uniform, shoes and hair restraint 2. Dry handwash sanitizer PROVIDED BY RALLY SITE 1. BEO/function sheet 2. Five (5) banquet tables (6 or 8) 3. Table skirting with clips or pins 4. Tablecloths to cover all tables 5. Flipchart 6. Podium 7. Microphone 8. VCR/TV unit 9. Overhead projector & screen 10. 15 chairs 11. Masking tape 12. Judges table/chairs 13. Duct tape/scissors, plastic cover, or mat 14. Dolly (chaircart)

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Questions and Answers for Banquet Set-up Regional & State Levels
To Skill Event Judges: You are encouraged to write positive and constructive comments in the appropriate column on the rubric. The participant and instructor welcome your comments and use them to improve the event. Whenever lower performance levels are selected, they need to be justified with written comments. Thank you for giving of your time and expertise for this event. All participants are to be asked five (5) questions from the following list of twenty. The same five (5) questions do not have to be given to each participant. Answers by the participant will vary. Use your judgment as to whether it is close to the answer supplied. Select the appropriate performance level based on the varying levels in the rubric. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 1. List 5 basic hygiene requirements of a banquet set-up employee. Clean hair, clean teeth, effective deodorant, daily shower/bath, clean nails, clean shaven/trimmed mustache or beard, etc. 2. List 5 basic grooming requirements of a banquet set-up employee. Styled and secured hair, natural makeup, clean and pressed uniform, uniform in good repair, no earrings for men, small earrings allowed for women, etc. 3. What are some sanitation procedures in banquets? 1. Wash hands 2. Wash tables 3. Keep linens off floor 4. What is the difference between a tablecloth and a table skirt? The tablecloth is placed atop the table. The table skirt is secured to the edge of the table to hide the legs of the table. 5. What do you do if a tablecloth is ripped or stained? Follow company procedures, which generally, includes removing it from the table and bringing it to the attention of the laundry attendant. 6. What are some benefits of communicating with other banquet set-up workers? 1. To plan a strategy 2. To eliminate redundancy 3. To build teamwork 4. To work more efficiently 7. List 3 common sizes of tables used in banquets. 1. 6 2. 8 3. Rounds 4. 6 splits List 5 standard set-up styles. 1. U-shape 2. Classroom


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3. Theater 4. Banquet 5. Open square 6. Closed square What would you do if you found a frayed wire on the overhead projector? 1. Disconnect it 2. Tag it 3. Remove it 4. Replace it What is the process for setting up an overhead projector? Place it on a secure surface that is convenient to the speaker. Plug it in and turn it on to make certain it operates properly. Tape down any loose wires. What is the proper way to unplug any electrical equipment? Make sure it is turned off, then pull the plug, not the wire. What safety precaution do you take when wires are exposed to a traffic pattern? Secure the wires with duct tape or skid-proof mats. What does symmetry mean? Having balanced proportions. In banquet set-up, it means to balance the size, shape and relative position of tables, chairs and equipment throughout the room. Why is symmetry important in banquet room set-up? A room set up symmetrically provides for orderliness and instant eye appeal. List some safety checks to be performed on all electrical equipment. 1. Frayed wires? 4. Wires exposed to a traffic pattern? 2. Proper extension cord? 5. Working bulbs? 3. Equipment broken/cracked? 6. Grounded? What does OSHA stand for? Occupational Safety & Health Act Why is it important to plan a strategy before setting up a room? It saves time and is more efficient to plan the process and the final product. This way, team members all know what each are doing and everyone is visualizing the same outcome. It also eliminates much re-do, which is very costly in time and in payroll. Besides hotels, where else could you use banquet set-up skills? 1. Office 4. Hospital 2. Cruise ship 5. Home 3. Convention Centers 6. (Others?) What are some basic rules for lifting? 1. Test the item to see if it is too heavy to lift 2. Lift with your legs, not with your back 3. Keep your back straight 4. Communicate whenever lifting with a partner 5. (Others?) What is the purpose of following basic lifting procedures? To prevent injuries, especially back injury.

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