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AUTOMATIC RIFLE te Pe Caliber 7.62 mm x 51 Nato HECKLER & KOCH GMBH OBERNDORF/NECKAR GERMANY HECKLER & KOCH have auteviznd SURVIVAL BOOKS INC to publsh his url eon of the HK G8 manu, Tis oficial maral, the part nut and the manufacturer ahoutd rt be tontacted rogerdag te cont Thien pine wih Se nd perce ol he enka eee ae collectors, students, ‘gunemiths, and miliary and! law enforcement personnel, TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION OF THE AUTOMATIC RIFLE HK G3 Part 1: Description of the Weapon and Accessories Part 2: Operating Instructions and Maintenance ___ This is not an official manual. Under no circumstances shall the reader contact the manufacturer regarding any data presented in this pamphlet. bus HECKLER & KOCH GMBH OBERNDORF/NECKAR GERMANY Copyright © HECKLER & KOCH INC. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. 14 Wa 14.2, 14.8. 12 18 1.4. 15, 154 1504., 1513, 15.1.4, 1515. 15.1.6, 1517, 15.1.8, 15:2. 1.5.21 15.22, 24. 244 21.2, 21.24, 24.2.2, 21.23, 24.24, 21.25. 21.26, Description of the weapon General information . Designation . Applicability... . . General description . : Generel illustrations =... Assembly groups 6. ee Technical data eee Technical description wee hone Construction Fe Barrel with receiver, loading mechanism and sights Bolt assembly Grip essembly with trigger mechaniam Back plate with butt stock . Handguard . Magazine a Optical sighting devices Training equipment... ‘Operation fae fae Bolt an . Trigger mechanism Operating Instructions including maintenance Operating instructions - Principles on handling and operetion Preparation of the rifle for firing Loading Soe Firing Unloading . . Filling and emptying of magazine _- Launching of rifle grenades. fae Firing with training equipment . Page Ce anny