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1. For the point 5i+3j+8k perform the following operations . (a) Rotate 45 about the Z-axis. (b) Translate 4 unit along the Y-axis. (c) Rotate 100 about X, then translate 5 unit along y.


2. Consider the forward transformation of two - joint manipulator show in fig. Given that the length of joint 1; L1 = 12 in ., the length of joint 2; L2 = 10 in,. The 1 = 300., and angle 2 = 450, compute the coordinate position for the end of the arm . (15)

3. For the point 5i+3j+8k perform the following operations. (a) Rotate 900 about the X-axis. (b) Rotate 300 about the Y-axis. (c) Translate 5 unit along Y, then rotate 300 about Z - axis.


4. Explain the systematic procedure for developing kinematic equation of different robotic manipulators proposed by Denavit and Hartenberg (D-H notations) (10)


1. Give an account of different considerations to be undertaken in gripper selection and design. 2. Explain Different types of Gripper Mechanisms. (6)


2. Fig. shows the linkage mechanism and dimensions of a gripper used to handle a work part for a machining operation. Suppose it has been determined that the gripper force is to be 100 N. Compute the required actuating force to deliver this force of 100 N. All Dimensions are in mm. (10)

1. What are the various robot cell layouts. Describe any two with neat sketches. 2. Explain Error Detection & Recovery in robot cell design. 3. Give an account of various sensor devices used in robot work cells. 4. Explain in detail robot cycle time analysis.

1. Explain Robot Application in Material Transfer & Machine Loading / Unloading System. 2. Give a list of technical specifications required for choosing a robot for following applications i) Material transfer iv) Arc welding ii) Machine loading v) Spray coating iii)Spot welding vi) Assembly

3. Explain Remote Center Compliance (RCC) Device for assembly operation. 4. Explain the role of robots in spray coating methods

1. What are the basic modes of operation that a robot language operating system must have? Explain when you would use the commands OPEN or OPENI in the following cases a) The robot end effector moves from one point to another in free space during which the gripper is to be opened. b) The robot end effector moves down to group an object.

1. Explain with neat sketches different configurations of commercially available Industrial Robots . 2. Explain in context of robotics i) Payload iii) Compliance 3. ii) Precision iv) Accuracy (5)

Explain relative merits and demerits of hydraulic, electric and pneumatic drive systems.