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Satya Anand Mission(SAM-NGO).Its a Public Trust Registered Under Bombay Public Trust Act On 2005.Our Head Ofiice Located In Mumbai and Branch office in all over INDIA.Our Major Motive is to Protect the family from the Financial Crisis & Physical and Mental through some welfare activitys like awarness Progarames,Help Desk,Internship Etc. Out of this concept the students you all served in the project called Needy Childrens Education. Registered under Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950. Reg No- E-22776. Date-5 Aug 2005 For the first time in the history of mankind, a unique organization named Satya Anand Mission (True - Joy) SAM - NGO, has taken the cause of protecting human beings in important aspects of life through various projects mentioned below. Human beings will live a true successful life when all the below protections of life are developed with a proper balance.

Financial Protection Physical Protection Social Protection Mental Protection Spiritual Protection

At present, several NGOs are working for different important causes. SAM-NGO through its research realized the role and importance of Protection in many aspects of life. The research also revealed that many people are unaware and ignorant of the consequences due to nonimplementation of Protection in life. Hence SAM-NGO decided to dedicate its services towards development & transformation of human life for proper & balanced Protection which will help them achieve Satya (true) Anand (happiness) in life.

Immediate Vision A resolution was passed on 26th January 2012 to set up the first SAM-NGO Development & Transformation Center in Ooty-Coonoor.

Long Term Vision To set up the SAM NGO Development & Transformation Centers across India & Globally within two decades. i.e. by 2030.


Project information:
We had been assigned a project in which we were to identify the needy poor children who are enthusiastic for studies but are unable to pursue education due to financial hardships. The project was called Needy Childrens Education. Thereafter our group discussed the project details and schedule of work to be done as a team to achieve the objective.

Problems and challenges: When the project was assigned to us we were totally blank as to how to kick start the project as it was a new experience for us.

Then we sat together and tried to understand what was to be done and course of action for our project.

Since it was a matter of education so we decided to approach the school authorities first so that we will be able to get students in large numbers and our source can be collected at one platform.

Its very difficult to identify the needy children as many families are coming ahead to avail these facilities even though they are earning a decent income and may not necessarily come in the most needy category.

Its very difficult to identify the real needy children as many cases the family income is not tangible and our job had become somewhat confusing.

Many of the families were also not supportive stating that they do not have permanent shelter, how can they provide education to their children.


We first identified the schools where we can collect the maximum information regarding needy children for education assistance. The NGO had given us a format wherein we had to collect information of the students in the required format. Then we approached the some schools in Mankhurd and Kurla namely. First we went to BMC schools where we learnt that they were provided education free of cost till SSC The process and method of collecting the information from the above mentioned schools are detailed below: We visited School and interacted with the principal of the primary and high school division and then gave complete details of our project and our aim of the project and also requested to help us in the matter. One of the primary teacher of the school has provided us the details of a few students who are good at studies but economically poor and recommended for extending financial help for these students. From the list of students given by the school authorities we had approached the one or two students family in which one family was available at that time from whom we collected documents such as ration card, progress card of the student and her sister as well to verify their required performance. Thereafter the second school named S.M.T School in Kurla where we approached the principal. We interacted with him and also told the objective and requirements of the project. He then insisted to provide an authority letter from the concerned NGO so that he can provide the information as per their rules. Accordingly we collected the letter from the NGO and went their to submit to the school, however the said person was not available on that day so we

handed over the letter in the office. They inform us that they will provide the information directly to the NGO.


Lot of money is been spent by NGOs for the purpose of education but still the objective of educating the poor children is not achieved due to the fact that the parents should realise the importance of education and utilize the money for the intended purpose instead of using for their family needs. Such projects will bring a change in the approach of the parents.

More projects of such nature should be encouraged so that the real needy children can get educated and the society at large will be beneficial.

Also the NGOs should yearly fairs in the schools to ascertain the needs and aspirations of the poor students and to help them out in building their careers.

India is a big country with many people living under the poverty line. We have covered only some parts of Mumbai and the condition is not that good.

We can imagine if this is the present scenario of Mumbai then what might be the condition of the whole of Mumbai.


This project awakened a new learning experience as to how to start with the project who are the players in the fields and how to approach them.

This project has given me an awareness about the societal needs and requirements. It has also given an awareness about the problems faced by the poor people to meeting the cost of education.

Through this project appears to be easy outwardly but in real terms I made to understand that the job of identifying the really needy children is not easy as the population of poor are more and uneducated.

We came to know that still there are certain sections in society where the upliftment of girl child in terms of education is secondary as compared to boys due to family culture.

By undertaking such projects it give a sense of happiness and responsibility in me to contribute from my side a small help to the society.


Through this project we were able to provide some benefit to the children. Details of the Family which get benifted through this Programme:

Asha Namdev Shejwal :Proposer Grand Mother, Monika Ganesh Mishal:Mother Father Passes Away Samiksha Ganesh Mishal (Std 2),Nandhini Ganesh Mishal(4th Std),Mayuri Ganesh Mishal(1st std) Area :Mulund Income:3-4 k Monthly

Out of our Pure Service this Family Get Following Benefits: 1.Every Month Her Mother Received 1000 Rs For Survival From SAM-NGO 2.The students which you proposed got entire education Fees..