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- 1 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

Founded in 1986 in Bretten, Germany 19 Global locations 7,800 customers in 50 countries rely on SEEBURGER solutions Concepts, Products and Implementation all from a single source Strong partnerships with application providers and consultants Profitable and self-financed since 1986 Continuous annual growth rates Recognised by leading industry analysts Core focus on Business Integration solutions Member of W3C, OASIS, ebXML, AIAG, ODETTE, VDA, EAN, EDIFICE, GS1, SWIFT, EDNA, EPCglobal, RosettaNet, TD-IHK etc

- 2 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

THE COMPANY 19+ foreign subsidiaries Worldwide partners

- 3 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

The Company Over 7.800 customers across 50 countries

Adolf Wrth, GER BASF IT Services, GER Baxter World Trade SA/NV, GER Belimo Automaten, CH Bosch Rexroth, GER Campina, GER Chiquita, BE Coats, IT Continental, GER COOP, CH Corporate Express, UK D&M Premium Sound Solutions, BE DAIMLER, GER DB Energie, GER Deloitte, ES Deutsche Bundesbank, GER dsb AG, GER Dyson, UK E.ON IS, GER EME, GER EnBW SIS, GER Energiedienst Holding, GER ESPRIT Europe, GER F. X. Meiller, GER FrieslandCampina, NL Hapag-Lloyd, GER Hassia Mineralquellen, GER Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, GER Heineken, NL Hermes Logistik, GER Huhtamki Oyj, GER HYDAC INTERNATIONAL, GER HYWA Automotive, NL Iride Energia, IT John Deere & Company, GER Klenk Holz, GER Lenzing, GER Lisa Drxlmaier, GER Ministry of Justice, NL musterhaus kchen, GER Nikon, NL OSRAM, GER P&O Ferrymasters, UK PAUL HARTMANN, GER Peguform, GER Philips, NL Punica Getrnke, GER Roche, CH RWE Systems, GER s. Oliver, GER SAP, GER SaraLee, NL Siemens, GER Smiths News, UK Star, IT Swisscom, CH Tetley, UK ThyssenKrupp, GER Tom Tailor Sportswear, GER T-Systems, GER Twinings, UK Unilever, NL XXXLutz, A Yazaki North America, USA

- 4 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

The Company
Customers by industry

40 % CPG



- 5 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

The Company Analysts evaluation

Industry Analysis GARTNER 2008
ability to execute challengers leaders

Sterling Commerce Software AG Microsoft Axway Tibco Software Seeburger Inovis IBM GXS Sun Microsystems

iWay Software nuBridges Extol

Generix Group

niche players visionaries completeness of vision

- 6 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

The Company Business Areas

Business Integration Server, SAP-Adapter

Individual Service: Outsourcing, Standard Service: SaaS


Automotive Solution Professional, Middleware for technical devices


Order processing: 4order Invoice Process: 4invoice

- 7 - SEEBURGER AG 2009


Business Information: articles, price, requests, orders, order confirmation, invoice, credit advice, etc. Communication Media: EDI, Portals/Shops, Email, Fax Business Activity Monitoring Roll-OutManagement TP Self-Service

Communication Media: EDI, cXML, ebXML, SOAP, Email, Fax Business Information: articles, price, inquiry, order, order confirmation, invoice, credit advice, etc.






- 8 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

B2B Integration using SAP Netweaver PI

- 9 - SEEBURGER AG 2009


since 1995: SEEBURGER solutions are certified since 2004:
Reseller partnership SAP NetWeaver (roll-out in 2004): about 600 customers using SAP XI/PI solutions of SEEBURGER 28 certified software and content solutions on SAP XI/PI leading EDI/B2B solution on SAP XI/PI (compare / search SAP SDN) end -to- end monitoring via SAP Solution Manager Service offerings for MaxAttention customers together with SAP AGS

OEM partnership to connect custom authorities by SAP GTS (2004) Joint solution for SupplyOn for WebEDI and VMI alpha version of SAP ICH (2004) Joint Solution for UCCnet, Transora, etc connectivity SAP MDM (2005) Joint solution for Invoice Management, SAP IMS (2005) Joint solution for SAP Solution Manager Integration (2007) Joint solution for Business Network Transformation in utility sector SAP Utilities (2008)

SEEBURGER EDI/B2B solution (S-a-a-S) highly integrated in SAP

- 10 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

Design of SEEBURGER solutions on SAP PI

XI/PI Monitoring & Alerting SEEBURGER EDI/B2B Monitoring SEEBURGER SAP Solution Manager Integration

XI/PI Adapter Framework

XI/PI backend adapter

XI/PI Mapper & Converter incl. XI/PI Repository


EAI adapter SAP Adapter


Functional enhancements and expansions

XI/PI Directory SEEBURGER EDI/B2B applications SEEBURGER EDI/B2B process solutions

- 11 - SEEBURGER AG 2009


Content semantics


Conversion syntax

Value proposition
One platform: SEEBURGER components are fully incorporated within SAP PI, eliminating the need of additional servers, platforms and operations concepts. Support: SEEBURGER and SAP PI are supported as one homogeneous solution through SAP's entire support and service infrastructure from SAP Solution Manager and Service Marketplace to AGS.

Ease of development
One homogeneous development environment in SAP PI, not a set of fragmented tools. Re-use skills, content and configuration build with SAP PI tools also for EDI and B2B processes.

Certified and running fully integrated with SAP PI Fully aligned with SAP strategy Implementing external and internal standards
- 12 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

EDI-Tasks Within the Adapter Framework

Connectivity: Data Exchange Protocols (OFTP, AS2, VAN, ftp, P7/X.400, ) Analyze, View, Split, Compress, Encrypt, Sign, Archive Conversion (EDI to XML and vice versa) Attachments, Notifications and Acknowledgements

- 13 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

Pre-delivered ESR Content via Business Packages

Adapter Metadata Designed Integration Scenarios Mapping templates and extensible mappings Pre-defined Message Types

- 14 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

Example: Monitoring

SAP Solution Manager integration: End-to-End monitoring & dashboard in SAP Solution Manager:

XI/PI applications: message- and content-related monitoring and search:

- 15 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

XI/PI Monitoring & Alerting
Professional Message Tracking, Channel-Monitor */* SAP SolMan: End-to-End-Monitoring, ccms integration, Alerting

XI/PI Adapter Framework

XI/PI backend adapter

XI/PI Mapper & converter incl. XI/PI Repository Functionality:


ANSI X.12 CSV EANCOM EAIJ EDIFACT FLAT FILE ODETTE SWIFT TRADACOMS VDA AUTACK CHAR set conversion EDI Viewer Document classifikation Msg. CleanUP Recovery XI key store integration zip/ unzip etc. AS1 AS2 AS3 ebMS host FTP http(s)
JAVA stack

EAI adapter SAP Adapter

Epansions of SAP XI/ PI-Mappers repository of add. functions SEEBURGER Development Kit Adapter

EDI Solution

Mapping templates repository of messages


XI/PI Directory
archiving, ANSI 997, CONTRL/APERACK, DEMAT, aggregation & consolidation of documents, service of mass data changes high volume extensions,

- 16 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

Complete offering red: only by SEEBURGER !

XI/PI Monitoring & Alerting
Professional Message Tracking, Channel-Monitor */* (SAP SolMan: End-to-End-Monitoring,) ccms integration, Alerting

XI/PI Adapter Framework

XI/PI backend adapter

XI/PI Mapper & converter incl. XI/PI Repository Functionality:

Epansions of SAP XI/ PI-Mappers repository of add. functions SEEBURGER Development Kit Adapter Enhanced Adapter Dev. Kit


ANSI X.12 CSV EANCOM EAIJ EDIFACT FLAT FILE ODETTE SWIFT TRADACOMS VDA AUTACK CHAR set conversion EDI Viewer Document classifikation Msg. CleanUP Recovery XI key store integration zip/ unzip etc. AS1 AS2 AS3 ebMS host FTP http(s)
JAVA stack

EAI adapter SAP Adapter

EDI Solution Content:

Mapping templates repository of messages SEE-XML and Partner Mappings


XI/PI Directory
archiving, ANSI 997, CONTRL/APERACK, DEMAT, aggregation & consolidation of documents, service of mass data changes high volume extensions,

- 17 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

Strategic solution developed with SAP

Highly integrated in SAP application landscape all on SAP NetWeaver XI/PI and integrated in SAP Solution Manager

protection of investment focus on JAVA Stack: Platform and EDI/B2B solution (see GALAXY)

High ratio of coverage of EDI/B2B requirements

solution in focus result is more than the sum of individual technical features performance, mass volume, safety by own persistence (Recovery & Roll-back) funktional coverage # Adapters, # Moduls, # Applications Global Partner Integration coverage of international industry standards comprehensive from SAP applications to data exchange protocols

Open and focused on standards

functionality could be used flexible also with SAP adapters new functionality could be added easily Compliance regarding standards, certifications, SAP PI development, ...

- 18 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

1 Incident


2 Forward Incident


SAP Global Product Support 1st Level Support

SEEBURGER Global Product Support via SAP OSS front-end 2nd Level Support 3rd Level support

SAP Solution Manager Backend SAP OSS

Remote Access

Support Infrastructure: Customer, SAP, SEEBURGER

- 19 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

The de facto standard for EDI and B2B on SAP PI

SEEBURGER EDI/B2B solutions are the only 3rd party solutions described in a dedicated chapter

- 20 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

ABB Stotz GmbH, GER ABN AMRO Bank N.V., NL Agencia De Informtica y comunicaci, ESP Air Products & Chem., USA Alberto-Culver USA Inc, USA ALDIPRESS BV, NL Altera Corporation, USA American Crystal Sugar Company, USA Amkor Technology Inc., USA Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, USA Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc., USA Ariat International Inc., USA Australian Health & Nutrition, AUS AVIKO, NL Bacardi International Limited, BM Baker Hughes Oilfield, USA Ball Packaging Europe, GER Bayer Business Services GmbH, GER BCBG Max Azria Group, Inc., USA Bealls Department Stores, USA Beiersdorf Shared Services GmbH, GER Bertelsmann AG, GER betapharm Arzneimittel, GER Big Lots Stores, Inc., USA Birds Eye Iglo Ltd, UK BNSF Railway Company, USA Bocchi Trade Italia Srl, ITA Brady Corporation, USA BreconRidge Manufactoring Solutions, CAN BreconRidge, USA Bridgestone Europe, BEL Briggs & Stratton Corp., USA Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, USA Bumble Bee Foods, LLC, USA Burton Snowboards, Inc, USA Campina Nederland Holding B.V., NL Carbo Ceramics, Inc., USA Cardinal Health Inc., USA Carlisle SynTec Inc., USA Carlsberg Danmark A/S, DK

Celanese, GER Celaya Emparanza, ESP Center Point Energy, Inc., USA Centers for Disease Control, USA Cephalon Inc., USA Chevron U.S.A. Inc., USA Chico's Retail Services, Inc, USA Clark Counts, USA Clorox Services Company, USA Colgate-Palmolive Company, USA Commercial Metals Company, USA Continental AG, GER COOP, Basel, CH Coors Brewing Company, USA Credence Systems corporation, USA Daimler Chrysler AG, GER Danfoss A/S, DK Danisco A/S, DEN data process GmbH, GER Dean Foods Company, USA Degussa AG, GER Deutsche Bundesbank, GER Deutsche Post IT Solutions , GER Diageo Plc, UK Die Schweizerische Post, CH Dohle Handelsgruppe, GER Dhler GmbH, GER DONG Energy A/S, DK DREXXON DATA MEDIA, F Dyson Ltd, UK e&i EDV Dienstleistungs-, AUT Eastman Chemical, USA EBY-Brown Company LLC, USA ECCO Sko A/S, DK Egger GmbH & Co., AUT Ehrmann AG, GER Electrolux IT Solutions AB, SWE Electronics for Imaging, Inc., USA Energie AG Oberster., AUT Euronics Deutschland e.G., GER FAURECIA, F Felleskjpet Trondheim, NOR

Ferrero International, ITA Firmenich SA, CH Florida Crystals Corporation, USA Florim Usa Inc., USA France Printemps, F Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH, GER Fresenius AG, GER Fritz Egger GmbH & Co. , AT Fritz Winter Eisengieerei, GER Gambro Lundia AB, SWE GEDIS, BEL Georgia-Pacific Corporation, USA Goodman Fielder Limited, AUS Goodrich Corporation, USA Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, USA Gramercy Alumina, USA Grammer AG, GER Graybar Electric, USA Great Lakes Cheese Co., Inc., USA Haworth, Inc., USA Hitachi Metals America Ltd., USA Hoffmann-La Roche AG, CH Horst Mosolf GmbH + Co. KG, GER Hugo Boss AG, GER Insight Enterprises, Inc., USA Integrum - Servicos, PT Inventec Corporation, TW Investitionsbank des Landes, GER J. Crew Group Inc., USA JEFFERSON COUNTY ALABAMA, USA Johns Hopkins Univers., USA Johns Manville, USA Johnson & Johnson, USA Jones Apparel Group, USA Kaltenbach & Voight, GER Kimberly-Clark Corporation, USA KION Information Management, GER Kissling Elektrotechnik, GER Kongsberg Automotive, NOR Koninklijke TPG Post B.V., NL

KYOCERA MITA Corporation, JAP Landgard Service GmbH, GER Lapp Service GmbH, GER Leprino Foods Company, USA Levi Strauss & Company, USA Lincoln Electric Holdings, USA Linde AG, GER Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH & Co. KG, GER LSI Logic Corporation, USA LVMH, FRA Magellan Navigation, USA Magna Services Inc., CAN MASTERFOODS, UK Matsushita, JAP Maxim Integrated Products, Inc., USA McCormick & Company Inc, USA MeadWestvaco Corporation, USA MedImmune, Inc., USA Medtronic Inc., USA Menzies Distribution, UK MEP Mayflower Limited, UK Merck & Company Inc., USA Michigan State University, USA Millenium Inorganic Chemicals, USA Milliken & Company, USA Mitel Network Corp., CAN Model AG, CH Modine Manufacturing, USA Mlnlycke Health Care AB, SWE Molson Coors Brewing Company, USA Musterhaus Kchen, GER NALCO Company, USA National Railroad Passenger Corp., USA Navy ERP PMO, USA New Era Cap Company Inc., USA Nike, Inc., USA Nikon Corporation, JAP Norske Skog, NOR Nova Chemicals Corp., CAN Novartis International AG, CH Novellini S.p.A., ITA NS Group, Inc, USA

- 21 - SEEBURGER AG 2009

Nvidia Corporation, USA O.C. Tanner Company, USA Oc-Technologies B.V., NL Omya AG, CH Oncology Therapeutics Network, USA Owens Corning Sales, LLC, USA Owens-Illinois Inc., USA PAB Benelux, BE Pacer International, USA Park Cakes Bakeries Ltd, UK Parmalat S.p.A., ITA Peabody Energy Corporation, USA Pelican Products, Inc., USA Philips Electronics Nederland B.V., NL Philips International B.V., NL Phonak AG, CH Pilgrim`s Pride Corp., USA PODRAVKA D.D., HR Premier International Foods UK Limi, UK Procter & Gamble, USA Prodrive B.V., NL Raiffeisen Waren-Zentrale, GER Red Bull GmbH, AUT Rexam Plc, UK RG Safety, F Ridell, Bell Holdings, Inc., USA Riello S.p.A., ITA RI-Solution GmbH, GER Sage Software, Inc., USA Salov S.p.A., ITA Samsonite Corp., USA Sander Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, GER Sandisk Corporation, USA Sara Lee Corporation, USA SCA Hygiene Products AB, SWE SCHCO International KG, GER Schukat Electronic Vertriebs GmbH, GER Scientific-Atlanta, Inc., USA Select Comfort Corporation, USA Service Birmingham Ltd., UK Siemens Canada Limited, CAN

Sitel Semiconductor B.V, NL Smith & Nephew Plc, UK Smithfield Foods, USA Solvay SA, BE SONY CORP., JP Southern California Edison, USA SSAB Tunnplt AB, SWE SSL International Plc, UK Statoil, NOR Stiefel Laboratories Inc, USA Super Cheap Auto Pty Ltd, AUS Swarovski & Co, AUT Talecris Biotherapeutics Inc, USA Tamko Roofing Inc., USA tedrive Holding B.V., NL Telekom Austria AG, AUT The Chamberlain Group, Inc., USA The Coca-Cola Company, USA The Dow Chemical Company, USA The Stanly Works Company, USA ThyssenKrupp AG, GER T-Mobile USA, inc., USA Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, IND Trilux-Lenze GmbH, GER T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH, GER TXU Energy Company LLC, USA Tyrolit, AUT Unilever Plc, NL Uniphar Plc, IE University of Kentucky, USA Valeant Pharmaceuticals, USA Velux A/S, DK Vitro Corporativo, S.A. de C.V., MEX Volkswagen AG, GER VWR International Inc., USA Warburtons Ltd., UK Weill Cornell Medical College, USA Welspun Syntex Limited, IND West Servives Inc., USA Weyerhaeuser Company, USA WH Smith News Ltd., UK Whirlpool Corp., USA

WinBond Electronics Corporation, TW Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH, GER Wolseley Group Services Limited, UK yrHands Srl, ITA Zale Delaware, Inc., USA Zertus GmbH, GER ZF Friedrichshafen AG, GER ZLB Behring LLC, USA

plus 80 more: SEEBURGER ESOA Adapters Utility Adapters SFTP Adapters Migration packages for existing SEEBURGER cusotmers

Next to 26% of all SAP XI/PI enviroments are running with SEEBURGER solutions already No other EDI/B2B solution has the same:
functional coverage market acceptance

- 22 - SEEBURGER AG 2009