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In-Building Wireless Solutions

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In-Building Wireless Solutions

The Communications Gap
Mobile communications connect people to work, entertainment and each other in ways that boost productivity and enhance lives. However, a buildings structure can block users from receiving a call or a life-saving alert. In-building wireless (IBW) communications provide the critical link to enable the use of cell phones, pagers, PDAs, two-way radios, wireless LANs, emergency communications and wireless building system devices within an enclosed structure.

1. High-rise building 2. Healthcare facilities 3. Parking structure 4. Multi-tenant buildings/hotel 5. Transportation 6. Campus 7. Data center 8. Industrial 9. Stadium 10. Port

Through the use of specialized equipment, IBW infrastructures, also known as distributed antenna systems (DAS), can be installed in nearly any structure including hospitals, schools, airports, office buildings and stadiums to enable the use of wireless devices, technologies and applications. By using the signal from a local cell tower, IBW propagates the signal via strategically positioned repeaters and antennae throughout the building to extend the reach of the signal and provide users with expected service.

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IBW Signal Path

1. Point of interface (POI) receives a signal from a carriers wireless network. 2. Remote unit receives a signal from the point of interface. 3. Coverage antenna propagates the signal to the usage area. 4. Low-voltage copper transmits the signal through the system horizontally using half-inch coax or unshielded twisted pair (UTP). 5. Backbone cable transmits signal through the system riser using fiber or UTP. 6. Signal splitter/combiner takes multiple signals and either separates or multiplexes them for transmission.

IBW architecture shown represents one of multiple options

In-Building Staff
Enabled by Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity, in-building wireless allows staff to access information from anywhere in a building from any device, such as accessing a patients records on a tablet before surgery.

First Responders and Security

In an emergency, first responders and security personnel use wireless access to retrieve floor plans, personnel rosters and rescue strategies to determine the appropriate action. IBW systems are the effective link in keeping people and facilities safe and secure.

The Mobile Worker

With mobile applications, anyplace can become a workstation. Reliable connectivity to documents, texts and calls is just as essential anywhere inside a building as it is at the desk. IBW provides the connectivity to help workers stay productive.

Anixter Bridging the Gap

Anixter distributes a number of solutions from leading IBW manufacturers. These solutions include electronic components, cabling infrastructure, pathway and support products, and installation-related materials. The Anixter team includes trained and experienced IBW specialists, sales representatives and technical resources capable of recommending designs, products and best practices. Anixters core distribution network provides products, coordinated deliveries and Supply Chain Solutions for an accurate, timely and environmentally responsible installation. Our fundamental capabilities include: A significant investment in a diverse breadth of inventory The ability to view and allocate inventory throughout a global distribution network IT systems that provide customers with real-time information Anixter takes fundamental distribution a step further by focusing on the process side of a project or program to identify material management practices that reduce the total cost of deployment and ownership. By leveraging our distribution network for efficient material deliveries, Anixter helps to take costs out of our customers business processes and delivers them the right product, the first time. Predictable delivery times to help you plan your projects Scalable processes to allocate resources as your needs evolve.

Our Manufacturer Partners and Offerings for IBW Solutions

ION -B Series ION -M Series Node A RF Enhancer MRx18 miniRepeater

MobileAccess 1000 MobileAccess 2000 MobileAccess VE

InterReach Spectrum InterReach Fusion InterReach Unison

Our Wireless Business Partners

Anixter provides customers with the highest quality customer experience while supplying best-in-class wireless communication solutions. Through our In-Building Wireless EDGE program, we work closely with a select network of experienced integrators that provide turnkey wireless solutions. The integrators in our In-Building Wireless EDGE program offer many services, including: Benchmark surveys RF engineering and design Carrier coordination Deployment and installation Test and turn-up Monitoring and ongoing maintenance.


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