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Bible: For our daily Bible readings, we are focusing on the parables of Jesus. For Bible time/Social Studies, we are beginning our trip around the world. We will follow this schedule: 3/18 28 -Europe 4/1 12 Asia 4/15 - 26 Africa 4/29 -5/17 Latin America Bible Memory: Nahum 1:7 Due: Mar. 28 Math: *Unit 7 wrap-up and Test *Money review and dollars *Place value Language Arts: Phonics: hard c, qu, k Vocabulary: opposites, descriptions Themes: These last LA lessons focused on art and on family fun. We read stories about art projects and made masks for Dr. Seuss birthday. We also read about a familys attempts to keep a baby happy with their favorite activities. We learned about opposites, like March coming in like a lion and leaving like a lamb. We also read about and celebrated St. Patricks Day.

March 15, 2013

De la Seora:
The Locust Grove auction is quickly approaching. You may have heard that we began work on our class project. We are creating a poster of animals that we are making using handprints. There will be one animal for each letter in the Spanish alphabet. Its fun watching their handprints turn into animals! Please look at the important auction information coming home today. As we embark on our journey for Bible and Social Studies, Im looking for anyone who can come talk about a country. If you or someone you know lived in another country, we would love to hear stories, see pictures, and touch souvenirs. Upcoming Events: Mar. 22 End of 3rd quarter March 29 Easter Break Apr. 1, 2 School in session Apr. 19 Early dismissal, AUCTION!! REMINDERS: *We could use some more snacks. *We will have our EASTER PARTY on Wednesday, April 27 at 1:45. Please send in an egg carton for an activity that we will do that day.

Spelling words come from the letter and syllable combinations we are studying for the week. This coming week will be the z and the soft c, which make the same sound /s/.

za (sah)

ce (say) ze (say)

ci (see) zi (see)

zo (so)

zu (sue)

Spelling Words: dice (dee say) VERB: says cine (see nay) NOUN: movie theater zorro (soar roh) NOUN: fox cereza (say ray sa) NOUN: cherry zapato (sah - pah toh) NOUN: shoe Sight Words: traje (trah-hay) NOUN: suit ruido (rooee-thoh) NOUN: noise fiesta (fee/ehs-tah) NOUN: party bailar (bye-lar) VERB: to dance pregunt (pray-goon-toh) VERB: (he/she) asked Unit 3 Theme: Lets Have Fun Week 5 Theme: Children Around the World