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Dream Yoga, a Course about Astral Projection Introduction

I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven... - St. Paul, 2 Corinthians 12:2 This is a free online course providing complete practical guidance regarding the ancient universal knowledge of awakening in the Internal Worlds, otherwise known as lucid dreaming, astral projection, astral travel, or out-of-body experiences (OBEs). This course is founded upon the tradition established by Samael Aun Weor and is as such Gnostic: Gnosis is a Greek word which refers to knowledge that one acquires through one's own experience, as opposed to knowledge we have heard or been told. "Gnosis" is the name of a timeless and universal teaching that has been present in many times and many places around the world, appearing with different names and faces, but always teaching the exact science to awaken the Consciousness and walk on the Path toward the Self-realization of the Being. This course offers the essential instructions so that anyone, anywhere, regardless of any distinctions or qualifications, may enter into their own direct knowledge of the living realities that surround us, yet remain inaccessible to the physical senses. Although interest in this subject is growing, there are many people who have been frustrated in their attempts to enter into this knowledge. Reading books or attending seminars usually leaves the seeker with more questions, doubts, and contradictions. To those persons, we offer the following quote: We have given many clues in order to consciously travel with the Astral Body, so thousands of students have learned to travel in their Astral Body. However, we have seen in practice that those people who cannot quiet the mind, not even for an instant, who are accustomed to hopping from school to school, from lodge to lodge, always inquiring, always preoccupied, are not able to consciously Astral Travel. Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian Message Therefore, in order to complement the course in Dream Yoga (Astral Travel), it is recommended that you learn how to cultivate a quiet mind. Before anything else, comprehend that in order to consciously travel in the Astral Body, the process of thinking is an obstacle. - Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian Message In order to assist you in the development of a quiet mind and a potent technique to understand oneself, we recommend our course entitled Introduction to Gnostic Meditation. True illuminates have no dreams. Dreams are for those who are asleep. True illuminates live in the higher worlds, out of the physical body, in a state of intensified wakefulness without ever dreaming. Samael Aun Weor, Mental Representations Dream Yoga: One The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yug, which means "union." So the ancient and universal knowledge of Dream Yoga teaches us how to unite our Consciousness with God through dreams, by awakening our Consciousness through the study of our dreams. The first step in Dream Yoga is to learn how to be here and now, to learn how to live the philosophy of momentariness, because it is not possible to study our dreams if our Consciousness is asleep. Our Consciousness has to be attentive in order to study our dreams. To be awake is to be attentive from moment to moment; attentive of oneself. "Oneself" is not the physical body. Oneself is within the physical body. However, we have to observe our physical body.

Within the physical body we have different centers through which what we call a "dream" is always acting. Our Consciousness is like the light of a flashlight; we must learn how to direct the light inwardly in order to learn about our dreams. What is a dream? A dream is unreality, that which is not real, that which is illusory, that which is not the living moment, it is a projection of one's ego. And when we as Consciousness are identified with that which is not the moment, with that which is not the present, then we are dreaming. The reality is God within: the Spirit. We, as souls, are part of the Spirit, we as souls have to awake to be in contact with the Spirit. When we are in contact with the Spirit we are awake. When we forget about the Spirit we are asleep. To remember ourselves is to remember the Spirit, to remember God. What is it to remember? If you remember yesterday, the last week and so on, is because you have in your memory the different images of your activities or events of the past. But this memory is of course just the memory of physical events. We call memory the ensemble of images from the past; by looking inwardly into those images we say "I remember." If somehow those images are taken away from our memory, then our common identity will be lost immediately from our minds and we will not know who we are. We say, "I am such and such" because we remember, because we have memory. When somebody loses his memory this one does not know who he is. But the memory that we are talking about is just related with our personality: name, address, age, family, country, etc., all of which are just images of our physical past, which soon will disappear with death; this is just a false identity. The authentic memory that is related with our true identity is that which is coming from our true Self, our Spirit. So we know about our physical identity because the light of our Consciousness similar to a flashlight is always directed outwardly towards the exterior world, the physical world. We do not know who we are psychologically because our Consciousness (similar to a flashlight) is not directed towards the images that come from above, from our Inner Being, or because our brain does not have the memory, does not have a record of that identity which is the real Self. That is why Descartes wrongly stated, "I think therefore I am," because we always point toward ourselves as being the mind, ignoring that the mind is ego and that the latter is the opposite of the Spirit. "I think therefore I am not; only when my mind is in silence I am." The mind is matter. Matter and mind are the same thing. We think that matter is only the physical body, but in reality the emotional body, which is called Astral Body, is also matter. And the mind itself is matter. So the matter itself starts from the mind below. The mind always remembers and repeats everything related with that which is matter, because the mind is matter. So within the memory of our mind we have the images (ego) of the past and we think we are that because we remember everything related with the mind. However, the images recorded by the Astral and Mental Bodies are just dreams, desires, ego; that is not our true reality, we are not those things, because these are just false psychological aggregates. This is why we are identified with desires. What is a desire? A desire is like a dream, because to dream is to project a desire. To desire something is to dream of that something. In other words, when you desire you are forgetting your true self because your self always lives in the present, in the here and now, never in the future or in the past, always here in the present. But we are identified with desires. We say, "I wish this," "I wish that," because we remember the sensation of the different events of the past. What is a desire? A desire is a result of the memories of the different sensations of the past. Through the five physical senses we receive different sensations: visualizations in the sight, sounds through the ears, different smells through the nose, taste through different flavors in the mouth, through our touch etc, etc. different sensations which are giving us pleasure or displeasure. But most of the desires are the craving for repeating such and such sensation of 2

the past that was pleasing to the Consciousness. Any type of sensation that we receive through the senses has to be transformed by our Consciousness perfectly. But because the Consciousness is always asleep, the Consciousness is not remembering its true self, we are just transforming any type of sensation mechanically, according with the ego-mind. This is because as ego-mind we are identified with the sensations which are pleasurable. For this cause many [are] weak and sickly among you, and many sleep. - 1 Corinthians 11:30 We have different types of pleasure: sexual pleasure, pleasure of accumulation (greed), pleasure of being someone better than others (pride), pleasure of showing everyone that we are good or smart (vanity), pleasure of eating (gluttony), pleasure of relaxing ourselves and doing nothing (laziness). We feel pleasure when we acquire things that other people have that we don't have in order to enjoy those things, we like the sensation of having those things, so we envy others. In synthesis, we have different types of sensations and pleasures and when our Consciousness is acting through the desire of having or experiencing sensations, we are slaves of the past. We are not here in the present. To dream is to live according to a desire. Desires are fulfilled at the expense of the oblivion of the true self. The true self, which is always present when we are conscious in the moment, is cast aside when we dream. A dream is not reality. We have to study the different types of desires or dreams that we have, but for that we need to separate ourselves from the ego-mind and to be here and now. To be here and now is to remember our true selves. To remember our true selves is reject the rememberance of the ego-mind, or that which is desire, because that is not the reality. Awaken (your Consciousness), ye drunkards (intoxicated with desires), and weep (with remorse); and howl, all ye drinkers of wine (indulging in sensation), because of the new wine (of spiritual ecstasy); for it is cut off from your mouth (by your own actions)... - Joel 1:5 Remember that the reality in each one of us is the Being, the Spirit, our Inner God. Because we are so identified with the mind, which is the ego, which is desire, we do not know anything about the Spirit. We are so identified with matter that we ignore who is our own reality, our own Self, and we fall in the mistake of calling our inner selves that which is matter, that which is the mind. And we say "I am" and we give the name and surname and the age of the physical body and we say "I know this and that" in relation to the memory of the mind without knowing that we are not that. Of course, that which is the mind, that which is the ego, is always acting through the five centers of the physical machine. That which is the mind/ego acts through the intellectual center, that which is the mind/ego acts through the intellectual center, and also through the motor center, the emotional center, instinctive center and sexual center. So we have five centers in the physical body. The intellectual center is located in our head. The motor center is located in our neck, at the end of the spinal column. The emotional center is located in the solar plexus between the heart and the navel. The instinctive center is located in the coccyx, at the bottom of our spinal column. The sexual center is located exactly in the position of our genitals. These five centers are synthesized in what we call the three brains: the intellectual brain, the emotional brain, and the motor-instinctual-sexual brain. Those centers are mechanical; they are just cylinders through which the Consciousness acts in the physical body. If we are here and now, we are going to use those centers with the Consciousness. But if we are not here and now, if we are identified with any type of desire, which is a dream, the ego (which is matter in different densities) is going to act through the five centers and we are going to live as robots. So we have to do the effort to remember ourselves, but to remember our true selves; I repeat, it is to not be identified with the mind, because ourselves, the reality within, the real self, is the Spirit, GOD. When we are exercising the remembering of God, the remembering of ourselves, then we are awake. And then when we do that we feel that the seat of that Consciousness, which is remembering God, is 3

exactly in the pineal gland. The pineal gland is situated in the middle of the brain. From the pineal gland in the middle of the brain we observe the dreams, the desires, which are the activities of our Consciousness conditioned to the ego-mind, that part of us which is not aware, which is not awake. But in order to observe those dreams we have to be awake, we have to remember our Spirit. So let us remember our Spirit, let us remember God. So when we feel that we are within the body we have to feel ourselves within the body: Consciousness. We have to be here and now. We are within this physical body and the place that I am is the pineal gland. I feel myself there and I am observing the different aspects of parts of my body. By accessing the memory, we remember the ego. Instead, we have to use what we call the Work Memory. To work is to exercise, to use effort to be here and now. When the Consciousness is working in the developing of the Self and the awakening of its Self, that work is Work Memory. Work Memory exercises the Consciousness here and now. Work Memory is related to the different impressions that are coming from above, impressions that are not coming from the ego, impressions that are not coming from the mind, but from the Being. The knowledge of the Being is not related with the knowledge that we receive and store in the mind. The knowledge of the Being is related with the memory of the Being itself when we receive impressions of the Being. We have two superior centers which are not related with the mind or the ego: the Superior Emotional Center and the Superior Intellectual Center. These two centers are related with our Monad. The Monad is the reality within. In order to exercise these two centers we need to remember ourselves. We need to remember God. It is very difficult for us to remember God, to remember the Spirit, due to the fact that we are forgetting God, that we do not know God within because we are identified with matter, with the mind, with ego. We do not have any memory of God. But we have to work in Dream Yoga in order to store, little by little, all the images, impressions of the Monad, in order to remember God. In the beginning, when we start Dream Yoga, during the waking day, we have to vocalize a mantra that will gives us the power to concentrate, in order to remember that which is Spirit. OOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM TAT SAT OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM TAT SAT OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM TAT SAT OOOOOOOMMMMMM. (Pronunciation) When we pronounce this mantra we feel ourselves in the pineal gland, and when we feel ourselves in the pineal gland, when vocalizing this mantra, we must remember God. In the beginning we have to just send that impression (mantra) to our beloved Father who is in Heaven, beyond the mind. In order to remember our true selves the activity of the mind is an obstacle. So, even if the mind is acting and thinking, we do not have to identify with any thought or any image of the mind; instead, we must always be remembering, remembering God. This is what is called filial love. Filial love is to feel that one is a child of God. But remember that the Child of God is the Consciousness, the part of the Spirit, part of the Monad. The ego is a child of the devil. There is a great prayer that the Lord Jesus Christ gave us in order to exercise the remembrance of our God who is in Heaven. Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven etc. etc. Through Self-remembering we are connected with the Monad, with the Spirit. But we have to do it every second, every second, every moment, every moment. Otherwise, if we do not do it, we do not remember our God, we do not remember our Spirit, and we are going to be asleep. Love not (psychological) sleep, lest thou come to (spiritual) poverty; 4

open thine eyes (of the Consciousness), [and] thou shalt be satisfied with bread (of wisdom: Gnosis). - Proverbs 20:13 Due to the fact that we are so fat in that which we call ego, matter, mind, it is difficult for us to remember God. That is why we have to perform super-efforts and that is why we have to vocalize OOOMM TAT SAT OMMM. Then the energy of our Being descends from the higher dimensions into our pineal gland and strengthens our attention and helps us to remember ourselves. If we do that 24 hours a day then we are awake. So we have to be awaken, and in order to be awake then we have to be divided in two. If we are not divided in two then we are losing part of us. We have to remember ourselves, which is the Spirit, and we have to observe ourselves, which is the matter, which is the ego. The Consciousness is disgracefully bottled into the ego, the mind; it is divided into two. That part which is not within the ego, which is approximately three percent, has to remember God, has to remember the Spirit. At the same time, by remembering God we observe the head, the heart and the sex. In the head we have our thoughts, in the heart we have our feelings and in the sex we have our instincts, and motions, customs and habits. This is how we observe and thus we are knowing ourselves, we are aware of the different dreams, which are desires. From this point of view, everyone dreams, whether or not he or she is with the eyes open in the physical plane. To be awake is to recognize from second to second the reality of ourselves and to observe the three brains. That is to be in the state of Self-Consciousness. That is the beginning of the awakening and the Self-realization of the Consciousness, the Self-realization of the Being. So do the effort in this very moment when you read this explanation about remembering our true selves, which is to remember God, without identifying with that which we think we are. We have to observe that which we think we are. The motor center works 30,000 times faster than the intellectual center. That is why when we are driving a car or you are typing we realize that the motor center is always acting faster than the intellectual center. If we start analyzing what we are writing or how we are driving then we are going to start doing it slow because the intellect is very slow. Many people think that the intellect is faster, but no, it is the slowest of all the centers. Faster than the motor center is the emotional center. It is 60,000 times faster than the intellect. Of course the instinct is even faster. When you are ironing your clothes and you touch the iron and it is hot, immediately you take your hand away - without thinking. After that you analyze it. But if you touch the iron and then you start thinking, "Oh, I think that this iron is hot. I think if I don't take my hand off I will be burned." Then you will lose your flesh there. The instinctive center is 90,000 times faster than the intellect, and yet the sexual center is even faster: 120,000 times faster. We are not aware of the activity of these centers; we are more aware of the intellect, and even then, if we are not controlling the intellect with conscious willpower, we are not aware of the desires in that center. We have to control the five centers in order to be awake. As you know, the ego, which is the mind that has the Consciousness (the soul) trapped within, is always acting through desires, through dreams, in accordance to the center of gravity of each given person. Of course, if the person is a bookworm, it is likely that this person's center of gravity is situated in the intellect. If that one likes to play football and is a star of football, his center of gravity is likely in the motor center. If another one is an actor or actress, their center of gravity is typically the emotional center. And those who like boxing are typically centered in the instinctive center, who are brutal, who are always driven by the animal instincts. We have a lot of animal instincts inherited from the animal body, which is the physical body. In our genes we have the inheritance of our parents, grandparents, etc. So we are accustomed to act in our way, without being aware of different customs, habits, traditions placed in those centers. 5

The sexual center is the center we have to command because in this center is where we find the most beautiful and powerful energy. We ignore its true function. Since it is very fast we are immediately a slave of its movement, due to the fact that the mind of the ego related with this center is related with adultery, fornication, lust and many types of diseases related with the sexual organs. It is very difficult for us to be aware of the instinctive-motor-sexual brain. It is easy for us to be aware of the intellectual and emotional brain. In order to start observing our dreams we have to observe our intellect and heart. We have perform super-efforts to be aware of the lower brain, the instinctive-motor-sexual brain, which is very fast. For that we have to be here and now and to remember God. How is the dreamer going to observe his dreams if he is not awake? How are we going to be aware of that which is happening inside of us when we are asleep? We have to awaken ourselves with super-efforts to be present, in the moment, continually. The awakening of the Consciousness starts here and now. Dream Yoga is the union of the Consciousness with the Spirit, in order to observe the dreams, which are many. You see the people walking in the street? They are dreaming. They do not remember themselves, and they are not aware of themselves. The walk asleep, the work asleep, they do everything asleep. They are sleeping in an internal illusion. A poet said "Life is a dream." And he was right. For those who are not remembering themselves, life is a dream, a projected dream. We are always projecting dreams. Sometimes we project dreams and sometimes we live the dreams of others when we identify with a conversation, when we are not aware, when we are not remembering ourselves. Many people have lots of dreams and they do not utter those dreams. But many people like to talk about their dreams, and sometimes they write those dreams in books and we read the dreams of other people. So they make business with their dreams. In order to be awake, we must not identify with the dream of anyone. Are we watching television? Are we watching the projection of a movie that someone invented? Did we enjoy it? We must not identify with it, because if we do, then we will start dreaming another dream. So to be awake is to remember ourselves always: Filial love, to feel that we are children of God, to feel that we are here and now in this physical body. The chair in which we are sitting is the pineal gland, and from the pineal gland we are remembering God. For if we are inside, but we do not remember God, we are asleep in the chair. Then we are identified with many dreams and we are not awake. Dream Yoga requires that we awaken from our illusions, from the dreams we have within. It is the exercising of self-Consciousness. For that we have to divide ourselves in two: remembering ourselves and observing ourselves. At the same time we have to observe what is around us because as I said, many things happen around us. Objects are around us, books, television, conversations etc. Things around us are objects. We must not to identify with objects. We have to realize we are here and now within this body, we have to observe ourselves and at the same time we have to know that around us there are many people, many things: trees, cars, books, chairs, etc. That is to be aware of things around us without identifying with them. When we do that we have to exercise what we call inquisition: to inquire always about things, to always try to see new things. There is always something new happening. If you are exercising your Consciousness and observing everything that is around, you will know what is new in this room. What do you have here in your room that you did not have last week? But if you came in last week and you did not remember yourself and you were not observing yourself and the things around you, you were asleep. But if you were aware of yourself and the things around you, if you were awake, you would know what is new today. By inquiring, you exercise that ability, that quality of your Consciousness in relation with your Being, always observing being here and now like the cat, always aware. The cat is always aware. We have to be like that to exercise the Consciousness.

When we go to bed, our Consciousness leaves the body because it is tired and it needs to rest. If we are in the body when we rest then we will have insomnia. But if we leave the body it will rest, it will snore. Outside of the body we are going to do the same things that we do here in the physical body. We go to work, we go shopping, we watch tv. It is obvious that the Consciousness will be the same outside of the body. If we are aware of our dreams while we are in the physical body, then we will be aware of our dreams while we are out of the body. We will be aware of the same dreams, because they are the same whether in the body or outside of the body. Sometimes you can control your dreams, your desires within the body, because you are remembering yourself. But outside the body something happens. Suddenly all the desires or dreams are becoming a reality for you. In the physical plane you desire to eat a nice meal but you are on a diet. You are controlling that desire of eating. Somehow your vanity is controlling your gluttony. Outside of your body, your gluttony does not care about your vanity and then you dream you are eating and indulging in a lot of things. Then that desire is fulfilled outside of your body. That part which is your Consciousness is not controlling it. We do things outside of the body that we would not do in the physical body for all the money of the earth. This is how people who are outside of the body are adulterous, even though they are not physically adulterous. They may not be stealing while in the body, but are thieves outside the body. They may not be killers, but kill outside the body. For example, perhaps we are angry with another person who is hurting our pride. The norms of society say that if we kill the physical body of the other we go to jail. So we control our anger, our hatred. But our desire to hurt or kill that person (because of pride and self love) is within us. So we leave the body and, in the astral plane, which is the dimension of dreams, we kill the other. We dream that we kill the other person. There are five types of dreams related with the five centers. The intellectual person will have dreams with the intellectual center; dreaming of ideas, debates, conflicting concepts, plans, projects, etc. Most people are identified with customs and habits related with the motor center. While dreaming, they always repeat what they do in the physical plane. People exist whose dream is to be rich, so they thirst for money (because they are greedy) and thus they become workaholics. They may have two jobs. During the night, since they are so identified with that habit of working, they go to bed to rest physically and they go out of the physical body and they keep working in Limbo, in the Astral Plane, the world of dreams. The same desire for working and making money is making them work there, too. This is how, due to habits and customs, we always repeat what we do in the physical plane. These dreams are related with the motor center. Dreams related with the emotional center are dreams of fear, hatred, different types of emotions. Many dreams are related with the instinctive center; we have to study our instincts. And of course, we have sexual dreams. We must know ourselves through our dreams. This is how we know ourselves: Man know thyself and you will know the universe and the Gods. Sometimes when we are out of the body unusual things happen because in the Astral Plane, the 5th dimension, Eternity, we always find the same things we have here in the physical world. Before crystallizing here, everything was in the mind (Mental Plane), then in the Astral Plane and then the physical plane. An engineer begins planning something in his mind. Then he is placing it in a blueprint and then it all becomes concrete when what he thought up is being built. So everything we find here, like chairs, a house, everything was in the mind of its creator first. So it is obvious that in the Astral Plane we have the same things that we have here. There we find all the images, all the forms of things before

they crystallized in the physical plane. That is why we are not aware when we are out of the body because we see the same clouds, the same trees, the same people, the same animals. Every living creature leaves the body when they sleep. Everything exists exactly in the physical plane as it does in the Astral Plane. In each world there are different laws. Here, physically, we have the law of gravity; in the Astral Plane it does not exist. If you jump, you float. If you want to fly, you fly. That is why sometimes we dream that we are flying. Time and space do not exist in the 5th dimension. Many phenomena related with the Astral Plane are strange: symbols, forms that take other shapes suddenly. That is why we have dreams that are not related with the physical plane. For example, flying is not related with the physical plane. But we are always asleep, we are not remembering ourselves and we are not using the inquiring activity of the Consciousness. If we are using that we will say in that moment: "Why am I flying? I am not a bird. If I am flying, I am out of my body!" So by inquiring is how you awaken in the Astral Plane, and then by utilizing the inquiring activity of the Consciousness, you realize you are out of the body and that you are dreaming. Behold a lion entering into this room. "Why is this lion entering into my room? Why am I seeing this crocodile in front of me, or this elephant or these very weird things?" Inquire about that and then you will awaken in that moment. But you have to do that in the physical plane because the Consciousness that is there in the Astral Plane is the same as the one in the physical plane. But the laws of this physical plane are different. If we start by analyzing that the law of gravity is related to the physical plane and not the Astral Plane, then we start utilizing the part of the Consciousness that we do not commonly utilize, because we are always asleep and identified with dreams. We have a lot of dreams, unfortunately. But we have to start observing them, and when we start doing that in the physical plane, we do the same thing in the Astral Plane. Do not expect to awake in the Astral Plane if you do not awaken in the physical plane first. You are the same one here or outside of your body, because you are not the body. You are the Consciousness and the reality of that Consciousness is the Spirit, God within. Remember always God, remember always Spirit, and observe your dreams, and your Consciousness will awaken. We also have to observe the location, the place in which we are. We have to always be aware that we are children of God by remembering God, by remembering ourselves. When we remember ourselves we have to observe ourselves, the three brains, the activity of the mind in the body. And we have to observe the things around us by inquiring always about them, without forgetting ourselves, without identifying with anything. If we are inquiring and observing, and then we identify with something, we forget ourselves and then we dream again. So we have to observe without identifying with it in order to exercise our Consciousness. We have to do perform super-efforts. If we do not act with super-efforts to remember ourselves, we will definitely fall into identification. And (Jesus) said unto them, "Why sleep ye? Rise (observe yourself) and pray (in Self-remembering), lest ye enter into temptation." - Luke 22:46 For instance, perhaps you see a building on fire. If you remember yourself and the things around you, you say, "If I approach it maybe something will fall on me." You are aware and will not approach. If you are identified with your curiosity or if you feel like a hero and you want to help, then maybe you will lose your life because you are not protected, you are not a firefighter. Sometimes people lose their lives because they are curious. We must not identify with things. If something is happening, look, but remember yourself and ask yourself if you can help. If not then you should leave. So the location, the place we are in from moment to moment, has to be placed in our Consciousness. In which place are we? In this moment, for instance, if we exercise the location or place, we see that you are learning Gnosis on the Internet through your computer; your computer is in your home or office. Your home or office is in your city; your city is in that district of your country and your country is (?), your country is in the continent of (?); your continent is on the Earth. You have to expand the 8

Consciousness. The planet earth is in the solar system. The solar system is in the galaxy, then there is the infinite. Expand the Consciousness, be here and now. But are we in the Astral Plane or physical plane? Which dimension are we in now? Sometimes you can swear you are in the physical plane and then you wake up and you realize it was a dream. In that very moment you were identified with the dream and so you did not know you were dreaming. Maybe you are now physically sleeping on your bed and you are dreaming that you are reading this lecture on the screen of your computer. You came out of your physical body into the Astral Plane but you don't remember that you left your body on the bed because you were not aware of it. Are you sure you are in the physical plane right now? You have to exercise a practice in order to awaken. If it is the physical plane there is no law of gravity. You can jump with the intention of floating. So you are in the physical plane. Are you sure you are? If you do not want to jump, then pull your finger. Try to stretch your finger because the Astral Body is elastic. I remember one time when I was doing this in the Astral Plane and I pulled it and I said, "I am in the Astral Plane! We are in the Astral Plane!" And everyone said "Yes, we are in the Astral Plane!" But they were answering mechanically. And I remember one man that was there and I said, "Okay, are you sure you are in the Astral Plane?" And he said, "Yes, I am sure we are!" I told him, "Okay come with me. You want to go to the planet Mars?" So I took his hand and I jumped in the air and when we were in the air he started to scream, "Oh, I am going to die! I am in the air! Release me!" He was sleeping; his Consciousness was not awakened, he was just answering mechanically. So in order to be awake we have to exercise the practice. We have to exercise it, not any other person. If you want to awaken, you have to awaken. If I am going to awaken that does not mean that you are going to awaken. So you have to exercise that always. If you do this exercise second to second, if you ask yourself if you are in the physical plane or Astral Plane, jump with the intention of floating or stretch your finger, then you are going to awaken, then you are going to know for sure that the Consciousness which is awakening in that very moment is within the physical body or out of the physical body. This is how we awaken. But we must always remember here and now; if we do that exercise in the physical plane, we will repeat it in the Astral Plane, or Mental Plane or any plane. The Consciousness will always be the same Consciousness whether it is within the body or out of the body. Now we are going to learn about two different types of experiences that we have out of the body, that are not related with the five inferior types of dreams. They are related with the two superior centers: Superior Emotional Center and Superior Intellectual Center. Both are connected with the Monad. When the Monad realizes that his soul wants to awaken and to be reunited, to enact the yoga, union with It, then It starts teaching, sending impressions, images from above to below. This will not be images from the ego, projected by the ego, projected by ourselves. No, it will be messages from above and these will be visions, a certain type of dream that is not a dream, but a type of teaching from our Monad who wants to help us. There is a language that we have to learn and it is the language of the dreams; we can say it is the language of symbols, symbols that we have to analyze and that we have to comprehend, related with the law of mathematics, the law of numbers, the law of philosophical symbols, etc. This language is the wisdom of the Kabbalah. To comprehend this language is to know what type of knowledge my Inner Being, my monad, is giving me to perfect myself, to awaken myself. What do I need, what am I lacking, what do I have to release? I have to know myself. My Monad knows what I need and will teach me through visions. Wherefore he saith, "Awake thou that sleepest (psychologically), and arise from the (spiritually) dead, and Christ shall give thee light." - Ephesians 5:14 By exercising and memorizing what I am receiving from my Being into these two superior centers we have to understand that these two types of experiences have a very different taste, something very rare, 9

something that is not normal. If you are utilizing here in the physical plane the inquiring activity, then you inquire about the message you are receiving. Sometimes you do it in the very moment you are having that experience in the Astral Plane. If you are very deep in your Consciousness, you can say that it is like you are in a state of coma, then it is very difficult to remember when you return to the physical body. This is how we start remembering our dreams, while remembering those types of visions. They are images, impressions that the Monad is sending to our Consciousness in order to awaken us, in order to teach us. That is Work Memory, that is the memory of our Selves. Then we start a deep study of ourselves. The Angels, Archangels, Cherubims, Seraphims etc. that are in higher worlds are awakened and are always trying to help us. They always help us through the Consciousness that is awake. The Ray of Creation is connected to all beings. We always find those beings whom we call Masters in different religions, Angels, or Gods, who are beings who are awake in the higher planes and who want to help us. And this is how we are going to remember and to understand the types of visions they are going to give us by exercising Dream Yoga. It is good to have a book to take note of your dreams. When you wake in the morning, write them down. It is good as well to have a recording machine in order to record your dreams that you are remembering when you wake up during the night, in order not to lose your relaxation. Sometimes when you are waking in middle of night there is a message that your Being is giving you, a message through your superior centers and you say, "Oh I will record it in the morning." Then you go to sleep and then you forget when you wake in the morning. We should not trust our egoic memory. The ego is always memory of false dreams, memory of desires. The Work Memory, conscious work, is here and now. It is different, it is not ego. It is not gluttony, pride, vanity, laziness, etc, it is the memory of God within. This is how we start remembering in God and awakening in God, and discovering our own reality. And then we will have a lot of material in order to do that practice which is for the annihilation of ego. We have to comprehend. To comprehend the ego is to comprehend dreams, whether they are here or outside the body. Each ego is a particular individual desire, a particular individual dream which is an illusion; it is not reality. Each ego is just an illusion. The reality is not the mind, it is not the ego. Therefore let us not sleep, as [do] others; but let us watch (ourselves carefully) and be sober (without identification). - 1 Thessalonians 5:6 Dream Yoga: Two Firstly, let us remember that the Path of Self Realization is the path for our Consciousness to become united to God. Do not forget that you are here seated on this chair and in this room before your computer. We need to exercise our Consciousness. It is not good to place the Consciousness outside of our breathing-space because we need to be awake. We need to be here and now. Remember your true Self with your Consciousness that vibrates in the pineal gland in the middle of your brain, the seat of the Atom of the Holy Spirit, the seat of our soul. So we need to be here and now, inside of our physical body, paying attention to every detail of this lecture to understand and comprehend with the Consciousness. Do not let your mind drive you outside of your breathing-space. Remember that you are here and now and use your imagination in order to comprehend. Do the will of your God; he is the only Law. We have to learn how to do the will of God. In order to do the will of God we have to be here and now. It is impossible to do the will of God if we are identified with the mind. 10

If we do not remember that we are within the body, if we do not feel ourselves in the middle of the brain in the pineal gland, then we are sleeping, even if we have our physical eyes open. To be awake is to remember always that we are within the body. Then we can do the will of God. That will is, of course, to be one with Him, in order to control the inferior laws, in order to enter into the superior laws. As for these four children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom: and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams. - Daniel 1: 17 The king answered and said to Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar, Art thou able to make known unto me the dream which I have seen, and the interpretation thereof? Daniel answered in the presence of the king, and said, The secret which the king hath demanded cannot the wise men, the astrologers, the magicians, the soothsayers, shew unto the king; But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known to the king Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days. Thy dream, and the visions of thy head upon thy bed, are these; As for thee, O king, thy thoughts came into thy mind upon thy bed, what should come to pass hereafter: and he that revealeth secrets maketh known to thee what shall come to pass. - Daniel 2: 26- 29 Let us imagine, while we remember that we are here in our breathing-space, the first law, which is the Absolute, where we find the pure light, that which we call AUR, the light. The limitless light is the Ain Soph Aur. Within that light, within that which is the Solar Absolute, we find freedom because the will of God is performed. That which is God is not a person, but the light which shines in that dimension. From that light emerge three lights, which are what we call the Holy Triamazikamno or Triamazicamno, the Law of Three, positive, negative, neutral; the active energy, the passive energy and the energy that conciliates the active and passive. The three primary forces of the universe always penetrate the depth of every cosmic unit. We find that in the depth of every cosmic unit there are always these three primary forces. So, to begin we find these three primary forces in what we call the Megalocosmos. The Megalocosmos is what we call the vast world, or the infinite order of worlds, where we find all the planets, suns, stars, comets, etc. They are sustained by three laws. So we find the Megalocosmos related with all the infinite cosmic unities that exist in the space. The three primary forces descend from the great Megalocosmos and create what we call the Macrocosmos, the great cosmos. The Macrocosmos is the galaxy itself. So, the three primary forces: Positive, negative, neutral penetrate and sustain the galaxy itself. But since it is the second order of worlds this cosmos is affected by the three primary forces of the Megalocosmos. So we find that the Macrocosmos is controlled by six laws. Within the galaxy we find what we call the Solar Systems (the Deuterocosmos). Solar Systems exist within any galaxy. The Solar Systems are always in activity thanks to the three laws: positive, negative and neutral. The Law of the Triamazikamno is always related with any cosmos. The solar system is related with its own three laws, but is affected by the six laws of the galaxy and the three laws of the Megalocosmos, so we find that the solar system is controlled by twelve laws. Innumerable planets rotate around the Solar Systems. Every planet rotates, dances around the center of any particular solar system and it is sustained, penetrated by three laws: Positive, negative and neutral within the center of each planet. Since the planets are rotating around the center of the solar system, obviously they are affected by the twelve laws of that solar system, plus the six laws of the galaxy, plus three laws of the Megalocosmos. So they are related to twenty-four laws. Use your comprehension and understanding to see that every planet is sustained by twenty-four laws. Within any planet we find the Microcosmos, which are called the human beings. The human beings are always sustained, penetrated, by the three laws: positive, negative and neutral, which are located in the cerebrospinal nervous system, the grand sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system (which is also called Vagus).


Since the human being is sustained, penetrated, by the three laws, plus twenty-four laws of the planet, plus twelve laws of the solar system, plus six laws of the galaxy and three laws of the Megalocosmos: we find the human being is related to forty-eight laws. So behold our Consciousness. We are in this world (physical body) of forty-eight laws. These forty-eight laws are related to the forty-eight chromosomes of the human cells. We understand that physicallyspeaking, scientists say we have forty-six chromosomes in the cells, but the Vital Body, which is the superior part of the physical body, the etheric part related to energy (chi, prana, the aura) is related with two vital chromosomes. Of course, materialistic science does not recognize they exist due to their ignorance of the etheric or vital aspect of all things. That is why we say there are forty-eight chromosomes related to the forty-eight laws that govern the human physical body. So we are very far from the light of the Absolute, very far from that will. That is why we are related to many laws, many automatisms. So here and now we have to observe all the mechanical laws that we are submitted to. See your three brains from inside: your intellectual, your emotional and your motor-instinctive-sexual brain. In each brain we have vital values. These vital values receive the name of Bobbin-Kandelnosts, which are the vital values that we have in order to live on the surface of this planet. We have Bobbin-Kandelnosts in the cerebrospinal nervous system, in the grand sympathetic nervous system and in the parasympathetic nervous system. These three brains (intellectual, emotional and motor-instinctive-sexual brain) are related with the five cylinders or centers through which the Consciousness always acts. We have the intellectual center in the head. We have the emotional center between the heart and the navel. We have the motor center where the spinal column ends at our neck. We have our instinctive center in the very bottom of our spinal column, at our coccyx. And we have our sexual center in our genitals. Each center has its own particular energy in order to be in activity. It is obvious that each center is related to the three brains. Each center has its own intellectual part, its own emotional part, and its own motion-related part. When we are using the intellectual center, it is obvious that the movements we make with the physical body are very slow because the intellectual center is the slowest of all the centers: for example, when we are learning how to dance. When we learn how to dance using the emotional center, the movements are faster. Then you are moving to the rhythm of that music (with the motor-instinct-sexual centers), which has nothing to do with the intellect. If you start analyzing the movement of that dance (analyzing is intellectual) then you will dance very slow, or you will step on the feet of your partner. Really, this is why many people are clumsy or bad dancers (or they avoid it): they do not use the right centers. Let us investigate the motor center. When you are typing, you are using the intellectual part of your motor center, which is faster then the intellect itself. If you start using the intellect of your intellectual center then you will type very slowly. Let us see now the instinctive center. It is obviously faster than the motor center. When you are using your instinctive center, the intellectual part of that center is very fast because the instinctive center is 90,000 times faster than the intellect. The sexual center also has its own intellect, emotions and motions. It is 120,000 times faster than the intellectual center. That is why it is not possible to control the sexual center or the instinctive center given the state that we are in at this moment. When we start this path of the Self-realization of the Being we have to realize that we are only capable of controlling the intellectual center and the emotional center because they are slower in comparison to the motor center, instinctive center and sexual center. 12

Each center has its own vital values, its own energies. Yet, what do we know of these energies? Are we aware of how we use them? Are we the owners of the physical body, this Microcosmos that Mother Nature gave us as a gift? It is a gift because on this world, no one bought the physical body. It is a gift that we received from Mother Nature; a gift controlled by forty-eight laws. But do we really own this gift? Obviously not; our time here is unknown, and we have to recognize that the vast majority of it's functions we have no comprehension of. Yet it continues to function, in spite of our abuse of it... We utilize its energies to feed our desires, to express our anger and fear, and we ignore the secret movements that happen from moment to moment within our own physical bodies... Whether we realize it or not, at some moment it will be taken from us... We have to take advantage of this opportunity, to control these five centers with our three brains in order to enter into the higher dimensions by utilizing the energy of the Triamazikamno, the Law of Three. These three primary forces are placed in the head, heart and in the sex. If we do not save these energies we cannot create within each one of us those vehicles that we need in order to be free of the forty-eight laws. Below the Microcosmos, within our subconsciousness, there is another world, another cosmos. It is related to ninety-six laws because that cosmos is related with three laws plus forty-eight plus twentyfour etc etc that will sum up to ninety-six laws. That world is more mechanical. The materialism of that world is below the physical world, it is Hell, it is the ego. Our ego belongs to ninety-six laws and makes our Consciousness miserable, a slave of sin, slave of rottenness, of idiocy, a slave of the laws of hell. If we want to be free of Hell, or if we do not want to descend into that cosmos of ninety-six laws in order to make our lives more miserable than in this very moment, we have to liberate ourselves from the ego and from the forty-eight laws and to enter into the realm controlled by twenty-four laws: with fewer laws, there is less density and thus more freedom, more happiness. In order to enter into the realm of twenty-four laws we have to save the energies of the five centers, we have to save the energy of the three brains. It is impossible to create a vehicle (internally speaking) for the soul or the Consciousness (which is the same) in order to experience the higher dimensions if we are wasting the energy of the three brains through the five centers. Unfortunately, we are always destroying the energy of the five centers. In order to stop the abuse of that energy in our organism we have to be here and now. We have to be awake. We have to consciously handle our five centers and our three brains from moment to moment, from second to second. This is the path of revolution of the Consciousness, because we are going to know ourselves by studying the five centers and the three brains, which most people use mechanically. They ignore that they are utilizing these centers and brains automatically. When we unconsciously use any of the five centers, we create within ourselves the psychological aggregates. What is a psychological aggregate? First we have to understand the word: Psyche is "soul." Logos is related with the Three Primary Forces, the Word, the Verb, the vibration, from the esoteric point of view. Psychology describes the relationship between the soul and the Logos: the Three Primary Forces. The soul, through the three brains and five centers, receives the energy of the Logos and transforms it. A psychological aggregate is the result of a bad transformation of that energy. In other words, the wrong transformation of the energies within these five centers is going to create aggregates (egos) which trap our Consciousness, which is going to harm the harmonious balance of our physical organism, our psyche, soul, Consciousness and everything inside. So it is necessary to be here and now to transform those energies properly. Within the sexual center we have the energies of the Triamazikamno (Three Forces) bipolarized in the ovaries and testicles. One ovary or one testicle has positive energy. The other one has negative energy. So the creative energy is bipolarized in the sexual gonads, the testicles and ovaries. That energy is 13

created in us through what we eat, breathe and in the way that we are behaving, whether we are awakened or asleep. If we are here and now, controlling our physical body through our Consciousness, the energy that we are going to receive will be very powerful. If we are asleep and we are mechanically following only the mind, then we are going to create a false force in the sexual glands. Either way, the sexual energy is a very potent, high-powered fuel. Let us talk about the intellectual center. If, for example, we are at work and we have to use this center a lot, we use it to the point that we are mentally tired. If we overwork the intellectual center and it uses up all the energy naturally available to it, the energy that is designed for it, then we force that center to steal energy from the most powerful center that we have, which is the sexual center. When we abuse of the intellect, it is obvious that the high-octane sexual energy is going to pass into the intellectual center and it is going to destroy the intellect. This is because the sexual energy is very powerful and when this energy is used in centers that are not related to it, then it is damaging the different centers. The result is mental imbalance: the different manias. These manias in the intellect are creating mental illnesses. It is not necessary to be in the mental hospital to be mentally ill person. Even if we feel that this will hurt, it is very difficult to find a healthy person mentally speaking in this physical world. Most of us are sick mentally due to the fact that we abuse the intellect. These manias that everyone has in the intellect are those psychological defects, vices, traumas, that psychologists in these times are studying. The people who suffer from mental sicknesses infect the minds of others who are also abusing the intellect. When we abuse the intellect we abuse the sexual energy as well. Behold in these times all the people who we find in society that are worshipping crime. People make an art of crime. We see this in movies, books, television, magazines. Those that are creating degenerated movies or books, they are receiving different types of awards because crime is an "art." And we are worshipping them because we are also sick. If we were healthy we would not worship this type of work. A mentally imbalanced person worships other mentally imbalanced people. Observe yourself, because when someone abuses the intellect there is always a lot of self-love, pride, vanity, and it is always causing problems on this planet. So-called "politicians" are utilizing the mind in order to find more ways to kill more people and to plant their ideas of revolution of blood and liquor, because they are sick. They are abusing the sexual energy in their intellect. Unfortunately, our planet is controlled by sick people, in all the countries. Those that are trying to teach how to be healthy in the mind are crucified or stoned because people love degeneration. See the amount of pornography created by sick people... Everyone worships that because we are mentally sick as well. The sexual energy has to be utilized through the sexual glands, through the sexual organs, not the mind, with our morbid imagination. It is ignorant to admit or tolerate pornography. That is not the way to spend the sexual energy. When we are looking at lustful images we are abusing the intellect. It is obvious that when we are doing that we are creating psychological aggregates. Those psychological aggregates are poisoning the mind of everyone in these times. Let us talk about the emotional center. The emotional center also has its own energy. When we abuse or destroy the emotional center with any type of over-stimulating vibration or activity the emotional center steals energy from the sexual center, which is the most powerful center that we have. There are many sicknesses of the emotional center, such as schizophrenia. Jealousy is a sickness of the emotional center, as is hatred, anger, fear... The so-called "human defects" that have nothing human in them. But of course, we are accustomed to those defects, because we like to abuse our emotional center. Actors and actresses abuse the emotional center.


We have to have balance in the emotional center. When we enjoy rock-and-roll and all of that modern "music" we are destroying the emotional center. The negative emotions stimulated by this type of music (which is very clearly a powerful vibration) destroys the emotional center; it is obvious that we are destroying the energy of our emotional center. This is unfortunately the type of life that we like on this planet Earth. People like to destroy their lives, that is why they are full of sicknesses and they do not like to hear that that is not good for them. It is very difficult to find someone with a very equilibrated emotional center. When you feel your emotional center is tired, you have to stop using that emotional center immediately and put other centers into activity, like walking or reading a nice book, not a book of crime that will poison your mind further. We already have a lot of garbage in our mind. We have to choose nice books that will increase our Consciousness, not destroy it. Let us now investigate the motor center. The motor center is good for exercising ourselves. But in these times people are very identified with the motor center and they are inventing many different apparatuses to exercise themselves, and over-exercise themselves like body builders. We admit that we need to exercise to be healthy. But to grow our muscles to show in a tournament that we have the most beautiful body in the world is vanity. It is placing the sexual energy in the wrong place. Those people who are fascinated with exercising, focusing intensely upon it, are abusing the motor center, and stealing energy from the sexual center in order to feed their vanity, their pride, conceitedness, etc. Of course, nowadays we are programmed daily to feed our vanity, to worry continually about our appearance, about our body, and so we abuse the motor center with over-exercise. Any type of abuse of the motor center is sexual abuse. We find the players of football, baseball, people who like to break records in order to get a medal. They over-exercise. We also find the contrary, those people who are lazy. We have to be balanced; we have to know how to utilize the motor center properly in order not to abuse it. If we abuse it then we have different sicknesses such as paralysis, diseases of the joints, muscles, etc. because the motor center is destroyed due to its abuse. Remember we have to use the centers, not to abuse them. The so-called sports in these times are sports to destroy the motor center. We are identified with it and we are creating and fertilizing different psychological aggregates in each one of us. What about the instinctive center? We have many instincts that we have to control. Unfortunately we are unaware of these instincts. Most of the time we are slaves of the instincts, because most of them are animal instincts. Remember that this center is related with the senses of the physical body: eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands. We have many functions within the organism that are instinctive functions which we are unaware of, like digestion, the work of the heart, lungs etc. These instinctive functions, when we abuse them, also creates illness. For example: obsessions with dieting, over-eating, eating bad food (or fake food, which is so popular these days), obsession with conquering instinctive fear through extreme sports or dangerous activities, etc. We have to be here and now so we do not abuse the instinctive center. There are so many different diets in this time, everyone is identified with their diet, because everyone wants to have a healthy body. It is good, but not if we identify with it and have anorexia because we are identified with our vanity. So investigate your instincts because when we abuse of this center then we have sexual abuse as well. The instinct is very developed in the animal, and includes such behaviors as conservation of our life. But we have to not identify. Some people overreact in a moment of danger, and there may not be so much danger and they kill because they are not controlling their instinct. When you want to put a picture on the wall and you are hammering and by accident you hit your finger, control your instinct and do not utter filthy words. That is an overreaction of your instinctive center, which is animal. 15

To control the instinctive center is the most difficult thing because most of the instincts are animal instincts. We have to transform that into intuition. When we control perfectly the center of the instinct, we create intuition. Intuition is the power that gives us access to experience truth of other dimensions, when we overcome the forty-eight laws of this physical plane. If we do not control the forty-eight laws here, then we multiply our defects, vices and errors and we will be submitted to more laws. In order to transcend that we have to be here and now, to remember ourselves, to be inside of the body. Otherwise it is impossible. What about the sexual center? What are the functions of the sexual center? If you abuse of the sexual center then you are abusing of the other centers as well, because just as the abuse of the other centers results in energy being stolen from the sexual center, the reverse is also true. So when the sexual center becomes active in the wrong way it is stealing energy from the other centers. So then sexual center is acting with energy that does not belong to it. The result is different sicknesses of the sexual center. Let us investigate prostitution. What is prostitution? It is fear in the emotional center because we learn through the different schools, universities, tv, etc that if we are poor we are failures. Then in order to be successful people want money, because they fear poverty. Prostitution is seen as a good way to get money. That is one of the causes, but there are many other causes, it could be from other centers. It could be brainwashing from different sources in order to fall into prostitution. With it they are abusing the sexual center and destroying themselves. And when they destroy themselves they destroy others because the men that go with prostitutes are abusing the sexual center and other centers. Mutually they destroy their lives, and the psyche creates other manias that we know very well and do not need to name. Remember that this path is the path of the revolution of the Consciousness. It is necessary to have balance in the three brains and the five centers. So we have to place our Consciousness in each center and to clean each center of any mania, of any psychological stimulant that we have within. In these times, due to ignorance and that everyone is doing the same thing, we learn to abuse of the sexual center from childhood. Masturbation is an abuse of the sexual center, despite all the statements of the doctors and psychologists. We have to understand that they are also slaves of the five centers. If they are abusing the five centers, their statements will be related with that abuse. Everyone in this society is building their lives upon the abuse of their own psyche. The foundation of this society is rotten. Everywhere you see everyone worshipping crime, degeneration and everything that is rotten, and they are seeing with despise all that is superior. What is more worse is that sometimes people who live destroying the five centers feel superior to others who are not doing that. So the sickness is already rooted in the depth of the Consciousness. We need to realize and understand what freedom means. Free of what? Free of the laws. Everyone talks about Liberation: liberation from what? From the ego. From suffering. From the mechanicity of so many laws. Everyone talks about Enlightenment: but how are we going to be filled with light, when right now we are filled with so much that is dark and disgusting? Be eliminating our psychological aggregates. You hear in many religions, especially Christianity, that they say we have to be "saved." Saved from what? When we understand that we have to be saved from the forty-eight laws, and worse, all of that garbage that we created within, which is ruled by even more laws. We need to be saved, and for that we have to be here and now. Believing in this or that has no effect. If we do not work in ourselves, if we do not clean ourselves, if we are not here and now, if we are not controlling the five centers and the three brains, we are not going to be free and liberated, even if we believe in all the religions of the earth, etc. To be saved requires psychological work that we have to do here and now.


Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame. - 1 Corinthians 15:34 For in the multitude of dreams and many words there are also diverse vanities: but fear thou God. Ecclesiastes 5:7 We have to save energy in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven. What is the kingdom of heaven? It is the superior dimensions. This physical world is the third dimension. Above the third dimension we have the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. But you do not know anything about the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions because you are not doing the will of your God. I told you, "Do the will of your God, this is the only law." Yet, are you doing the will of your Being or are you doing the will of somebody's ego? Are you owner of your body? As a soul, are you the owner of your life, meaning can you control your life, or is your life controlling you? Are you following the statements of sick people? Or are you living in sickness and ignoring it? Do you like to be sick? If so, you do not need to exercise and to awaken Consciousness. If you want to be healthy psychologically speaking you need to be here and now. You need to feel yourself within the body. You need to stop abusing the five centers; do not worry about the centers of your neighbor because your neighbor will take care of them, worry about your own. Nobody can do that for you, only you, if you psychologically work. If you don't work, you will sink in the mud; but YOU are going to do it. No one is going to push you. You have to realize that you have to awaken first, to realize what kind of manias you have within. Then you have to do your God's will. To do your God's will you have to be here and now. It is not possible to be free of those manias if you forget yourself. If you forget yourself you will be controlled by the subjective elements in your mind and then you will repeat the same mistakes and create more aggregates for your psyche. Those aggregates, defects, vices and errors are what are known as the seven capital sins. We have to discover and realize what we have within. Living in that way, by remembering ourselves here and now, we give ourselves a conscious shock. Once we begin to establish Self-remembering in daily lives, then we give the second shock in order to be awake internally, in order to enter into the world of Dream Yoga. This Yoga is the union of the Consciousness with the spirit by controlling our dreams, which are desires, the sicknesses we have in the five centers. When we are in balance psychologically then we are going to save energy. If we save energy then we can be awake in the astral plane, molecular plane, or that dimension we call Eternity, where everyone goes when they are physically asleep. So we have to save our energy. If we save energy through the science of Alchemy, through the science of transmutation, then we create within us a second nature. That second nature is going to be created when we save energy. It is impossible to save energy if we abuse the five centers. If we abuse the five centers then we are producing sexual abuse. Remember that there is sexual abuse in the intellect, emotional, instinctive, motor, and sexual centers. Society always interacts around sex. Everything moves around sex, whether it is directly or indirectly. So we have to save our creative energy. Then we will know that to be born again is to create inside of ourselves another nature. Then you will discover the mysteries of life and death. Then that fear of death will disappear because you will know with your Consciousness, you will recognize the mysteries, because you will be awake. The creation of that second nature requires that we are dutiful, disciplined, and enter into the dimension of dreams to study ourselves with awakened Consciousness. But to acheive that, Dream Yoga is very strict. Our bedroom should be decorated with the three primary colors: blue, yellow and red. These three primary colors are related with the three primary forces: positive, negative and neutral, or as Christianity calls it: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These are forces and not persons. 17

After giving the explanation of the three brains and the three forces in relation with the different cosmos, you have to understand that we need these three forces in our room in order to take advantage of that energy which is related with other cosmoses. Then we are going to place that energy into our body: Chromotherapy - the power of color. The three primary colors are indispensable. We should listen to classical music. Why? Above these inferior five centers we have two superior centers: the Superior Emotional Center and the Superior Intellectual Center. These two centers are not related with all the sicknesses that we have in our psyche. They are related to what we call Spirit, the Monad, what we call God within. So when we listen to classical music we put into activity the superior emotional center and then we are capable of entering at least for a moment into those dimensions in order to be in contact with superior beings. So we have to have preference for classical music, such as Chopin, Mozart, Wagner. The music of Beethoven is particularly good for the superior emotional center. However, if you want to destroy your emotional center you have to go to rock concerts every week or to listen rap music, etc., and you will acheive the complete destruction of your emotional center in no time. Inferior music will inevitably damage your emotional center, it will bring about the ruin of your psyche and your life will go very easily down to Klipoth, thus you will become a slave of more laws. A lot of people like the music of rock-and-roll and despise the music of the great classical masters. Why? It is because people are in a state of degeneration. Their brain is not working normally. If it was, then they would like classical music, the emotions it stimulates in us, and they would not feel good listening to the other type of music. So let us develop that custom, to listen to Beethoven in particular, and we will increase our superior emotional centers and we will see how our experiences out of the body increase and we will experience beautiful things connected with our spirit, God, the Truth, Angels, Archangels, etc. The Superior Intellectual Center also has to be put into activity by reading good things; not garbage. You have to place in your mind beautiful things. There is a lot of good literature that you can obtain in order to feed your soul, your Consciousness. However, in order to feed your ego, defects, vices, is very easy. You can go to the bookstore and you will find thousands of books that will destroy your mind. If we have a job, some work where we are always seated, then it is good before going to bed to go for a walk and get some exercise in order to utilize the motor center. It is not good to neglect the use of this center. That is why a walk or some exercise is good, but not to go to an extreme. If we abuse it is not good. We have to eat lightly in the evening. Otherwise we will have indigestion and we will have nightmares. If you want to have a big meal, then do so at breakfast or lunchtime. It is not good to have a big meal at night. We have to utilize the magnetic forces of the planets. Remember that the earth rotates and creates two vortexes: the North Pole and South Pole. The magnetic needle always goes towards the north. The magnetic forces are coming from the north, so we should put the head of our bed towards the north in order to receive the help of the magnetism of the different cosmoses. This is because from the north pole enters the force of the solar system, the galaxy etc., and enters into the Microcosmos, which is our physical body. So put the head of your bed towards the north in order to take advantage of this. As you know, the blanket of our bed should be clean, and of a natural fiber such as cotton. Our pillow should be perfumed with our favorite natural perfume in order to sleep nicely. Be careful that our bed does not have noisy springs. Everything should be checked in order to have a good experience. It is necessary to have a notebook to write the experiences you have during the night. In order to have good experiences and to know the meanings of the symbols of our dreams we need to invoke the God Morpheus. When I say "God," let us remember that Morpheus is just the name of one of the parts of our Being because the Being is the Multiple Perfect Unity.


And the angel of God spoke unto me in a dream, saying, Jacob (awake!): And I said, here am I (here and now). - Genesis 31:11 When you were a child you heard about your Guardian Angel. The Guardian Angel is a part of your Being. Each one of us has our particular Guardian Angel and also each one of us has the part of the Being called Morpheus. He is the God of Dreams, or the part of the Being related with the knowledge of the symbols of our dreams. So when we are on our bed we have to lie down on our back and we have to pray to that part of ourselves which is Morpheus and ask him to grant us the favor of teaching us outside of our bodies the science of dreams, which is the meanings hidden behind any dream in order to awake the Consciousness outside of our body. We have to invoke Morpheus in the name of Christ, by the power of Christ, by the Majesty of Christ. We have to do that invocation many times until we feel we are falling asleep. When we feel we are falling asleep we have to take the position of the lion. Lie down on your right side, fold your right leg, put your left leg on top of your right leg and put the right cheek of your face on the palm of your right hand. That is the position of the lion. Fall asleep in this position. The position of the Lion is connected with the forces of fire in the center plexus, which are going to be in activity in the night. It does not matter if you change positions after you sleep. But you have to fall asleep like that in order to let your Morpheus to act within your Consciousness. Thus Morpheus, that part of your Being, will teach you outside of your body. But you have to remember every detail and that is why you need a notebook to write the details of your dreams. This is how you are going to know yourself. Remember that your dreams are an expression of your frustrated desires that during the day you feel, or frustrated sicknesses, or whatever else. This is how you are going to know all the psychological values you have within, negative and positive values, and whether they are related with the sexual center, instinctive center, emotional center, motor center, or intellectual center. Remember that if you allow yourself to listen to classical music then maybe you will have a good experience through your superior emotional center. Your Spirit is going to teach you through that center and is going to point out your manias and what you need to do in order for you to walk towards him. Remember that Dream Yoga is union. We want to be united with our Spirit through the knowledge of the awakening of the Consciousness in our dreams. Dream Yoga: Three We are continuing with our lectures on Dream Yoga. This is the third lecture from the seminar of Dream Yoga. Remember that Yoga is Yug, "union." So, in order to perform Dream Yoga we have to be united with our own particular Being, who is our Monad, our own God, our Spirit. Therefore to be here and now is indispensable because it is not possible to awaken Consciousness if we do not recognize that we are sleeping psychologically. The only way to recognize that we are sleeping is by remembering our own God, by doing the super effort of being here and now within this physical body that we use in the third dimension. The Consciousness is what religions call soul; it is our own reality within this physical body. We must not identify with our mind, because the mind is only a vehicle that we have to utilize in order to analyze, to think. We have to walk on the path of Self-realization in order to attain the union with God. We cannot walk on the path of Self-realization if we are out of ourselves because the way, the path, is within, never without. If we do not see the path within, we are not going to walk on the path of Self-realization because it is not the mind but the Consciousness, the soul, who walks towards the Being. It is obvious that our wretched Consciousness is not here and now in its whole content because part of it is trapped within the mind. That mind, or that mental entity, is that which we call ego. So when we say


that we have to remember our Being I am not referring to the ego because the ego is not the Being and the Being is not the ego. I told you that we have to work with the Work Memory in order to start having connection or impressions of our inner Being. So to remember ourselves here and now while reading this lecture is indispensable in order to understand and grasp the whole meaning of the path of Self-realization. While we remember our true selves, while we remember our God, Spirit, without identifying with the mind, we study the three brains. We are beings or creatures with three brains in our physical body: the cerebrospinal nervous system, which is related with that brain in the head which is the intellect. The grand sympathetic nervous system is related to the emotional brain. The parasympathetic nervous system is that brain related with the motions, instincts and the sexual activities. The brain is that organ or system within any physical organism that gives to the Consciousness the capacity of understanding the different dimensions of the universe. There are seven basic dimensions in the universe. But there are some Beings or creatures that have only one brain. So these creatures are capable of capturing only one dimension, or perceiving only one dimension. Psychologically speaking they are uni-dimensional creatures. For example: the snail. It is a creature with only one brain. Because it has only one brain its existence is related with sensations. Pain and pleasure related with its physical body, hot and cold. This creature lives only on one line. Remember that one point when it is moving in the space is forming a line. That line is the first dimension. So the world of the universe of the snail is only the line, because it has only one brain. That brain is related with that which we call movements, instincts and sexual activity. But also we find in nature creatures with two brains. The creatures with two brains are for example: the horse, cat, dog, lion, tiger. They have sensations and representations. Through their senses they have the representation of that object, or thing which is giving them sensation. That is why these animals through their Consciousness are always sensing sensation and representations and their Consciousness knows what representation gives them pleasure or pain, which representation gives them happiness or sorrow. They know this by instinct. So that line moving into space is forming what we call the plane. The plane is that which is forming two dimensions: length and width. Let us now enter into the world of the intellectual animal. It is obvious that we have three brains. We have the motor-instinctive-sexual brain; we have the emotional brain related with that called representations, feelings. And we have the intellectual brain. We, the intellectual creatures, have sensations, representations and concepts. We have the intellect that gives us the capacity of reasoning. We rationalize and from that point of view we perceive three dimensions. The plane moving in space forms the solid and that is why, through the three brains, our Consciousness is capable of seeing length, width and height. We perceive objects in other ways. We feel the sensations, we see the representation and we analyze with our intellect and we say, "this person who is hurting me is doing so because he hates me." "This food that I am eating is delicious and it has salt and many other ingredients that I taste, and I like it. I would like to have the recipe in order to repeat the sensation because I like it." Behold here and understand with your Consciousness that which we call intellect gives us the capacity to analyze in order to repeat what we like or dislike. Of course, when the Consciousness is being driven by the intellect, when the Consciousness is not controlling the intellect, we fall as slaves, entrapped by the mind who desires the same types of sensations through those representations that in accordance to our analysis are good for us or bad for us. So "good and evil" are relative to the three brains. What is good for some people is bad for others. What people in different regions of this planet call "moral" is just a manufacture of their intellect; their morality is elaborated in accordance with their three brains; morals change according to the likes and dislikes of different people. What is good in some regions of this planet is bad in other regions. So we 20

should not identify with the concept of "good and evil" because these are just projections of the intellect. That is ego. There are many things that are good in the mind, however they are negative things for the Consciousness, and there are many evil things in the mind that also are negative for the Consciousness. The Consciousness must always remember its own Being, its own God; the Consciousness must not identify with the ego because the ego is trapped between "good and evil." The good and evil of the mind does not have objective reality. It is just a projection, an invention of the mind. In order to walk on the path of Self-realization we have to follow the ethics of the Consciousness, not of the mind, because the mind knows nothing. The mind is 100 percent ignorant. That is why the mind is always enquiring how to know things. The Being knows everything; this is why God is not looking outside for knowledge; God only wants his own Self-realization, because he knows everything. Unfortunately we are not united with God and that is why we need guidance in order to receive the knowledge from God. God is beyond the mind. But only the Consciousness, which is beyond the mind, can be united with God. The mind will always be simply a vehicle, an instrument of the Consciousness. Unfortunately, in this very moment, that Consciousness, which is the soul, is not driving the mind. It is the contrary. The mind is driving the Consciousness, and that is why we are in this state of ignorance, because with this mind we think that in order to acquire happiness or Self-realization etc, we are going to do it with the intellect. That is not true. This is why we have to control the mind; but not the mind of the neighbor; we have to control our mind. The one who wants to control the mind of the neighbor is the ego-mind that we have, and not the Consciousness. When the Consciousness is not here and now, then we are trapped in this three dimensional world of the intellect, which is the mind; thus, we think like many scientists think: that the universe is only three dimensions because with the physical senses we only see three dimensions. This happens because the Consciousness, which is observing the universe through the five senses, is bottled into the intellect, into the ego, into the mind. Again, the mind is only an instrument. We do not have to be slaves of the mind. But we are, unfortunately. To dream is to not be here and now. In the pineal gland we have the sense that we call the "spatial sense" related with the space. When a person has the pineal gland in a good state this creature can perceive with his Consciousness the seven dimensions. Unfortunately, the pineal gland is atrophied in every one of us. It is atrophied because we are not using it. An organ that we do not use becomes atrophied. That is why we always insist that we have to remember ourselves; we have to always feel that we are within the body. When we feel, when at every moment we perceive that we are within the body, the Consciousness realizes it through the pineal gland, because the pineal gland is the seat of the soul, the seat of the Consciousness. To be awakened is the same as to put into activity the power of powers, which is polyvoyance, which is also intuitive clairvoyance or the spatial sense through which we can sense and perceive all dimensions. So if we remember ourselves here and now, we are going to start regenerating the pineal gland, which is also called the "Eye of Dangma." Since the Consciousness that has to remember that it is a child of God is free only three percent, it is obvious that we have to perform super-efforts, because the rest of the Consciousness, which is the child of God, is trapped within the ego 97 percent. The ego, as we explained in other lectures, is only desire. Desire is the projection of the mind into the past or into the future, without realizing the present, without remembering the true self. The Consciousness sleeps when the Consciousness is not here and now. In order for the Consciousness to be awakened, it has to be here and now, it has to realize the present moment, the eternal now, it has 21

to be always remembering God; thus this yoga, union, yug from moment to moment, second to second, radiates from the pineal gland. Unfortunately, the Consciousness is dreaming within the ego. So, this is why we are not aware of this hepta-dimensional space world. Hepta is a Greek word for "seven." If our Consciousness is always aware of the here and now, always in the present, living in this present moment, we eventually will be aware of the dimensions beyond the third dimension, we will be, for instance, aware of the fourth dimension. When a solid is moving in the space it forms a hypersolid. It is obvious that the fourth dimension in its temporal aspect is time. Time is circular and not a straight line. Time as a dimension is only possible to prove when we sense the fourth dimension through our pineal gland, with our Consciousness. It is not the mind that is going to realize it, but the Consciousness, because the mind related with the intellect is trapped, bottled up within the three dimensional universe. Likewise, we do not realize that beyond time there is another dimension which is eternity (the fifth dimension). Eternity is not time. Eternity is eternity. So we can say that the circle of time is within the circle of eternity. Beyond time and eternity we find the sixth dimension, the causal world, which is beyond time and eternity. There is also the seventh dimension or the zero dimension, the world of the Spirit, where we find the reality, that which is the truth and that receives many names in different religions. However, the mind, through the intellectual brain, gives to the physical body the capacity of visualizing three dimensions. The Consciousness became entrapped in the intellect because of the fascination with the different sensations through the representations that the mind was analyzing and that gave pleasure to the Consciousness. This fascination with sensations originated desire; this how the ego came to exist. This is why the Consciousness sleeps or dreams within the mind or ego, always desiring the same sensations of the past and trapped in time. No one can dream if he lives in the present and only by being aware of the present one realizes how much his Consciousness is asleep. When the Consciousness is aware of the here and now, it cannot be a slave of that mind which is pride, vanity, greed, etc. This momentariness is a state of ecstasy, a blessed union with God; it is a Consciousness that is not a slave of the mind. In order to enter or to experience the other dimensions we need to do it with the Consciousness. Do not expect to experience the 4th, 5th, 6th and zero dimension with your mind because when a student is trying to experience the other dimensions with his mind he always fails. This is because the intellect cannot go beyond the third dimension. This is why when we are out of the physical body in that dimension that we call eternity, which we also call the astral dimension, we do not realize that we are out of the body, because we are identified with the three dimensional world, because the ego is trapped within the entity that is related with three dimensions: thoughts, feelings and actions. This is why in order to understand or comprehend the ego we always have to analyze it in three ways: thoughts, feelings and actions, because the ego is that part that is related with the three dimensional world. It is always a dream, identifying with sensations, representations, etc and with its own world, with its own universe. Out of the body, the Consciousness trapped within any one of our own egos is always projecting the same three dimensional world, and that is why we are not realizing that we are in the fifth dimension because the Consciousness is not aware of the fifth dimension but identified with the desires of the egomind. You are here in this moment before the screen of your computer, but my question is - is your Consciousness really here? If your Consciousness is really here it is because you are remembering your true self and you feel and are aware that you are within your body. 22

If you are accustomed to exercising your Consciousness to live in the present, then it is obvious that if you project yourself out of the three dimensional body called physical body, you will be in the fifth dimension, the eternity, and there you will realize other phenomena; thus, you will be aware that you are in another dimension. Unfortunately, the Consciousness is trapped within the intellect, within the three dimensional intellect, so, when out of the body we feel that we are in the physical world. The Consciousness within the different types of dreams that we have, very seldom discovers that we are out of the body because the ego is always projecting the same desires related with the physical world, which is three dimensional. So if the Consciousness is identified with the three dimensional world then we will always be in the three dimensional world. If a Master, Angel would take us into the Absolute Abstract Space in order to have the experience of that which is God, the Truth, we will not be aware of Absolute Abstract Space, we will not experience That because the Consciousness is trapped within the three dimensional world of the intellect; we are asleep, whether in the physical body, or in the eternity, or in any other dimension. So as you can see, the problem is not the place, it is our Consciousness. It is like a blind person - if you put a blind person in Paris or in Italy or in Israel or in any other country in order for him to see the beauty of those places he will always be a blind man. If we are trapped in the three dimensional world, if an Angel or a Master takes us into another dimension, we will always be in this three dimensional world. We have to leave the battle which is in the intellect. We must not identify with the intellect; we must not praise the intellect. Those who praise the intellect praise the ego and that ego is three dimensional. So this is the study of dreams. The spatial sense, the pineal gland, starts to be in activity when we remember our true selves. This is how we start to realize that we are dreaming, in other words, we start to realize that we are identified and fascinated with this physical world; that we are behaving like slugs, because we do not realize that beyond this physical world there is the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimension. In the internal planes, our own Spirit, our own God, when he realizes that we want to be in union with Him, that we want to self realize ourselves, then He starts to guide us from his world, which is the Spirit, sending the right teachings, the right guidance for us in order to follow the path. In the astral plane the messages, the images that are coming from the Spirit come always in different symbols. Do not expect the Spirit to teach us in our own native language, because our own language is poor, it is not rich. The language of God, the language of the Spirit, is related with numbers. Let me give you an example so you may understand this type of language. If you have a dog and you want to teach this dog to obey you, this dog has to learn different tones of your voice to know what you want. "Sit" and then he will be seated. "Walk" and then he will walk. But you are not going to learn how to bark, because he has to obey you; he is your dog. In the same way, do not expect your Spirit to do what you want because you have to learn his language. If He comes to your level and talks at your level then you will always be in the level that you are now. If you bark at the dog, that dog will never learn how to obey you because you are barking like another dog. But if that dog senses that you are his owner then he will obey your orders, he will sense that you are superior and that you are over him because he has two brains and you are threebrained being. In the same way, the Spirit has its own language, which is superior, far superior to our own language, whether it is English, Spanish or any other language. That language is in symbols. Each symbol encloses a lot of knowledge. It is not possible to grasp, to take out all that knowledge from your own Spirit if you do not put into activity your Consciousness, because it is not your mind that will learn the language of the Spirit. Your mind is three dimensional and will only learn about the three dimensional world. But your Consciousness (because you are Consciousness) is the one that will learn the language of your own Spirit, of your own God. The language of your Spirit will start from the zero dimension sending into your level his messages. This is why in dream yoga you have to have a notebook in order to write with details 23

all the type of dreams you have, because during those dreams (which are only projections of your own ego) sometimes your Being will place symbols, or different types of events, within which He is going to teach you what you need. Those experiences will be related with the two superior centers that are not related with the ego. We have seven centers, five inferior (the intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctive and sexual center) and two superior (the Superior Emotional center and the Superior Intellectual center. Remember that there is the Objective Reasoning of the Being. That is related with the Superior Intellectual center and has nothing to do with the three dimensional mind that we have in this physical body. It is another type of mind). By remembering our true selves and being here and now is how we are going to put into activity those two superior centers. If we are asleep, if we do not remember our true selves, we are not going to be in relation with these two superior centers. When we remember our true selves then we receive help in this physical body here and now. Our Being, our God, is going to place wisdom, knowledge, in our Superior Intellectual center and is going to put those representations in our Superior Emotional center, which are related with the spatial sense, which is related with the space, in which the Consciousness is going to learn and see more little by little beyond the three dimensions. Since our pineal gland is atrophied, it is going to be regenerated slowly. Do not expect to regenerate your third eye, your Eye of Dagma, in one year or a few years, because we have many years without using it. So we have to have patient because that eye, that sense, is going to increase little by little and you are going to see the reality of the universe. You will realize that you were blind. Here it is necessary to enter into the Tantric aspect of the matter. We have to understand Tantra. We have to remember that in order to put into activity or regenerate the pineal gland it is not possible to do it with the mind. We have to ask for help to a power that is superior to the mind. That power is the Divine Mother Kundalini. She has no form, but she is the origin of all forms. She is in herself the origin of all matter. You can say that she is matter in her own essence without form. That energy, which we call Kundalini, is in a dormant state in the coccyx and is dormant because we are abusing the sexual energy. Remember that we already stated that because of sexual abuse we have a lot of errors and defects in the different centers. That is why lust is called the original sin because this sin originated the other sins, or the other errors, defects, vices errors that we have in the mind and which are in relation to the three dimensional world. In order to awaken that power which is the Kundalini we have to stop abusing the sexual energy. It is impossible to put into activity the spatial sense related with the pineal gland if we are abusing the sexual energy because in the pineal gland we have an atom of intelligence, which in Kabbalah is Binah. In order to awaken the intelligence, Binah, we have to put into activity the Kundalini. So behold, intelligence is not related with the intellect. To become an intellectual bookworm is easy, just put the whole information of a library within your mind and you are ready. However, to be intelligent is the most difficult thing you can imagine. In these times people call intelligent someone who is very intellectual; this is a very wrong statement. "In Western culture it is considered that a man may possess great (intellectual) knowledge, for example he may be an able scientist, make discoveries, advance science, and at the same time he may be, and has the right to be, a petty, egoistic, mean, envious, vain, naive and absent-minded man." - Gurdjieff If you take all the information from the brain of a person he will remain an idiot. He will not know anything of value. That information will be gone. However, one who is truly intelligent does not need the intellect to be intelligent, because real intelligence is related with the Consciousness. The intelligence in the Consciousness will control the information that we have in the intellect for our own good. When a person is not intelligent, he uses the information of the intellect in order to destroy his life and the life of others. This is what is happening on this planet Earth; we find only intellectuals who are not


intelligent. If they were intelligent this planet would be different, there would not be pollution and there would not be this disgrace that we have on our beloved planet Earth. So that atom of intelligence, Binah in the pineal gland, has to be put into activity when we raise, sublimate, that electronic force in the coccyx through all the vertebrae of the spinal column until reaching the pineal gland. That energy is the Divine Mother Kundalini, the female aspect of the intelligence (Binah), which is a power that we have in the coccyx that is dormant because we are abusing the sexual energy. Only by not abusing the sexual energy can we put into activity the intelligence, through the knowledge of the handling of the polarities between man and woman, because the woman has the feminine aspect of that energy and the man has the masculine aspect of that energy. Masculine and feminine united with wisdom awakens the intelligence and then we regenerate the pineal gland with the Tantric aspect of this matter. We have to worship the Divine Mother, the origin of forms, even of this physical form; this is how we learn how to walk on the Path because the intelligence will guide the Consciousness. The Divine Mother is intelligence in itself. We have to worship Her. The Divine Mother Kundalini has many names in different religions. She was symbolized, She is symbolized, She will be symbolized by many names. She is Mary, Maia, Isis, Isoberta, Rhea, Cybele, Tonantzin, etc. Related with the teaching of our Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor, he said we have to invoke her before going to sleep, before going into the astral plane. We have to perform this invocation after we attain the perfect memory of all of our dreams (as explained in the previous section) in order to ask for help from the Divine Mother. Of course, she can always help us. But because we are giving here the directions of this dream yoga practice, it is obvious you are going to perform this when you acquire the intelligence (awakened Consciousness) of doing it. This is how you have to invoke her: Tonantzin, Teteoinan, O! My Mother, come to me, come to me, help me, guide me in the internal planes. It is obvious that if you repeat this invocation even in the physical plane then you will walk with strong steps because the Divine Mother is the intelligence that gives to our Consciousness understanding (Binah) in order to walk on the path of the Self-realization of the Being. She knows very well how to take out that light or knowledge that is trapped within the ego. If we abuse the sexual energy we are abusing the very essence of our Divine Mother Kundalini. The one who is abusing the sexual energy is abusing the essence of forms, is abusing the Divine Mother and is worshipping the negative aspect of that Divine Mother, which is related with passion, with that organ that is called Kundabuffer, which is the opposite of Kundalini. All the people on this planet are worshippers of the Kundabuffer organ, the negative aspect of the sexual energy, and they are worshippers of this through sexual abuse, even when they ignore what we are explaining here. So in order to worship the positive aspect, scientific Chastity is indispensable. Do not mistake Chastity with sexual abstinence, or with celibacy. Chastity is Tantra. So then, the Divine Mother is going to place in the internal planes, in our dreams, the Initiatic Element. What is the Initiatic Element? It is a particular aspect of our Being related with our own self development. When we grasp that and discover that Initiatic Element, which is present in every dream, in that moment we will understand the message of our Being, we will discover that through that Initiatic Element our Monad, Being, God, is telling us different things. Very psychic persons have the capacity of remembering their Initiatic Element. But if you do not know your own Initiatic Element you must have a notebook in order to write your astral experiences and to discover it within them. It could be a color, a thing, a person, a sound, it is always something that is always there in every dream. But you have to discover it. Our Divine Mother is going to put that Initiatic 25

Element into our internal experiences and dreams and always we will be receiving that knowledge, instruction from our Spirit. We will then know very well how to walk. It could be an action, a way of being, it could be many things. We have to know that in order to study our dreams we have to study them based on the Law of Philosophical Analogies, the Law of Opposite Analogies, the Law of Correspondences and Numerology. Through these above mentioned laws we are going to study our dreams; this is how we are going to understand our own Consciousness. Remember that Pythagoras said man knows himself through his dreams. Remember that phrase in the temple of Delphi: Hommo noscete ipsum - Man know thyself and you will know your own universe and the universe outside, your own God and the Gods outside of you, because God is Gods, Elohim. It is obvious that only through meditation, through interior analysis, are are going to understand and comprehend our dreams. We have to learn Kabbalah, which is the science of numbers, the very language of symbols that our Being uses to communicate with us. This is why we have to study different books and this is why we emphasis the teachings of Kabbalah because they are related with Initiation, in order to comprehend it. The Kabbalah that we teach here in Gnosis is related with the Consciousness, related with the Being. That is what we want, the union with God, the correct use of science. A dream not interpreted is like a letter not read. - The Talmud An example of the Philosophical Analogies: remember that the white dove and eagle are the symbols of the Holy Spirit. Any type of bird is related with the analogy of the Spirit. An example of the Correspondences: rain is related with tears, pain, karma, and yet it also depends on how we are experiencing such dreams. A dog: in this physical plane we say the dog is man's best friend. So if we dream we are with a dog then we are seeing the symbol of a friend. If that dog is biting us it is a friend that is going to betray us. If we see a cat, in accordance to law of analogies, correspondences, we see that a cat is an animal that comes to you when it is hungry. But if the cat wants to be alone it does not care about your feelings. So in physical plane it is going to be someone who will be close to you because he wants something from you and will fake friendship. Likewise, many other symbols that you are learning through these laws you have to analyze and meditate. For instance, the Law of the Contraries: if you dream you are eating candy, something sweet, the dream is telling you that you will experience bitterness in the physical plane, the opposite, the contrary. If you dream that you find a lot of money and picking up money from the floor it means that you will experience poverty. It is not that you will be rich, it is the opposite. If you see the analogy of the correspondences related with money in the physical plane, if you feel that you are stepping in a pile of poo then that means you will have a lot of money because the money we have here physically is seens as poo, excrement, in the internal plane. So if you are so greedy in the internal planes then you are like those dung beetles that are always collecting poo. So people that are greedy are like those beetles. That is why if someone says you stink, it means you have a lot of money, because poo stinks. That is why this planet, this world stinks because every one is so greedy for poo, which means money. Behold the level of this planet earth. When the extraterrestrials come here and they see in the internal planes the type of behavior: people that care only about poo and care nothing about the Spirit. There are a lot of people who have their minds only in money and more money, like beetles. They are uni-dimensional beings, the sensation of being rich, they feel so good and so powerful, but only in this physical plane. When they die they leave the poo in the physical plane for others. So that is the symbol, so if you dream with that if you awake feel happy because you will have money. But do not identify with it. Be clean in your minds. He who is identified with money is filthy in his mind. The dog in philosophical analogies represents the sexual energy. But always we have to meditate because the dream, in accordance to the specific nature of the dream, is telling us the appropriate 26

analogy. For instance, to dream that someone is dying or that we are dying is good. When someone dies they are entering into a new life, we are going to have a complete change in our life when we die in a dream. Question: How do we know when it is a clairvoyant dream? Answer: This is why we have to meditate. We have to analyze to see if it is a projection of the ego or message from above. Only by meditating can we learn to discriminate, because that type of dream related with the message of our Spirit has a certain taste. We have it in our heart, we have a hunch. We say, "This cannot be a projection from my ego it is something coming from above." If we doubt, just wait, time will give us the answer in our life. Question: Is it wrong to have a good life? Answer: There is nothing wrong with having a good life. What is wrong is to identify with it and to think we are something because of that. If you feel that you are because of what you have, then you are living like a slug. When you move the soil of a slug then the slug is angry. People who have a lot of money but are unidentified with it may lose that money and they do not care. They do not feel themselves in the money. There are some people who feel they are that money and when they lose that money they commit suicide. They feel like a failure. Do not identify with your poverty or your wealth. Question: What is the language of the Spirit and how does He speak with numbers? Answer: One example is, for instance, the hours of the clock related with dreams. Sometimes when we ask our Being for information about something our Being shows us a clock. Then you will know in accordance to the time, to the hour, what is coming or what is happening and you prepare yourself. Every hour is a symbol. For instance, the fourth hour is related with attacks. Many black magicians, sorcerers, are going to attack you in order to stop you from walking toward Self-realization. There are many witches and black magicians that are working for the mechanical laws of nature. When you want to go out, to leave the mechanical laws of nature, they start attacking you. If you see the fourth hour you will have to know how to defend yourself because they will try to stop what you are doing. (The hours are explained in several books by Samael Aun Weor, especially Tarot and Kabbalah). We have to learn how to defend ourselves against our ego. This path is against the ego. Do not expect your ego to cooperate with you. Your ego is going to try to drive you out in many ways. Your ego was taking you out of your concentration on this lecture many times because the ego does not like this lecture because it is against him, in favor of your Consciousness. Learn the following conjuration to defend yourself from your internal enemies and your external enemies. I conjure all thy enemies, just as much thy internal as thy external ones, in the portal of Belen. I conjure them and I conjure them once again in case they have a pact with the Devil, Black Magic or backward creeds. I conjure them, so that they shall come humble to thy feet, as the Lamb of Christ reached the foot of the Cross. I conjure them, so that they shall come meek, as the Lamb reached from the Cross to the Eternal Father. With two I see them and with three I fasten them, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. (Explanation: "two" is Mother Nature and "three" are the three primary forces). The portal of Belen or Bethlehem is the pineal gland. You have to remember that you are in the pineal gland, which is the gate of heaven, the gate that unites our Consciousness with our Being. Visualizing that you are in the pineal gland, you visualize your mind, all your ego and outside of your mind you also find all those people who are worshipping the ego; they are also enemies of the path. So you are conjuring the enemies of your own God. Question: Can the mind ever need to move into the intellectual superior center to work with it? Answer: No. The Consciousness is the owner of the centers, not the mind. That intelligence which is the Consciousness is in the five inferior centers but asleep. It is trapped in all the centers. So the same


Consciousness, free, out of the ego, is going to handle the emotional superior center and the intellectual superior center and to learn how to control the inferior centers by being awake. Question: But can the mind still not be in sync with it? Answer: In this moment, the inferior intellectual mind of myself is serving me in order to teach you. But it is obvious that my Consciousness is receiving the knowledge from the superior centers and my intellectual mind is just a servant that I have to use to communicate with you. Question: So to get the mind to be in sync with the higher levels then it is a matter of allowing the higher levels to control the mind. Answer: We have to allow the superior centers to control us. In this moment we are identified with the mind. To be free of the mind we have to have faith in the Consciousness. Faith in the Consciousness is freedom from the mind, the intellectual mind. Faith in the heart in the lower level is weakness. Because we are putting the Consciousness with desire we are going to be weak. And that faith placed in the body is stupidity. So let us be free. And for that let us remember ourselves. When we are free, because we have faith our hope is going to give us strength because it is going to be God. If we put our faith in desires, in the lower level, we are going to have hope but in the ego and then we are going to be slaves. So hope in desires is slavery. And hope in the body is sickness. Every virtue in the right place is a blessing. In the wrong place it is wrong. We have a lot of ego within which virtues act always in the wrong way. So we have to use the virtues in the Consciousness and not in the ego. The virtue of giving is good but if you do it with the ego it is not good. You can give alms to a beggar and the beggar can take the alms and go to drink. So you are cooperating with that vice. People say within their egos, "I hope that in my next life I will reach the level of illuminated one." They die hoping in that and in they are reborn in the same way hoping that. The ego is always in time. The Consciousness is living in the present not the past or future. In these times humanity feels hope in the wrong way. There is only one hope: God, strength. Regarding Chastity - contraception is an abuse of the sexual center. To abuse of the sexual center is to put into the organ any artificial thing. Question: What if they are a young couple until they learn? Could they use it until they learn? Answer: We do not advise that. You beings on earth who are deep in slumber... Stop sleeping! Wake up! What are you waiting for? - The Zohar Dream Yoga: Four We are entering into the fourth lecture of Dream Yoga. This is the practice of the awakening of the Consciousness through the technique of Dream Yoga. Again, yoga means "union" and what we want is the union of our Consciousness with our inner Being. The word "yoga" means in general to join one's mind with an actual fact... - The 14th Dalai Lama We, who are trapped in illusion, must connect with something that is factual, real: our true Inner Being. Our Inner Being is God, the Spirit who is connected with our Consciousness through the pineal gland. Remember that in the pineal gland we have the seat of the soul. So when we are remembering our true selves we feel that as souls we are in the pineal gland. Really, from the pineal gland we have to feel ourselves in all the body. But the center of gravity of the Consciousness, which remembers the true self, is in the pineal gland. That which is the Spirit, God, is always in the sixth dimension, not in the body. In order to have the Spirit incarnated we have to have the solar bodies created. The ego has to be disintegrated as well. So what


we want with this technique is the annihilation of the ego, which is mind. It is the mind which weaves the illusions that hypnotize us and blind us from what is real (the Being). We explained in the last lecture that when we enter into the internal planes, in the astral plane, then we see many representations or images from the objects in the astral plane, and also visions which are the messages coming from the sixth dimension from our inner Spirit, which are teachings, knowledge, wisdom, directly related with the level of our Consciousness, related with that which we have to perform in order to advance one step more on the path of our Self-realization. Related with the representations and visions that we experienced within, we have to study very carefully our own psyche in order not to fall into the different wrong states and confusions and in order not to commit any crime. This is because with Dream Yoga we will start developing our Consciousness, the inner senses of our soul, mainly clairvoyance, which is related with the pituitary gland and pineal gland. What we want is to develop the superlative Intuition, which is also called Intuitive Clairvoyance. For that we have to exercise the Consciousness. It is not possible to awaken the Consciousness if we are not awake in the physical plane; if we do not remember ourselves, if we do not observe ourselves, it is impossible to awaken in the astral plane and to understand the messages and all the mysteries that are in each one of us. Remember that there is a law that exists in the universe which is the Cosmic Common Trogo Autoegocratic Law; this is the reciprocal nourishment of all the cosmic units. We give and we receive according with our level of Being. In the same way that we give, the same way we receive. This law is accomplished always in the physical plane or in all the planes, dimensions, and we have to comprehend it in order not to fall into mistakes related to the development of our inner capacities. All of the impressions that we receive in the physical plane always enter through the five senses and we have always a secretary that receives these impressions and this secretary puts these impressions in different places. That secretary is the ego itself. Instead of the ego, we need the Consciousness to be there taking all the impressions in through the five centers, in order to place all the impressions in the proper centers so that we will not commit any mistake, and thereby avoid forming any projection or false transformation inside of ourselves. However, in all of us, the ego is usually there instead. When the ego receives an impression, the impression will be transformed in accordance to the particular ego that in that moment is in the human machine. For example, if we see our girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, talking very close to a certain person and if we are very jealous, immediately we are going to transform that impression in accordance to our jealousy. We are going to place that impression in the wrong center, due to the fact that the ego of jealousy is transforming it in that very moment. Let us think for a moment that this person wants a close friendship with us. But due to the fact we are seeing this person close to our beloved and we think this person is trying to get involved with our beloved then we think and we start sending negative vibrations. This is the way in which the unconsciousness is working. The unconsciousness is that part of ourselves which is related with the ego in which we have the different traumas, defects, vices, errors, which personify ourselves. The 'I' of the clairvoyant traps all of the suprasensible representations that arrive into his mind and he interprets them in accordance with his hatred, jealousy, mistrust, maliciousness, passion, remembrances, pride, envy, arrogance, etc. The subsequent reactions of the clairvoyant are the outcome of his 'I.' - Samael Aun Weor If after that wrong transformation we go to sleep, then in the astral plane the ego of jealousy is going to project an image of the two persons. This is because we were thinking in the physical plane that this person was trying to get involved with our partner, even though we just saw them talking very close and maybe neither of them have any intention of having an intimate relationship. Then in the astral plane, because we were feeling that, we will see our partner committing adultery with the other person. When we awake we say, "Oh, I was right, because I know the different meanings of the astral images!" 29

Here in our example we may also be seeing the unconscious desires of both of them, and really this person is trying to be with my partner and my partner also wants to be with this person, but only in levels of the mind they are unaware of. If we awaken and become suspicious and blame them both, the result is still a false judgment. We must differentiate between the ego and the Consciousness. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. If we are not careful, if we do not know about the unconsciousness, which is that part of the ego which projects always many fantasies in the internal planes, then we are going to fall into the hands of Satan, the ego, and we will commit a lot of mistakes. So it is indispensable to comprehend the ego because every experience that we have in the internal planes has to be correlated with the physical plane. If that which we think is true does not correspond with the facts of the physical plane then it is not true. This is why we have to carefully examine our own Consciousness, because what we want is to develop the conscious clairvoyance and not unconscious. Unfortunately, we have a lot of unconscious clairvoyance due to the fact that we are slaves of the ego and we are projecting the different aggregates we have within. So it is necessary to not project. We have to consciously judge without projecting. We have to analyze without any prejudgment. Unfortunately, in our minds we have a lot judgmental elements: false judgment, anger, jealousy, lust, hatred, etc. We have many manias, like paranoia, which is the way in which the ego feels he is grand, powerful, and because he is powerful he has a lot of enemies. Such an ego always thinks that all the movements that people do around him they do in order to destroy him. That is why the delirium of persecution is related with paranoia. Many people from South America come into North America because they were having problems in South America with guerrillas. Then they think that any Spanishspeaking person from any country is enquiring about them, because they feel they are being spied on by their government. They feel that they are persecuted, a type of paranoia. So any person from South America that approaches them is perceived as connected with the government of their country coming to catch them. And this person is projecting the same thing in the astral plane. And if this person is not conscious of his own paranoia, then he is going to judge many people who do not care about politics or know anything at all about what the person is afraid of. Likewise, many other types of paranoia exist. So we have to carefully examine ourselves not to fall into these mistakes because the unconsciousness very easily projects traumas like that in the astral plane. We may think that our inner Being is warning us about a person. If we have a big mouth then we will start spreading rumors about an innocent person. This is a big problem when we enter into these studies because when we practice many exercises then the clairvoyance starts to develop. Many people have all types of manias due to the abuse of the intellect. The schizophrenic person is always flipping within his double personality and is always projecting in the astral plane his own madness. Neurasthenia is the abuse of the emotional center. These are people who are always emotionally sick and react violently in any moment. For example, when women are in PMS they react violently. If they control that, they will awaken a lot of Consciousness because it is the state of the body in that moment that is very sick. We have to study carefully the unconsciousness and for that we have to remember ourselves, that we are here and now, physically speaking. Remembering ourselves is to remember God. We have to transform impressions in the very moment when they are entering through the five senses, especially when those impressions are very strong, in order not to form false judgments, because as I said, we have within each one of us a very bad secretary that is taking the impressions and putting them in the wrong place. Then we are performing or creating false judgments, physically speaking. If we do not meditate and analyze that then we are going to project that in the astral plane. Most of our dreams are just frustrated desires, or when we are hurt in our pride or self-love. Let us examine ourselves and see if we have any of these manias. It is very difficult to find someone on this earth without a mental mania. 30

So that is why we need a lot of meditation and to remember our God at all times because it is very easy to develop the clairvoyance, especially when we start practicing Dream Yoga. Clairvoyance is the interpretation of all the representations we are seeing in the astral plane. After that we are going to develop the inner senses that are helpers of the intuitive clairvoyance, the different chakras. It is necessary to study the Four Gospels. There we will find the moral information that we need in order to know what we are lacking, what we need and what defects we have in order to be a very conscious clairvoyant. We need to be very cultured persons. We have to study Kabbalah very carefully. The objective of studying the Kabbalah is to be skilled for work in the Internal Worlds... One who does not comprehend remains confused in the Internal Worlds. Kabbalah is the basis in order to understand the language of these worlds. - Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah We have to put in our minds a lot of information, psychology. When we say we have to study psychology I am not referring to conventional psychology, because that psychology is written for people who are bottled up in the unconsciousness. They are not people working with the awakening of the Consciousness or working with the Self-realization of the Being. They are there for business. So do not expect to find something good in convential psychology for the Self-realization of the Being. When we are referring to psychology I am referring to the Objective Psychology related with the great Masters. That is why we advise you to read the Bible, mainly the Four Gospels, which teach us how to behave. Not "eye for an eye" because that is anger and that will fertilize the ego. In this knowledge, we need to have very logical thought and concrete and exact concept related with the analysis that we are going to do related with our experiences in the astral plane. In the same way that we are going to measure others, the Law is going to measure us. Remember that it is not good to throw stones against others when you awaken your inner senses. There are a lot of unconscious people and they know nothing of the awakening of the Consciousness and we have the advantage over them because we are awakening. Symbols (seen in our inner experiences) must be analyzed coldly, without superstition, maliciousness, mistrust, pride, vanity, fanaticism, prejudgment, preconceptions, hatred, envy, greed, jealousy, etc. Samael Aun Weor Related with the subconsciousness we have to understand our neighbor. We have to understand that they also have the ego and they project. The same way we find the subconsciousness in ourselves we find it in nature. The subconsciousness is the memory of the past. We have in our subconsciousness the memory of all our inner experiences, of the experiences we have had in the past with our families. In the subconsciousness we have our inheritance which is related with our past lives, different good and evil deeds we did in our past lives which we don't remember because we are unconscious, asleep. When we start awakening the Consciousness, part of the subconsciousness is bringing to us in this present time images of the past. As well, sometimes in a very mechanical way we enter into the internal planes into the subconsciousness of nature and we can see the past lives of other people without knowing we are in the past. In the astral plane, which is eternity, past present and future are an eternal now. Only the one who is having Continuous Consciousness and who is capable of being in a vigil state of alertness in the astral plane can examine carefully the past. But when we are sleeping (psychologically) we can enter into the past and we can see the same people we are seeing now behaving very badly because we are seeing the past life of such a person. If we do not know we are entering into the past in the astral plane, we are going to judge that person badly. So it is necessary to be silent and to wait for the time to speak and not to utter any judgment, especially when they are experiences related with other people. Everyone who is in these studies is always curious about every mysterious thing. In past lives such and such a person did not have the opportunity of finding this knowledge, this person was then practicing 31

black magic in order to satisfy his own curiosity related with the occult knowledge. This person was practicing witchcraft. It is necessary to know it is rare to find among the students of occultism one that does not have the ego of witchcraft and sorcery. Remember that we always return and when the Consciousness does not find the knowledge the ego itself is always looking for the same thing and we fall into practicing negative things. Now we are in this knowledge and we know what is good and what to do. Maybe we can enter into the astral plane and we can see that one student is doing something very bad or a student we know was an assassin or a thief in a past life. Maybe that woman who is very faithful to her husband was committing adultery in her past life. If we enter into the astral plane and we see this person behaving in a negative way, we have to wait because maybe we are entering into the subconsciousness of nature and we are looking at the images of the past. So the ego is something that we have to study. When we awaken in the astral plane, we can ask our Inner Being: "My Father, My God, you who are my real Being, please show me my past existences. I want to know what type of a person I was in order to know my defects, vices and errors that I committed in my past existences." In that way we will know that indeed we are not humble sheep but terrible wolves. This is why we are in this knowledge because we want to awaken. But we have to be careful with the subconsciousness. It is interesting that when we go to other groups, when they talk about esotericism, when they remember their past lives, they were always Napoleon, King Solomon, Cleopatra, etc. All of them were great. The ego of paranoia is very strong among students of occultism. They do not want to be small, they want to be great. If they really believe they were such a person then they project that in the astral plane. Then you return into the physical plane and you say, "Oh, now I am sure, I was Napoleon!" Everybody wants to be great. But if you examine yourself, be frank with yourself. Do not cheat yourself. The most horrible way is to cheat yourself. When you start believing you are an important person then you are cheating yourself. You start projecting and projecting and believing you are a great one. We remember a woman who said that in a past life she was Guinevere, but she is not Elizabeth Claire Prophet (who says that she was Guinevere also), this woman of our example was another one. Now we wonder who Guinevere is because Elizabeth Claire Prophet also says that she was Guinevere in one of her past lives. Both of them ignore that Guinevere is just a symbol of the Divine Soul. We also know a lot of persons who say they were John the Baptist. So do not fall into the mistake of believing that you were a hero or heroine. If you see your Inner God, when you know your inner God, He is always holy, perfect, always tremendously powerful. If you return into your body, you are not Him. If you have ego, you have to be frank with yourself. He is holy pure and clean, but we are not clean and perfect. We have to stop being paranoid. Paranoia is not good because we end building Mythomania, creating myths inside. What we want is the awakening of the Consciousness, the logical thought and the exact concept in everything, to develop conscious clairvoyance, not subconscious clairvoyance, because the subconscious clairvoyance brings images from the past and we get confused with it. What we have to do is examine our past, especially in this life, when we are having in our personality a lot of false knowledge, like the knowledge we are receiving in College and Universities. We hear, for instance, that many ignoramuses state that Tchaikovsky, Leonardo Da Vinci and Nero, Emperor of Rome, were homosexuals. Yes, we heard many of them saying that all the great men of the past were homosexuals. Why are they asseverating this nonsense? They cannot understand that the brain of the homosexual is filled with the Poisoninoskirian Vibrations. These are emanations or energies resulting from the mixture of the sexual semen with human excrement. This produces a horrible energy that rises to the brain, thereby rotting it completely. Those vibrations belong completely and irrevocably to those realms which share that vibratory level: the abyss, hell, the realm of denegeration and lust and all manner of animal behavior. A person who fills themselves whith those vibrations (through lustufl activity, thought, and word) lowers 32

themselves psychologicall and spiritually into those worlds. Their brain reflects that. A brain thus degenerated cannot develop the necessary spiritual senses in order to bring superior messages (like music and wisdom) from the heavenly places or higher Sephiroth. They simply cannot receive those vibrations, nor can they comprehend them. That is why those degenerated individuals love degenerated music, literature, images, and ways of behaving. The great men of the past were great Masters; they never had those types of manias or degeneration, they were men and women who had a very pure, very clean psyche. In order to bring high vibratory knowledge to earth, one must be able to vibrate in affinity with that knowledge. However, it so happens that many such men and women, working on the Path to the Self-realization of the Being, also had to face their own karma, their own egos, so many faced accusations, public ridicule, gossip, etc. Some were accused of homosexuality because of karma, or because their own true love, due to karmic reasons, was incarnated in a body of the same sex, so they could not be married, and instead they had to face that pain. Many were simply defamed by their enemies, and now we only remember them as their enemies want them remembered. Now people are repeating that nonsense and believing lies. We are polluting our subconsciousness with lies. It is necessary to clean our subconsciousness of all the garbage we have, especially the type of knowledge we are receiving. "Viewer discretion is advised." If we tell you to go the gas station and drink some gas, are you going to do it? No, why? Because it will hurt your body. Why do you not think in the same way with your Consciousness? What you take through the five senses will either pollute your Consciousness or feed your Consciousness. You have to select your food. Read good books that will feed your Consciousness. The newspaper is the worst way to pollute your mind, especially with all the politics. We always react according to the circumstances, examples that we receive in our childhood, in university, in our work. We always project that in accordance to those experiences. We do the same thing in the astral plane. That is why we are having those dreams that have no sense. The beginning of this is to be here and now, to start cleaning our Consciousness, selecting the food we have to eat through the five senses. In the same way we have to select the food we eat through our mouth, we have to collect it through our five senses. Otherwise we are going to do foolish things, we are trying to awaken the Consciousness meanwhile we are putting inside more and more garbage. Another type of danger that we have to be aware of is the infraconsciousness, the infraconsciousness of nature and our own particular infra-Consciousness... If we examine the Law of Reincarnation or Return we discover that not all the egos return into a new body. There is always a type of ego that is very strong and very degenerated that does not return but enters into the infra-dimensions of nature. In the same way that we find the supra-dimensions that are in the heavens, we find the infra-dimensions that are in the inferno or hell. The Master Samael Aun Weor gave an example of this type of return or reincarnation. Pancho Villa was a very famous revolutionary that helped the revolution in Mexico, yet he was also a rapist and an assassin. He did a lot of good for Mexico. He created a lot of dharma because of the revolution, but during the revolution he raped and killed a lot of people. So the Great Law took the good egos in which the Law found the good values of this revolutionary person and those good egos returned into a new body. That new body created a new personality and now is a great lawyer. This great lawyer is going to be or was already a president of Mexico. The Great Law paid him in that way. Moreover, he knew Gnosis in this present incarnation. So he is regenerating himself. But those egos related with crime and rapes are in hell so part of his Consciousness is in hell. If we meet this man in Mexico (we do not say the name because it is private) and have an experience with him in the astral plane, we will see him as an assassin and rapist, and we will say bad things against him. 33

So in the infra-Consciousness of nature you will find the negative aspect of any person, as well as our own particular infra-Consciousness. We ourselves have many egos that are currently active in the hell realms, but which cannot manifest in our physical life because of the mercy of the Great Law. If all of our egos were within us now, earth would truly be unbearable. When we have a nightmare it is because our own infra-Consciousness is taking us into hell, into the infra-dimensions of nature. All of the bestialities, crimes and all the negative degenerations of the past are in hell. In the infra-Consciousness of nature are the most criminal things we can see. All of those monsters we remember that existed in the past exist in the infra-dimensions of nature. That is why when we have a nightmare we see those monsters, demons that are trying to hurt us and we feel terror. We have to understand that we have that in each one of us. In the infra-Consciousness of nature we find the mystery of the Twin Souls related with darkness and light. In front of Anael, the angel of love we find Lilith, the angel of darkness of hatred. In front of any angel of light we find a demon of darkness in the infra-Consciousness of nature. If we are in the astral plane and by any accident we descend into the infra without knowing it and if we invoke an angel of light, immediately the negative aspect will come to us, the twin soul, which is a dark entity. And we will judge that angel in the wrong way. Any person you find doing good here has his negative aspect doing bad in the infra-Consciousness, because part of our ego is there in the infra-Consciousness of nature. When we talk about the Law of Reincarnation the lord Krishna says that some people reincarnate in animals and others in plants and stones. What he is indicating is that some egos do not return into the physical body because they are very heavy and degenerated, and so they return into animals and even go into the infra-Consciousness of nature. That is why we have to understand that part of our Consciousness is in some wild animal, or better say, part of our ego, and some other egos are in the infra-Consciousness. That is why it is easy for us to enter into the infra-Consciousness of nature because part of us is there. When we enter into the path of Self-realization we have to understand that sooner or later we are going to have to comprehend those egos and annihilate them. Or if we degenerate ourselves more and more our final journey is to be with the rest of our Consciousness in the infraConsciousness of nature. So of course we need courage on this path. When we discover negative aspects of our Consciousness we have to be frank. Do not be a type of masochist, to beat your chest and say, "I am wrong, something is wrong with me." That does not work; you have to be frank, to meditate and to ask for the annihilation of that element in order to walk on the path of Self-realization. Guilt does not help. When we discover in the internal planes that we are behaving in the wrong way do not beat yourself up by being guilty. Comprehend yourself. You do not remedy anything by feeling bad. The ego of self-pity is going to take strength in us. Self pity is another ego that is very strong in us. So behold that we have to study carefully the infra-Consciousness of nature and we have to realize that we have a lot of that inside of us. The images will come to us in accordance to our Consciousness, sub-Consciousness, unconsciousness and infra-Consciousness. Because we are developing intuitive clairvoyance with this type of technique, we are going to experience many things with many people. It is good to shut up and wait for the moment to talk in order not to commit any crime. Otherwise, the karma is going to be severe against us. We have to study the ego carefullyin order to awaken the Consciousness. What do we have to do in order to awaken conscious intuitive clairvoyance? We have to meditate and exercise our Consciousness with logical thought and exact concept, the Master gives us an exercise in order to develop that exact concept and logical thought. We have to put in front of us any plant. We have to look at that plant for a space of five minutes and then we close our eyes. Then we have to imagine the metabolism, the function of that plant: its cells, 34

the flowers, we have to see the developing of the molecules, atoms, cells, organs, related with that plant, carefully, to examine how was that plant as a simple seed coming from the soil and growing little by little. We have to examine with a logic thought how the different leaves, trunks, part of the plant were growing until it took that form that we find in front of us. Then we have to imagine, with logic, in accordance to what we know, how that plant is going to die and turn into dried wood. So with the imagination we are going to see that. Imagination is the same as clairvoyance because imagination is to see. But we have to see the reality, the truth, not the fantasies of the ego. We have to remember ourselves, we have to be here and now, and during the practice we have to be in the pineal gland remembering our God and seeing the development of that plant from the simple seed until the present moment, and then how the plant will die in the future. That process of evolution and devolution, carefully examined outside and inside, seeing the cells, the molecules and atoms, carefully seeing the chlorophyll of that plant running in the veins of that plant, the aroma of that plant, the pollen, etc, will develop our pineal gland, our chakra, in the correct way. This is the way to awaken the clairvoyance, the Consciousness. If we do that exercise every day and we remember ourselves every day, at every moment, 24 hours of the day then we will develop Continuous Consciousness, the continuous state of awareness which is called the state of vigil. Then we will repeat the same thing in the astral plane. Now with Continuous Consciousness in the astral plane we will see the same images and symbols but we will know we are in the astral plane. We are not going to dream. We are going to see the same symbols and images in the astral plane and we are going to move ourselves consciously in the fifth dimension. Then we will see the different symbols and we will feel that each symbol has its meaning inside. But we do not yet know that meaning. Then we are going to enter into the second stage of meditation which is Inspiration, which is to find the meaning of that symbol in front of us. We told you that in order to find the meaning of the symbol we have to apply the law of numbers, the analogy of contraries, the philosophical analogies and the analogy of correspondences. Based on those 4 laws is how we are going to take the truth and discover the meaning of that symbol. This is why we need meditation. Of course we need to listen to classical music, especially Beethoven. In order to discover the inspirational level of meditation we have to listen to the music and enter into the current of sound in the same way as the bee does it when doing its work, that is, making honey. Observe the bee when making honey, it is just there delivering, smelling, living in all its body the honey. In the same way we have to work with ourselves when we listen to classical music. We have to enter like the bee with honey into the current of sound and we have to feel each vibration, each sound, in all the cells, molecules of our body. This is how we live the music and it helps us to develop the inspiration to know the meaning of what we are listening to. Then that will help us to develop inspiration. When you develop inspiration, the meaning of those images or representations that you see in the astral plane will be known. When you are awake in the astral plane you will see the object, you will see the form, the symbol and you will know the meaning of that. It is like when you learn a language. In the beginning you are just listening to sounds and you know they mean something. Little by little you are learning and suddenly you are understanding; but that takes time. In the same way our Monad has His own language. In the beginning we just see the symbols and forms and we try to understand the meaning of that. But with patience and serenity we enter into the meaning, and suddenly we will speak the language of dreams. We are going to know what the symbols mean and we are going to know our future and we are going to know the state of Consciousness that we are in that moment and we will discover great things. But to acquire this, we need two virtues to be developed, these are Patience and Serenity. Do not expect to develop all those capacities in one month or in one year because we have a lot of subConsciousness, infra-conscious and unconsciousness from this life and other lives and to deal with that 35

you need patience, because the path of the Self Realization of the Being is not a joke, game or something for curiosity. It is serious and we need to perform it with Consciousness. We need to awaken the Consciousness. So when we are developing that inspirational knowledge then we are ready to enter into the intuitive part of it, which is the higher level of meditation. Then you will go beyond the astral plane, beyond the mental plane. Then you will experience the truth, the reality in itself. In order to enter into the sixth dimension and to understand the language of the intuitional world we need to know at least the basics of mathematics because that world is pure mathematics, where Kabbalah comes from. If you do not know Kabbalah or the basics of mathematics you will not understand the language of the sixth dimension. We need to develop that. Meditation is the way. The Initiatic Element, or that element that will come to us during our experiences in the astral plane, is that message, that form, that image, which our Inner Being is placing in our experiences, in our dreams and through that he will teach us. When we discover that initiatic element, just by concentration on it we will be immediately in the astral plane and when we see the initiatic element in front of our sight we will immediately know that we are out of our body, and that our Being is teaching us something. But we need a very serious study of our psyche and we have to be here and now. We must not sleep as a Consciousness. To remember our Being is to remember ourselves, and to observe ourselves is to study our own unconsciousness, sub-Consciousness, infra-Consciousness, because that is the part of our Consciousness that is within our ego and that will always appear in the surface of our senses, in front of any impression. So let us be alert in front of any impression in order to discover and meditate in that and clean the Consciousness of all those aggregates. Question: If we have heaven and hell within, does that mean that every thought we have will cancel itself out, is that what you meant the good goes to heaven and the bad goes to hell? Answer: It is obvious that the Consciousness, when it is free, it is that part of our soul that is going to heaven and having direct experience with the higher parts of our Being. The Consciousness related with ego is that which we call hell. Remember that hell is inferno, inferno comes from the Latin word Infernus which means inferior. Question: What is that word: Cosmic common auto...? Answer: Trogo means "swallow." Cosmic common Trogo auto egocratic: the reciprocal nourishment of everything existent. Which means "we give and we receive what we are given." In this moment, this knowledge is not my knowledge. It belongs to Wisdom, to Christ, taught to us by the Master Samael Aun Weor. I am giving to you Light, Wisdom, that will help you. Because I am giving, I will receive, that is the law. I need light, I give light. That is why the selfish people do not advance on this Path. They receive but they don't help. Cooperation is the Motto of this Aquarian age. To cooperate you have to give when you receive. Question: Does the soul enter into animal bodies? Answer: Related with the law of return. There are many mysteries especially when someone has a lot of egos; not all the egos return into the same body. Part of those egos return into some animals. It is the case of some initiates that the same soul is in two bodies at the same time. That is very rare. Most of the time in relation with people with ego, some egos enter into hell and others are in the body. So when we enter into the path to Self-realization we are collecting, possessing our soul. We want to collect all our parts (which are currently trapped in egos) and that is the work. During the path we discover that part of the soul is not in the body but it is in hell or is in some animal because it is a type of degenerated ego, which thankfully is not in this body in order not to hinder our spiritual evolution. In relation with that infra-Consciousness we have to understand that drugs, contraceptives, and infernal music always opens the atomic doors of our psyche and some of those egos come from the infra and manifest in the physical level and a person starts behaving very badly. All the animal part of our 36

Consciousness is in the infra Consciousness and when we open the doors through drugs and many things those egos take over and the people start behaving in the degenerated way. Question: What I was insinuating was that soul was born in 1960 and then died and reincarnated into another body but that body was born in 1950 so there is a time warp there. Is that possible? Answer: It is possible because the ego does not belong to the third dimension. The ego always remains in the fifth dimension, Eternity, past present and future is an eternal now. The ego that you have in this moment within yourselves is in the fifth dimension. The ego belongs to the fifth dimension. Your physical bodies are in the third dimension but that which is your ego is right there within yourselves within the fifth dimension. They are thinking through your mind, feeling through your heart. They are there, but in the fifth dimension, and from that dimension they take control of the physical body and they project themselves through our three brains, whether it is jealousy, hatred, pride, greed, vanity, etc. But that fifth dimension is related with our own projections in this present unconsciousness, with the past - sub Consciousness and with the lower parts of nature, the infra Consciousness. Question: Paranoia, people who are paranoid, when they are like that don't they actually bring that into their lives? Will they in turn attract that thing to happen into their lives? Answer: Eventually they will attract that. Everyone attracts in their lives what they have within. Like the magnet attracts a piece of iron. That is why I am telling you that the Cosmic Common Trogo Auto Egocratic law - you are attracting into your body what you have within. What egos you have within, the same forces will be attracted. If you have the egos of the infra-dimension within then you will attract those people related with that infra-dimension and forces from that infra-dimension. To be free of that you have to correct yourself, to change the inside, because the exterior is the reflection of the interior. See the exterior society. It is obvious that this society in which we are living in this moment is the projection of the interior of many people: buildings, neighborhoods, violence, war, pornography, etc are the invention of many people. We are here because we are society. The individual is society. The projection of the individual is society. If we want to change society we have to change the individual. We have to control our Consciousness, not the Consciousness of our neighbor. If we are seeing things with our Consciousness we have to respect because we are not holy. Like Jesus said, "He who is without sin throw the first stone." We are full of vices. We have to learn to forgive. It is the Prayer of the Lord: Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. So are we forgiving? If we are not forgiving how do we expect to be forgiven? Question: To transcend the ego is different then to eliminate the ego? Answer: To transcend the ego is to eliminate the ego. We transcend the mind when we eliminate the ego we have within the mind, because the ego is the mind. Question: If we are somehow getting to our Being and at this moment we are not here and now and we are ego, who is directing our progress? Answer: In order to progress we have to be here and now and we have to remember our God. We have to do the effort to be here and now. When I remember myself I remember God and I am frank with myself and I try to understand that part of my Consciousness which is wrong. When you start recognizing that you are sleeping that is the first step to awaken. If you realize that you are not awake, then it is a sign that you want to awaken; then do super efforts to awaken. Do the mantra OM TAT SAT OM to put into activity the pineal gland, which is the only gland related with the Being. When we are there our Monad is helping us, sending us a lot of force to pull us because we are part of Him. Our Monad needs us. But we need to meditate and liberate ourselves from the ego. We have to feel ourselves inside, and in the seat of the chair, which is the Consciousness remembering, is the pineal gland. So we are sitting there and we feel we are in the body. That is remembering yourself at all moments and then we will discover the different parts of the ego. Be patient, as it is a long work.


Dream Yoga: Five Today we are going to enter into the fifth part of the Dream Yoga course and we are going to talk about the practice of Return, a practice in which we learn with the Consciousness how to leave our dreams at will and to travel in the astral plane. You know that we have to discover our Initiatic Element, which is a particular element, sign, clue, color, animal, sound. The Initiatic Element could be any element that is in our dreams. It is said that very psychic people already have that Initiatic Element, which is related with a dream that is repeated, or a symbol that is in every dream. So if we carefully examine every single dream we will discover that Initiatic Element, because that is the clue in order for us to control our dreams and to awaken. The only way to awaken Consciousness is to recognize that we are dreaming and we cannot do this if we do not awake within the dream that we are dreaming. That is the main point in this practice of Dream Yoga. You know very well that we need to have a book in which we have to keep a record of different dreams. And we said that to awaken completely the memory of our dreams is indispensable. And it is not possible to awaken that memory if we do not awaken in the physical plane. We said that the different experiences that we have in the astral plane, the different dreams, are nothing but a repetition of our daily, waking dreams that we have in the physical plane; i.e. our Consciousness sleeps, and we dream through fantasy, daydreaming, and all the many psychological states that fill our three brains. In India the Brahmins say that "life is a dream of Brahma." It is true. Life in each one of us is a dream of Brahma. So Brahma has to awaken. When Brahma awakens in each one of us then the possibility of dreaming disappears and we live consciously here and in the internal planes. Remember that there are many techniques given by many Masters in order for the neophytes to acquire ecstasy, Samadhi, in order for the neophyte to experience the superior worlds, in order to enter and have a beautiful experience with divine Beings in the dimension of Heaven. And of course through Dream Yoga you can acquire those experiences. But the goal of Dream Yoga is to acquire the illumination in this physical body and all the internal bodies. To be an illuminated one is to be awakened, not to sleep, not to dream. Usually when people are out of their physical bodies they dream. It is very rare to find someone who is awakened because this awakening happens slowly, with degrees and it is a work of the Consciousness. The Consciousness is before two paths. One path is the path of everyone, where everyone sleeps, dreams and they know nothing of reality. The other path is the one of the awakened ones, those that are in the state of alertness, attentive, those that are not sleeping. Of course, when we enter into these studies of Dream Yoga we start by learning how to awaken by recognizing and studying the different dreams that we have. We said that to dream is to desire. If we examine our life we see that everything in common life is founded on desire. The root of all our actions is always in desire, different types of desire. To desire is to not be in the present. The Consciousness, when it is a slave of desire, is sleeping. And we as a soul are the Consciousness. We said that the clue in order to be awakened is to be here and now, living in the present. We said that God is omnipresent. In order to be united with God, to acquire the yug, the yoga, we have to be here and now. To be here and now is to recognize this very moment, this very second, second after second, being aware of the activity of life. Let life be and you just be there. So by being here in this omnipresence when the Consciousness is in the state of awareness of the eternal present is how we consciously recognize everything that is around us and everything that is happening within us. If we are not in that state, if we do not do the effort to be in that state, then we are wasting time because the first step of the awakening, of the study of dreams is to awaken, because how is a sleeping person going to study dreams? Only an awakened one can do this. But do not expect 38

to be awakened 100 percent because only an illuminated one like Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, is a being with 100 percent awakened Consciousness. We are neophytes. It is written that an illuminated Master does not make any effort to be awakened because he is already awakened. To be awakened for him is normal, just abnormality seems normal to us, because we are asleep. For us, to be sleeping psychologically is the normal thing. For instance, talking with the Master Samael Aun Weor, he was telling us: I do not make any effort to be here and now. I remember my Being, I remember myself and I observe myself at the same time without any effort. That is natural in me. I always, second after second, remember my Being. And second after second I am always observing the activities of my three brains. Second after second I am practicing the Key SOL. In another lecture we explained that the Key SOL was subject, object, and location. The subject is always the Consciousness, so the Consciousness is always within the body. But you know that disgracefully our Consciousness is divided into many parts, like pride, vanity, jealousy etc. So depending on what ego is acting in any moment is how we are going to feel. That is why we have to be here, always attentive of what is inside of us. You will say, "What is inside of my body is myself." Yes, but that self is divided into different selves. At any moment we could see within ourselves an ego of vanity, could be pride, could be lust and one has to be aware of that by the subject. And that remembering of one self is commitment, which I told you in other lectures is called filial love: to feel oneself that one is a child of God. So we have to remember God. Second after second we have to feel that we are children of God and that we are within the body. To do that and to observe at the same time the activities of the three brains: what I am thinking, feeling and doing, at the same time. If you observe you have to be divided into two: the part that is remembering God and is feeling inside of the body and the part that is being observed, which is also you at the same time. So to remember oneself and to observe oneself are two different things. To remember oneself is to feel ourselves within the body and to remember our God. To observe ourselves is to observe the activity of the three brains in order to discover in any hidden moment what psychological aggregate is acting inside. The only person that can do that is you. No one can come and say they will help you because it is not possible. Only you can do that and that is the first step to awaken: the subject divided into two. The object: you have to be conscious of what is around you. How many pictures are hanging on the wall? How many chairs are in the room? How many people are there? You have to observe every single thing without forgetting that you are within the body and that you are connected with God and that you are observing your three brains. If you forget that, then you will fall asleep again. At the same time - location: to be conscious of the place. This room, this house, to expand your Consciousness, this is what to be awakened is. Of course, as neophytes we need efforts to do this. But in reality we do not need efforts; but SUPER-efforts. The pressure we have to make on our Consciousness is very strong and to do that is a super-effort. That is the daily effort that we have to perform in order to be awaken within our dreams. The Master Samael told us that he did not do any efforts to do that because "that" is an activity of his Consciousness in his instinctive center. My digestion system is working and I don't need to be aware of it, because it is an activity of the instinctive center. I breathe and the intelligence of the instinctive center is doing that. So the Master Samael said that he placed that Key SOL (subject, object, location) in his instinctive center with the super-efforts that he performed during many years of remembering himself, doing the work, second after second. And finally after many years of doing this psychological work of "SOL," it became an instinctive activity of his Consciousness as natural as to breathe. And of course all the Masters work with their Consciousness like that. But for us in order to work in that level or for that Key SOL to reach that level, for that Key SOL to become something natural, we have to do the super-effort to place it in the instinctive center. Right now that state of alertness: subject, object, and place, is not there. The only way of doing it is by super-efforts and so on, every day, every day! 39

So an illuminated one is someone who is always in the state of alertness: subject, object, and place. Not only here in the physical body, but also when he or she is outside of the physical body. It is obvious that when you are in that state you can recognize and discover every single dream that is happening, that is to say, every single desire, that is to say, every single activity of any of your psychological aggregates through your mind, through your heart and through your sex. And of course, we have to do the practice of Return, which means to enter into a dream by will. But in order to perform that we have to do it physically, meaning we have to enter into a dream consciously in the physical plane. We have many types of dreams. In India they say life is Maya, illusion. God is real, reality. So we are here now and we are in activity with God. But through us, through the mind, through the heart, through the sex, we have many activities of different psychological egos during the day. We have many egos and each one of those psychological aggregates, egos, projects a desire. You are always projecting. If you are in the state that I am telling you, you will see that always in your mind you are projecting something. You are not in the present. You are always projecting, there are a lot of people in you who are making plans for the future. And the plans that you are doing for the future for your own good or for your own bad are always coming from your mind, from your ego, but never from your Being. The Being is God and God is always omnipresent. God is not identified with the future because God is always an eternal present. God is life but the mind is always identified with "what is going to happen, what is going to happen with me." We are full of fear. To be afraid is to be dreaming. God, the real Being, is intuition, superlative intuition. God is not afraid because God is omnipresent. God always knows what is coming. But the mind is not omnipresent; it is always in the past or in the future, it is always projecting. The mind wants to know what is coming, and because it does not know, it is afraid. "I have no money, I have no work. What is going to become of me? Am I sick? Maybe I will die tomorrow?" And everyone is identified with the dream of fear. Fear is a common dream. But there are many types of dreams. Pride is a type of dream: when you project how to succeed in life, when you want to succeed in life. Does your Inner Being want to succeed in life? No. He is God; He does not need any type of success. But you do because you know that you are nothing and pride wants to make something of you. Therefore you will do the effort and everyone will do the effort to feed that desire. Behold here two types of effort: the effort of the ego to be "someone" and the effort of the Consciousness to be here and now. So when you are here and now and when you are remembering God it is the Consciousness doing efforts in order to be united with God. But the other type of effort is the effort of the ego that wants to work with the horizontal line which is related with pride, vanity, jealousy, fear, gluttony, laziness. So in the horizontal line you have a lot of dreams, a lot of desires, a lot of projections, many things that you want to fulfill that are not related with your inner Being but only related with what you need in this life, with all the problems which we are in. So you have to realize that the work with your Being is the vertical line, while the horizontal line is related with dreams, physical dreams in which you are not in the state of alertness. Those types of dreams, events of your life when you are not here and now, result in many things happening. Some things are pleasing for you, others are painful for you. You have to observe yourself and you will see that there are many things, many psychological aggregates in you that suffer, others that enjoy. There are always the opposites of life. When you are on the horizontal you always find the opposite: pleasure and displeasure. During daily life you have to observe in order to enter into your dreams. To enter into your dreams is to examine your life. So that is the first clue that you have to practice: to enter into your dreams. You have a dream, for instance, regarding your job. You have different ways in which you work and acquire money, in order to acquire the different things that you need to survive. Enter into that, 40

examine that, but do not do that when you are alone in your room. No. The first step is to enter into that dream when you are doing it. And you have to study that without identifying with it. To observe yourself when you are doing something (usually you are not observing yourself), you are remembering yourself when you are working, eating, showering, having a conversation, reading a book. Observe yourself when you are doing all those things. Do what you have to do, but remember your God and observe what you do. That is to enter into your daily dreams, to discover the daily activities of yourself consciously. Usually you do it without observing yourself. Sometimes you observe without observing. Right now is an example. I am talking to you, I am expressing myself in some way, but at the same time I am observing myself. I am observing, I observe the mannerisms that I have, the way that I move my body. I am observing my head, my heart, my sex at the same time that I am talking to you. And at the same time that I am doing this I am remembering my God, meaning that I am awakening in this moment. But if I forgot my Inner Being and I stop observing myself and I keep talking, then it is a dream, just a dream. Then I am not awakening within my actions. Sometimes it is indispensable to do that when a dream is very strong, when it is a nightmare. Right now it is very pleasant for me to observe myself while I am talking and remembering my God. Nothing wrong with it, right? But what about those times when somebody insults you and tells you things that you don't like, when someone tells you something to your face that hurts you, that removes the inside of your heart, then this is the moment when you have to enter. That is to suffer a penance, to be aware of the pain that you are feeling in that moment. Let us say that you are feeling that pain and you are crying and you feel in your heart that it is tearing apart and you cry. Keep crying, but go inside, observe yourself, observe that pride, observe your mind, your heart, your actions and remember God. Study yourself. That is to enter into the daily dream. If you have strong willpower you will leave that dream easily. You will ask for strength from your God. "My God, please take me out of this! I don't like it, I am suffering here!" You will feel how your God, because you are remembering Him, will take you out of that activity of your Consciousness, which is related with fear, with pain. Do the same thing when you are angry. Enter into your anger. Are you saying things? Are you feeling very angry, acting very angry? So, enter into your anger and observe yourself and during that moment pray to your God, "Take me out of this! I don't like the way I am feeling!" However, do not think that your God will eliminate that anger in that moment, to think that way would be silly, because if your Divine Mother perchance would do that, then she will send your Consciousness to the abyss. What you need is to free your Consciousness from that ego and that implies a lot of comprehension of that particular event of anger. And in order to acquire such comprehension you must self observe the activity of that part of your Consciousness that is bottled up within that particular anger. Later on, you can go to your bed, or your chair and you will revive that dream. You will enter into that dream by will, meaning you will take that event and place it there and you will enter again and you will remember the words, the pain; but without forgetting your inner God. You will do this practice not with the goal of being a masochist but with the goal of knowing yourself, without identifying with the pain, without identifying with the words that you heard. You will go and enter and study it in order to understand the ego, the psychological aggregate related with that particular event or dream. And you have to awaken within that particular event or dream, meaning that you have to understand the roots, the strings that are moving those types of emotions, thoughts, actions, within yourself. By acting this way in your daily life you are going to enter as well into the dreams in the astral plane. Then by will, by discovering the Initiatic Element, which is always a symbol, a thing in the astral plane, when you discover that element you will concentrate on that element or that particular dream that you want to revive and you will enter into that particular dream. There are many people who do it. They go to bed and they concentrate on that particular element that they already know and they enter by will, in other words they produce by will the dream they want. So when they are in the dream, then by utilizing 41

willpower they leave the dream by will. There are many people who already do that without knowing Dream Yoga. I hear of people who say "I am dreaming, this which is happening is not physical, I am in a dream," I hear that they change the action of a will by dream. "No I don't want to dream this, I want to dream with another thing." People who do that have the ability to do what I am telling you right now, to enter into a dream by will. So when you are dreaming that particular dream that you are concentrated in, when you realize that you are dreaming that then you say, "Oh, this is the dream that I am producing by will." When you recognize that, if you want to keep dreaming that in order to study the different phenomena, you can do it. But what the Gnostic does is they leave the dream by will, recognizing they are dreaming they say, "Now I don't want to dream this anymore, now I want to invoke my Divine Mother." Talking to their Divine Mother, She helps them to understand the dreams. It is obvious that the first step is easy. To enter into a dream is easy. The second step, to leave a dream is not easy. Many people succeed with the first step and it is very rare for them to have the willpower to leave a dream. Usually they are identified. If you identify with things of course it is good to meditate on those particular elements that we identify with so that we do not do it again and again. That is the practice that we have to perform every day. Do you understand? Do you comprehend what it is to enter into a dream? In this moment we have to be here and now. Life is a dream, let us be conscious of our dreams. When we awaken in different dreams this is how the Consciousness is gradually awakening. Do you hear about powers, virtues, that we have to develop? There are many mantras, exercises that you can practice to put into activity your chakras. But we can say that is a short experience, something that you will lose eventually. The only power that is perennial is the power of the awakening of the Consciousness. When you disintegrate dreams then you awaken. Inside of us we have like 10,000 dreams, many types of dreams. To study each one of them and to awaken in each of them is to put into activity different elements of the Consciousness. When the Consciousness is no longer submitted to the different aggregates that we have then that Consciousness is free. An example is Aladdin's lamp. The Genie is inside the lamp. That Genie is the Consciousness with power. But while the Genie is inside of the lamp what we have is a dream, an illusion, we don't have the power. Aladdin is that part of ourselves that is doing the work, that is observing his own self and by destroying the bottle is liberating the Genie. That Genie is part of him. When the Genie becomes one with Aladdin, then Aladdin has his type of powers related with the Genie. However, we have many Genii because we have many bottles. There are thousands. So we must have the patience of liberating one Genie after the other in order to liberate all the powers of the soul, in order to awaken little by little. The awakening of the Consciousness applies the activity of all the parts of our Consciousness in different levels. That is why you have to understand that the awakening of the Consciousness is gradual. It is an activity, a super-effort that we always have to perform. The goal is the Yug, the yoga, the union through the study of dreams, which is in reality the whole work of the Self-realization. But this is in combination with the activity of the Consciousness in the astral plane. Because if we do not do this in the physical plane, how are we going to do it in the astral plane? Do not expect to perform something in the astral plane if you don't do it in the physical plane, because the person who is reading this lecture in the physical plane is the same one who goes in the astral plane when he or she leaves the body. Do not think you are another person when you are out of the body, you are always the same one. An example, you are the same one when you are dressed or when you are naked. The only difference is the clothing. But you are always the same one. The same thing is with the Consciousness. When the Consciousness is wearing the physical body it is the same one. And if the Consciousness is not practicing the exercises within the physical body how will the Consciousness do it out of the body? It is a continuity of actions. Do you understand? 42

After working let's say for 16 hours a day, observing yourself, remembering yourself, observing the object, location and place and always going into your dreams, observing the activity of your ego, always remembering your God, moment after moment, doing super-efforts in order to do it during the physical body for 16 hours. Then the physical body is tired after 16 hours and the common and current activity of the body is to sleep. So let the body sleep because it needs to rest. But the Consciousness does not need to sleep, just the body. If the body snores, let the body snore. But you are the Consciousness, you are going to say - let us stay naked physically sleeping. But when the Consciousness leaves the physical body it is dressed with the astral body, another body which is subtle, which belongs to the 5th dimension. But because the Consciousness is accustomed to remembering itself when it is leaving the physical body it is doing the same thing when it is dressed with the astral body. And the exercises that we are teaching here are easy. The Consciousness which is observing and recognizing things immediately recognizes the Initiatic Element and says "Oh! This is my Initiatic element so I am no longer in the physical plane, I am in the astral plane. I left my physical body, I am in this dream in the astral plane. In the astral plane there are other laws so let me take advantage of these laws and leave this dream." Then you can investigate the mysteries of life. There are four steps which the Master Samael calls the Four Blessings through which the Neophyte passes when he enters into the practice of Return. The first is that which we call the Revealing Light. This is that light that the Neophyte can visualize easily because it is always there moment after moment. If you are not there when that light is going to penetrate your physical and astral body you won't recognize it. But because you are accustomed to being here and now, moment after moment remembering God, you are there and your body is falling asleep, your body is really resting but inside of your body you are like a cat, you are very aware. Then you recognize that light of Revealing or Revelation. And that light is related with those projections, images related with all the events, activities of your Consciousness in the physical body, words that you heard, events that you saw in the physical plane, projections of your thoughts. That is the first thing that you see, but is like a retrospective activity of your Consciousness in a very short time. The Gnostic Neophyte observes that and if he does not lose the momentum, the state of awareness, if he does not lose the attentive state, he will penetrate into the second step of the second Blessing which is the Increasing Light, in which the Consciousness is surrounded by astral energy. Then the Neophyte feels when he is leaving the body. If he was concentrating in the Initiatic Element in that particular dream he will penetrate directly into that particular dream; but consciously. The second Blessing and the first one have a common and current light that has happened to everyone. However, for us, we want to penetrate into the third Blessing and even the fourth. The third Blessing happens in those Neophytes who are working everyday with the Key SOL and always working with a lot of efforts in the annihilation of dreams. Then the Divine Mother helps the Consciousness enter into the third state, the third Blessing, which is the Initiatic Light, that light related with the different activities of the Consciousness, related with the path of Self-realization, activities of that light in which the Consciousness enters into a very high level, not related with the ego but related with the Being. Then, the Neophyte remembers all the activities of his Being, in relation with the path, in relation with other activities which are happening in the internal worlds. Beyond the third Blessing is the fourth, which is the goal of every Initiate, which is Profound Interior Illumination. To penetrate into that light is to penetrate really in that which is called Heaven, in which you discover many activities of many Beings. Like here for instance in the physical plane, you see many beings doing things related with many things relates with the physical plane. In the internal planes there are many Angels, Devas, Masters, but all of them are awakened, all of them are profoundly illuminated. So we have to penetrate within that light with many efforts. To reach that level implies many years of hard work. We penetrate little by little. Do not expect you will enter with one shot. But when you enter 43

in some particular level in the internal planes, the interior profound illumination, in that state you can invoke any Master you want. You can talk with any Angel you want. Then in that state is when you can talk with the great Angels, Gods, Devas, and also you can invoke the different parts of your Being, which are related with you in order to receive help. Did you ever hear in Christianity about the Guardian Angel? The Guardian Angel is one part of the Being that we can develop and invoke in order to perform different miracles in this physical plane or in the internal planes. You hear for instance that there were many Masters performing miracles. When you read for instance in the Bible that Jesus was doing this and that and people called them "miracles," we have to understand that Jesus reached that interior profound illuminated state and he was capable of controlling all the parts of his Being, invoking all those parts in order to acquire different activities of those parts in the physical or internal planes. And the Guardian Angel is precisely one of those parts. Thanks to the Guardian Angel, Jesus could walk on the water. And thanks to the Guardian Angel anyone one of us can do it. Every part of the Being has its power. The Guardian Angel is that part of us that can take even the physical body and transport that physical body in the 4th dimension to any place in accordance to our wish. But in order for us to invoke the Guardian Angel, or any part of the Being, we have to reach that level of the Interior Profound Illumination, because it is the level in which the Son is united to the Mother, with the Holy Spirit and everything that we do is always of course in accordance to the law of God, it has nothing to do with the ego because it is not a dream. It is something that we are doing consciously, as in this very moment we know we are in this physical body and we do things consciously. That is what we want. But we have to be patient because the first step in Dream Yoga is to have a record of all the dreams and to discover the Initiatic Element. If you do not know what your Initiatic Element is you have to discover it. And to discover it you have to have your book and to write your dreams and practice this discipline every day. This discipline is not just for the day that we are reading it. It is for you to practice it at home alone, or with your family, or when you are at work alone or with your fellow employees, whether you are walking on the street alone or with people. Dream Yoga is a practice we have to practice every day if what we want is to awaken. And I repeat, the Initiatic Element is the first step. Do any of you know about the Initiatic Element? Do you already what your Initiatic Element is? Everyone has it. If you don't know what it is you have to discover it. The only way to discover it is by writing your dreams, examining your dreams. By discovering it is how we begin to awaken. Do you have questions? Question: How do we awaken in our dreams? Answer: You awaken in your dreams when you recognize that you are dreaming. It is impossible to awaken if you do not recognize that you are dreaming. Let us give an example. If you discover you are in a pool with clear water and then you say "Now I can swim." So anytime you discover you are in a pool with water then swim. But if you are not in a pool of water then you cannot swim. So when you discover the pool of water with this example, when you discover it is a dream, if you discover that and if you recognize that you are dreaming then you can awaken. But if you don't discover that then it is impossible to awaken. How is possible to discover you are dreaming? By practicing the Key SOL in the physical plane in which you are going to enter into your daily life, which is dreams, projections, you will do it consciously. Do the effort right now. Penetrate into this lecture consciously. To do this is to feel that we are in the physical body inside, not just to feel it but to be aware that we are within. Feel that the physical body is a vesture as when you feel your clothing, you feel that you have it on. So feel the physical body in the same way. Feel that it is a vehicle, a vesture. Feel yourself within and remember God. Do the YUG, because that is Yoga, union. The YUG, the yoga, is not for tomorrow, it is for today, the present. God is Omnipresent, be united with Him by being here and now. Remember God, remember yourself within. FILIAL Love: feeling that you are children of God. 44

If you practice that second after second I will tell you that you will lose that momentum very soon because your Consciousness if not accustomed to it. But if you do the efforts and super-efforts, maybe right now you are doing it and you will forget it. And in half an hour you will remember and do the effort and then you will forget again. So during the day you have shocks, maybe you will remember yourself 10 times a day. But you do the efforts to increase that amount every day. Then your Consciousness will become used to that. So when you go out you will repeat the same thing in the astral plane. Your Consciousness will recognize dreams in the astral plane. To retain that state of awareness is difficult. It is easy right now because I am reminding you. But to retain that second after second is difficult. If we don't do it we are doing nothing. Because the first step is Key SOL. Are you in front of the computer and all of a sudden you remember, "Oh, I am in front of the computer!" Keep working there but remember yourself. Observe yourself. Question: Is there another name for the Guardian Angel? Answer: It is different in each person. Each one of us has the Twelve Apostles within. One thing is to have them within, another thing is to develop them within. Our Consciousness is asleep even though we all have it. Jesus has Consciousness but his Consciousness is awakened. He is here and now. We have to awaken. It is enough to forget the omnipresence of God here and now and to observe ourselves in order to fall asleep. If you don't remember yourself this interaction with you and me is a dream. Everything has to be conscious. Question: Can you talk about going to different temples in the internal worlds? Answer: It is obvious that when someone awakens, when they recognize they are having a dream then they leave the dream by will. Being there in that state you start praying to your Inner God in order for you to travel to the temple of the White Lodge. There are many temples, many churches. If you go to India there are many temples of the White Lodge where the Masters are teaching. Same as Egypt. There are many all over the world; it depends on what philosophy you want to study. In this moment, the Gnostic Church is the one that is active in the internal planes. A lot of Masters are helping humanity through the Gnostic Church. So when you awaken internally the best thing to do is to pray: "My Father, my Lord, my God, you who are my real Being, please take me to the Gnostic Church." The Gnostic church is where you will find the Master Jesus. In India you will find the great Masters Babaji, Krishna, etc, great Masters who are helping humanity. The head of Christianity is the Master Jesus in the internal planes and he is helping humanity through the Gnostic Church and many other Masters are helping. The only way to be in touch with him is by awakening. Physically it is very difficult. You can do it only if you have the ability of taking your body into the astral plane. There are Magicians that can do that with their Guardian Angel. They awaken and then they invoke their Guardian Angel. When the Guardian Angel comes to them they talk to their Guardian Angel: "Guardian Angel of mine, could you take my physical body out of my bed and bring it to this dimension. I beg you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit." Then the Guardian Angel consults the higher parts of your Being because the Guardian Angel will not do anything if it is not related with the Law. If He is allowed he will go to your bed and the Guardian Angel will take your body out of your bed and will put it inside the astral plane. It will disappear from the physical plane. Then your physical body will be brought in front of you. Then you will ask your Guardian Angel to put your physical body inside of you. Then it will be done. Do not expect your physical body to be put outside of you. Right now we are within the physical body. But when it enters into the physical plane and it goes to you it will enter you. It is a phenomenon that is only understandable when you are an initiate. There you won't have that problem of feeling the magnetism of the physical body on the bed, which may awaken and will pull you and you will lose your experience. If you don't want to lose


your experience then you can take your body with you. Many Masters do that and stay in the astral plane for hours, days, months, etc. Many Masters do it when they have to perform something very important. Many people look for the Master but they do not know where he is. To carry the physical body is one of the great goals. Then you can go to the Temples in the internal planes with your physical body. First you have to talk with your Guardian Angel. To do this is to be awakened. Your Guardian Angel won't talk to you in the state you are in now. First you have to awaken by following the path of Dream Yoga and you will find all the roots of all those miracles that are written in all the holy books. Question: Was Beethoven a Gnostic? Answer: He is a Great Master of music; his inner being is an Angel who is usually at the door of the temple of music in the sixth dimension. Question: I heard Beethoven was an angry person. Answer: Do not qualify an individual based on Hollywood movies! They are not based on reality. That is someone's opinion. For instance: I remember when I was in Mexico and the Master Samael was giving a lecture; people who heard Master Samael thought that he was angry but at that time the Master Samael did not have ego. I remember one of the listeners there who told me that she thought he was very angry. But the Master was illuminated, without any ego, no anger, but very strong. So, he was not angry as she thought. Everyone qualifies things according to their level. Beethoven simply had a very strong character, just as the Master Samael had. Dream Yoga: Six God gave Daniel understanding in all visions and dreams. - Daniel 1:17 Then the king answered and said to Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar, Are you able to make known unto me the dream which I have seen, and the interpretation thereof? <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--><!--[endif]--> Daniel answered in the presence of the king, and said, the secret which the king had demanded cannot the wise men, the astrologers, the magicians, the soothsayers, showed unto the king; but there is a God in heaven that reveals secrets, and make known to the king. - Daniel 2:26-28 We have to talk today about the symbology of dreams. Especially because the language of dreams is a language we have to understand, that we have to learn. It is not something you learn by reading a book or by listening to this lecture. It is something that your Consciousness must learn. And we have to understand that the way the intellect learns things, in which we use the subjective memory, in order to memorize words, phrases, is the intellects way of learning. But for the Consciousness to learn, it is needs another technique. You need meditation. And this is the only way in which we can learn the language of dreams. Of course, we can only be assisted by different sources in this physical world that can give us certain clues to comprehend certain symbols. But I repeat, the only way to comprehend is by the living experiences in the internal worlds, and the comprehension of that language, because it is a very complicated language. Remember that God is talking to us in dreams though the two superior centers, which are the superior emotional center and the superior intellectual center. These two centers are related with those messages we receive from our Being, and the language in which God teaches is not a language like the language like we use in this physical world in order to communicate to each other. The wisdom of God is universal and is related not only with the physical world, but with the entirety of our Being. Kabbalistically, we say that we have seven bodies: the physical body, the ethereal body, the astral body, the mental body, the causal body, Buddhic body, and the spiritual body.


Each dimension, level or body has its own language, and the Consciousness must learn the different symbols related with the elements that we have within, in order to comprehend what part of the Being is that a particular symbol referring to. Because remember that we are walking on the path of Selfrealization, and this path is related with initiation in different degrees, through which we perfect ourselves. Every message, every dream, is related with the different levels in which we develop ourselves. This is why we cannot say that a symbol can be interpreted in one way for everybody, because each one of us is at a different level. This is something that we have to comprehend and to understand on the path. Of course, we learn this with experience; we learn that symbols are to be applied in different ways, according to our development. That is why we need to meditate to comprehend the meaning in the moment in which we are experiencing it. That is why the Master says, "If that which we are seeing in dreams does not correspond with the physical world, then it is not true." The particular dream that we are having or experiencing, those symbols that we are receiving, must be correlated with our life, not only our physical life but our internal life, with the development of our Consciousness. This is how the Being guides us on the path; this is his language. This is something that we always have to do, which the comprehension of that language, until we reach that moment or that intuitive level in which, the Master says, "We grasp immediately the meaning of what we are getting in our experiences." In order to comprehend this better, let us explain what comprehension is and why it is necessary to develop it. Comprehension is related with the Consciousness. It is something that the Consciousness has to do, and when we use the Consciousness, we have to understand that we are the Consciousness. The Consciousness is the soul, and soul is what we are. It is written that we have to develop Paramartha, which is the complete or absolute awakened Consciousness, the comprehension of everything by that Consciousness which is called the diamond soul. This is why we exist in the universe. In the level in which we are, as intellectual animals, we receive life mechanically. We do not understand life, and that is why we are slaves, victims of circumstances. What is life? Life is all of those impressions, waves or vibrations that we receive through the senses, whether these are the physical senses or the internal senses. Because remember that we have other bodies through which the Consciousness receives impressions. Right now, for instance, you are receiving this knowledge through the physical senses. But other impressions, other types of knowledge which are not as clear as English, such as the symbols of dreams, are also received by the Consciousness, and are usually incomprehensible by the Consciousness because it is not accustomed to understand the dream language. It is like when we learn a new language, or when we are children. In the beginning when we are growing up, we listen to words and phrases that the adults utter, and sometimes we do not understand the meaning of those words, but while we are growing up, and we associate our lives to those words or our necessities with those words, then we understand and comprehend that those words are associated with the type of life or the environment of the society that we are living in, and that we utter while we are living in it. You see that the language we use is associated always with the people in with the society and the environment that we are creating or that is already created. In the same way, we have to understand that the symbols of dreams are associated with the mental environment, spiritual environment, emotional environment, and all that psychological environment in which we are, that we are surrounded by, and that we are not aware, or, perhaps, we are aware of it. That is why sometimes those symbols are comprehensible immediately. Sometimes they are not, and it is because still we do not learn the association of those symbols with our life, with our psychology, but when we learn to, then that language of dreams comes into us very easy and is more accessible to our comprehension. Of course, because we have been in this universe for many lives, we have, in relation to this physical world and with the internal worlds, received a lot of impressions, a lot of symbols, messages in relation with our life, with the different psychological environments in which we were previously. But because we did not comprehend or transform them at the time, or understand those impressions at that 47

moment, or that life at that moment, the impressions entered into our psyche mechanically. As the Master Samael explains, we transformed them in the wrong way, mechanically. We created elements that distorted the truth, or the comprehension of that, and created different desires. Egos, as the esoteric terms explain, are knots of energy that circulate, not in relation with the forces of the universe, but only in one space, without being in communion with the forces. Because, what the universe is, or what the life of the human being should be, is a transformation of forces wisely transformed by the Consciousness in the moment in which they are received, and sending back also in a harmonious way, like a mirror that receives and gives wisely. But when an impression is received and it is not transformed wisely, it becomes stuck inside of us, like a knot. That knot is a knot of energy, which circulates in a small space, and the Consciousness is trapped within it. And of course, when the impressions of life are received through that knot, more energy is trapped and is not in communion with the forces that are coming from different directions. In that way we are forming what we call a "particular individual universe," which is separated from the whole, in the sense that it is not transforming, taking and sending the energy wisely. And that is why, inside of our psyche, we have, we will say, too many knots, egos, we will say, that are feeding themselves with the cosmic forces in different ways, and retaining that energy in themselves. That is why the Master explains, that our real self, the real "I AM THAT I AM" is that energy which circulates wisely, that is coming and going, reflected in a wise way, being One with the Whole. The "I AM THAT I AM" is universal, is not a knot, but is an energy that is free, circulating free, entering into all those consciousnesses which transform it completely, perfectly, and return them in different ways, and this is how all those God or Angels or Beings that have no ego, are feeling the Whole, and the Whole, with them or within them. But we don't feel that, we don't feel one with the whole, because we have too many knots. We receive too many forces, energies, and we retain them inside. That is what we call, "egotism." That is why that we say that we are "egotistic people." We have to become "Christo-centric" people. Christo-centrism is the way in which we take and give and do not retain, because we are one with the whole. Being one with the whole, we do not need to retain anything, but always giving a receiving in harmony with the Universe, with the Absolute. That is what is called a Paramarthasattya. In that way, the Consciousness comprehends, understands the Whole, because it is in communion with it. That is why we have to comprehend our ego. The comprehension of an ego is the understanding of the way in which life enters into the Consciousness through impressions, through waves and forces, and should enter and return in harmony with the universe. There is no egotistical way to comprehend the way. The ego takes and does not want to give. This is why we say that every ego lives in his own world, which is a dream. A dream is an illusion, maya. So we have to awaken, to release the trapped psychological energy in order to not retain it. In order to release the caged energy, in order to not retain it, we have to comprehend the cage: the particular ego. To comprehend is to understand the way in which that energy, or that association with life, with life, with the neighbor, with the world, with our own self, should be, in order to not interfere, in order to not retain it egotistically. Do you understand? Do you grasp what I am telling you? Because this is something we have to understand. In order for the Consciousness to grow, the only way is through comprehension. That is the ability the Consciousness should always have. A Master is someone who comprehends. That is why comprehension or understanding is associated with Binah, the Holy Spirit (Binah is Hebrew for understanding). The Holy Spirit helps the Consciousness to comprehend, helps the Consciousness learn how to transform the impressions of life in the right way, how to understand the language of the universe.


This is why we disagree with those individuals that believe that by only praying to the Divine Mother, "Mother of mine, please, annihilate this ego that I am feeling right now," that the Divine Mother is going to annihilate it. If the Divine Mother annihilated the ego that is acting in this very moment, that is maybe is anger or pride or whatever, then my Divine Mother would not help me to be an individual in communion with the universe, because I have not comprehended why that ego is hurting me and others, and why that energy is stagnant there. My Consciousness has to learn with comprehension, so when another association or impression comes to me, then I will live in the right way, in the wise way, and that is to be a Human Being. I will then know in my Consciousness the right way to behave. Without comprehension in the Consciousness, I know nothing. This is what is called the Partlodg Duty of the Being: to know how to associate our Consciousness, ourselves, with the universe. This is what is called wisdom: "Vis" is to see, and "dom," is judgment, a right judgment of living, to know how to penetrate in the universe wisely. Wisdom is not learned in a mechanical way, like asking my Mother, "Please annihilate this lust that is always bothering me everyday." If she did that, without comprehension, it will help me a little bit, of course, but I won't develop anything, because I have to learn how to deal with life. That is why my Divine Mother, my God, will help me, but only if I meditate, if I comprehend. This is the way in which we have to understand the symbols of dreams. I am receiving some symbols in my dreams, a certain language, but I have to learn it. "What is my God telling me? What am I seeing in association with the universe? Is that factual?" Even if it is a mental projection that I am making, I have to learn why I am projecting that. Because in the last synthesis, dreams are dreams, whether the dreams are messages of our Being, which is the language of God, or whether they are projections of ourselves, it is also something we have to comprehend. If we are projecting something unconsciously, subconsciously, we have to learn why. Why is a particular ego of mine projecting that? Why am I not living in the moment, or experiencing the truth? Why am I lying to myself? If we are projecting something, it is a lie, and we are lying to ourselves. Most of our dreams are lies that we project. The only way to be rid of them is by comprehension, to comprehend why. What is the source of this? Why do I want to be this? Why am I receiving this? That is the way in which sometimes we find certain symbols are related with our wrong projections. We hear for instance this word "mythomania." The Master speaks in one of his books about mythomania: the tendency of certain individuals to project dreams in association with their spiritual longing. All of us have that; there are many people for instance that want to be illuminated ones, to be masters, we want to be somebody else. But if we comprehend, if we go deep into meditation, and if we go deep into comprehension, we discover, "Why do I want to be a Master when there is a Master already inside of me?" The Being is the Being, and the Being learns what the Being is through the awakening of the Consciousness, by experiencing the truth, which is the Whole, to which He is a part of already. We are part of the whole, whether we want to or not. It is not that we are going to be part of the Whole, we are part of the Whole, in relation with the Being, but we don't know that we are part of the Whole. By learning through the Consciousness, by comprehending every single spot of that which is part of us, with the Whole. Then we are developing that which is called Mastery, which is precisely the comprehension and understanding of the Whole in relation with our level. But if we want to be something that we are not, that is a lie. There are many manias, in relation with the man, the mind. The mind thinks, "I am somebody else," without understanding that the Being already IS. So when we do not identify with the mind and when we express what we are, it is simple, because the inner Master is something simple. Most of the messages we receive through dreams are, of course, warnings in relation with that which we are acquiring.


So mythomania, of course, is very common. Especially in the students of esotericism, because we enter with a longing of experiencing, of seeing the reality, or of what God is, or of "What am I?", in which level we are. Being asleep, we always want to know many things, so therefore, that longing, that desire, creates a certain type of energy which projects that desire. That is why the only way to know the reality is by not desiring anything, by not coveting anything, just simply being what we are and comprehending what we are and developing the Being without any expectation. That is difficult because we have the ego alive. Some of the dreams that we receive that might be a warning against that. Personally, for instance, I remember, when one day, I awoke my Consciousness, and I realized that I was in the Astral Plane, and then the only thing I wanted was to know my Being. I said, "My God, my Real Being, please take me to your presence to see you. I want to talk to you. I want to know about you." And then of course, my God took me to a place where there was nothing. I cannot explain everything here, in order not to fall into mystical pride, but let me tell you the end of this experience. I remember I arrived to this place where there was nothing, only space. From that space which was nothing, a Being came like a light. A light that was coming from a small speck of light, a small speck of light that increased slowly as it appeared in front of me. Without uttering any word, just extending His hand, and one table came out of nothing. Towards that table he walked, and took a pencil that came out of nothing, and wrote on a paper that came out of nothing. He wrote, "You have to be careful with mythomania," and then he sent me back into my body. It was a very profound experience. That was the meaning of the dream that I wanted to know. Of course, after that, I went into meditation, because I said, "Of course, this is a symbol. This is the language of God." That Being was my God, that took that form, and wrote that message on that table. Obviously, the square, because the table was the form of a square, is the four bodies of sin: the mental body, the astral body, the ethereal body and the physical body, which is related with matter. The mind in other words. Like, in order for me to experience that continuously, I have to be careful not to fall into mythomania. Meaning, to create a universe only for me, and that is precisely what I understand, the foundation or basis of mythomania is in the mind, the mania. The dream of the mind, in which you always enclose yourself by thinking, "I am this I am that" without comprehending that your God is one with the whole. Then you develop pride, mystical pride. There are many Initiates that fall into that, and do not allow their Being to talk, it is their mind that talks, and their mind always boasts of being that, even though that mind belongs to that Being. The mind boasts of being that Being. Do you understand that? One thing is To Be, and another is the mind thinking that it is the Being, without understanding that it is merely a vehicle of the Being. The Master tells us that he was investigating Krishnamurti. At that time both of them were alive. He was delivering a message and helping people to understand their ego. So the Master said to Krishnamurti, "I am the Avatar of Aquarius." Because in reality his Being is the Avatar of Aquarius, the messenger. But the answer of Krishnamurti, as he turned towards him was, "Yes, but you have to annihilate also that 'I', that is the Avatar of Aquarius." Then, the Master Samael said he agreed with him, he said "Yes" because the Master at that time was in the process of annihilating the ego, and he even annihilated the personality. The true Avatar of Aquarius that was taking possession of him, was of course, Samael, the Logos, because he is the real Avatar of Aquarius. At that time, the ego of his personality was also thinking he was the Avatar. He also told us in one lecture in Mexico, that he, as Samael, wanted to continue giving his work, but the physical body that he had at that time in Mexico should die at the age of 58. And, in order to be alive physically, and to continue his mission, he was exchanging physical atoms with the mummy that he had in Egypt. So he said, "The body or the head you are seeing here right now is the not the head I had in Colombia. This head is an Egyptian head, and I am using it, and eventually all of the atoms of that body will be with me."


One day, he was giving a lecture, and he was using certain mannerisms as he was talking, and we observed that he was showing the mannerisms of an Egyptian. But one night, he said, when he was giving the lecture, in the process of the exchanging of atoms from the body that he had in this third dimension with the atoms of the mummy, he took his South-American personality, the one that everybody knew at that time in Mexico, and put it in the sarcophagus in Egypt. He told it, "You have to be here, because now I have to continue my work with my other, Egyptian personality." Of course both personalities obeyed, because both had igneous particles of Samael. But, out of the blue one night, he saw that his South-American personality was coming in the fourth dimension. And when he saw that personality with his clairvoyance, coming into the lecture room, telepathically he asked, "What are you doing here? I left you in Egypt, go back there. You shouldn't be here." Then, the personality answered him and said, "I have to sacrifice for humanity. I have to give the mission of my Father, so I have to come here because I have to do it." And then, he (Samael) says, he understood that this unhappy being or personality that he had, should be disintegrated, because it was interfering with his mission. This is how, he says, Mr. Such and Such was annihilated completely. "And right now," he says, "what you see in here, in front of you, is somebody who that is completely new, no personality at all. Mr. Such and Such is dead, completely." That personality was precisely that which said, "I am the Avatar of Aquarius," but it was not. This is how we have to understand and comprehend many things, when we are in this knowledge, how to comprehend in order to reach Mastery, how to understand symbols, in order to not fall into mistakes. The only way is by meditating, by comprehension. We give certain meanings of symbols in order to help, but every symbol is associated always with our psychological development. That is why when somebody asks us what a symbol might be in relation with their dreams, what they have seen, we say "meditate." Sometimes we give a meaning because the mind is associated with that, but meditate, because we don't know at what level you exist, what Initiation you are passing through and what the messages of your Being are, and what projections of your mind you have to comprehend in order to not fall into mistakes. Are you following me? Are you listening to me? Questions? Q: There was a student who, was praying and meditating to know his Being, and he has an awakened experience, where his Being told him, "I am Jehovah!" The student, awakened from the dream, from that experience, and said, "My Being is Jehovah!" A: The problem, we will say, in this case, is certain sects that have been developed in this Era of Pisces, related with Judaism and Christianity, fell into extreme monotheism. For instance, certain sects in Christianity say that the name of God, the Universal God, is Jehovah, but they say it in a fanatical way, without comprehending what Jehovah means. The Lord Jehovah of course is a Master. Master Samael explains that the highest initiate of the Lunar Chain, which is the past Mahamanvantara, was the Lord Jehovah, but in Kabbalah, in order to write in Hebrew, we will say, Jehovah, it was written with four letters: Iod, He, Vau, He. Kabbalistically, of course, these letters are related with the Tetragrammaton, which is the synthesis of God in every human being. So if you have an experience, if you say your God is Jehovah, well, He is yeah, He is, your God is Jehovah, and my God is also Jehovah, and the God of my friend is also Jehovah, because in the last synthesis, inside each one of us we have Iod He Vau He. This is what we have to comprehend and to understand in order to not fall in to mistakes, to think "Oh, then, I am the Lord Jehovah." Jehovah is a God that is the governor of all the moons of the Solar System. The individual who received that experience in which his God told him, "I am Jehovah," has to investigate his life to see if that is associated with reality, and not create, of course, mythomania. Everything has to be correlated and comprehended in order to not fall into that. And also you have to analyze if that experience is really with your Being, because you can receive experiences and somebody can appear before you and create problems in your head. 51

I remember one time, when I saw myself with a vision, seated on a rock on the shore of a river, and thinking with my fist under my chin and thinking with a very pensive attitude or posture. Behind me came to men dressed like the ancient times, like Hebrews, and they hit my back with their hands and asked me, "Are you Moses? Because we are looking for Moses." And I said, "No, not that I know." And then they asked me, "Do you belong to tribe of Judah?" "Yeah," I said, "I am from the tribe of Judah" "Then you are Moses!" Then they put a mantle on my back I stood and walked away from them. When I awoke in my physical body I said, "What? Moses?" Then of course, thank goodness, I talked with the Master Samael. I said, "Master, I have this experience, am I Moses?" And the Master said, "No, you are not Moses! Moses is a superman, and he is not fallen! You are fallen!" "Then, I don't I understand." Well, that was associated with different experiences. Everybody inside has his own particular Moses, and we have to develop that Moses Sabaoth by gathering all the people of Israel, which are all those parts of the Being which are trapped within the ego, and which are under command of the Pharaoh, the intellect. But, people that know, because it is part of the Consciousness, which are building pyramids, which means, are building something inside, the pyramid of thought (manas, mind or the psychological man), the inner bodies. So, while you annihilate your ego, eventually, if you conquer all of the people of Israel, if you take all the parts of your Being out of Egypt, and you pass through the Red Sea to the Promised Land then you are becoming Moses Sabaoth. For that, you have to conquer Nahemah, which is related with the kingdom of Malkuth, but I cannot continue in telling you this because this is very complicated and extensive. It is related with Moses. Anybody can develop their own inner Moses. But Moses also exists, he is a Master. One thing is to be the Master Moses, and another thing is to perform what Moses did, because each one of has to do it. We all have our own particular Jesus Christ inside of us. We have our own particular Elias inside of us, and this is why we have to learn the Christic Esotericism in order not to fall into mistakes. To think that because we have these experiences, that we are that we have to experience, and experience and experience, and to be sure, that we are, really, that is what we are, in order to not to fall into mistakes and think many things. Yeah, there is a relation with Jehovah, everybody is Jehovah inside. Like Buddha, of course, everybody has his own Buddha. Q: You say we need to meditate on the symbology of dreams, but now you see many people using these dream books that give interpretations of certain symbols. So can you explain some more about certain dream books, and how much of that should actually followed and how much is should we just use that as a rough guide or A: Of course people use it as a reference for the different symbols that we have. But it is because the intellect, the only way the intellect can know is through that, through books. And I said, sometimes, it is good, it is ok to learn about that, but it is not enough. We have to get deep into mediation and comprehension on that particular dream because the symbol that we are asking for instance, when we go into a book and ask what a symbol means, I dreamt of a lion, what does the lion symbolize And then it says, oh, the law. Ok, it is the Law, but maybe it could symbolize also, you see that Samson killed the lion, the symbol is of course of ego. Also Hercules, the first task of Hercules was the killing of the lion of Nemea. So we have to see there, also, the association of that. Then, when we said all the symbols that we find in the Bible, that we find in this book, and that probably this person also says, whatever, then we have to go into the whole vision, or the whole dream, or whole experience we had. Because the lion appeared there, but not only just like that, like a flash and then disappeared, no. It was associated with something else. We here in one home or in this house, or we were in the forest. What where we


doing? And then have to associate all that with that symbol, in order to comprehend the whole thing, and not just to arrive at subjective conclusions. We have to go deep into the bottom of the matter in order to understand the message that we receive from our Being, or in order to comprehend the particular ego that is projecting, and what is it that he wants, or why we are we projecting that, why are we doing that, whatever? Because, sometimes, you know, fear projects many things. So this is what we have to understand: not to be lazy. People are lazy, people are just oh, I slept with a serpent, what does the serpent symbolize. Oh, it symbolizes a woman, oh, a woman will come. So what? How was the serpent acting in my dream? What did the serpent do there? That is why we have to comprehend, we have to utilize our Consciousness to transform: that is to hear, to see, to comprehend what we are receiving. That is the ability of the Consciousness, the duty of the Consciousness: comprehension. Most of the time we want somebody to comprehend that for us. You know? This is what is meditation is, it is something that we learn throughout our whole life. It is something that we are developing, which is comprehension. Of course, sometimes, the Master of somebody can help us. When the Master was alive, for instance, I always took advantage of it, and I was going directly to him in order for him to help me, to understand this particular dream in order to not fall into mistakes. I remember one time when I was having these beautiful experiences, I saw something very beautiful in relation with my Being, and I had a sword, a golden sword, but in my left hand. The whole thing was good, except it was in my left hand. So I was confused, and I went to the Master and asked why the sword was in my left hand, and he explained in detail everything: "This happened to you because it is in the past, that is why. Meaning that, you were Self-realized, completely, in the past. That is why you had the sword in your left. Now you have to reconquer what you lost. Now, you are not that. You were that, but you are not that right now, and you have to face it. Put that sword in your right hand, and that is not a matter of desiring it, it is a matter of Self-realizing your self again." And this is what I am trying to do. This is not just like, because, I want that so I am that, no. I was. Now what I am is what I am. In order to be that, or to recuperate that, there are a lot of psychological works to be performed. Sometimes you experience things about your Being, who is your Being, and then you receive certain images, but you have to comprehend many things in order not to fall into many mistakes into confusion. That is why the best thing is comprehension and annihilation, and to live the moment. Not to dream of, "I was that." Because what is important is what we are right now, the reality is what is important. Our Being could be something else, but my Being is my Being. Am I one with him? Am I one with him right now? No, I am trying to become so, again. Well that is different, your Being is, but you are not that. To face that, the reality, is to live the moment, and not to live with expectations, but, to develop comprehension in your Consciousness. Second after second. Do you understand that? Do you have another question? Q: The Master explains different laws that the student needs to understand in order to interpret their dreams. The laws of Psychological Analogy, the Law of Opposites A: Yeah, of course, that is very important, to learn about these laws. The Law of Numbers, for instance. For that of course, in the beginning, we learn Kabbalah, or the meaning of numbers, but that has to be developed with meditation also, with comprehension. Like the Master says, "To know, intellectually, that 2 + 2 is 4 is easy, but to comprehend why 2 + 2 is 4, is a matter of Consciousness, comprehension, understanding, deep within yourself, and that is the law of numbers. Sometimes you receive numbers in your dreams, and intellectually, kabbalistically, you know the association with that, and you say, "Oh it is in relation with this." But you have to go deep, "Why did I have that number?" In order to go and to


comprehend, because every number is a living entity, and this is how you develop that mathematical aspect of your Being. For instance, the Master says in the world of the Atman, it is a very kabbalistic world, in which everything is numbers, but if your Consciousness learns about that, and associates that with your Consciousness, with your Being, then you enjoy the comprehension of that. It's not like, when you go to the school, because some people think, "Oh, in order to be a Kabbalist, in order to understand numbers, you have to memorize this complicated algebra, or algorithms or whatever. This is just a matter of the Consciousness, to know, not because you have that in the intellect. Anyhow, the intellect helps, but if that is not within your comprehension, that is lost when you die. The same, we will say, with philosophical symbology. Philos, what is philos? It means friend, and also love, and sophia is wisdom. Philo-sophia, to be a friend of wisdom, or to love wisdom. Obviously, certain symbols are associated with wisdom, and wisdom is Chokmah, with Christ, with spirituality. Obviously there are symbols that are coming from Heaven. Those philosophical analogies are always associated with the development of the Being, I understand, because all those philosophical symbols are related with the development of the Being. Certain symbols are alive, when we talk for instance about philosophical symbology, some symbols of that which are in the internal planes, or what we receive in the internal planes, some artists, some sculptors, made those things, paintings, about the symbols. People think those entities, or those pictures, do not exist. Like for instance, the Sphinx. You know that in Egypt there is the symbol of the Sphinx, and many sculptures, or many paintings of the ancient times you find the Sphinx. The Sphinx is really an elemental that exists within the internal worlds, and is associated with the mental world, and everyone of us has our own particular Sphinx. It is a symbol associated with the forces of nature and there are many philosophical symbols associated with the Being. And when they appear, we have understand, what is that, in relation with what? Did you hear, for instance, about the manticore? Which is, a symbol of a lion with the face of a human being and the tail of scorpion. When this symbol talks internally, the voice is like a trumpet, and let me tell you, I heard that being. It came in front of me, talking like a trumpet, but it is part of the Being. We will say, it is that part that helps, in certain ways, with the sexual forces in order to express yourself through the Word. This is something that we to develop, and that symbol exists, and can come to you in certain levels, in order for you to learn what to do, how to develop certain things. Likewise, many other symbols, that is why it is good to study that; the great Masters brought those symbols, and painted those symbols in different ways, and invite us with the language of the Consciousness to understand and comprehend many things that only can be comprehended through meditation, because it is a language that the Consciousness has to understand, and we have to be patient with that, because impatience does not help in order to develop that language of dreams, patience is that virtue that is indispensable in the development of comprehension. Remember that comprehension is for the Consciousness, not for the ego, not for the intellect. Also with the analogies of the contraries, the Law of the Contraries, that which symbolizes the opposite, that also you have to understand, and to comprehend. The Consciousness, when you use the intuition, you know very well when something is the opposite, and sometimes, when you don't know it immediately, life teaches you. I remember in the past when I was, for instance, dreaming that I was finding gold on the street, coins and I was picking up the coins, and coins and more gold, and when I was in the physical plane, I said, "Woah, I dreamed that I was picking gold coins And I was happy because I was collecting a lot of gold, because it was a lot of money." But it was completely the contrary, at that next month, I was really having a very tight life, with poverty, you know? And then, I never wanted to have those dreams, of picking gold coins, because I knew it meant I was not going to have a lot of money, and things were going to be tight, you know? But, when I was having dreams of poop, I was happy, because I know that poop is money, right? This is exactly how money is symbolized in the 54

internal worlds, with excrement, because really, what we value here in this physical world, for the internal worlds, in just excrement, refuse. No value at all. But here, in this physical world we value it because we need it in order to survive; but in the internal worlds we do not need it; this why it is written, "The filthy rich cannot enter into the Kingdom of God." In this way we say, we are applying that symbol in relation with money. Money cannot buy the Kingdom of God, because money, internally, is just refuse, is just excrement. God doesn't need physical money, but we do. So, if you want to know what dream is related with physical money, it is excrement, poop is precisely its symbol, so, this is what in this physical world humanity uses in order to survive. If you want to be clean, be poor. That is why it is written, "Blessed be the poor, because for them is the Kingdom of Heaven." This means, if you are psychological attached to what the money buys, then you are filthy reach, so clean yourself, do not be generous, do not distribute your psychological filth. "Blessed be the poor is a symbol of contraries. We will say, analogies. Another symbol, for instance, of the contrary is, if it is sweet, it is bitter in the physical world. If it is bitter in the internal worlds, it is sweet in this physical world. So we have to analyze, "Oh, I am dreaming that I am living here, and I don't want to be here in this place, because I am sick and tired, so I am leaving." That means you are staying here. Right? And you are not going anyplace, right? Because in order for you to dream, this is what I experienced that you are leaving, that you will fly and move into another place; for this you have to be with a hat, you have to dream that you are wearing a hat! You are wearing a hat and you are not accustomed to wearing a hat? Then you have to understand and comprehend, "What kind of hat was I wearing?" Because such a hat is associated with the place I will go. You see? That is true comprehension. The other is the analogy. "This is analogous to what? Do I associate this symbol with this thing?" For instance, the different dreams that people have in relation, that are flying. "I dreamed that I was flying, that there was war in the sky (the mind). And I was going to fly with my own plane, but then I desisted, I didn't do it. Because, I said those people are waiting to shoot me." That is what I had, I saw in the sky many airplanes fighting, shooting each other, and I was going to fly too, but I said, "No, I am not going to fly now. If I go there, they are going to shoot me. Maybe they are waiting for me." When I awoke, I said, "Oh yeah, they are receiving in the physical plane invitations in order to go to a congress. And I said, "No, that congress, of course, people gather in order to talk about Gnosis. It is intellect, mind. And how many "Gnostics" are going there, in order to gather? But obviously, somehow they are expecting me to go there and I don't know their intentions, but I won't go. So I said, "I am sorry, but I am not going. Because I am busy etc., etc." I gave an excuse. But, I had a warning. If I fly, if I go there, in order to show my intellectual abilities in the air as well, which is the mind, then they will shoot me, and who knows? Maybe I will kill some of them too, I don't know? Better to avoid. (Criticism is the way in which with words - that in dreams could be bullets, arrows or naives- we kill, demolish, the good of bad images that people built in their minds in reference to their neighbor) So that is the analogies, right? This is analogous to what? In relation with my life, of course, because everything has to be related with our own particular development, in the way we are, in order to associate that with this. Those are the form right? That we have to learn, and I repeat, we have to comprehend that, because this is a language in relation with our development. This is how, I repeat, life comes to us, through impressions, and the most difficult impressions, that are the most difficult to comprehend, are those in the internal planes. And this is what the Master is, to be aware of those languages or impressions that we receive, as Masters. But if we don't learn that, if we don't meditate, how are we going to comprehend that, how is the Consciousness going learn that, if it doesn't comprehend the meaning and the symbol of that. If somebody tells us, "That is not the way." We have to learn for ourselves, that is why it is called the Self-realization of the Being, SELF. Nobody can do the job for us. This is how we develop wisdom, knowledge, this is how we help others. Q: Is there any particular mantra that helps in the analysis of dreams? 55

A: There are mantras, for instance, in order to enter into the subconsciousness. The Master gives, Raom Gaom, for instance, one of them. But for comprehension, what I experience, is a prayer to our Being, to our Divine Mother, to the Holy Spirit, because that is Light, that is comprehension. And that helps us in order to not fall into mistakes. For instance related with this, Binah, the Holy Spirit, is comprehension, is Understanding, and this is what the Holy Spirit demands from us, comprehension, understanding, in order to assist us. Because when somebody reaches the summit of comprehension, of awakening, the whole the Consciousness is completely enlightened. Then the Holy Spirit incarnates there, which is the called the Resurrection, when the First Begotten, which is Binah-Shiva, enters into the Initiate though the path of the Resurrection, but after the annihilation when the Consciousness is completely awakened. So that is precisely one of the aspects that we have to comprehend, because there are many people for instance, there, in different places of the world, like in India, a person appeared and said they are the incarnation of Shiva, when they do not understand that. The Master incarnated Shiva in 1978, through the Resurrection, because that is precisely the end, the incarnation of the Eagle, in order to become a Feathered Serpent. Meanwhile, in India, there is somebody in India that says they are the incarnation of Shiva. Anybody that is an incarnation of Shiva is a Resurrected Master, is somebody that can appear and disappear in different places at will. But, of course, in this day and age, exist many people that like this type of knowledge, esotericism, especially Hinduism, and there are many Guru guys that say they are the incarnation of the Divine Mother, the incarnation of Shiva, etc., and really they are not. That is why it is necessary to learn the doctrine in order to know, in order to help also, other people to understand that Shiva is not going to incarnate just because somebody says it. You have to reach that level, no ego at all, completely clean, and the body that you have to have should be a resurrected body. Not a body that is going to die. If somebody says, "I am the incarnation of Shiva but I am going to die at a certain date and will be reborn" then he is lying. If somebody is incarnating Shiva, it is the Holy Spirit within him, so it is immortal. He cannot die. Only if he is fornicator, then he dies. Do you have any other questions? Did you understand about the comprehension, etc.? The necessity of meditation, and the comprehension of dreams? And that sometimes, you can assist somebody else, and you ask assistance of somebody that could help you, but if you don't meditate on that, then it is a waste of time. There are many Gnostics, in this day and age, that are accustomed to ask the instructor, "Oh, I had this dream, can you please help me understand what is that etc." And then it is there, they don't go a meditate and forget about it, and then the next time, when they have another dream, it is the same thing, "Can you help me now, I have this other dream?" Like that, they are accustomed to ask, and not to meditate, not to comprehend, not to put that into the Consciousness. Audience: "And it can happen that an instructor can interpret improperly." Exactly, and an instructor can give an answer in accordance to his own level. But, in order for you really to give a right answer, you have to know the person, how the person is behaving, his way of life, how the person is psychologically developing, etc. In order to say, "Oh, well, this MIGHT be that" might be that. Because only a very awakened Master can tell you, really, right? When I was with Master Samael for instance, sometimes I was consulting him about things that he did not know, but I experienced with him. Why didn't he know? Because his Being has the power of ubiquity, but the Bodhisattva with still in the process of development. He said, "Oh, I told you that? Wait!" And he closed his eyes, entering in Samadhi, instantly for him, because he was without ego; he was immediately in contact with his being, he went into that moment in the Astral Plane where he had the experience with me, and remembering, and then returning to the physical body and saying, "Yes, now I remember, but you forgot about this, and this and this." I said, "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah" I mean I remember something, but there was more that he remembered that he was telling me, but in the moment when I consulted him he didn't know it. And after that, he 56

was telling me everything. Why? Because his Being was connected, you see, was there, the whole source of energy, zoom to him, and he said, "Oh yeah, I remember." It was his Being. This is how I understood him, that his Being is his Being, and he was still in the process of becoming one with Him; now he his one with Him. And this is something very good to understand and to comprehend, especially with instructors. Sometimes you have experiences with the Being of an instructor, but not the instructor, and then maybe they start to remember, but sometimes they do not remember. Q: Many times people dream of members of their family, other Gnostic students, or even their close friends or their spouse and they'll awake physically thinking it is that person. A: That is precisely the problem, because our psyche associates everything, as I said the beginning, with our own particular environment, our own particular universe, and our own particular universe associated with my father, with my mother, with my sister, with my brother. You have to understand the symbol. That is why, it is coming into my mind, it was said to Jesus of Nazareth, your brothers and your mother are waiting for you outside, what do you want me to tell them? And then the Master Jesus says, "Who is my mother, who is my brother, only those who follow the law of my Father." In other words, when you see your bother or your sister internally, you have to associate that; maybe it is your brother in the physical world is a Gnostic brother or a Gnostic sister, somebody who is following the path, somebody else, in other words. Sometimes, when you dream with your family, it could be also your psychological family, or with your friends. You have to comprehend that, because many times I have dreamed with my mother, but my mother came to me as I knew her when I was a child. Obviously, it is not her, because she is now old, so I have to understand and comprehend why I am dreaming with my mother in that way. Psychologically, it might be associated with something. Could be me my lust. Oh yeah, your mother could be a symbol of lust. I have experienced my Divine Mother many times, and she never appeared with me as my physical mother. It is different, because she has no form. But my ego takes the form of my mother in order to associate with me psychologically, in accordance with my past, in accordance with my own particular psychology. But it will be, when for instance, your Being could appear, your Divine Mother could appear as your mother. I cannot deny that your Divine Mother could appear as your mother in order to help you too. But not always, and all experiences are very difficult, that is why it is not good to talk about certain experiences when you see certain delicate things related with the psyche, with the spirit, in relation with my friend, in relation with my wife, in relation with that, if you are not sure that it is a projection of your own, or if it is associated with something that you have to comprehend in relation with your spiritual development. Because then, you can damage the person, and damage yourself, too. You can gain karma because of that, too. It is very difficult. Precisely, I said it was difficult, because while you meditate and comprehend, naturally you are developing clairvoyance, but because we have the ego inside, we have to be careful. Because the ego can take clairvoyance, and can project through that eye many things. When I said that eye, I am talking about the Third Eye, the clairvoyant eye that you can project many things. The Master warns us about that clairvoyant eye, or the Third Eye, when you see things, when you can also project things. You are sure in the physical world about things, and then you go in project things, and then you are sure about things, and you go and communicate with others, and sometimes you are lying, and you are hurting somebody else because of that. It is better to keep your mouth shut, and to observe the person associated with that experience, for months, to see if what you saw is a reality or if maybe it is just a projection of something that is only for you to know.