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(i)The process
Stages of processing Raw cashew nuts (Seeds) ---Roasting(at 100 C for 10 mins) --- Shelling --Drying (In Borma for 12 hours at 80 C)---- Cooling ---- Peeling ---Grading --Cashew kernels ----Packing

(ii)Grades & Specifications

Specifications of Indian cashew kernels are as per international standards . We can offer the following grades maintaining quality parameters as per CEPC / AFI standards according to the requirement of the customer/buyer . White Wholes W180 W210 W240 W320 W450 W500

Scorched Wholes SW SW180 SW210 SW240 SW320 SW450 SW500

Dessert Wholes SSW (Scorched wholes seconds) DW ( Dessert wholes)

Brokens White pieces B (Butts) S (Splits) LWP(Large white pieces) SWP(Small white pieces) BB (Baby Bits) Scorched small pieces SB (Scorched butts) SS (Scorched splits) SP (Scorched pieces) SSP(Scorched small pieces)

Dessert pieces SPS (Scorched pieces seconds) DP (Dessert pieces)