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Software design, development and maintenance

Quick Facts
Year of foundation: 2006 20+ Employees Three units (Java, PHP and C/C++ for QNX) Geographic reach: Worldwide Location: Kharkov, Ukraine. Timezone: GMT+2 100+ projects developed Mission: We improve customers business through introduction of advanced software technologies, allowing businesses to collaborate with the best talents in order to deliver quality software solutions, reduce costs and optimize business processes.

About Company
SMISS is an IT outsourcing company with over 6 years of experience in software development. Our team consists of 20+ talented software engineers who are always ready to create for you the best quality solutions according to your needs and requirements. We have very flexible business models including the Pilot Project model which means that our specialists implement a small trial project for you to ensure the quality of our services. We understand the uniqueness of each client we collaborate with that's why we ensure you that you'll get the unique approach in order to fulfill your business objectives in the best possible way, the quality solutions provided by our talented software engineers and huge benefits of outsourcing due to the reasonable rates we offer. Why Us? We have 6 years of experience in software development and our portfolio counts more then 100 projects. We provide full IP protection of your projects, NDA agreement by request and strong information security. Since our success greatly depends on the success of our partners, we are aimed at building open strong relationships with them. 95% of our turnover are strategical long-term cooperation customers. Our communication system allows you to control each stage of the project development. We provide a full cycle of software development process: requirements analysis, design, development, testing and support. Thus, our clients receive a endto-end development under one roof, which reduces the time and costs and increases the benefits you get. Our flexible collaboration models allow you to start the Pilot Project to evaluate our services.

Our Services
Our expertise includes a wide range of up-to-date technology solutions. The unique approach and detailed requirements analysis allows each of our clients to receive exactly what he needs within the given timeline and budget. Solutions: Web-based applications, Distributed/SOA-based applications, High-load failures-proof asynchroneous systems, High-load/high-performance multi-threaded applications. Our experience and skills makes us available for providing the following list of services: Web development services: - E-Commerce solutions development; - Web-based enterprise-scale information systems design and development (ECM, CRM, ERP); - Web-based applications design and development; - Websites, web-portals and content-management systems development; - Cloud solutions.

Design and development of software for QNX OS; System administration; FreeBSD/Linux-based infrastructure setup and maintaining; Monitoring, Virtualization, DBMS and other; Offshore dedicated teams; Consulting services.

Technology Expertise
In our development process we use latest technologies, automated testing and agile methodologies. Technologies
Applications and WEB Servers Relational Database Systems (RDBMS) NoSQL Databases Middleware, Workflow Engines Cassandra and ActiveMQ, ServiceMix, JBPM, JackRabbit, Sling

Apache, Tomcat, Geronimo, Jetty, JBoss

Management MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Derby

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Communication Servers Operating Systems Programming Languages Java Technologies Asterisk, Openfire (Jabber) Microsoft Windows NT 4.0/2000/2003/2008 Server, Linux, FreeBSD, QNX Java-platform, PHP-platform, Scripting (Groovy, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Bash), C / QNX Java SE, Java EE (JSP/Servlets, JSF, GWT, Spring, WebFlow, Spring Security, JDBC, Hibernate, JPA, EJB, JBI, JAX-WS, WS-Security, JAXB, CXF, Axis, JMX, Quartz, Velocity), Applets Drupal CMS, Magento, WordPress, Wordpress MU, Typo3, Joomla, osCommerce, Smarty, CakePHP, nuSOAP WEB Services (WSDL, UDDI, etc.), SOAP, HTTP/HTTPS, HTML/XHTML, CSS, DHTML/JavaScript, Ajax (JQuery, Prototype, Mootools), XML, XSLT Cocoon, Daisy, PDF Processing, PDF Parsing, PALO Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, QNX Momentics IDE

PHP-based CMS and Frameworks WEB Technologies Wiki, Reporting and OLAP Integrated Development Environments Test Automation and Integration Versions Control

Continuous HttpUnit, HtmlUnit, actiWATE, Cactus, ServletUnit, YourKit, Jmeter, Jprofiler, SOAP UI, Hudson, Continuum

Configuration Management Tools and Maven, Ant, Subversion, GIT Project Management and Bug Tracking JIRA, Bugzilla, Mantis Tools Modeling Methodologies/Case Tools MagicDRAW UML, Visual Paradigm, Microsoft Visio

Contact Us
Phone: +38 057 755-88-97 Fax: +38 057 738-23-31 E-mail: Web: SMISS is interested in long-term co-operation and would offer special conditions for the dedicated team service, but also we're open for interaction within time-and-materials or on fixed-price projects. I would be glad to provide you more detailed information if you have any questions. Feel free to contact me at Best regards, Yevgen Malafeyev PhD CEO SMISS Ltd.