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Installation of Oracle APEX4.2.

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Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) is a declarative, rapid web application development tool for the Oracle database. It is a fully supported, no cost option available with all editions of the Oracle database. Using only a web browser, you can develop and deploy professional applications that are both fast and secure. Whether you are an experienced SQL and PL/SQL developer or a power user used to writing reports, wizards allow you to quickly build Web applications on top of your Oracle database objects. Enhancing and maintaining these applications is done using a declarative framework, all of which increases your productivity.

Software Requirement
Oracle Application Express 4.2 is fully supported through Oracle Support Services on all Editions (SE1, SE, and EE) of the Oracle database, or higher with a valid Oracle Database Technical Support agreement. Application Express 4.2 can also be used with Oracle Database 10g and 11g Express Edition (XE) Oracle APEX 4.2 support following platforms: Linux x86 Microsoft Windows (32-bit) Mac OS X Server Linux on Power Linux x86-64 z/Linux Linux Itanium Solaris x86 Microsoft Windows (64-bit Itanium) Microsoft Windows (x64) Solaris Operating System (SPARC) (64 bit) AIX5L HP-UX PA-RISC HP Tru64 UNIX HP-UX Itanium OpenVMS Alpha OpenVMS Itanium 2

Installation of Oracle Application Express 4.2 : Step1 Firstly install oracle 11 Database. When you will have installed Oracle 11g then it will automatically installed and configured oracle apex 3.0 in your system. If version 3.0 is enough to meet the Application development demand then no need to install apex 4.2, but here I assume Apex 4.2 is a must to meet current demand. C:\app\Administrator\product\11.1.0\db_1

Step - 2. Here, I am going to install Oracle Application Express 4.2 in the below steps. So, first download Oracle Application Express 4.2 from oracle site. 3

Step - 3. Now extract files, right click on downloaded zip folder and then click on Extract files. After that keep these files into this directory as C:\APEX4.2\APEX

Step - 4. These are extracted files in apex folder. 4

Step - 5. Now open the command prompt. So open Run window and types cmd and then click on OK button to open command prompt.

Step - 6. Now change current directory and open apex directory.

Step - 7. Type change directory path. 5

Step - 8. Now, Login as SYS with SYSDBA privilege, type this command for connect SYSDBA and then press Enter button.

Step - 9. Now, give password and then press Enter button. 6

Step - 10. Now, You need to create a Tablespace so first create table space into this directory. So type this command to create tablespace.

Step - 11 After successfully created the tablespace now quit from SQLPLUS to Quit command. Step - 12 Now, Again Login as SYS with SYSDBA privilege, type this command for connect SYSDBA and then press Enter button.

Step - 13. Now, give password and then press Enter button.

Step - 14. Now start installation of oracle apex so types this command to start the installation of Oracle Application Express 4.2 in Your system. so type @apexins.sql tablespace name TEMP/i/ In Oracle Application Express or Oracle Apex all script execute using @ . 7

Step 15. Installation is running, it will take something 17 min to finish the installation.

Step 16. After completing the installation then you have to load the necessary images to the database. 8

Step 17. After that execute the apxconf.sql script to configure the apex admin password and HTTP port no.

Step - 18. Give Port No. 9

Step - 19. Now unlock the following schema or username. 10

Step - 20. Now , execute below procedure to enable HTTP port . and in last execute commit cmmand.

Open Oracle Application Express using Following path

Now open Oracle Apex 4.2 Admin page using below path.
http:// hostname:8080>/apex/apex_admin

Step - 21. Now, give Username or Password to Login the Admin page in Oracle apex (If you login in first time we need to change password.). 11

Step 22 Here Oracle Application Express opened.

Step - 23. Now, See log file for installation of Oracle APEX 4.2, Go to apex directory and check log file of installation. 12

Step - 24. Check log file.

Step - 25. APEX installed successfully. 13

Step - 26. Take time for installation complete. 14