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Understanding the consumer decision making process for a service in fitness industry with the help of a case study.

AWARNESS OF NEED: A girl named Deepa learns, that her jeans was not as comfortable as it usually is, it was difficult for her to fit in the jeans. INFORMATION SEARCH: Deepa thought to learn more about her problem therefore she tried her other clothes as well in which she was comfortable in the past CLARIFY NEEDS: It was clear then that the problem was not in Deepas clothes but in her, so she decided to check her weight and that is when she found the solution to her problem. SHE HAD GAINED WEIGHT. EXPLORE SOLUTIONS: In order to lose weight and fit in her clothes again she decided to explore different ways to lose weight. IDENTIFYING THE ALTERNATIVE SERVICE PRODUCTS: She comes up with the following alternatives to reduce weight Dieting Gym Liposuction Sports

EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVES: Deepa now evaluates all the alternatives she identified. Dieting she rejects dieting as it would reduce her stamina. Liposuction- she rejects the idea of liposuction as it is beneficial only for a short period of time. Sports- she rejected to go for sports because of lack of provider (sports academy) in her area. Therefore, she chose GYMMING as an appropriate option to consider overcoming her problem. EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVES: Now that Deepa chose gymming among all the alternatives she identified alternative gyms Burn Golds gym Talwalkars

REVIEW SUPPLIER INFORMATION: (Search Attribute) In order to select suitable service provider she started reviewing brochures, websites, and advertisements of all the service providers. REVIEW INFORMATION FROM THIRD PARTIES: (Experience Attribute) Deepa wanted to learn more from those who were experienced and where a part of the gym. Therefore she browsed through different websites where she could find reviews from customers. She also found out about the accreditation of the service provider, complaints and awards from different fitness blogs.

DISCUSS OPTIONS WITH SERVICE PERSONNEL: After acquiring information from different sources she then discussed her problem with the service provider. Made a visit to the gym, learnt about the different packages the service provider offers. GET ADVICE FROM THIRD PARTIES AND REFERENCE GROUP: (credence attribute) During her visit to the gym she came across existing customers of the gym where she learnt about their need fulfillment after joining the gym. Before taking any decision she also consulted her family and friends who had opinions about the gym. PERCEIVED RISK: Though Deepa did a strong research about all the gyms she had listed out she still had different risks: Gaining more weight once she stops taking the service Injury Absenteeism of trainer No personalized guidance

MAKE A DECISION ON SERVICE PURCHASE: Even though there was perceived risk involved Deepa chose to purchase the gym services for one month at Talwalkars gym.


REQUEST SERVICE FROM CHOSEN SUPPLIER: To begin the gym services at Talwalkars Deepa had to fill an application form, pay for the services to be provided by the service provider.

MOMENT OF TRUTH: This is the stage when Deepa comes across the moment of truth where in all that she researched about the service provider is been experienced by her and she encounters the moment of truth. ROLE AND SCRIPT THEORY: The role of Deepa in this stage is to be regular to the gym and practice whatever her trainer is guiding her to do .Whereas the role of the trainer (service provider ) is to make sure he/she is making Deepa practice only those exercises that are necessary for her. The script of the trainer(service provider) is to make sure Deepa does warm-up every day before and after her gym practice for relaxation of her muscles. To also make sure Deepa is working out properly. Whereas Deepas script is to follow and learn whatever the service pr ovider is guiding her to do.

EVALUATION OF SERVICE PERFORMANCE: After one month of taking gym services from talwalkars it is time that Deepa evaluates the service performance by checking her weight and wearing her old clothes in which she would feel like her old comfortable self. CONFIRMATION/DISCONFIRMATION OF EXPECTATIONS: Now that the service is evaluated by deepa she needs to confirm if her expectations are fulfilled or not. FUTURE INTENSIONS: On the basis of confirmation/disconfirmation of expectations of deepa she has to decide if she would like to continue to take services from talwalkars or not.