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Dancehall music, one of the most popular genres of music for young teenagers in Jamaica seems to be one of the major influences on the socialization process of young people. It is popular forms of music both locally and abroad where dancehall artist are recognize an idolized. This will seek to explore young people and the negative effects that influence their socialization process. This assignment therefore seeks to find out a problem affecting young people

Statement of Problem
What are the effects and types of influences of dancehall music on the Grade 10 students of the Merl Grove on how they socialize?

Aim & Objectives

To find out how and in what ways dancehall music influences students behaviour To find out if dancehall has an influence on the respect level students have for their peers. To be able to distinguish the different types of socialization agents and if they are executing their roles defiantly. Outline the factors of dancehall music that influenced and had an effect on students behaviour. Explore types of behaviour most prevalent among students of Merl Grove High Describe the way dancehall music contributes to one being a juvenile delinquent

Literature Review
According to website Socialization is a fundamental concept in sociology which describes the way that human beings learn to function within their society. According to the Socializing Instincts

This research will be carried out on the grounds of Merl Grove High School. The research is a study of the effects and types of influences of dancehall music on the Grade 10 students of the Merl Grove on how they socialize. In order to carry out this research a cross section will be done. This will be done to facilitate a valid and reliable conclusion due to the fact that the time frame available for the research is short, more specifically less than a year. In this research quantitative methodology will be used, this type of methodology was chosen because it is less time consuming than the use qualitative methodology. This is so because the time allotted for the research is unable to facilitate the use of qualitative methodology, considering the fact that qualitative method is more in depth study on an issue and therefore takes more time to be completed. The research method which will be used is surveys, it was chosen of the type of methodology chosen also it was chosen because of surveys allows for data to be collected in a standard way amongst large numbers of people. A questionnaire will be used for the data collection instrument. A questionnaire will be used because this will allow for information to be collected and arranged quickly and a conclusion easily drawn. This is so since the questions will be given to the respondents in the same order. The type of sampling method which will be used is quota sampling. Quota sampling is a sampling method in which respondents have to match particular criteria. This will be used in order to obtain efficient and reliable representation for the success of the research. The quota will allow all the different levels in the institutions to take part in the research so as to achieve the most valid conclusion as is possible. Two form teachers from each grade 10 classes will be used, they will be selected randomly.

The research will be conducted at the Merl Grove High School. This research is aimed at analyzing the effects and types of influences of dancehall music on the Grade 10 students of the Merl Grove on how they socialize. The amounts of children who are currently in grade 10 are approximately 200 respectively. For this research two teachers from each classes will be used in the sample, from 10 1 10 7. Therefore a total of 14 teachers will take part in the research, two teachers from each class.

The sample will consist of both males and females of who has to be a teacher from Merl Grove High and from the grade 10 year group. The sampling method that will be used is quota. Quota sampling is a type of sampling method used in researches which allows the researcher to control the variables in the research. The criterion which the respondents have to meet is that they have to be a grade 10 teacher from Merl Grove High.

DATA COLLECTION INSTRUMENT *Survey of the negative effects and types of influences that dancehall music
has on the socialization process of teenagers. Dear teacher, This is a survey carried out to find out the negative effects and types of influences that dancehall music has on the socialization process of teenagers. This study is being conducted as an assignment for a sociology unit 1 course. You are advised to answer all of the following questions honestly. Since you are not required to write your name no one will ever know who answered in a particular way. Remember this is not a test so there is no wrong answers, most of the questions can be answered by a tick in the brackets below. Specific instructions are given where necessary. Thank you for your corporation.

Teachers Questionnaire
1. Gender male [ ] female [ ]

2. How long have u been a teacher at Merl Grove High School? Just started teaching [ ] 1-5 yrs [ ] 5-10 yrs [ ] Over 10 yrs [ ] 3. What is the ranging age group of students in grade 10? 15yrs old [ ] 16yrs old [ ] 17yrs old [ ] 4. Do you think that where students reside has anything to do with the type of music they listen to? Yes [ ] No [ ] Give reason for your answer ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

5. Do you think as a result of the message these dancehall songs portray it changes their behaviour? No [ ] Yes [ ] Sometimes [ ]

6. What are some of the factors you see as a result of how dancehall music impact these teens? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________ 7. Have you ever travelled publicly on the coaster buses most of these girls of Merl Grovians, 10th graders specifically? If yes what normally is the behaviour of these girls? Yes [ ] No [ ] ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 8. Do you find that these girls gravitate to dancehall music more than how they gravitate to their academic work? Definitely [ ] Most times [ ] Not really [ ] Sometimes [ ] 9. How often do these girls get in trouble get in trouble? Everyday [ ] Every week [ ] Every other day [ ] On a monthly basis [ ] To meet new friends from the school [ ]


All of the above [ ] 10. Can dancehall music be a result of them getting in trouble? Yes [ ] No [ ] Other [ ] ________________________________________________________________________ 11. a) How many of these girls by the time therere at 5th they drop out? Below 25% [ ] above 25% [ ] below 50% [ ] above 50% [ ]

b) Can this be a factor of exposure to dancehall music? Yes [ ] No [ ] 12. Would you refer to most of these girls as juvenile delinquents? Yes [ ] No [ ] 13. Are parents or families playing their role in helping towards these girls in the socialization process of these individuals properly? Need more improvement [ ] A little [ ] Very little [ ] No [ ] Yes [ ] 14. What are your views on the impact of parents being a major influence to why some of these girls behave the way they do?


________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ 15. Should children be punished for their behaviors? Please state your reason for answer. ________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________


Presentation of Findings
This research contains a sample size of 14 teachers, two from each grade 10 classes. The research is aimed the negative effects and influences that dancehall music has on the socialization process on teens of grade 10 from Merl Grove High School. According to the questionnaire,

This Column graph shows, the inspiration of students being apart of Key Club.

The number of inspiration

16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 The projects that are done in the club The interclubbings with other schools within the club Valuabe information is givien within the club All of the above Series1

The inspiration of the students.

In figure 1.1 the column graph shows the inspiration of students being a part of Key Club.


According to the information gathered and as shown in the graph

Bar chart shows, the help students gain of being apart of Key Club.
All of the above

The help gained.

To meet new friends from the school To interact Series1 To gain leadership skills To be out spoken 0 2 4 6 8 10 12

The number of responses.

In figure 1.2 the Bar chart shows the help that students obtain from being a part of Key Club.


Pie Chart showing the benefits students recieve from Key Club.


40% It helps me become more interactive with my peers I became more out spoken in my speeches 27% it does not help with any of my skills

In figure 1.3 Pie chart showing the benefits students receive for being a part of Key Club.


Column graph showing the impact, Key Club has on The Queen's School.
16 The number of students responses. 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Help with services around Representing the school at the school formal events The type of impacts. Involves the school in services Series1

In figure 1.4 Column graph the types of impacts Key Club has on The Queens School.


Doughnut chart showing, the benefits students recieved from Key Club International, while a member of the club.

13% Schholarships Recognition 23% 50% Leadership positions All of the above 14%

In figure 1.5 Doughnut chart showing the benefits students received for being a member of Key Club International.


Bar chart showing what measures are done for members to be apart of club activities.
Not much participation takes place The measures used.

Interacting with other schools

Encourages the students to take part


Give them treats




The number of persons agrred to these measures.

In figure 1.6 Bar chart shows the measures used for members to be a part of club activities.


Discussion of Findings
In figure 1.1 column graph shows that majority of the students, of The Queens School was inspired by the project, why they have decided to be a part of Key Club. A tie with all the responses and Valuable information being given within the club is also shown in the column graph. The fewer amounts of students were inspired to be a part of the club because of the interclubbings they had with different schools. In figure 1.2 the bar chart shows that majority of the students have gained leadership skills, while being a part of Key Club. Some students gain Interaction and to be out spoken with students from the school and other schools during interclubbings. Other students gain friendship from students from the school or other schools. In figure 1.3 the pie chart shows benefits students received from being a part of Key Club. Forty percent (40%) of the students, which is majority, improved on interacting with their peers through the help of Key Club. Students at Twenty-Seven percent (27%) responses became more out spoken in their speeches whether with their peers or elsewhere. Other students did not benefit anything from being apart from Key Club. In figure 1.4 the column graph is showing the types of impacts Key Club has on The Queens School. The graph shows, the services that Key Club designs, they involve the school. It also shows that Key Club takes part in the services around the school, in which this helps to gain hours for the Key Clubs monthly report. Members of The Queens School Key Club represents the school at formal events such as: Conventions, Presidential Council Meeting, Training


Conferences and Divisional Council Meeting at these events the students collect awards and gain certain experiences that they can give back to the school. In figure 1.5 the doughnut chart shows, Scholarships are the most beneficial they have gain from Key Club International as an active member of the club. Twenty-Three percent (23%) of the chart shows the students gaining leadership positions either within in the club or on the Jamaica district board. It shows that students gain recognition, it maybe around the school or elsewhere. Others gain scholarships, recognition and leadership positions while being a part of the club. In figure 1.6 the bar chart shows how Key Club gets the members to participate in club activities. The chart shows an equal amount for students getting treats from the club and interclubbing with other schools, these motivates the students to take part in club activities. The students are encouraged by others to take part in club activities, while there is not much activities takes place within the club for other students. Member has also gain leadership positions and this has a great impact on their life, for the future


The responses have indicated that Key Club voluntary service impacts The Queens School and the students of the school. The projects that are design by Key club are what give the students, of The Queens School the motivation and inspiration to be a part of Key Club International. From the results shown, students have gain leadership skills and have improved on their interacting skills and became more out spoken with their peers and others while interclubbing with various schools. Key Club has design may projects and the members of the club involves the school in their services, so this has impacted the school in a big way and the school also involves Key Club in their services and this helps Key Club to gain hours for their monthly reporting. Scholarships are the most beneficial they have gain from Key Club International as an active member of the club.