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7TH Floor,Sambhav
Building judges Bungalow QP NO : GDC/SFQP/001
Name of Client : SEPCO III
road Bodakdev, ITEM: CIVIL WORK SUB- REV.NO.: 0
Name of Owner: M/s
Ahmedabad-380015 SYSTEM:__________________ DATE:
Adani Power Ltd. Contract No.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 D* 10

As per
Visual+TC same as
1.10 Naturre of Soil/Rock B Random scheme for SR √
review Columnn 7
Initial Ground Level & Measureme
1.20 C 100% _do_ _do_ SR √
Foundation Layout nt
100% for C &
1.30 Final Pit / bed Level C/B _do_ _do_ _do_ SR √ Random by AG
Random for B

2 FILL MATERIALS ( For borrowed fill materials as per site requirement

Note 1 :- Minimum 2
2.10 Grain Size Analysis B Physical Note 1 IS 2720(PT IV) IS 2720(PT IV) SR/TR √
samples in every 2000
cum of each type and
source of fill materials
2.20 Liquid and Plastic Limit B _do_ Note 1 IS 2720(PT V) IS 2720(PT V) SR/TR √

2.30 Shrinkage Limit B _do_ Note 2 IS 2720(PT VI) IS 2720(PT VI) SR/TR √ Note 2 : Min. 2 samples in
every 5000 cum of each
type and source of fill
2.40 Free Swell Index B _do_ Note 2 IS 2720(PT XI) IS 2720(PT XI) SR/TR √

2.50 Chemical Analysis √

a) Organic Matter B _do_ Note 3 IS 2720(PT XXII) IS 2720(PT XXII) SR/TR √

Note 3 :- One in every
IS 2720(PT 5000 cum for each type
b)Calcium Corbonate B _do_ Note 3 IS 2720(PT XXIII) SR/TR √
XXIII) and source of fill
IS 2720(PT IS 2720(PT
c) PH Value B _do_ Note 3 SR/TR √ materials.
IS 2720(PT IS 2720(PT
d) Total Soluble Sulphate B _do_ Note 3 SR/TR √
Moisture Content of fill
2.60 B _do_ Note 1 IS 2720(PT II) IS 2720(PT II) SR/TR √
before compaction

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Degree of
Compaction fill
Note 4 :- i) For
a) Dry density by Core
Foundation backfilling
Cutter method IS 2720 ( Pt IS 2720 ( Pt
one for every 10
founations for each
density by sand A/B _do_ Note 4 2720 (Pt XXVIII) 2720 (Pt XXVIII) SR/TR √
compacted layer. Ii) For
displacement method OR IS 2720 (Pt OR IS 2720 (Pt
area filling one in every
or XIV) XIV)
1000 sqm. Area for each
Relative Density Index
compacted layer.
Random for
b) Dry Density by proctor each
B _do_ ASTM-D1588 ASTM-D1588 SR/TR √
needle penetraction compactor
IS 2720 & IS
2.80 Sand B _do_ Random IS 2720 & IS 383 SR/TR √

3.10 Materials
3.1.1 a) Manufacture's TC as IS 8112 Grade IS 8112 Grade
Manufacturers's TC for
per I.S -8112 & A Review 100% 43 IS-1489 43 IS-1489 TC √
each batch to be reviewed
I.S - 1489(PART- I) (Part-I) (Part-I)

Cement to be stored on
raised platfarm in a
b) Storage of Cement B Visual 100% IS - 4082 IS - 4082 SR √
weather tight covered
Cement store.

c) Retesting of Cement
for compressive strenth
One Sample As per relevant As per relevant
& setting time, if stored A Testing TC √
per batch IS code IS code
more than 90 days in
Contractor godown

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3.1.2 Coarse Aggregate

Note 5 :- Once for each

IS - 2386(Part- IS - 2386(Part- coarse aggregate
a) Moisture Content B Physical Note - 5 III) IS-456 & IS III) IS-456 & IS SR / TR √ stock.When there is rain
-383 -383 test to be done everyday
before start of concreting.
b) Praticle Size & Shape
establishing These test will be carried
( sieve Analysis,
design mix & SR / out while establishing
determination of IS - 2386(Part- IS - 2386(Part- I)
B _do_ once per 500 Lab.repo √ design mix and results
material finer than 75 I) & IS -383 & IS -383
Cum or part rt shall be intimated to site
Micron, flakines index,
there of for review and approval.
elongation index,
angularty number
c) Deleterious material &
Organic impurities
Once per SR / TR
( determination of clay IS - 2386(Part- IS - 2386(Part-
source & &
lumps, fine silt, fine dust, B _do_ II) IS-456 II) IS-456 √
every change Lab.repo
lightweight pieces, soft & IS -383 & IS -383
of source rt
praticle & estimation
organic impurities)
establishing These test will be carried
d)Specific gravity, bulk design mix & IS - 2386(Part- IS - 2386(Part- out while establishing
density, voids, water B Physical once for each III) IS-456 III) IS-456 √ design mix and results
absorption source & for & IS -383 & IS -383 shall be intimated to site
every change for review and approval.
of source
Expeert opinion regarding
Once per SR / TR suitability of aggreagates
IS - 2386(Part- IS - 2386(Part-
source & & shall be obtained by
e) Soundness B _do_ IV) IS-456 IV) IS-456 √
every change Lab.repo contractor from the
& IS -383 & IS -383
of source rt specialist agency like

IS - 2386(Part- SR / TR
IS - 2386(Part- The result should be
f) Alkali aggregate VII) ASTM- &
B _do_ _do_ VII) ASTM- √ supported by petrographic
reactivity test C1260 & Lab.repo
C1260 & IS -383 examination
IS -383 rt
Petrographic report shall
SR / TR be supported by the
g) Petrographic IS - 2386(Part- IS - 2386
& analysis &
examination of A _do_ _do_ VIII) & IS (Part- VIII) & IS √
Lab.repo recommendation of
aggregate -383 -383
rt specialist such as NCBM &
CSMRS etc.
The report shall be
Once per SR / TR
h) Crushing value, supported by the analysis
source & IS - 2386 & IS IS - 2386 & &
abrasion value, impact B _do_ √ & recommendation of
every change -383 IS -383 Lab.repo
value specialist such as NCBM &
of source rt
CSMRS etc.

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Applicable for aggregate
used in TG,BFP,FAN & Mill
i) Repeated Temp. Cycle No residual foundations, Contrator
B _do_ _do_ - TR √
Test of aggregate expansion shall be obtain opinion of
specialist agency for
suitability of aggregate

3.1.3 IS - 2386(Part- IS - 2386(Part-

a) Bulkage, Moisture Everyday III), IS- III), IS- Volume of sand & weight
Content, & Mortar B _do_ before start of 386(Part-VI) 386(Part-VI) √ of water shall be adjusted
making properties work & IS & IS as per moisture content
-383 -383
Fine Aggregate b)All other tests similar
Once per SR / TR
to coarse aggregate
source & &
mentioned at B _do_ - - √
every change Lab.repo
( c ), (d) to (g) Sieve
of source rt

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100 ml of water should
a) Test for acidity and
not require more than 5ml
alkalinity by
Quaterly for IS-3025 (Part-22 0.02 N NaOH ( using
neutralization of water B Testing IS - 456 TR √
each source & 23), IS - 456 phenolphathalinc Indicator
using indicator and
) and 25ml of 0.02 N
chloride content
sulphuric acid.

b) Test for as certaining IS-3025 (Part- IS-3025 (Part-

B _do_ _do_ TR √
limit of solid 18), IS - 456 18), IS - 456

Water IS-3025 (Part- IS-3025 (Part-II),

c) Test for PH Value B _do_ _do_ TR √
II), IS - 456 IS - 456

d) Check for initial set Initial Set time for used

time used water & B _do_ _do_ IS - 456 IS - 456 TR √ water should not be less
distilled water than with distilled water.
These checks are to be
e) Check for concrete carried out only if the
compressive strenth with result of test mentioned at
A _do_ Refer remark IS - 456 IS - 456 TR √
used water and water 3.1.4a,b,c are not
and distilled water acceptable.

One Sample Slump test for medium

every and high workability &
a) Workablity ( slump) IS - 456 ,IS- IS - 456, IS- &
3.1.5 CONCRETE B Physical 2(two)hrs. for √ compaction factor test for
test 1199 1199 Lab.repo
every mixing medium and low
plant workability
For trial mix min 6 cubes
for each mix out of which
Min. 4 trial Mix
3 cubes shall be tested at
with & without
b) Trial Mix (Cubes IS- 456, IS- 516, IS- 456, IS- 516, 7 days and remaining 3
compressive strength) A Physical IS- IS- SR/TR √ cubes shall be tested for
with fly ash for
Mix design 10262 10262 28 days comp.
each grade of
strength.Mix design test
shall be carried out at
One set of 6 NCBM or CSMRS etc.
cubes per 100
m3 or part
3 cubes shall be tested at
there of for
c ) Crushing strngth( 7 days & remaining 3
A _do_ each grade of IS- 456, IS- 516 IS- 456, IS- 516 SR/TR √
work test cube) cubes shall be tested for
concrete per
28 days comp. strenght.
whichever is
At random at As per printed report from
IS 1199 & appd IS 1199 & appd &
d) Water cement ratio B Physical the time of √ computerised Batching
design mix design mix Lab.repo
batching plant for each of concrete.
e) Cement content B _do_ _do_ _do_ _do_ √ _do_

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IS - 9103, ASTM IS - 9103, ASTM
Testing Admixture Brand shall be
f) Admixture for concrete B 100% - C- 494 & appd - C- 494 & appd TR √
review TC approved by site.
design mix design mix

g) Dimension and visual Visual &

examination of finished B Measurmen 100% IS- 456 & drg. IS- 456 & drg. SR √
structure t

4 Concrete Conveying,Placing & Compaction

Concrete mixture shall be

a) Mix of concrete Calibrati
calibrated at time of
( Calibration of A _do_ 100% IS - 457 IS - 459 on of √
starting & subsequently
concrete mixer) mixer
once in three months

To be calibrated at the
b) Calibration of Measureme time of starting &
A 100% - - _do_ √
Batching Plant nt subsequently once in 3

Free fall or drop shall be

limited to 150 cm unless
permitted. Concrete
As per As per
sholud be placed within 30
c) Handling and construction / construction /
C Physical 100% SR minutes of its removal
tramportation erection erection
from mixture.
methodology methodology
Construction methodology
to be approved one weak
prior to start of work

No concrete shall be
placed until the place of
deposit has been
inspected & approved.
The concrete shall be
d) Placement of concrete B _do_ 100% _do_ _do_ SR
deposited in such a
manner to maintain ,until
completion of unit, a
plastic horizantal surface

e) Temp. control of Appropriate shall be taken

concrete for top deck of B Physical 100% - Temp. 250 c SR √ to controll the concrete
TG foundation Max. temp.
If water accumulates at
surface due to bleeding or
other causes, concreting
As per shall be stopped as far as
f) Check for placement B _do_ 100% - appd.constructio SR poible for reconsideration
n methodology of mix
design.Accumulated water
shall be removed by

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Check for
g) Compaction B _do_ Random - segregation as SR √
per IS- 456
Exposed Concrete surface
shall be protected against
Check period of
heating & drying atleast
h) Curing B _do_ _do_ - curing as per IS SR
72 hrs after placement.
Curing compound may be
used if needed.
I) Cleanliness, provision
of chute & arrangement
C Visual 100% - clearance for SR
for transprotation of

Check period of
j) Check for segregation B Physical Random - curing as per IS SR

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5 Test / Check on RCC Structure in Hardened condition

The grid shall be 300 mm

a) Ultrasonic Test on top UT
A UT 100% IS- 13311 IS- 13311 √ c/c or as required by site
deck of TG foundation report

Acceptabily only if
average equivalent cube
strength of the core equal
to 85%of cube strength of
As per site the grade of concrete
b) Core Test A Physical IS - 456, IS- 516 IS - 456, IS- 516 TR √
Engineer specified for the
corresponding age and no
individual core has result
less than 75% of cube
c) Rebound Hammar
A _do_ - - SR √

d) Dimensional check of Measureme SR/Insp

B 100% As per drg. IS-456 √
finished structure nt Report

e) Water tightness Test

of liquid retaining A Test 100% IS - 3370 IS - 3370 √

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6 Reinforcement steel

TC for each batch shall be

IS-1786, IS-432, IS-1786, IS-432, reviewed. Report test may
a) Mechanical and
A TC Review 100% IS- IS- TC √ be carried out as per
Chemical Properties
1566 1566 requirement of site
IS-1852, IS-432, IS-1852, IS-432,
Measureme Tolerance as per
b) Cutting tolerance B Random IS- IS- SR/LB
nt specification
1786 1786
To be checked at site.
c) Freedom from crack
Steel materials to be
from crack & surface B Visual Random _do_ _do_ SR
stored properly to prevent
flow, lamination
6.1 a) Check for bar bending
schedule with necessary B Review 100% Drawing Drawing SR
laps, specer & chairs
Review &
b) Check for cover
B Measureme 100% _do_ Drawing SR
specing bars
Visual &
c) Check for bending of
B Measurmen 100% _do_ Drawing SR
Placement of t
Reinforcement Steel d) Check for space &
chair after reinforcement
B _do_ 100% _do_ _do_ SR √
cage is put inside the
formwork IS - 456 Bar IS - 456 Bar
e) Lapping of bars B 100% bending bending SR √
schedule schedule
Drawing & bar Drawing & bar Crossing of the bars are to
f) Check all joint crossing B Visual Random bending bending SR √ be tied up properly with
schedule schedule right gauge annealed wire

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7 Staging & Forms

a)Material and As per relevant As per relevant

B Visual Once SR
accessories IS code IS code

i) Soundness of staging, IS-3696, IS- IS-3696, IS-

B Visual Once SR
shuttering & scaffolding 4014, IS-4990 4014, IS-4990
ii) Plywood for concrete IS-4990,IS-
B Visual Once 1734(Part-I to SR
shuttering work 1734(Part-I to II)
Asper supplier / Asper supplier /
iii) Hoisting of personal & manufacturer manufacturer Manufactures will supply
B Visual Once SR
material recommendatio recommendatio technical data ( Type of
n n adhesive used, type of
b) Connection between preservative used density
indivisual scaffolding unit IS-14687,IS- IS-14687,IS- of plywood etc.
& safe slendreness ratio 3696 & As per 3696 & As per
B Visual Fortnightly SR √
two indipendent safety National safety National safety
measure against council council
c) Concrete Strength For each lift of As per provision As per provision
B Testing SR/TR √
during climbing process shuttering & tolerances & tolerances
d) Alignment / shape B _do_ As per drg. As per drg. SR/TR √
e) Check form's seam As per drg.& As per drg.&
B Physical Random SR/TR √
mark & water tightness specn specn
8 Embedded Part ( including laying of rails & anchor fasteners)

a) Position and level of As per drg.& As per drg.&

B Dimn. 100% SR √
embeded parts specn specn

b)Position, depth, & size

B _do_ 100% _do_ _do_ SR √
of bolt hole
c) Location, verticality of
pipe sleeve/ opening of B _do_ 100% _do_ _do_ SR √
bolt hole
d)Welding/ tieing of
embeddment to B _do_ 100% _do_ _do_ SR √

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9 Pre - Cast concrete

One sample of
A minimum of three cubes
six cube per
a) Crushing Strength A Physical IS- 516, IS-456 IS- 516, IS-456 SR/TR √ shall be tested for 28 days
50 m3 or part
compressive strength
The precast units shall be
free from defects like
reinforcement exposure
and should have good
finish. All releavant test
b) Workmanship free
B _do_ 100% Specn Specn SR like workability , cube
from visual defects
tests shall be carried out
as per IS 456 , same as
applicable to cast-in-situ
concrete. Grade of
concrete shall be as per
c) Dimension of finish Measureme
B 100% IS-456, Specn IS-456, Specn SR √
structure nt

These test shall also be

5%or as IS-456, as IS-456, as
Measureme carried out in case of
d) Load Test A decided by decided by APL decided by APL SR/TR √
nt doubt regarding grade and
APL site I/C site I/C site I/C
quality of concrete.

One Sample
IS- 1199 & IS- IS- 1199 & IS-
e) Workability B Physical 2(two)hrs. SR/TR √ According to mix design
456 456
from mixing

f) Water cement ratio B Physical Random IS- 1199 IS- 1199 SR/TR √ According to mix design

At random at
g) Cement content B Physical the time of IS- 1199 IS- 1199 SR/TR √ According to mix design

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10 Brick Masonary

a) Test on Bricks SR/TR √

Visual &
As per IS
i) Dimn. & colour A Measurmen IS- 1077 IS- 1077 SR/TR √
ii) Compressive t Specn. & Is std. Specn. & Is std. Efflorescence shall be
Strength,water As per IS IS-1077, IS- IS-1077, IS- checked at each source.
A Physical SR/TR √
absorption, warpage, standard 3495(part- I to 3495(part- I to Pre conditional of bricks
efflorescence IV) IV) shall be as per IS Std.
b)Test on Concrete
Cement used in mortar
shall confim to either IS
b) Test on Mortar
269 or IS 455. Sand shall
confirm to IS 2116-1980
i)Compressive Strength
Consistency and water
retentivity for each C Test Random IS- 2250 IS- 2250 SR/TR √
portion of wall plaster &
c) Masonry Construction
i) Visual & Is-2212,IS-
IS-2212,IS- 1905 SR/Insp
Workmanship,verticality, B Measurmen 100% 1905 √
Tech.Specn. Report
and alignment t Tech.Specn.

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11 Sheeting Work
i) where a materials is
manufacured or fabricated
as per spec & drg ,
separate QP will be
application and contrator
should submit to APL for
approval. ii ) For
Asper aluminum door and
Asper applicable TR?TC
applicable IS window, check for
i) Material A Review 100% IS std.& for test √
std.& anodisation as per
Tech,Specn. as per IS
Tech,Specn. applicable speci.
iii) For
aluminium cladding, grade
of aluminimum to be
checked iv) All test shall
be carried out at
manufactures work before
Storage should be on
raised plaform, profile
sheet, if used, will be kept
covered in wheather proof
storage to avoid any
exposur to water.
Manufacturer's Manufacturer's
Principele of first in and
ii) Storage at site B Visual 100% recommendatio recommendatio SR
first out shall be applied
n n
for erection the sheet. The
sheet packet shall be
stacked neatly clear off
the ground at an angle to
the ground to drain
Visual & moisture.
ii) Installation, alignment
B Measurmen 100% As per Specn As per Specn SR √
& workmenship
iii) Check for level & Visual &
B _do_ _do_ _do_ SR
slope Measurment
iv)Proper installation of
B _do_ _do_ _do_ _do_ SR
v) Fixing including
B _do_ _do_ _do_ _do_ SR
opening location
vi) Fastener for sheeting
B _do_ _do_ _do_ _do_ SR

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12 Finishing Items

12.1 Plastering Raw

a)Fine Sand
Once per 100
m3 or part
thereof or Tech Specn. IS - Tech Specn. IS -
i) General Quality B Visual change of 1905 SL 1905 SL SR √
source no.6,3.4 no.6,3.4
whichever is

IS- 2366,Is- IS- 2366,Is-

ii) Deleterious materials B Physical _do_ SR √
2116 2116
iii) Grading of Sand B _do_ _do_ IS- 1542 IS- 1542 SR √
b) Glavanised
hexagonal wire
Testing for all
netting for plastering B Review 100% IS- 3150 IS- 3150 TC √
characterics asper code

c) Plaster of Paris One sample

IS-2547, IS - IS-2547, IS -
_do_ B Test per 50 m3 or TR √
1542,IS- 2333 1542,IS- 2333
part thereof
Final inspection i) Check finish surfece
for defect like blistering,
B Visual Random IS-1661 IS-1661 SR √
cracking & irregularity of
surface texture
Finish plaster surface shall
not show any deviation
ii) Truness of finish Measureme
B Random Specn. See remark SR √ more than 4mm when
plaster surface nt
checked with straingth
edge of 2 m length
Min. 18 mm
thick for out
iii) Check thickness of
B _do_ _do_ _do_ side & 12 mm SR √
plaster over brick
thick for inside
iv) Chck thickness of surface of
plaster over concrete B _do_ _do_ _do_ motar should be SR √
ceiling 6 mm.
v) Curing of plaster Min.7 days
B _do_ _do_ _do_ SR √
surface curing time
12.2 Flooring & Finishing No ponding of water on
work Measureme
i)Check for slope / levels B 100% Drg. Drg. SR √ finished surface to be
ii) Chipping of floor prior
to commencement of C Visual 100% _do_ _do_ SR
actual finishing work
iii) Curing of cement Measureme Min.7 days
B 100% _do_ SR √
concrete floor nt curing time
iv) Tiles for finish floors B Review 100% _do_ _do_ TC √

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v) Polishing of tiled finish
B Visual 100% _do_ _do_ SR √
12.3 Fencing & Gates

i)Materials a) PVC coated chain link Visual & Random per

B Drg. Drg. TC √
mesh Physical lot
b) Welded wiremess B _do_ _do_ _do_ _do_ TC √

c) Barbed wire B _do_ _do_ _do_ _do_ TC √

ii) Final inspection
i)Verticality & aligment B _do_ 100% _do_ _do_ SR √

ii) Fixing of fencing B _do_ 100% _do_ _do_ SR √

iii) M.S. Gate Fabrication & Visual &
B 100% Drg. Drg. SR
workmanship Physical
12.4 False Ceiling Review of
i) Material B Random Relevant IS Relevant IS TC √ All supports, hangers,
accossories shall be as per
ii) Fixing & erection B Visual _do_ _do_ _do_ SR speci / approved
13 Painting of i)Check painting of
Concrete Surface underground & super As per drg. & As per drg. &
B Visual 100% SR √
specn. specn.

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14 Special item

i)Bitumastic As per drg. & As per drg. &

a) Check bitumen grade B Visual + TC 100% SR √
flooring specn. specn.
ii) Earthing a) Check weld size & Measureme
B 100% Specn. Specn. SR √
Materials length nt
b)Dyc. Penetrant Test A NDT 100% _do_ _do_ TC √

c) Earth Test A Testing Weld 100% _do_ _do_ SR √

iii) Composite Random per
Aluminium Panel a) Material A TC
Applicable IS Applicable IS SR √
Visual +
b) Installation A Measurmen Random _do_ _do_ SR √
15 Painting of Correlated manufactures
Structural Steel Random per test certificate for each
a) Painting Material A TC for each _do_ _do_ TC √
lot batch shall be submitted
for review.
Surface shall be
cleaned to near
Visual +
b) Surface preparation B Random Specn. white metal SR √
surface (sa 2
c) Check thickness of Measureme DFT shall be as per
B 100% Drg. + Specn. Specn. SR √
paint after each coating nt specification
Adherim test should not be
d) Check adhesion of Paint should not
B _do_ 100% _do_ SR √ carried not for high thickness
paint peel off of coating

16 Grouting of
a) Grouting pressure B Physical Random Drg. Drg. SR √
Each lot / Manufacturer's Manufacturer's
b) Composion of grout B _do_ SR √
batch specn. specn.
c) Compressive Strength B Test _do_ specn. specn. SR √
17 Rolling Shutter
a) Material & accessories B Review TC One / lot Drg. + Specn. Drg. + Specn. TC
Visual +
b) Dimensoin &
B Measurmen Random _do_ _do_ SR
c) Verticality & Measureme
B 100% _do_ _do_ SR
Allignment nt
d) Performance of rolling
shutter ( smooth B Visual 100% _do_ _do_ SR

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18 Door, Windows, i) Materials & IS- 2202(part- IS- 2202(part-II),
B Review TC One per lot SR/TC √
Ventilators & Grill accessories II), IS-1038 IS-1038
ii) Check for dimn. B Physical Random Specn. Specn. SR √

iii) Thickness of paint /

B _do_ _do_ Specn. Specn. SR
anodized coating

iv) Workmanship B Visual 100% _do_ _do_ SR

v) Verticality & Measureme
B 100% Drg. Drg. SR
alignment nt
vi) Check smooth
operation of door & B Visual 100% Drg. Drg. SR
shutter Fire Proof door to be
18.1 Fire Proof Door i) Check material ( steel,
inspected and tested at
insulation & fire A Review TC One per lot Drg. + Specn. Drg. + Specn. TC √ manufactures's work before
retardent painting etc.) despatch.
ii) Check for provision of
latches, horizontal full
B Physical 100% _do_ _do_ SR √
width level & openable
on pressing door stopper
19 a) Materials & IS- 14900, IS- IS- 14900, IS-
B Review TC One per lot TC √
Glass & Glazing accessories 1081, IS-5437 1081, IS-5437
work b) Fixing of glasses and
B Visual Random Specn Specn SR √
20 Roof water proofing

a) Material & accessories B Review TC One per lot Specn Specn TC √

i) High solid cement

liquid elastomeric water
proofing membrane

ii) Bitumen membrane

iii) Polymerised mastic

iv) Sealing compound

v) Galv. Chicken wire
vi) Chequered cement
B Review TC One per lot Specn. Specn. TC √
b) Surface preparation B Physical Random _do_ _do_ SR

c) Workmanship B _do_ 100% _do_ _do_ SR

d) Thickness of Measureme
B Random _do_ _do_ SR
elastomeric membrane nt

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All elastomeric membrane
shall be fully dreid to perform
e) Testing for dampness testing with water ponds
created on min 5% of area of
below elastomeric B Physical Random _do_ _do_ SR √ nominal size 6 m x 6 m for a
membrance height of 25 to 30 mm at
critical location fo r a period
of 48 hours.
f) Sealing of Joints of
B _do_ _do_ _do_ _do_ SR √
panels of wearing course
21 Water supply, drainage and sanitation

21.1 Vitreous China Manufactures's TC shall be

a) Materials & Is-2566 & Tech Is-2566 & Tech
sanitary items B Review TC One per lot TC √ correlated with cousignment
accessories specn. specn. received
b) Surface finish,
freedom from crack and B Visual 100% _do_ _do_ SR
other defects
10% subject to
c) Dimension and Measureme min.of 3 Tolerance limit as per
B _do_ _do_ SR relevant part of IS 2566
construction nt nos.for each
type of items

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21.2 Flushing System Manufactures's TC shall be
a) Materials / component IS- 2326, IS_ IS- 2326, IS_
B Review TC 100% TC √ correlated with the
including valve 174 & specn. 174 & specn. consigniment received
b) Surface finish,
freedom from crack and B Visual 100% Relevant IS Relevant IS SR
other defects
10% subject to
min.of 3
c) Dimn. & construction B Physical Relevant IS Relevant IS SR
nos.for each
type of items
21.3 MISC. Sanitary & a) Materials & Correlated manufactures's TC
B Review TC 100% _do_ _do_ TC √ shall be reviewed
bathroom fittings accessories
b) Surface finish,
freedom from crack and B Visual 100% _do_ _do_ SR
10% subject to
other defect
min.of 3
c) Dimn. & construction B Physical _do_ _do_ SR
nos.for each Manufactures's test
21.4 G.I.,C.I., P.V.C Pipes a) Materials / component type of items Relevant IS Drg. Relevant IS Drg. certificate with the
and fitting B Review TC 100% TC √ cousignment shall be
including valve Specn. Specn.
reviewed .
10% subject to
b) Surface finish,
min.of 3
freedom from crack and B Visual _do_ _do_ SR
nos.for each
other defect
Toleranceas per
c) Dimn. & construction B _do_ _do_ IS- 1729, IS- SR
1536, IS1230
21.5 Concrete and stone a) Materials & IS- 458, IS- 651, IS- 458, IS- 651, Correlated manufactures's
ware pipes B Review TC 100% TC √ test certificate with the
accessories Tech specn Tech specn consigment shall be reviewed
b) Surface finish,
freedom from crack and B Visual Random Relevant IS Relevant IS SR
other defect
Measureme IS- 458, IS- 651, IS- 458, IS- 651,
c) Dimn. & construction B 5% of each lot SR
nt Tech specn Tech specn
21.6 After installation of

a) Water pipe & SR/log Tolerance limit as per cl. 14.3

fittings i)Hydraulic pressure test A Physical 100% IS- 2065 IS- 2065 √
book id IS 2065
b) Drain & sewer
pipes above ground i)Smoke test A _do_ 100% Relevant IS Relevant IS _do_ √

ii) Water test A _do_ 100% _do_ _do_ SR √

iii) Straightness test B _do_ 100% _do_ _do_ SR √

c) Drain & sewer
i) Water test A _do_ 100% _do_ _do_ SR √
pipe below ground
level Smoke test and straightness
ii)Smoke test A _do_ 100% _do_ _do_ SR √ tests are to be carried out on
the pipe before burial.

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pipe below ground

iii) Straightness test B _do_ 100% _do_ _do_ SR √

d) Overhead Tank
i)Surface finish B Visual 100% IS & drg. IS & drg. SR

ii) Dimn. & construction B Physical 100% _do_ _do_ SR

iii) Water tightness A Physical 100% _do_ _do_ TR √

22.0 Joint of Concrete

22.1 Materials a) Bitumen impregnated

A Review TC One per lot IS - 1838 IS - 1838 TC √
b) PVC water stop A _do_ One per lot IS - 12200 IS - 12200 TC √
c) Bitumen sealing
A _do_ One per lot IS - 1834 IS - 1834 TC √
d)Two part poly sulphite
A _do_ One per lot IS - 1835 IS - 1835 TC √
e) Expanded polystyrene
A _do_ One per lot IS - 4671 IS - 4671 TC √
22.2 Installation & fixing
- B Visual Random Specn. Specn. SR

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23.0 Insulation

23.1 i) Materials
a) Mineral wool B Review TC 100% IS- 8183 IS- 8183 TC √
b) Polysocyanurate / IS- 12436 , IS IS- 12436 , IS
B _do_ One per lot TC √
rigid phenolic foam slab 13204 13204
23.2 Installation & fixing Visual &
a) Mineral wool B Random Drg. & Specn. Drg. & Specn. SR √
b) Polysocyanurate / Visual &
B Random _do_ _do_ SR √
rigid phenolic foam slab Physical

Name of Contractor : GANNON
Name of Client : Shandong TIEJUN Electric
Power Engineering Co. Ltd.

· A' shall be witnessed by AG's FQA and Executing Dept., surveillance by Head AG's (FQA) Name of Owner : M/s. Adani Power Limited
· B' shall be witnessed by AG's Executing Dept and Surveillance by AG's FQA
· C' shall be witnessed by Contractor's FQA and AG's Executing Dept and Surveillance by AG's Authorized Engineer
For GDC :
A' , 'B ' & C shall be AG's CHP stage .
For Shandong :
CHP : " Customer Hold Point" to be witnessed and work shall not proceeded till it is witnessed and cleared.
AG : ADANI GROUP, FQA : FIELD QUALITY ASSURANCE , TC : Manufacturer's Test Certificate, SR : Site Register
For Adani Power :
TR : Test Report. LB : Log Book

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