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J:Factor: Politics & The Press Project Plan Purpose of the Project: The purpose of this project is to produce

a series of materials such as pamphlets and flyers for the event, J-Factor: Politics In Press, being held at Ferris State University. The materials will help to broadcast the event as well as inform those who attend. The current materials for J-Factor are limited to pamphlets and flyers unless otherwise addressed and agreed upon between client and Project Managers. Purpose of the Documentation: This documentation is a standalone source for information. With this document you will better understand the goals of our project. This includes a timeline for production and job assignments. Usability Goals for the Documentation: With detailed information about the project, the client will have a better understanding of what the final project will be and how we will come about accomplishing the goals. Product Description: The product will consist of flyers and pamphlets relating to J-Factor. The material provided will feature information about the Journalism program at Ferris State University, as well as what will be offered during J-Factor, including brief speaker information and a survey for attendees. Audience Profile: The audience of this project is approximately 200 students from about twelve Michigan High Schools. The secondary audience is teachers and general public attending JFactor. Task Description: The tasks of this project include content drafting, editing, and formatting layout. The majority of this project will be formatting layout for context. Design Implications: The design implications of this project are influenced by the intended audience and clients specifications. The text and formatting layout will be based upon provided information of the client as well as information to accommodate the intended audience. Document Strategies and Concerns: Research and Testing Strategy: As part of our strategy we will create a variation of layout designs that will then be shown to the client. Based upon the clients suggestions, we will consider what changes will be implemented. How will the revision process affect the project?- The revision process will be based upon client and classroom intake. Changes will be implemented if feedback improves the quality of the project.

Does the information plan compliment any training development?- There is no formal training in the development of this project. This project will be developed by the Project Managers and further assembled by a team working closely together. Translating and Localizing the Document: This project will not be translated in any form by the development team. This project will be produced in English. Document Distribution Plans: We will not be formally packaging the project. The final product will be distributed by our team to the client. We will be creating documents easy for carrying, placement of documents will be chosen by the client.

Media Description: The material provided will be the main source of information. The tools implemented for the project will most likely consist of Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Microsoft Word. Constraints: This project has minor constraints. We are working on a short-term deadline so we will need to move rapidly to advance the progress. The budget is limited to $200 for printing purposes. Client Project Team: Project Manager (Eric Mercer) Project Manger (Kayla Konway) Project Manager (Sandy Balkema) Writing Project Team: Project Managers (Eric and Kayla) Writers (Jessica and Katelyn) Editors (Tia and Rachel) Artists (None) Designers (Eric and Vernon) Roles and Responsibilities: The flyers will provide an easily accessible view of all pertinent information including schedule, speaker names, locations, and survey. An additional pamphlet will contain speaker bios and information on the journalism program at Ferris State University. Source materials come mainly from the client and his requirements. Progress reports will be written by the project managers and submitted weekly. Writers and editors create content and will then be displayed in accordance with designers. Schedule: Production (September 13th September 28th) o Content Drafting

Decide what information we would like to present to our audience and how we want it worded. Decide questions to be included on survey. Gather bio information for speakers. o Graphics Decide what images are needed. Gather all sponsor images/logos. o Layout Decide the organization of the content. Create layout ideas and designs for the flyer and pamphlet. o Draft Series A Complete first drafts for flyer and pamphlet. Submit to client for review. Implementation (September 29th October 9h) o Editing/Revising The content and layout will be evaluated. Changes are being made to improve materials. o Graphics Touch-up and enhance any graphics for final placement. o Layout All layout options are chosen. Content will be the same on all layouts. Narrow down layout options. o Draft Series B Complete second drafts. Submit to client for review. Testing (October 10th October 16th) o Editing/Revising Final editing and revisions are made. All information finalized. o Finalizing Layout/Format Final changes are made to the selected layout. Finalize all designs and submit PDFs to print services.


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Kayla Konway

Eric M. Mercer