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♣♣Happy St. Patrick′s Day!

Integrated Metal
Components, Inc
Monthly Newsletter: March, 2009

March friends. For the months of

March and April we’ll be
Meeting taking donations of various
items for the Oregon
Rundown Humane Society. There are
February was steady with lists posted on each bulletin
low returns, good sale board, and as usual
numbers and an awesome donation boxes are set up in
On Time of 98.6%! It also QA. We appreciate any and
offered us the opportunity every item!
to finish up some projects.
QA let us know that our
DPPM for February was
1161, down from 2058 in
January. Your focus on the Employee of
quality of the parts and your
drive to be on has helped us
the Month
achieve our goal of Congratulations
DPPM below 2000! Thank Ben! Thank you
you for all your hard work! for always
We couldn’t have done it working so hard,
without your taking the and for being so
time to assess the parts that willing to help out where
come through your area in needed. We are so glad to
order to catch possible have you here!
problems before they get
too far through production. Safety Corner
We have posted
informational posters on
both bulletin boards and in
QA that demonstrate
different stretching
IMC: Making a techniques and proper
Difference lifting strategies. Please
take a moment to review
Since last fall we have been them before your shift
asking our employees to starts, or on your break!
donate with us to various
charities, and you have Also, a few safety
exceeded expectations! reminders:
We’ve been focusing on 1. Please roll up and
community and the people properly store all
around us, and now it’s hoses and extension
time to devote a little cords to prevent
attention to our four legged tripping hazards.

Mission: “Create partnerships through incomparable service with the fastest

engineered quality product.”
♣♣Happy St. Patrick′s Day!♣♣
2. Please keep areas Going Green &
around fire
extinguishers clear Sustainability
of all items.
3. Please keep area It seems like wherever you
around breaker go the terms “going green”
boxes clear of all and “sustainability” are
items. thrown about without
4. Please mark all anyone actually defining
extra containers of what they mean. Going
chemicals. green means “to pursue
5. Be aware of heater knowledge and practices
gas lines when that can lead to more
operating forklifts. environmentally friendly
6. Items on upper and ecologically responsible
shelves must be decisions and lifestyles,”
wrapped to prevent which can help protect the
falling. environment and sustain its
natural resources for
We appreciate your current and future
dedicated attention to generations. The green
safety concerns! movement is just a simpler
name for
environmentalism, a broad
philosophy that focuses on
conservation and
improvement of the
IMC continues
In the center of the green
to be grateful movement lies the concept
to all its loyal, of sustainability.
Sustainabilty is “improving
hardworking the quality of human life
employees. while living within the
carrying capacity of
Thank you for supporting eco-systems.”
all that you Interestingly enough, this
idea has been around for
do and your centuries. Scientists point
to the Polynesian cultures
contributions that have maintained stable
to our future communities on small
islands for thousands of
success! And years with minimal
remember: resources. To ensure
protection of these
Safety First!  resources they practice
strict management systems
that have been in place for
centuries. Other sustainable
cultures include those
located in New Guinea and
areas of South America, as

Mission: “Create partnerships through incomparable service with the fastest

engineered quality product.”
♣♣Happy St. Patrick′s Day!♣♣
well as the larger agrarian this increase comes an
communities in China and increased need for
India. resources, and the
importance of preservation
Historical evidence of failed has only recently (in the last
cultures leads scientists to 50 years or so) been
believe that focusing on brought to the forefront.
sustainability now will help
maintain today’s society. Over the next few months
Studies of ancient Sumerian this newsletter will be
civilization in Mesopotamia focusing on topics relating
(modern day Iraq) indicate directly to Going Green,
clearly the detrimental sustainability, and what we
affect a too quickly can do NOW to help protect
multiplying society can the future.
have upon the local
ecosystem. The Sumerian’s
are best known for their
creation of vast irrigation
networks that enabled them
to farm year-round and
thus eliminated the need for  The new MetLife
frequent migrations. dental insurance
Because of this the goes into effect
March 1st! Your new
population grew, and with
card should be
that the need for supplies arriving in the mail
increased, which meant any day now. Until
more intense farming. then, contact HR for
The increase in farming led policy information as
to deforestation upstream, needed!
causing flooding and over-  Our new Quality
irrigation. This in turn Manual is here!
increased the salinity of the Contact Tim if you’d
soil leaving it unable to like your own
produce the crop yields personal copy.
needed. Consistent decline
of crops coupled with other
 We are
implementing a new
factors caused a drastic sign-in policy. All
decline in the population. visitors must sign-in
at the front desk
Due to advances in upon arrival and sign
technology over the years out before leaving, so
we humans have been able that we can keep
to gain more control over track of who is in the
the environment around us. building in case of
Between the boom of the emergency!
industrial revolution, the  New mixed recycling
creation of modern bins are now located
sanitation systems, and throughout the shop.
advances in medicine that Each is labeled with
protected large populations pictures of approved
from disease we have seen recyclables to help
an explosion of numbers in you.
the world population. With

Mission: “Create partnerships through incomparable service with the fastest

engineered quality product.”
♣♣Happy St. Patrick′s Day!♣♣
and tally the mileage

The government’s main

GPS Mileage concern at this point is the
Tax Proposal possible loss of revenue
from the gas tax due to the
The spotlight in local green increased usage of hybrid
controversy seems to be vehicles. They are seeking
centered on one thing: the alternatives to the gas tax to
Governor’s proposed help fund the repair of
mileage tax. In case you roadways and bridges.
haven’t heard, Governor
Kulongoski has proffered As with any proposed
doing away with the current legislation there are a
gasoline tax in favor of myriad of pros and cons, all
taxing each motorist for the tied in with deep concerns
miles that they drive. The presented by Oregon
thought behind this is that residents. The main
those who do the most concern seems to be this:
damage to the roadways are maintaining the privacy of
those who are the frequent the individual. The
travelers, and thus they government promises that
would be the ones paying there will be no tracking of
for the majority of the the individual, and no
repairs to the roads. release of any information
to any interested party
How do they plan to track regarding when and where
this mileage, you ask? By you purchased your fuel.
having drivers install GPS They insist that the only
units in their vehicles that time the GPS will be
would link up with and transmitting data will be at
transfer information to a the moment of refueling
system at the gas pump. when you are connected to
From there the data is the pump, and it will
transmitted via radio immediately disengage once
frequency to a system that your transaction is
would then calculate the complete. That said, if the
cost and add it to your gas proposal follows through
bill. In the original trial the with the idea that a motorist
added price was 1.2 cents a will be charged more for
mile, a cost they figured peak hours and peak traffic
based on the gas tax of 24 areas then this would mean
cents a gallon when used by it would be noting where
a vehicle that averages 20 the vehicle is located at all
mpg. times.

They also intend to impose There are also questions

a higher price for those who raised regarding how out of
drive through congested state drivers will contribute
areas at peak hours. The their share- a fair question
GPS would track which considering the high
“zone” you were driving in volume of traffic coming to
and from the Vancouver

Mission: “Create partnerships through incomparable service with the fastest

engineered quality product.”
♣♣Happy St. Patrick′s Day!♣♣
area each day. The
intention is to continue In short, more studies are
taxing a per gallon price for needed to determine the
out of state drivers. viability of this proposal.

Which brings up another

concern: what will prevent
Oregonians from paying
twice over for gas? The
question about drivers
being dinged twice- once
with the mileage tax and
once by a hidden gas tax- is
on the tip of many a tongue.

The main argument in favor

of this idea is that those
drivers who frequent the
roads and truly cause the
majority of the damage will
be those who put most of
the money back into the
repair fund. Other pros
include no tax for gasoline
used in lawnmowers and
other at-home gas powered
devices, as well as no more
allowances made to hybrid

However, the cons seem to

outweigh the pros, the main
being the cost of outfitting
all vehicles with these
devices and the cost of
tracking the data,
maintaining the systems,
and preventing the
possibility of frequency
jamming devices being used
to prevent the transmission
of data. There is also the
loss of incentive for people
to buy more fuel-efficient
vehicles, which is
inadvisable at a time when
curtailing emissions is at a
peak. As it stands the gas
tax still covers the cost of
those who use the roads
more frequently. Driving
more means more fuel
consumption and thus more
fill-ups are inevitable.

Mission: “Create partnerships through incomparable service with the fastest

engineered quality product.”

Written By: Adrienne Eichsteadt