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CURRICULUM VITAE Name: Address: Simon Persaud Flat 14, Presentation House 240 Wick Road Hackney London

E9 5DR 07791515991 24/12/89

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I have been dancing for 9 years and co-founder of Heavy Smokers Crew Scotlands premier b-boy crew and well known as some of the top B-boys in the UK I am friendly and approachable with great communication skills I have a current Enhanced Disclosure Scotland Certificate and have extensive experience of working with all ages I have great organisational and motivational skills receiving various funding and grants for a dance shows and events Past and Present Dance Employment September 2009 October 2012 Upbeat Dance, 2 Cousland Road. Dalkeith. Midlothian. EH22 2PS Before moving to London I taught 4 classes a week at Upbeat dance. A lot of the kids had no previous dance experience so I had the opportunity to teach them the correct foundational skills and in my 3 years at Upbeat got to see their progression from complete beginners to at least an intermediate level and a few of my students are now pro-active dancers who practice within the Edinburgh b-boy scene and dont attend classes anymore. My duties included: A Warm up. Teaching New movement & Musicality. Choreography and Stage presence/position Cool down I also used my Creative Media Qualification and experience to film the end of year show and make DVDs that they could sell to raise funds for Costumes & Hall Hire. October 2008 to July 2010: Breakdance Teacher

Kic Dance, Lasswade High School, Eskdale Drive, Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, EH19 2LA Teaching children aged between 8 and 16 for Kic Dance, taking four classes of fifteen students per week. I have the responsibility of setting up and tidying away the equipment and the area used for the classes, leading the dance class. This includes a warm up, stretch and choreographing routines. During my time at KIC I worked with the class to put on a show at the Churchill Theatre called The four Elements. The show brought together the four disciplines of ballet, contemporary dance, Hip-Hop and breakdancing resulting in a highly successful show in which approximately 150 kids took part. I choreographed the breakdance routine for the show, stage directed during the production and arranged the costumes. September 2008 to July 2010: Breakdance Teacher Just Dance College, 40 Restalrig Drive, Edinburgh, EH7 6JF Teaching breakdancing to children aged between 10 and 18 for Just Dance, running one class of fifteen students a week. None of the kids had done any breakdancing in the past but were eager to learn. After the first class my employer asked me to choreograph a piece for a show that was two weeks later. I worked hard to make a simple yet impressive routine for the show. September 2008 to June 2009: Breakdance Teacher Morningside Primary School, Edinburgh, EH7 6JF Teaching 5 primary school boys between the age of 9-11 breakdancing on a Tuesday morning for 40 minutes they had been learning breakdancing for about a year through an active schools programme so they had all the basics down. This meant I could teach at an intermediate level. Other interests I have a real passion for travelling and meeting new people. I have spent numerous summers travelling around Europe and America. I always pair my love of the dance with my love of travelling and arrange my trips around competitions or events. I also regularly travel around the UK to jams and events. Travelling has helped me to improve my dance and gain a lot of friends from all over the world. References Laura Reynolds, Creative Director, Upbeat Dance, Dalkeith High School, 2 Cousland Road, Dalkeith, Midlothian, EH22 2PS