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SUNDAY 17 mARCH 2013

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Indian Air Force has a critical role to play to safeguard our territorial integrity, The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee

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SC restrains Italian ambassador from leaving India

The Supreme Court restrained Italian ambassador Daniele Mancini from leaving the country till March 18 without its permission. The apex court bench, headed by Chief Justice Altamas Kabir, while restraining the Italian ambassador from leaving the country, issued notice to the Italian government, its ambassador, and the two marines accused of killing two Indian fishermen Feb 15, 2012. The court said the notices are returnable by March 18. The Italian ambassador was issued notice on going back on his undertaking to the court assuring the return of the two marines after their four weeks stay in Italy. The court issued the notice after Attorney General G.E. Vahanvati informed the court about the sequence of events starting from the Italian governments statement that the two marines will not return to India to face trial after the expiry of four weeks for which they were allowed to visit their country.

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Fidayeen attack CRPF troopers in Kashmir

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Xi Jinping the new Chinese president

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Cinema more organised now, says Sridevi

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India collects 8 medals at Asian Archery Grand Prix

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2 A Development Model for Himachal

the same. Himachals policy challenge in a nutshell stands defined as the attainment of sustainable development while balancing the need to preserve environmental health of the state. Knowledge and precision manufacturing industries provide a robust development road map because of their inherently low pollution footprint, higher marginal returns and relatively large employment potential. To attract precision manufacturers, high technology corporations, services players and other niche industries a suitable mix of policy directives, planning and state investment into capacity

Manu Sharma
Himachal Pradesh is at the crossroads and needs to find its future direction. The first decade of the previous century ushered huge changes in what was once a salubrious mountain paradise. Advent of 21st century brought industrialization in lower Himachal owing to a central government industrial package, this was followed up by rapid development of real estate and mega-infrastructure in the latter half of previous decade. Increased activity by private capital and rising population pressure present a new conundrum for the states policy makers. There is a need to define the policy goals and means to achieving creation should be undertaken. Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh is a well traveled and erudite persona. He has handled the important portfolio of Industries in the Union Cabinet and thus he is well placed and connected to deliver clean industrialization for the state. By all indications Mr Singh plans to hang up his boots after this particular stint as the CM of the state, he should consider doing what Lee Kuan Yew did for Singapore to transform a small Asian port town into a global center of financial gravity and trade. It is his moment of glory and he should deliver for the future of the state residents. tional propriety. Punjab Congress carried great sympathy and public support coming into the Budget session. Behaviour of certain ministers of the ruling coalition on the floor of the house in previous session of Vidhan Sabha and the perceived arrogance of the government amongst various quarters gave an excellent platform to the opposition. Sadly this groundswell of public opinion has now abated, the new leadership of the Congress in the province would do well to adopt realpolitik and tone down the hotheads derailing their own show.



S.K. Sinha

It can never be acceptable

The incident of the Italian marines can never go down well for any self respecting Indian. First the Foreign sailors kill our people and then the diplomat of the country lies to the Supreme Court. What was a simple case has now turned into an International imbroglio. A legal issue has led to a diplomatic war between two nations with good trade links. Such a case should have been dealt in a fast track court. The statement that was obliged is to say that they were under obligation but the Christmas celebrations are getting longer for the sailors. On the other hand our neighbour who are busier with Indian affairs than buying food for their families have dared to make statements on the hanging of a convict.Both the incidents somehow make us think that we better shed the toothless stance. We are a great country and we need not be meek. Let us tell them that we are not amused. A strong signal should go out to the world to prove that we too can be decisive. Jai Hind.

Fisticuffs in Punjab Vidhan Sabha

Punjab Vidhan Sabhas budget session was meant to be an opportunity for the governments critics to put it on the mat for its lacklustre performance on the economy and law and order front. In an exercise that can be aptly termed as self goal of the century, opposition Congress decided to smuggle the victims of Taran Tarn police atrocity into the high security Vidhan Sabha complex . Notwithstanding the righteousness of the cause, presence of unauthorized persons was not required to make a forceful point in the assembly. Once the matter was out in the open and presence of the victims confirmed, it was responsibility of the leadership to ensure a swift and amicable resolution. However in complete disregard of parliamentary norms and the precedents of democratic behaviour, Congress legislators not only manhandled the watch and ward staff under full media spotlight they also went on to to dislodge the chair from his position. The Speaker of the house was made to watch abjectly as some Congress legislators forced him away from the seat and then proceeded to sit atop the Speakers seat in violation of constitu-

Piracy lies at the heart of India-Italy showdown

By Commander (Retd) Neil Gadihoke New Delhi The Indian democratic apparatus is inIn response to the sudden u-turn by the Italian government by refusal to return of the naval guards, charged with killing of two Indian fishermen last year, Indias Ministry of External Affairs summoned the Italian Ambassador, Daniele Mancini, to convey Indias position in the strongest of terms, which is diplomatic parlance for a stiff lecture. The two naval guards - Massimiliano Lattore and Salvatore Girone - charged with homicide for killing two fishermen off the Kerala coast in February 2012, were permitted by the Supreme Court Feb 22 to proceed to Italy for four weeks for voting in its national elections. The court had allowed them to travel to Italy and return to India by the end of a four-week deadline. Summoning of the Italian ambassador came a day after the Italian foreign ministry refused the return of the two naval guards, accusing Indian authorities of violating international rights by detaining the naval guards and said it was open to let an international arbitrator to assess the case. It would be recalled that both guards were arrested after they shot and killed two Indian fishermen, off the coast in Kerala, Feb 15, 2012, whilst on duty on the Italian flagged merchant vessel Enrica Lexie. Most of the press coverage on the issue missed the fact that at the heart of the incident lies the issue of piracy. As pirates operated out of Somalia, the shippers were advised to hug the Indian coast when transiting to and from the Persian Gulf. This took them through Indian fishing grounds and in February 2012, the Enrica Lexie encountered Indian fishermen, who were perceived to be pirates, who were fired upon and killed. In response, the Indian Coast Guard then chased down the merchant ship and arrested the two marines, who were held in Kerala for trial and subsequently shifted to New Delhi for trials by a special court, as per Supreme Court directives. Without doubt, the implementation of anti-piracy measures has been challenging. It is well known that pirates morphed from fishermen whose grounds were encroached upon and ended up resorting to the much more lucrative piracy business. In response, navies and coast guards took up the cause with loosely coordinated patrols. The pirates response was to gain better intelligence and use mother ships to extend their reach by hundreds of miles. As an antidote, armed guards have appeared on commercial vessels. Most guards are from private maritime security companies, and some from host militaries. This was the case in Italy, where Italian marines served aboard Italian flagged carriers. It is estimated that more than 50 percent of commercial carriers transiting the Indian Ocean region now have armed guards, which can give rise to more such unresolved issues of regulation and law. At present, the sense of shock from all stakeholders in India stems from the fact that Italy as a country has reneged on its commitment to fulfil the sovereign undertaking given by it to the Supreme Court of India. The Italian u-turn comes at a time when India is already pressuring Italy to part information on the bribery scam in the Agusta Westland VVIP helicopter deal. As a result, IndoItalian relations will remain turbulent in the near future. The entire saga has a different interpretation from the Italian side. Italian foreign ministry sources were qouted as saying that India had not responded to its requests to seek a diplomatic solution to the case. The Italian foreign ministry statement Monday also said Indias decision to hold trial of the marines in that country violated their rights under international law as they need to be tried in their home country. However, the view in India is that the incident of firing from the Italian vessel on the Indian fishermen having occurred within the Indian maritime jurisdiction, the Union of India is entitled to prosecute the two Italian marines under the criminal justice system prevalent in the country. Such arguments and counter arguments are expected to continue. Indeed, the pirates of Somalia, apart from raking in millions of dollars in ransom and wreaking havoc on international shipping routes, have now started to make an unanticipated brunt on international relations. This is indeed very startling. Who knows, what they will impact next?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Letters may be emailed to the ,with full postal address and the full name or the name with initials.

Classic Hindi melodies make a comeback

By Radhika Bhirani Enter a dance club here and chances are youd find youngsters gyrating to the sensual Dhak dhak karne laga and the peppy Naino mein sapna - old but evergreen songs that gave Bollywood some of its famous latkas and jhatkas. Be it in the film world or ad world, old melodies from the 1990s, 1980s and even earlier are striking the right chords with young music enthusiasts, who are loving and lapping up the snazzier and contemporary remixed versions of the tracks. Classic songs are coming back only because they were great, Delhibased DJ Khushi told IANS. It was hence only fitting for Sajid Khan to use Taaki taaki and Naino mein sapne, two hugely successful numbers from the Jeetendra-Sridevistarrer Himmatwala, for the forthcoming remake of the 1983 film. Amit Kumar re-recorded his late father Kishore Kumars hit number Naino mein sapna and Sajid has said recreating the number was like being part of history. If Jeetendra, touted as the Jumping Jack of the 1990s, rocked the original tracks, Sajid chose Ajay Devgn, known for having two left feet, for the new age version. The numbers are earning a good share of popularity. Dhak dhak karne laga, best remembered for Madhuri Dixits sensual chest-heaving step, has a new avatar in Rohan Sippys Nautanki Saala, which also has a fresh flavour of the soothing number So gaya ye jahaan from the 1988 film Tezaab. Both of these latest tracks spell a techno feel, almost on the lines of the modern Hawaa hawai and Khoya khoya chand. Old hit songs never go out of fashion, said Sippy, who still has the Sabse bada rupaiyya remix from his 2005 film Bluffmaster as his caller tune. We dont try to compete with the original in any way, but I just love doing remixes, Khushi told IANS. The popular qawwali Dama dam mast qalandar, originally sung by Runa Laila, now has a techno-rock version by Rekha Bhardwaj, who crooned it for the film David. Karan Johars debutant-laden Student Of The Year made youngsters go Disco deewane to a fresh avatar of the 1981 Nazia Hassan hit pop track. A whole lot of songs like this one are popular, but some dont make it too big. Reasons DJ Khushi: These remixed tracks are doing well, but not all are too good in clubs and discs, as with time the sensibilities of music has changed, sounds have changed and the taste of people has also changed. Some classics do really well in clubs; some dont. But they are still great tracks, he added. TV advertisements arent wary of the trend either. The latest commercial for mango drink Slice has a remixed version of Haal kaisa hai janaab ka playing in the background with Katrina Kaif in a playful mood, while Pehli taareekh in Cadburys ads has been around for some time now. Watch the SBI Life Insurance ad and the Hum jab honge track infuses nostalgia. The Nestle Kit Kat ad has two animated squirrels romancing to Kaante nahin katte...I love you from Mr.India, while the Hero Pleasure ad, starring Priyanka Chopra, has Salma Aghas Jhoom jhoom jhoom baba. Aap yahaan aaye kis liye is another hit number from the yesteryears used for Bharti AXA Life Insurance TV commercial. For some the trend may be positive, but not everyone welcomes remixed versions with open arms. Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi is one of them. Im not really happy with the use of beautiful old songs in new films. I dont like remixed versions of classics. I feel one should come out with originals instead of using classics, the actor told IANS.


The Italian ambassador was issued notice on going back on his undertaking to the court assuring the return of the two marines after their four weeks stay in Italy. The court issued the notice after Attorney General G.E. Vahanvati informed the court about the sequence of events starting from the Italian governments statement that the two marines will not return to India to face trial after the expiry of four weeks for which they were allowed to visit their country. The Supreme Court in February allowed Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, accused of killing two poor Indian fishermen off Kerala, to fly to Italy to vote in the Feb 24-25 national election. When the Italians were allowed by the Supreme Court to return to Italy for a second time (they went during Christmas and returned), Romes ambassador here Daniele Mancini had promised that the two would positively return to India.

SC restrains Italian ambassador from leaving India

New Delhi The Supreme Court restrained Italian ambassador Daniele Mancini from leaving the country till March 18 without its permission. The apex court bench, headed by Chief Justice Altamas Kabir, while restraining the Italian ambassador from leaving the country, issued notice to the Italian government, its ambassador, and the two marines accused of killing two Indian fishermen Feb 15, 2012. The court said the notices are returnable by March 18.

Italy obliged to return marines: India says

India conveyed to Italy in the strongest terms that it was obliged to ensure the return of the two marines facing trial in India for murder. Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai said after meeting Italian ambassador Daniele Mancini at South Block: Italy is obliged to ensure that the marines return to India in the time frame given by the Supreme Court. The Italian envoy refused to speak to the media. The Supreme Court in February allowed Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, accused of killing two Indian fishermen off Kerala, to fly to Italy to vote in the Feb 24-25 national election. The apex court was given an undertaking that the marines will return in four weeks to face legal proceedings in India. The Italian embassy informed New Delhi that the marines would not return to India. The marines on board Italian ship Enrica Lexie allegedly shot dead the two fishermen in February last year, mistaking them for pirates. The Indian government said that it does not agree with the position conveyed by the Italian government on the return of the Marines to India. The Italian ambassador was summoned by the foreign secretary and Indias position was conveyed to him in the strongest of terms. It was conveyed to him that India expects Italy as a country that is committed to the rule of law to fulfil the sovereign undertaking given by it to the Supreme Court of India. It was only following this undertaking that the Supreme Court allowed the Marines to travel to and remain in Italy for four weeks and return to India under the care, supervision and control of the Italian Republic. It was conveyed to the Italian ambassador that the Italian government was obliged to ensure their return to India within the stipulated period.

PM warns Italy of consequences India reviewing ties with Italy, seeking EU support over marines
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh warned Italy of consequences in bilateral ties if its two marines accused of killing two Indians dont return to face the Indian law. If Italy does not keep its word, there will be consequences, a grim faced Manmohan Singh told the Lok Sabha. He made an identical statement in the Rajya Sabha. Our government has made it clear that these actions of Italy are not acceptable, he said. They violate every rule of diplomatic discourse and call into question solemn commitments given by accredited representatives of a sovereign government to our Supreme Court. This cannot, by any standards, be in the interests of any bilateral relationship that has to function on the basis of trust. The prime minister said India had told Italian authorities to respect the undertakings they gave to the Supreme Court and return the two marines to stand trial in India for killing two Indian fishermen off Kerala. If they do not keep their word, there will be consequences for our relations with Italy. I would also urge all members of the house to treat this matter with the seriousness it deserves, acting and speaking together as the government moves forward on this issue, he added. The Supreme Court in February allowed marines Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone to fly to Italy to vote in the national election. The apex court was told the marines would return in four weeks to face the Indian law. Rome Monday told New Delhi that the marines wont return to India. Earlier in the Lok Sabha, Jaswant Singh of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) asked why the Italians were allowed to return to Italy at the first place. Why was this exception made in the Italian case. Do we permit similar treatment to Indians? The government of Italy has gone back on its promise that they will come back. India should not tolerate this kind of treatment... What do you intend to do? he asked. Marxist Basudeb Acharia said: There is a system of postal ballot in Italy. Why werent the marines allowed to cast their votes through that? What steps has the government taken against the (Italian) ambassador? The entire country is agitated. In the Rajya Sabha, opposition leader Arun Jaitley said Italys decision was enemy action and urged India to forget diplomacy and act. We have heard of state-sponsored terrorism, but this by a democratic country which ostensibly committed to the rule of law, this seems to be the first such case of a state-sponsored deception and state-sponsored abduction, he said. Jaitley said the Italian government deceived India by saying they needed to be physically present to vote while they could have voted through mail. They have broken every rule of democracy. It is time for the government of India to act. This now must be treated in the category of enemy action, he said. He also sought action against the Italian ambassador who had promised the Supreme Court that the marines would return to India. Once you have submitted, you dont have diplomatic privileges. The law minister may examine the post constitutional treaties, including the Vienna convention... We should forget diplomacy, Jaitley added. India said it was reviewing all aspects of our relationship with Italy following a diplomatic row over the non-return of two Italian marines charged with killing two fishermen off the Kerala coast mistaking them for pirates. The external affairs ministry said this was part of the ongoing efforts after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh described as unacceptable Italys refusal to send back the two marines. We have initiated a study of our interactions with Italy, ministry spokesman Syed Akbaruddin told reporters here. At the end of that internal process, we will take further action that is appropriate taking into account all aspects of our relationship... Based on that study and as the resolution evolves, you will see our response, Akbaruddin added.

4 Bitti Mohanty arrives in Rajasthan

Ram Singh, the man who was be- Tihar authorities said in an official in a depressed state as is being highlieved to be the principal perpetrator statement. lighted by jail officials. of the Dec 16 gang-rape in the capi- The matter is being inquired into by Tihar sources said Ram Singh was tal, reportedly committed suicide in the judicial officer. The exact cause of earlier under suicide watch, but the Delhis high security Tihar Jail, po- death would be known after receipt of alert was later called off after it was lice said. His family alleged he was inquiry officer report which also in- assessed that he was behaving norcludes post-mortem examination re- mally and was not showing any signs murdered. According to jail officials Ram Singh, port by forensic specialist. of depression or talking about ending 35, who was in ward number 5 of Jail An inquiry has been ordered to ascer- his life. number 3, hanged himself by the grill tain how Ram Singh committed sui- Ram Singh was the driver of the bus of a window, using a bedin which the 23-year-old sheet. But what is curious woman was raped by six about the whole incident was Delhis high security Tihar Jail males, including him and that none of the three other Inmates are given a bedsheet, a bucket and a mug his younger brother. The inmates of the cell noticed it. to take bath. six males, including a miHis body was found hanging nor, also thrashed the wom Ram Singh, 35, lodged in ward number 5 of Jail ans friend and later threw from the grill was found by an Indo-Tibetan Border Police number 3 was found hanging at around 5:45 a.m them out of the moving bus Cell was shared by three others constable. in the cold December night Kept in a cell shared by three out of the street - bleeding others, also undertrials, Ram and without clothes. Singh used a bucket to reach the grill cide in the high security Tihar Jail, G. The young student died of massive into hang himself. Inmates are given Sudhakar, Deputy Inspector General ternal injuries in a Singapore hospital bedsheet, bucket and a mug to take (Prisons), Tihar Jail, said. two weeks later. But his family alleged he was mur- Ram Singh, who had confessed to the bath. Officials refused to identify the three dered and demanded a Central Bureau crime, had been charged in 13 cases in inmates who shared the cell with of Investigation (CBI) inquiry. connection with the Dec 16 incident, Ram Singh, the prime accused in the He was killed and later hanged in the and had been facing day-to-day trial in physiotherapist trainee gang-rape that jail. He told us several times that he a fast-track court. He was supposed to shook the collective conscience of the was threatened in the jail. We lodged be taken to the court Monday too. country and made for shocking news a complaint in this regard. It was not Sources said all the five men were kept suicide. We demand a CBI inquiry, under suicide watch since January afacross the world. Ram Singh was also known to suffer Mange Lal, Ram Singhs father, ter they stopped interacting with other told reporters outside Tihar jail.V.K. jail inmates and even between themfrom deformity in his left hand. Undertrial prisoner Ram Singh, son Anand, his lawyer, also alleged foul selves. of Mange Ram, who was lodged in play and demanded a full-fledged in- The rape victims 20-year-old brother Jail number 3 since Dec 23, 2012 was quiry into the incident. expressed shock over the incident. found hanging at around 5:45 a.m., He also said that Ram Singh was not Ram Singh should have faced the


Delhi gang-rape principal accused, hangs self

gallows. He should have been hanged publicly. Ram Singh was aware that there was strong evidence against him and that he could get the death penalty, the victims brother told IANS. Lawyers and experts are of the view that trial would not be affected by the suicide. The others accused in the case, Pawan, 19, and Akshay, 29, are held in Jail No. 4, Vinay, 20, and Mukesh, 26, are in Jail No. 7. The sixth accused is a juvenile, lodged separately and is being tried by the Juvenile Justice Board. As questions were raised about the monitoring of undertrials in Indias largest jail, officials immediately ordered an inquiry into the incident.

Jaipur A Kerala Police team Thursday arrived in Rajasthans Alwar town with Bitti Mohanty, who jumped a parole in 2006 after his conviction for raping a German woman in the state, officials said. The team will collect various documents and fingerprints from Alwar, some 150 km from here to verify that the man in their custody is Bitti Mohanti. Mohanti was arrested from Alwar in 2006 for raping a German woman. Mohanty is the son of B.B. Mohanty, a former director general of police in Odisha. He had raped a German tourist in Rajasthans Alwar district March 21, 2006 and convicted on April 12, 2006. The Kerala Police team has approached us to provide all the documents related to his arrest seven years ago and other evidence. We will also provide them with details of the identification marks on his body which were taken into records at the time of his arrest, a senior police officer said. The officer said that the Kerala Police team is likely to leave for Jaipur from Alwar Friday morning. Some more documents related to his stay in Jaipur jail and parole jump will be collected from the state capital, a Jaipur police officer said. Mohanty was sentenced to seven years imprisonment on rape charges. In November 2006, he secured parole to meet his ailing mother. Since then, his whereabouts are unknown. Mohantys father served as director general, home guards and fire services at the time when Mohanty committed the crime, and was accused of aiding his sons escape. He was arrested for aiding the sons escape in January 2008 but released on bail after a few days.

Magisterial inquiry

New Delhi Three days after a Delhi gang-rape accused was found hanging inside Tihar Jail here, a 30-year-old female prisoner allegedly committed suicide afternoon inside the prison, an official said. Reshma, who was undergoing trial in a kidnapping case was found hanging Thursday afternoon inside jail number 6. A matron spotted her body, said a jail official. She used dupatta (stole) to hang herself with the ventilators grill inside her cell of the jail, the official claimed. According to jail officials, the two of her co-inmates had gone for a work in Tihars factory. They are under-trail in other cases. Her body has been sent for post-mortem at Deen Dayal Upadhaya Hospital

Another suicide in Tihar

and a magisterial inquiry has been ordered, the official added. Reshma, a resident of west Sagarpur in west Delhi was arrested in November 2011 in a kidnapping case of Jaitpur area in south Delhi, since then lodged in the jail. No suicide note has been found and the family members have been informed about the incident, said official. This is the second suicide in this year, while four in past two years, inside Delhis high security prison. The jail had reported a total of 18 deaths in 2012. Ram Singh, the prime accused in the gang-rape of a 23-year-old physiotherapist, allegedly hanged himself from the grill in Jail no.3 using a rug early Monday morning. A magisterial inquiry has been ordered into the incident.

Lok Sabha passes resolution against Pakistan

Footage of a Tihar Jail CCTV camera will be available for scrutiny during a magisterial inquiry ordered into the alleged suicide, according to prison official said. The ward number 5 has a single CCTV camera. The scrutiny of the footage captured by the camera may help in the magisterial inquiry. Sources revealed that there are a total of 258 CCTV cameras in Tihar and one camera was installed in ward number 5 where Ram Singh was found hanging 5.45 a.m. Whether the camera was installed within the cell of Ram Singh would be most crucial for the inquiry.

Parliament resolution a clear message to Pakistan: Khurshid

New Delhi The parliament resolution rejecting Pakistans interference in the internal affairs of India would give a clear message to Islamabad on New Delhis unity and sovereignty, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said .India stands for sovereignty, unity... I am grateful to the members of the house, and it will give a clear message to Pakistan, Khurshid told reporters outside Parliament House soon after the Lok Sabha passed the resolution. The peace process is indivisible... Pakistan will have to take us as we are.. the entire state (of Jammu and Kashmir) is part of it, and we want peace with that, not without that, he said. The Lok Sabha passed a resolution rejecting Pakistans interference in the internal affairs of India and called upon the National Assembly of Pakistan to desist from acts of support for extremists and terrorists. It also stressed that Jammu and Kashmir, including the Pakistan-occupied territory, was an integral part of India. The house reiterates that the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir including territory under illegal occupation

New Delhi The Lok Sabha passed a resolution rejecting a motion of the Pakistan National Assembly attacking the hanging of Indian parliament attack convict Afzal Guru, and asked it to desist from such acts of support for terrorism. This house totally rejects the resolution passed by the National Assembly of Pakistan on March 14, said Speaker Meira Kumar, reading out the resolution amid thumping of desks by the members across all political divides. Afzal Guru was hanged and buried in Tihar jail Feb 9. The house rejects interference in the internal affairs of India and calls upon the National Assembly of Pakistan to desist from acts of support for extremists and terrorists, the speaker said.

The speaker further said that only fulfilment of Pakistans commitment that it will not allow its territory to be used for terrorism against India can be the basis for peaceful relations with the neighbouring country. The speaker also stressed that the border state of Jammu and Kashmir, including the (Pakistan) occupied territories, was an integral part of India. The house reiterates that the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir including territory under illegal occupation of Pakistan is and shall always be an integral part of India, said the speaker. She cautioned that any attempt from any quarter to interfere in the internal affairs of India will be met resolutely and with complete unity of our nation.

Odisha minister resigns, daughter-inlaw complains of harassment

Bhubaneswar Odishas minister for housing and urban development, law, and information technology, Rahunath Mohanty, resigned after his daughter-in-law accused him of torturing her for dowry. I have resigned on moral grounds to enable police to conduct an independent probe. There is no truth in the allegation, Mohanty told IANS after submitting his papers to chief minister Naveen Patnaik here. His resignation comes a day after his daughter-in-law Barsa Swony Choudhury lodged a written complaint at the district headquarters town of Balasore, about 215 km from here, alleging that the minister and his family had been demanding dowry of Rs.25 lakh and a multi-utility vehicle. In her complaint, Choudhury alleged that the minister and his family tortured her physically and mentally, ever since she married to the ministers son Raja Shree Mohanty June 2012. She claimed that her parents had given Rs.10 lakh at the time of the marriage, as was demanded, but her father-in-law

of Pakistan is and shall always be an integral part of India, Speaker Meira Kumar said. She cautioned that any attempt from any quarter to interfere in the internal affairs of India will be met resolutely and with complete unity of our nation. I hope as we move forward our peace process has to be based on commitments that have been made about not using Pakistani territory to inflict injury on India and Indian people, and we reiterate that, said Khurshid. India has also cancelled the bilateral

hockey series slated for April-May. Both Hockey India (HI) and Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) had planned a two-legged bilateral series. Pakistan were scheduled to play a fivematch series in India April 5-15. India were then slated to tour the neighbours for the second leg of the series, also comprising five matches, from April 23. Pakistans National Assembly passed a resolution Thursday condemning the Feb 9 hanging of parliament attack convict Afzal Guru in Delhis Tihar jail.

and the rest of the family were unhappy and insisted that her parents should pay Rs.25 lakh and a multi-utility vehicle. The cabinet minister, however, refuted the allegations. The allegations are false, and everybody knows we would not do that. The truth will be out soon, and the law will take its course, Mohanty said.



Punjab speaker suspends nine Congress legislators

Chandigarh Following unruly scenes inside and outside the Punjab assembly Wednesday, the speaker Thursday suspended nine Congress legislators for the day. The nine were suspended by speaker Charanjit Singh Atwal for the alleged assault on the watch and ward staff of the assembly. Watch and staff member Jaipal Singh Wednesday filed a complaint with the Chandigarh Police saying he was dragged and beaten by the Congress legislators. Atwal Wednesday charged Congress lawmakers with criminally assaulting the watch and ward staff while compromising the security of the assembly complex here. Congress legislators clashed with security personnel and the watch and ward staff in the Punjab assembly complex as a young woman, who was thrashed and abused by police officials in Tarn Taran, tried to barge into the complex during the ongoing budget session. The commotion started when the victim, accompanied by Congress legislators, was taken to the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) office in the assembly complex. The security and assembly staff reached the office to take her away as she had entered without a valid entry pass. This was objected to by Congress legislators and this resulted in a clash between them and the security personnel. Some Congress legislators, who were inside the assembly hall, shouted slogans against the government and staged a walkout. Atwal said the Congress legislators, led by leader of opposition Sunil Jakhar, had brought some unidentified and unauthorized persons without valid entry pass to Punjab Vidhan Sabha premises with unknown motives.

India, Myanmar to forge closer non-political ties

New Delhi India and Myanmar, that have a shared history and a long border between them, will interact more closely at the business and intelligentsia level following the visit of a multi-think tank delegation from India to that country. The delegation, led by Rajiv K. Bhatia, director general, Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), visited Myanmar from March 4-8. Shyam Saran, former foreign secretary, was an important member of the ICWA delegation. Both Saran and Bhatia are also former ambassador to Myanmar. The purpose of the visit was to have first hand information about the reform process currently underway in Myanmar and also to understand and evaluate its implications for India-Myanmar relations. The visit began with a day-long Seminar on Change in Myanmar: Impact on India-Myanmar Relations, at the Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies (MISIS), Yangon. The deliberations at the seminar focussed on a number of issues spanning political, economic and security domains in the bilateral relationship. The delegation had a unique opportunity to interact with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Chairperson, National League for Democracy (NLD). Besides, the delegation called on a number of political lead-

CBI raids ex-IAF chiefs house

Gurgaon Two CBI teams Wednesday raided the residence of the former Indian Air Force (IAF) chief, Air Chief Marshal S.P. Tyagi, here in connection with alleged kickbacks in the VVIP chopper deal, official sources said. After registering a case against Tyagi in connection with Indias $750-million AgustaWestland chopper deal with Italian company Finmeccanica, two Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) teams consisting of 10 officers raided Tyagis house in Sector 23A near Palam Vihar, probe agency sources said. The first team consisting seven members, reached Tyagis house around 11 a.m. and remained there till 6.30 p.m. The team seized some computer hard discs, a laptop and documents, said an eyewitness. The second team of three members reached around 12.15 p.m. and left after around two hours, the eyewitness added. At the time of search, Tyagi and some of his family members were inside the house. The CBI sleuths also questioned some of them, CBI sources said. The probe agency also raided two companies in Chandigarh and Mohali in Punjab. The CBI has registered a case against Tyagi and 12 others for criminal conspiracy and fraud in the helicopter deal. The defence ministry recently initiated action for cancellation of contract for procurement of 12 AW101 helicopters for the use of VVIPs.

ers and government officials, including U Win Myint, Minister of Commerce, U Zin Yaw, Deputy Foreign Minister, U Thein Zaw, Chairman, National Races Affairs and Internal Peace Implementation Committee of the Parliament and other government officials, businessmen, academics and members of the Indian community. The delegation also visited Mandalay and met with U Ye Myint, the chief minister of Mandalay. During these interactions and deliberations with a cross-section of the people, it emerged that India and Myanmar should not only acknowledge the shared historical and cultural ties, but strengthen bilateral relations and formulate suitable policy responses and imple-

ment programmes for the benefit of the people of the two countries. It was also observed that the time is now ripe for the two neighbours to strengthen the bilateral relations, particularly in the economic and development sectors as well as in the domain of connectivity so that the relationship gains further substance. The delegation was also briefed by the Myanmar interlocutors about the ongoing political transformation in Myanmar. Many claimed that the reform process was now irreversible. The nation faced important opportunities and challenges on its way to the national elections, due in 2015. Others asserted that the reform process was at a nascent stage and would need to be nurtured carefully.

Fidayeen attack CRPF troopers in Kashmir

Srinagar Five CRPF troopers and two terrorists were killed in Srinagar Wednesday when the guerrillas attacked a paramilitary picket in the first terror attack in the Kashmir Valley in three years. Nine others were injured when a deadly firefight erupted as at least two heavilyarmed terrorists entered the playground of a police public school in Bemina. Home Secretary R.K. Singh said in New Delhi the two terrorists were probably from Pakistan. Both the terrorists who have been killed appeared prima facie to be not locals but from across the border, and the first impressions are that they are probably from Pakistan, he told reporters in New Delhi. He said the ministry had inputs that four terrorists had infiltrated into the country. The attackers apparently mingled with some boys who went to school to play cricket. The school was shut because of a strike in the Kashmir Valley called by separatists. There was fierce exchange of gunfire, and two militants were killed. Five CRPF troopers were martyred, a police officer told IANS. Three civilians and six men of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) were also injured in the attack. All the injured civilians are out of danger. Doctors have described the condition of one CRPF trooper as critical, a police officer told IANS. Security forces immediately cordoned off the playground and mounted a massive search for militants who might be hidding in the area. Wednesdays suicide attack in Srinagar is the first in the valley since 2010. No one has claimed responsibility. The attack came at a time when the separatists called for protests in the valley to mount pressure on the government

Accused in constables death given clean chit

New Delhi Delhi Police gave a clean chit to eight people booked in constable Subhash Tomars death during the anti-rape protests here in December last year. Appearing for the police, Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Sidharth Luthra told the court that no evidence was found to link the eight accused to the constables death. However, Luthra said that they were involved in destruction of public property near India Gate during the protests against the gang-rape of a 23-year-old woman. The court was hearing a plea filed by advocate Somnath Bharti on behalf of the eight accused booked for the constables death case for quashing charges against them. Justice G.P. Mittal posted the matter for final arguments for March 20. Police had earlier said that Tomar was assaulted and trampled upon by the crowd at India Gate. However, two witnesses said that he collapsed while chasing the crowd and that he was not beaten or trampled by the protestors. The trial court granted bail to the accused Dec 24. They had been arrested on charges of murder. Tomar died two days after he collapsed on the road. Bansal alleged that there were contradictions in the versions of police, witnesses and doctors. The plea said the police commissioners statement was contradictory to the version of two witnesses - Yogendra and Pauline - and the medical superintendent of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, where Tomar was admitted and later died.

Police to act against touts at Taj Mahal

Agra Touts will no more be allowed to operate in the Taj Mahal complex. Additional Director General of UP Police Rajnikant Mishra Wednesday ordered drastic action against the touts around the Taj called lapkas in local parlance. He told his officer that there can be no leniency when it comes to frisking of visitors. For this, coordination was needed between the Uttar Pradesh Police and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). Divisional Commissioner Pradip Bhatnagar alleged that touts were operating in the area and often misbehaving with or fleecing tourists. Mishra asked police to keep a record of all agents or sales personnel attached to showrooms and emporiums in the area. Even autorickshaw drivers should be screened and their identity cards checked regularly, he said. Mishra said police should ensure there were no unauthorized constructions or encroachment in the area. The 17th century Taj Mahal, built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan in memory of his wife, is Indias biggest tourist draw.

Making a statement in the Lok Sabha on the terror attack Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said that the two terrorists killed in Wednesdays attack in Srinagar seemed to be foreign fidayeen (suicide attackers) and items recovered from them appeared to be of Pakistani origin. He also said that the two unidentified terrorists took advantage of a small gap in the fencing at the police public school in Bemina area to enter

It is suspected to be of Pakistani origin, Shinde

to return the body of Afzal Guru, who was hanged for the attack on the Indian parliament. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah told the assembly in Jammu about Wednesdays attack. Abdullah, who also holds the home portfolio, said the attack began at 10.45 a.m. In New Delhi, Minister of State for Home Affairs R.P.N. Singh condemned the attack and described it as an act of cowardice. He also expressed deep sympathies towards families of the CRPF soldiers

who were killed. But BJP president Rajnath Singh slammed the government for not acting against Pakistan on terror. We have asked the government again and again but they are not taking any steps. At the time of the Mumbai attacks (November 2008), we told the government that India should snap all ties with Pakistan. We also asked the government to stop confidence building measures till Pakistan assures us that no more terrorist activities would take place from their soil, he said.

the compound, mingle with the youth there and open fire. It is suspected to be of Pakistani origin, he said, adding that the attackers were fidayeen suspected to be of foreign origin. The home minister said responsibility for the attack had been taken by an agent of Hizbul Mujahideen but the authenticity of the claim was yet to be ascertained.

and prompt New Delhi to freeze bilateral dialogue, Clapper warned in the report giving the assessment 16 US intelligence agencies. LeT will continue to be the most multifaceted and problematic of the Pakistani militant groups, the report said suggesting the group has the long-term potential to evolve into a permanent and even Hamas/ Hizballah-like presence in Pakistan. Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) is the Palestinian Sunni Islamic organization that has governed the Gaza Strip since June 2007, while Hizballah (the Party of God) is a Lebanon-based Shia terrorist group formed in 1982 in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. In US intelligence assessment the Taliban-led insurgency has diminished in some areas of Afghanistan but remains resilient and capable of challenging US and international goals. Taliban senior leaders also continue to be based in Pakistan, which allows them to provide strategic guidance to the insurgency without fear for their safety, the report said. Al Qaedas influence on the insurgency is limited, although its propaganda gains from participating in insurgent attacks far outweigh its actual battlefield impact, it said. India will continue to support the current Afghan Government to ensure a stable and friendly Afghanistan, the report said, as India sees its goals in Afghanistan as consistent with US objectives, and favours sustained ISAF (The International Security Assistance Force) and US presence in the country. India will almost certainly cooperate with the United States and Afghanistan in bilateral and multilateral frameworks to identify assistance activities that will help bolster civil society, develop capacity, and strengthen political structures in Afghanistan, it said, Moreover, India consistently ranks in the top three nations that Afghans see as helping their country rebuild. As of April 2012, India ranked as Afghanistans fifth largest bilateral donor, the report noted Turning to Sino-Indian relations, the report said neither India nor China currently seeks to overturn the strategic balance on the border or commit provocations that would destabilise the relationship. However, India and China are each increasing their military abilities to respond to a border crisis, it said noting, Both consider these moves to be defensive, but they are probably fuelling mutual suspicion and raising the stakes in a potential crisis. Cyberattacks pose more of a threat to the United States than a land-based attack by a terrorist group, while North Koreas development of a nuclear weapons programme poses a serious threat, Clapper said. However, there is only a remote chance of a major cyberattack on the United States that would cause widespread disruptions, such as regional power outages, the report said noting most countries or groups dont have the capacity to pull it off.


Pakistan-linked terror attack on India could undo thaw, US warns

Xi Jinping the new Chinese president

Washington With the Lashkar-e-Taeba (LeT), believed to be behind the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, remaining Pakistans most problematic militant group, the US fears an Islamabad-linked terrorist attack against India could undo efforts to improve ties between them. Both India and Pakistan have made calculated decisions to improve ties, despite deep-rooted mistrust, US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said in his annual report to the US Congress on the threats facing the United States. They held a series of meetings in the past year and will probably continue to achieve incremental progress on economic relations, such as trade, while deferring serious discussion on the more contentious issues of territorial disputes and terrorism, he noted. Even modest progress, however, could easily be undone by a terrorist attack against India linked to Pakistan, which could trigger a new crisis

Beijing Xi Jinping was elected president of China and chairman of the countrys top military body. The general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was picked the chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), reported Xinhua. The plenary meeting of the first session of the 12th National Peoples Congress (NPC) elected Zhang Dejiang as chairman of the NPC Standing Committee. Li Yuanchao was elected vice-president of China. Li Jianguo, Wang Shengjun, Chen

US says it fervently supports Indias rise

Washington Describing forging deeper partnerships with emerging powers as a key pillar of US strategy for the Asia-Pacific, a top aide of President Barack Obama says Washington not just accepts, but fervently supports Indias rise. US and Indian interests powerfully converge in the Asia-Pacific, where India has much to give and much to gain, Obamas National Security Advisor Thomas Donilon said discussing US policy in the Asia-Pacific region at Asia Society in New York . Southeast Asia begins in Northeast India, and we welcome Indias efforts to Look East, from supporting reforms in Burma to trilateral cooperation with Japan to promoting maritime security, he said. In the past year, for example, IndiaASEAN trade increased by 37 percent to $80 billion, Donilon noted. As part of US strategy for the Asia-Pacific, Donilon noted that Obama considers US relations with India-the worlds largest democracy-to be one of the defining partnerships of the twenty-first century. From Prime Minister (Manmohan) Singhs visit in 2009 to the Presidents trip to India in 2010, the United States has made clear at every turn that we dont just accept Indias rise, we fervently support it, he said. Donilon said the United States is implementing a comprehensive, multidimensional strategy to pursue its vision in the region to sustain a stable security environment and a regional order rooted in economic openness, peaceful resolu-

Changzhi, Yan Junqi, Wang Chen, Shen Yueyue, Ji Bingxuan, Zhang Ping, Qiangba Puncog, Arken Imirbaki, Wan Exiang, Zhang Baowen and Chen Zhu were elected vice chairpersons of the NPC Standing Committee. Wang Chen became secretary-general of the NPC Standing Committee. Also elected were 161 members of the 12th NPC Standing Committee. NPC deputies adopted a massive cabinet restructuring and streamlining plan which seeks to cut bureaucracy and make the government more efficient.

154 Bangladeshi opposition activists sent to jail

Dhaka As many as 154 opposition activists, who were detained during a raid on their headquarters Monday night, were sent to jail in connection with two assault cases against them. The Chief Metropolitan Magistrates Court in Dhaka passed the order sending the activists to jail after they were produced before it, Xinhua reported. Police placed before the court a 17-day remand plea for the activists, and the court fixed March 20 for hearing the remand plea. The leaders and activists of former prime minister Khaleda Zias Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) were charged with assaulting police and preventing them from discharging their duties in Dhaka during a rally Monday evening. The defendants include many top opposition leaders like party chief whip Zainul Abdin Farroque, joint secretaries general Rizvi Ahmed and Amanullah Aman, and Shafiul Alam Prodhan, chief of the Jatiya Ganatantrik Party, an ally in the BNP-led 18-party alliance. In protest against the detentions, lawyers of the BNP and its key ally Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami party staged demonstrations on the court premises . Earlier in the day, police charged the opposition activists with attacking law enforcers and exploding bombs during Mondays rally. During the raid on the BNP headquarters, police arrested about 200 opposition leaders, including BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, who was released Tuesday.

Help still needed in quake-hit regions: Japan PM

tion of disputes, and respect for universal rights and freedoms. Five key pillars of this strategy were: strengthening alliances; deepening partnerships with emerging powers; building a stable, productive, and constructive relationship with China; empowering re-

Police raided the BNP office less than an hour after the party announced countrywide dawn-to-dusk hartal for Tuesday, claiming that blasts were aimed at foiling the opposition rally Monday. The rally was called to protest at what the BNP said was governments corruption, misrule, oppression and mass killings. On Feb 28, at least 76 people including several policemen and dozens of activists were killed and hundreds of others injured in riots that erupted after a tribunal awarded death sentence to Jamaat vice president Delwar Hosssain Sayeede for war crimes in 1971. The BNP standing committee at an emergency meeting Monday night called for two more strike March 18 and 19, if it did not release the detained opposition leaders by Thursday. Bangladesh Home Minister M.K. Alamgir defended the police action saying, they (police) have the right to take actions against miscreants. Asked whether the police raid was logical, he said that law permits police to enter anywhere to arrest or resist miscreants.

Tokyo Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe addressed his country on the two-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami, saying there is still help needed to eliminate the consequences of the natural calamity. People in the disaster-stricken regions still need help. The help can be different, including volunteerism, financial charity, tourism or acquisition of goods, produced in these regions. There will be no real spring in Japan until spring comes to devastated regions, the premier said via YouTube. Two years ago Japan was hit by a massive 9.0-magnitude quake which caused a tsunami, claiming over 15,000 lives and triggering a number of explosions at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. The tsunami caused a partial meltdown at three of the nuclear plants reactors. Radiation leaked into the atmosphere, soil and seawater, becoming the worlds worst nuclear disaster after Chernobyl. According to scientists, Japan will need at least 40 years to recover fully from the nuclear catastrophe. Some 315,000 people are still living in a temporary housing unable to return to their houses

Colombo The Sri Lankan Navy said it had arrested 53 Indian fishermen who entered Sri Lankan waters illegally. Navy spokesman Kosala Warnakulasuriya told Xinhua that the Indians were arrested at two separate locations. Wednesday evening 19 were caught off the northern seas of Mannar while Thursday morning another 34 Indians were arrested off Delft islands, also in the north. Warnakulasuriya said the boats used by the fishermen were seized and they

Sri Lanka arrests 53 Indian fishermen

gional institutions; and helping to build a regional economic architecture that can sustain shared prosperity. The Obama Administration has worked to make its rebalance to the Asia-Pacific a reality because the regions success in the century ahead -and the United States security and prosperity in the 21st century-still depend on the presence and engagement of the United States in Asia, he said. However rebalancing does not mean diminishing ties to important partners in any other region, containing China or seeking to dictate terms to Asia, Donilon said. We are a resident Pacific power, resilient and indispensable, he said asserting during Obamas second term, this vital, dynamic region will continue to be a strategic priority.

would be handed over to police for investigation. Earlier this week, 16 fishermen, arrested for fishing in Sri Lankan waters, were sent back to India. Indian and Sri Lankan fishermen often stray into each others territory as both countries are divided by a small strip of sea. Indian fishermen often accuse the Sri Lankan navy of attacking them when they stray into Sri Lankan waters, an allegation Colombo denies.


Argentinian Cardinal Bergoglio Becomes Pope Francis
fair trials. According to reports, the men were charged with organizing a criminal group, armed robbery and raiding and breaking into jewellery stores in 2005, and then sentenced to death in 2009. The UN Special Rapporteur on torture, Juan E. Mndez, expressed deep concern over allegations that the seven individuals were subjected to torture and other ill-treatment in detention, and were forced to sign confessions. This is not only in breach of Saudi Arabias international obligations under international law, which imposes an outright prohibition on torture, it is also in breach of the Governments international obligation under the Convention against Torture that explicitly forbids the use of all forms of torture for the purpose of extracting confessions or acquiring information, he reiterated.

UN human rights experts outraged at saudi execution of seven men by firing squad
New York Two independent United Nations human rights experts today voiced outrage at the execution by firing squad this morning of seven men in Saudi Arabia, despite repeated calls by the UN and civil society organizations not to carry out the death sentences. I deeply regret that Saudi Arabia executed seven individuals today despite my and other experts appeal not to do so, said the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Christof Heyns. I reiterate that any death sentence undertaken in contravention of a States international obligations is tantamount to an arbitrary execution, and is unlawful. In an urgent joint appeal yesterday, Mr. Heyns and fellow UN experts called on Saudi authorities to halt the execution of the men, who were allegedly not given

More Than 6,600 Dead Pigs Found in Shanghai River

Global anti-drug strategy a failure, Nepals chief justice takes oath as executive Bolivia tells UN head
Vienna Current international policy against drugs has failed, creating more violence and operating as an instrument of geopolitical domination, Bolivian President Evo Morales said here before the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs.Every day there are more drugs on the markets, every day there are more weapons spurring social violence, every day more money from crime is covered up by banking secrecy, he said during the commissions annual meeting in Vienna. At the same time, he denounced the political use of the war on drugs by certain powers. Morales said that, without the help of the US, Bolivia has reduced the expanse of fields dedicated to the illegal growing of coca leaf - the raw material of cocaine - and urged other countries to assert national control over anti-drug efforts inside their borders. With 27,200 hectares planted, Bolivia is the third-largest producer of coca leaf after Colombia and Peru. A little less than half of Bolivias coca is grown legally for use in teas, folk remedies and Andean religious rites. Coca leaf, in its unadulterated form, is a mild stimulant similar to caffeine. Since taking office in 2006, Morales, an Aymara Indian who came to prominence as the leader of coca growers in the Chapare region, has largely moved away from the forced eradication of coca while stepping up efforts against drug traffickers, with record seizures of cocaine. He has also sought to promote additional legal applications for coca in products including fertilizer and soft drinks. Kathmandu Nepals sitting Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi took oath of office as the chairperson of the Interim Election Council to hold Constituent Assembly elections by June 21. Regmi was sworn in by President Ram Baran Yadav as the head of the interim government as a way out to end the political deadlock since the expiry of the first Constituent Assembly on May 27 last year, reported Xinhua. Regmi further administered the oath of office to two ministers Madhav P. Ghimire and Hari P. Neupane, who were former secretaries of the government. On Wednesday night, Nepals political parties signed a package deal on setting up an interim government under the leadership of sitting Chief Justice Regmi. The 11-point deal signed by the ruling and opposition parties allows Chief Justice Regmi to hold the second Constituent Assembly elections by June 21 in capacity of the chairperson of the Interim Election Council. The chief justice has to hand over power to the government formed after the elections. However, if the election is not held by June 21, the chief justice can remain in power until mid-December 2013. The parties also signed another major document which proposed 25 amendments to the existing constitution to pave the way for the chief justice to lead an interim government. In the existing constitution, there is no provision for an interim election body. Both documents (11-point agreement and 25-point ordinance for constitu-

Shanghai Chinese authorities say they have recovered hundreds more dead pigs from Shanghais main waterway, bringing the total to more than 6,600. City workers continued to retrieve carcasses Wednesday from the Huangpu river, Shanghais major source of drinking water. Officials say the dead pigs have not contaminated the citys water supply, noting the river is no more polluted than normal. But local authorities are puzzled about how the pigs ended up in the Huangpu river. Authorities say ear tags from the some of the pigs suggest they floated downstream from the Jiaxing area in the neighboring province of Zhejiang, a major center for hog raising. But Zhejiang animal husbandry and veterinary official Jiang Hao said that is not necessarily the case, since the

ear tags only indicate where the pigs were born. We have a procedure for the labels on pigs ears. After pigs are born, we tag the labels on their ears once theyve been through the epidemic prevention process. After they have been given a label, they might leave here and move somewhere else as they move around the market. It is not clear how the pigs died, though some have tested positive for porcine circovirus, a common swine disease that does not affect humans. The Huangpu River supplies nearly a quarter of the water for Shanghai, Chinas financial hub and a city of 20-million people. Water contamination, often caused by fertilizer runoff, chemical spills and untreated sewage, is a major problem in China. The government plans to spend $850 billion during the next decade to improve water supply systems.

Vatican City The Roman Catholic church got its first Latin American pontiff Wednesday when a secret papal conclave elected Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as its new leader. Pope Francis is also the first from outside Europe in more than a millennium. Joyful cheers him when Pope Francis appeared on the balcony of St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City, dressed in a simple white robe. Among the thousands greeting the pontiff were pilgrims from Argentina who could not contain their excitement. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who became the 266th Roman Catholic pontiff Wednesday, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1936. He was a son of Italian immigrants and his father was a railroad worker. The new leader of 1.2 billion Catholics chose to be known as Pope Francis. He is the first Latin American leader of the Church. Latin America is home to the worlds largest concentration of Catholics, with Brazil and Mexico having the largest Catholic populations. Pope Francis studied liberal arts in Santiago, Chile, and in 1960 earned a degree in philosophy from the Catholic University of Buenos Aires. He was ordained a priest in 1969, and is part of the Society of Jesus, commonly known as the Jesuits. Before becoming a cardinal in 2001, he served as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires from 1998. As a priest and a cardinal he became known for his simple lifestyle, personal humility, doctrinal conservatism and a commitment to social justice. I cannot explain it, this is tremendous, said one. This is the first time

I am in Rome and to have an Argentinian pope - its tremendous We are very happy as Argentinians, I think he is a very well prepared person and we need to pray for the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ to give him the strength to lead the Catholic church, said another. The 76-year-old pontiff also noted that his fellow cardinals looked around the globe to find a successor for Pope Emeritus Benedict. Brothers and sisters, good evening. said Pope Francis. As you know the duty of the conclave is to give Rome a bishop. It seems that my brothers cardinals went almost to the end of the world. But we are here. The new pope, who was born in Buenos Aires to a family of Italian immigrants, spent most of his life in Argentina. After receiving a masters degree in chemistry at the University of Buenos Aires he decided to become a Jesuit. He was ordained a priest in 1969. After years of teaching at Catholic school and seminaries and spending time counseling priests he became the new archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1998 and was made cardinal in 2001. During the 2005 conclave that elected Pope Benedict, Cardinal Bergoglio was said the have received the second largest number of votes. He has been known for his humble personal life and for his doctrinal conservatism. In 2010, when Argentina became the first Latin American coun-

try to legalize same-sex marriages, Cardinal Bergoglio encouraged clergy across the country to urge Catholics to protest. He said the legislation would be harmful to the family. He was also accused of complicity in

the 1976 kidnapping of two liberal Jesuit priests under Argentinas military regime, a charge he flatly denied. But Bergoglio was also known as a great defender of the poor. And even though he opposes homosexuality he has called for respect toward homosexuals. About 10 years ago, he also visited a hospice for victims of HIVAIDS and kissed and washed feet of some patients there. Latin America is home to the largest number of the worlds 1.2 billion Catholics, with Brazil and Mexico having the largest Catholic populations.

tional amendments) were approved by a cabinet meeting Wednesday. The president approved the ordinance, clearing constitutional hurdles for the chief justice to lead an interim election government.



The Italian Marines Issue

Sitaram Yechury, Senior CPM leader The Italian marines have insulted the judiciary. It is an issue of the law of our land and the marines would have to come back here to face trial, In India, the undertrials are not allowed to vote. If that is the norm for Indian under trials under the Indian laws, why should this be different for the Italian marines?

Arun Jaitley, BJP Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times, its enemy action.As we have been treated in this manner for the third time, we should forget diplomatic niceties.

Oommen Chandy, Kerala Chief Minister There will be no compromise on this issue. The marines should be tried under Indian law. No nation can agree with it. World will stand by India on this issue. That is why I am telling that Italys stand on this issue is a diplomatic tragedy,

Narendra Modi, Gujarat chief minister On the issue of Italian Marines, nothing short of their return to India must be the acceptable outcome.UPA should explain to the nation what actions it plans to take to ensure the return of the Italian Marines to India to face trial.

Rajiv Pratap Rudy, BJP leader We are waiting for severe consequences that PM promised. A private citizen has now ensured that justice is done. The person has got a notice against the Italian ambassador,

Subramanian Swamy, Janata Party President The court has directed that the ambassador cannot leave the country. It sends a strong message becasue the confidence of the people was shaken after they insulted us by keeping the marines there.

Salman Khurshid, External Affairs Minister Everything that is necessary to ensure that the dignity and primacy of India in this matter will be preserved, I can assure you that. The government would have to act in tandem with developments in the Supreme Court and would need to factor that into any decision taken.



New Delhi The BJP should take lessons from the UPA in managing coalition governments, Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said in the Lok Sabha. You should take lessons from us on managing coalition governments, Shinde told the BJP members during a brief discussion on the Jan 18 proclamation issued by President Pranab Mukhejee imposing central rule in Jharkhand under Article 356(1) of the constitution. We dont favour a permanent Congress government in the state. What can we do if your government falls, he said. Citing the example of the prime minister, Shinde said Manmohan Singh was facing pressure (of heading a coalition government) but was managing the issues with ease. The house adopted the resolution approving the proclamation in the state which is known for political instability and has seen eight governments since 2000. Earlier, the state was placed under

Take coalition lessons from us: Shinde tells BJP

presidents rule in 2009 and 2010. The latest political crisis erupted Jan 8 when the BJPs ruling coalition partner Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) wrote to the governor formally withdrawing its support to the 28-month-old government of Chief Minister Arjun Munda. Munda resigned and sought the dissolution of the assembly to avoid horse trading. The president had acted on the advice of the union cabinet, which recommended central rule based on Jharkhand Governor Syed Ahmeds report. According to Shinde, the UPA was not happy in prolonging presidents rule in the state. Stating that the centre wanted to protect tribals in Jharkhand, the home minister urged the BJP to come forward and form a government. If you can form a government, then do it, he said. The Congress had explored formation of the government with JMM but chose to stay away.


Kolkata The BJP said exchange of land in enclaves with Bangladesh would lead to a national loss and asked the Manmohan Singh government to clarify that what it would do to compensate it. There is a proposal that India would give 111 enclaves, spread over about 17,000 acres to Bangladesh, while 51 enclaves, spread over about 7,000 acres, will be given by Bangladesh to India. So the difference is about 10,000 acres, Bharatiya Jana-

Proposed enclave exchange with Bangladesh will be national loss: BJP

ta Party (BJP) chief Rajnath Singh told .Indian enclaves in Bangladesh are spread over 17,149 acres, while Bangladesh enclaves in India are located on 7,110 acres of land. Bangladesh has already ratified the pact. BJP, however, termed the difference of 10,000 acres as a national loss to India. We consider this 10,000-acre as a national loss. The country wants to know that what the government is going to do to compensate this national loss, said Rajnath Singh. There should be a discussion in parliament on this. There should be a consensus, he demanded. The additional protocol for the 1974 Land Boundary Agreement, inked during Prime Minister Manmohan Singhs visit to Dhaka in 2011, requires a constitutional amendment for ratification as they involve exchange of land in 111 Indian enclaves in Bangladesh and 51 Bangladeshi enclaves on Indian soil.

Rajnath Singh also said that the central government should draw a refugee relief and rehabilitation policy for the infiltrating refugees to India from Bangladesh and Pakistan. Many people, belonging to the minority communities in Bangladesh and Pakistan, are being tortured in their countries. These people are coming here as refugees without passports. I demand that the government should constitute a policy for giving them shelters, he added.

New Delhi The CPI-M said Thursday that the Italian refusal to send back its two marines to face the Indian law was linked to Indias hunger for foreign investment. The acts of foreigners who violate Indian law with virtual impunity is directly connected with the neo-liberal trajectory of economic reforms New Delhi has pursued since 1991, the CPI-M said. In the urge and eagerness to attract foreign investment, virtually

CPI-M links Italian fiasco with economic policies succumbing to the dictates of international finance capital, India is increasingly seen as a state that vacillates to firmly uphold our political sovereignty and the rule of law. Such an appeasement to foreign capital at the expense of our sovereignty undermines the vital essence and character of the Indian nation, said an editorial in the CPI-M journal Peoples Democracy. This only vindicates our position that surrender of economic sovereignty in the name of neo-liberal reforms can never stop ... and will necessarily lead to the undermining of our political sovereignty, it said. The editorial follows Romes decision not to stick to its pledge to the Supreme Court that the marines, charged with killing two Indian fishermen, would return to India after voting in Italian elections. The decision has brought a chill in India-Italy relations. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has termed the Italian move unacceptable and said it would have a bearing on bi-

lateral relations. The editorial also demanded to know why the Indian state and judiciary let the Italians return to their country -- first to celebrate Christmas with their families and then to vote in national elections. Will the inmates of, say, Delhis Tihar jail be allowed to celebrate the forthcoming Holi festival with their families? Clearly, different set of rules seem to be followed with regard to these Italians.

Chennai Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha termed the changes made by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in the scheme of civil services exams as highly discriminatory and is calculated to bias the system against civil services aspirants from non-Hindi speaking regions. In a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Jayalalitha termed the changes

New UPSC norms violate constitution: Jayalalitha

as violative of Article 16 of the Constitution (Right to Equality in public employment) and urged him to intervene in the matter and prevail on the UPSC to reconsider these invidious, unfair and discriminatory changes. She said the four major changes in the exam pattern adversely affected interests of students from Tamil Nadu, particularly those from rural backgrounds. She said the new norm denied aspirants the chance to write the exams in Tamil unless they had studied in that medium till graduation. However, there is no such stipulation for candidates who wish to appear in the Hindi medium. Considering that both Tamil and Hindi are languages included in the eighth schedule of the constitution, this discriminates against not just Tamil-speaking candidates, but against all candidates from non-Hindi states, and in particular against rural students from SC/STs, BC (backward class) and MBC (most backward class) and other marginalised sections who would have had their mother tongue as the medium of instruction up to school level, she said. According to Jayalalitha, the norm that there should be a minimum of 25 candidates opting for a particular language medium failing which they would have to write the exam in English and Hindi was also discriminatory. The fourth change is to remove the compulsory qualifying paper in an Indian language and inclusion of an English composition and precis writing section as an evaluated portion of the essay paper instead of the qualifying English paper. This change also clearly favours urban, English educated candidates and acts against rural students belonging to disadvantaged sections, she said.


VAT rates hiked in Bengal budget
Sonia Gandhi completes 15 years as Congress chief

BJP routed in Karnataka municipal polls

Bangalore The ruling BJP was routed in the Karnataka urban local bodies poll, raising doubts about its prospects of retaining power in the state in elections due in two months. The Bharatiya Janata Party was a poor third, with the Congress emerging the biggest winner followed by the Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S), as the votes polled were counted .The ballot was meant to elect over 4,900 people in 207 urban bodies. With around 4,600 results declared by 1.30 p.m., the Congress had bagged more than 1,800 seats, leaving the BJP way behind with about 840 seats. The JD-S was second with 880 seats. Like the BJP, its former chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa, who quit the party in November 2012 to head the Karnataka Janata Party (KJP), was also routed. His party could win only around 270 seats. Another outfit floated by B. Sriramulu, a former BJP minister and close associate of jailed mining baron G. Janardhana Reddy, bagged about 80 seats. The BJPs poor show is a repeat of its performance in the last urban local bodies held five years back when it came

third behind the Congress and the JD-S. It was then not in power in the state, which it captured in the May 2008 assembly elections. The morale dampening showing for the BJP was all the more glaring as it lost in its perceived stronghold of coastal Karnataka. It struggled to win in Chief Minister Jagadish Shettars home district Dharwad too. The Congress emerged a clear winner in the 60-member Mangalore City Corporation bagging 35 seats while the BJP got 20 seats. The rest went to the JD-S, the Communist Party of IndiaMarxist and the independents. Mangalore is the main town in coastal Karnataka. In the 67-member Hubli-Dharwad city corporation, the BJP got 28 of the 58 seats for which results were declared. The Congress took 21 seats, the JD-S eight and one seat was won by an independent. Hubli and Dharwad are twin cities, 20 km apart. Dharwad is the administrative headquarters while Hubli is a major commercial centre. Around 70 percent of 8.5 million voters of the states more than 40 million electorate voted Thursday.

Uproar in J&K assembly over Afzal Gurus body

Kolkata In an effort to mop up additional revenue for the debt-stressed state, West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra Monday raised both the minimum and upper ceiling on Value Added Tax (VAT) by one percentage point each in his budget for 2013-14. The lower VAT rate has now gone up to five percent from four percent. I propose to raise the lower VAT rate from 4 percent to 5 percent. I propose to raise the upper VAT rate by a small amount of 1 percent, said Mitra. He hoped the additional resources generated will help to build social and physical infrastructure and spur economic growth through the Keynesian multiplier effect, benefitting businesses greatly, while common people will get better infrastructure, schooling and health facilities. The budget proposed an annual plan outlay of Rs.26,674 crore, 14.13 percent higher than the figure last year, with the deficit estimated at Rs.8 crore. Mitra said the state would exceed its tax collection target by Rs.1,000 crore from Rs.31,000 crore to Rs.32,000 crore in 2012-13. He said while tax collection rose by 30

percent in 2012-13, the present government has increased tax revenue by Rs.11,000 crore during its 22-month stint so far as against the figure during the waning years of the previous left Front government. Mitra fixed a 22.77 percent growth in garnering our own tax revenues in 2013-14. The minister claimed the state has also surpassed its target of creating ten lakh additional jobs proposed in the last budget. Between April 2012 and January 2013, new employment generated was estimated at 10,24,521, crossing our target. By March end this figure will further swell, he said. He also announced a target of generating 13,14,000 new jobs during 201314.In a sop to the unemployed youth ahead of the coming panchayat polls, Mitra announced a new scheme Yuba Utsaha Prakalpa under which one lakh youths registered with the employment bank and in the age group of 18-45 years would be provided an allowance of Rs.1,500 per month.The budget also raised the exemption limit of profession tax from Rs.5,000 to Rs.7,000.

Warjri is Meghalayas first woman home minister

Shillong Congress legislator Roshan Warjri scripted history by becoming the first woman to hold the crucial home portfolio in the matrilineal state of Meghalaya -- she is also the second woman in the country to hold this portfolio in a state. Chief Minister Mukul Sangma, who allocated portfolios among his council of ministers late Tuesday night, entrusted Warjri the home (jails) department, as well as public works department (buildings). Warjri, 63, was elected from North Shillong assembly constituency in last months election. She is the first woman in the northeast and eastern India to hold the crucial department. She is also the second woman in India after P. Sabita Indra Reddy in Andhra Pradesh to become home minister. A third-time legislator, Warjri is the widow of Korbar Sing Phanbuh, a legislator of the erstwhile Hill Peoples Union. After the demise of her husband, Warjri joined electoral politics and was elected to the assembly two times consecutively, in 1993 and 1998, on the Hill Peoples Union and United Democratic Party tickets, respectively. She was first inducted as cabinet minister in the B.B. Lyngdoh ministry and held the urban affairs portfolio. Before joining the electoral fray, Warjri was the chairperson of Meghalaya state womens commission. However, veteran Congress leader H.D.R. Lyngdoh, who held the home and public works department (roads) in the previous Meghalaya United Al-

New Delhi The Congress party Thursday congratulated Sonia Gandhi, its longest serving president, for completing 15 long years in office. We felicitate Sonia Gandhis continued effort and support in leading the party, Congress spokesperson P.C. Chacko told reporters. The Congress was founded Dec 28, 1885. It completed 127 years last year. Several Congress leaders including Communications Minister Kapil Sibal, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Rajeev Shukla called on Gandhi at her residence. We thanked her for leading the party and strengthening it, Shukla said. All the MPs, MLAs (members of legislative assemblies) and ministers have praised her efforts for leading the party in tough times, he added. Though some had planned to celebrate the occasion in a big way, Gandhi reportedly asked them to refrain from doing so keeping in mind the drought in some parts of the country. Gandhi, who took office as Congress chief in 1998, led the party to victory in the 2004 Lok Sabha election, ending six years of rule by the Bharatiya Janata Party. After rejecting the post of prime minister, she became chairperson of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA). Earlier, after the assassination of her husband and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991, Sonia Gandhi declined to lead the Congress despite requests from party colleagues. She campaigned for the Congress in 1998. The party lost both the 1998 and 1999 parliamentary elections. Gandhi led the Congress to victory also in the 2009 Lok Sabha election. Her presidency expires in 2015.

SC/ST bill sent to parliamentary committee

New Delhi In a major embarrassment to the government, a bill for giving the Election Commission the right to readjust demarcation of SC/ST constituencies was sent to a parliamentary standing committee without even being introduced in parliament. The Readjustment of Representation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies Bill, 2013, gives special powers to the poll panel on delimitation of SC/ST constituencies. An ordinance for this had been passed by the government following a Supreme Court order. As Law Minister Ashwini Kumar tried to introduce the bill in the Rajya Sabha, members from opposition and some supporting parties objected and said the government was skipping proper legislative process by pushing the bill for passage. The members demanded that the bill be sent to a parliamentary standing committee. The minister, however, said the ordinance would lapse if the bills passage was delayed. With this act, government gives the Election Commission the power to open delimitation, he said. Responding to this, Communist Party of India-Marxist leader Sitaram Yechury said the Supreme Court case was only in relation to STs, questioning why the government included SCs in the bill.

Jammu There was an uproar in the Jammu and Kashmir assembly after the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) demanded that the mortal remains of Afzal Guru be brought back to the state and some angry members almost came to blows. Parliament attack convict Guru was hanged and buried in Delhis Tihar Jail Feb 9. Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde ruled out handing over his body to his family. While the PDP raised the demand, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP) rose to counter its members, resulting in ruckus. Speaker Mubarak Gul adjourned the house twice. When the house assembled for the third time, members stood on tables after Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Mir Saifullah addressed Guru as Afzal Guru sahib.

The BJP and the JKNPP members started shouting slogans and the speaker adjourned the house till 3 p.m. In the afternoon session, the situation worsened when the legislators almost came to blows and independent member Engineer Rashid was pushed out of the house, while the opposition continued to protest. The bench of JKNPP leader Harshdev Singh was smashed by angry members from the opposition. Amidst all the din and noise, the grants of forests ministry were passed in less than 10 minutes. Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and his arch rival, PDP patron and former chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed had also written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh listing the demand on Gurus mortal remains. For Kashmir-based parties, the return of Afzal Gurus body to his family has become an issue, while Jammu-based parties are opposing the demand.

liance, has been allotted transport, general administration department, district council affairs and cooperation. The chief minister kept to himself key portfolios - finance, planning, agriculture, commerce and industries departments, besides mining and geology. Sangma, who was seen as the architect of the Congresss victory in the assembly elections in this mountainous northeastern state, allocated water resources, soil conservation, home (passport), law, election and administrative reforms to Deputy Chief Minister Rowel Lyngdoh, who is from the Congress. Roytre Christopher Laloo, who was elevated as deputy chief minister, was allotted public health engineering, school education and literacy, higher and technical education, revenue and disaster management and re-organization.


Politically Incorrect
UC asks all the bold and outspoken folks out there to answer questions most others would find tough to answer. So if you are politically incorrect and can take a few hits before you hit back, come talk to us at 0172-4647726 or 0177-2659828. This week we have as politically incorrect daredevil Bhagwana Ram from Geography Department Q) What if you find one of your friends is a lesbian or gay? A) No two fingers of our hands are the same, people are fundamentally diverse by virtue of their likes and dislikes. Sexual orientation also falls under the purview of a persons freedom to choose for themselves. If I find that my friend is Lesbian or Gay it will not make her or him any less a friend of mine. In fact I will make sure that they are not discriminated against or harmed by people who find it difficult to adjust to diversity. Q) Should porn be legal in India? Give reasons A) Pornography is probably as old as human existence but commercial pornography is a relatively new phenomenon. I do not favor Pornographys legalization because commercial pornography tends to wrongly influence the young and impressionable minds about the other gender. We cannot afford to have a distorted view of an important area of human interaction by way of some greedy producers more interested to sell their wares rather than promote a better understanding amongst genders.



You Live Only Once

You Live Only Once or YOLO is the mantra of generation hashtag. We tweet, FB and break boundaries cause time is short and life is but one. UC features new age lifestyle gurus, the kings of cool and the queens of chill to tell you 10 things worth doing now. Rashi Jain @ YOLO 7. Go shopping for an entire day to Sector-17 8. Stop people from honking on campus 9. Tweet random stuff on relationship advice 10. Reading U Connectt, the youth paper

Spunk by UC brings to you youngsters nee daredevils who like to challenge the limits and then laugh at them. If you think you have it in you then contact us at 0172-4647726 or 0177-2659828. We would like to check your spunk meter out. Beware, we dont like Spunk without an S! Wanna hang out with me? Surender Gujjar of Department of Evening Studies likes to hang out alone except that he takes his past time literally and likes to climb trees as a hobby. Meet Chandigarh tricitys first serious Tree Climber who takes his inspiration from Peter Treeman Jenkins of Tree Climbers International. Tree Climbing is a niche fitness activity popular in Western World but is yet to find its roots and shoots within India. In case you thought that we are joking, do check out the literature available on full time Arborist activities and groups. The Spunky PU student has been climbing

his way up the trees since he was 10 and learnt quite late in life that his favorite past time was actually a recognized hobby with a formal designation. Team UC asked the Pioneer Tree Climber Surender about his journey so far and further Q) Tell us more about Tree Climbing? A) Tree Climbing is the perfect mix of being close to nature and fitness enhancement.

Q) Our society advocates decent dressing. What is indecent? A) Indecent is not an act or a dress but an attitude. One person can be decently dressed and yet be full of harmful and vulgar thoughts. I define indecent as something that happened in the Delhi Gangrape case. When we as a society fail to guarantee the safety and security of women in public places, we are being indecent and seriously so. I find injustice, poverty and violence as indecent. Q) Why is our society turning violent towards women? A) I strongly disagree, it is not turning violent towards women only but towards everyone! India as a nation and society has lost its mores whereby we are increasingly losing faith in conflict resolution but are more interested in a victimisation narrative. We like to fight it out for issues as little as parking and can even take each others lives over small road accidents. We are turning violent plain and simple. Q) What are your thoughts on living in? A) Living In is a new phenomenon borrowed from advanced industrial societies. The societies and legal systems in the west are better adapted to men and women having informal relationships. When put in Indian context Living In may or may not turn to out to be positive practice, it can go either way. Living In as a concept has its own baggage and we need to observe it more before forming a final opinion.

1. Protest against treatment of women by our society 2. Go skydiving and filming the dive for my friends 3. Honeymoon in Paris and take a boat ride on Seine river 4. Delete random people in my FB friend list 5. Tell Ayushman Khuranna to keep composing more songs 6. Ask PG waali Aunty to tone down her attitude

Meet Chandigarh tricitys first serious Tree Climber

A) My first recollection is from my maternal grandmothers place, we had a Mango tree in our courtyard which my cousins used to tell me to fetch mangoes from. It was while getting those mangoes that I developed a natural acumen for trees and got over any fear of heights. In my teenage years I did not let go of my fascination for trees and used to climb them for fun. I had to face criticism and barbs for following childlike recreational pursuits, but I did not let go. Q) Give us some technical details on Tree Climbing? A) Many different techniques free climbing, self-belayed climbing with a Doubled Rope Technique, Single Rope Technique, and lead climbing are employed to climb trees. The usage of climbing techniques is dependent

One gets to defy gravity, strain every muscle and adore the beauty of nature. Tree Climbing became a serious hobby in North America in the 1980s with the establishment of several bodies advocating and teaching Tree Climbing as a serious recreational activity. With growing environmental consciousness and awareness about general fitness, people came together to realize that this could be a legitimate physical exercise. Q) What is your first memory of Tree Climbing?

upon the foliage of tree, canopy shape and the ability of the climber. Trees with less foliage particularly palm and coniferous varieties require more implements than deciduous well branched trees. Trees such as Mango, Amaltas, Amla and Gulmohar have comparatively less height and are good for beginners. After mastering such trees one can graduate to tougher trees. Q) What are your aspirations in this field? A) Due to various constraints I have been unable to indulge in this sport outside of India. I have been to Himachal Pradesh and South India to practice my hobby on different trees. I would love to travel the world and climb

different trees in different countries. I am inspired by Tree A Day lifestyle of Tree Climbing doyens like Todd Smith and Henrik Dahle. Q) What is your message to youngsters out there? A) My message would be to follow your heart and never be afraid to take the road less taken. I kept doing what I liked the most and in the process found out that my passion was shared by so many other across the globe. Surender Gujjar can contacted via 0172-4647726 for more information on Tree Climbing as a hobby.


While participating in the debate of thanks giving resolution on the Governors address Sh. Manoranjan Kalia, M.L.A. & Senior Leader BJP demanded a monument to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives for peace and integrity of Punjab be built. It is pertinent that the leaders of all parties namely S. Harcharan Singh Longowal (SAD), Shri Hitabhilashi-President BJP Punjab, S. Beant Singh, Ex-C.M. Punjab (Congress), Lala Jagat Narain, Punjab Kesri, Sh. Ramesh Chander (Editors of Punjab Kesri), Darshan Singh Kadian (CPI), Jathedar Jagir Singh, Member SGPC, Swaran Singh Cheema (CPI-M), Sumit Singh Preetlari (Poet Writer) and Shri Virender (Actor) and many more who laid down their lives for the peace, harmony and unity & integrity of Punjab. This monument will be a Tirath Sathal like Jallianwala Bagh where every strata of society like to pay their respects to the martyrs. Sh. Kalia further said that diversification in the crops is the only solution to overcome the stagnation in agriculture. The oil seeds and pulses and other crops which we import or which require to be grown in India should be brought under the umbrella of Minimum Support Price (MSP) Policy. The support price of pulses, oil seeds and others food stuffs should be enhanced to a level to make their growing more remunerative as compared to that of wheat and paddy so as to coax the farmers to shift the farming from wheat and paddy to pulses, oil seeds and other food stuffs. It is pertinent to note that Rs. 30000 crores is being spent to import oil seeds and Rs. 10000 crore is spent to import pulses. Sh. Kalia further said that let a blue print for the natural potential of each state be prepared and the package be given in consonance to that. Punjab will have no objection if an industrial package is given to Himachal Pradesh for Hydro Power Generation and Forestation for a being a hill state they are the lungs of the country, to J&K for fruit-based industry, to Chhatishgarh

11 Let there be a monument for the martyrs across party lines

Cancellations hit Kashmir tourism

Srinagar The prevailing law and order situation has dealt a serious blow to tourism in Kashmir as hoteliers, travel agents and houseboat owners say a flood of cancellations of bookings has struck them. Talking to IANS here Friday, Rouf Tramboo, president of Travel Agents Association of Kashmir (TAAK) said: Since the middle of February, things started changing. Normally, the tourist season starts from March and April. Most of the bookings for these two months have already been cancelled. Nearly 30 percent to 40 percent of bookings for coming months have been cancelled so far. Bookings from May onwards, which we still have, are also threatened, as the media hypes the fidayeen attack in Srinagar, Tramboo said. We had two wonderful tourist seasons in 2011 and 2012, but things appear bleak for this year, and that has us worried, he said. Vikas Yadav, general manager of the high-end Taj Vivanta Resorts in Srinagar, says bookings for March and April have been washed out. We were scheduled to host four international conferences during these

two months. All of them now stand cancelled. Besides this, a Bollywood film unit arriving here this month has also cancelled its visit. Unless things start improving fast, we fear really bad times, Yadav said. Abdul Aziz Tuman, chairman of Kashmir Houseboat Owners Association, has an even more bleak view of things: We are faced with a flood of cancellations. The fidayeen attack comes as a blow to us. March and April are already wiped out, as far as houseboat bookings are concerned. The moment our phones start ringing, we fear its another booking cancellation. Unless God comes to our rescue, we are in for really bad times. To make matters worse, the state government has increased electric power tariffs etc. We are also burdened by other taxes. Perhaps the government believes we have made enough money during the last two seasons and they must milk us fast before we hit the bottom, a worried Tuman said. Shamim Shah, chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir chapter of the Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) does not appear to be less worried than

others, but he expects the media to behave more responsibly while reporting about Kashmir. The way the media is reporting the present situation, people intending to visit Kashmir would naturally develop cold feet. Dont we know that even during the curfew hours, tourists are allowed to move around and visit places in the Valley? Nobody reports that, Shah said, adding: Unless all of us behave responsibly and stop projecting things as if a war is going on in Kashmir, how can tourists be expected to come here? Yes, right now we are being flooded with cancellations. Unless things start returning to normal, the Valley, despite its breathtaking beauty, could find no visitors, leading to a shrinkage of the tourism industry, Shah said. The local tourism departments slogan is: No matter how many times you visit Kashmir, you can never have enough of it. As the state government focuses on law and order, Kashmirs snowclad mountains, murmuring streams, highland meadows and glistening lakes continue to beckon the more intrepid tourists.

for Thermal Power Generation and for Punjab Agro-based industry. By doing so we will usher in an era of mutual cooperation because surplus electricity generated by the Himachal Pradesh and Chhatishgarh will be cheap and will be utilised by neighbouring states thereby culminating into the reduction of the cost of production of agriculture and industry. Thus we can compete with the China in international market, but if a general industrial package is given and industrialist shifts its industry from one state to another which amounts to man, money and material. Sh. Kalia demanded the formula of the property tax be reviewed. There are six multiplier in this formula and there is no basis for the zoning. Approximately 12 times of the residential property tax in the same locality will have to paid for the commercial self occupied building and 24 times of the residential property in the same locality will have to be paid for the rental commercial building which is too high. It is true that the property tax being the one of the conditions of JNNURM a centrally sponsored scheme has to be levied by each state compulsory but how that is to be levied has been left to the state government.
Excerpts of the debate by Sh. Manoranjan Kalia, M.L.A. & Senior Leader BJP on thanks giving resolution on the Governors address, moved by Sh. D.S. Cheema and seconded by Manoranjan Kalia.

Boxer Vijender quizzed; refuses blood, hair samples

Chandigarh International boxer and Olympics bronze medallist Vijender Singh Monday refused to give his blood and hair samples to investigators even as a Punjab Police team questioned him for nearly four hours in the seizure of a huge quantity of heroin in the state last week. A Punjab Police spokesman said evening: As per the procedure, in the presence of two private witnesses, he (Vijender) was asked for his consent for giving his blood and hair samples required for forensic examination for investigation purpose, which he refused. Vijender, who is a deputy superintendent of police (DSP) in the Haryana Police, was questioned by the Punjab Police team at a police establishment in Panchkula town, 20 km from here. The questioning took place in the presence of Haryanas Superintendent of Police (Crime) Hardeep Singh Doon. Police sources said that two Punjab Police officers, including a DSP and an inspector, questioned the boxer at the Haryana Police lines near Panchkula town from 5 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. The Punjab Police tied up with Haryana Police for questioning of Vijender Singh. The team questioned him regarding the drug case registered last week, the Punjab Police spokesman said. The Fatehgarh Sahib district police had

Resentment prevails in urban people over property tax

Rajat Kumar Jalandhar City The people residing in Municipal Corporation Areas are upset over the prevailing Rate of Property Tax Levied by the Punjab Government. The Punjab Government has created different Zones and the Property Tax has been levied as per the schedule Quoted in the specified Zones. Resentment is prevailing among the Masses residing in Urban Areas. As it is pertinent to note that in some areas which Fall in the Zone D, E Category are put in the Zone C. Really the whole exercise needs once again detailed reshuffle of different Areas in Different Zones. Similarly in case of Double Storey Building the rates are same as on the Ground Floor. Here it needs rectification that the Rates on the First, Second and Third Floor be reduced as once the cost of the Land has been calculated in the Ground Floor. There are number of areas which have been included in Category H and G. Apart from this there are other slum Areas where the people are residing in merely One Marla or Two Marla Houses as these Localities should be given exemption from Property Tax. B.J.P. Senior Leader Mr Satish Kapur when Contacted said that in the City Dhan Mohalla has been included in Zone D but this should be calculated in Zone H, he quotes the reason that during the rainy season the most affected area is Dhan Mohalla and the Rain water enters the houses of the people residing in the Locality. He said that the rates of Property Tax Slab be slashed Sixty Percent in Residential Areas and Seventy Five Percent for the Commercial Areas. Mr Kapur said that in Patiala the Traders observed one Day Bandh against the Property Tax. Advocate Diwan Chand Mohindru said that there is no provision of rebate to the Senior Citizens. The slab rate should be decreased as the burden of the property Tax will affect the Pocket of the common man. Social Activist Mr Sunil Chowdhary said that the B.J.P.-S.A.D. (B) vote bank can decline in future due to the high Slab rates of Property Tax. Deepak Jalota said that the Agriculture Sector should also Taxed with Property Tax so that the diffenciation does not arise between the people residing in Urban and rural Areas. While Advocate Anuradha Chowdhry said that women should be exempted from the Property Tax as who are owners of Residential Building and have no source of Income. Another Social Activist Mr Ashwani Bansal said that the Property Tax Slabs be reduced in public Interest as the existing Slabs will upset the common mans homely Budget as already Inflation is at its Peak .

recovered 26 kg heroin, worth Rs.130 crore in the international market, from the possession of Canada-based drugs dealer Anoop Singh Kahlon and had arrested him Thursday. The drug haul was made from Kahlons flat in Zirakpur, near Chandigarh and his car. Police also found a SUV, registered in the name of Vijenders wife Archana, parked outside Kahlons flat. Kahlon reportedly told the police that Vijender and fellow boxer Ram Singh were his clients. Though police have so far refrained from directly linking Vijender with the drugs haul, Ram Singhs statements to police have seen his name figuring in the controversy. Vijender was in touch with some Mumbai celebrities, who were regular

in rave parties and took drugs. Therefore, we also tried it. However, we did not pay anything to Kahlon for drugs, Ram Singh said. Ram Singh and Vijender are very close friends and they were roommates at National Institute of Sports (NIS) for nearly six years. Vijender had allegedly promoted Ram Singh in various platforms by using his influence. Vijender has denied any involvement in the drugs racket. He had offered to undergo dope testing to prove himself. Vijenders close friend and room-mate for nearly 15 years at NIS-Patiala, Jai Bhagwan, rubbished reports of the popular boxers involvement in the drugs smuggling racket. He said that Vijenders name was being unnecessarily dragged into the issue.




Indian Air Force Has A Critical Role To Play To Safeguard Our Territorial Integrity, Says President

Chandigarh The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee presented the Colours to Air Force Central Medical Establishment (AFCME) and 3 Base Repair Depot (BRD) at a function at 3 BRD Air Force Station on Friday. Speaking on the occasion, the President said as our country moves ahead on the path of economic progress, it is essential to preserve peace for which we need to maintain an effective deterrence and a strong defence capability. As a nation, we are fully committed to maintaining peace and we are steadfast in our belief that the resolution of disputes should be through discussion. But at the same time, we would need to be prepared to face any aggression and safeguard our territorial integrity with all our might, and the Indian Air Force has a critical role to play in this effort. They have in the past risen admirably in defence of our nation with valour, courage, devotion and fearlessness. The full text of speech delivered by the Honble President on the occasion Speech by the Honble President of India on the occasion of the Colours Presentation to the Air Force Central Medical Establishment and No. 3 Base Repair Depot at Chandigarh on March 15, 2013. I am happy to be present here today at this premiere Maintenance Depot of the Indian Air Force to award Colours to Air Force Central Medical Establishment and 3 Base Repair Depot. Both these establishments have distinguished themselves in the service of the nation. They have a rich history of professional excellence and have served the nation with honour and distinction. For their devotion, professionalism and exceptional service, the nation honours them today, by awarding them Colours. This is an expression of gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional services they have rendered the nation. I

compliment the fraternity of Air Force Central Medical Establishment and 3 Base Repair Depot for this recognition. Ladies and Gentlemen, as the proud guardian of our sovereign skies, the Indian Air Force has been discharging its duty with fortitude. The brave air warriors have been engaged in undertaking a whole range of crucial missions for the nation. They range from disaster relief operations to supporting counter-insurgency operations. As our country moves ahead on the path of economic progress, it is essential to preserve peace for which we need to maintain an effective deterrence and a strong defence capability. As a nation, we are fully committed to maintaining peace and we are steadfast in our belief that the resolution of disputes should be through discussion. But at the same time, we would need to be prepared to face any aggression and safeguard our territorial integrity with all our might, and the Indian Air Force has a critical role to play in this effort. They have in the past risen admirably in defence of our nation with valour, courage, devotion and fearlessness. The men and women, who stand before me today, are the proud sons and daughters of mother India. They have vowed to lay down their lives for the defence of our motherland and thus symbolize patriotism of the most noble kind. They uphold the highest standards of the defence forces and I congratulate them for their devotion and discipline. I also take this opportunity to congratulate the air warriors on parade today, for the exemplary impeccable drill, turnout and discipline. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Air Force Central Medical Establishment is a premier medical establishment of the Indian Air Force. The unit was first established by the Royal Air Force as the Central Medical Board at Lahore in 1940. The creation of the establishment was a rec-

ognition of a necessity for standardized procedures for selection and subsequent medical assessment of aircrew. The primary role of the organization is to provide comprehensive medical assessment of aircrew of the armed forces, paramilitary services and the civil aviation industry. The unit personnel, both past and present, have relentlessly pursued excellence and have set standards that are worthy of emulation. I am happy to note that in 2005, the unit achieved the rare distinction of becoming the first unit in the Armed Forces medical services to acquire an ISO 9001:2000 certification. The unit has achieved excellence in providing quality aero-medical care and continues to set higher benchmarks through perseverance and hard work. I am confident that the unit will continue to serve the nation selflessly in the years to come. Ladies and Gentlemen, No. 3 Base Repair Depot has completed fifty glorious years of service to the nation. I am happy to know that ever since its inception in 1962, the Depot has discharged its duty zealously and functioned as a major repair and maintenance support unit of the Indian Air Force. The role that they play in the defence preparedness of nation cannot be exaggerated. Nations may have the most sophisticated platforms, but their effective deployment will hinge on the quality of repairs and maintenance of aircraft and their various equipment. With increasing sophistication of aircraft and their avionics, the role of repair and support organizations has become more critical than ever. The aircraft that we can deploy and their lethality will depend on the efficiency of such organizations. The No. 3 BRD has distinguished themselves in playing this crucial role in 1965 and 1971 when the nation was compelled to defend itself. Besides playing the crucial role of repair and support, the 3BRD has several other

achievements to its credit. The BRD has undertaken successfully the difficult task of life revision of aero engines without involving the original manufacturer relying on indigenous technology. Many contemporary technologies have been utilized on helicopters and aero engines for the first time in the country at 3 BRD, and this has substantially contributed towards minimizing our dependency on foreign sources. The Depot continues to strive to attain complete self-reliance in helicopter maintenance and provide quality maintenance support to the field units. I have been informed that the Depot is presently handling the induction of newly acquired state-of-the-art Mi-17 V5 helicopters and has also been designated as its major overhaul agency, a task which

I am confident it will execute with remarkable professionalism and commitment. In acknowledgement and recognition of the outstanding performance, I am pleased to award Colours to Air Force Central Medical Establishment and 3 Base Repair Depot. On this occasion, I take the opportunity to acknowledge and compliment the contribution and sacrifice of all the personnel and their families, past and present, of the two establishments, for their dedication, devotion and service to the nation. The nation is indeed proud of you. I wish you and your families the very best and a glorious future. We are indeed proud of you and your achievements.


Anti-rape bill at a glance


* Definition of rape to include only the woman as the victim and the man as the aggressor * Draft changed to differentiate between rape and other sexual offences to minimise potential for misuse * Stalking and disrobing to be non-bailable offences * Voyeurism to be made a bailable offence * Age of consent lowered to 16 * Provision for the death penalty if rape victim dies or is left in a persistent vegetative state

m a

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ends March 22 and the house will reconvene April 22. The issue has been in sharp focus after the brutal assault and gang-rape of a 23-year-old woman in Delhi Dec 16 last year. She succumbed to her injuries Dec 29 in a Singapore hospital where she had been airlifted for specialised treatment. Proposing the death penalty in the rarest of rare cases of rape and for repeat offenders while keeping marital rape out of its ambit, the ordinance was framed as an evidence of the governments intention to treat the issue of crimes against women with urgency. It also incorporated suggestions of the Justice J.S. Verma Committee formed to give views to make anti-rape laws stronger. Activists have accused the government of lacking political will to bring a stronger law for protection of women.

Anti-rape law sent to GoM, all-party meet March 18

Amid differences of opinion in the cabinet over the proposed anti-rape law, the government Tuesday referred the legislation to a Group of Ministers (GoM) and also called an an all-party meeting on March 18 to discuss the bill. Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde expressed confidence that that differences would be resolved and the government will be able to secure parliamentary approval for the legislation by March 22. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath has already spoken to the Bharatiya Janata Party, Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party leaders on the legislation, said informed sources. Shinde told reporters that the GoM meeting on the bill would be held soon. We are confident that the issue will be resolved by Thursday. We will pass the bill by March 22, he said. According to the sources, the points of disagreement over the bill relate to provisions making it gender neutral, lowering the age of juvenile criminals from 18 to 16 besides provisions prescribing punishment for stalking and voyeurism. While Finance Minister P. Chidambaram wants the bill to be gender neutral by replacing the word rape with sexual assault, women activists have impressed upon the government to retain the word rape so that law is seen as specifically for crimes against women. Women and Child Development Minister Krishna Tirath is against lowering the age of juvenile criminals from 18 to 16, an issue which came into focus after the Delhi gang-rape, in which one of the accused is a juvenile. The sources said the government needed to be careful on defining provisions which made stalking and voyeurism punishable under law as these might be challenged in a court. The GoM will be headed by Chidambaram and its other members include Shinde, Tirath, Law Minister Ashwani Kumar and Communications Minister Kapil Sibal. The PM (prime minister) formed the GoM and we will meet Wednesday or Thursday and Im confident we will arrive at consensus and, either Friday or Monday, the bill will be taken up in the house, Ashwani Kumar told reporters. Bharatiya Janata Partys Rajiv Pratap Rudy, taking a dig at the government, said: The whole country is waiting and watching for the law to be placed and passed in parliament...Law and justice ministry and home ministry are at loggerheads and we are not interested in the battle between the two departments. Womens rights activist accused the government of lacking political will to bring a stronger law for protection of women. They are again reopening ordinances which were already deliberated upon. This is dismaying. It is apparent that there are voices within the government, who are against bringing a stronger law, Kavita Krishnan of the All India Progressive Womens Association said. Rights lawyer Vrinda Grover said: It is a very sad. The government does not have a political will to bring a stronger anti-rape law. There seem to be a political class within the government that does not want a stronger law.

The union cabinet cleared the antirape bill by agreeing to replace the word sexual assault with rape and reducing the age of consent from 18 to 16, informed sources said. According to the bill, voyeurism, for the first time, would be a bailable offence while stalking would be a nonbailable offence, the sources said. The sources said the cabinet cleared the bill at a meeting presided over by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The cabinet had deferred a decision on the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill due to lack of unanimity. A Group of Ministers (GoM), headed by Finance Minister P. Chidambaram and set up by the prime minister to resolve differences, met Wednesday to thrash out pending issues, and agreed on replacing the word sexual assault with rape and reducing the age of consent from 18 to 16. The GoM agreed to use the word

Cabinet agrees to reduce age of consent to 16

rape, where the victim was a woman and the perpetrator a male, since women activists were against the use of term sexual assault, which would have made the bill gender neutral. Sources said the government will now decide whether to go to the parliament directly with the bill or take the legislation to an all-party meeting March 18 called by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath to evolve consensus on the issue. Kamal Nath has spoken to Bharatiya Janata Party, Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party leaders on the legislation, said sources. There is a sense of urgency in passing the legislation by March 22 as the bill will replace an ordinance promulgated by President Pranab Mukherjee Feb 3 and it has to be passed within six weeks from that date. The first half of the budget session

Who said what on anti-rape bill

* Home Minister Sushil kumar Shinde: The GoM meetings will be held soon. We are confident that the issue will be resolved by Thursday. We will pass the bill by March 22. * Law and Justice Minister Ashwani Kumar: We will hold discussion in both houses of parliament by March 22. The cabinet met today and all members expressed their views on it openly. The prime minister formed the GoM and we will meet Wednesday or Thursday and I am confident we will arrive at consensus and either Friday or Monday the bill will be taken up in the house. * Women and Child Development Minister Krishna Tirath: We will pass the bill within the stipulated time-frame. There are differences which will be sorted out soon. * All India Progressive Womens Association National Secretary Kavita Krishnan: They are again reopening ordinances which were already deliberated upon. This is dismaying. It is apparent that there are voices within the government, who are against bringing a stronger law. * Lawyer Vrinda Grover: It is a very sad. The government does not have a political will to bring a stronger anti-rape law. There seem to be a political class within the government that does not want a stronger law.

14 Jude Law caught in playboy image

Los Angeles Actor Jude Law says people assume he is a playboy even over seven years after he cheated on actress girlfriend Sienna Miller with his childrens nanny. The 40-year-old actor has three children - Rafferty, 16, Iris, 12, and Rudy, 10, with ex-wife Sadie Frost and threeyear-old daughter Sophia with model Samantha Burke. He earned the tag of being a lothario, especially after cheating on Miller. People assume that Ill be like that. You have to separate it and say, Well I know its not me. You learn to live with this dichotomy of who you are and who theyre saying you are, Law said in an interview with ShortList magazine, reports Recalling the frenzy that his love life caused in 2005 and thereafter, Law said: That period was horrible. It was just boring. Boring, shallow and infuriating. I think it managed to (overshadow my acting) for a while, unfortunately. I was dragged, kicking and screaming, into the swamp, the mire.

Fan mails for Swift found trashed
Los Angeles Hundreds of sealed fan letters for singer Taylor Swift were found at the recycling bin centre by a worker. Kylee Francescan was dumping some rubbish when she spotted the fan mails which were covered in hearts, sparkles and pictures of the singer. These were found in Swifts hometown here in Nashville, reports I was like, Thats weird. There were like hundreds of letters in there to Taylor Swift and Im like, Oh my gosh, News 2 quoted Francescan as saying. I didnt know if they were stolen (or) discarded, so I threw them in a box. And Im like, Somebody needs to let Taylor know. It did bother me because know how much her fans mean to her, he added. Swifts spokesperson Paula Erickson says she will look into how they reached there and insists that it must have happened by mistake. Taylor gets thousands of fan letters everyday and they are delivered to her management office. After the letters are opened and read, they are recycled, Erickson said.


Preity Zinta to walk ramp for Surily Goel at WIFW

Aatma gives Bipasha sleepless nights

admits that even she was in no mood to do a supernatural film now. However, after director Suparn Verma narrated the script, she could not say no. I never thought that I will be a part of Aatma. He (Suparn) has been a really good guy. Every time he wanted to make a film, he wanted to cast me. But unfortunately, it never worked out. But when I met him, I knew that I didnt want to do a supernatural film, Bipasha said. But when he narrated the story to me, it was so entertaining and my character of Maya was so amazing and the emotional drama in the film was so good. Definitely, it has gone a way higher on the execution level. But I was just floored. If you could just wear my shoes, you would understand why I have done this film, she added. Aatma also stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and hits theatres March 22. Mumbai Bipasha Basu confesses that the promotional tours of her upcoming film Aatma are giving her sleepless nights as she is being forced to face her fears and visit haunted places. I really have to admit it honestly that I am having totally sleepless nights. But now during the promotions (of Aatma) so much is being discussed, like face your fears, go to the haunted places, do this and that. So definitely I am scared a lot. So I am not able to sleep these days, the 34-year-old said here Wednesday in an interview. While much is being said about Bipasha doing a slew of horror films like Raaz and Raaz 3, Bipasha herself

Emraan to show bare body in Ghanchakkar

New Delhi Bollywood actress Preity Zinta will walk the ramp for designer Surily Goel at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW). The five-day fashion extravaganza started Wednesday at Pragati Maidan and the actress will grace the ramp on the opening day. Super excited and a little nervous as I walk the ramp for my dearest friend

and designer Surily Goel! Delhi fashion week here I come, tweeted the 38-year-old whose wardrobe was designed by Surily for films like Salaam Namaste and Jaan-E-Man. The designer will showcase her fallwinter collection titled The Spice Story inspired by the dark and deep jewel tones. It will feature glamorous drapes with stylish details.

Vidyut Jamwal to design action sequence in Bullet Raja

Mumbai Actor Vidyut Jamwal, who has replaced Irrfan in Tigmanshu Dhulias Bullet Raja, will design and execute action sequences himself for the movie. A source close to the team told IANS: Tigmanshu was very impressed with the promo of Vidyuts forthcoming film Commando, which showcases combat-based action done by Vidyut himself without body doubles and cables. Tigmanshu has added a very strong action element to the character that Vidyut is supposed to play and has asked Vidyut and his team to design and execute the action sequences for the film, given his extensive martial arts background, the source added. Irrfan, who was supposed to be part of the project, had to quit after Bullet Raja got delayed and his dates clashed with an international project that he had already signed. Vidyut will start shooting for the film soon. In Bullet Raja, Saif Ali Khan plays the lead and the cast also features Sonakshi Sinha and Jimmy Sheirgill, among others.

Highway emotionallycharged, physically strenuous: Imtiaz Ali

New Delhi Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali, who is busy shooting with Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda on different locations for Highway, says it is a challenging journey. The journey we have undertaken is emotionally charged and physically strenuous. The story grips me completely, Imtiaz said in a statement. He is happy with the cast of this romantic drama, which is being shot in real locations across different parts of north India. After teaming up with Shahid Kapur in Jab We Met, Saif Ali Khan in Love Aaj Kal and Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar, Imtiaz is enjoying working with Randeep and Alia in his new film. Alia is responding beautifully, Randeep is a fantastic actor. I am very excited about the locations we are shooting in and its very comforting that Sajid Nadiadwala (producer) is standing behind us, he added. For Highway, Imtiaz has reunited with Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman, who gave a mix of lilting and powerful melodies for the hugely successful musical Rockstar. The grace flowed in as soon as I decided to go on this journey - Rahman sir agreed to join. I feel this movie needs him more than ever before. Then we got the ideal cast - Alia and Randeep, and the ideal crew, said Imtiaz. Rahman said: Its a highway journey this time; with the same good company of Imtiaz and lyricist Irshad Kamil. Nadiadwala promises the project will be treat for fans of Rahmans music. Highway will again be an all-new musical experience for fans of A.R. Rahman and who other than Imtiaz Ali to bring them to life on screen. I am delighted to present the film, he said. The film is already on the road!

Mumbai After doing kissing scenes, now Emraan Hashmi will shed clothes for a scene in his upcoming film Ghanchakkar. Source close to the team revealed: Emraan will go bare body for one of the scenes in the film. He has been maintaining himself really well to take his shirt off for the scene. In Ghanchakkar, he will show his agile self in several scenes, the source

added. The 33-year-old is known for locking lips with his co-stars in films like Murder and Zeher. Apparently there is a train sequence in which Emraan exhibits extraordinary fitness to carry off stunts inside a moving train. Directed by Rajkumar Gupta, Ghanchakkar features Vidya Balan in the female lead and it is slated for a June 21 release.


ery department has people and it has become well organised, said Sridevi, who is married to producer Boney Kapoor. The 49-year-old has been part of blockbuster movies like Chaalbaaz and Mr.India. She bid adieu to grease paint after the 1997 hit Judai. She feels that the interaction between celebrities and media has also grown. Earlier, it was totally different because there were only a few magazines and you would just talk about the films if at all you were working in any at that time. The promotions have also become so lavish now, she said. The actress is still in the process of reading scripts. Sridevi says her daughters Jhanvi and Khushi show a lot of interest in her career. They discuss about my films, but they dont discuss their careers in films. My elder daughters (Jhanvis) exams are going on and at the moment she is only studying. I dont want to distract her or put something in her mind, she said.


Cinema more organised now, says Sridevi

Can I have my Merc logo back, Big B

Mollie King wants new boyfriend

New Delhi Sridevi, the reigning queen of the 1980s and 1990s who made a comeback with English Vinglish after 15 years, finds filmdom a lot more organised now. Cinema has changed for good. Ev-

For happy marriage, keep track: Nikki Reed

Indie pop place to shop for new talent: Adnan Sami

A dinner with Hollywoods maverick filmmaker Steven Spielberg cost Amitabh Bachchan the logo of his Mercedes -- and he wants it back! Thank you media for mobbing my car after dinner for Steven Spielberg. Can I have my Mercedes logo back please, you broke it... twice over, Big B posted on Twitter. The 70-year-old dined with Spielberg at a party organised by Indian business tycoon Anil Ambani and his wife Tina in the filmmakers honour. Spielberg, maker of films like Extra Terrestrial and Jurrasic Park, was here to celebrate the success of his film Lincoln, a co-production between his banner DreamWorks and Anil Ambanis Reliance Entertainment. Big B had even anchored Spielbergs masterclass with as many as 61 Indian filmmakers.

London Singer Mollie King, who is currently single, is hopeful of finding love when she travels to New York. Disappointingly, nothing has actually happened. But I am waiting for the day where a boy takes me up to the Empire State Building, quoted King as saying. The 25-year-old previously revealed she prefers American men to those from Britain because they are more open.

American guys are really nice, open and complimentary. British guys think it is cheesy to be nice. Guys back home are a little bit more shy and reserved. I like a New York accent. If there is a hot New York guy I wouldnt say no. If there are any good ones, send them my way, she said. King, who has been single since splitting from model David Gandy in February last year, is determined not to settle for anything less than a fairytale romance.

Los Angeles Actress Nikki Reed, who is married to Paul McDonald, says the secret to their happy marriage is that they try to keep a track of each other. According to her, having a normal relationship is not easy in Hollywood. I feel like especially being in this crazy, weirdo world that we are in, where we are making movies and

people are on tour, its just so easy to lose track of whats important, Reed told I feel like its really important to just be with each other and make the other person a priority, added the 24-yearold. The couple, who celebrated their first wedding anniversary in October last year, has no plans to start a family anytime soon.

New Delhi Singer-composer Adnan Sami feels that new independent singers and musicians should be encouraged and says Bollywood can find new talent in the Indie pop genre. The face of todays Bollywood music is result of independent musicians who were allowed to come in. Composers, including me, are primarily those people who initially started independently, said Adnan told IANS. Every era has to come to an end and in order to get next generation of composers, there should be someone who you encourage. Who are you giving platform to? It is important to evolve and even Bollywood needs them, he

added. The 43-year-old composed albums like Raag Time, Tera Chehra and Kabhi To Nazar Milao and carved a niche for himself. Later, he entered Bollywood and belted out Gela gela gela, Sun zara and Baatein kuch ankahee si, among others. Indie pop music is a place for Bollywood to come and shop for the new talent. When this particular phase would come to an end, where will you go shopping? What other system of recruitment will you have? he said. Asked if Bollywood is an ultimate dream for any musician, Adnan said: It may be for some, but if this was the case then independent music would

have collapsed by now. However, there are pros and cons of independent album as compared to film music, says the singer. Independent music has a major disadvantage, it does not have the backing of a film vehicle or a producer. The advantage with Bollywood is that a films music is financed by a producer. With independent music, you dont have anybody spending money apart from record label and the money can be recovered only via sale of CDs or Internet downloads, said the singercomposer who recently released an independent album after five years. Titled Press Play, the album was leaked online days prior to its scheduled release date. He feels that music can be leaked through any medium. It could start off in many innocent ways... You dont know how it works. Regardless of where it starts, the more protection you use, the more ways these people (pirates) find out to do their work, Sami said, whose eight songs from the album although became an instant hit but he feels, he could have managed without such shockers. Piracy is not a new phenomenon. It is not something that has suddenly cropped up. It has been there... Internet is just another format. Now it depends on an individual how to handle these things. These things are not in control of the artists, he said. With Press Play, Adnan has tried his hand at singing Sufi and Punjabi tracks.

w E E K L Y H O
Some gain from forSome good news reGods blessing is eign land is indicated. garding finances. There showered upon you. Expect some good might be some addition Income and health news from your forin family as of marriage will improve. Success eign contacts. Journey or birth of a child. Guard from higher authority to a holy place is foreyourself against impulseen. People in medisiveness, This can harm TAURUS is seen. Use your intuition and it will yield your relations. People Apr 20 - May 20 May 21 - Jun 20 cal profession will do good results. Health Mar 21-Apr 19 in artistic field will flourgood. Speculation can ish during this weeks. of your spouse will be good. People give adverse results. Some success in Minor eye problem cannot be ruled out. in art and banking sector will do good. property related matter is seen. Remedies for Sani and Rahu is suggested. Remedies for Ketu and Rahu is suggested. Remedy for Ketu is suggested.

This week is very good for finance. Some wish can be fulfilled. Change in profession is on the cards. You may be reloCANCER cated to a far away place. Jun 21 - Jul 22 Success in government undertaking is indicated. People in hotel and medical history will do well. Friends will be supportive. Remedies for Rahu and Ketu is suggested. Your blood pressure can rise this week. Do not ignore if you are already suffering from it. Success in litigation is foreseen. Work done in past may yield Jul 23 - Aug. 22 good results and you can achieve fame. Business will be average. Some delay in property related matter is seen. Do not gamble. Remedy for Sani and Ketu is suggested.


Sun and Venus in Capricorn. Moon and Jupiter in Taurus. Shani and Rahu in Libra. Ketu in Aries. Mars and Mercury in Aquarius.



Period good for finance, good luck will prevail. Some wish might be fulfilled. Your spouse will be very supportive. Peace of mind is seen. Some differences with spouse canVIRGO not be ruled out. Patience Aug. 23 - Sep 22 is the key to success. Do not react in haste. Health of a family member will be of concern. Remedy for Sani and Rahu is suggested. Short tempering will ruin your relations with business partners as well as spouse. You will spend on luxury. Your sibling will do PISCES good. Minor health Feb 19 - Mar 20 problem cannot be ruled out. You will have to work hard in Business. Take care of your belongings as you might lose some. Remedies for Ketu is suggested.

Love is in the air. Do Health, wealth and prosnot neglect your health. perity is on the card. If People in glamour single, chances of marworld will shine. Your riage are very strong. enemies will be deInterest in music, acting feated. Do not argue will increase. Some miLIBRA with your partners or nor stomach upset canSep 23 - Oct 22 spouse. Try to be more SCORPIO not be ruled out. A cool independent. Business Oct 23 - Nov 21 mind can fetch you good will be average. Some unexpected results. Some gain from gains cannot be ruled out. Remedies of speculation is seen. Remedy for Sani Rahu and Ketu is suggested. and Rahu is suggested.

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Gain from speculaInterest in religious tion. Marriage is on rites. People in hotel the card for singles. industry will flourish. Love life will be Do not take loan from good. Income will anyone. Success from improve. Interest government and higher in politics will rise. authority. Do not get Dec 22 - Jan 19 Success in govern- AQUARIUS short tempered. Proment related matter Jan 20 - Feb. 18 motion of your spouse is seen. Avoid buying property or cannot be ruled out. Foreign contact vehicle now. Remedies for Ketu and will bring in good results. Remedy for Rahu is suggested. Sani and Rahu is indicated.

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ACROSS 1. Pea Shells 5. Computer key 8. Races an engine 12. Heroic 13. Shad delicacy 14. Clevelands waterfront 15. Space gp 16. Da Vinci portrait (2 wds.) 18. Bang Shut 19. _________ Pie 20. Potato 22. Summer Shirt 23. Most favorable 26. Envelope part 30. Metallic rock 31. Korean, e.g. 34. Shelley work 35. Trumpet e.g. 37. FDRs wife 39. Sight organ 42. Take care of 43. Absurdity 47. Golly! 50. Copycat 51. _______ upon a time 52. _______ phone 53. Compass dir. 54. Paper measure 55. Leg joint 56. Curtain holder 57. Upper limbs DOWN 1. Writing utensil s 2. Iridescent gem 3. Calamity 4. Large shrimp 5. Fleets 6. Weavers frame 7. Belief 8. Easing of pain 9. Actor _______ Idle 10. Travel document 11. Actor _________ penn 17. Have being 21. ___ Thurman of Kill Bill 23. Wow! 24. ________ and con 25. Fabrication 27. Native of Englands capital 28. Commotion 29. Each 32. Trailored 33. Born 36. Cuddle 38. Sweater material 40. Pro vote 41. Door sign 43. Shaving cut 44. Portent 45. Pharaohs river 46. Fair (hyph.) 48. Swindle 49. Garment edges

Crossword Solution 10 FEB, 2013

1 D 12 A 15 M 2 E G O 3 S T 4 I 13 N 16 T 5 O U R 6 N N E 7 8 G A 14 A B 17 A S 20 D E S 26 27 28 29 S A S H 33 P I T A 36 H A E R 43 R E R E D 47 A 52 L 55 E A G N G U T 9 10 11 M E R O R E V E S E S T

1 12 15 18

5 13 16 19

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21 A 25 R 30 C 34 S

22 R E E A P A G E

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Packing away woollens? Go for neem, tobacco leaves

Busy packing away your winter clothes? Go for Azadirachta indica (neem) or tobacco leaves instead of naphthalene balls to preserve woollens from damage, say the experts. Storing winter dresses is a huge responsibility, especially when one wants to preserve the fabric, freshness and colours of the garments for the next season. Experts suggest that woollies are safe if kept with organic items.

Lakhs celebrate Ramakrishnas 177th birth anniversary Lakhs of devotees of famed mystic Sri tomary Vedic chants.
Ramakrishna Paramahansa thronged the Belur Math in West Bengal Wednesday on the occasion of the 177th birth anniversary of the sage. Belur Math (hermitage) in Howrah district is the global headquarters of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission. Ramakrishnas message of peace and devotion was spread across the world by his disciple Swami Vivekananda. Followers of the monk from various parts of the country and abroad gathered at the math premises at 4.30 a.m. in the morning to witness the mangalarti or holy fire worship amid cusKamarpukur, the saints birthplace in Hooghly district, about 100 km from Kolkata, hosted thousands of devotees as they queued up to pay their respects to Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa.Sarod recitals, dance, music, readings and discourses spiritually refreshed and rejuvenated the masses at the temple at Belur Math. The celebrations were streamed live via Belur Maths web portal to a wider audience. The Dakshineswar Kali temple, where Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa was a priest, drew hundreds of followers.According to the English calendar, Sri Ra-

Sudoku 17 March, 2013

makrishna Paramahansa was born Feb 18, 1836. He is one of the most revered mystics of India. However, his birthday is celebrated according to the Hindu almanac.

Sudoku Solution 10 Mar, 2013

Before storing the woollens away, wash them in lukewarm water...never in too hot or extremely cold water. Put camphor tablets or clove in between folds of the woollen items, designer Aniket Satam told IANS. Delicate embroidered pieces should be wrapped in butter paper. One can also use organic items like Azadirachta indica (neem) or tobacco leaves instead of naphthalene balls to save woollens from damage, he added. Stains or particles on woollens need to be cleaned before storing them away; so dry-cleaning for some items is a must. If there is any residue of food particles, it can not only leave a permanent stain but also invite moths. And that will definitely eat away your precious and favourite clothes, designer Ekta Jaipuria of the brand EKRU told IANS. Designer Ruchira Kandhari says after ensuring the garments are clean,

wrap each clothing item separately in a cloth. The storage area should not be damp. Air should be able to pass through the clothes. If you have the luxury of space, it is best to hang each garment instead of folding and stacking them, she added. One other important factor that needs attention is that closets, dressers, drawers and trunks should be cleaned before storing woollen clothes. Also, packing clothes in airtight containers can help in a big way. One can use plastic tubs with tight-fitting lids, plastic baggies with zippers or plastic sweater boxes. Place mothballs or moth crystals inside the storage containers and you are done till the next season, said designer Namrata Gupta of studio Anantam. Some items can be washed and ironed at home. If you are planning to do so, keep Satams tips in mind. Steam pressing is needed for woollen wear. After washing, dry them well in sun. Do not store immediately after drying. Never dry them on racks or ropes. Always flat dry them and avoid squeezing while draining excessive water. Add a teaspoon of glycerine while washing the woollens as they will retain their lustre and protect them from shrinking during washing as well, Satam added. How does one store woollen shoes for the next season? Use a tissue or cotton and gently wipe dirt and moisture from the shoes. After that wrap them in a shoe bag or shoe container and store it, said Jaipuria. Also, one can nicely wrap footwear in a brown paper bag. Avoid direct wrapping in plastic bags.


A heart warming, sweet film


Music Nautanki Saala soundtrack catchy, entertaining

Movies Jolly LLB

3G is a Supernatural-Thriller movie directed by Shantanu Ray and Sheershak Anand starring Neil Nitin Mukesh & Sonal Chauhan. Story 3G is the nightmarish story of Sam Arora and Sheena, a couple, who become victims of a series of events when Sam buys a 3G enabled second hand phone in Fiji islands while on a holiday.One night they receive a Phantom Call which changes their lives forever. They must face the unbelievable reality that the phone is somehow responsible for all that is happening to them and around them. The only way to stay alive, it seems is to unravel the mystery of the phone. But as the hours burn on that becomes harder .3G symbolizes the horror of a frequent nightmare that draws inspiration from the insecurities of modern life. In spite of all our technology and sophistication, we can`t escape the unknown.

Film: Nautanki Saala, Music Directors: Falak Shabir, Mikey McCleary, Rashid Khan, Ayushmann Khurrana, and Rochak Kohli; Singers: Ayushmann Khurrana, Tulsi Kumar, Falak Shabir, Niti Mohan, Geet Sagar, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Saba Azad, and Nitin Mukesh; The soundtrack of director Rohan Sippys forthcoming romantic-comedy Nautanki Saala has a long list of songs and composers have managed to blend elements of romance and comedy very well in the songs. The eight original songs and their reprised, unplugged and remix versions are likely to woo music lovers. However, a couple of tracks would have niche listeners as they wont appeal to the masses. The album starts with romantic number Mera mann kehne laga. Sung by Tulsi Kumar, the soothing, happy song can make you dream. The lyrics are dipped in romance and beautifully describe a lovers feelings. Its reprise version is sung by Falak Shabir and maintains the romantic flavour, but is slow in pace. The next is Saadi gali aaja. Although it has a strong music with lots of drum beats, dont misinterpret it for a typical dance number. Sung by Neeti Mohan and Ayushmann, it gradually gains tempo but does not cross the line to become a party song. The remix version is just faster and yes, you can think of shaking a leg on this one. Next is Dhak dhak. A reprised version of the original song from 1992 film Beta, which gave actress Madhuri Dixit the title of Dhak Dhak Girl, sounds a lot more naughtier in Saba Azads voice. The music beats are foot tapping and the changes in composition makes it an interesting hear. It has the potential to become a favourite songs

for all-girls party! Not all the songs can please music lovers and the next track Tu hi tu is one of them. Another romantic number sung by Ayushmann, the composition has classical touch. The lyrics are beautiful and the singer has given his best to enhance the romantic flavour. The music, however, could have been more rhythmic. The next track Draamebaaz is a fun song. If composition strikes a chord with the listeners, lyrics are icing on the cake. Sung by Geet Sagar, it has a comical touch to it. A carefree track, it is thoroughly enjoyable. The only sad number in the album is Sapna mera toota. Singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khans midas touch can be felt in the song, which has a little qawwali music infused into it. Lyrics will make you ponder over the story. It is out and out Rahat song, hear it to enjoy his soulful singing. Dil ki to lag gayi begins on a slightly gloomy note, but Sabas voice peps you up. You can make out that the singer has enjoyed the song while singing it. The peppy lyrics catch your attention and tongue twisting words in the lyrics are funny. But the song doesnt have the potential to keep you hooked till the end. Then comes So gaya ye jahan, another reprised version of an old song. You can like it if you had enjoyed the original song from 1988 film Tezaab. Sung my Nitin Mukesh, the song has fast beats. From a slow romantic number, it becomes a fun filled foot tapping number. High on romance, Nautanki Saala soundtrack is enjoyable and it has something for everyone. Although light fun-filled songs are catchy and entertaining, but compositions are not extraordinary.

Cast: Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani, Saurabh Shukla, Amrita Rao, Manoj Pahwa Director: Subhash Kapoor Director Subhash Kapoor made his Bollywood debut with Salaam India. Later, He went ahead and made the Superhit film Phas Gaye Re Obama. Now he comes back with Jolly LLB. All the three films have a general subject striking the life of a common-man. Story

Jolly (Arshad Warsi) is a small town lawyer from Meerut. He leaves his love, Amrita, back home & heads to Delhi in search of big opportunities, where he finds an open & shut case which the hugely popular Advocate Rajpal (Boman Irani)has won. Jolly takes up a hit and run accident case against him to make it big. But little does he know of the famous Advocate Rajpal he is up against. Does he win the case? Will the poor get justice? Go and find out.

The Power of Promise


Do not claim to know anything about Indias nuclear programme if you have not read this book yetMycle Schneider Authoritative, state of the art analysisJonathan Schell A landmark in the debate on nuclear energy in IndiaAmita Baviskar

About the Author

Sub title: Examining Nuclear Energy in India Author: M.V. Ramana Nuclear power has been held out as possibly the most important source of energy for India. And the dream of a nuclear powered India has been supported by huge financial budgets and high level political commitment for over six decades. Nuclear power has also been held out as safe, environmen-

tally benign and cheap. Physicist and writer, M.V. Ramana shows that nuclear power has been more expensive than conventional forms of electricity generation, that the ever-present risk of catastrophic accidents is heightened by observed organizational inadequacies at nuclear facilities, and that existing nuclear fuel cycle facilities have been correlated with impacts on public health and the environment. He offers detailed information and analysis.

M V Ramana is a nuclear physicist working in Princeton University. His work has helped to generate informed debate on nuclear energy and nuclear safety in India. He has been travelling recently in India to several cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi to promote discussion on his latest book and the question it raises.

Hardening of the arteries, or atherosclerosis, is often described as a lifestyle disease resulting from smoking, poor diet, and a lack of exercise. Now, a team of U.S. scientists has found new evidence that the disease has been around since long before our modern lifestyle. The researchers examined CT, or cat scans of 137 mummies for signs of the artery disease. Randall Thompson of the University of Missouri-Kansas City says researchers found definite or probable evidence in about one-third of the preserved corpses. Weve concluded that this disease is inherent to human aging, Thompson said at a meeting of the American College of Cardiology, and that its not particularly characteristic of any diet or lifestyle. The mummies were mostly from ancient Egypt and Peru, plus a small number from what is now Utah in the United States, and the Aleutian


life: NASA


Mummies Show Signs of Heart Disease Mars could have supported

Thompson noted that when they examined Aleutian mummies, all from a 19th century society of hunter-gatherers, three of the five bodies showed signs of hardening of the arteries. Now, one of the Aleutians who had this disease would have had a traditional lifestyle like her people had

had for a very long time, hunting from kayaks and so forth, Thompson said. And she had very extensive coronary calcifications, the kind of calcifications we see in our modern patients, the patients who need bypass surgery. Atherosclerosis can lead to heart attacks, but not always. The researchers say they cant be certain whether the artery disease they found in the mummies was fatal. But co-author L. Samuel Wann of Saint Marys Healthcare in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, says some ancient Egyptian writings describe a familiar medical emergency, and there are paintings on some tombs in Egypt that show people falling over, clutching their chest, as if they are having a heart attack.

Islands off Alaska - populations, in other words, with a range of diets and lifestyles across a 4000-year timespan. Its commonly thought that atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular disease in general, is related to our modern sedentary lifestyle. But

Nirbhay test fire Terminated

Washington Mars could have harboured life, according to the analysis of a rock sample collected by the robot probe Curiosity, NASA reported. Scientists identified sulphur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon in the sample, all of which are essential chemical ingredients for life as we know it. A fundamental question for this mission is whether Mars could have supported a habitable environment, Michael Meyer, lead scientist for NASAs Mars Exploration Program, said Tuesday. From what we know now, the answer is yes, he said. The key information for postulating

this habitable environment comes from data revealed by the analysis of soil and rock samples using the Chemistry and Mineralogy and Sample Analysis at Mars instruments. The data indicate that in the area where Curiosity has been exploring there was an ancient river or small lake that could have contained the chemical components necessary to create favourable conditions for supporting microbes. The drilling site where the probe obtained the sample was located near where Curiosity found the bed of an ancient watercourse last year. Curiosity, which landed on Mars Aug 6, 2012, is carrying out a two-year exploration mission on the surface of the Red Planet.

Japan, US to monitor ships from space

BEL to develop aerostat radar for armed forces

Tokyo Japan and the US have agreed to cooperate in monitoring ships from space, following their first meet on the Comprehensive Dialogue on Space held here .In a joint statement after the meeting, the two countries said they agreed on a legal framework for the provision of information on space debris from the US to Japan, Xinhua reported. Both sides also agreed to share intelligence by the two countries satellite systems and cooperate in mapping out international code of conduct in space. Senior officials from Japans foreign, defence and science ministries and the US National Security Council, the State and Defense departments and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration attended the meeting. The Comprehensive Dialogue on Space is a new bilateral consultative regime between Japan and the US aiming at enhancing the bilateral alliance. The next meet of the dialogue will be held in Washington in 2014.

Bhubaneswar India terminated the maiden test of a long-range cruise missile after it deviated off course but defence scientists claimed it met the mission objectives successfully. The sub-sonic Nirbhay (fearless) missile was launched at 11.50 am from the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur on sea in Balasore district, 230 km from here. The missile met the basic mission objectives successfully. After travelling approximately mid-way, deviations were observed from its intended

course. Further flight was terminated to ensure coastal safety Ravi Kumar Gupta, spokesperson of missile developer Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), said. The test was basically to check the performances of all sub-systems. Based on the results it may be modified, test range director M.V.K.V. Prasad told IANS. The missile is claimed to be similar to the US Tomahawk, which can fly like an aircraft and is capable of travelling up to 1,000 km.

Bangalore State-run Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) will develop an advanced aerostat and communication system to meet the surveillance and reconnaissance needs of the Indian armed forces, an official said. Floated as a set of balloons in the shape of an inflated aircraft, the helium-filled aerostats are used for providing radar platform to ground forces. When tethered into a strategic position at a predetermined height above ground, they double as communication relay systems for the forces. The Bangalore-based defence behemoth has recently entered into a technology partnership with the US-based electronics major TCOM for jointly designing and developing the aerostat systems. The partnership with TCOM will augment the surveillance capabilities of

our defence services, security services and law-enforcement agencies with costs-effective aerostat surveillance and communication systems, BEL director S.K. Sharma said in a statement here. As a world leader in lighter-than-air technologies, TCOM designs and manufactures a range of aerostat systems for multiple applications, with laminate fabric material for long endurance and surveillance operations. The agreement makes BEL the prime bidder to address the aerostat-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance requirements of the Indian armed services and security agencies. The partnership reinforces our commitment to the Indian defence industry and allows us to provide cost-effective ISR solutions to the Indian military, TCOM chairman and managing director John Saverino said in the statement.


tive animations to create real world environments.O Labs will help overcome the limitations faced by some students in a few schools in India due to either insufficient time or instruments in laboratories. It is also capable of assessing a students observations, procedural and reporting skills, and will allow teachers to track the student usage, thus making learning more effective. These virtual experiments will stimulate students interest and learning and will give them the experience of doing real lab work, by graphically resembling with Laboratory equipment and simulating a virtual medium. Students can practice these experiments at their leisure and may use this for revising the concept at the comfort of their home as many times as they wish. OLabs has been developed in English however it will be available in other local languages also. Teachers may specially find it very useful while demonstrating the experiments in class or in Laboratory as it will provide minutest details with complete clarity. This is likely to enhance the learning of the students.


Albert Einstein- The most influential Scientist

Strange Facts You C.B.S.E Introduces Online Didnt Know Labs els, videos and rich interac-

Albert Einstein was born at Ulm, in Wrttemberg, Germany, on March 14, 1879. He was a theoretical physicist and humanist who is widely regarded as one of the most influential scientists of all time and is famous for his Special and General Theories of Relativity, but contributed in other areas of physics. He won the Nobel Prize in physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect. We are going to tell you some amazing and interesting facts about Albert Einstein but first of all a small introduction. He once dropped out from his school for his non-serious behavior towards his studies. He also failed all subjects except science and math in college entrance exam at the age of 17. Although Albert was a genius, he had bad memory. Einstein was offered the Presidency of Israel in 1952 but declined it. After his death, his brain was removed for autopsy without the approval of his family. At the age of five, his father gave him a compass; it w as this compass that made him interested in science. As a child, Einstein seldom spoke. When he did, he spoke very slowly indeed, he tried out entire sentences in his head (or muttered them under his breath) until he got them right before he spoke aloud. After his death in 1955, Einsteins brain was removed - without permis-

sion from his family - by Thomas Stoltz Harvey ,the Princeton Hospital pathologist who conducted the autopsy. The brain is on display at Philadelphias Mtter Museum and Historical Medical Library In the 1980s, Einsteins private letters revealed something new about the genius: he had an illegitimate daughter with a fellow former student Mileva Mari (whom Einstein later married) Albert Einstein really was an Einstein. He had an IQ of 160, same as Stephen Hawking.

Major achievements: Special Theory of Relativity (1905), Relativity (English translations, 1920 and 1950), General Theory of Relativity (1916), Investigations on Theory of Brownian Movement (1926), The Evolution of Physics (1938). Major awards: Nobel Prize 1921 Fellow of the Royal Society 1921 LMS Honorary Member 1924 Royal Society Copley Medal 1925 Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 1927 AMS Gibbs Lecturer 1934

C.B.S.E has recommended Online Labs for the students of classes IX and X, to enhance their understanding of experimentation concepts. Online Labs for School Experiments (OLabs) is a novel e-Learning project developed by CDAC, Mumbai and Amrita University, Kerala and based on the concept of virtual learning environment. OLabs works on web environment and provides experience in online practical science experiments. It includes the study and use of mathematical techniques to demonstrate the various complex functions in diverse areas of science. The experiments are demonstrated using interactive simulations based on mathematical mod-

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear. An average strawberry has about 200 seeds. And it is the only fruit that bears its seeds on the outside. The first diesel engine ran on peanut oil. The worlds smallest mammal is the bumblebee bat of Thailand, weighing less than a penny. A chameleons tongue is twice the length of its body.. A dragonfly has a lifespan of 24 hours.

dot dot dot

What invention lets you look right through a wall? What is always coming but never arrives? Forward Im heavy, but backwards Im not. What am I? The more of me you take, the more of me you leave behind. What am I? Lighter than what Im made of, More of me is hidden than is seen. What am I?

On the verge of Extinction : The Saiga Antelope

Sreelakshmi Suresh- the Youngest Web Designer girl of the world

Sreelakshmi Suresh (born 1998) is a web designer from Kozhikode, Kerala, India. She is mainly known for her work -designing websites in India which gained her some media coverage as early as 2006.According to her father, Suresh Menon (lawyer, Calicut Bar Council), and mother, Viju Suresh, she started using computers and designing at the age of 4. Sreelakshmi Suresh attends Presentation High Secondary School and had designed her schools website, which was inaugurated by Binoy Viswam, Forest Minister, Govt.of Kerala, on January 15, 2007. Her own startup, eDesign launched in 2009. Sreelakshmi Suresh is honoured by the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare, Republic of India by present her National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement 2008. The award was presented to her by Sonia Gandhi at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on 05 January 2009. In 2008, her own news website for kids in Malayalam was formally inaugurated by the honorable Chief Minister of Kerala Sri. V. S. Achuthanandan. Suresh is the only under-age member of the Association of American Webmasters and was introduced by AAW CEO Donna Snyder.She has started another firm, Online Pixel Traders in association with Cybrosys Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd wherein she along with Mr. Sainul Abideen (world famous for his invention Pester-to annoy constantly or repeatedly Example- During break, i am constantly pestered by Rohan who keeps asking me for my Lunch. Conjecture-A Theory Example-One aim of the present project is to prove the conjecture for the magnetic fields. Fidelity-being loyal or faithful Example-His fidelity was unquestioned as he was always totally obedient to his vows. Solemn-something that is done formally or according to tradition. Example-The priest spoke solemnly at the funeral. Imperial-Something magnificent or domineering Example-The imperial power was supported by the most powerful military in the world Dreary-gloomy or depressing Example- Fortunately, his story has not turned out to be so dreary.

Answers for Teasers : Window Tomorrow A Ton Footstep Iceberg

The saiga (Saiga tatarica) is a critically endangered antelope which originally inhabited a vast area of the Eurasian steppe zone from the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Saiga became extinct in China by the 1960s, and in Ukraine in the 18th century. However, today they are found only in Asia because of changes in climate, vegetation, and habitat. The Saiga is a very curious looking animal. Most remarkable about it is its huge nose. The Saigas nose is actually an adaptation to the extremely cold and dusty environment in which it lives. Its internal structure is composed of an intricate network of bones,

hairs, and mucous-secreting glands. During summer migrations it helps filter out dust kicked up by the herd and cools the animals blood. During the winter it heats up the frigid air before it is taken into the lungs, thereby reducing heat loss in its body. The Saigas large eyes are set at the end of bony knobs on either side of its head, giving it a bug-eyed look. Their eyesight is keen, and they can see up to .6 miles away.Poachers, or illegal hunters, kill them for their horns, which are used in medicine. A million of these antelopes lived on the earth just 15 years ago, but only a few thousand survive today.

of Rainbow Technology) are the Managing Partners.She has received over 27 national and international awards, which are mostly web awards and other recognitions for her work. Sreelakshmi Suresh is very much interested in computer applications even from her early childhood. When she was 3 years old, she used to draw pictures using MS Paint program in Computer. Then she learnt typing the alphabets and gradually started studying web designing. When she was studying in 3rd class, she was entrusted with the work of developing a website for her school.

20 GVK, Aurizon to develop rail and port in Australia

New Delhi GVK Coal Infrastructure (Singapore) Pte Ltd (GVK Hancock) and Aurizon of Australia have agreed to jointly develop rail and port infrastructure, GVK Power said here .This is to unlock coal reserves in Australias Galilee Basin, including in GVK Hancocks Alpha, Kevins Corner and Alpha West coal mines and a process to support the next phase of coal growth in the Bowen Basin. Under the proposed deal, Aurizon would acquire a majority 51 percent interest in Hancock Coal Infrastructure (HCI), which owns GVK Hancocks rail and port projects. It would invest through an upfront payment at completion of the transaction and deferred consideration at completion of each phase of the projects. Both companies will have equal management rights and an equal representation on the board and all key committees. G.V.K. Reddy will be chairman of the board. Aurizon and GVK Hancock plan to develop and manage a port and rail project with the capacity to ship 60 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) as part of a pit-to-port logistics solution which envisages an investment of $10 billion. In 2011, GVK had acquired a 79 percent stake in the Alpha Coal and Alpha West Coal Project and 100 percent stake in the Kevins Corner Project in Queensland, Australia, from Hancock Coal Pty Ltd. These projects hold estimated reserves of about 8 billion tonnes and a capacity of more than 80 mtpa. This is one of the most significant deals in Queenslands coal history. The development of the rail and port infrastructure will unlock the Galilee Basin and see the development of Alpha, Kevins Corner and Alpha West, creating one of the largest integrated coal development projects globally, said chairman G.V.K. Reddy. The proposed Aurizon-GVK Hancock arrangement is a significant milestone because it brings together two advanced, large-scale players in the mine-rail-port space for the Galilee, said Lance Hockridge, Aurizon managing director and CEO.

Gandhinagar At least three leading Mumbai institutions will set up operations in the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City) and six nationalised banks will follow suit in Indias first international financial services centre (IFSC) here. The Financial Technologies Knowledge Management Co. Ltd (FTKMCL), The Institute of Cost Accounts of India (ICAI) and Narsee Monjee Education Trust (NMET) will set up training and academic institutions in the 886-acre GIFT City, coming up at a cost of Rs.78,000 crore. FTKMCL will invest Rs.50 crore to develop a services training centre; the ICAI too will spend Rs.50 crore to build a centre of excellence while the NMET will set up a modern school at a cost of Rs.20 crore, GIFT City directorin-charge R.K. Jha told IANS. During the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2013, GIFT City signed a memorandum of understanding with a consortium of leading technology providers for the development of information communication and technology


Gujarats GIFT to financial world is ready

World Bank assures more assistance to UP

Iran, Pakistan to launch gas pipeline project

Tehran Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Pakistani counterpart Asif Ali Zardari will officially inaugurate the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project. The $7.5-billion project will be inaugurated at a ceremony in the border city of Chahbahar. Iran has constructed 900 km of the 1,600-km pipeline on its soil, and both Iranian and Pakistani firms will undertake the construction of the remaining part in Pakistan. On completion, Iran will export 21.5 million cubic metres of natural gas to Pakistan on a daily basis. Despite strong opposition by the US, Zardari earlier said that his energystarved country would pursue the gas pipeline project and would persuade the critics that Pakistan needs energy. Pakistan and Iran have held a series of talks on the project for nearly two decades, but it was finalised during the recent visit to Tehran by Zardari. Pakistani media reported that Tehran had agreed to provide a $500-million loan to Islamabad to partly finance the construction of the pipeline on the Pakistan side. Both countries have agreed to complete the project by mid-2014. President Zardari will be accompanied by a big delegation of ministers, members of parliament, political leaders, senior officials and journalists, officials said. The Pakistani foreign ministry said several heads of state have been invited for the ceremony. A foreign ministry spokesman, however, rejected the impression that Pakistan was in a fix over the project. We are very clear about this project. It is in our national interest to go ahead with this project, he was quoted as saying by Xinhua. On pressure from the US, the spokesman said Islamabad knows about some concerns but we expect and hope that all our friends including the US would show more understanding on the issue.

Lucknow The World Bank assured increased development assistance to Uttar Pradesh for improving rural and urban infrastructure. World Bank president Jim Yong Kim gave the assurance to Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav at an hour-long meeting here. Yadav sought more than $3.5 billion over the next five years. Kim told the media that he had made it a personal point to come to Uttar Pradesh and said he wanted to battle poverty and share the economic growth with the poorer sections of the society. I want this to happen in our lifetime, in our generation, he said. Yadav said he wanted to achieve high economic growth and admitted that the state faced significant challenges particularly in areas of infrastructure. He said the assistance sought by Uttar Pradesh was meant for roads and to strengthen urban systems including power, solid waste management and tourism.

here. Development activities in the GIFT City shifted to top gear after Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the states tallest 29-storey tower at the complex two months ago, making it the countrys first IFSC. Many companies, which have booked space in the 700,000 sq ft building, constructed at a cost of Rs.1,000 crore, will start operations by April, followed by the inauguration of the second twin tower in May. Creating a global financial hub is imperative for economic growth and will help bring more jobs and creating more business in India. An IFSC will help achieve this objective and simultaneously catapult India on the global financial hub map, said Jha. GIFT City plans to garner up to 10 percent of the financial services potential in India by creating one million direct and indirect jobs in the next 10 years,

thanks to the 90-million square feet of commercial, residential and social facilities offering an excellent quality of life, he said. GIFT City also aspires to become an operations hub for national financial services, a regional or functional headquarters for banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) players and a private banking hub for non-resident Indians and regional high net worth individuals. It is also targeting to become an international micro-finance hub and a global information technology and business process outsourcing hub for the financial services sector. According to Jha, GIFT City, being developed jointly with the Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Ltd, will help realise the vision of promoting Gujarat as a global financial services centre offering the best of worldclass infrastructure.

Sony eyes 30 percent of total business from smartphones

How can India return to heyday of high growth?

Boston Where should India invest next to return to the heyday of high growth? Where should the private sector make its bets? And will increased participation in local markets or global markets become necessary tools for todays businesses to thrive? These were the key questions before the India Conference, the largest studentrun India-focussed conference in the US, organized by the students of Harvard University here over the weekend, according to the organisers. Now in its tenth year, the two-day conference with the theme of India vs. India--Local Strength or Global Growth? looked at these critical issues facing India from healthcare innovation to relevance of social enterprises to role of tech sector. A panel on the way forward for Indian women in business moderated by Shereen Bhan of CNBC India, heard Debjani Ghosh and Aruna Jayanthi highlight the critical tension between whether women require special treatment in the workplace or not in order to succeed given contemporary cultural challenges. Other panels considered topics including emerging innovations in refrigerated transport with hopeful implications for the dairy industry, and the increasing need for a supportive investor network to catalyse Indias incipient entrepreneurship landscape. Ashish Singh, Chairman and Founder of Bain India, highlighted several sectorial trends, including the sustained importance of FDI in Retail, the premiumisation of the fast-moving-consumer-goods category amongst MNCs and local brands He also suggested the diminishing ability of large conglomerates to successfully grow multiple core categories simultaneously. UTV Motion Pictures CEO and Disney Studios MD Siddharth Roy Kapur, offered his optimistic outlook for evolving audience tastes in Indian entertainment, amongst the local market as well as NRIs. As the controversial conference theme points out, there will never be one simple story for the colourful ecosystem of a complicated country like India, the organisers said pointing to the steadfast determination of the academics and professionals. India vs. India is not a question of which story will triumph but of how Indians can create a path that allows the country to triumph, they said, suggesting the Harvard India Conferences answer, evidently, is an optimistic one.

Kolkata Japanese consumer electronics-maker Sony is eyeing 30 percent of its total business in India from the smartphone segment in the financial year 2013-14, a top company executive said . The firm is planning to bank on its newly-launched premium smartphone Xperia Z and rapidly growing market in this category. Smartphone as a category is almost doubling every year in India. We are seeing the trend for at least next three to four years, Sony India Pvt Ltds head, sales and marketing - mobile division, Sachin Thapar told reporters here. If category expands and we will have good products of course, our business will be expanding. We are targeting 30 percent of our total business from the mobile phones, he said.

The electronic giant currently has 11 models, starting from Rs.8,500 and going up to Rs.39,000, in its smartphone portfolio. It, however, does not have any feature phone in its product kitty. The firm has set a target to triple sales in mobile business in the country to Rs.35,000 crore in fiscal year 2013-14 in India. The company is going to promote the new Xperia Z in a big way, investing around Rs.300 crore in marketing and promotions in this year. Nationally the consumer electronics major has 3,000 distributors in total and it is going expand to 8000 by 2013-14. From tier II cities we are getting very good response. Contribution of these cities to our total sales is almost 40 percent already, Thapar added.


Fuel, food push inflation to 6.84 percent in February
upward at 7.31 percent from 7.18 percent. Build-up inflation in the financial year so far is 5.71 percent as compared to a build-up of 6.56 percent during the corresponding period of the last financial year. Cereals became costlier by 19.19 percent. Price of rice surged by 18.84 percent, wheat became costlier by 21.63 percent and pulses became dearer by 14.96 percent. There was a sharp increase in the prices of diesel and cooking gas as the government allowed the oil marketing firms to hike diesel prices and put a cap on cooking gas supply. Fuel and power inflation rose to 10.47 percent. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) became costlier by 26.21 percent and diesel became costlier by 19.19 percent year-on-year. The headline inflation print has inched upwards largely driven by the rise in fuel price index as it accelerated to 10.5 percent. On


Three top private banks accused of money laundering

New Delhi Three top private banks have been accused of running a nationwide money laundering racket by an investigative news website and production house, based on a sting operation that they said spanned some five months. Stating that it was a pan-India undercover investigation, Cobrapost Thursday claimed to have caught on tape several officials of these banks indulging in brazen criminal activity by channelizing vast amounts of ill-gotten money into the regular banking system as laundered white money. Our investigation, conducted across dozens of branches of these banks and their insurance affiliates revealed that the money laundering practices are part of a standard set of procedures within these banks, said Cobrapost. Speaking to IANS, editor of Cobrapost,

Aniruddha Bahal, said: These banks and their managements are violating several provisions and policies of the government with utter disregard to consequences to boost cheap deposits and increase profits. The banks rake in vast amounts of black money in the form of illegal deposits, insurance and investment products, sold by them. The interaction between officials of the banks and our reporter clearly brings out the connivance of senior management of these banks in facilitating money laundering and other illegal transactions, said Cobrapost. The senior management has compromised all standards of governance and brazenly broken the law by offering money-laundering services practically as a nation-wide product, it added.

Enormous potential for US-India trade

New Delhi Indias wholesale price-based inflation rose to 6.84 percent in February as compared to 6.62 percent in the previous month due to a sharp increase in fuel, food and vegetables prices, the government data showed Thursday. Onion became costlier by 154.33 percent, potato prices almost doubled and overall vegetables prices increased by 12.11 percent during the month under review year-on-year, according to data released by the ministry of commerce and industry. There was also a sharp increase in cereals and fuel prices that hit the common people hard. The countrys main inflation gauge based on Wholesale Price Index (WPI) was 7.56 percent in February last year. Inflation for December is revised

a positive note, inflation in manufactured products has decelerated further and core inflation has receded to 3.8 percent reflecting the decline in commodity prices as well as weak pricing power, said Bhupali Gursale, an economist at Angel Broking. This should give the RBI some elbow room to ease rates in the March 19 policy as monetary policy stance has turned more growth-supportive. We expect a 25 basis points cut in the repo rate by the RBI in the forthcoming policy review, but rate cuts going forward are likely to be limited by still-prevalent upside risks to inflation and the widening current account deficit, he said. High food prices had pushed the consumer price index (CPI) based inflation to 10.91 percent in February as compared to 10.79 percent in the previous month, according to data released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) earlier this week.

Government says 73,388 taxpayers defaulted in 2012-13

Bengal gets Rs.2,250 crores IT investment proposals

Washington A noted Indian-American economist has suggested initiating deeper bilateral trade integration between India and the US given the enormous potential for trade and investment because of Indias unexploited growth opportunities. Growing close to nine percent in the last decade, India has emerged as a major power with an economy ($4.7 trillion) that in 2012 became the worlds third largest in purchasing power terms, Arvind Subramanian told a Congressional panel Wednesday. Surpassing Japan and now behind only China and the United States, Indias trade in goods and services is close to a trillion dollars, and expected to double every seven years, noted Subramanian, senior fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics and Centre for Global Development. This dynamism has expanded opportunities for US business, he said, noting US exports of goods to India have increased close to 700 percent in the last decade and exports of services have doubled in the last four years. US foreign direct investment (FDI) has increased from $200 million to $6 billion, Subramanian said. Moreover, trade and FDI flows between the two

countries are balanced, minimising the scope for macroeconomic and currency-related tensions. To exploit Indias potential of infrastructure investment of about a trillion dollars and its growing demand for services, he suggested a multi-pronged strategy for solving trade conflicts and maximizing the underlying potential. There is merit in initiating deeper bilateral trade integration between India and the United States as a framework for giving recognition to the broader strategic imperative of closer cooperation between the two countries, Subramanian said. This may also be used for pursuing further liberalisation in both countries and for reversing the discrimination that each is inflicting on the other, he said. However, in Subramanians view Indias challenging regulatory environment is unlikely to see major improvements in the short to medium term. US business will thus have to learn to move outside its comfort zone to navigate an Indian market or risk losing out to firms from other countries in one of the worlds largest and most dynamic markets, he said.

New Delhi The government Wednesday said 73,388 taxpayers have defaulted on payments aggregating to Rs.3,859 crore in the current financial year and steps would be taken to penalise them. Taxpayers have defaulted on payments after filing self-assessment returns. Filing a return without paying the admitted amount of tax that is payable will render such taxpayer an assessee in default under the provisions of the Income Tax Act. Such taxpayers who default in payment of self-assessment tax may invite penal consequences, the finance ministry said in a statement. The Income Tax Act requires that the tax payable on the returned income, after taking into account prepaid taxes, should be paid before furnishing the return. An analysis of returns filed electronically in the current financial year (2012-13) reveals that nearly 73,388 taxpayers have defaulted on such payments aggregating to Rs.3,859 crore, the statement said.

Kolkata West Bengal has received investment proposals worth Rs.2,250 crores in the information technology (IT) sector during the current fiscal, a minister said Wednesday. The government was eyeing a massive rise in the states share in the countrys exports in the sector, IT Minister Partha Chatterjee told the state assembly. At present, West Bengal accounts for about three percent of the IT exports from the country, and the target was to raise it to 25 percent, said Chatterjee. Chatterjee said 500 IT companies operate in the state and employ over 1.20 lakh people. Asked about the status of the proposed Infosys project, the minister said the Trinamool Congress government was opposed to granting special economic zone (SEZ) status to projects, as was spelt out in the partys poll manifesto in 2011. However, the state had no problem in

extending facilities like tax concessions and land which has been provided to the IT giants at lower than market rates. The minister said that companies like Tata Consultancy Services, ITC Infotech, Cognizant, Wipro have committed investments in the state which will boost IT exports from the state. He said that IT had a bright future in the state, and pointed to initiatives like the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) at Nadia districts Kalyani and an international design centre at Rajarhat near here. Later, Leader of the Opposition Surya Kanta Mishra countered Chatterjee and said not a single new IT project has seen the light of the day after the Trinamool government took over the reins of the state. There is a negative growth rate in this sector, Mishra, a politburo member of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) told reporters in the assembly lobby.

22 Phelps rules out Rio Olympics comeback

Ipoh (Malaysia) India came from a goal down to defeat Pakistan 3-1 for their first win in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey here . The young Indian side showed plenty of maturity and composure to avenge its defeat at the Asian Champions Trophy in Doha in December. More importantly, the win kept the Indian hopes alive for a podium finish in the tournament. Pakistan took the lead in the fourth minute as skipper Muhammad Imran decided to relay a penalty corner to the right to a diving Muhammad Waqas, who put it inside the goal. India hit back in the very next minute when Rupinder Pal Singh sent in a pile driver of a flick sailing into the Pakistan net. India took the lead in the ninth minute when Akashdeep Singh pounced on the rebound after an attempt by Mandeep Singh came off Pakistan keeper Imran Shah, who was playing in place of the regular Imran Butt. Pakistan could have levelled in the 11th minute but Muhammad Irfan Jr made a hash of things with the goal gaping in front of him. Pakistan were awarded penalty corners in the 15th, 25th and 35th minutes, but Imran could not find the target. India led 2-1 at half-time. Pakistan dominated proceedings in the first 10 minutes of the second half,


India beat Pakistan for first win in Azlan Shah Cup

Force Indias di Resta wants maiden podium

Rio de Janeiro Legendary swimmer Michael Phelps has ruled out the possibility of competing at the 2016 Rio Olympics, saying he is happier in retirement. Speaking ahead of Monday nights Laureus World Sports Awards here, Phelps said he was relishing the opportunity to dedicate time to other projects. I am having fun. I love being retired, I cant stress it enough, Phelps said during a swimming event for underprivileged children at the Rocinha slum. I am happy, smiling and more relaxed. Its something that I have wanted for a long time and now Im happy that I can make the most of it. The 27-year-old admitted he had made the most of his time in Rio by visiting

the citys famous beaches. This is my second time here and its very impressive. Ive never seen anything like it. The people here are incredible. Yesterday my agent and I decided to go to the beach and it was great to see how everybody seems to be having fan and is so relaxed. Its not something you see too often. Its going to be something special for Rio to host the Olympics and the World Cup with this type of spirit, he said. Phelps announced his retirement after last years London Olympics, where he won four gold and two silver medals. He is the most successful Olympic swimmer of all time with 22 medals, including 18 gold.

I have improved a lot: Steve Smith

thanks to the untiring Shafqat Rasool. But they could not find the final touch. In the 52nd minute, Pakistan were awarded their fifth penalty corner but Imran pulled it wide of the left post. Mandeep Singh and Malak Singh kept the Pakistani defenders busy with their constant pressure, forcing the Pakistani defenders into making long passes instead of building up from the back gradually. In the 56th minute, India went 3-1 up when Mandeep Singh picked up a rebound from his deflection to send the

ball into the roof of the net. Pakistan got their sixth penalty corner two minutes later but Sreejesh made a diving save. Two more penalty corners to Pakistan in the 64th and 65th minutes went waste. As the minutes ticked away, the Indian youngsters started slowing the pace. Pakistan were awarded their ninth penalty corner 40 seconds from end but failed to reduce the deficit. In earlier matches, India had lost to Australia and South Korea.

Melbourne British Formula 1 driver Paul di Resta is aiming for his maiden podium finish in the 2013 season which kicks off this weekend here at the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park. Getting a podium is the next thing on my list of achievements. We came very close in Singapore. Its not a secret that would probably be the biggest target Ive got this year, to get on the podium. After that, we will set goals of what we think is realistic for where our car is but I expect to be racing the likes of Sauber and Williams, di Resta was quoted by

New Delhi The Delhi High Court has prohibited telecom operators and mobile value added service (VAS) providers from giving live updates of cricket matches and said the Star India TV channel has the exclusive media rights over cricket matches organised by the Indian cricket board till 2018. The court asked telecom operators and mobile VAS providers to either disseminate score updates that were deferred by 15-minutes or pay a fair share of revenue generated through broadcast of live scores to Star India by procuring a licence. It allowed the plea of Star India Pvt Ltd seeking restraining order against

Court ban on telcos giving live cricket updates

the telecom operators and others. Justice M.L. Mehta, in an interim order, said: A limited interim injunction is ordered restraining the defendants(telecom operators and others) from disseminating contemporaneous match information in the form of ball-by-ball or minute-byminute score updates/match alerts for a premium, without obtaining a license from the plaintiff. Star India has the exclusive media rights to cricket matches organised by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) till 2018. The channel Aug 10, 2012 spent Rs.3,581 crore and won the bid for the media rights agreement with the BCCI, which had assigned exclusive media rights to the Star channel over the cricket matches, organised by it, till 2018. The court said that the telecom operators and others can report noteworthy information or news after a time gap of 15 minutes after the telecast of the match. There shall be no restriction upon the defendants to report noteworthy information or news from cricket matches, as and when they arise, because stale news is no news. There shall be no requirement for the licence if the defendants do it gratuitously or after a time lag of 15 minutes. Star India had moved court in September last year against Cricbuzz, Idea Cellular and OnMobile stating that their ball-by-ball accounts of cricket matches were violating the exclusive rights procured by Star India. The court in the order observed that the contemporaneous dissemination of score updates/match alerts, without payment, but encashing the labour and expenditure of the plaintiff would amount to unjust commercial enrichment, which would not be fair on the part of the defendants. Star India CEO Uday Shankar in Mumbai told the reporters that not only the monetisation of Star India had suffered due to ball by ball updates by small shops and fly-by-night Thursday. The likes of Mercedes, who we were racing at the end of last year, they have moved up a step by the looks of it. But never say never. Di Resta also wants to improve his consistency this season. Consistency is probably one of the things I want to work on. Thats equally the way we have built the car. I want to keep plugging away and keep coming away from each weekend saying we achieved everything we could have, or very close to it, added the 26-year-old Scot.

Mohali Australias young batsman Steve Smith Thursday said he has vastly improved as a player since he was dropped from the team after the Ashes defeat at home 26 months ago. Ive probably always been more of a batsman than I was a bowler. I think Ive improved a lot in the last 12 to 18 months, Smith said here. The 23-year-old was set to make his sixth Test appearance at the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium here Thursday, but rain played spoil sport as the first days play was abandoned without a ball being bowled. Smith said he made a couple of changes to his technique that made him more stable. Ive changed a couple of things with my technique that have made me a bit more stable at the crease, a bit more balanced and more selective as well. I feel like Im tightening my technique up quite a bit and I feel as if Ive been playing spin really well on this trip in the nets and previously as well. Im looking forward to getting out there and having a crack in the middle and hopefully Ill be successful, he said. He has trained hard for the tour and was now looking forward to the Test match. Ive been training very hard this tour.

Theres been quite a few of us on the sidelines and weve got a good chance to get in the nets and work on our skills at those times. I feel like Ive done that and feel Im going really well at the moment. To be back in the XI is very exciting and Im looking forward to hopefully getting some play tomorrow, he said. He feels he is more of a batsman than a bowler. The first two Tests I played, I played as a bowler. Its a bit different now to come in as a No.5 specialist batter and thats something Ive worked really hard on in the last couple of years, becoming more balanced and getting big runs. Im excited about coming out in this Test as a batter and hopefully Ill be able to get a few out in the middle as well, said the all-rounder. Smith said he didnt get much chance bowling for New South Wales in the last year or two. At NSW weve got Steve OKeefe and young Adam Zampa coming through as a leg-spinner. I havent had to do a hell of a lot of bowling in the last year or two. Its still something that I do work on pretty hard in the nets. In this game the wicket looks pretty dry so there could be a chance to roll a few leggies out in the second innings if theres a bit of rough, he said.

service providers, the sport itself had suffered due to the poor quality of content. This, I feel, is a landmark order. The lack of clarity was severely compromising the ability of rights owners to invest to create great experiences for sports fans. This decisive verdict finally creates clarity on who owns the rights and a mechanism for monetisation and fair revenue share, Shankar told reporters on the sidelines of Ficci Frames 2013 conference in Mumbai. Shankar said that since the IndiaNew Zealand series in August last year, Star India has paid Rs.50 lakh per match to the cricket board for its broadcasting rights.




India collects 8 medals at Asian Saina in quarters, others exit from Archery Grand Prix Swiss Open Though the Hyderabadi has a 4-2 lead

Call to boost multiple-sports India jump 24 spots to 143rd in FIFA-rankings, Afghanistan 141st in India
Laos (168th, up 5). The Afghans are now in their best-ever position and have qualified for the AFC Challenge Cup 2014 together with Palestine (150th, up 3) and Myanmar (155th, up 9). Meanwhile, the latest edition of the FIFA World Ranking reveals very few changes in the upper ranks, with Spain continuing to hold a comfortable lead at the top over Germany and Argentina. However, Colombia have assumed outright sixth place on the global ladder - a position they shared with Portugal, who drop down a slot. Ivory Coast remain Africas top-ranked team as they dropped one place to No.13. Japan rose two spots to No.26 and are the leaders among the Asian teams. A total of 18 A international matches have been taken into account for the March edition of the FIFA World Ranking. Virtually all of the games in recent weeks have been played in the AFC, with 15 of the 18 games being AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers. This takes the total number of A international matches played in 2013 so far to 155. Mumbai India should promote a revenue model in which non-cricketing sports like football also take a centre stage and become popular, experts said. A right model is the need of the hour to build a sports eco-system that is viable for everyone in the value chain for promotion of multiple-sports in the country, they said. The discussion titled Sports: Economic Viability and the crisis within took place on the third day of the 14th edition of Ficci Frames 2013, the annual convention of the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry here organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). Experts also felt that there is a need to make serious efforts to device a model that will help grow other sports, instead of copy pasting the Indian Premier League (IPL) model, which has been the case lately, said Venu Nair, head -South Asia of World Sport Group. The session was moderated by well known sports commentator Harsha Bhogle. Every other day, you see an IPLstyled league with just a new logo pasted on it. IPL became the success that it is because there was a thriving eco-system in place before it launched. Other sports wont taste success by just emulating the IPL model, Nair said. Kushal Das of All India Football Federation (AIFF), said that a step in rising to international levels would be to improve the quality of Indian football so that it is at par with international football.

Bangkok The Indian archery team collected a haul of eight medals, including two gold, two Silver and four bronze, in the first Asian Grand Prix Archery Championship here Thursday. Ch. Jignas won the title in compound men individual category defeating Chinas He Ying in a nerve wrecking match with a margin of three points (145 vs 142). He entered the finals crushing the challenge of Ardianto Yami of Indonesia (145 vs 140) while Abhishek Verma and Ritul Chatterjee lost their quarterfinal. Compound men trio - Ch. Jignas, Abhishek Verma, Ritual Chatterjee performed exceedingly well throughout the event and confirmed one more gold for India, registering a win over Vietnam (226 vs 218). They eliminated Indonesia (226 vs 212) in the semifinal and Singapore (234 vs 221) in the quar-

terfinal. Rahul Banerjee in recurve men and Anjali Kumari in compound women contributed one silver each in individual capacity. Rahul lost his final against Japanese archer Takaharu Furukawa whereas Anjali could not control her nerve in the ultimate movement of finals competing against Th. Dellie of Indonesia. In the semifinal, Rahul and Atanu were in front of each other for a medal. Atanu lost but got success in winning bronze against Chinese Taipei archer. Recurve women team of Bombayala Devi, Dola Banerjee and Rimil Biruli won a bronze against Indonesia and Bombayla Devi grabbed an individual bronze in the same section. Atanu and Bombayala defeated their opponent team in the mixed team event and brought another bronze for India.

Basel Defending champion Saina Nehwal remained the lone bright spot for India as all her compatriots took the exit route, in the pre-quarterfinal stage, from the $125,000 Swiss Open Grand Prix Gold Thursday. Parupalli Kashyap, H.S. Prannoy and P.V. Sindhu lost their respective matches here at St. Jakobshalle in the

tier three tournament. Womens singles top seed Saina had a pretty easy outing against Petya Nedelcheva of Bulgaria as the Indian won 21-15, 21-10 in half an hour to take a 6-2 lead in career head-to-head. Saina, who Thursday reclaimed World No.2, will next face Chinese Taipeis sixth seed Tzu Ying Tai in the quarterfinal.

in career meetings over Tzu, but importantly the Taipei player has won the last two encounters including this years Malaysia Open semifinal when Tzu beat Saina in straight games. Meanwhile, London Olympics quarterfinalist Parupalli Kashyap suffered a shock loss against old nemesis in the mens singles third round. On the day he reached his career-best ranking of World No.7, Kashyap went down to Malaysian ninth seed Wei Feng Chong 21-18, 7-21, 16-21 in 55 minutes. This was the fifth seeds third consecutive loss against the World No. 18 Malaysian. Kerala boy H.S. Prannoy, who upset seventh seed Boonsak Ponsana of Thailand Wednesday, failed to impress again as he went down in a marathon encounter against fifteenth seed Tien Chen Chou of Chinese Taipei. The World No.26 won 21-16, 15-21, 21-15 in exactly an hour. I made a lot of unforced errors in the third game and he went up by 16-6. It was tough to cover up that lead. I hit some smashes which went into the net which were sure points. That changed the game. I am just disappointed to not make the quarterfinals, Prannoy told IANS from Basel. Rising shuttler P.V. Sindhus run was also halted by another Asian, Yui Hashimotot of Japan, in 39 minutes in the womens singles. The qualifier upset the Indian 23-21, 21-11 in their first ever career meet. It was also the end of the road for Thane duo Pranaav Chopra and Akshay Dewalkar who lost their mens doubles second round match to South Korean No.1 seeds Sung Hyun Ko and Yong Dae Lee 21-14, 21-12 in 26 minutes.

New Delhi Despite an unimpressive performance in Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Challenge Cup qualifiers, India jumped 24 places and are ranked 143 in the latest FIFA rankings released Thursday. India, winners of AFC Challenge Cup in 2008, have not yet qualified for the Challenge Cup and are now relying on help from other teams in the remaining group matches. They may qualify if they manage to feature among the two best second-placed team from four groups. However, India are still ranked two places behind neighbours Afghanistan, who have been the most impressive team in the FIFA rankings. Afghanistan have climbed 48 places to 141st on the back of victories over Sri Lanka (173rd, up 20) and Mongolia (178th, up 3) as well as a draw against

The problem with Indian football is not so much cricket as it is football itself. Today, football fans have access to the best of football leagues whether it is EPL, La Liga or Bundesliga. When you compare Indian football with these top leagues we dont match up, he said. Das pointed out that Indian football has suffered because of bad infrastructure, and lack of talented players. Nair also pointed out that lack of clarity on scheduling is another major challenge faced by non-cricket sports. Speaking on escalating costs and lack of revenue to match up to the cost, Nitin Kukreja, Star India president called for the need for the government to deregularise prices and let the market forces decide the price. The revenue side has been a huge challenge. In fact, it has been a challenge to exploit all revenue streams. While the cost of cricket rights have gone up the subscription revenue has not kept pace, he said. Neo Sports Broadcast COO Prasanna Krishnan opined that addressability was a bigger issue than price cap. You can charge Rs.1,000 but if you dont know how many subscribers you have it wont make much of a difference. So in my opinion, addressability is a bigger issue. digitisation in that sense will be a game-changer, he said. Agreeing with and adding to Krishnans view, IPL chief executive officer (CEO) Sundar Raman said sports broadcasting globally is driven by subscription income unlike India which is dependent on ad-revenue which keeps fluctuating depending on season.

Asian Cycling: Silver medallist two days ago, carries medal trays
Greater Noida Two days after 16-year-old T. Manorama Devi made India proud by winning a silver in the junior category of the Asian Cycling Championships, she was found holding medal trays during felicitation of the senior riders. Manorama of Manipur along with Deborah of Andaman and Nicobar islands were the stars for India in the track events held at the Indira Gandhi velodrome. The Manipuri girl was seen carrying the trays with her senior teammate Sunita Devi and Anjana for the road race event at the Buddh International Circuit here. Cycle Federation of India Onkar Singh told IANS that it was matter of honour for the girls to stand alongside the Asian Champions. I dont know what the fuss is all about. It is a matter of honour for the junior cyclists to share the dias with Asian Champions. We thought our girls will feel good by doing this, Onkar Singh told IANS. We thought it would be quite innovative, just like the idea of organising a cycling event on this Formula1 track. Besides the silver in junior keirin, Manorama had also won a bronze in the team sprint with Deborah.

Dutch Supreme Court Rules a Tongue Kiss Not Rape


Designer Sulakshana show at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week-2013 in New Delhi

The Dutch Supreme Court narrowed its definition of rape Tuesday, saying that a forced tongue kiss should no longer be considered among the worst forms of sexual assault. In one of the courts more unusual cases, a panel of three men and two women overturned a lower courts rape conviction of a man for forcing his tongue into the mouth of a woman in a hospital restroom. The ruling reversed a 1998 Supreme Court decision that broadly defined rape as any form of unwanted sexual penetration. The court said that a forced kiss, while still illegal, is not as serious as forced sexual intercourse. Instead, the judges said that a forced kiss should be considered an indecent assault, which carries a maximum sentence of eight years, as opposed to rape, which has a maximum 12-year sentence. Legally defining rape has been open to interpretation, not only in the Netherlands. In France, a forced kiss in which the offenders tongue is pushed into a victims mouth could qualify as rape, but is almost never prosecuted as such, while according to Germanys Justice Ministry a forced tongue kiss would not constitute a rape in that country. In Britain, where rape carries a life sentence, an unwanted tongue kiss would not qualify as rape under the 2003 sexual offenses act. Lawyers for the 36-year-old Dutchman whose rape conviction was overturned welcomed the ruling, saying that under the definition quashed Tuesday prosecutors had to list an alleged forced kiss as rape and that oftentimes cases involved teenagers for whom a rape conviction can have far-reaching effects. If a person has to judge whether somebody is eligible to work in health care, for example, and sees that the person has a rape conviction, then nine times out of 10 he wont be considered suitable, said lawyer Tjalling van der Goot. The effects (of a conviction) can be much more severe than they should be. The case will now be sent back to a lower court for reconsideration. The man involved denies he forcibly kissed the victim. Dutch groups dealing with victims of sexual abuse had no immediate reaction to the ruling.

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