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06 March 20, 2013

Scotiabank Pledges $1 Million

For Caribbean SickKids
TORONTO, Canada, Scotiabank has pledged CAN$1 million, through its global philanthropic program, Bright Future, to support the Caribbean-SickKids Paediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Project. In a March 14 statement the bank said funds will be used to support the projects telemedicine programs in Barbados, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago and The Bahamas. It said the telemedicine element of the project will allow physicians in the Caribbean to connect directly with leading paediatric cancer and blood disorder experts at SickKids, a foundation that raises funds on behalf of The Hospital for Sick Children and is the largest charitable funder of child health research, learning and care in Canada. Scotiabank said physicians specializing in areas other than cancer and blood diseases can also connect with both Caribbean and international colleagues, enhancing their ability to diagnose and care for Caribbean children. The bank said the goal of this project is to expand access to world-leading medical professionals, allowing children to get the best care possible in their

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Conflicting Reports On Caribbean Tourism

Jamaicas Opposition Spokesman on Tourism, Mr. Edmund Bartlett, has raised concerns about the declining tourist arrivals from some of Jamaicas key markets. In calling for a strategic plan for the recovery of arrivals and earnings lost from the tourism product, Mr. Bartlett noted the decline in arrivals from Canada of 14 percent; United Kingdom of 12 percent and flat growth of 0.3 percent from the United States as troubling, particularly when there has been no pick up in the winter season, Jamaicas most important period. It is alarming that over the last quarter we have seen such significant declines from our key markets and yet we have heard nothing from the Minister of Tourism on what is the strategy to stop this decline. The United States is our main Market. Mr. Bartlett said. He expressed his concerns that the hard-fought gains made in the growth of tourism over the last few years are being lost and more money will have to be spent to recover what is clearly a slump. Bartlett comments are in contrast to the optimism recently expressed by CTO Chairman and the US Virgin Islands Commission of Tourism Beverly Nicholson-Doty, in the State of the Industry Report. Nicholson-Dotys Report had suggested that Caribbean tourism was bouncing back to pre-recession levels, with visitors from Canada and the U.S. giving a boost to tourist arrivals. The Caribbean welcomed 25 million tourists last year, a near 5.5 per cent rise over 2011, outpacing the rest of the world, which saw arrivals increase

o w n country. The CaribbeanSickKids Paediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Project includes a five-year plan to address the regions gaps in research, care and education in order to advance the diagnosis and management of paediatric cancer and blood disorders.



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by four per cent. The Region reportedly saw its largest number of stay-over visitors in five years, with overall hotel occupancy increasing by more than seven percent and total room revenues up nearly nine per cent. This, the CTO chairman had said, gives the sector reason to be optimistic. This optimism is based on the positive signs of growth following earlier down years. We are optimistic because we see arrival numbers rising, particularly out of North America; we see hotel revenues moving in the right direction, albeit with moderate acceleration and we see tourist spend on the increase.

Patricia J:
ork is not work for Patricia Jaggernauth, widely known as Patricia J. Its instantly recognizable that she loves doing what it is that shes doing. The effervescent, always glowing woman seen reporting the weather on CP24 - Torontos Breaking News for the GTA is precisely the same person off camera as well. Born to a Guyanese mother and a Jamaican father, Jaggernauth knew from an early age that media and broadcasting was a mandatory career path to pursue. For well over a decade Jaggernauth has graced numerous public speaking events, television, social media, and magazines with her no small degree of charm, elegance of style and the genuine passion she has for connecting and creating positive relationships with people. One of the ways she connects with others is through fashion. Fashion has become the crux of our culture and it is used as a form of communication to either impress or express. Jaggernauth has an impeccable sense of style and shows all the signs of a confident woman who uses fashion to her advantage. Fashion is another element of self expression and its a way for me to show my savvy modern take on what Im doing. My whole thing is to stay current, stay modern and to stay Patricia J so I will only wear things that emulate me. I wont ever wear something because a celebrity is wearing



March 20, 2013

What You See is What You Get!

it or if someone says thats whats in. explained the PJ Glamgirl who immensely enjoys experimenting Christine with sundry fashions. When Jaggernauth came into the world her mother was 16 years of age and with the help of Humewood House which is an amazing resource for pregnant and parenting women, they assisted in providing a stable environment for them both. I was a gift to her and she will always be my gift and Humewood House is a place that really shares that platform and allows me to understand that what happened wasnt a mistake. Life is what you make it; no obstacle is an obstacle and nothing can stop you in this life. explained the President and CEO of Patricia J Productions. Jaggernauths mother is now employed by Humewood House as a Relief Worker where she has the opportunity to impart the same dignity and decency to women who are in a similar situation that she once was in. With the profuse amount of accolades attached to Jaggernauths name, the leading one would be her current position as CP24s Weather Specialist. I think every single opportunity has brought me to CP24 and has brought me to where I am today. Its been the outlet that I needed to really reach out to the community, especially the West Indian community. explained Jaggernauth. Unlike other reporting that requires one to take on a more austere pos-


ture, weather is the one element where you can make an exhibition of your enthusiasm. What I love about weather, especially with Bell Media and CP24 is that it is literally the one position where you can be you. What you see is what you get said Jaggernauth. 90 percent of the time I can be Patricia J and I can have fun with weather. Being the highly motivated and goal oriented individual that Jaggernauth is, her five year plan to become Canadas sweetheart will move from an aspiration to actuality. I want to continue to be at CP24 and continue making the community proud and be one of the main reasons why you want to watch CP24. said the commercial actor and YAHOO! Web Host. Rather than going abroad like many others who seek to build international names for themselves, Jaggernauth has every intention to remain here in Canada and stay on a national level. Jaggernauths commitment towards the West Indian community and representing its interests through the various media platforms she utilizes is unswerving. Working in the media can be a rewarding career opportunity but there are certainly many hiccups along the way. Jaggernauth is frequently asked by those who wish to embark upon this vocation on how to go about it and overcome the inevitable challenges. If you really want something, do everything in your power that it takes to get there and dont worry about col-

laborating with the huge companies to start; you have to build a foundation and you have to start somewhere. explained the host, producer and writer of Hot Wheels Live. Dont give up, definitely get your education in it, definitely connect with mentors, never be afraid to ask questions and dont be afraid to fail. You have to fail in order to learn the lessons that will take you to the next step towards your success. For the past two years Jaggernauth has been working diligently to create a program that is geared towards youths and new immigrants to Canada, particularly those from the Caribbean. This educational television show will be premiering fall 2013 and thats just one of the many promising projects Jaggernauth is working on.

El Dorado 6 Year Old Deluxe Silver Rum

March 20, 2013



Caribbean J ewel

LCBO shelves in the GTA have been graced with El Dorados 6 Year Old Deluxe Silver Rum. As a revolutionary new rum, El Dorado 6 Year Old Deluxe Silver Rum is the first super-premium white rum on the market. It was specially created by DDL to raise the standard of white rum, to show that a white rum can be smooth, complex and flavourful. The result is an amazingly smooth white rum that makes superior mixed drinks. It is a double-filtered 6 Year Old White Rum with a unique flavour and creamy smoothness. This exceptional luxury aged white rum with a contemporary image is designed to offer the younger more adventurous spirit drinker a more flavourful alternative to vodka, backed by the heritage and provenance of the El Dorado brand. It is a blend of selected light to medium bodied aged rums from Demerara Distillers 200 year old wooden Coffey still (the last of its kind operating in the world today) and the companys French continuous Savalle still. Its unique texture and smoothness results from the skillful balancing of flavours, followed by further ageing and double filtering through natural charcoal. It is the unique charcoal filtering system that takes an amber rum and makes it crystal clear. The end result is a superb rum with a soft, sweet

Charm Beauty Works Hair Show

The final preparations for the April 7 Charms Beauty Works Hair Show are slowly but surely falling into place. Owner and Promoter, Charmaine Barnes has expressed her satisfaction with the progress made to date to attract vendors, performers and sponsors for the Show, which will take place at the Ajax Convention Centre (550 Beck Crescent).

mouth feel with traces of creaminess and butter toffee. Its light to mildly flavoured body and complex soft finish makes it the perfect mixer for the most sophisticated cocktails. DDL has once again proven itself to be an innovator and leader in the world of fine rum. If white rums are your preferred choice, give this one a try and ask for it at your local LCBO.

There will be much to see and do at the Show. Attendees will be treated to lots of giveaways from participating sponsors, while DJ Killowatt will be on hand to provide musical entertainment. Doors open at 3:00 pm. Showtime will be from 4:00 8:30 pm.

Guyanese-born Indira is a Registered Nurse. She is currently pursuing an educational goal of Workplace Wellness Program certification, while encompassing her love of jewellery. As the Customer Service Manager for the Ajax-based Raphael Jewellers, her effervescence will certainly leave you bejewelled

Intriguing Indira



March 20, 2013

Publishers Note: Worth Sharing! A Case for Full Engagement

Address by Honourable Justice Gregory Regis, Regional Senior Justice, Ontario Court of Justice at the Saint Lucia Toronto Associations Celebration of Saint Lucias 34th, Anniversary of Independence on March 2, 2013
ellow citizens of Saint Lucia, fellow Caribbean citizens, members of our Canadian family, I am honoured by this opportunity to address you on this special occasion. This event always serves as an opportunity for our community to display its best attributes. It is an occasion to celebrate our common spirit, and engage in a communal nostalgia trip, back to our beautiful homeland. Not even a harsh Canadian winter can interfere with that. I hope everyone has a wonderful time. Before the music starts however, I want to engage you in thinking about why we are so happy to celebrate Saint Lucias anniversary of independence. What does independence mean to us as Saint Lucians? In particular, what does it mean to us residing in Canada? What kind of relationship should we have with our homeland? I invite you to consider these questions in the context of the theme for this years celebration, unlock our creativity and transform our world. I urge you, as you consider these questions, to break away from the usual patterns you have used, to think about these issues. Lets accept the challenge to be creative. I think it will be fun. No one can doubt our love for Saint Lucia. We are the best sales persons the tourist industry can have. We promote our island to our friends and colleagues as the best vacation spot in the world. We are proud when we receive good news from home, and we hurt when the news is bad. Yet our relationship with our homeland can be complicated. Sometimes, its even a love hate relationship. Tonight, I invite you press the rest button. I want you to move forward with only love for Saint Lucia. It will be tough at times but I think we can do it. In a message on February 22nd to Saint Lucians living abroad, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony made the following statement. I know many of you come to Saint Lucia on vacation, or plan to return to live in the future, whether after your professional development, maybe to invest or perhaps later for retirement. We welcome you to play your part, and to continue to love your island home. I know the Prime Ministers sentiment is genuine, but everyone in this room knows of the large number of obstacles, encountered by returning nationals. Thats why I say we need to be bold and creative. We must not be put off, by people who think we have no say. We must not allow anyone to bully us away from contributing to the development of our island and region. We, who live overseas, have a great deal to offer, and we need to find a way to play a role even a leadership role. We cannot back down from that responsibility. Think about it. Think about what we do here in Canada. Many of us are in leadership and responsible positions. We are skilled and experienced in many fields. We are bank managers; we are master plumbers and electricians; we are accountants, lawn his recent, March 2, address to attendees at the St Lucia Toronto Associations Celebration of their countrys 34th Anniversary of Independence, the Honourable

Justice Gregory Regis, cited A Case For Full Engagement. Finding ourselves in full and complete agreement with Justice Regis arguments, we are

pleased to forego our usual Editorial page content in favour of publishing this full version of his speech for the benefit and enjoyment of all our readers.

yers; we are nurses and teachers. We are making real contributions to the development of Canada. And someone will say we should have no say in the development of the land that gave us birth? I reject that view and ask you to do the same. We are educated and informed people. We follow current events. We are often better informed about the civic issues in Saint Lucia than some who live there. By living overseas, we are often more sensitive to where our island fits in the world. We are able to offer a different perspective. I say we must insist on playing our part. I am not suggesting that we must all return home. That is neither necessary or practical. Im talking about making our contribution from wherever we reside. There are many ways to contribute. I ask you to be creative as you consider how you can make your contribution. Saint Lucia, like the rest of the world, is facing financial difficulties. I believe the present situation offers an opportunity for us living in Canada, to take up the Prime Ministers offer to play our part in making Saint Lucia, as he puts it, a great place to live for all. It is no longer enough for us to simply pass resolutions and send letters to the government of Saint Lucia with policy ideas. It is now time for us to pull our resources and skills, and come up with a plan for us to contribute to the future well-being of our lovely island. It is time for full contact engagement. I offer one idea for your consideration. I hope you will agree its a good and sensible one; one that we should pursue. I have long held the view that full and sustained economic development for Saint Lucia, can only be achieved, if our island is part of a bigger country. As I was thinking about this issue earlier this week, I recalled a comment made some time ago by Indias first Prime Minister, Lawahar Lal Nehru. I paraphrase: the world can only sustain a certain amount of fragmentation, he said. It is obvious to me that the kind of fragmentation represented by the Caribbean island countries is unsustainable. Take the OECS group of countries for example; Antigua, St Kitts/Nevis, Dominica, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada, Montserrat, Anguilla and the BVI. The population of these islands is about 636 thousand people , yet there are six Prime Ministers and three Chief Ministers. They spend millions of dollars competing with each other for development money and projects. We cannot continue along this road. It is not sustainable. I say it is time for us to be creative and smart to secure our future. One positive step we can take in that direction is for the OECS countries to become one country immediately. Yes, I can hear the naysayers and doubters. This can never happen, they are saying. Have you forgotten what happened in 1958-62? I answer in a

couple ways. The 1958 federation was a creation of the British government which perhaps was not fully thought out. We now have the chance to create our own country, to suit our needs. I can also invoke an old saying, If at first you dont succeed, try and try again. I say as well, when we invoke history, we should also look at the history of other countries, and other parts of the world. Canada provides a good lesson in this regard. Canadas origins are rooted in a desire of the provinces to protect their economies. The Charlottetown conference, which produced the country, in which we are so happy to live, started as a meeting of the Atlantic provinces, looking to protect themselves from the neighbouring American states. Premier John A. MacDonald of Ontario and the Premier of Quebec, essentially crashed the meeting. They too were concerned about the economic dangers posed by the Americans. The result was the country-Canada. I think Caribbean states face a similar threat to their survival. Big countries such as Canada and the United States of America are busy forming economic alliances all over the world. Yet the Caribbean countries continue with the fragmentation. The Caribbean needs to understand this reality, and do something sensible about it. Caribbean people need to take bold steps to overcome these threats. We need to start thinking outside the box and take concerted, and creative actions or we will perish. This is where we come in. We West Indians, who live overseas, must step up to the plate and provide some leadership in this area. Think of the possibilities of the OECS as one country. Most of the infrastructure is already in place. We have one currency the EC dollar; one court; a common external tariff regime, and more. The main piece missing is the political piece I recommend, we spearhead a process to move this idea forward. We must find ways to persuade our political leaders to agree and take the necessary actions to achieve that goal. We have a vested interest in the future of Saint Lucia. We must use all our skills and resources to secure its future. I believe Saint Lucia will have a better future as part of a country made up of the OECS states. I recommend that we, Saint Lucians who live in Canada, resolve to begin an organized conversation about how we can be at the forefront of making Saint Lucia a great place to live for all. We owe it tour relatives and friends back home, to help ensure that the Caribbean countries do not become failed states. Saint Lucia has done relatively well in the past 34 years. But the future is looking increasingly challenging. We have the skills to assist. Lets agree that we will become fully engaged in the process of securing Saint Lucias future. Happy independence Saint Lucia. Thank you.
Tony McWatt Malcolm Cliffe Sandra Ann Baptiste, Beverly Brown, Akua Hinds, Christine Reid, Sir Ronald Sanders, Oumarally and Baboolal Susan Zelinski

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March 20, 2013





March 20, 2013

Gold Seized
BRIDGETOWN, Nearly $1 million in gold has been seized and a representative of a cash-for-gold business is expected to appear in court shortly following a March 15 police raid. According to police, Scott Goodman, a director of Barbados Gold Buyers, located in the James Fort Building, Hincks Street, Bridgetown, has been warned of intended prosecution under the Precious Metals And Second Hand Metals Act 2013. He was warned that between February 25 and March 15 his company was engaged in the trade of precious metals without a licence. The police executed a search warrant at the business place and removed the gold, along with documents. The 35-year-old Goodman, in his capacity as a director, was subsequently interviewed and warned. This is the second time that the police have exercised their powers under the act as they intensify their efforts to enforce the new law. The first time was also on March 15, when Andre Pug Payne, the owner of the Roebuck Street, Bridgetown store Brooklyns Finest, appeared in the District A Magistrates Court. Payne was not required to plead to the indictable charge that he breached Section 4 (1) of the new act, and was released on bail of $50 000.

Barbados Beat

He will reappear in court on May 16. Under the new legislation, which was passed on January 28, anyone who operates as a precious metals dealer, or as a second hand metals dealer, without a licence is liable, on conviction at the High Court, to a fine of $50 000 or imprisonment up to ten years. If the offender is a business or a company, the fine is $50 000. Police public relations officer Inspector David Welch said that the action was part of the two-pronged attack the force was engaged in to effectively manage the impact the cash-for-gold business was having on the society. The other was the establishment of a special squad which was making inroads on the snatch-and-grab robberies against locals and tourists, some with violence.

Expedia Exposure For Small Hotels

BRIDGETOWN, Expedia Inc, the worlds largest online travel company, is exposing Caribbean small and independent hotels to the more than 50 million travellers that visit Expedia group travel sites each month. And, according to released data from the first nine months of 2012, this partnership with a larger number of small hotel partners (defined as hotels with 50 rooms or less) has resulted in an increase in net transactions from this sector by nearly 30 percent year-on-year for that period. Small hotels represent about half of those in Expedias direct global inventory, make up more than half of the Ex-

pedia groups Caribbean portfolio, and were 74 percent of all Caribbean acquisitions in 2012. Moreover, Expedia exposes hotel partners on more than 135 mobile booking sites around the world, through its mobile apps, which have been downloaded more than 20 million times by consumers in more than 220 countries and territories at a rate of 40 downloads per minute. Hotel partners also benefit from exposure resulting from Expedia Incs sizeable strategic marketing investment, which totaled $1.5 billion in 2011. These investments reap big rewards for small hotels.

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$300 Million Boost For Economy

BRIDGETOWN, The Barbados government says it intends to invest BDS$600 million (One BDS dollar = US$0.50 cents) as part of a new stimulus to improve the local economy and create at least 1,000 new jobs. The new financial year starts on April 1. Sinckler told legislators that work is ready to begin on phase one of the new cruise pier at the Bridgetown Port with full financing by July and providing for another $70 million in civil works over the next 12 months. The recently re-elected minister said that work on the Pier Head Marina will begin later this year with financing now being finalized resulting in BDS$60 million in additional work in the Barbados economy for the first nine months of the project schedule. Sinckler said that the ministry will

March 20, 2013



No Break For RiRi Caribbean Export Week Launched

SYDNEY, Australia, Rumours of Barbadian superstar Rihannas fabled year-long break from music abruptly bit the dust on March 13 when promoters Live Nation confirmed that the Talk That Talk girl will be taking her Diamonds World Tour to Australia and New Zealand in September and October. Gossip-circuit buzz that the 25-yearold entertainer was due to take some lengthy downtime to unwind had gained added credibility when American Idol host Ryan Seacrest indicated that fans would be seeing less of the Unapologetic girl after her final show of the tour on July 28 in Finland. But, as the March 13 news confirmed, the We Found Love girl can look forward to a break of less than two months before shes on the road again, headed for her first gig down under in September. The six-time Grammy Award-winning singer will hold five concerts in Australia, starting at the Perth Arena on September 24. She will then play Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney before flying to New Zealand for her show at Aucklands Vector Arena on October 6. RiRi kicked off her latest world tour March 15 in Buffalo, New York, to an enthusiastic reception from a soldout audience. She has since had to cancel two shows because of a bout of flu and laryngitis. Ahead of her lies a demanding schedule that will see the Stay star deliver the goods in about 30 more shows in North America before moving on to the European leg of the tour in late May, which will take the hardworking pop diva to Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Britain and Finland. Less than two months later, shell be showing the Aussies and Kiwis that cricket isnt the only thing the Caribbean has to offer. Diamonds is the singers fourth major world tour, following Good Girl Gone Bad, Last Girl On Earth and Loud, the latter of which premiered in Barbados. BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) is developing a comprehensive strategy for improving the CARIFORUM Regions export potential. This was stated by the agency charged with the task of promoting export-led growth for the Caribbean and facilitating increased exports to regional and international markets when it announced the launch of the first Caribbean Export Week, which opened on March 17. Caribbean Export stated that the week of activities was aimed at raising the level of awareness about Caribbean Export, and in particular the work being under-taken as part of the 10th EDF Regional Private Sector Development Programme. A key activity in the week will be a March 20 to 21 colloquium in Barbados on the status of the regional export platform. Speakers at the colloquium being held at the Hilton Barbados include Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister for St Vincent and the Grenadines, who will give a keynote address on the first day of the event.

soon sign off on the lease for the work at Bushy Park where the Barbados Motoring Federation is involved in laying down a new track. The project which will also start this year will result in an additional $10 million injection to the economy.

Organisers said this initiative is premised on the rationale that regional trade integration can serve as a dynamic catalyst to economic growth. At the same time, there is acknowledgement of the numerous challenges preventing Caribbean countries from capitalizing on the benefits of.

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March 20, 2013

CASTRIES, St Lucia, Two Dominican nationals are due to appear in court after police said they had seized more than 1,400 pounds of marijuana on a pirogue south of the island over the March 16 weekend. In a March 18 statement, the police did not give the street value for the 1, 487.2 pounds of marijuana seized

Drug Bust At Sea Grenada To

or the names of the two Dominican nationals. It said that members of the Marine Unit had intercepted the blue, orange and black pirogue named Von Von on March 16 about 8.2 nautical miles south of Gros Piton in Soufriere. The police said they also seized the pirogue and that charges are expected. ST GEORGES, Grenada, Eight years after its last debt swap, Grenada is still struggling with its debt repayments and it has asked creditors to give it leeway to restructure US$193 million in debt that it says it cannot afford to repay. According to Bloomberg, yields for Grenadas dollar bonds surged to 17.35 percent on March 8, the highest among 12 Caribbean and Central American nations tracked by JP Morgan Chase & Cos CACI index. The government was due to make a coupon payment on March 15, which if missed, would be the second after having already missed one in September, leading investors to worry that the nation is heading for a default. The government paid investors before the end of the grace period after the last missed payment, but Bloomberg reports the countrys dollar bonds have lost 5.2 percent over the past year. The 4.5 percent coupon on the bonds was set to climb to 6 percent in September and reach 9 percent in 2018 as part of a restructuring agreement reached with creditors in 2005. Grenada would be the third Caribbean country to restructure its debt

EC Review

Restructure Debt
this year. Jamaica said on March 1 that about 99% of bondholders agreed to swap JAM $860 billion (US$9.1 billion) of higher interest local debt for lower yielding bonds. Belize is finishing negotiations on its second restructuring in five years, after missing a US$23 million coupon payment in August 2012. Grenada had been rated CCC+ by Standard & Poors, placing the country of 109,000 in the same category as Jamaica and Cyprus. Marla Dukharan, an analyst with RBC Financial Caribbean Ltd in Trinidad and Tobago is reported to have said that Grenadas economy faces weak growth this year after suffering a 5.1 percent drop in tourism and an 82 percent reduction in grants in 2012. The prospects for growth revival in Grenada are slim in 2013, and given severe fiscal and liquidity constraints, the proposed debt restructure announced last week seemed inevitable. It would come as no surprise if this proposed restructure involves a haircut, Bloomberg quoted Dukharan as stating.

Appeal Likely

ST. GEORGES, Grenada, Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Christopher Nelson, has said that the State is considering its legal options after a High Court dismissed manslaughter charges against five police officers accused of causing the death of a Canadian visitor in December 2011. Lawyers for the accused men - Constables Kenton Hazzard, Wendell Sylvester, Edward Gibson, Shaun Ganness and Ruddy Felix had filed a motion claiming that the DPP acted against the Coroners Act which mandates that an inquest must be held for persons who died in a public place, such as a prison. But Nelson says he believes its the first time the act has taken precedence over criminal proceedings.

The officers were accused of beating Oscar Bartholomew, 39, into a fatal coma on Boxing Day, 2011 while he was in a cell in the rural village of St. Davids. He later died at the General Hospital. Relatives said he had been arrested after he hugged a plainclothes policewoman whom he had mistaken for a friend and she yelled, Rape. Bartholomew lived in Toronto but was in Grenada to visit family with his wife of 10 years, Dolette Cyr. A post mortem carried out by the State as well as an independent pathologist hired by the family Attorney Derrick Sylvester, who represents the family of the dead man, described the ruling as a short term victory.

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March 20, 2013



Vincy PM Wants Reparations Group Established

KINGSTOWN, St Vincent, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves is calling on Caribbean countries to establish a regional reparations committee, pledging to spend the rest of his life seeking compensation from the British for land, genocide against the Garifuna, and slavery. Prime Minister Gonsalves said Cabinet will soon name its reparations committee Gonsalves, who turns 67 in August, noted that the average lifespan of a Vincentian male is 74 years. Gonsalves reaffirmed the position of his government as stated at the United Nations and other for a that it is making a case and a claim for reparation from the British. He noted that in the 18th Century the British took 90,000 acres of land from the Garifuna, the original inhabitants of St. Vincent. He noted that at Emancipation the British gave slave owners in the British Caribbean

20 million pounds One British Pound =US$1.38 cents). Prime Minister Gonsalves said a recent study by a British scholar concluded that 20 million pounds then is about 16.58 billion pounds now. Last month, Principal of the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Sir Hilary Beckles, called on Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries to begin efforts aimed at seeking some form of reparation from Western countries for slavery. Speaking at the first of a series of lectures to commemorate the 250th Anniversary of the 1763 Berbice Slave Revolt, Sir Hilary said an ongoing discussion was needed to address the issue and called for an informed and sensible conversation on what has been described as the, Worst Crime against humanity.

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March 20, 2013

Nigel Hughes Hospitalized After Heart Attack

GEORGETOWN, AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes, 49, will require heart bypass surgery and arrangements are being made to fly him to a hospital in the Caribbean. Family sources say the decision was taken following angiography which showed severe blockage of an artery. Sources say his condition has been investigated at the CHI and blockage was detected in a key artery. The plan had been to insert a stent into the artery to open it up but sources say that this is no longer under consideration as the blockage of that particular artery may be as much as 75%. Hughes was admitted to the Caribbean Heart Institute, around 7:30 am on March 17 having suffered a heart attack the previous evening during a visit on to South Rupununi. Hughes, said to be in his 50s, appeared alert as he was being wheeled out of an ambulance to the CHI which is housed in the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) complex. He was accompanied in the ambulance by his wife, Cathy Hughes.

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Guyanese Becomes A USAF Female Fighter Pilot

Shawna Kimbrell, who was born in Lafayette, Indiana on April 20 to Guyanese parents, has become the first ever African-American female fighter pilot in the US Air Forces history. Kimbrell currently holds the rank of Major. Shawna initially wanted to be an astronaut, but decided it would be more fun to fly a fighter jet. She knew she had what it took and following graduating from the Air Force Academy in 1998, she went on to complete intense pilot training receiving her pilot wings in August, 1999 at Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas. She then completed Fighter Fundamental training and graduated from F-16 training at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. From that point, she literally soared, with her first operational assignment in Misawa, Japan. Between 2001 and 2003, she was deployed to Turkey and Saudi Arabia for Operation Northern and Southern Watch. Her flights in Northern Watch marked her as the first female pilot to fly combat missions for Misawas 35th Fighter Wing, and the first African-American woman to employ ordinance in combat. While serving in the 8th Operations Support Squadron in Korea, she flew with the 80th Fighter Squadron, Juvats. Shawna also served for three years as the A-Flight Commander, 1st Brigade Air Liaison Officer, and as 2nd Brigade Air Liaison Officer in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

A team of doctors including a number of other heart specialists were on standby to receive Hughes. His arrival at the hospital was delayed for over four hours because the vehicle that was bringing him out of Marudi Mountain developed mechanical problems, according to sources. Eventually, another vehicle collected and took him to Aishalton Hospital where he was stabilized. The Roraima Airways flight departed Aishalton around 5 AM. Those aboard included a heart specialist, a nurse and two Guyana Defence Force soldiers. Hughes had gone to Lethem, Aishalton and Marudi to meet with residents, including gold miners who the police and Guyana Geology and Mines Commission had two weeks ago sought to evict from a concession granted to the Canadian company, Romanex.

Guyanese Appointed
A leading Guyanese-born academician has been promoted to a top position at a major university in the United States. Dr. Leon C. Wilson, formerly the dean of Alabama State University (ASU) College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, has been promoted to ASUs interim provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, according to ASUs president, Dr. William H. Harris. Wilson had served as dean of ASUs College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences since 2011. Founded in 1867, ASU is a historically black university located in Montgomery, Ala. Wilson, who was born in West Coast Berbice, Guyana, told the media that any career elevation of any sort is never a singular effort. In making the announcement, Dr. Harris also praised the work of interim associate provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, Dr. Sharron Herron-Williams, who has helped to provide administrative leadership and support to the mission of the provosts office for several months. Dr. Wilson received his Master of Arts (M.A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) in sociology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 1986 and 1989, respectively. He also holds an M.A. in religion and counseling from Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Mich., and a Bachelor of Theology from Caribbean Union College (now University of the Southern Caribbean), Trinidad.

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Bajan Company Growing Rice In Guyana

March 20, 2013



Agri Funding To Be Provided

GEORGETOWN, A Barbados company is pushing ahead with a mega farm in Region Nine which will have rice as its centre piece. The Government Information Agency last night said that along with the cultivated areas, Santa Fe has almost completed a state-of-the-art rice mill with huge silos which will be used to store the paddy harvested from the large fields. GINA said that the project operated by the Simpson family of Barbados will be expanding the current cultivation by an additional 980 acres by the end of June this year. This will make it a total of 1000 acres of upland rice being cultivated with the zero tillage technology/method. Thus far 120 acres of rice are under cultivation. Recently, Minister of Agriculture, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, Minister in the Ministry Alli Baksh and a team from the Ministry visited Region 9 (Upper Takutu/Upper Essequibo) where they interacted with the Blue Wave investors and staff. GINA said that the project is being managed and supervised by Guyanese Richard Vasconcellos. The venture is being undertaken through a combination of local and international expertise, GINA said. Of the 60 employees on the site, 57 are Guyanese from Region 9 and the remainder are Brazilian consultants. Ramsammy thanked the Simpson Family from Barbados for responding to Guyanas call for agricultural investment. He noted that the project is intended to be extended and will see not only the cultivation of rice, but soya beans, rearing of cattle, sheep, aquaculture and pigs in the future. GINA said that the Santa Fe Project which is taking an Integrated Mega Farm approach is expected to utilise the savannahs for soya beans, as well as corn cultivation. This will help the Caribbean reduce its total import of these essential foods from North America and other Regions and allow for trading and expanded markets within the Region. It is also cultivating cassava, watermelons, passion fruit and other cash crops as well as some other perennials. GEORGETOWN, The European Union is providing Euro 8.6 million (One Euro =US$1.30 cents) to boost agriculture in the Caribbean. The funds are being provided under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) Intra-African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Agriculture Policy Programme for the Caribbean between the European Commission and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA). The agreement was signed by Guyana President Donald Ramotar, who has lead responsibility for agriculture within the quasi-Caribbean Community (CARICOM) cabinet, the Delegate of the European Union (EU) to Guyana, Ambassador Robert Kopecky, Coordinator of IICAs Regional Integration for the Caribbean Region, Gregg Rawlins and CARICOM Secretary General Irwin LaRocque. IICA is the principal implementing agency of the Programme on behalf of the Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM), with the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) and the CARICOM Secretariat as implementing partners. LaRocque said the implementation

of the programme comes at a time of significant challenges for the Caribbean in general, and the 16 states of CARIFORUM in particular. He said the essence of the programmes interventions is informed by the results of a series of consultations with the key players in the agricultural sector in CARIFORUM including the Caribbean Farmers Network (CAFAN); the Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers (CANROP); Caribbean Agriculture Business Association (CABA) and the Caribbean Forum for Youth in Agriculture (CAFY). The four year programme is specifically planned to further strengthen policy regimes and incentive schemes for agricultural smallholders across the region that form the bulk of producers. It would also improve food security by increasing production and productivity of selected commercially and nutritionally valuable agricultural produce. A CARICOM Secretariat statement said that in the execution of the programme, there is a specific bias to women and youth as these groups have been identified as important to the sustainability of the sector.

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March 20, 2013

Jamaica Yard

Declining Tourism A Growing Concern

KINGSTON, Opposition Spokesman on Tourism, Mr. Edmund Bartlett, is raising concerns about the declining tourist arrivals from some of Jamaicas key markets. Hes calling for a strategic plan for the recovery of arrivals and earnings lost from the tourism product. Mr. Bartlett says the decline in arrivals from Canada of 14 percent; United Kingdom of 12 percent and flat growth of 0.3 percent from the United States is troubling, particularly when there has been no pick up in the winter season, which is Jamaicas most important period. It is alarming that over the last quarter we have seen such significant declines from our key markets and yet we have heard nothing from the Minister of Tourism on what is the strategy to stop this decline. The United States is our main Market. Mr. Bartlett says. Hes concerned that the hard-fought gains made in the growth of tourism over the last few years are being lost and more money will have to be spent to recover what is clearly a slump. While I was in office we increased the intake from the Tourism Enhancement Fund for the said purpose of increasing the marketing power of the brand. I would like the minister to explain to the nation what strategies are being put in place to combat the decline, Mr. Bartlett recalls. He says this situation is interesting, especially when there has been credible growth in many other markets in the Caribbean. He notes that, Cuba is seeing significant growth move to 17 percent for 2012, and Cayman and Guyana also showed double digit growth last year. Not only that, but violence-plagued Cancun has seen a 13 percent growth. Yet we here in Jamaican are seeing a decline, which is not typical of our tourism market. Clearly there is a leadership crisis in tourism. The Opposition Spokesman says the tourism dollar is extremely important to the Jamaican Economy and the decline in tourism arrivals and earnings is having a negative impact on the stability of the Jamaican Dollar. Bartlett says he wants a full disclosure from the portfolio Minister to allay fears within the industry as, based on his information, enough is not being done.

Illegal Taxis Targeted

KINGSTON, More than 10,000 illegal taxi and bus operators across the island are the targets of a huge dragnet being cast by the police, insurance companies and potentially, the countrys tax authorities acting together over the next few weeks. The joint operation, to be led by the Police Traffic Department, could see scores of motorists losing their insurance coverage and their licences. And, if things go according to plan, they could be forced to pay over hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax arrears, as well as face prosecution and jail time for failing to properly register their vehicles and running them illegally as taxis. Head of the Police Traffic Division Senior Superintendent Radcliffe Lewis said police officials had met with the Insurance Association of Jamaica (IAJ) on March 11 to chart a new course of

action. They came up with a plan, the first phase of which will target motorists operating their vehicles without proper PPV licences. Lewis said the aim was to get the IAJ to block these operators when they attempt to renew their insurance policies. The hard-nosed senior policeman said his department had already started to search the database at the traffic headquarters to compile a list of the motorists who would be targeted. Orville Johnson, executive director of the IAJ, said recently that his organisation was ready and waiting to work with the police and were awaiting this list of illegal operators. He said that once the IAJ was provided with evidence and the names of persons who were engaged in the illegal activities, the association would not hesitate to block the renewal of insurance policies by the rogue operators.

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March 20, 2013



Guests Evacuated Aid For Financially During Troubled Companies Wyndham Fire
KINGSTON, An early morning fire at the Wyndham Hotel in the business district of New Kingston on March 14 led to the evacuation of scores of guests staying in the 300 room hotel. There were no reports of injury, however several guests and employees were exposed to the heavy blanket of smoke that covered the ground floor of the building. Jeff Lesker, General Manager of the Wyndham Kingston told reporters that the fire was contained to the kitchen area and all guests had been evacuated from the main building. KINGSTON, The Jamaica government says it will make available more than US$850 million to financial institutions that participated in the recently concluded National Debt Exchange Programme (NDX), if they encounter temporary financial difficulties. Information Minister Sandrea Falconer told a March 13 news conference that the money, being provided by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is being made available through the Financial Systems Support Fund. She said Cabinet had given the go ahead for the Fund to begin operations and that the Portia Simpson-Miller administration would be pumping an additional US$10,000 into the Fund which support general financial systems stability in light of the National Debt Exchange. The Financial Systems Support Fund was established in 2010, following the initiation of the first Debt Exchange Programme (JDX), to provide funding to eligible financial institutions regulated by the Bank of Jamaica and the Financial Services Commission. But Falconer told reporters that the company was not put into operation as there was no call for its resources following the JDX. She said the Financial Systems Support Fund will be administered by the Bank of Jamaica. In February, the Portia Simpson Miller administration announced the introduction of Jamaicas second debt exchange offer, as a prerequisite to the signing of a deal with the IMF. The NDX is aimed at reducing the countrys stock by $17 billion (One Jamaica dollar =US$0.01 cents) by 2020. Last month, the IMF said it had reached a staff-level agreement with Jamaica on the key elements of an economic programme that can be supported by US$750 million four year arrangement under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF).

Mother Of Slain Youth Appeals For Protests To End

NEW YORK, The Jamaican-born mother of a 16-year-old youth, who was shot and killed by police, is appealing for an end to the violent protests in the predominantly Caribbean district of East Flatbush, Brooklyn. I dont condone any riots, any looting, any shooting, anything against any police officers, said Carol Gray, whose son, Kimani Kiki Gray was killed on the night of March 9. Police claimed that Kimani, whose father is Guyanese, had pointed a gun at two plain clothes officers. Gray denied reports that Kimani was a member of the Bloods street gang, adding, however, that he wasnt everybodys angel. Police said that nearly 50 people were arrested as fights between law enforcement officials and angry youth

He said all the guests had been accounted for and were relocated to nearby hotels. An assessment was to be carried out later to determine how the fire will affect operations at the hotel.

erupted for the third consecutive night over Kimanis killing. Police said they had struggled to control an irate crowd that broke away from a planned peaceful vigil after attendees learned that Kimani was shot in the back. Protesters hurled bricks, bottles and garbage at cops in the furious clash on Wednesday night, police said. Cops said Kimanis sister, Mahnefeh, were among those arrested along Church Avenue in East Flatbush in the heart of the Caribbean community here. New York Police Department (NYPD) spokesman Paul Browne said a policeman suffered a cut in the face after hit by a brick and that a window of a police inspectors car was smashed in the melee.

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March 20, 2013

Max Bows Out

PORT-OF-SPAIN, On Sunday March 17, President George Maxwell Richards spent his last full-day as Head of State by attending a Farewell Parade by the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF) outside Knowsley, Queens Park Savannah. The following evening, President- elect Anthony Carmona took over as the nations fifth President in a swearing-in ceremony at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain. The 45-minute affair began with members of the Regiment, Coast Guard, Air Guard and Reserve standing on parade, to await Richards. His presidential car was escorted to the venue by about 14 horsemen of the Police Service Mounted Branch whose steeds trotted as the officers held lances with pennants fluttering gaily in the soft Savannah breeze. Richards and his wife, Dr Jean Ramjohn-Richards, were welcomed by a steady drum-beat, and a fanfare from trumpeters in the Regimental Band. The National Anthem played. He was invited to inspect the servicemen and women. This formality was accompanied by the introspective song by the late Garfield Ras Shorty I Blackman, Who God Bless No Man Curse. Defence Force chaplain, Rev Canon

Trinbago News

Major John Rohim, gave the invocation. Under the blue sky and the gold of the evening sun, Richards was serenaded with the song Going Home, played by saxophonist, Staff Sergeant Bishop, of the Regimental Band. Then came gift presentations. Major Mc Clean presented flowers to Ramjohn-Richards. Maharaj presented Richards with a decorative horse and a framed montage of photos of Richards and the TTDF. As the TTDF members offered a presidential salute, the Regimental Band played a sad song of farewell as its Sunset Ceremony. Richards made a last inspection of the guard of honour, bowing thrice at the grouping of TTDF standards or colours. He went to his car, shook hands with Maharaj, and was driven off westwards escorted by his initial guard of mounted police officers. A small aircraft from the Air Guard deftly flew over, followed by two noisy helicopters. The cohort bearing the TTDF colours followed in Richards wake, followed by the Regiment Band, and then the whole TTDF Parade, all as the band played Bunji Garlins hit, Differentology, whose lyrics say, We ready for the road.

Twin Islands Failing In War Against Drugs

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Insufficient support from the political leadership of Trinidad and Tobago has caused the fight against narcotics in this country to be more challenging, the United States Department of States 2013 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report has stated. The report was also critical of several other Caribbean countries, particularly Jamaica and Guyana in their war on drug trafficking. The entities and individuals working to combat narcotics in Trinidad and Tobago face considerable challenges and insufficient support from political leadership, the report stated in its conclusion for this countrys review. Additional reforms are necessary to expedite case prosecution, revise outdated laws, and establish an evidence-based criminal justice system as fundamental prerequisites for raising conviction rates and deterring traffickers, it stated. The US Department of State noted that beside the lack of support by the political heads there are also con-

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cerns that there is insufficient interagency co-operation and information sharing. This country was described as having porous borders with direct transportation routes to Europe, West Africa, Canada and the United States making it an ideal location for cocaine and marijuana transshipment. Law enforcement entities in this country seized 146.3 kilogrammes of cocaine and 2.26 metric tonnes of marijuana last year and made five major seizures at seaports during the year, the report stated. The US Department of State reported that narcotics prosecutions, convictions and extraditions were low in relation to the scale of drug trafficking in this country. The report stated that the Government did not encourage nor facilitate the production and distribution of drugs. The US Department of State, however, called on the government take concrete steps to address the countrys narcotics control efforts.

No To Saggy Pants Soldiers Given Green Light For Increased Powers

PORT-OF-SPAIN, National Security Minister Jack Warner says the Emperor Valley Zoo in Port-of-Spain did the right thing when its management team decided to deny entry to men inappropriately dressed in sagging trousers that expose their jockey shorts or other choice of underwear. The zoo has my full support, Warner declared. In fact, any institution, public or private, which chooses to institute a similar ban would also have my support because many times the guys who wear their pants that way are involved in deviant behaviour. Warners views came after Newsdays front page story in its March 18 edition headlined Zoo bans saggy pants, in which President of the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago, Gupte Lutchmedial, explained PORT-OF-SPAIN, Legislators voted strictly along party lines on March 16 as the Parliament gave the green light to the coalition Peoples Partnership governments crime fighting strategy allowing soldiers to have powers once the sole preserve of police officers. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar insisted that the Defence (Amendment) Bill 2013 does not violate the Trinidad and Tobago Constitution despite the opposition contention that the legislation represents the first step in the institutionalisation of the involvement of the military in matters of civilian government. Legislators voted by a margin of 2911 to support the measure, with the only person not casting a vote being former prime minister Patrick Manning, who has not been to parliament since January last year while he recovers from a stroke that has left him partly paralysed. The Persad-Bissessar government said that the new legislation forms part of a string of legal measures it intends to bring to the parliament - including a bill to deny bail to people accused of bloody crimes - as it deals with the upsurge in murders in the oil rich twin island republic. Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar told legislators that the government had received legal advice from former independent legislator Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal and prominent Guya-

March 20, 2013



PORT-OF-SPAIN, A 16-year-old secondary school student was stabbed to death during an argument over a Blackberry cellular phone, his relatives said. Relatives told local reporters that Lester Richards, a Form 3 student at the Gasparillo Composite School, south of here, was on his way to buy bread on March 17 when he was accosted by a man, who the day earlier had stolen his

16 Year Old Killed Over Cell Phone Row

the ban was implemented after the zoo received numerous complaints from senior citizens and families about their discomfort in the presence of young men who sported low-slung pants that exposed their underwear.

phone. Reports said that the man stopped the vehicle in which Richards was a passenger and cut the teenager on his neck with a knife. The two got into an argument and Richards was stabbed once to his chest. Couva police said the unidentified man remains at large. Richards killing brings to 92, the number of people murdered here so far this year.


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nese born jurist, Sir Fenton Ramsahoye that the legislation to give soldiers police powers is not in violation of the Constitution. Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar said that the police powers to soldiers stop when they detain anyone or seize something, and at that point would hand the person or the item to the accompanying police officer or at the nearest police station. She said soldiers would not interrogate, lay charges or go to court to prosecute individuals, neither would they be able to carry out criminal investigations. But the opposition described the legislation as a half-picked duck that is unworkable and represents the institutionalisation of the involvement of the military in matters of civilian government. If we start this trend, we would start breeding a culture of military involvement in the day-to-day affairs of this country. This is not what the country voted for, said Opposition Chief Whip Marlene McDonald.




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March 20, 2013

ets say you own a retail business and someone comes into your store one day and steals something and flees. Assume further that the thief has the nerve to return a short while later and attempts to steal from you again. If you were to chase him down , catch him, tie him up and call the police, you would be deserving of some sort of medal or award, right? After all you captured a thief and ensured he would be dealt with by the law. Unfortunately such was not the case for David Chen, the owner of the Lucky Moose Food Mart on Dundas Street in Toronto. You may recall this case as it was reported by all the news media. In May 2009, Mr. Chen apprehended Anthony Bennett for stealing from his store. Bennett pleaded guilty to theft and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. The facts are interesting because Bennett stole from the store and returned the same day. He was chased and caught by Mr. Chen and two of his employees. Mr. Chen tied up Bennett and placed him in a delivery van and called the police. The Toronto Police arrived and took Bennett into custody. Mr Chen did not receive any medals or commendations. Instead he was charged under the Criminal Code with forcible confinement and assault. According to the law at the time, May 2009, a property owner could only make a citizen arrest if the criminal was caught in the act. In Mr. Chens case the authorities felt the arrest was improper for the following reasons: 1. Bennett had committed the theft sometime before and later returned to the store.

2. Mr. Chen and his employees chased Mr. Bennett and then apprehended him. Selwyn R. The crux of the Chen case was essentially that Bennett was not caught red handed. The charges against Mr. Chen seem to fly in the face of common sense. After all one would assume that one has a right to protect yourself and your property. On the other hand the Toronto Police, by laying the charges against Chen, may have been trying to send a message to individuals to discourage chasing and apprehending criminals by civilians. Mr. Chen was tried and found not guilty in October 2010. Perhaps one of the most positive outcomes of the Chen case is that our legislature was compelled to take a closer look at the laws with respect to Citizens Arrest. The final outcome is Bill C-26 the Citizen Arrest and SelfDefence Act. This new Act surfaced on March 11, 2013. According to this new legislation an individual is allowed to make a citizens arrest within a reasonable time after witnessing a crime. Of course what exactly is a reasonable time is something that might have to be determined according to the circumstances in each individual case. In my opinion this new legislation is welcomed, especially if it would prevent people like Mr. Chen who defend their property by taking action without being subjected to criminal charges.


The foregoing is intended for information purposes only and you should consult a lawyer if you need legal representation or a legal opinion. Selwyn R. Baboolal is a partner at Oumarally Baboolal practicing in the area of litigation for the past 18 years.

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Belly Bustas Take 3 Wife Radar

A man approached a very beautiful woman in a large supermarket and asked, You know, Ive lost my wife here in the supermarket. Can you talk to me for a couple of

March 20, 2013



minutes? Why? Because every time I talk to a beautiful woman my wife appears out of nowhere.

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Lie Detector
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According To Daddy
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Trini Referees For Sports Beat Roberts Confident Of Dallas Cup Trinidad Hosting US Swim Team
Minister of Sport Anil Roberts is confident that Trinidad and Tobago will be successful in their bid to host the US Olympic swim team ahead of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games at the under construction George Bovell National Aquatic Centre. The Minister was among the officials touring the facility, currently under construction in Couva, on March 14. The site was one of several stops by officials of USA Swimming. The team comprised Candi MacConaugha, national team director Frank Busch, national team managing director and Lindsay Mintenko, who visited Trinidad and Tobago to gauge its suitability to host the US Olympic swim team ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Roberts feels T&T is capable of meeting all the teams requirements, and was happy with the US officials positive responses. He also said apart from the economic benefits to be gained by having an 80-strong US squad coming to T&T for one week, the fact that the number one swimming team in the world would choose this country as its location for its final training camp before the prestigious games would be an endorsement of the George Bovell Aquatic Trinidad and Tobago FIFA referees Joel Davidson and Rodphin Harris, along with assistant referee Caleb Wales have earned appointments for the 2013 Dr Pepper Dallas Cup which takes place in Dallas, Texas from March 24-31. The Dallas Cup has been around for the past three decades and is one of the most celebrated youth tournaments, even attracting top clubs out of giant footballing nations like Spain, Brazil, England, Germany and Argentina. T&T have been represented at the Dallas Cup in the past by clubs such as Alcons, St Anns Rangers and SKHY FC who participated in the invitational tournament which attracts the youth



March 20, 2013

Centre and by extension this country as a preferred venue for elite sport and training activities. The Aquatic Centre is to be completed by September 2014 and will boast of state-of-the-art training and competition spaces for swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming. The Centre is expected to achieve several objectives in the development of high performance sport including provision of top class training facilities for local and regional athletes, as well as the creation of a sport-related income generator through hosting of competitions and the spin-off of domestic, regional and international sport tourism. T&T, as the only English-speaking territory being considered for this venture, expects to learn by the end of March whether USA Swimming will take up the offer to make this country their base camp before they head off to Rio.

teams of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal and others. Over 180 teams from 13 countries, forming various age groups, will participate in the 2013 edition and for the first time, FIFA is co-sponsoring the referee events surrounding the tournament which is earmarked for talented young referees and assistant referees. Dion Neil, a FIFA assistant referee for the past six years, said the Dallas Cup represented a big opportunity for the trio of T&T officials.

The winners of the 2013 Laureus World Sports Awards were unveiled at a globally televised March 11 Awards Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bolt was acclaimed Laureus World Sportsman of the Year after his remarkable performance at the Olympics when he repeated his success in Beijing by winning gold medals in all three sprint events in London 100 metres, 200 metres and 4 x 100 metres relay. Bolt was not there in person to receive the award at Rios Theatro Municipal but appeared via a hologram. British heptathlete Jessica Ennis won

Bolt Named Laureus Sportsman Of The Year

the female equivalent for which Bolts countrywoman, double Olympic 100m champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce was nominated.


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March 20, 2013



Windies, Zimbabwe Get ICC Funding

The WICB and Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) have been given a financial boost by signing an agreement with the ICC under the Targeted Assistance and Performance Programme (TAPP), which is aimed at developing more competitive teams in international cricket. Under this programme, the WICB will be awarded US$3 million and Zimbabwe Cricket US$1.5 million over the next three years. The funding will aim to provide enhanced support to the current elite West Indian players and future generations. For Zimbabwe, on the other hand, the amount would be used to support an expansive schedule of their A team and identify and support future international players. Wilfred Mukondiwa, the ZC managing director, said the funding would help them become more competitive at international level. David Richardson, ICC chief executive, said he was eager to see the impact of the funding on the two teams. It is very important to the long-term prosperity of international cricket that we have competitive teams at the highest level and both the West Indies and Zimbabwe have been very clear in identifying the factors that will support improved performance, Richardson said. The TAPP agreements provide an opportunity for both Members to increase their investment in high performance and we look forward to witnessing the impact of these programmes. The agreements with the two boards were similar to the ones signed by the ICC with Ireland, Netherlands and Scotland.

Hall and Griffith Honoured

Rev Sir Wesley Hall and Charles Griffith formed one of the famed lethal, opening bowling partnership for the West Indies in the 60s and on March 14 the Cricket Legends of Barbados honoured these two great fast bowlers at a Museum exhibition. The museum exhibition is aptly titled Pace Like Fire. The Hon. Richard Sealy, M.P., Minister of Tourism and International Transport, official opened the exhibition which featured photos, some history on the two players, and a recording of a commentator on a game which would be played in a corner through a preserved radio fusion speaker. There was also clothes each player would have worn at different stages of their career among other things. The fast bowlers of the West Indies have been said to hunt in packs and this was the case with Sir Wes and Griffith and the legendary fast bowlers

have been remembered for their love of the game and not only for their role on the field, but off as well. Griffith, who started as wicket-keeper before moving to spin and, in his late teenage years, fast bowling, sent down a delivery which rose quickly and awkwardly and cracked Indian batsman Nari Contractors skull, prematurely ending Contractors international career. Griffith feared for his toecrunching yorkers as well, went on the coach Barbados among other things. Sir Wes is said to have had one of the longest run up in the history of the game and bowled one of the long spells unchanged as well, which he reminded the large audience gathered during one of his memorable speeches filled with highfalutin words which always brings a smile to the captivated audience. The two legends gave a snapshot of their careers before heading off to open the exhibition.

Ponting Signs AS CPLs First International Player

Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting has announced his participation in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), becoming the first international player to be involved in the newly formed T20 league. The CPL is scheduled to begin July 29, and will run till August 26. It will involve six franchise countries: Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago. So far there are six confirmed West Indian players for the tournament: Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo, Sunil Narine, and West Indies captain Darren Sammy. As of now, no decision has been made as to which franchise Ponting will be associated with. This is now Pontings fourth international T20 team, as he is already a part of the Mumbai Indians in the IPL, Hobart Hurricanes in the Big Bash League, and Surrey in English county cricket. The CPL will contract a total of 90 players, with each franchise team selecting 15 players. Just like the IPL, there are quotas regarding players playing under a certain age, and how many international players a team can field at one time. Each team can field a maximum of four international players, and must have at least four players under the age of 23, with the rest of the squad comprising of local regional players. The West Indies has always been one of my favourite cricket destinations, Ponting said. The mix of entertainment and cricket is the perfect recipe for West Indian cricket fans, as well as the rest of the world. The format and concept is fantastic, and I am sure it will be a huge success right from the start.



March 20, 2013