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The Youth Development Center is a FREE service provided for members who have a Family Membership. All children must be on a Family Membership to utilize the Youth Development Center. Ages: 6 weeks5 years old. Hours:
MondayFriday: 8:00am -12:00pm MondayThursday: 4:00pm - 8:00pm Saturday: 8:00am- 12:00pm

Here at the Y we are for Youth Development: Nurturing the potential of every child and teen. Our Youth Development Center provides a safe, nurturing environment for children to learn, grow, and develop social skills. Our goal is to provide all children with developmental experiences, through a varied curriculum during their time in the Youth Development Center to allow them to grow and thrive!
The Youth Development Center provides enriching activities that help my children enjoy their lives, gives me quiet time and exercise, which helps me enjoy my life. When we all return to each other, we are better able to experience life together! -Sarah I can honestly say that the Youth Development Center has been a live-saver! For him, its a time to socialize, play, and learn from other children and adults. For me, its time to get a mental break from the challenges of parenting, while getting a good workout! -Corey

Ages: 6 12 years old. Hours:

MondayThursday 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Due to licensing regulations, there is a two-hour limit per day per child. Parents are to remain in the building at all times. The Youth Development Center is offered on a first come, first serve basis. Lets Play! Children should wear shoes and clothes conducive to activities and movement! A curriculum is planned out with activities such as music, physical activity, arts and crafts, free play, and story time.


Youth Development Center (formerly Child Watch) HENDERSONVILLE FAMILY YMCA

Hendersonville Family YMCA 810 6th Ave. West Hendersonville, NC 28739 P. 828 692 5774 F. 828 693 7773



We do allow mothers to breast feed in the Youth Development Center; however, it is expected they utilize our designated Nursing Mothers Area when breastfeeding. If a mother is nursing her child and she has additional children still at the Youth Development Center, the same rules apply: - 2 hour time limit for children - Age limits enforced (i.e. older children are not allowed) Non-members or members who are on a tour are expected to nurse in designated nursing areas- the Family Locker Rooms and The Nursing Mothers Area in the Youth Development Center is reserved for members.

Label all personal items (i.e. diaper bags, bottles, cups, etc.) with the childs name. Please utilize pacifier pals if bringing in a pacifier. Please provide diapers and wipes for your child. If your child wears cloth diapers, please bring a plastic bag for dirty diapers. You may bring baby bottles or cups with spill proof lids. We have two snack times each shift. Please provide a nutritious snack, and please remember we do not allow eggs or peanuts due to allergies. Please do not bring toys from home. Staff are not permitted to administer medication; therefore, medicine is not allowed in the Youth Development Center areas. A parent must complete a Youth Development Center registration card for each child. Only the adults listed on the card can drop off or pick up the child. This card will be kept on file. Your drivers license or YMCA membership card will allow you to check-in. Please sign-in and sign-out using the daily sign in/out sheet. As a courtesy to others, please wait in line until the person ahead of you has checked in or out. Please make sure that your child has been to the bathroom or changed before arriving.


Please let us know of any special needs that your child may have. Please provide a change of clothing for younger children or those who are potty training. If no change of clothing is provided, and there is an accident, the parent will be asked to come and get the child. Staff are permitted to change diapers for children under two years old. Continual crying may be an indication that special care or attention is needed from the parent. If a child cannot be soothed within 10 minutes, the parent will be contacted. No biting, scratching, fighting, spitting or intentionally destructive behavior will be allowed. If a childs behavior becomes out of control, we will notify the parent immediately. First incident of biting will result in a one week suspension from the Youth Development Center. Subsequent incidents will result in a one month suspension. If a child displays inappropriate behavior three times, he/she will be suspended from the Youth Development Center for one month. -If a child has a history of behavior problems, we do have the right to refuse him/her into the program.

Please help us keep our children healthy!
We ask that you help us protect the health and well-being of all of our children by waiting until your child is free of the following symptoms for 24 hours before attending: Runny Nose Coughing Fever Diarrhea Vomiting Unidentified Rash Ear Infection Bad Cold Any other contagious illnesses or items we deem a threat to other children.

Thank you for helping us provide a safe and healthy atmosphere for your child!