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CPNPC -- NPC generator for Cyberpunk 2020 Version 1.0, September 1991 Original version Version 1.

1, January 1992 Added Thug and Fixer roles, added more weapons and cyberware, added chance of NPC being on drugs, cleaned up source code for consistency The file you are now reading is cpnpc.doc and should be accompanied by the files cpnpc.c, cpnpc.h, and cpnpc.exe. Overview: -------CPNPC is a program to automatically generate basic NPC's for R. Talsorian's "Cyberpunk 2020" role playing game. The method of generation is taken mainly from the "Fast and Dirty Expendables" section in the second edition rules. The executable file is for MSDOS 5.0 and has not been tested with any other versions. It has been compressed using LZEXE to reduce its size but should run without difficulty. What This Program Does: ---- ---- ------- ---In keeping with the "Fast and Dirty" nature of this, the program doesn't have a great deal of logic built, but it does its job well--quickly making NPC outlines to be used as a referee aid. Print out a batch of these and next time your players say, "Hey, maybe it'd be fun to start a bar fight," you can whip out a list of pre-generated goons to play target practice with. This program generates ability scores (Stats), appropriate skills, cyberware, armor, weapons, and possibly an assortment of drugs for each of the basic character Roles listed in the rules as well as some other types. It prints this information in a somewhat compact, useful form, including armor values by location and wound boxes. What This Program Doesn't Do: ---- ---- ------- ------- -Little attempt has been made to put extra common sense in the program. Cyberware items are generated randomly and can be duplicated, contrary to the rules. This program doesn't do any of the extra fleshing out necessary for detailed NPC's. There are other programs around which do lifepath generation. Besides, nobody cares what childhood environment a random street person or alley thug grew up in. How To Use This Program: --- -- --- ---- ------The use of CPNPC is easy and straightforward. It's not interactive, but is all driven from the command line. Typing CPNPC at the command prompt without any extra

parameters will cause this message to be printed out: CPNPC 1.1--Cyberpunk 2020 NPC Generator--Todd Bradley--January 1992 Usage: cpnpc role num [role num] where role is s Solo -- combat jockey o Nomad -- road warrior r Rocker -- charismatic leader n Netrunner -- computer hacker c Corporate -- business raider t Techie -- cybernerd d Medtechie -- doctor or medic m Media -- newsperson p Cop -- ultramodern police officer x Fixer -- underworld businessperson h Thug -- common violent citizen and num is how many of that type of character you want For example: 'cpnpc s8 n10' to make 8 Solos and 10 Netrunners See the documentation for full credits and copyright notice. That seems pretty much self-explanatory. The role called "Thug" is much like a Solo but isn't as likely to have assault rifles or MetalGear. This makes a more reasonable NPC for bar brawls or casual meetings on the street. Copyright and Source Code Concerns: --------- --- ------ ---- -------I wrote this program pretty much in a single sitting and I'm by no means fluent in C, being a Fortran programmer by trade. One look at the source code should be proof of this. Because of this, I encourage you to modify the program for your own uses and to fix bugs or add new features. It would also be nice if you'd send me a copy of your modifications. If I like them, they don't significantly alter the underlying principles of the program, and you give permission, I will include them into the next release of the program and give you credit. This program (the executable and source code files) is the property of me, Todd Bradley. The underlying principles of the game and the NPC generation method fall under the copyright of R. Talsorian Games, Inc. You may modify this program in any way and redistribute it by any method as long as credit is given to the appropriate authors. You may not charge a fee for this program or any future derivatives of it. The program was written in Borland C++ 2.0, although there is no object orientation to the program. I don't think the code is either completely ANSI or Kernighan and Ritchie standard. However, I have tried to avoid using Borland or DOS-specific functions so that the code can be ported easily. I have been able to get it to build and run without modifications using Borland C++ 2.0, VAXC (VMS), RISC ULTRIX C, GNU C for UNIX, and GNU C for DOS, so it seems to be pretty transportable. If you build it using another compiler, let me know and I'll

add it to this list. "Cyberpunk is R.Talsorian's Trademark name for it's [sic] Adventure game of the dark future." Other Cyberpunk Referee Aids: ----- --------- ------- ---In addition to the NPC generator, I also have a program called CPFF, which uses the Cyberpunk 2020 Fast Fortress Construction System to generate random datafortresses, including net maps. That program also comes with the Quickbasic source code. I also have a short adventure written up in Microsoft Windows format, including some props, diagrams, and maps. It is called "Live To Tell" and is mostly combat oriented--the perfect thing to keep a few Solos busy for the weekend. Both "Live To Tell" and CPFF are available for free just for asking. Todd Bradley (303) 443-6317