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Question Bank

Question Bank
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Question Bank

1 11 1 Respond to each o the oIIowinq situations Respond to each o the oIIowinq situations Respond to each o the oIIowinq situations Respond to each o the oIIowinq situations
1. Someone says that space exploration is too expensive. You agree.
2. Someone says that computers are a bad thing. You do not have the
same opinion.
3. One of your friends says he thinks walking in space would be very
frightening. You think he's right.
4. You hear someone say that all astronauts are very rich. You know
this is not true.
1. Your friend has joined a reading group. You want to know the
number of people in the group.
2. Someone tells you that Anthony Hope wrote The Prisoner of Zenda
in three months. You are very surprised by this.
3. You are told that Anthony Hope paid for the publication of his first
novel himself. Express how you feel about this.
4. Someone tells you that Anthony Hope wrote 37 works of fiction
altogether. You are interested but not surprised by this.
1. You are doing a survey about energy use in your town. You would
like to ask someone some questions. Explain the situation.
2. You want to know about a friend's energy-saving habits. What do
you ask?
3. You hear someone use a word you do not understand. The word is
hydroelectric. What do you ask?
4. Someone asks you how you usually travel to school every day. How
do you reply?
1. A friend asks for your opinion about modern novels.
2. Someone asks you what you were doing at six o'clock yesterday
3. Someone asks you what you think the best thing is about short
stories. Give your opinion.
4. A friend asks you what you used to read when you were five.
1. A friend asks for your advice about keeping fit. Advise him.
2. You want some advice from a friend about how you can eat more
healthily. What do you ask?

Question Bank
3. A friend wants to meet new people, but he/she is very shy. Make a
4. Ask your teacher for advice about how to do well in the next
English test.
1. A friend asks you whether you would like to go somewhere
together at the weekend.
2. The same friend does not want to go the beach, but suggests the
swimming pool.
3. A friend suggests that you join a book club together. You do not
want to join a book club, but you would like to join a sports club.
4. The same friend suggests going to the cinema in your town
tomorrow. You are not sure.
1. A friend is looking worried. You want to know why. What do you
2. Someone asks if you had a good holiday. You enjoyed your holiday,
but the weather was not very good. This was a disappointment.
3. A friend asks what subject you would like to be better at.
4. Someone asks you about a school trip you went on. You learnt a
lot, but you did not take as many photos as you had planned to.
1. You would like to find out what music your friend likes. What do
you ask?
2. A friend asks you what sort of music you enjoy.
3. You want to find out if your friend plays a musical instrument.
4. A friend asks you whether there is any sort of music you dont like.
1. A friend asks you if you think people will read books in a hundred
years time.
2. In a conversation, a friend uses the word gadgets. You do not
understand the word.
3. A friend asks if you think people will have their own spaceships in
50 years.
4. A friend uses the words travel and journey in the same sentence.
You do not understand the different meanings of these two words.
1. An interviewer asks if you would work some evenings during the
week. You would be happy to do this.
2. You want to be able to contact a person you have just met, but you
do not have their details.
3. Your friend is applying for a new job. This is a surprise and you ask
him the reason.
4. You want to know whether someone you are interviewing can drive.

Question Bank
1. An educational adviser asks you what skills you would like to
improve. You have never been very good at maths.
2. Someone has asked you for educational advice. Find out what
qualifications this person has.
3. A friend wants to go back to education, but cannot leave home to
go to university. Suggest a distance learning course.
4. A friend suggests that you do an evening course to improve your
1. A friend asks you your opinion about the importance of the
rainforests. Say what you think.
2. A friend who has never visited your country asks for your advice
about places to see in Egypt.
3. A friend from another country wants to phone someone from a
public phone in Egypt. He/She has never done this before. Tell
him/her what to do first.
4. Someone asks what you think about films which have been made
from books.
1. A friend asks how you feel about an important English test you
have next week.
2. A friend asks you if you had a good weekend. You enjoyed the
weekend, but you think you wasted a lot of time.
3. One of your friends is very busy. You would like to help him or her.
4. A friend asks you what kind of books you enjoy reading.
1. A friend asks you why you enjoy sport. Name two reasons.
2. Warn your friend who is about to cross the road, because there is a
car coming very fast.
3. Your brother is not working hard enough at school. You think he
will get very low marks. Warn him.
4. A friend asks you whether you think people will continue to
explore space in the future.
P T:(1)
1. Someone says they think magazines are a waste of money.
Disagree, giving a reason.
2. A friend from England calls and asks about the weather. You see
dark clouds in the sky.
3. One of your friends watched a football match on TV and found it
boring. You have a different opinion.
4. You hear someone use a word you do not understand. The word is

Question Bank
1. A foreign friend wants to know how to make tea the Egyptian way.
Tell him/her what to do first.
2. Someone asks what you were doing at eight o'clock this morning.
3. A friend asks you what you think about TV news programmes.
4. A friend wants a job to help poor people. Advise him or her.
1. You do not understand why it goes dark at night. Ask someone to
explain it.
2. A friend suggests that swimming is a good way to keep fit. State
another way.
3. A friend suggests that you join a squash club together. Suggest
something else.
4. Someone asks where your friend Ali is. You have not seen him for a
long time. You are almost certain he is on holiday.
1. Your brother looks worried. You want to know whether he has a
2. Your mother was very busy yesterday. You regret not helping her.
3. An English friend asks you how you celebrate Sham El-Nessim.
4. You forgot to thank a friend for a present he/she gave you.
1. Your friend starts to cross a road when you see a car coming. Warn
your friend.
2. Someone asks if you think people will ~till have cars in 50 years.
3. You hear the word magnet on the radio. Ask a friend what it
4. A friend asks you why you have such an expensive mobile phone.
You have two reasons.
1. You are interviewing someone for a job. Find out about their
qualifications and experience.
2. Your friend looks like he/she hasn't been sleeping for days. Advise
3. An interviewer has asked you why you have applied for a job in a
particular company. Give reason.
4. You do not understand what distance learning is. Ask a friend.
1- You ask your friend doctor's advice how to keep fit. Sudan 2011
2- A pen friend asks you about the places of interest in Egypt
3- Your brother got a good job at a big company
4- You suggest going to the theatre at the weekend,

Question Bank

Unit 1
a- A friend wants to know what job you would like to do when you leave school.
I'd like to be a civil engineer.
b- A friend asks you why you'd like to be a doctor.
I'd like to be a doctor because I like helping people
c -Your teacher asks you why you enjoy learning English.
I enjoy learning English because it's very interesting
d- A relative wants to know the best thing about your school.
The best thing about my school is my helpful teachers
Unit 2
1- Your friend bought a new DVD last week. You want to know if he / she has watched
Have you watched the DVD yet?
2- You want to know your friend's opinion of the DVD.
What do you think of the DVD ?
3- You want to know if you can watch the DVD when he or she has watched it.
Could I borrow the DVD when you have finished?
4- Your friend says yes. You are very pleased.
Thanks, thats very kind of you
a - You would like to ask someone about the subjects they are studying at school.
. Excuse me, could I. ask you about the. Subjects, you are. studying, at. school?
b- You want to ask this person which subject they like best.
Could you tell me which subject you like best ?
c- You want to ask the same person the reason why they like this subject best.
Could you tell me why you like this subject?
d- It is the end of your interview. You would like to thank the person for answering
your questions.
Thank you for your time
Review A
a- A friend asks you why you enjoy reading novels.
I like it very much
b- You want to know your brother's opinion of a film you both watched last night,
What about the film we watched last night?
c- You want to ask which subject your teacher liked best when he or she was at
Could you tell me which subject you liked best when you were at school?
d- Someone asks you a question that you do not want to answer.
I'd rather not answer that question

Unit 4

Question Bank
1- A friend wants to cook the family meal this evening, but can't decide what to
make. Give advice.
if I were you, I'd cook something they all like.
2- Your friend asks for your advice about where to go on holiday. What do you
I recommend you Hurghada, its fascinating.
3 -Advise a friend who wants to take a younger brother out for the day but can't
decide where to go.
Why dont you take him to the funfair?
4- A friend asks your advice about the best way to keep fit. What do you reply?
You must do exercise regularly
5- The wind is getting stronger.
There's going to be a sandstorm.
6- Your friend has had a very tiring day.
I'm sure, you will feel better after a good nights sleep
7- The earth is getting very crowded,
Perhaps people will live on the moon
8 -You can't see your friend at the weekend.
I'm sorry, Im visiting relatives this week.
9- Someone asks your opinion about the weather.
I think it will rain
10- Someone asks you about your plans for your next holiday
Im traveling to Luxor
1l- Someone asks what you want to study at university.
.Im going to study engineering.
Unit 5
a -You are at an interview for university. The interviewer asks you what qualities you
think are important to be a successful student. What do you reply?
A successful student is someone who enjoys learning and works hard.
b- You and a group of friends are discussing what makes a good friend. One of the
group asks what you think. What do you reply?
I think a good friend helps you when you need something
c- A friend asks you what you think makes a good teacher. What is your opinion?
I think a good teacher is someone who is always kind and helpful
d- You and a group of friends are discussing what you need to do to be a successful
sportsman. It is your turn to express an opinion. What do you say?
I think a successful sportsman needs a lot of had work and a lot of training
Unit 6
a- Someone asks you which city is the capital of Britain. What do you reply?
I know that! It's definitely London
b- Someone asks you how long the River Nile is. What do you answer?
Maybe about 6,000 kilometres
c- A tourist asks you which is the second largest city in Egypt. What do you say?

Question Bank
I'm not sure. Maybe Alexandria.
d- Your younger brother or sister asks you how old the Pyramids at Giza are. What
do you answer?
I think, they are about 3,000 years old
Review B
a- A friend says he or she wants to do an individual sport to keep fit. Give advice.
Why don't you play tennis?
b- A friend asks how he or she should choose a new leader for their sports team.
What do you say?
You need someone who can cooperate with other people
c- A friend asks you what language they speak in Australia. What do you answer?
I know this, it's English
d- Your teacher asks you, "How far is it from Cairo to London?" You guess the
May be five thousand kilometres.
Unit 7

a- You meet a visitor to your country at the airport. You want to make him or her feel
at home. What do you say?
Hello, welcome to Egypt
b- A person you do not know arrives in your school. Ask if you can help them.
Can I help you ?
c- You meet a friend who you have not seen for a long time.
It's good to see you again
d- In class, you see a school friend who has been away for several weeks.
Where have you been? How are things?
Unit 8
a- You are interviewing an older person about their education. You want to know
whether or not he or she was a good school student. What do you ask?
Were you good at school?
b- You want to know when this person began their first job. What do you ask?
When did you begin your first job?
c- You are interviewing one of your grandparents for a school project. You want to
know what his or her life was like when he or she was young. What do you ask?
What was your life like when you were young?
d- You want to know if this grandparent did anything when he or she was not
What did you use to do when you were not working?
Unit 9
1- You have just been introduced to Mr. Stone, who you have not met before. What
do you say?
Nice to meet you Mr. Stone

Question Bank
2- Someone your father has worked with in the past has just arrived in your country.
Your father meets him at the airport. What does your father say to him?
Welcome to Egypt
3- You have just met an old friend who you have not seen for six months. You want to
know about this friend's activities in that time.
Nice to meet you again , what were you doing all that time ?
4- A friend asks you why you have recently started playing squash. You like squash
and you believe it is good for your health. What do you say?
I like squash and I believe it is good for my health
5- Someone suggests going to the shops this afternoon. you agree to go.
That's a great idea
6- a school friend suggests going to the beach tomorrow .you don't want to go there
but would like to play chess .
No, I'd prefer to play chess instead
7- You would like to go on a family trip to Alexandria , make this suggestion to your
What about going on a family trip to Alexandria, father?
8 you and your brother are discussing what to buy your mother for her birthday,
suggest an idea to your brother.
Why don't we get her a necklace?
Unit 10
a- One of your friends eats food with too much fat in it. What do you say to him or her?
You mustn't eat too much fat , it's bad for you ?
b- A friend who has been ill asks for advice about food. Suggest fruit,
I think you should eat a lot of fruit
c- A school friend asks what you think of fast food. What do you say?
I'm afraid, it's not very good
d- A friend thinks biscuits and cakes are healthy foods. You don't agree. What do you
I don't think so
Unit 11
a- You see a friend reading a book. Ask your friend what the book is called and who
wrote it.
What's the name of the book you are reading and who wrote it?
b- A friend asks if you are enjoying your book. Say that you are and recommend it to
your friend.
It is very exciting, I'm sure you'd enjoy it
c- Your friend asks why you would recommend the book. Say the main reason is that
it is easy to read.
the main reason is that it is easy to read.
d- You have just bought a new CD by your favourite singer. Recommend it to a
I can really recommend this CD to you.

Question Bank
Unit 12
a- You want to know where your friend would really like to live. What is your question?
Where would your dream house be?
b- Your friend asks you whether your dream house would be modern or traditional.
What do you answer?
My dream house would be modern I like big windows and modern materials
c- You want to know what type of home your friend would choose. What do you ask?

What type of house would you like to live in?
d- Your friend wants to know where your dream house would be. What do you answer?
It would be in the countryside
Review D
a- A friend believes that football is the best form of exercise. You don't think the same.
I don't think so . I think (swimming) is better
b- You have just bought a new DVD about space travel. Recommend it to a friend.
I can really recommend this DVD to you
c- Your friend asks why you would recommend this DVD. Say the main reason is that it
is full of new and interesting information.
I recommend you this DVD because it is full of new and interesting information
d- A friend wants to know where your dream holiday would be. You really enjoy beach
holidays. What do you say?
It would be near the beach
Unit 13
a- You have just read a magazine story. You understand the story, but you are not sure
what its real subject is. What do you say?
What is the story really about?
b- Your class has read a short story. You are not sure what it shows. What do you ask
your teacher?
What do you think this story shows?
c- Your friend asks what the film you have just seen together is really about. You think
it's about helping people. What do you say?
It's really about helping people
d- You have to phone a friend's mother and tell her that her child is ill. What do you
I'm sorry to say that your child is ill
Unit 14
a- A friend tells you about King Solomon's Mines. Say that you did not know the book
before last week.
I'd never heard of that book before last week
b- You are making the family meal. You would like some help from your sister. What do
you say?
Could you help me with the cooking?

Question Bank
c- You have missed school because you were ill. You would like some help from your
teacher. What do you say?
I wonder if you could help me because I was ill
d- A friend asks if you can help him with a computer problem. You are happy to help,
but you want to know what the problem is. What do you say?
Yes, of course, what is the problem?
Unit 15
a- A friend is trying to persuade you to visit a place you have never heard of. You'd like
more information about this place. What do you say?
Can you tell me more about this place?
b- You are trying to persuade a foreign friend to visit an interesting place which is off
the beaten track. You think your friend will regret it if he or she doesn't go. What do
you say?
It would be a pity if you didn't visit it
c- A travel agent is trying to persuade you to go to a newly discovered tourist site. You
want to know why this place is better than another. What do you ask?
How is it different from the other tourist sites?
d- You have met a foreign tourist who does not know your town. You think he or she
would like this place even though it is off the beaten track. What do you say to
persuade him or her?
You really must visit my town
Review E
a- Your friend is reading a magazine article. You want to know what the subject of the
article is.
Can you tell me what the subject of the article is?
b- Your friend recommends reading a book. Ask him or her for information about it.
Can you tell me more about this book?
c- You are looking for one of your school books, which you have lost. Ask a friend for
I can't find one of my school books. I don't suppose you could help me find it
d- You've seen an exciting new film at the cinema. You think your friend would enjoy it.
It would be a pity if you didn't see it
Unit 16
a- Your train leaves in five minutes. It takes at least four minutes to get to the station.
We must leave now. The train leaves in five minutes.
b- Your friend offers to go to the dentist with you, but you tell her not to worry, you can
go on your own.
I can go alone; you don't need to come with me
c- You don't have any tea left. Explain why you are going to the shop.

Question Bank
I'm going to the shop because I want to buy some tea
d- You are at your friend's house. Your parents have told you to be home at five o'clock.
Your friend asks if you want to stay until eight o'clock.
No,. I'm sorry, I. can't, I have to be at home at five O'clock

Respond to each of the following situations:
a- You have just agreed to see a film at the cinema with two friends. You are quite
happy, but you did not choose the film. What do you say?
I'd prefer to see this film, but I'm happy to go to the theatre instead
b- You and three friends have just decided which film to see at the cinema. You are
happy that the decision has been made. What do you say?
That's good, we all agree to see this film then .
c- You chose a holiday to Spain, but your friends all chose Italy, which was cheaper. You
think their idea is probably better. What do you say?
I'd like to go to Spain, but it's probably better to Italy.
Unit 17
a- You have just seen the film of a book you like. You did not enjoy the film as much as
the book. A friend asks you what you thought of the film.
If you ask me, the film wasn't as good as the book
b- Someone asks you to compare books and films. You don't think it's possible to
compare the two. Films are much more exciting for you. What do you say?
You can't compare books and films. Films are much more exciting
c- A friend asks your opinion about a film director he or she likes. You don't agree with
your friend.
I don't agree with you, I think he is not a very good director
d- You want to know what your friend likes about this director's films. What do you
What do you like about his films?

Unit 18
a- You are doing a project on public transport. You want to find out information from a
friend. What do ask?
Can I ask you some questions?
b- A friend asks if they can interview you to find out your opinions on the environment.
You are happy about this. What do you say?
Yes, of course
c- You are doing a project on your local environment. You want some information from
an important person in your town. What formal question do you ask?
Would you mind answering some questions about climate change?

Question Bank
d- Someone asks if they can interview you. Unfortunately, you have too much to do.
What do you say?
No, I'm sorry. I'm busy at the moment
Review F
a- You are trying to decide on a DVD to watch with your friends. You have agreed on a
friend's DVD, not the one you brought. You are quite happy about this. What do you
I'd prefer to watch my DVD, but I'm happy to watch yours
b- You saw a film on television and have just read the book of the film. You enjoyed the
film more than the book. A friend asks you what you thought of the book.
If you ask me, the book wasn't as good as the film
c- Someone in your town is doing research into people's holiday destinations. He wants
to ask you some questions, but you do not have the time. What do you say?
I'm sorry, I don't have time
1. You apologize to a friend because you broke his camera.
I must apologize for breaking your camera
2. You have a guest, and you offer him a welcome drink.
Help yourself to the coffee
3. You don't know how to spell a word.
How could I spell this word?
4. Somebody asks you to be so careful on the road.
Yes, you are right.
5. You visit your friend. He asks you "How do you like your tea?"
With little sugar, please
6. You want Hany to post a letter for you.
Could you post this letter for me, please?
7. You order a little child not to play with matches.
Never play with matches.
8. you meet someone who is unwell
How are you feeling now?
9. You are angry when your friend has spilled water on your jacket.
Oh, No, it was new (you shouldnt have done this)
10. You heard that your friend Rania is in hospital.
I'm sorry to hear that bad news.
11. You offer to answer the phone for your father.
Shall I answer the phone for you?
12. You arrange to meet a friend.
Lets meet at 5.
13. Your friend invites you to spend the weekend with him but you can't.

Question Bank
I wish I could but Im busy.
14. You want to know something about remote sensing.
Could you tell me about something about remote sensing?
15. Your cousin thinks that computers are useful, you agree.
I agree with you
16. You ask a friend to help you carry a heavy bag.
Could you help me carry this heavy bag?
17. You can't hear what the teacher is saying.
Could you speak little louder, please?
18. Somebody wants to speak to your father, but your father isn't at home.
Im sorry, he is not in now
19. You ask your cousin, Ashraf, to have some tea at home.
May I invite you to have some tea with me at home?
20. A friend of yours invites you to his party, you refuse politely.
I wish I could but Im busy
21. Your visit your uncle who is in hospital.
I wish you speed recovery
22. You accept your friend's apology for losing your book.
Never mind.
23. You warn your sister not to play with matches.
Mind you dont play with matches.
24. Your uncle advises you to obey your father. You accept.
Yes, you are right
25. An old man can't cross the street. You offer to help him.
Can I help you cross the street?
26. Your brother wastes his time watching television
You mustnt waste your time watching television.
27. You ask a friend about the time.
What is the time now?
28. You meet some tourists at the airport. You welcome them.
Welcome to Egypt.
29. Samir thanked you for helping him to carry a heavy bag.
Dont mention it
30. You want to ask a policeman the way to the bank.
Could you tell me the way to the bank, please?
31. You apologize to your teacher for arriving late.
Im sorry for being late.
32. You advise your friend who is very ill.
You should see a doctor.
33. You want to book a room for 2 nights.
Could I book a room for 2 nights?
34. You want to know when the next train to Cairo leaves.
Could you tell me when the next train to Cairo leaves?

Question Bank
35. You friend, Samir, is going to travel abroad.
Good bye and dont forget to keep in touch.
36. You aren't angry when your friend lost your pen.
Never mind
37. You offer to clean your father's office.
May I clean your office?
38. You ask your sister's opinion about a book. She has just read.
What do you think of this book?
39. Someone thinks that TV. is a waste of time . You disagree.
I disagree with you
40. You meet an old friend who you haven't seen for a long time.
How are you? I really miss you
41. You suggest a solution to the problem of pollution in Cairo.
We should use fewer private cars
42. you ask someone to wait on the phone
Hold on, please
43. you want the teacher to repeat what he has said
Could you repeat it again, please?
44. a salesman wants too much money for something
Thats too much can't you make it less.
45. You want your brother to join the university.
It would be better if you join the university.
46. Your brother is taking an exam next week.
You must work hard and revise your lessons well.
47. Your friend came out of hospital.
I am pleased because you are all right now.
48. Your sister saw a terrible dream.
Do not be afraid.
49. Your brother s tooth is hurting.
You must go to the dentist's.
50. Your pen friend is at the airport traveling to his country.
Your visit was a great honour
51. You bought a gold ring, but you discovered it was an imitation.
I have been deceived.
52. Some visitors have come to visit you at home.
You are welcome.
53. You ask your friend about the price of his new camera.
How much is your camera?
54. You warn your friend that he may fall off the ladder.
Be careful or you will fall off the ladder.
55. You see a little girl who is eating too much sweet.
Mind you dont eat too much sweet
56. The student next to you keeps talking during the lesson.

Question Bank
Keep quiet, please.
57. Your friend is driving his fathers although he does not have a licence
It is wrong to drive a car without having a licence.
58. Your friend Samy wants you to advise him about the best way to study Maths.
You should do a lot of mathematical problems.
59. Your friend Hatem bought a new camera and does not know how to operate it.
You should read the instructions book.
60. Your friend Hazem is in hospital. You are speaking to his doctor.
How is he now, doctor?
61. Your brother wants to buy a present for his friend and asks your opinion.
If I were you I would buy him a dictionary.
62. A friend of you wants to borrow some money from you, but you apologise.
I am sorry. I have not got money at this moment.
63. You want to know when your plane to London takes off.
Could you tell me when my plane to London takes off?
64. You are getting out of bed quickly because your alarm clock says 9 O'clock.
I must hurry, it's 9 O'clock.
65. It is raining heavily and everyone else in the street has an umbrella.
I wish I had an umbrella.
66. You politely interruptFGHIJ someone to say something.
Excuse me, Could I just say something?
67. You regret not catching the bus because you didn't run quickly.
I wish I had caught the bus.
68. Your friend asks you how your lunch was.
It was delicious.
69. You visit your friend then you want to leave.
I must be getting home now.
70. your guest says " I must leave now "
It's been very good to see you.
71. You saw some clouds in the sky.
It may rain today.
72. You visit a friend on his birthday.
Happy birthday to you.
73. You meet your friend on the first day of the year.
Happy New Year
74. Your brother is watching TV, it's late at night.
It's time to go to bed.
75. You see an accident on the road ..
Oh, that is terrible!
76. You are riding your friend's car .he is driving too fast.
You must slow down
77. Your friend says "do you mind if I use your pen" you agree.
No. not at all.

Question Bank
78. Your friend is sorry that you got low marks.
Well. Never mind.
79. your friend's uncle has an accident, you show sympathy
I'm so sorry to hear your bad news
80. you offer your friend some flowers
These flowers are for you.
81. You want to express your opinion about the educational programmes.
They are very useful.
82. You blame your friend for coming late.
You shouldnt have come late.
83. You are annoyed when you see a boy who is going to swim in a canal.
You shouldnt do this , its dangerous.
84. Your neighbours are making a lot of noise you express your annoyance.
You must stop this right now.
85. Your friend wants to borrow your camera. You refuse politely.
Im sorry, I need it my self.
86. You introduce your friend, Ramy, to your brother.
This is my friend Ramy.
87. You are introduced to someone.
Nice to meet you.
88. Someone has parked his car in a "No Parking" area.
Its forbidden to park your car here.
89. You ask your father's permission to go to the cinema.
Could I go to the cinema?
90. You refuse your friend's offer to help you with your homework
No, thanks
91. You object to your friend's idea to go swimming.
Thats not a good idea.
92. Your friend asks you what you used to do when you were a child.
I used to fly a kite.
93. You ask your father about what he used to do when he was young.
What did you use to do when you were young, dad?
94. A friend asks you where and when you were born.
I was born in Tanta on 7th May, 1975.
95. Your friend asks you what you predict about education in Egypt.
I think students will learn at home from computers and the internet.
96. You are guessing why a bad car accident happened in your street.
Perhaps the driver was driving at a very high speed.
97. Your sister asks you what'd happen if you had suddenly found a million pounds.
Id buy a plane.
98. Your friend is fond of fizzy drinks.
You must mind your health.

Question Bank

2- Mention the place, the speakers and the language

1. A: Good morning. Can I help you?
B: Yes, it's my father's birthday soon. I'd like to buy him a book about
space travel.
A: These two are very popular. This one is ten pounds and this is five
B: Could I have the one that's five pounds, please?
Place .ABFunction
2. A: Can you turn the television on for me, please, Ali?
B: OK, Mum. What's on?
A: The Olympic Games. It's gymnastics this afternoon.
B: Really? I'd like to watch that, too.
Place .ABFunction

1. A: Excuse me. Do you speak English?
B: Yes, I do. How can I help you?
A: Could you tell me the way to the Cairo Tower, please?
B: Yes. Cross the road here, take the first road on the right, and the
tower is at the end of that road.
Place .ABFunction
2. A: We have to give our English homework in today.
B: I know, but I dont know where my book is.
A: Isnt it in your school bag?
B: No, I think I must have left it at home.
Place .ABFunction

1. A: Good morning. Please sit down. Thank you for your application
and CV. Could you tell me a little more about the work you are doing
at the moment?
B: Yes, I work full-time as a sales assistant at a supermarket in town,
but Im also training to be an accountant.
Place .ABFunction

Question Bank
2. A: Hello and welcome to the History Department. My names Hilary
Benson. Before we start the BA course, are there any questions?
B: Yes. Id like to know whether theres a list of books for this course.
A: Yes, there is. Ill give you all one at the end of todays session.
B: Thank you very much.
Place .ABFunction

1. A: So, John, could you tell our listeners how you started?
B: Certainly. It was when I was seven. I won first prize in a poetry
When I was a student, some of my stories were published in
university magazine.
A: And now its your full-time job?
B: Thats right. My second novel was published last year.
Place .ABFunction
2. A: Could you help me carry the shopping into the house, please,
B: OK, Mum. Where shall I put it?
A: Just put the bags on the kitchen floor for the moment.
Place .ABFunction

1. A: At last we're here. What time does our flight leave, Dad?
B: At midday. We've still got lots of time.
A: Are you sure we have everything we need?
B: Yes, I'm sure. Please stop worrying, Ali!
Place .ABFunction
2. A: So, for your homework, I want you all to make a list of all the
plants growing in your neighbourhood.
B: Shall we just write the names of the plants?
A: No, write the names and a short description.
B: When is the homework for?
A: Next Thursday, please.
Place .ABFunction

1. A: Excuse me, sir. The captain has asked everyone to return to
their seats.
B: Does that mean we are going to land soon?
A: Yes, in about 15 minutes.
Place .ABFunction
2. A: Have you seen Tarek?
B: No, sir. He was at his desk on the phone a few minutes ago.

Question Bank
A: Isn't he there now?
B: No, maybe he's gone home already.
A: He can't have gone home. He's preparing a report for me.
Place .ABFunction

1. A: Is there anything I can do to help, Miss Salma?
B: Could you give these books back to the class after break?
A: Yes, of course. Is that the homework we did last week?
B: Yes, that's right. Your homework was very good.
Place .ABFunction
2. A: Excuse me. I need to find out about modern farming in Egypt for
a university project.
B: All the information on agriculture is on the second floor.
A: Thank you. Can I take any of the books out?
B: Yes. Just bring them to the desk near the entrance.
Place .ABFunction

1. A: Do you remember what happened?
B: No, I just remember waking up in the road.
A: How do you feel now?
B: Not too bad. Will I have to stay here tonight?
A: We're not sure yet. We'll have to check you have no broken bones.
Place .ABFunction
2. A: Could you tell us why you would like to study here?
B: Your Biology Department has a very good reputation.
A: And if we accept you, what do you hope to do when you graduate?
B: Well, I'd like to work for a food company.
Place .ABFunction

1. A: Are you in your first year?
B: Yes. I'm studying English. but it's only my third week
A: My parents would like me to apply here. Would you recommend it?
B: Yes, definitely.
Place .ABFunction
2. A: Well, your application has been successful.
B: That's great when do I start?
A: At the beginning of next month. You'll be working at our Cairo
B: I'm looking forward to starting.
Place .ABFunction

Question Bank

3- Choose the correct answer from a , b, c or d:
1. Millions of people watched the rocket ................ on TV.
a- start b- launch c- set off d- beginning
2. The medicine I'm taking is wonderful. It has no side ................ .
a- results b- damage c- effects d-
3. My brother and I are not twins, but we are very ................ .
a- alike b- same c- like d- correct
4. Coal and oil are two kinds of fossil ................ .
a- petrol b- gas c- energy d- fuels
5. Electricity is produced in a/an ................ station.
a- bus b- railway c- power d- energy
6. I expect ................ you at the weekend.
a- I'm going to see b- I'll see c- I'm seeing d- is going
to start
7. The film ................ at 7.30 this evening.
a- starts b- will start c- started d- l see
8. How ................ times have you seen that film?
a- many b- much c- lots d- different
9. The distance from here to Cairo ............... two kilometres.
a- are b- has been c- is d- is being
10. In some places, wood ............... to heat people's homes.
a- are burnt b- burns c- burnt d- is burnt
1. When I was at school I won a poetry writing ................ .
a- race b- article c- competition d- game
2. She sent me the report as an e-mail ................ .
a- attachment b- letter c- picture d- article

Question Bank
3. The little girl does not want to sing because she is ................ .
a- innocent b- secret c- spy d- shy
4. My favourite musical ................ is the piano.
a- player b- instrument c- tool d- equipment
5. The cover of my book is made of ................ .
a- glass b- rubber c- cardboard d- wood
6. We arrived half an hour late. The film ................ half an hour earlier.
a- began b- was beginning c- had begun d- has begun
7. Agatha Christies books ................ into more than 40 languages.
a- have been translated b- have translated
c- translated d- were being translated
8. The Romans ................ Petra nearly two thousand years ago.
a- have captured b- were captured
c- captured d-had captured
9. Your train leaves in ten minutes. If you hurry, you ................ it.
a- catch b- will catch c- would catch d-are catching
10. If I am thirsty, ............... water.
a- I will drink b- I would drink c- I am drinking d- I drank
1. Too much sun can be ................ .
a- respectable b- harmful c- unthinkable d- in conflict
2. We ................ on the door three times, but they did not hear us.
a- visited b- called c- hit d- knocked
3. Nurses are part of the medical ................ .
a- profession b- work c- job d- career
4. I get on well with all my .............. at work, but they are not close friends.
a- people b- workers c- colleagues d- relatives
5. The accident ....... at eight oclock when everyone was on their way to work.
a- occurred b- took c- came d- caused
6. They ................ left two hours ago, so they arrived by now. It is not far.
a- must b- must have c- have d- cant have
7. No one is sure where Ali is, but we think he .............. gone to see his uncle.
a- must b- cant have c- might have d- must have
8. She asked me whether ................ there before.
a- I had been b- I went c- I go d- had I been
9. If ................ for too long, I get a headache.
a- Ill read b- I read c- I had read d- I would read
10. If you had come ten minutes later, I ................ .
a- would leave b- will leave c- leave d- would have left
1. This medicine is safe. There are no ................ .
a) top effects b) side effects c) leaks d) waste
2. I'm going to have lunch with friends tomorrow. We are ................ at the
restaurant. at 12.30.

Question Bank
a) going to meet b) would meet c) will meet d) meet
3. The ................ between Cairo and my town is 650 kilometres.
a) district b) area c) distance d) space
4. It is hard to walk in space because there is no ................ .
a) gravity b) waiting c) spin d) air
5. In Britain children ................ secondary school from the age of 11.
a) go b) Intend c) share d) attend
6. Most furniture ................ from wood.
a) made b) is made c) make d) makes
7. Many people ................ vegetables in their gardens.
a) growing b) are grown c) grow d)is grown
8. In very hot weather, ice cream turns to ................ .
a) water b) soft c)liquid d) solid
9. We call oil and coal ................ fuels.
a) fossil b)old c) renewable d) waste
10. She ................ an archaeologist when she leaves university. That is her plan.
a) become b) will become
c) am becoming d) is going to become
11. He is flying to London at the weekend. His flight ..,,,,,,,,, at 5.30 in the
a) leaving b) leaves c) left d) leave
12. We don't have ................ time. We'll have to hurry.
a) many b) some c) lot d) much
13. My friend and I look very different, but our personalities are ................ .
a) alike b) same c) common d) like
14. Six months ................ half a year.
a) are b) is c) be d) am
15. The walls of the ................ were built to protect the town.
a) pyramid b) mission c) castle d) house
16. I am writing ................ that my teacher asked for.
a) essay b) a essay c) the essay d) that essay
1. I expect I ................ you at the weekend.
a- am going to see b- am seeing c- I'll see d- see
2. After the accident, the doctor ................ her to check she was not injured.
a- examined b- looked at c- tested d-
3. Do you have ................ free time this afternoon?
a- a b- the c- many d- any
4. We went to the opening of a new school last week. It was a very interesting
................ .
a- occasion b- time c- view d- situation
5. Petrol from oil.
a- made b- is made c- makes d- are made

Question Bank
6. Wind and wave power are typos of ................ energy.
a- new b- waste c- renewable d- cheap
7. When I was younger, I ................ go swimming every day.
a- usually b- used c- use d- used to
8. My sister ................ at university for three years. She comes home every
a- is b- has been c- is being d- had been
9. The police think he did it. He is the main ................ .
a- suspect b- pioneer c- publisher d- agent
10. I really enjoy reading Agatha Christie novels. I particularly like her ...........
a- way b- style c- system d- design
11. It ............... that air travel will become more popular in the future.
a- is thought b- was thought c- thought d- thinks
12. He did nothing wrong. He's ................ .
a- suspect b- guilty c- innocent d- sensible
13. If he doesn't get eight hours sleep every night, he ...... really tired the next
a- will feel b- feels c- would feel d- is feeling
14. If I have any free time tomorrow, ................ for a walk in the park.
a- I went b- I go c- I'd go d- I'll go
15. The piano is our favourite musical ................ .
a- tool b- instrument c- equipment d- device
16. Her uncle can't remember his accident. The doctor thinks he may have ... .
a- a headache b- phobia c- amnesia d- injury
1. Don't worry. I'm sure ............... them again soon.
a- you see b- you're seeing c- you'll see d-you're going to see
2. Wanting friends is part of human ............... .
a- nature b- conflict c- will d- life
3. They have just received this photo as an e-mail ............... .
a- post b- attachment c- letter d- part
4. Lightning is a dangerous but natural ............... .
a- sight b- response c- eclipse d- phenomenon
5. She didn't see her brother this morning. He ............... the flat very early.
a- must have left b- must leave c- can't have left d-can't leave
6. He left his glasses at school yesterday. I'm hoping someone ............... found
a- must have b- might have c- can't have d- can have
7. The quickest way for Sawsan to get to school is to ............... a train.
a- go b- bring c- come d- take
8. That plant has been ............... so that it gets lots of light.
a- explored b- raised c- positioned d- put
9. Taha's mother asked him where ............... .
a- he had been b- had he been

Question Bank
c- has he been d- he has been
10. She promised she ............... me as soon as the plane landed.
a- will phone b- phoned c- would phone d- phones
11. Is that someone ............... on our door? I'll see who it is.
a- hitting b- knocking c- smashing d- beating
12. Their uncle is a scientist. He's ............ research into new forms of energy.
a- making b- taking c- getting d- doing
13. If you ............... earlier, you wouldn't have missed your train.
a- had left b- leave c- would have left d- left
14. ............... you work harder, you'll fail your exam.
a- If b- Unless c- When d- As
15. I'm hot today. How about ............... to the beach?
a- gone b- going c- went d- go
16. Accidents ............... more frequently when the roads are busy.
a- take part b- come in c- cause d- occur
Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences, then write them
1. Five litres of petrol are enough for me to get to work.
2. My five-year-old sister will start a school in September.
3. The police is going to get new uniforms.
4. Fifty degrees are a very high temperature.
5. Athletics were my fathers favourite sport.
1. Twenty million people saw the new film already.
2. My parents use to live in a small flat in the city centre.
3. Yesterday evening, we revised for our English test when all the
lights went out.
4. Our school was opening exactly 25 years ago today.
5. She played the piano since the age of six and she still plays every
1. If you leave now, you catch your train.
2. Water will freeze if the temperature is zero or below.
3. If you throw that stone, you break a window.
4. If she trains hard, she wins next weeks race.
5. If youll mix red and white, you get pink.
1. I wish the school holidays are longer.
2. If only I havent forgotten where I put my mobile phone.
3. Im really tired this morning. I wish I had sleep more last night.
4. Ali wishes he can come to your party, but hes not feeling well.
5. I wish I didnt lent her my dictionary. Shes taken it home with her.

Question Bank
1. He hopes winning a prize for his school work to win.
2. I regret to go to the cinema. It was not a very good film.
3. She offered taking me to the station in her car.
4. Weve just finished to watch a TV programme about Egyptian
5. Weve arranged picking my brother up from the airport.
6. Their teacher agreed helping them find an English pen friend.
1. I've decided that I am doing more exercise in the future.
2. It's a really good film. I'm sure you enjoy it.
3. Thirty kilometres are a long way to walk in hot weather
4. Millions of cars produce by Japanese companies every year
5. In many countries, children take the right to go to school until the
age of 16.
6. Electricity is produced in energy stations.
1. My father loves his job. He worked for the same company for 20
2. When I was younger, I use to want to be a pilot.
3. If you kick the ball too hard, you break that window.
4. The Mousetrap written by Agatha Christie.
5. Travelling by plane sometimes makes me a headache.
6. The street where I live is only three metres width.
1. Im not sure how well I did in the test at school today, but I think I
might pass.
2. You cant have been very thirsty. Theres no orange juice left in the
3. I asked him where had he been all morning.
4. If it had been too hot, we wouldnt go to the beach.
5. What about go shopping this afternoon?
6. How in earth is it possible to irrigate the desert?
1. It was nearly midnight by the time he has finished his homework
last night.
2. She is very hungry when the rescue team found her. She had eaten
nothing for nearly three days.
3. If only they write more quickly.
4. I wish there is something I could do to keep fit.
5. She has decided studying medicine when she goes to university.
6. My sister suggested to go to the zoo at the weekend.
1. Queen Victoria, who husband Albert died in 1861, lived until 1901.

Question Bank
2. The town which I was born is in the northeast of the country.
3. Mustafa was happy despite he came third in the race.
4. On hear the good news, Eman phoned her parents.
5. We wont be tell the results of the test until the day after
6. Scientists believe that by 2020, a replacement for oil will have
1. My friend asked me if had I enjoyed reading the book she had lent
2. Parents often warn their children to not cross the road without
3. I dont expect them arriving yet. Theyre often late.
4. You can buying clothes in some supermarkets now.
5. If you couldnt see what you want in a shop, you should ask an
6. You must to remember to post this letter. Its very important.
P T:
1. She's going meet her sister in town.
2. I fixed the lake in the petrol tank.
3. How many time do I need to drive to the city centre?
4. Oil and gas are find under the ground.
5. Water is the solid form of ice .
6. The married team went to Italy on their honeymoon.
1. I need to get fit, so I've made a decision. I do more exercise.
2. "The Prisoner of Zenda" was wrote by Anthony Hope.
3. We moved to this house two years ago today, so we lived here for
exactly two years.
4. Before I entered the university, I had to show my credit card.
5. If you heat water, it melts.
6. Ra'fat EI-Haggan and Goma'a EI-Shawwan were very famous
Egyptian kings.
1. Let's try to find them. They can't have went very far.
2. Teachers and supervisors belong to the teaching confession.
3. He asked me if saw his newspaper.
4. The statue of Ramses is a very important Ancient Egyptian magnet.
5. People can waste lots of money by using the underground.
6. The accident wouldn't happen if he hadn't been using his mobile

Question Bank

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1- People usually to book their holidays every year.
a-queue b- line c-vote d-stand
2- July 2009 was the 40th of man first walking on the moon.
a-adversary b-annually c-university d-anniversary
3- It is thought.. stations will be built up to enjoy space travel.
a-space b- spade c-spice d-spare
4- The space station itself will be like a giant spinning wheel with. like a bike wheel.
a-speak b- spokes c-wires d-manners
5- The navy . a new warship last week.
a-launched b-lunched c- punched d-attached
6- The contents of the report were .. to the press.
a-baked b-cheated c-liked d-leaked
7- The car stopped because there was a .in the petrol tank.
a-leak b-lake c-lick d-lock
8- Our air conditioning has broken down, but someone is coming to .. it tomorrow.
a- destroy b-spoil c-pair d-repair
9- Some drivers have a sat-navin their car to help them find the best route.
a-order b-steer c-system d-tool
10- The astronauts went on aspace walk to replace a broken fuel pump.
a-twohours b- two hour c- two hour's d-two hours'
11- Everyone who . travelled in space has described his magical feeling.
a- have b- had c- has d- have had
12- They went on a fourhour space .. to replace a broken fuel pump.
a-walk b-talk c-swim d-jump
13- The rocket is going to reach the Moon on Tuesday. Everyone watched the on TV.
a-launch b-start c-beginning- d-set up
14- The moon has less .. than the earth, so you could jump much higher there.
a-degree b-gravity c-destiny d-humidity
15- Doing. is a very good way of keeping fit.
a- gymnastics b-football c-rackets d-handball
16- Two of the .on the front wheel of my bike were broken in the accident.
a-spokes b-tyros -bars d-tyres
17- The between Cairo and London is 3, 5000 kilometers.
a- road b- corridor c-distance d- way
18- "Distance" means the amount of .. between two places.
a-place b-time c-money d-space
19- When you are . in space, it must be very difficult to stand still.
a- weighting b-weight c-weightless d-weighty
20- Im working for important exams. Then, when I finish, Im going on holiday.
a- Currently b-Current c-Currency d-Currencies
21- Space .. cots a lot of money.

Question Bank
a-exploration b-explanation c-expectation- d-exemption
22- ..makes objects fall to the ground.
a-Gravity b-Ability c-Activity d-Capacity
23- is a sport in which physical exercises and movements are performed.
a-Writings b-Gymnastics c-Handball c-Mechanics
24- Everyone knows who stole it, but .. are all afraid to tell anyone.
a-he b-you c-she d-they
25- The storm has had a bad . on the crops.
a-effect b-afflict c-affect d-detect
26- A space station will the Earth.
a-turn b spin c move d orbit
27- Space tourists will fly to the space station by
a-ship b-boat c-plane d-rocket
28- This map shows the exact of the project.
a-existence b-destination c-location d-generation
29- Some people have more from this TV programme than others.
a-comforted b-infected c- benefited d- filtered
30- The Earth .. on its axis.
a-stems b-stains c-spins d-springs
31- I'm afraid I don't agree . your opinion.
a-of b-at c-with d-on
32- If your car breaks you can use the mobile phone to get help.
a-out b-into c-through d-down
33- Astronauts cope . weightlessness inside a spacecraft.
a-up b-for c-by d-with
34- The plane will take . at 7.30 in the morning.
a-on b-down c-after d-off
35- The speaker started .. describing his journey to China.
a- by b- at c- in d- with
36- The speaker started .. a description of his journey to China.
a- with b- at c- by d-in
37- He always helps me my homework.
a- with b- at c- by d-in
38- A lot of people would like to go space holidays.
a-on b-in c-at d- with
39- The rocket will be orbiting the Earth .a height of 320 kilometres
a-on b-in c-at d- with
40- At my class, my students take . to answer my questions.
a-runs b-turns c-at d- with
41-The contents of the report were . to the press.
a-baked b cheated c liked d leaked
42- is a sport in which physical exercises and movements are performed.
a- Statistics b Gymnastics c Classics d Mechanics
43-Astronauts usually work in .. conditions.
a-weightless b useless c hopeless d- meaningless
44-. gymnastics is a very good way of keeping fit.

Question Bank
a- Doing b Making c Having d Taking
45-A space station will .. the Earth.
a- turn b spin c move d orbit
46-Space tourists will fly to the space station by .
a-ship b boat c plane d rocket
47-The doctor . the patient carefully.
a-expected b extended c examined d explained
48-China is going to . a new satellite into space soon.
a-launch b branch c bunch d crash
49-A thin metal bar which connects the ring around the outside of a wheel to its centre is
a-spin b spoke c speak d- rotate
50-. is the amount of space between two places.
a-distant b-distance c instance d molecule
51-What makes objects fall to the ground is called .
a- gravity b grave c attraction d exploration
52-When we say turn around and around very quickly we mean .. .
a-spin b rotation c- lap d axis
53-The car stopped because there was a . in the petrol tank.
a-traffic b lake c leak d- lack
54-Our air-conditioning has broken down, but someone is coming to . it tomorrow.
a-fax b- fix c launch d - seek
55-The doctor .. me carefully before he gave me the medicine.
a- fixed b repaired c examined d- recovered
56-Computer passwords should always be . You should never tell anyone.
a- secret b known c disbelieved d- incredible
57-The astronauts went on a two-hour to replace a broken fuel pump.
a-side walk b - space walk c - country walk d- walk
58-Some drivers have a sat-nav .. in their car to help them find the best route.
a-discipline b- system c circulation d repair
59-The rocket is going to reach the Moon on Tuesday. Everyone watched the . on TV.
a-lunch b-launch c exploration d- excavation
60-Space can take several years.
a- tasks b jobs c missions d discussion
Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences (Vocabulary)
1-Egypt is the first Arab Country to launder a satellite .
2-Concurrently, the cost of a space holiday is very high.
3-At our school, there are a lot of students who are interested on English.
4-An astronomer is the person who has been trained for travelling in spacecraft.
5-Aya looks forward to be a doctor?
6-Yara's sister helped her doing the homework.
7-Two sparks in the wheel of my bicycle were broken.
8-Scientists are testing the new drug to find out if it has any outside effects.
9-Activity is the force that makes things fall to the ground.
10-July 2009 was the fortieth memorial of man first walking on the moon.
11-In space, you can have fun with weighty football and gymnastics.

Question Bank
12-At the moment, the main advantage of a space holiday is its cost. It is very expensive.
13-In the next ten years, people will be queuing to lock their holidays in space.
14-The space station will be ordering the Earth at a height of 320 km.
15-Space tourists can make weightless sports in space.
16-Space tourists will fly to the space station by racket.
17-Her mansion in life is to help the poor.
18-My father learns to drive a car four years ago.
19-My father has has a bank account since he was 18.
20-I haven't seen an action film, since I am 12.
21-In the Past, people uses to go into their banks.
22-I have never be to Aswan.
23-Yesterday at this time, I have watching TV.
24-Am I ask you about your name?
25-We always meet in Sunday.
Choose the correct answer : Grammar
1- My English lesson at four o'clock this afternoon.
a-is stating b-starts c-has been starting d-start
2- It's arranged. We . to the Red Sea this summer.
a-will go b-go c-are going d-may go
3- I expect that Al-Ahly the league. They have the best players and trainer in Egypt.
a-win b- are going to win c- will win d-are winning
4- I think my cousin engineering. He is very clever at Maths.
a-will study b-studies c-going to study d-would study
5- The launch of the campaign . at 9.50 tomorrow.
a-is being b-are being c-is d-was
6- I can't meet you this afternoon. I . the shopping.
a-am doing b-do c-have done d-may do
7- My train .. at 11 o'clock tomorrow.
a-is leaving b-shall leave c-leave d-leaves
8- I am studying medicine. I . a doctor.
a- am going to be b-be c-am being d-may be
9- Somebody is knocking on the door. I and open it.
a-am going b-will go c-have gone d-go
10- Ahmed to England next Sunday. Everything is arranged
a-is flying b-flies c-fly d-would fly
11- Mohamed is driving at breakneck speed. He . an accident.
a- is going to have b-would have c-has d-is having
12- Watch out! You .. the glasses.
a- are going to drop b-drop c-are dropping d-would drop
13- me with this heavy bag, please?
a- Are you going to b- Will you c-Do you d-Should you
14- I 25 next Monday.
a-am going to be b-will be c-am being d-be
15- Look at those black clouds. It.
a- is going to rain b-is raining c- rains d- isn't raining
16- Be careful! You .. your coffee.

Question Bank
a- are going to spill b-are spilling c- will spill d-spill
17- We..a new car, we have prepared everything.
a)will buy b) are going to buy c) are buying d) buy
18- They arranged everything for the journey, they-----------tomorrow .
a) leave b) are leaving c) are going to leave d) will leave
19- According to the timetable the nest bus ----------------at 10 am.
a) will move b) moves c)is going to move d) is moving
20- I think she------------------he next exam.
a) will pass b) is going to pass c) is passing d) passes
21- Don't be late for the cinema, the film------------at 9 as usual.
a)will start b) starts c) is starting d) is going to start.
22- He--------------me the details after he meets the boss.
a) tells b) will tell c) is going to tell d) is telling
23-That's the phone. I it.
a-answer b am answering c would answer d will answer
24-I think my cousin . engineering. He is very clever at Maths.
a-will study b studies c going to study d would study
25-My German lesson at four o'clock this afternoon.
a-is stating b starts c has been starting d start
26-We .. probably be there for two weeks.
a-will b may c are going to d are
27-I can't meet you this afternoon. I the shopping.
a-am doing b do c have done d may do
28-My plane at 10 o'clock tomorrow.
a-is leaving b shall leave c leave d leaves
29-I am studying medicine. I .. a doctor.
a-may be b am going to be c am being d be
30-I expect that he the match.
a-wins b will win c is going to win d is winning
31-Somebody is knocking on the door. I and open it.
a- am going b will go c have gone d go
32-She .. to Spain next Monday. Everything is arranged.
a-is flying b flies c fly d would fly
33-What are your plans for tomorrow? I . tennis with a friend.
a-am going to play b play c have played d shouldn't play
34-Watch out! You the glasses.
a-are dropping b drop c are going to drop d would drop
35-Don't worry. I . you the money you need.
a-lend b am lending c will lend d should lend
36-It's arranged. We . to the Red Sea this summer.
a-will go b go c are going d may go
37-I think you..very good at squash.
a-will be b- is going to be c- is being d will
39-A: I am going on holiday tomorrow. B: I'm sure you it.
a-are going to enjoy b- are enjoying c- enjoy d- will enjoy
40-A: What are you doing at the weekend? B: I expect I. some time with my friends.

Question Bank
a-am going to spend b- am Spending c -Will spend dspend
41-think the weather in England..cold and rainy.
a- will be b- is going to be c- is being d- shall be
42-There's not a cloud in the sky- it another very sunny day.
a-is going to be b - are being c - are going be d - will be
43-A: This year I .go swimming every day. B: That's a good idea. You will get very fit.
a-am going to b- am going c- will d- will be going
44-Dont pick up the phone. I .it.
a-answer b-am answering c-will answer d-am going to answer
45-I if I dont get a pay rise.
a-ll resign b resign c - am rosining d- would resign
46-After I have studied, I .. TV.
a-am going to watch b- will watch c watch d- am watching
47-The film at 7.30.
a- would start b- starts c- is starting d- is started
48-We wont start the meeting until you..
a-arrive b- had arrived c- will arrive d arrives .
49-He.. to Aswan tomorrow. Hes got his ticket
a-s traveling btravels c -'d travel d -'ll travel
50-I the car for you.
a-clean b- am cleaning c- have been cleaning d- ll clean the airport at 4 oclock tomorrow.
a-will have driven bam going to drive c-ll be driving dwill drive
52-Would you like fish or chicken? - I think I. chicken.
a-ll have b-am having c- am going to have d- have
53-Are after school today?
a-plays b played c- playing d-play
Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences (Grammar
1-She intends to visiting her aunt next Friday.
2-As soon as he meet his friend, he will go to the theatre.
3-She won't go shopping when she has dusted the furniture.
4-The shirt is fashionable; I would buy it soon.
5-I would call the police if don't stop this noise.
6-I think he crash. He is driving in a crazy way.
7-He travel to Paris tomorrow. He's got the ticket.
8-Football is an individual sport.
9-You should cooperate with other players to score a lot of ends.
10-Players should play well to win the other teams.
11-I expect that our team must win the match.
12-The film shall start at 7 p.m. tomorrow evening.
13-The water is boiling I am going to turn the gas off.
14-It will rain. The sky's looking very dark.
15-They leave for London tomorrow. They've arranged everything.
16-If you don't do your homework, you shall be punished.
17-From 5 to 6 tomorrow, I am studying English.
19-I'm going build a house.

Question Bank
20-Perhaps she would visit us tomorrow.

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1- The terrorists . the wealthy businessman.
a- snatched b- kidnapped c- hijacked d- snatches
2- He was happy as he was crowned . Success
a- at b- by c- from d- with
3- Our factory is based . Alexandria.
a- at b- by c- from d- in
4- The Prisoner of Zenda was ready for a few months after Anthony Hope thought of the
a-application b classification c- publication d-clarification
5-The government does its best to help young to buy their own homes.
a- pairs b-couples c- doubles d- a pair
6- The story is not true , it is -------------------
a real b fictional c right d famous
7- --------- means the study of the language and history of the ancient Greeks and Romans.
a - Classic b - classical c - classify d - classics
8-My Sister is --------- she had a good education.
a - good- educated b well-educated c - will - educated d - well-education
9-The book will be --------------next week.
a publication b publisher c publish d - published
10-We had a formal, organized discussion, that means ---------------
a conflict b debate c - forum d - fight
11-Escapism is a kind of ---------- that helps people to forget their worries.
a - fight b discussion c - information d - entertainment
12- He is the main character, he is the ------- of the film.
a heroine b hero c - herb d - director
13-Antony Hope's story was ------- in 1890.
a published b - bought c - stolen d - mended
14-Films and books can sometimes help people to ------ from their worries.
a - escape b suffer c - wait d - sell
15-You can still see a lot of ------ architecture in Greece and Rome.
a - classical b - professional c - classics d - classes
16- He has a lot of money, he is a --------man.
a - wealth b - poor c - healthy d - wealthy
17-The --------- of Queen Elizabeth took place in 1952.
a - colonial b - organization c - permission d - coronation
18- He doesn't have the right --------- vote in the coming elections.
a - with b - in c- of d - to
19- He was interested in--------- and was a good speaker.
a - political b- politician c politics d-policy
20- .. the night before the meeting, the president cancelled it.
a- at b- on c- in d-off

Question Bank
21-Tutankhamun died after he fell ------------- his horse.
a - of b- at c - in d-off
22-Because the two brothers look so , nobody realizes who kills the king.
a- like b- alike c- likes d-likes
23-They are having a .. at school next week about developing education
a-disagreement b- conflict c- debate d- negotiation
24-They are not a family, although everyone works very hard.
a-worthy b-wealthy c-healthy d- filthy
25-Children in Egypt .. primary school between the ages of 6 and 11.
a-attend b- intend c- tend d- pretend
26-The ..of Queen Elizabeth II took place in 1952.
a-collaboration b- coronation c- corporation d- combination
27-In Egypt, all people have the .. to vote
a-left b- wrong c- right d- sight
28- is a very large strong building built in the past to protect the people inside from attack
a- Castle b- Flat c- House d- Villa
29-The characters here are ... They are not real.
a-fictional b-intentional c- additional d- conventional
30-The story takes .. in 19th century Europe.
a-space b- part c- place d- the place
31-He was locked the castle at Zenda.
a- on b- in c- at d-of
32-Our army can protect us . any enemy.
a-of b- with c- from d- at
33-Yara is going to study at university.
a-classics b- classic c- classical d- classification
34-Winning the cup is a great .
a-admission b- collision c- occasion d- concession
35-The Egyptian monuments are very popular ..tourists.
a-of b- to c- with d- on
36-is a kind of entertainment that helps people to forget about their worries.
a-Capitalism b- Colonialism c- Globalism d- Escapism
37-The story is not true , it is .
a- real b fictional c right d famous
38---------- means the study of the language and history of the ancient Greeks and Romans.
a-Classic b classical c classify d classics
39-My Sister is --------- she had a good education.
a-good educated b well educated c will educated d well education
38-The book will be --------------next week.
a-publication b publisher c publish d published
39-We had a formal, organized discussion, that means ---------------
a- conflict b debate c forum d fight
40-Escapism is a kind of ---------- that helps people to forget their worries.
a-fight b discussion c information d entertainment
41-He is the main character , he is the ------- of the film.
a- heroine b hero c herb d director

Question Bank
42-He killed the girl and went to ----------------and spent 20 years.
a-jail b forum c castle d museum
43-Antony Hope's story was ------- in 1890.
a- published b bought c stolen d mended
44-Films and books can sometimes help people to ------ from their worries.
a-escape b suffer c wait d sell
45-You can still see a lot of ------ architecture in Greece and Rome.
a-classical b professional c classics d classes
46-He has a lot of money, he is a -------- man.
a-wealth b poor c healthy d wealthy
48-The --------- of Queen Elizabeth took place in 1952.
a-colonial b organization c permission d coronation
49-He doesn't have the right --------- vote in the coming elections.
a- with b in c of d to
50-After finishing school , he went to Oxford University-------- he studied classics.
a- who b which c when d where
51-The --------------- were married later that year.
a- pair b double c two d couple
52-He was interested in--------- and was a good speaker.
a- political b politician c politics d- policy
53-The police ---------- chased the suspect.
a- are b is c were d have
54-Mathematics -------------- a very difficult subject for me.
a- is b are c have been d were
55-Tutankhamun died after he fell ------------- his horse.
a- of b at c in d off
56-My brother is very . . he went to Cairo University and then Oxford.
a- well-known b- ignorant c- well-educated d illiterate
57-Were having a .... At school next week about ways of reducing global warming.
a-debit b- debate c - debt d debase
58-For some people, reading and watching films are forms of .
a-escape b- escaping c escapist d escapism
59-In the past, English children studied at school. Now most schools teach modern languages.
a-classic b- classics c- class d classical
60-Oliver Twist is the .... hero of one of Charles Dickens most famous novels.
a-fictional b- fiction c- fictions d - fictionalize
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1- While he does his homework, his friend arrived.
2- Before she did research on new treatments, she works as a surgeon.
3- My brother has a difficult decision to do next week.
4- He isn't finishing the job yet.
5- When the company needs people to speak for it at a meeting, it can send a relation.
6- Both my parents are tired. They no longer work.
7- What did you do since the weekend?
8- When would you start to learn English? Two years ago.
9- I want to be a doctor since I was ten.

Question Bank
10- When I was eight. I have seen a programme about a famous doctor on TV.
11- The president pretended the final match.
12-The combination of the king took place in the royal palace.
13-These two brothers are so like.
14-We all have the tight to vote in elections.
15-This novel is intentional. It's not real.
16-A defeat is a formal organised discussion.
17-The gang hijacked the boy and asked for a lot of money to let him go.
18-She went to London a pair of years ago.
19-Can you tell me what the thief was alike?
20- It took him five hours finishing the report.
21- Escaping is entertainment that helps people to forget about their.
22- The ceremony of the coordination of the queen was attended by millions of people.
23- A defeat is a formal organized discussion.
24- It took him five hours finishing the report.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1- I have .. money. However I can buy my needs.
a- little b- a little c- few d- many
2- He has .. pens, he can give me one of them.
a- much b- a little c- a few d- few
3- Are there . biscuits left?
a- an b- any c- little d- much
4- One of the players in the blue team ............. very tall.
a-is b-are c- were d- be
5- How .. seconds are there in an hour?
a-much b-many c- often d- little
6- Ten kilometres a long way to run.
a-is b-are c- were d- been
7- Would you like . cup of tea?
a-a b-any c- much d- little
8- How ................ people are there in the team?
a-much b- many c- long d- little
9- We didn't take ................ photographs yesterday.
a-some b- many c- much d- little
10- Eman was listening to .............. music.
a-a b- many c- one d- some
11- They didn't do .................. shopping last week.
a-a b- much c- many d- some
12- I still have .................... things to do.
a-a little b- much c- one d- a few
13- I am going to buy .............. bread.
a-some b- a few c- two d- one
14- If you want to know the news, you can read ................
a-much paper b- many paper c- a paper d- paper
15- I bought ................ to print my documents.
a-papers b- paper c- a paper d- many papers

Question Bank
16. Twenty pounds --------- a lot of money for a five year old wallet.
a is b are c were d have been
17. The police --------- to interview two men about the robbery .
a want b wants c has wanted d is wanted
18. Can I borrow you scissors? Mine ------ sharp enough.
a isn't b aren't c doesn't d don't
19. Four days ---------- long enough for a good holiday.
a weren't b aren't c haven't been d isn't
20. The news ----------- as bad as we expected.
a wasn't b weren't c - haven't been d - don't
21. I think the people --------- happy with the government.
a are b was c is d has been
22- Could you give me ....................... advice?
a-an b-some c- many d- one
23- I don't have ............. luggage.
a-many b - some c- much d- a lot
24- They spend ......... money on travel.
a-a lot of b- many c- a few d- a
25- I hope you will have ............ good time.
a-a b- many c- a few d- any
26- She has .................. problem. Can you help her?
a-a b- a few c- any d- a lot
27- How......... girls are there in your school?
a-much b- many c- few d- little
28- He has ......... English name, but in fact he's French.
a-the b- an c- a d- many
29- He is going away for .................... month in July.
a-some b- many c- much d- a
30-I drink a . of water every morning .
a-glass b bag c tube d- packet
31-I have .. pens . I don't need any more .
a-a little b little c - a few d few
32-I don't have . time left .
a-many b- some c- much d few
33-will you bring me . sugar ?
a- any b - some c- few d - a lot
34-Egypt has. natural resources .
a- little b few c - a lot of d - a little
35-I take a.. of honey every morning .
a-jar b- tube c glass d- spoonful
36-He hasn't got furniture in his house .
a-a lot of b some c any d many
37-There are .. books on the shelf . They are not enough .
a- many b- few c- a lot of d - any
38-He needs . bread to make a sandwich .
a-a few b- a lot of c- a loaf of d many

Question Bank
39-All the news .good .
a- are b were c - have been d is
40-I have CDs . I need some more .
a-little b- a little c- a few d- few
41-The luggage ..labelled.
a-are b- is c- are being d- have been
42-She eats just one of meat everyday .
a-slice b- lump c - kilo d- packet
43-My brother has ..experience , so he didn't get the job .
a-a little b- a few c- little d- few
44-The attack on the shop caused .damage
a-a few b- many c - a lot of d- few
45-Are there . biscuits left ?
a-some b an c- any d- a
46-How people are there in the team?
a-many b much c little d- more
47-Thirty pounds .. a lot of money for a five year old wallet.
a- is b - are c- were d- have been
48-The trousers you bought for me .. fit me.
a- doesn't b - don't c - isn't d- hasn't
49-The police to interview two men about the robbery .
a- want b wants c - has wanted d - is wanted
50-Can I borrow you scissors ? Mine .. sharp enough.
a- isn't b - aren't c- doesn't d - don't
Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences
1. Our luggage are searched carefully.
2. They are nice person.
3. Much people don't have enough to eat.
4. This socks are fine.
5. Athletics are important.
6. She has got a little books.
7. How much clothes have you bought?
8. He went to a schools in the village.
9. The Egyptian teams is very clever.
10. How much coffees have you drunk today?
11. Do we have a rice left?
12. How many money do you need for your holiday?
13. Fifty degrees are a very high temperature
14. Athletics were my father's favourite sport.
15. The team usually plays very well
16. The people in our group was watching the film.
17. Hurry! There is not many time left.
18. Two five-pound notes is on the table.
19. The police is chasing the suspect.
20. She likes oranges but I like green.
21. Money are the root of all evil.

Question Bank
22.After left university, he worked as a lawyer.

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary is a non-renewable energy.
a-sun b-water c-coal d-geothermal
2-Geothermal energy is better the environment.
a-than b-to c-for d-at
3-Which picture show energy from the following?
a-produced b-is produced c-being produced d-produces
4-Hedroelectric power is ..
a-renewable b-non-renewable c-recycled d-finished
5-Electricity is produced in a station .
a-geothermal b-power c-sun d-wind the force produced when two things push against each other.
a-energy b-power c-pressure d-geothermal a black fossil fuel from underground
a-oil b-coal c-geothermal d-pressure
8-When atoms are .., nuclear energy is produced.
a-spelt b-split c-spilt d-spoiled
9-If you make rock or metal very hot , it becomes
a-heat b-molten c-cool d-boil
10-.. is oil or alcohol made from plants .
a-fossil fuels b-bio fuels c-natural gas d-chemical fuels
11-is used in homes and to generate electricity.
a-coal b-petrol c-natural gas d-bio fuels . a part of a word that goes before a word to change its meaning.
a-prefix b-suffix c-proverb d-complement
13-What types of energy are used in Egypt ?
a-few b-most c-many d-the most
14-In the wind turbines there are underground to transport electricity.
a-motors b-wires c-blades d-towers
15-When . is expensive , everyone has to pay more for food , heating and transport.
a-housing b-energy c-salaries d-water
16-Countries need to cooperate to develop new .. of energy .
a-farms b-flowers c-forms d-forces
17-Some countries cannot afford to . fuels from other countries .
a-port b-export c-sell d-import
18-people,animals and plants need energy to .
a-eat b-walk c-live d-multiply19-Most
19-Most of our sources of energy today depend on
a-solar power b-bio fuels c-fossil fuels d-nuclear power
20-.isn't an example of fossil fuels.
a-oil b-natural gas c-wind d-kerosene
21-Traditional fuels were formed underground ..millions of years
a-for b-in c-over d-from
22-Energy from the sun , wind or geothermal energy isn't ..
a-renewable b-traditional c-clean d-useful
23-In the past wind was used for ..

Question Bank
a-fanning b-sewing c-sailing d-fighting
24-The High Dam in Aswan supplies Egypt a lot of its electricity.
a-for b-to c-with d-from
25-As well as expensive, fossil fuels pollutes air.
a-be b-being c-making d-having
26-The injured footballers..slowly off the field.
a-jumped b-climbed c-limped d-timed
27-We can waterfalls as a source of energy.
a-make b-use up c-harness d-generate
28-He's been as Assistant Secretary to the Minister of Education.
a-said b-know c-appointed d-same
29-Saving energy stops it from
a-going out b-running out c-using up d-wearing away
30-Water passing through a dam produces ..power.
a-geothermal b-hydroelectric c-solar d-non-renewable
32-the knife has a sharp.
a-handles b-blade c-fan d-back
31-. energy is the energy we get from the heat inside the earth
a- Nuclear b Solar c Hydroelectric d - Geothermal
32-Molten metal or rock is . because it is very hot.
a-solid b - renewable c- hard d liquid
33-Please time how long I will take to do 5 . around the playground.
a-taps b- laps c tops d- lips
34-He had a swim and lay on the sand to . himself.
a-sun b- fuel c moon d hot
35-The .of dead plants and animals make fossils.
a-returns b- remains c resources d- recycles
36-I begged her to speak, she .. silent.
a- remained b- reminded c - removed d- remembered
37-Our boat was . by high waves.
a-fueled b- watered c- rocked d- recharged
38-The energy for . powered vehicles comes from the sun.
a-petrol b solar c - gas d oil
39-Scientists are now working . ways to use solar power instead of petrol vehicles.
a- for b- at c - in d- on
40-"Wind farm" in Egypt are used to produce electric . .
a-force b - power c- strength d- ability
41-I decided to spend the summer holiday in Port Said .. spending it abroad.
a- rather than b- or rather c - rather d - would rather
42- Geothermal energy is better than traditional power stations.
a- Producing b- produced c- produce d- product
43-We are going to .a survey into peoples use of energy.
a- have b- do c- make d- produce
44-How .do you travel by car? Twice a week.
a- long b- far c- many d- often
45-is the black fossil fuel from underground.
a- coal b- cool c- gas d- oil
46-When atoms are split . is produced.
a- solar b- nuclear c- geothermal d- fossil
48-If you make rock or metal very hot , it becomes...
a- dissolved b- molten c- smelt d- melt

Question Bank
secondary made from animals or plants that lived millions of years ago
a- nuclear fuel b- fossil fuel c- solar energy d- wind
50-To .is to make electricity.
a- generate b- refrigerate c- energize d- produce
51-..means can be replaced at the same speed it is used.
a- nuclear b- renewable c- nonrenewable d- fossil
52-..means materials left after you have used something , which you do not need.
a- waste b- fossil c- paste d- rest a building with parts that turn with the wind , which is used to make power
a- gas station b- power station c- wind turbine d- reactor
54-Water passing through a dam produces power.
a- nuclear b- geothermal c- heat d- hydroelectric
55-Burying the ground can damage the environment.
a- oil b- waste c- waist d- west
56-Modern are tall towers that are built where thee is a lot of wind..
a- factories b- turbines c- plants d- stations
57-Many countries are now using more .forms of energy from the sun and wind.
a- knowable b- renewable c- nonrenewable d- renewed
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1-I wove to him from the window but he didn't see me.
2-You should take a lot of exercises to keep fat.
3-Non-renewable means can't be used more twice.
4-There is no pollination from hydroelectric power.
5-Siwa oases is very important for us.
6-This is the age of science faction.
7-Hydroponic means using water power to produce electricity
8-We always look for new serials of energy.
9- Ayah smokes a lot. What a bad happed
10-coal is a black fusil fuel from underground.
11-We get hydroelectric energy from the heat inside the earth
12-This water is then pumping to the surface and is heated again to make steam
13-There are geothermal power stations producing as many energy as two large coal power
14-Energy from the sun can be hunted and stored .
15-Crops of wind turbines along the red sea in Egypt generate electricity.
16-Water is the solid form of ice
17-Nuclear power is produced when atoms spilt.
18-Geothermal energy doesn't create population.
19-Energy from the sun will list for another billion years.
20-Many countries are now using non-renewable forms of energy from the sun and wind.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1 In many parts of the word , wood .. to heat people's homes.
a burn b burns c is burnt d are burnt
2 Sugar cane and used to make fuel.
a grow b grows c grown d is grown
3 We water to the surface and heat it again.
a pump b pumps c are pumped d is pumped
4 Water the surface and heated again.

Question Bank
a pumps b is pumped c pump d are pumped
5 The tower an open place.
a build b builds c is building d is built
6 - means using water power to produce electricity.
a Wind b Solar c Hydroelectric d - Atomic
7 - The Pyramids the ancient Egyptians.
a building b built c builds d build
8 My father always .. to work on time.
a go b goes c gone d was going
9 They . late for school.
a never are b are never c never is d can never
10 My sister . the newspaper every morning.
a read b reads c has read d is reading
11 The moon .. round the earth.
a will move b moved c moves d has moved
12 Mr. Salem comes to work late.
a doesn't b never c didn't d won't
13 We in Allah.
a believe b believes c are believing d is believing
14 English . all over the world.
a is spoken b will speak c is speaking d has spoken
15 The house .. by the sun.
a heated b heats c is heated d are heated
16 ..the letter written?
a Do b Does c Is d Are
17-Esraa . a cup of tea every morning.
a-always has b-has always c-always had d-had always
18-Rubish ..and burnt.
a-collects b-collected c-are collected d-is collected
19-We prefer coffeetea.
a-on b-to c-at d-than
20-The road .used.
a-isnt b-doesnt c-didnt d-cant
21-When this house erected?
a-did b-does c-was d-will
22-Heba sad.
a-is often b-often is c-was often d-often was
23-Kidnappers made hostages .on the ground.
a-sleep c-to sleep c-sleeping d-sleeps
24-These letters
a-are typing b-were typing c-is being typed d-are being typed
25-He gave annual party, This means he gave it every
a-day b-month c-year d-week
26-Pre means ..
a-before b-after c-during d-against
27-The high dam .longer brings silt.

Question Bank
a-not b-no c-non d-none
28--Hadeer played football ..2004.
a-in b-since c-for d-ago
29-He ..playing tennis.
a-used to b-use to c- is used to d-used
30-Ladfills is the place .. rubbish is dumped.
a-which b-where c-who d-that
31-It took millions of years . oil.
a-form b-to form c-forming d-forms
32-Wesal does not allow .. in front of her house.
a-parking b-to park c-parks d-park
33-People pump water to the surface and again
a-heat b-heats c-heating d-heated
34-verbs can't be changed into passive.
a-Transitive b-Intransitive c-Modal d-Helping
35-Hot water comes ..through the earth's surface.
a-on b-to c-up d-into
36-Wood in many parts of the world causes pollution.
a-burning b-is burnt c-burns d-burnt
37-People .much fossil fuels.
a-use b-uses c-is used dusing
38-the motor in the wind tower make blades turn
a-use b-used c-is used d-using
39-When oil ..,it is pumped to the surface.
a-find b-found c-is found d-founded
40-We always up before we leave.
a-is locked b-lock c-locking d-is locking
41-.your homework checked?
a-Is b-Does c-Was d-Do
42-I can't leave as I ..
a-examine b-examines c-am examined d-'m not examined
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1- Renewable forms of energy can not be used many times.
2-It takes days for oil to be formed.
3-We reproduce energy from the wind .
4-Solar power is non renewable source of energy.
5-We get hydroelectric energy from still water.
6-The molten rock heat underground lakes of water.
7-This water is then pumping to the surface of the earth.
8-Energy from the sun can be hunted and stored .
9-Machines need energy either.
10--Crops of wind turbines along the red sea in Egypt generate electricity.
11-Water is the solid form of ice
12-Nuclear energy is the best form of renewable energy .
13-Buying waste in the ground can damage the environment.
14-Modern wind turbines are tall tours which are built along seas.

Question Bank
15-Biology is the study of rocks.
16-Most of the Earth's energy comes up the sun.
17- The remains of dead Plants and animals make renewable energy.
18-Electricity pollutes the atmosphere.
19- Nuclear energy is clean and non-renewable.
20- Nothing can't live without energy.
21-It is important for us to increase in using non-renewable energy.
22-For centuries, the coal has been used to sail ships and pump water.
23-Energy from the sun is probably the best form of non-renewable energy.
24-The sun's energy will lest for another five billion years.
25- The sun rise in the earth.
Choose the correct answer:
1- Millions of people watched the rocket .. ,., .... , ....... on TV.
a- start b- launch c- set off d- beginning
2- The medicine I'm taking is wonderful. It has no side ......... , ..... .
a- results. b damage. c effects. d problems.
3- My brother and I are not twins, but we are very .............. .
a- alike. B- same . c -like. d- correct.
4 -Coal and oil are two kinds of fossil., ...... , .....
a- petrol. b- gas. c- energy. d- fuels.
5- Electricity is produced in a .. .. station.
a- bus b- railway c- power d- energy
6 -I expect ......... : ...... you at the weekend.
a -I'm going to see b- I'll see c- I'm seeing d- I see
7- The film ........ , .. ', ... at 7.30 this evening.
a- starts b- will start c -is starting d- is going to start
8- How ............... times have you seen that film?
a- many b- much c-lots d- different
9 -The distance from here to Cairo ........... , .... two kilometres.
a - are b- has been c- is d- is being
10 -In some places, wood ................ to heat people's homes.
a- are burnt b -burns c burnt d- is burnt
11-The word " geo" means ------------------
a moon b sun c earth d heat
12-Coal , oil and gas are all forms of ----------------------------
a atomic energy b nuclear energy c hydroelectric d fossil fuels
13-Do you like chicken or fish?
a- a b- an c- any d- no article
14- Ten minutes ..........enough to put on your clothes.
a- is b- are c- has d- have
15-- Athletics ..............a good form of exercise.
a- is b- are c- has d- have
16- - --------- means the study of the language and history of the ancient Greeks and Romans.
a Classic b Classical c Classify d Classics

Question Bank

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1. My friend and I are going to enter an athletics .. .
a-competition b composition c recognition d-champion
2. Professor Jones gave Ayman a camera and all its .. .
a-attacks b attachments c mails d letters
3. Leila sent an e-mail to Samira and .. an image.
a-attended b attacked c attracted d attached
4. Al Ahram Weekly,. my article.
a-wrote b translated c published d did
5. Midday is 12 o'clock in the day, but midnight is 12 o'clock at .
a-night b noon c day d knight
6. It is not .. , it is old-fashioned.
a- modern b- ancient v dirty d- clean
7. To . means to make a new product or idea successful.
a-divide b develop c - retire d- recite
8. Al Sydia Zainab is a famous .. of Cairo.
a-restrict b governorate c system d district
9. Naguib Mahfouz used simple .. in his novels.
a- style b draft c styles d symbol
10. Hassna is a girl.
a- fashion b fashioned c fascism d fashionable
11. Yehia Haqqi studied at university to be a lawyer.
a- low b- law c- medicine d- art
12. Haqqi worked as a . in different countries.
a-ambassador b diplomat c writer d translator
13. Yehia Haqqi wrote a of short stories.
a-group b school c pack d collection
14. Haqqi spent most of his time as a in Assuit.
a-lawyer b politician c writer d diplomat
15. As well as . two books , he wrote short stories.
a- write b wrote c writing d writes
16. He is an expert . Arab culture.
a- with b- at c- on d- by
17. His story, the post man , was . into a film.
a-make b made c makes d making
18. This shop sells goods at prices.
a- limited b fix c fixed d fox
19. She is a graduate Oxford University.
a- in b- of c from d at
20. He is a publisher his work is to ..stories and novels.
a-write b translate c publish d public
21. Al Gamalya is a famous of Cairo.

Question Bank
a- restrict b governorate c system d district
22. I really enjoyed that book , it is written in a very simple ------------
a-style b road c draft d styles
23. My sister loves clothes and buys ------------ dresses.
a- very old b traditional c fashionable d old-fashioned
24. He won a prize for one of the --------------- of his short stories.
a- pack b school c collect d collection
25. He worked -------------- for more than 20 years.
a- aboard b above c- abroad d ashore
26. He has a ---------------- routine in writing.
a-fixed b fixing c fax d mix
27. As -------------------------- as I am concerned , this is an interesting book.
a-long b soon c tall d far
28. He worked -------------------------- for more than 20 years.
a-aboard b above c abroad d ashore
29. He cannot work because of his .. .
a-ability b facility c flexibility d - disability
30. A .. is one of the first people to do something that others will continue.
a-biologist b beginner c pioneer d- bystander
31. All people must . the law.
a-obey b break c destroy d damage
32. Some people believe that on animals should be banned.
a-experiments b experience c experiences d examples
33. There was nobody in the house .. Ali.
a-rather than b other than c otherwise d other
34. I had several bad during my last trip.
a-experiences b experience c experiments d extensions
35. I haven't had a steady . since last March.
a-career b job c work d profession
36. Which team do you ?
a- export b import c support d report
37. He is regarded as one of the .. of modern science.
a-heads b bosses c- supervisors d pioneers
38.The verb of the word " attachment " is ..
a-attend b attack c attract d attach
39. He is a publisher his work is to stories and novels.
a- write b translate c publish d public
40. Midday is 12 in the day, but .is 12 at night.
a-mid year b midnight c mid evening d good night
41. It is not modern , it is
a-stylish b modern c new-fashioned d old-fashioned

Question Bank
42.To.means to make a new product or idea successful.
a-develop b divide c retire d involve
43.The person who does something that others will continue is
a- pioneer bengineer cjournalist dchemist
44. I really enjoyed that book , it is written in a very simple..
a- style b road c draft d styles
45. My sister loves clothes and buys.. dresses
a-very old b traditional c fashionable d old-fashioned
46- He won a prize for one of the of his short stories.
a-pack b school c collect d collection
47. As well as.two books , he wrote short stories.
a- write b wrote c writes d writing
48. He is an expert Arab culture.
a-with b on c that d by
49. He workedfor more than 20 years.
a-abroad b above c aboard d ashore
50. His story , the post man , was . into a film.
a-make b made c makes d making
51. He has a routine in writing.
a-fixed b fixing c fax d mix
52. She is a graduate .Oxford University.
a-in b from c of d off
53. As as I am concerned , this is an interesting book.
a-long b soon c tall d far
54. They still wear .. clothes in siwa Oasis.
a- habits b traditional c customs d tradition
55. We always take a three . holiday at the end of the year.
a-months b month's c month d months'
56. My friends , as well as my brother ,
a- studies b studying c study d is studying
57. Ali is .of Ain Shams University.
a-graduated b graduate c graduating d a graduate
58. My father is a / an ... He is interested in politics.
a-engineer b diplomat c politician d political
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1- The children watched ourselves on video.
2- Please make you at home.
3- She helped me doing the job.
4- Egypt sent a trade allegation to the conference.
5- Policemen usually wear a platform.
6- He had a kidney transport last year.
7- The normal requirement age in Egypt is 60.
8- She is interested on reading newspapers.
9- A carpenter represents one country in another.
10- This designer always comes up with new ideas. He is very imaginary.
11- Ali's poem gained the second prize in the competition.

Question Bank
12- Aya always writes short stories for student magazime at university.
13- She is used to get up early.
14- I always have a ten-minutes break for coffee.
15- He is always happy with what he writes.
16- Lamiaa insists at coming late.
17- Norhan is old- fashion- she wears black and white clothes.
18- Haqqi was one of the pioners of modern Egyptian Literature.
19- Haqqi an expert in Arab culture.
20- I graduated at Ain Shams University.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1-The students ......... how to do the experiment yesterday.
a- showed b- were shown c- were showing d- would show
2-I tried to get into the house, but the door .........
a- locked b- was locked c- would lock d- has locked
3-That picture ......... by a great artist.
a- painted b- was painted c- had painted d- was painting
4-The criminal escaped but......... in a few hours.
a- was catching b- would catch c- was caught d-had caught
5-This drug .. yet.
a-Wasn't used b-didn't use c-isn't used d- hasn't been used
6-The thief . before he left the office.
a- had been arrested b-was arrested c-had arrested d- arrested
7-She slept after the messages to her friend
a-sent b-had sent c-will be sent d- had been sent
8-I .. the newspaper every day. Now I don't have the time.
a- used to reading b- used to read c- am used to reading d- reads
9-As soon as we arrived at school, the first lesson
a- had begun b-began. c- has begun d- begins
10-I .. the film before I read the book.
a- already saw b- see c-'d already seen d-has seen
11-What . when I called you? You sounded very busy.
a- did you do b-were you doing c- are you doing d- have you done
12-I. my own computer for three years now.
a- have had b-l had c- am having d- had had
13-While she .her homework, my sister was listening to music.
a- was doing b-used to do c- is doing d- has done
14-When the telephone rang, they--------------the match.
a- watched b-had watched c-were watching d-watch
15-Our block of flats . five years ago.
a- built b- were built c- is built d- was built
16-Five trees .. in the park.
a- cut down b- is cut down c- were cut down d- cuts down
17-Yesterday evening, the program .
a- is watching b- is watched c- was watching d- was watched
18-The windows at school .. this morning.
a- cleaned b- are cleaned c- were cleaned d- cleaning

Question Bank
19-I . to a football match at the weekend by my father.
a- take b- took c- was taken d- am taken
20- We arrived half an hour late. The film ........ half an hour earlier.
a- began b- was beginning c- had begun d- has begun
21- Agatha Christie's books ................ into more than 40 languages.
a- have been translated b- have translated
c- translated d- were being translated
22-The Romans ................ Petra nearly two thousand years ago.
a- have captured b- were captured c- captured d- had captured
23-Pepo-----------in Al-Ahly team 20 years ago
a- plays b-played c-were playing d-will play
24-On--------------the match, Ayah was cooking.
a watch b-watches c-watched d-watching
25-Amal ------------the room while Mohamed was making tea.
a- cleaned b-was cleaning c-is cleaning d-cleans
26-When I was young I .. football.
a- play b- am used to playing c- used to play d- plays
27-I haven't met famous people
a recently b- already c- just d -lately
28-I haven't seen him 2005.
a since b- already c- for d in
29-When the telephone rang, they ...................... the match.
a-watched b had watched c were watching d watch
30-He.....................the tree when he suddenly fell down.
a- climbed b climbs c was climbing d will climb
31-They ......................... for England an hour ago.
a-leave b left c were leaving d will leave
32-On................. the film, Ali came.
a-watching b watches c watch d watched
33-They saw the fighting people while..................... home.
a-were driving b drove c driving d drive
34-How did he ................ to Aswan yesterday?
a-go b went c going d goes
35-My sister ................. the room while I was making tea.
a-cleaned b was cleaning c is cleaning d cleans
36-The first map El_idrissi .
a-was drawn b drew c is drawn d draws
38-She cut herself while .
a-cook b cooked c was cooking d cooking
39-What were you doing when I last night.
a-phoned b was phoning c had phoned dwould phone
40 He ...................... the guitar, when I saw him.
a-play b played c was playing d had played
41 They saw the accident while ..
a-were driving b drove c driving d drive
42 They......................out of the bank when the police caught them.

Question Bank
a-ran b were running c had run d are running
43 The Pyramids were the ancient Egyptians.
a-building b built c builds d build
44 While she was cooking , her sister ............................ homework.
a-was doing b did c does d had done
45 As he was carrying the vase, he on the floor.
a-drops b dropped c had dropped d drop
46-They ....................... since last year.
a-hadn't met b haven't met c didn't meet d won't meet
47-We ......................some difficulty recently with Maths.
a-had b have had c are having d were having
48- I haven't written a letter since I England.
a-traveled b will travel c have traveled d travel
49-Shakespeare............................37 plays.
a-has written b wrote c had written d was written
50-The e-mails ................ by Ayman.
a-have written b has written c have been written d has been written
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1- We revised for our test when the light went out.
2- She played the piano since the age of six.
3- Our block built five years ago.
4- It's time he comes to school.
5- After play the game , he washed.
6- Did you used to smoke when you were young?
7- Have you never visited the valley of kings?
8- While the match , he was injured.
9- Having wake up , he switched on TV.
10- She played the piano since the age of six and she still
11- This book were written by a famous writer.
12- I enjoy reading novels since I was a young child.
13- It was delivered while I read the newspaper.
14- I am used to reading at least one book a week, but now I don't read so many.
15- This book were written by a famous writer.
16- I enjoy reading novels since I was a young child.
17- It was delivered while I read the newspaper.
18- I am used to reading at least one book a week, but now I don't read so many.
19- After he has studied he slept yesterday.
20- My parents use to live in a small flat in the city centre.

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1-Working as a secret in a foreign country can be a very dangerous job.
a-doctor b guide c engineer d agent

Question Bank
2-In many countries, people have to carry an identity . to prove who they are.
a-card b letter c message d postcard
3-The Romans Britain in 43 BCE.
a- faded b deviated c applied d invaded
4-We saw a lot of photographs, but we couldn't the man we'd met.
a-qualify b solidify c liquefy d identify
5-How did the man .. his innocence?
a-deprive b improve c- prove d devote
6-The enemy used radios to . messages to their ships.
a- transmit b spend c try d develop
7-They . that the driver had been going very fast at the time of the accident.
a-inspected b respected c- suspected d exerted
8-A is a person you think may have done a crime.
a- suspect b detective c survivor d surgeon
9-A is equipment that sends radio signals.
a- counter b interpreter c thermometer d transmitter
10-. means entering another country to take control.
a- Deviation b Confusion c Aviation d Invasion
11-. is the place from which a company is controlled.
a- Headquarters b Headbands c Headlights d Headmast
12-A . is a person who finds out information about another country or organisation.
a-director b producer c consumer d spy
13-.. is being unable to remember things.
a-Depression b Amnesia c Fever d Anaemia
14-A .. is equipment for catching and killing mice.
a- trap b trick c truck d mousetrap
15-The crime of killing someone is called . .
a-blender b border c murder d boiler
16-In his later life, he suffered from . He was unable to remember things.
a- paralysis b amnesia c cancer d rheumatism
17-He tried to kill himself by taking . .
a- vegetable b fruit c poison d protein
18-When the children met the queen, they were too .. to speak.
a-active b shy c lazy d helpful
19-He had lost his .. card and was being questioned by the police.
a- honesty b enmity c identity d legality
20-She never went to school. .. she was taught at home.
a- Included b Instead c Installed d Indebted
21-The man's strange behaviour made the police of him.
a- envious b jealous c suspicious d fabulous
22-If you a crime, you must expect to be punished.
a- do b make c have d act
23-He was seriously by an enemy bullet.
a-wounded b buried c handed d rammed
24-The prisoner will be free next week.
a- stay b set c sit d slip

Question Bank
25-She's always .. on her neighbours.
a- trying b dying c crying d spying
26-The police found the radio transmitter . in the bathroom.
a- hide b hiding c hidden d-to hide
27-He stayed in a small hotel the coast.
a-on b of c with d in
28-He lives in a house the city centre.
a-overlooking b looks c like d is overlooking
29-He used to golf with his friends when he was young.
a-do b do c play d played
30-Agatha Christie was the of English crime fiction.
a-king b prince c princess d queen
31-I remember the pyramids when I was 10 .
a- to visit b visiting c visit d visits
32-The actors were excellent at the new play.
a-perform b performing c writing d write
33- means having no ability to remember.
a-Insomnia b Architecture c Tiredness d Amnesia
34-She is because she is always nervous and embarrassed.
a- shy b ashamed c innocent d guilty
35-How about the internet?
a-surf b surfs c to surf d surfing
36-He is a he has done a crime.
a-crime b murder c criminal d officer
37-He is a he tries to find out information about another country or organization.
a-diplomat b ambassador c president d spy
38-In many countries , people have to carry an card to prove who they are.
a-identity b credit c debit d hobby
39-In the past , the Romans Egypt.
a- invaded b invasion c flooded d sold
40-I and Mona cleaned the house by
a- alone b myself c herself d ourselves
41-He lives in a house ..the city centre.
a-overlooking b looks c like d is overlooking
42-He used to golf with his friends when he was young.
a-did b do c play d played
43-He was found .. and set free.
a-clever b guilty c innocent d innocence
44-Agatha Christie was the of English crime fiction.
a-king b prince c princess d queen
45-I remember.. the pyramids when I was 10 .
a- to visit b visiting c visit d visits
46-My grandfather suffers . amnesia .
a-by b with c from d in
47-The actors were excellent at . the new play.
a- perform b performing c writing d write

Question Bank
48-. means having no ability to remember.
a-Insomnia bArchitecture c Tiredness dAmnesia
49-A crime of killing a person refers to..
a- murder b saving c photographing d cycling
50-She is . because she is always nervous and embarrassed.
a-shy b-ashamed c-innocent d-guilty
51-We used a to catch and kill mice.
a- mouse b mouth c board d mousetrap
52-How about ..the internet?
a-surf b surfs c to surf d surfing
53-Many children are .. about talking to their teachers
a-shy b - ashamed c shyness d -Chinese
54-All the fish in the river died , someone must have put in water.
a-salt b- poison c- food d- seeds
55-A man was found dead in the road, the police think it was..
a-murder bdeath cchance d digging
56-After seeing the mouse , they put a in the kitchen.
a-cupboard b-teapot c-bin d-mousetrap
57-He is a.he has done a crime.
a-crime b murder c criminal d officer
58-He is a.he tries to find information about another country
a- diplomat bambassador cpresident dspy
59-People have to carry ancard to prove who they are.
a-identity b credit c debit d hobby
60-In the past , the Romans .. Egypt.
a-invaded b invasion c flooded d sold
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1- We've locked themselves out.
2- Could you give me a quick exploration of how this machine works?
3- They chose a famous lawyer to present them in court.
4- They were arrested as breaking the law.
5- He had to apologize owing to he made a shameful mistake.
6- As well as she studied hard, she played tennis regularly.
7- If he reads the questions carefully, he answers them.
8- There were no accidents though the dangerous roads.
9- As soon as seeing the accident, I called the police.
10- However the box was heavy, he could carry it.
11-Excavation means to dig up the ground to find things from the present.
12-Murder is the crime of hurting people.
13-He is ashamed he is always nervous and embarrassed.
14-The price contains breakfast and accommodation.
15-We went to school by Ahmad's car.
16-Some of the books are basing on her travels.
17-My father died at the ago of 66.
18-Insomnia means unable to remember any thing.
19-It is his nature to be ashamed in front of others.

Question Bank
20-I went to the cinema to watch the new play.
21-A mousetrap is a kind of equipment for feeding mice
22-Aya was borne in 1993
23-The pain can't be born.
24-This film belongs to science faction.
25-He bought a lot of medicinal from the pharmacy yesterday.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1 Agatha at home by her mother.
a-taught b was taught c was teaching d teaching
2 He is .to have thought from amnesia.
a- think b thinking c to think d thought
3 Petra was .. by the Romans in AD 106.
a-captured b capture c captures d capturing
4 A famous player .to be hurt in an accident.
a- is believed bare believed c is believing d are believing
5 - Money .to bring happiness.
a-thought b will think c has thought d is thought
6 It was reported . cancelled.
a- that the match b that the match was c to have d have been
7 They are expected . the cup.
a-to have won b that they will win c to win d to have been win
8 My son .to get full marks.
a-believes b believed c is believing d is believed
9 It . that money is very important.
a-can't deny b can't have denied c denied d can't be denied
10 We don't know where he lives . believed to live in Tanta.
a- It is b It was c He is d He has
11 He .. to be an intelligent pupil.
a-considers b is considered c has considered d is considering
12 .. is known that smoking is harmful to health.
a-Everyone b It c No one d He
13 It hasreported that he the criminal.
a-be b been c being d is
14 .thought that he will take part in the race.
a-It is b It has c He is d He was
15 It was that he killed the old woman.
a-suppose b supposing c supposes d supposed
16 It is reportedshe cleaned her room.
a- to b that c be d been
17 Edison to be stupid.
a-was thought b-is thought c-thought d-think
18 Essraa and Asmaa arrested last night.
a-got b- are c is d- has been
19 Mayada came secretly for fear of ..
a-was seen b seeing c- being seen d- had been seen
20 - All money ,. to charity, was delivered to the poor.

Question Bank
a-was spent b-is spent c-are spent d-spent
21- Houses .to be warm in winter and cool in summer.
a-design b have designed c are designed d are designing
22Our car .. this week.
a-is being repaired b is repairing c has repaired d will repair
23-They these flats in 1965.
a-were built b will be built c have been built d built
24-The car .. too fast.
a- drives b was driving c was being driven d will drive
25-We . to a party at the weekend.
a-have invited b will invite c has invited d have been
26-The headmaster the students 27-about being late for school.
a- had been warned b had warned c is warned d will be warned
28-I expect we . where to go.
a-will be told b will tell c have told d had told
29-Charles Dickens .. Gullivers' Travels a long time ago.
a-writes b is written c was written d wrote
30-He the car for 10,000 pounds last week.
a-has sold b will sell c was selling d sold
31-The bus ..down yesterday.
a-was broken b broke c breaks d has been
32-They turned and ..when they saw us coming.
a- were run b have been run c ran d running
33-This picture by my friend last week.
a-painted b was painted c is painted d has been
34-Before roads ..across the desert, few visitors came to this town.
a-were building b built c were built d have been
35-She .. of forging money.
a-was accused b has accused c had accused d was accusing
36-It is that the building was started in 237 BC.
a- saying b says c said d say
37-It .. that wolves and foxes were hunted in Sinai 3,000 years ago.
a-has believed b is believed c is believing d had believed
38-The newspaper .. that food prices increased by ten percent last year.
a-reports b is reported c has been reported d is being
39-It ..that there are no survivors of the crash.
a- is fearing b has feared c will fear d is feared
40-She is thought to .. from amnesia.
a-be suffered b being suffered c have suffered d suffers
41-Some of her stories . on her travels to some countries.
a-base b is based c are based d are basing

Question Bank
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1-It is fear that there are no survivors of the crash.
2-It was believed that he stole the bank.
3-It is saying that many people are homeless after the floods.
4-Money is think to be the root of all evils.
5-Lamia was said to had gone to Alex..
6-Lander is said to is a swindler .,
7-Leila was arrest because the police found a gold rabbit among her clothes.
8-Cotton grows in Egypt
9-The job is doing at the moment.
10-The injured man couldn't walk and his friends had to be carried him.
11-A new hospital has built near the airport.
12-Dangerous driving are caused a lot of accidents.
13-A decision won't be making before the end of the month.
14-People are not allowing to park here.
15-All the questions must answer in order.
16-Our products export to many countries.
17-She got hurting while cleaning the kitchen.
18-This painting is going to exhibit at the art gallery.
19-The man is questioning at the police station at the moment.
20-This problem should solve soon.
21-Dr Magdy Yacoub is admiring for his medical achievements.
22-Mail doesn't deliver mail on Christmas Day.
23-Mona was severely punishing by her mother.
24-More money will spent on education.
25-Tickets can be buy on the day of the concert.

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1-My brother always buys . Instruments.
a- music b- musician c- musical d-amuse
2-She . the guitar well and perform well.
a- made b- played c- did d- acted the underground part of a tree that hold down the tree.
a- Leaf b- Branch c- Trunk d- Root
4-Sap can also be used to . Rubber
a- make b- do c- buy d- made
5-Trees protect us . the heat of the sun.
a- b b- from c- in d- at
6-Aya is . happy as she will marry her boy friend.
a- quit b- quiet c- quite d- quietly
7-It is necessary to keep animals like goats .. from the trees.
a- up b- in c- away d- by
8-Wood products can also be turned .paper

Question Bank
a-into b- in c- away d- by
9-Every year, the cells under the bark of a tree .and become new wood
a- hardly b- hard c- harden d- heard
10-This road is too narrow for all today's traffic , so they will it.
a- wide b widen c- width d- widely
11-That old bridge over the river is very weak. They will have to it soon.
a- strong b- strengthen c- strength d- strongly.
12-A trees leaves help it to take . light from the sun.
a- up b- in c- by d- of
13-Turpentine is made from the .. of trees
a- soap b- sap c- sweep d- sad
14-The . protects the living part of the tree and the tubes
a- paper b- root c- bark d- park
15-It is important to keep animals, like goats, from young trees as they love eating their
a- up b- away c- by d- of
16-The are the parts of trees that grow under the ground and find water.
a- roots b- branches c- barks d- leaves
17-The hard outside part of a tree is called the ................ .
a- root b- branch c- bark d- leave
18-........ are the flat green parts at the ends of the branches of a tree.
a- fruits b- roots c- barks d- leaves
19-................ grows on a plant or tree and has seeds inside
a- fruits b- branches c- barks d- leaves
20-Every year, trees grow extra ............... of new wood.
a- barks b- rings c- fruits d- leaves
21-. is the liquid that carries food in tree
a- sap b- water c- oil d- leaves
22-People use to clean their teeth.
a- paste b- toothpaste c- toothpast d- tears
23-Tubes carry water from the to the leaves.
a- roots b- branches c- rings d- barks
24-The more rain there is in a year, the .. the tree rings are.
a- narrower b- wider c- smaller d- bigger
25-Sap can be used to make
a- rubbish b-rubbing c- rubber d- rube
26-Wood .can also be turned into paper or cardboard.
a- products b- produces c- production d-produce
27-. are the food factory of a tree.
a- paper b- leaves c- roots d-branches
28-This girl is dependent. She always counts her friends.
a- at b- in c- off d- on
29-Aya always aims get high marks every year.
a- at b- to c- of d- in
30-is the typical weather conditions in an area .
a-Climate b-weather c-map d-climb

Question Bank
31-The in Egypt tomorrow is suitable for the match.
a-Climate b-weather c-map d-climb
32-If the bark is badly damaged , the tree .
a-sleeps b dies c runs d walks
33-We can make paper .. wood from trees.
a-out of b of out c down from d from down
34-The bark is like our -----------------------
a- hands b hearts c skin d hair
35-We can calculate the age of a tree by counting its -----------------------
a- leaves b rings c nuts d roots
36-We can make a deep narrow hole by using a --------------------------
a- borer b telescope c microscope d map
37-what was the weather ----------------------------- yesterday?
a-as b like c likes d hates
38-The country suffered from .. as there was no rain for long.
a- draught b famine c drought d draft
39-The .. are the food factory of a tree.
a-trunks b barks c branches d leaves
40-He took me and took all my money.
a- out b in c off d away
41-The tubes carry water from tree's .. to its leaves.
a- bark b root c trunk d branch
42-The smallest part of an animal or a plant is called a .. .
a- sell b well c cell d skin
43-Robin Hood succeeded . hiding on an oak tree.
a- in b- of c- at d- for
44-We use to make boxes.
a-cardboard b dashboard c- blackboard d board
45-The liquid that carries food in trees is .... .
a- sad b- sat c sap d sin
46-Paper is made . wood.
a- from b- of c in d by
48-What was the weather yesterday?
a- like b alike c as d hates
49-He used a paint .. to clean his shirt.
a-remove b removal c removing d remover
50-The oil which is .. from olives is used for cooking.
a-extracted b retreated c contacted d conducted
51-I .. that we would arrive there at 6. p.m.
a- included b excluded c calculated d valued
52-A lot of medicines come from tropical .. .
a-rainforests b rainbows c raindrops d rainfalls
53-Cutting trees causes damage to the environment.
a-in b of c away d down
54-You have to obey all the and regulations.
a- roles b reels c rails d rules

Question Bank
55-Most trees . bigger every year.
a-die b live c grow d reach
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1-The climate is very hot tomorrow.
2-Yara always aims at get high marks.
3-Sara is always afraid from the dog.
4-Fruits carry water from a trees roots to its leaves.
5-Draught is a long period of dry weather when there is not enough water
6-A trees leaves help it to take off light from the sun
7-We can calculate the age of the tree by counting leaves.
8-Soap is the liquid that carries food through a plant
9-Park protects the living part of the tree.
10-Trees help the earth to breath
11-People have added a more serious reason for this list
12-It is important to keep animals off from young trees.
13-My new trousers are too long, so my mother is going to short them.
14-This knife doesn't cut very well. I need to sharp it.
15-A loaf grows on a plant or tree and has seeds inside ..
16-The couple which I met at the station took me to dinner.
17-In addition to he wrote the letter, he saw the film.
18-Because they played very well, they lost the match.
19-The people in our street are very neighbouring. They always help each other.
20-My uncle is a represent for an international oil company.
21-You should not ridiculous people who have different ideas from you.
22-Despite the weather was bad, we went out.
23-He didn't go out as his illness.
24-As well as he goes to the market, he visited some friends.
25-He was driving with one hand and waving with the another.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1-If you practise a sport, you better at it.
a- got b- gets c- will get d- get
2-If you practise a sport, you .. in the sports team.
a- will get b- gets c- would get d- get
3-If you read quickly, you. that book soon.
a- will finish b- would finish c-finish d-finishes
4-If you read quickly, you .. quickly too.
a- learned b- learns c- would learn d- learn
5-If you plant a tree, it .. the world to breathe
a- will help b- helps c- would help d- help
6-If you plant a tree, it .. lovely in a few years.
a- will look b- looks c- look d- would have looked
7-Water . if the temperature goes below zero degree.
a-freeze b-freezes c-froze d-is freezing
8-If water.. , it expands.
a-freeze b-is frozen c-froze d-is freezing
9-Wood floats if it .. in water.

Question Bank
a-puts b-is putting c-is put d-will put
10-If there isn't any water, plants .
a-die b-are dying c-would die d-could die
11-We die if we water.
a-will not drink b-don't drink c-didn't drink d-aren't drinking
12-If it......... tomorrow, I will go for a walk.
a- doesn't rain b- won't rain c- didn't rain d-hadn't rained
13-He will visit you if he ......... time.
a- has b- had c- had had d- will have
14-If Adel ......... his promise, they will avoid him.
a- didn't keep b- won't keep c-doesnt keep d-hadn't kept
15-If you need anything,......... me at once.
a- will telephone b- would telephone
c- telephone d- would have telephoned
16-If you don't come to my party, I.........angry.
a- would be b-will be c- have been d- would have been
17-if the bark is badly damaged, the tree .
a- would die b- could die c- die d- dies
18-If you pick those apples now, they won't taste very sweet.
a- pick b- picked c- picks d- had picked
19-If a tree .. deep roots, it won't fall over.
a- have b- had c- has d- will have
20-If you leave now, you . your train.
a- would catch b- will catch c- catches d- catch
21-Water .if the temperature is zero or below .
a- will frees b- freeze c- freezes d- would freeze
22-If you throw that stone, you .. a window.
a- breaks b- would break c- will break d-would have broken
23-I a headache if I use the computer for a long time.
a gets b- got c- get d- would get
24-If she trains hard, she next week's race.
a- would win b- will win c- wins d- win
25-If you mix red and white, you . pink
a- got b- gets c- would get d- get
26- If it tomorrow, I will go for a walk.
a-doesn't rain b won't rain c didn't rain d hadn't rained
27- .. danger, call the police.
a- If b Unless c Without d In case
28- If we heat metals , they .
a-expanded b would expand c will not expand d expand
29- If you meet my father, .. tell him I am in the club.
a- won't b wouldn't c don't d can't
30- You will understand the lesson you listen carefully.
a-unless b except if c as long as d so
31- If she ..the newspaper, she would have known.
a-read b reads c had read d will read

Question Bank
32- If I . you, I would apologize to her.
a-am b were c had been d have been
33- If he didn't come , I .. him.
a- would have forgiven b won't forgive c forgive dwouldn't forgive
34- He will pass the test . he studies hard.
a- except if b unless c if not d only if
35- If he arrived early, . catch the metro?
a- he would b would he c he will d will he
36- .. he to help us, we would be saved.
a- If b were c had d should
37- ..she arrive early, I would help her.
a-If b Should c Were d Unless
38- . he played well , he would have won.
a-If b Should c Had d Were
39- coming early, he would miss the train.
a-If b Without c Unless d In case of
40- What . if you were rich?
a- you will do b would you do c did you do d you did
41- If I were with them, I stop the fight.
a- will b may c could d can
42-If people .. enough food, they become ill.
a-don't get b won't get c haven't got d wouldn't get
43-If it goes on raining for much longer, the river
a-will flood b is flooding c has flooded d flood.
44-If the farmer's fields . very dry this summer, he will irrigate them.
a- got b are getting c get d will get
45-If there . a sandstorm tonight, the town will be full of sand tomorrow.
a-is b has been c was d were
46-If you mix yellow and blue, You . green.
a- would get b are getting c get d may get
47-If you . these plants soon, they'll die.
a- aren't watering b don't water c won't water d wouldn't water
48-If the wind is very strong, it .. trees down.
a-will blow b has blown c would blow d had blown
49-If scientists study the rings of trees, they .. information about our climate in the past.
a-found b would find c can find d have found
50-If there .. much rain in a year, the rings in a tree are close together.
a-wasn't b weren't c hadn't been d isn't
Find the mistake in each of the following sentences :
1-Hurry up! If we don't hurry, we'd be late
2-It's raining hard. We get wet if we go out.
3-I would have been angry if it happens again.
4-We see the whole match if we leave now.
5-If she works hard, she earns more money.
6-Don't worry if I was late tonight.
7-If they didn't come soon, I'm not going to wait.

Question Bank
8-If she ran all the way, she'll get there in time.
9-If he will be sick, he had better go to bed.
10-The dog doesn't attack you if you sit quite still.
11-Unless you don't wear boots, you may get bitten by snakes.
12-He can stay with me provided he agreed to help with the housework.
13-If the bark of the tree was badly damaged, the tree dies.
14-You can see the rings if you are cutting the tree down.
15-If there was a lot of rain during the year, the rings are quite wide.
16- If I felt tired , I will go to bed.
17- If I found any money at school, I will take it to the teacher.
18- I will tell you if I saw anything unusual.
19- If you haven't taken the photos, I wouldn't have remembered our holiday.
20- Water will freeze if the temperature is zero or below.
21- If you throw that stone, you break a window.
22- If she trains hard , she wins next week's race.
23- If he arrives early , he will catch the bus?
24- If you will mix red and white , you get pink.
25- If you heat ice , it freezes.

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1-The factory plans to .. in new computers.
a-resist b arrest c invest d detest
2-The rock was cut . a rectangular shape.
a-into b with c of d at
3-The quickest way to get to the city centre is to .an underground train.
a-come b do c travel d take
4-Some people long distances while others work close to home.
a-communicate b- commute c complain d compete
5-A journey on the underground . one pound.
a-costs b pays c gives d makes
6-People can money by travelling on the underground.
a-keep b waste c save d develop
7-The ancient temple's stone pillars had begun to crumble
a -massive b active c alive d alternative
8-The first line of the Paris Metro system . in 1900.
a-started b opened c destroyed d made
9-My father studied at university and has designed many important bridges.
a- engineer b engineers c engineered d engineering
10-Education is a/an in the future of a country and its young people.
a- investment b wish c desire d- demand
11-Nearly four million . travel to and from London every day.
a-competitors b commuters c contractors d conductors
12-The Great Wall of China was a/an .. project which took hundreds of years to complete.

Question Bank
a-investment b conservative c contemporary d massive
13-That tunnel has a . of 7 metres.
a-size b diameter c weight d price
14-The height of the .. is 25 metres.
a-street b stiff c staff d cliff
15-The artist .. the sculpture from a massive piece of stone.
a-harvested b- carved c curved d starved
16-At night, bright lights always .. the front of the palace.
a- illuminate b eliminate c contaminate d originate
17-If you want to ask the teacher a question, you should your hand.
a-rise b arouse c rise d raise
18-The Sphinx is near the Pyramids at Giza.
a- postponed b possessed c preceded d positioned
19-The statue of the pharaoh is a famous ancient ..
a-moment b memory c monument d mount.
20-The statue is built on a hard . made of concrete.
a- basic b base c case d brass
21-The .. of the Great Wall of China is 6,400 kilometres.
a-width b breadth c length d wealth
22-The Great Pyramid is about 150 metres
a-height b weight c high d low.
23-A ... is a large structure that is built to remind us of an important event or a famous
person. a-minute b monument c moment d cement
24-A cliff means high ..
a-racket b pocket c rock d stick
25-To ..means to cut stone or wood into a particular shape.
a-carve b crave c achieve d - activate
26-To . is to make light shine on something.
a-bright b sight c fight d illuminate
27-To . is to move something to a higher position.
a- erase b chase c raise d praise
28-Many years ago, enemies were the rich towns of northern China.
a-attracting b attacking c attempting d attending
29-Building the Aswan High Dam meant that the Nile Valley would be
a-fed b fled c flooded d defeated.
30-The massive statues were cut into pieces which .. over 30 tonnes each.
a-weighed b laid c paid d waited
31-, the wall reached a length of 6,400 km.
a- Continually b Individually c Manually d Eventually
32-The work began in 220 BCE and .for hundreds of years.
a-started b continued c opened d offered
33-It was that Egypt should lose one of its most important monuments.
a- unattainable b uncontrollable c - unthinkable d- uncountable
34-Today, the temples are an amazing of ancient and modern engineering.
a-coronation b combination c communication d connection
35-Plans were to rescue the temples.

Question Bank
a-done b taken c made d given
36-The work took more than 3 years
a-to complete b complete c completed d completing
37-The government is trying to .. more tourists to Egypt.
a- attack b attend c attract d attain
38-He walked fast because he didn't want to the bus.
a- lose b miss c loose d loss
39-This is the greatest monument ever..
a-discovery b discover c discovered d discovering.
40-The government should provide more money .. education.
a- with b for c at d on
41-Could you tell me the best .. to go to the city centre, please?
a- way b- method c- route d- root
42-The way from here is to take an underground train.
a- long b- short c- expensive d- quickest
43-Cairo Metro is the . underground railway system in Africa or the Middle East.
a- lonely b-alone c- only d- solo
44-Its ..newer than London or Paris System.
a- more b- a lot c- less d- most
45-The first line . in 1989. Its about 44 kilometres long and goes from the
Helwan to New El Marg.
a-was opened b- is opened c- opened d-opens
46-Cairo Metro must have made travelling around Cairo easier for..
a- commuters b- commutes c- communicators d-compensators
47-Trains carry two million people every day.
a- exactly b- near c-accurately d- nearly metro cost the same whether you travel between the stations or go from one
end of the line to the other.
a-Journey b- Journeys c- Travelling d- Going
49-The metro must have people a lot of money and improved the journeys to work.
a- rescued b- saved c- provided d- supplied
50-There are two lines in the metro system at the moment, but there are for six lines.
a- plans b- works c- hopes d- wishes
51-. under the Nile cant have been easy.
a- Diving b- Sailing c- Swimming d- Tunnelling
52-They used a massive drilling machine called Nefertiti. It dug a tunnel with a .of
over eight meters.
a- monometer b- diameter c- trimetric d- hemi meter
53-The whole thing sounds like a .engineering project. It cant have been cheap.
a- mass b- masses c- misses d- massive
54-Were very .the underground, and it's considered to be one of the most modern
underground systems in the world.
a- pride of b- ashamed of c- proud of d- shy of
55-The underground is an .. in Egypts future as a centre for tourism and business.
a- investor b- investing c- investment d- investments
56-Egypt has many amazing ... of engineering, both ancient and modern.

Question Bank
a- works b- work c- establishments d- sites
57-Abu Simbel is the site of two temples which were ..a cliff in about 1250 BC.
a- built into b- made into c- carved into d- curved
58-The larger temple was so that at certain times of the year, the rays of the rising sun
would illuminate the statues .
a- put b- positioned c- built d- constructed
59-The government decided to build Aswan High Dam. Thus, the Nile Valley would be .and
that Abu Simbel itself would be under water.
a- flooded b- watered c- dried d- dug
60-It was .that Egypt should lose one of its most important monuments, so plans were
made to rescue it.
a- thinkable b- unthinkable c- thoughtful d- thoughtless
Find the mistake in each of the following sentences :
1-A transporter is someone who travels a long distance to work every day .
2-He infected his life savings in his daughters business.
3-The explosion made a passive hole in the ground.
4-The funnel goes under the Nile.
5-A strong economy depends on a healthy manufacturing basic.
6-The statue was possessed at the entrance of the castle.
7-The government has made a plan to rise taxes.
8-It was unthinking that she could be dead.
9-The earth is discriminated by the sun.
10-Keep away from the edge of the stiff - you might fall.
11-Egypt has many amazed works of engineering.
12-There are a lot of history monuments in Egypt.
13-The street is 50 metres length.
14-We should stop people pollute the environment.
15-The Great Wall of China was built to keep the attackers of.
16- We are proud of he won the prize.
17- Abu Simbel is the sign of two temples.
18- The temples were curved into a cliff.
19- They do a plan to rescue the monuments.
20- A jockey is riding in the horse.
21- It is width enough for them to move.
22- He has his own factory , he works against himself.
23- The thieves attached the old woman and robbed her.
24- My father died at the ago of 66.
25- I can't hear you , please rise your voice.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1-His car . have cost a lot of money. It's the latest make.
a- can't b- might c- must d- may
2-A: Look, Hesham's keys are on the table.
B: He have seen them when he left this morning.
a- can't b-must c- mustnt d- had to
3-A: I rang you this morning, but you didn't answer.
B Sorry, I .. have been asleep.

Question Bank
a can't b-must c- have to d- may not
4-A- He's only been in the laboratory for ten minutes.
B Surely he . have finished his experiment already.
a- can't b-must c- mustn't d- might
5-A- Ali fell off his bike this morning. Do you know if he's OK?
B- His mother says he have broken his arm.
a- mustn't b-might c- couldn't d- can't
6-There has been a sandstorm. The streets are covered in sand.
a- must b- might c- can't d- mustn't
7-She ...... have rung me early this morning. I was out until midday.
a- might b- must c- mustn't d- can
8-He .have missed his train. He is usually late.
a- must b- can't c- might d- couldn't
9-Lamiaa have forgotten. She's got a very good memory.
a- can't b- might c- could d- may
10-It . Been very windy during the night. There are branches all over the ground
a- can't b- must c- could d- may
11-His watch have cost a lot of money. It is made of plastic.
a- can't b- might c- must d- may
12-Its got wings so it be a bird
a-must b-cant c-must have d-may
13-He was absent for a week. He ill during that time.
a-must b-must be c-must have been d-may be.
14-It . our train. Its too early.
a- cant be b- must be c-neednt be d-might be
15-She .. out when I phoned as no one answered.
a- must be b- cant c- must have been d-had to be.
16-I am not sure; he . tired when he stopped working.
a-might be b- must have been c- must be d- might have been
17-What a pity! Hes bleeding terribly. He an accident.
a-cant have had b-may have had
c-must have had d-should have had
18-He ill as he was absent last week.
a-must be b-wont be c-must have been d-cant have been
19-She . be only 30, she looks much older.
a-mustnt b-cant c-shouldnt d-neednt
20-The criminal ----------- have escaped through that broken door.
a might b couldn't c must d might not
21-He missed his train. He's usually late.
a- must have b can't have c didn't have d can have
22-His watch cost a lot of money. It's made of plastic.
a- must have b might have c could have d can't have
23-It .. been very windy during the night. There are branches all over the ground.
a-can't have b will have c must have d didn't have
24-Tunneling under the Nile . been easy. I'm sure it was difficult.
a- must have b may have c can't have d might have

Question Bank
25-My father . walked to work this morning. His car is still in the garage.
a-didn't have b won't have c shall have d must have
26-He can't walk. He be ill.
a-must b mustn't c shouldn't d won't
27-He spends so much money. He .. be rich.
a- can't b shouldn't c must d won't
28-You ..finished that book already. You bought it only yesterday and it is very long.
a-can't have b must have c should have d will have
29-A: I don't know where my school bag is, Mum?
B: It's not here. You have left it on the train.
a- mustn't b can't c might d won't
30-A: Look, Hesham's keys are on the table.
B: He .. seen them when he left this morning.
a-must have b - can't have c might have d may have
31-A: I rang you this morning, but you didn't answer.
B: Sorry, I have been asleep.
a- can't b might not c may not d must
32-A: He's only been in the laboratory for ten minutes.
B: Surely he .. have finished the experiment already.
a- must b can't c might d may
33-A: Ali fell off his bike this morning. Do you know if he's OK?
B: His mother says he have broken his arm.
a-might b will c can d didn't
34-He .. been injured. There was blood on his face.
a- can't have b mustn't have c must have d should have
35-The streets are wet. It last night.
a- must rain b can't rain c must have rained d should have rained
36-Mona is never late, .?
a- she b isn't she c won't she d will she
37-I'm not rich enough to buy that car, ?
a-aren't I b don't I c can I d am I
38-Not everyone enjoys sport, ..?
a-do they b don't they c didn't he d does he
39-Let's go out tonight, .?
a-will you b won't you c should we d shall we
40-She'd rather not sign the cheque, .?
a-did she b hadn't she c wouldn't she d would she
41-He's got a very good memory, he .
a- must have forgotten b- cant have forgotten
c- might have forgotten d- may have forgotten
42-He is never usually late; he missed his train.
a- must have b-cant have c-might have d- may have
43-It is made of plastic, it ..cost a lot of money..
a- must b- cant have c- will d- has to be
44-I was out until midday, she .me this morning.
a- must ring b- can't have rung c- must have rung d- will have rung

Question Bank
45-The streets are covered in sand, there .a sandstorm last night.
a-must be b- cant be c- might have been d-must have been
46-There are braches all over the ground, it windy yesterday.
a- cant be b- might be c- must be d- must have been
47-Dina have been at school yesterday .the list of the absent included her name.
a- must b-cant c- neednt d- mustnt
48-We dont know when earthquakes happen .They .predicted.
a- were b- cant be c- have been d- had been
49-His bad exam results ..have frustrated his poor parents.
a- must b- should c- cant d- neednt
50-They ..mad, the solution they gave is very reasonable.
a- must be bcant be c- may be d- would be
51-She .foolish she says she believes in magic.
a- can't be b- may be c- must have been d- must be
52-This be his car. He is too poor to afford such an expensive vehicle
a- may b- can't c- must d- might
53-The streets are wet , it rained while we were in
a- must have b- can't have c- neednt have d- should have
54-What you are true. I am sure it isnt.
a- may b- can't c- might d- must
55-I cannot find my eyeglasses. I have left them at home.
a- must b- can't c- may d- might
Find the mistakes:
1-I phoned him but he didn't answer, he must have heard the ring.
2-He can have rung yesterday evening. I'm not sure.
3-I am certain she might be a nurse
4-She must meet him last week.
5-Hanan owns a large villa and a large company, she must be poor.
6-I am not sure. Aya must have robbed the bank.
7-I'm not sure how well I did in the test at school today, but I think I might pass
8-I am sure she robbed the bank. She can't be a thief.
9-A- I think this structure was built about 200 years ago.
B- It can't have been very difficult. Those pieces of metal look incredibly heavy.
10-Do you think they made the pieces nearby or brought them from somewhere else?
B- They must have brought them very far. They're too big.
11-In the past, people can't find clean water, so there were a lot of diseases.
12-She's been trying to pass her driving test for six years and she's finally managed in passing
13-I don't see my neighbor any more. He must moved to a new house.
14-He can read or write. He is illiterate.
15-Excuse me, should you tell me the way to the station, please?
16-We could get into our car because our keys were locked inside.
17-We will keep out of oil in 20 years.
18-Almost any information you need shall be found on the internet.
19-He uses a stethoscope and wears a white coat. He can't be a doctor.
20-She can the ability to do her job very efficiently.

Question Bank

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1 My uncle visited Aswan but now he has decided to live there .
a-temporary bpermanently c by chance d fantastically
2 Someone ..on our door last night , but I didn't open it.
a- broke b knocked c took d booked
3 Doctors and nurses belong to medical
a- confession b decision c transition d profession
4 All my friends come from very . families.
a- respectable b evil c devil d unrespectable
5 My grandfather is . at the moment after along illness.
a- recuperating b recuperate c recuperates d recuperated
6 I am reading the of Shakespeare.
a- geography b autograph c biology d biography
7 He has worked in different places . Now , he would like a more. job.
a- permanent b temporary c enjoyable d profitable
8 I people who are honest and work hard.
a- hate b respect c respectable d respectful
9 He is not amateur , he is
a- profession b professional c lazy d professionally
10 You should behave
a- professional b profession c professionals d professionally
11 Your ..are people working with you.
a- relatives b enemies c neighbours d colleagues
12 Conflict is a situation of . between people.
a- fighting b dancing c cooperation d respect
13 People who . serious crimes should be sent to prison.
a-come b see c watch d commit
14 He left all his savings to his son in his..
a- hand b will c memory d fan
15 All my brother's in work are friendly.
a-colleagues b teachers c nurses d classmates
16 The story took .. in Luxor
a-. place b part c turns d off
17 The police made him .. his crime.
a-confess b say c commit d admit
18 The young boy was .. of the huge man.
a- frightening b fright c frightened d bright
19 How about on a holiday ?
a- go b goes c went d going
20 Some people are against his ideas and disapprove his research.
a- in b at c with d of
21 .. means to take something from someone for silence.

Question Bank
a-Blackmail bBorrow cLend dLaugh
22 This story was a for two years.
a-absent b bestseller c bookseller d fruit seller
23 He suffers from many .. problems .
a-healthier b healthy c health d wealth
24 He suffers from illness and spent most of time
a-in bed bin the street csinging dstudying
25 He wrote his best works . Treasure Island , Kidnapped and Dr Jekyll
a-including b consisting c containing d appearing
26 Neither Hams nor her friends . happy.
a-is b are c was d has
27 Hams , as well as , her friends . happy .
a- is b are c were d have
28 I'd rather English .
a- to study b to studying c study d to have studied
29 I prefer sleeping to .. TV.
a-watch b watching c watched d watches
30 ..I managed to solve the problem.
a-Evenly b Eventual c Eventually d Scarcely
31-my father gave me an expensive watch as on my birthday party.
a-present b reward c award d a ward
32-Her parents didn't . of her career choice and there were bitter arguments about it.
a- prove b- improve c approve d deprive
33-The government should do something . the poor people of remote villages.
a- for b - with c- by d in
34-Scientists can . asteroids off course by setting off an explosion near it.
a-knock b- lock c - clock d- flock
35-My brother went on holiday to Aswan. Now he's decided to live there .
a- permanently b- temporary c permanent d temperature
36-I thought the test would be easy, but I must .. I'm finding it quite difficult.
a- dot b admit c adopt d adapt
37-Someone .. on our door late last night, but I didn't open it.
a- kicked b looked c knocked d kite
38-Doctors and nurses belong to the medical .. .
a- job b - profession c- career d- mission
39-All my friends come from very . families.
a- respectable b respected c respect d rescue
40-My grandfather .. at the moment after a long illness.
a- treated b- recuperated c- acupunctured d-cupped
41-I'm reading the . of William Shakespeare.
a- autobiography b biography c- story d- life
42-Ali wasn't badly injured in the accident, but his. . took longer than we thought.
a-recuperated b recuperation c operation d station
43-I have worked in a lot of different places. Now I'd like a more job.
a- permanently b temporary c permanent d temperature
44-You can find information about many writers on the internet.

Question Bank
a-biographical b biography c geography d geographical
45-When he said sorry, it was an, that he had been wrong.
a-admit b confess c admission d permission
46-I .. people who are honest and work hard.
a-respect b respectable c respected d respectful
47-If you are a doctor, it's very important to behave towards your patients.
a-profession b professionally c professional d careful
48-The exam is .. difficult.
a- quite b rater c quiet d quit
49-The shop knocked .. prices during the sale.
a-on b of c off d out
50-All Egyptians were when Egypt lost the match in The Sudan.
a-appointed b disappointed c appointment d disappointment
51-He is not amateur , he is.
a- profession b professional c lazy d professionally
52-You should behave ..
a- professional b profession c professionals d professionally
53-Your ..are people working with you.
a- relatives b enemies c neighbours d colleagues
54-Conflict is a situation of disagreement or between people.
a- fighting b dancing c cooperation d respect
55-People who serious crimes should be sent to prison.
a-come b see c watch d commit
56-When my brother started his new job , all his were friendly.
a-colleagues b teachers c nurses d classmates
57-The story took .. in Luxor.
a- place b part c turns d off
58-How about on a holiday ?
a-go b goes c went d going
59-Some people are against his ideas and disapprove . his research.
a- in b at c with d of
60- He suffers from illness and spent most of his time
a- in bed b in the street c in the bathroom d singing
Find the mistake in each of the following sentences (Grammar)
1-It is time thinking about buying a house.
2-She'd rather watching TV than go to the cinema.
3-At first he denied stealing the money but he later indebted it.
4-He locked on the door before he entered.
5-Smoking is likely to damage your health parentally.
6-She spent a month in the country cooperating from the operation.
7-She has a very nice person. Everyone likes her.
8-May I introduce one of my colleges at the bank?
9-It's only human creature to want the best for your children.
10-There was a lot of infect between him and his father.
11-She left me some money in her wool.
12-He was sent to prison because he had connected murder.

Question Bank
13-They changed the whole annoyance of the house just by painting.
14-He felled in his attempt to break the record.
15-We should restrict the environment and not pollute it.
16-Dr Jekyll makes place in London.
17-He used to complain to pain in heart.
18-He started making experiments on himself.
19-The boy took the right medicine , so he died.
20-He wrote his biography before he died.
21-He was do research into human nature.
22-I always complain about my father about my room.
23-He wanted to improve that he is a great scientist.
24-He went to prison as he composed a crime.
25-My colleges in the company gave a party for me when I retired.

Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1-He . he wouldn't be able to sleep until he had finished the homework.
a-said b asked c wondered d wanted to know
2-I asked him what
a-was he reading b is he reading c he is reading d he was reading.
3-She said that she . to be a writer.
a- want b wants c wanted d is wanting
4-He asked me where..
a -I have been b have I been c had I been d I had been.
5-She admitted that her brother . her with her homework that afternoon.
a- was helping b is helping c he is helping d he was helping
6-He asked me if the book he had lent me the week before.
a-had I finished b did I finish c I had finished d I have finished
7-She said they .. them there the following Saturday.
a- meet b are meeting c have been meeting d were meeting
8-She . that she had waited for more than an hour for her appointment.
a-asked b wondered c complained d ordered
9-They promised that they .. us as soon as they arrived.
a-phone b would phone c will phone d phones
10-He admitted that he late the night before.
a- arrives b has arrived c had arrived d will arrive
11-She .. that she was hoping to come and see me the following week.
a-exclaimed b refused c asked d explained
12-He asked me if I knew that his sister ill.
a- is b has been c had been d will be
13-We wanted to know what .of his idea.
a-they thought b did they think c had they thought d will they think
14-She wondered if anything interesting at the weekend.
a-was I doing b I was doing c had I been doing d I am doing
15-I admitted that I .. any plans.
a- don't have b am not having c didn't have d doesn't have
16-He denied .. at the scene of the crime

Question Bank
a- to be b had been c was d being
17-I explained that I ask my mother.
a- would have to b will have to c will d shall
18-She wanted to know if I to go shopping with her.
a- will like b do like c would like d likes
19-Peter . he would phone me that evening.
a-asked b wondered c promised d wanted
20-She said, "I . anyone until I have finished.
a- didn't see b won't see c wasn't seen d hadn't seen
21-She asked me, ". the DVD?"
a-Have you watched b You watched c You are watching d You watch
22-She asked him he was going out.
a- which b what c whether d who
23-She asked me . the bag for her.
a- carrying b to carry c carry d carried
24-He wanted to know how much I .. for my car.
a-pay b have paid c had I paid d I had paid
25-She refused the money I needed.
a-lending b lend c to lend d to lending
26-She asked me whether ................ there before.
a- I had been b- I went c- I go d- had I been
27-Nadia wanted to know if . anything interesting at the weekend.
a- I was doing b- was I doing c- I am doing d- I do
28-I admitted that I . any plans.
a- I didn't have b- I haven't c- I don't have d- I haven't got
29-Nadia wanted to know .. I would like to go shopping with her.
a- that b- to c- if d- not to
30-I explained that have to ask my mother.
a- I would b- would I c- will I d- I will
41-Nadia asked if phone her to tell her what she said.
a- I could b- could I c- will I d- I can
42I promised .. phone her that evening.
a- I would b- would I c- I can d- I shall
43-She complained that she for more than an hour for her appointment
a- has waited b- waits c- have waited d- had waited
44-They promised that they . us as soon as they arrived.
a- will phone b- phone c- would phone d- can phone
45-He admitted that he late the night before.
a- had arrived b- arrives c- arrived d- will arrive
46-He agreed he. tell anyone what I had said.
a- will not tell b- is telling c- tells d- wouldn't tell
47-He asked me If that his sister had been ill.
a- I knew b- I know c- knew I d- I am knowing
48-We wanted to know what they .. of his idea.
a- think b- thinking c- thought d- thinks
49-I want to know what .

Question Bank
a- do those boys do b- those boys are doing
c- will those boys d- are those boys doing
50-I wonder when .
a- will the game started b- the game will start
c- does the game start d- did the game start
51-The inspector asked if a later train.get him to work on time.
a- will b- would c- can d- may
52-He wanted to know how much .
a- the suit cost b- did the suit cost c- the suit costs d- does the suit cost
53-I wondered where ..
a- do you live b- you lived c- did you live d- you live
54-Our teacher asked us .our books.
a- dont forget b- not to forget c- didnt forget d- not forget
55- He said to me, " The earth .. around itself"
a- moved b- had moved c- moves d- has moved
Find the mistake in each of the following sentences :
1-Yara told Amal where she had put the mobile.
2-She said that the sun rose around the earth.
3-Ahmed told me that he will travel to Aswan next month.
4-They told me that they are writing invitations then
5-He asked me that he hadn't sent her any letters.
6-He told me that he am going to repair his car the next day.
7-Aya asked me that she would visit Luxor that winter.
8-I asked him where had he been all morning
9-She asked him how would he do his next homework.
10-He asked me if saw his newspaper.
11-Yara asked me how could I set up a program.
12-I asked Sara what was she writing.
13-Sara said just now that she had written the message.
14-John asked where did I buy my shirt from.
15-He denied to forge the cheque.
16-He said metals are contacting when they are cooled.
17-He advised me looking for another job.
18-She told me to have closed the window.
19-She promised that she will help me soon.
20-He admitted that he robs the house the night before.
21-He explained that he loses his way in the desert a few weeks earlier.
22-They complained that they are treated badly by the shop owner the previous day.
23-He asked me why didn't I lock the door the night before.
24-He wondered how long did I stay in Paris the previous year.
25-He denied to help the spy.

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1-My brother went on holiday to Aswan. Now he's decided to live there.

Question Bank
a-annually b permanently c perfectly d strangely.
2-The best thing about our holiday to Iceland was our visit to see the..
a-geyser b - gear c grease d goose
3-If it rains so hard that the soil cannot . water quickly enough, there are floods.
a-include b consist c absorb d- develop
4-When there is a/an .., of the sun, everything goes dark and the birds stop singing.
a-tips b eclipse c lips d - drips
5-You cannot see ultraviolet , but they can still damage your skin.
a- pays b trays c rays d lays
6-She does not need to wear glasses. There is nothing wrong with her
a-sight b hearing c feeling d- head.
7-Scientists are not sure what causes volcanoes to
a-adapt b adopt c erupt d- corrupt.
8-Greece and Spain are in .. Europe.
a-south b southern c southerly d the south
9-An eclipse of the sun is a strange natural
a-phenomenon b photocopy c photocell d - phobia.
10-Storms can at any time and in any place.
a- behave b favour c disturb d- occur
11-It has not rained here for five months. It is the longest anyone can remember.
a- doubt b draught c drought d - drift
12-When I was a child, I used to be afraid of storms. I covered my eyes so that I could not see
a-tightening b sighting c lighting d - lightning.
13-Alexandria is in the .. of Egypt.
a- north b northern c northerly d - westerly
14-Electrical storms are a common .. in our part of the country.
a-assurance b clearance c occurrence d- disappearance
15-These trees have grown tall in the last two years.
a- centrally b phenomenally c classically d - critically
16-Where we live, the wind usually blows in a .. direction.
a-southerly b south c west d - east
17-Very .. temperatures can make people ill.
a-wide b broad c- high d big
18-The city was destroyed by high waves and . storms.
a- cruel b violent c unkind d aggressive
19-Storms can cause . damage.
a-curious b - serious c strong d - high
20-. rain and strong winds destroyed buildings all over the country.
a-Important b Strong c Heavy d- Rich
21-Denmark is in ..Europe.
a-north b northern c northerly d- westerly
22-To means to make something happen.
a-cause b reason c occur d take place
23-A is a long period of no rain.
a- fright b bright c delight d- drought

Question Bank
24-. is the light you see during an electrical storm.
a- Lighting b Lightning c Shining d - Beaming
25-A is something unusual that happens.
a-phrase b phase c phenomenon d - praise
26-.. means in or from the north part of a country or area.
a- Northern b Southern c Western d - Eastern
27-.. is the ability to see.
a- Fight b Night c Light d- Sight
28-A is a hole in the earth from which hot water can rise.
a- geyser b pond c lake d- ocean
29-rays means light which can make people's skin go darker.
a- Ultrasonic b- Ultraviolet c extra violet d violet
30-A/An occurs when the sun or moon seems to disappear, because one of them is
passing between the other and the Earth.
a- storm b drought c darkness d- Eclipse
31-The earthquake millions of people to abandon their homes.
a-resulted b caused c prevented d - avoided
32-Sugar . naturally in fruit.
a-occurs b happens c takes place d finds
33-Why on are you shouting at me?
a- the earth b the ground c floor d earth
a-direction b deduction c production d connection.
35-The ultraviolet rays cause the skin to darker.
a-bring b come c go d- lose
36-The two boys have been seen .. for the beach.
a-heading b headed c to head d- heads
37-He began to lose his six years ago.
a-sight b sights c nights d fights
38-I .. the kids before I go to work.
a- put on b wear c- dress d put off
39-Central Africa is suffering one of the worst of the century. There is almost no rain
a-droughts b days c weeks d months
40-The very cold weather caused the river..
a-frozen b freezing c- to freeze d- freezes
41-I . believe in hard work as the only road to success.
a- do b am doing c have done d had done
42- An/A ..occurs when the light of the sun or the moon disappears.
a- eclipse b sandstorm c volcano d earthquake
43-..eclipse occurs when the moon is between the sun and the earth.
a- Lunar bSolar cMoon dSun
44- Lunar eclipse occurs when the earth is between the..
a- sun and moon b sun and earth c moon and earth d earth and sky
45- We are afraid .. he will lose his job.
a-of b off c at d that
46-He looks for a .. place not temporary.

Question Bank
a-temporary b easy c difficult d permanent
47-We get heat and from the sun.
a- right b night c might d light
48-He lost his . so he can't see.
a-arm b see c sight d site
49- He has some problems .. his stomach.
a- for b during c with d without
50- Before .. , they could save him.
a- sinking b floating c singing d drowning
51- .. is a long period of dry weather without enough water
a- Drought bDraught cFlood dFlight.
52- .. means something that happens especially unusual or difficult to understand.
a- Phenomenon b Common c Usual d Funny
53-A geyser is a hole in the . from which hot water rises.
a- moon b sky c sea d earth
54- The best thing about our holiday to Iceland was our visit to see the which water rises
from .
a- geyser b fan c mountain d wave
55- If it rains so hard that the soil can't absorb water quickly enough , there are .
a- drought b floods c earthquakes d rain
56-When .. occur everything goes dark.
a- floods b eclipses c rain d earthquakes
57- We can't see .. , but they can damage our skin.
a-ultraviolet b sun c waves d earthquakes
58- She needn't wear glasses .There is nothing wrong with her.
a-skin b sight c hand d heart
59- Greece and Spain are in Europe.
a- north b northern c south d southern
60- An eclipse of the sun is a strange natural.
a- phenomena b phenomenon c phone d act
Find the mistake in each of the following sentences(Vocabulary)
1 cause means to make something disappear.
2 Southern is in or from the north part of a country or area.
3 The sun is made of hot rock.
4 Life on Earth depends on the heat and light from the moon.
5 Very big temperature can make people ill.
6 Denmark is in north Europe.
7-Droughts and heavy rainfall are not a modern phenomena
8-The river floated and killed thousands of people.
9-Strange weather can occurrence all over the world.
10-The city disappeared above the sea.
11-The most windy place in the world is Port Martin in Antarctica.
12-The wind was so strong that it lifted people on their feet.
13-Storm eaters are people who find and follow storms.
14-Extremely weather conditions affect people badly.
15-Why on land did you leave the gate open?

Question Bank
16-Some African countries are suffering from starvation and draught.
17-His illness caused him missing the meeting.
18-When there is heavy rain, the earth cannot disturb all the water.
19-If your site is poor, you should not drive a car.
20-On Wednesday, there will be a partial clips of the sun.
21-The play had excellent lightning effects.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1-If I to Giza, I'll visit the zoo.
a- went b- had gone c- go d- goes
2-If it didn't ran , we in the garden.
a- would have been b- would be c- will be d- can be
3-If you . a lighter jacket, the car driver would have seen you earlier.
a- had worn b- wore c- has worn d- wear
4-We . TV tonight if Peter hadn't bought the theatre tickets.
a-would have watched b- would watch c- could watch d- watched
5-She wouldn't have had two laptops if she . the contract.
a- had not signed b- didn't sign c- signs d- hasn't signed
6-If I were a millionaire, I would live in Paris.
a-will live b- would live c- may live d- lived
7-You would save energy if you the lights more often.
a- switched off b- had switch off c- switch off d- switches off
8-If we had read the book, we .. the film.
a- would have understood b- will have understood.
c- would understand d- will understand.
9-My sister could score better on the test if the teacher....the grammar once more.
a- explained b-had explained c- explain d- explains
10-They .. on time if they hadn't missed the train.
a- might have arrived b- will have arrived
c- could arrive d- would arrive
11-If he again, he would be punished.
a- does b- had done c- has done d- did
12-What......... if you lost your passport in a foreign country?
a-will you do b- would you do
c- did you do d- would you have done
13-If newspapers, I wouldn't know what is happening in the world.
a-don't b-hadn't c-didn't d-won't
14-If he ......... careless, he wouldn't have failed the exam.
a- weren't b- isn't c- didn't d- hadn't been
15-Had he taken a taxi, he ......... the station in time.
a- will reach b- would reach c- would have reached d- may reach
16-If we ......... time, we'd have gone for a picnic.
a- have b- had c- have had d- had had
17-If he .......... he'd have failed.
a- doesn't concentrate b- didn't concentrate
c- hadn't concentrated d- hasn't concentrated
18-If the driver had been more careful, he ......... run over the boy.

Question Bank
a- won't b- wouldnt c- wouldn't have d- mightn't
19-......... your help, he wouldn't have got the job.
a- If b-Unless c- Without d- In case
20-.........I had spare time, I'd have read more books.
a-Unless b-If c-Without d-Had
21-.......... you have a ticket, you won't be allowed to enter.
a- In case of b- If c- without d- Unless
22-If ............ for too long, I get a headache.
a- I'll read b- I read c- I had read d- I would read
23-If you had come ten minutes later, I .
a- would leave b- will leave c- leave d- would have left
24-. I had gone to England, I would have met my pen friend.
a- Unless b If c Without d But for
25-.. we didn't get heat and light from the sun, there would be no life on Earth.
a-If b Unless c In case of d Without
26-If you .. the temperature at the sun's centre, you'd find it was 15 million degrees.
a-take b took c had taken d takes
27-If you look at the sun, you damage your sight.
a-would b will c would have d might have
28-OK if you look at the sun wearing sunglasses?
a- Would it be b Could it be c Is it d Was it
29-If he hadn't looked at the sun, he . damaged his sight.
a- won't have b will have c wouldn't have d would have
30-If it hadn't rained so heavily, we floods.
a- would have b have c have had d wouldn't have had
31-I would go to the moon if I.
a-am asked b were asked c have been asked d had been asked.
32-If it very hot tomorrow, we will not go to the beach.
a-is b were c had been d was
33-People who live near volcanoes leave home if they ..
a-erupted b had erupted c would erupt d erupt.
34-If I were you, I .. listen to the weather forecast before deciding where to go tomorrow.
a-shall b would c can d may
35-If the storm had reached the city, houses and shops.
a-would have destroyed b would be destroyed
c-would have been destroyed d will be destroyed).
36-What .. if a huge storm hit the coast of Egypt?
a- happens b would happen c would have happened d will happen
37-If there .. clouds in the sky tonight, you will not be able to see the moon.
a- had been b were c are d have been
38-If it had been an eclipse, the sky . dark.
a- would have gone b will go c might go d should go
39-If I .. a planet, I would give it my aunt's name.
a-had discovered b discovered c discover d have discovered
40-.. there was an eclipse of the sun in my country, I would definitely watch it.
a-Unless b Without c If d In case of

Question Bank
41- you watch the sky on a clear night, you can see stars and planets.
a-Were b If c In case of d Unless
42-If you wear a hat, your face . burnt.
a- won't get b wouldn't get c wouldn't have got d should have got
43-It is better for your eyes you wear glasses.
a-without b in case of c were d if
44- you hadn't spent so long in the sun, you wouldn't have got burnt.
a-If b Unless c Should d Had
45-If it's warm and sunny tomorrow, I .. swimming.
a-go b might go c would have gone d will go

Find the mistake in each of the following sentences (Grammar)
1-If the volcano erupted yesterday, most people would have left their homes.
2-In case of the flood had been here, houses would have been damaged.
3-If I haven't taken those photos, I wouldn't have remembered our holiday.
4-I'll call you if I needed any help.
5-If there hadn't been a doctor on the train yesterday, the man would die.
6-If his father hadn't help him, his business will fail.
7-Unless she had been absent from school last week, she will understand the lesson.
8-If she were honest, she will do her job well.
9-If he were a lawyer, he helps me.
10-Had he seen the signal, he wouldn't make that accident.
11-If you heat ice, it would turn to water.
12-If you didn't like this shirt, I'll bring you another.
13-Unless I had had a quiet room, I won't be able to do any work.
14-In case of I find your passport, I'll telephone you at once.
15-If I realize it was such a long way, I would have taken a taxi.
16-If we didn't get heat and light from the sun, there will be no life on Earth.
17-If you took the temperature at its centre, you will find it was 15 million degrees.
18-If you look at the sun, you would damage your sight.
19-If he hadn't looked at the sun, he wouldn't have damaged his sight.
20-If I won a lot of money, I'll buy a villa.
21-Had he money, he would have bought a new car.
22-In case of he studies hard, he will succeed.
23-Were I meet the author, I'd ask him a lot of questions.
24-Were he to be strong, he will carry that heavy load.
25-If he hadn't apologized, I wouldn't forgive him.

Question Bank

1. Im sorry, I didnt ................ you. You look completely different.
a- see b- recognise c- realise d- position
2. Most secondary school teachers ................ in one or two subjects.
a- specialise b- work c- achieve d- concentrate
3. Experiments are used to test scientific ................ .
a- thoughts b- processes c- models d- theories
4. Were ................ my brothers birthday next weekend.
a- enjoying b- remembering c-celebrating d- developing
5. My favourite ................ when I play football is goalkeeper.
a- place b- point c- location d- position
6. I wish I ................ what I was doing at the weekend.
a- know b- have known c- knew d-was knowing
7. My sister wishes she ................ harder when she was at school.
a- had worked b- worked c- works d- has
8. The children were covered in sand when they got home. They .............. on the
a- were playing b- have been playing c- played d-had been playing
9. By the time we arrived home, we ................ over 500 kilometres.
a- travelled b- had travelled c- have travelled d-are travelling
10. I expect ................ my driving test when I take it next year.
a- pass b- to pass c- passing d- to passing
1. My parents have always ................ me to keep fit by playing sports.
a- warned b- agreed c- encouraged d- argued
2. When you pass your test, youll get a driving ................ .
a- permission b- licence c- paper d-
3. He does not want to live a ...... life. He would prefer excitement and adventure.
a- conventional b- daily c- interesting d- exciting
4. Their television ................ is very dirty.

Question Bank
a- window b- glass c- gadget d- screen
5. ................ books used to be very cheap.
a- Paper b- Paperback c- Cardboard d- Hard
6. Florence Nightingale, ............ was born in Italy, went to school in England.
a- which b- where c- that d- who
7. My uncle went to a school in London, ....... he learned to speak English well.
a- which b- where c- who d- that
8. I went to the bank this morning ............. I needed to take out some money.
a- so b- although c- because d- and
9. Ive felt really tired today, ................ I went to bed early last night.
a- because b- so c- despite d- although
10. I hope that by the end of next week, our roof will have been ................ .
a- repair b- repairing c- repaired d- repairs
1. My cousin is very ................ . She loves meeting and talking to new people.
a- well-organised b- conscientious c- sociable d- ambitious
2. People understand what Im saying when I speak Spanish, but Im not
................ .
a- fluent b- ideal c- mature d- qualified
3. The girl tried to ................ me to lend her my phone, but I refused.
a- treat b- enroll c- provide d- persuade
4. One of the supermarkets in our town has 25 ................ .
a- employers b- employees c- applicants d- merchants
5. The school ................ every student with books, so you dont have to buy any
a- gives b- trains c- provides d- lends
6. Aishas parents asked her ................ she had finished her homework.
a- weather b- where c- if d- to
7. My friends parents have invited me ........... on holiday with them next year.
a- for b- go c- going d- to go
8. Alis doctor advised ................ to stay at home if he was feeling ill.
a- he b- him c- it d- his
9. If it isnt too hot tomorrow, I ................ go swimming.
a- should b- must c- cant d- might
10. They ................ be at school by eight oclock every day. School starts at eight.
a- have to b- should c- might d- can
1. You'll have to hurry. Your lesson ................ in half an hour.
a) is going to start b) starts c) will start d) start
2. That tower is one of the towns most famous ................ .
a) landmarks b) marks c) events d) products
3. I'd like to get a job in the medical ................ .
a) work b) career c) occupation d)

Question Bank
4. I wish I ................ where I left my jacket.
a) know b) had known c) knew d) could
5. Heba wishes she ................ all her money at the weekend.
a) didn't spend b) doesn't spend c) hasn't spent
d)hadn't spent
6. My brother ................ his ambition when he became a doctor.
a) achieved b) won c) got d) made
7. After the storm, there was a huge ................ of water on the roads.
a) floods b) number c) amount d) lot
8. Sara felt ill all night because she ................ too much the day before.
a) had eaten b) was eating c) eats d) has eaten
9. Hamdi was very tired yesterday evening because he ................ for a school test
all day.
a) has revised b) had been revising c) revised d) revising
10. I really ................ to very loud music in public places.
a) disagree b) argue c) can't stand d)
11. Ahmed's friends didn't ................ him when he returned from a year abroad.
He looked so different.
a) recognize b) remember c) see d) look
12. My friend suggested ................ for a picnic in the park.
a) go b) to go c) going d) goes
13. We're planning ................ to Europe for our holiday next year.
a) f1ying b) to fly c) fly d) to flying
14. In some countries, people ......... the end of the year on December 31
a) enjoy b) celebrate c) have fun d) party
15. In our town, there are musicians who play ................ music.
a) tradition b) national c) folk d) historical
16. Whose ................ is it to make sure children arrive safely at school?
a) responsible b) responsibility c) response d) respond
1. Five pounds ................ a lot for a cup of coffee.
a) are b) cost c) pay d) is
2. In some countries, people use a passport instead of ................ card.
a) an identity b) a personal c) a national d)an individual
3. Sayed ................ the train. He was at the station half an hour before the train
a) can't miss b) can't have missed
c) must have missed d) didn't miss
4. My friend advised me to see a doctor. I wish I ................ her advice now.
a) took b) take c) had taken d) have taken
5. Did they ever discover the ................ of the fire?

Question Bank
a) reason b) purpose c) explanation d)
6. My sister promised ................ me after school this afternoon.
a) meeting b) to meet c) met d) meet
7. I've just finished a novel ................ the main character is an 80-year-old man.
a) which b) in which c) who d) whose
8. Have you heard? They've discovered a/an ................ new treatment for flu.
a) effective b) useless c) real d) cruel
9. She ................ sport as a very important part of her life.
a) thinks b) believes c) regards d)
10. On ................ that he had passed his driving test, Taha was very happy.
a) heard b) he heard c) to hear d) hearing
11. There was great ................ when our team won the football match.
a) procession b) imprisonment c) excitement d)
12. He wasn't getting enough exercise ................ he joined a sports club.
a) because b) although c) and d) so
13. I've seen an interesting article on the internet which I have ................ onto
my computer.
a) received b) done c) downloaded d) written
14. By this time next week, the exam results will ................ .
a) have been published b) have published
c) publish d) be publishing
15. I like that photograph on your computer ................ .
a) glass b) screen c) film d) front
16. Nader is really .............. about all kinds of sport. He loves playing and
watching it.
a) interested b) active c) enthusiastic d) keen
1. In some modern homes, water ................ by energy from the sun.
a) are heated b) heat c) is heated d) is heating
2. My daily ................ starts when my alarm clock goes off at 6.30.
a) routine b) habit c)custom d) way
3. There's water all over the floor. Someone ................ to turn off the shower.
a) must forget b) must have forgotten
c) can't have forgotten d) can have forgotten
4. Her parents ................ have meetings with the teachers at her school.
a) totally b) gradually c) slowly d) regularly
5. My brother and I have just had a phone conversation ................ we discussed
our holiday plans
a) which b) in which c) what d) to which
6. At the weekend, my aunt asked me what I ................ since we last met.
a) did b) was doing c) have done d) had been doing

Question Bank
7. Teachers are always encouraging their students to be ................ and hard-
a) conventional b) common c) confusing d) conscientious
8. He wanted to know whether anyone ................ the book he was reading.
a) had1seen b) has seen c) sees d)saw
9. My sister hasn't finished her course yet. She's still ................ .
a) a trainer b) an employee c )an employer d)a trainee
10. The best writers force their readers ................ about serious questions.
a) to think b) thinking c) thought d) think
11. A new supermarket in our town was opened by a well-known ................
a) celebrity b) famous c) character d)
12. I think someone may have ................ today's newspaper by mistake.
a) wasted b) thrown c) refused d) thrown away
13. I really ................ phone my parents to tell them I'm going to be late home
a) need b) must c) can d) could
14. At her first school, she ................ to wear a blue uniform.
a) had b) must c) could d) has
15. He is thinking of ........... on a Business Studies course at the local college.
a) entering b) applying c) enrollingd) beginning
16. Pupils don't have to pay for their books. The school ................ them.
a) pays b) provides c) takes d) affords
3) Choose the correct answer from a ,b ,c or d 2011 Z
1-The moon has less........than the earth so you could jump much higher there
a) power b) energy c)gravity d) strength
2-..............he understand the lesson if be read the summary.
a) Will b) Did c) Can d) would
3- The prisoner of Zenda in the nineteenth -century .
a) took part b) took run c) took place d) took form
4- Ali .. travelling by sea
a) used to b) using to b) is used to d) uses to
5- Modern . are the tall tower which are built where there is a lot of wind.
a) waste b) wind turbine c) fossil d) hydroelectric
6- How information have you got from the story?
a) many b) much c) lots d) different
7- This mice story . By Taha Hussein
a) is written b) writes c) wrote d) was written
8- Yehia Haqqi graduated in law and worked for time as a ..
a) lawyer b) diplomat c) sailor d) journalist
9- It's a month . Hand last visited her uncle.

Question Bank
a) for b) since c) of d) to
10- The . are the parts of trees that grow under the ground and find water.
a) branch b) bark c) rings d) roots
11- He will catch the train . coming in time.
a) if b) in case of c) unless d) in spite of
12- The cover of the book is made of .
a) rubber b)glass c) wood d) cardboard
13- The teacher asked Ahmed .........all the way on foot
a) if he came b) if did he come
c) would he come d) if does he come
14- .. makes light shine on something.
a) Grass b) Cliff c) Illuminate d) Carve
15- They left two ago, so they.........arrived by now. It's not far.
a)must b) must have c) can't have d) have
16- He did nothing wrong. He's ..
a) suspect b) guilty c) innocent d) sensible

(4)1. I want to make some sandwiches. Have we got a bread?
2. Soha shouldn't eat too many sweets because she is chronic.
3. I asked my mother whether had she seen my English book.
4. Sylvia is on a low-fat diet because recently she's lost a lot of weight.
5. She has always enjoyed to go to the theatre.
6. Alfred Farag is a famous Egyptian playwrite.
(5)1. When I have nothing to do, I feel really boring.
2. The person who's job is to clean the school is not here today. He's ill.
3. When Umm Kalthoum died, thousands of people attended her
4. You should reinvent paper, rather than throw it away.
5. Some people believe that in the future, water will use as a fuel for cars.
6. Despite he is 68, my grandfather is still working.
(6)1. I wish I can read more quickly.
2. She asked her friend weather she had finished her homework.
3. My parents have invited one of my friends stay for the weekend.
4. When Wagdy was five years old, he was sting by a scorpion.
5. I need to go to the university to buy some medicine.
6. A civil servant is someone who works for the army.
1- All scientists are interested of space. Z ( 2011 )
2- My brother had a good educated. He to one of the best university .
3- Despite she is clever , Mona fell in the final exam.
4-1 went to the university to buy some medicine.
5- Before you go to London, you should practice to speak English.
6- My father is a good tennis playing.

Question Bank

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1- At school, students learn many subjects, but when they get to university, they usually.
a) specialize b) socialize c) industrialize d) computerize
2- People who have ...... must be very careful about what they eat.
a) headaches b) sore throat c) diabetes d) smallpox
3-Britain has ..... the highest rate of economic growth in Europe this year.
a) relieved b) deceived c) received d) achieved
4- Plants ........ oxygen and take in carbon dioxide.
a) realise b) release c) sneeze d) computerize
5- He is doing some ......for an article about artist life.
a) result b) discovery c) invention d) research
6- Germs are ... without a microscope. However they may cause infection.
a) visible b) seen c) invisible d) vision
7 - His greatest... was becoming the captain of the national team when he was 16.
a) attention b) achievement c) location d) contradiction
8- All the medical team are after a ...for the lady's case.
a) cure b) statement c) state d) condition
9- Rain forests shouldn't be .... They are the home of wild animals and plants.
a) planted b) moved c) recovered d) removed
10- I found playing the guitar very difficult at first, but in the last two weeks I
a) graduation b) gradual c) gradually d) graded
11- Oxygen from the water is into the atmosphere.
a) relieved b) released c) delivered d) deceived
12- Medical crews ....... two people from the collapsed house.
a) removed b) retreated c) reduced d) retained
13- One .......... of the cold weather has been a sharp increase in the electricity bills.
a) cause b) result c) reason d) purpose
14- Freudian ........ has had a great influence on psychology.
a) plan b)basis c) fact d) theory
15- .show that many plants tolerate a wide range of light condition.
a) Operations b) Experiences c) Experiments d) Fairs
16- Micro-organisms are .......without a microscope.
a) visual b) invisible c) visible d) seen
17- There was a .......improvement in her school work.
a) gradual b) graded c) gradually d) graduated
18- My doctor didn't know what was wrong with me, so he sent me to see a..
a) special b) chemist c) specialized d) specialist
19- anyone can travel to the moon.
a) Practically b) Functionally c) Theoretically d) Mechanically
20- There is nothing to .......with a nice cold drink when you get home after work.
a) contain b) compare c) insult d) consult
21- The number of.. .....crimes has increased dramatically in the last year.
a) safe b) favourable c) serious d) sincere
22-I'm eating less than usual because I don't want to ..too much weight.
a) gain b) win c) achieve d) earn
23- Scientists test theirby doing experiments.
a) process b) experiences c) effects d) theories
24- When the earth moves, it causes earthquakes. This is a completely natural..

Question Bank
a) process b) experiment c) operation d) experience
25- A huge .......... of water came down the river and flooded the city.
a) quality b) amount c) number d) sum
26- We visit our grandparents We see them every Monday.
a) gradually b) generally c) locally d) regularly
27- Vegetables and fruit grow well in a sandy. .
a) ground b) floor c) soil d) earth
28- It's a good university, but its architecture doesn't with that of the older institutions.
a) compare b) care c) fade d) defeat
29- In order to ...... a theory, the scientist had to make a lot of experiments.
a) imply b) conduct c) prove d) provide
30- Evidence has been found to ....his innocence.
a) improve b) prove c) provide d) move
31- They are entitled to ...that the will is valid of course.
a) check b) kick c) shake d) guess
32- .......... industry is one of the factors that leads to pollution.
a) Chemist b) Chemical c) Chemistry d) Chemically
33- It was lovely being able to swim and then off in the sun.
a) clean b) grind c) drain d) dry
34- We should have enough food to the increasing population.
a) eat b) swallow c) feed d) taste
35- Reference books may not be . from public libraries.
a) stored b) removed c) reloaded d) remained
36- They'll have to .... your knowledge of computers.
a) test _ b) taste c) tempt d) try
37 - You must .......the plants or they will fade.
a) grow b) cultivate c) water d) sow
38- How much do you ..? 75 kilograms.
a) run b) pay c) plant d) weigh
39- Astronomers have made significant ..about our galaxy.
a) discoveries b) researches c) promises d) suggestions
40- My uncle is a clever ....He is trained to prepare drugs and medicines.
a) vet b) chemist c) botanist d) surgeon
41- The ....... damage caused by chemical industry should be analysed and treated.
a) astronomical b) biological c) environmental d) medical
42- The only way to ..... my English was by living in London for a while.
a) improve b) provide c) prove d) improvise
43- The teachers say he is able to ... better on condition that he should concentrate.
a) have b) improve c) do d) make
44- Our neighbour works ....a journalist for one of the most resemble newspaper.
a) like b) as c) so d) such
45- He decided ..... his journey to Kuwait because of his son's illness.
a) postpone b) postponing c) to postponing d) to postpone
46- When he became grown enough, he was able to his own food.
a) make b) perform c) do d) help
47- My car is the ...... as yours. It is difficult to differentiate between them.
a) similar b) alike c) same d) like
48- Are you capable of..decisions on your own?
a) doing b) giving c) causing d) making
49- She suffers from a rare ... of the central nervous system.
a) disease b) trait c) characteristic d) benefit
50- Poor people can only afford the most basic treatment.
a) medicine b) medical c) medicinal d) medico
51- This house is ....... the same as it was 20 years ago.

Question Bank
a) exactness b) exact c) exactly d) exacting
52- Reda wants to be a famous surgeon. So he is doing his best to achieve his
a) ambition b) ambitious c) petition d) cause
53- ... ... sure that he has done the right thing.
a) Do b) Make c) Take d) Get
54- He wants to specialize .. civil engineering. His goal is to be a famous engineer.
a) at b) on c)in d) of
55- She is interested ..... making internet friends.
a) at b) on c) off d) in
56- Mother was worried brother as he was late.
a) about b) by c) with d) off
57- The bad weather was the cause.the plane delay.
a) for b) about c) of d) on
58- I can see the advantages of this for you but will I benefit .it?
a) of b) from c) about d) in
59- Students learn computer to keep up..modem technology.
a) by b) off c)with d) in
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1- Mother is eating her baby.
2- Scientists spend a lot of time making experiments.
3- Your mobile is exactly the similar as mine.
4- I wish you hadn't done that mistake.
5- The government has performed some important decisions lately.
6- He is trying hard to achieve his ambitious in life.
7 - I advise you not to waist your time.
8- That sounded interested.
9- Bacteria are visible. We can't see them with our naked eyes.
10- If you don't turn the taps off, you can waste a huge sum of water in a short time.
11- The boy thought he was visible but you could just see the top of his head.
12- Can you tell me where plants earn their food from?
13- Are plants able to do their own food?
14- A fertile ground helps plants to grow well.
15- The roots are the food factories in a tree.
16- During photosynthesis operation, the plant change the energy from the sun into chemical
17- He didn't stop visiting us. He visited us gradually.
18- Which area of science are you interested on?
19- We should do our best to relieve our goals in life.
20- Is it possible to find a core for serious illnesses one day?
21- Students at the faculty of Arts should rationalize in only one area.
22- He suffers from diabetic. He mustn't have sugary juice.
23- What is the cause for his failure?
24- A result is an explanation for something which has been proved to be true.
25- Some fatal diseases do not have a care until now.
26- After the accident began to get better gradual.
27- Although she doesn't eat much rice, she always wins weight.
28- Farmers water their crops regularly to do sure they grow well.
29- Oxygen is relieved during the photosynthesis process.
30- Study hard and you will see the reason.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1) I didn't attend the party last night. I wish I ............... been there.
a) had b) have c) can d) could
2) My dearest hope is to be a doctor. I wish I a doctor.

Question Bank
a) can b) could c) will d) had
3)Rasha regretted buying such an old car . She wishes she ........... . a new one.
a) bought b) would buy c) buys d) had bought
4)Ahmed won the third prize. He wishes he ................ the first one .
a)had won b)wins c) would win d) has won
5)1 didn't watch last night's film. I wish l ...................... it .
a) watch b) could watch c) had watched d) watched
6) I don't earn much money. I wish I .................. much money now.
a) earn b) had earned c) earned d) earns
7) I can't afford to buy my wife a diamond ring but I wish 1.................. .
a) will b) have c) had d) could
8) I'm not ready for the match. If only I..ready for it.
a) can b) were c) could d) had
9) It's very hot today. I wish it ......................... cold.
a) is b) would c) could d) were
10) I expect he will arrive soon. I wish he ........................... do that.
a) would b) could c) can d) may
11) I quarrelled with my neighbours last night. I wish I ......done so.
a) had b) hadn't c) haven't d) wouldn't
12) I wish you ................. waken me early yesterday.
a) would b) could c) had d) has
13) I'd like to give up smoking but I can't. If only I ............. give it up.
a) will b) could c) can d) would
14) I . ............... you will be better soon.
a) hope b) look forward to c) look d) wish
15) He regretted not attending yesterday's conference. He wished he ..................... there.
a) would be b) could be c) was d)had been
16) I haven't got any friends. I wish I ... ...............have some.
a) will b) had c) can d) could
17) I really regret playing football in the street. If only I ............... . done that
a) had b) hadn't c) can't d) couldn't
18) I can't concentrate. I wish they ................. turn that music down.
a) can b) will c) could d) would
19) It's a pity she didn't go to the wedding party. She wished she ........................ there
a) had gone b) could go c) will go d) went
20) She blamed herself for not saving enough money in the past. She wished .she .saved a
a) has b) would c) had d) could
21) I wish I .......................... you tomorrow.
a) will b) can c) could d) would
22) The weather is cold today. I wish it . ...............warm.
a) were b) had c) has d) is
23)1 dream of being a pilot. This means I wish I .............. be a pilot.
a) would b) could c) can d) may
24)I regretted not seeing her off at the airport. I wish I ............. done so.
a) were b) was c) had d) have
25) I'm sorry I can't speak German. If only I ......... .speak German.
a) will b) could c) have d) had
26) I missed the last train to Alex. I wish I ........................ .it .
a) had caught b) would catch c) could catch d) caught
27)My goal is to be a successful businessman. I wish I .................... be a successful one .

Question Bank
a) will b) can c) had d) could
28) This bag is very heavy. I wish it ..very light.
a) will b) were c) is d) would
29) I wish I ....................... at the wedding, but I was in New York .
a) would b) could c) were d) had been
30) I wish I .................. the match fast week.
a) had watched b) watch c) could watch d) watched
31) I wish you ....... the new film on TV last night.
a) had seen b) saw c) have seen d) would see
32) If only we ........ London next year.
a) will visit b) are visiting c) could visit d) had visited
33) I wish I ...... travel abroad next year.
a) will b) can c) may d) could
34) If only he ........ with us now.
a) am b) were c) had been d) will be
35) He wishes he ..........his PHD next month.
a) would get b) will get c) gets d) had got
36) If only I .......... my exams last year.
a) passed b) could pass c) would pass d) had passed
37) I wish our team ...... the match yesterday.
a) hadn't lost b) wasn't losing c) wouldn't lose d) couldn't lose
39) I wish he ...........his car last week.
a) wouldn't sell b) hadn't sold c) didn't sell d) couldn't sell
40) If only I ............ short.
a) didn't b) couldn't c) weren't d) wouldn't
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1- I wish I met him yesterday.
2- I wish I got that job but I didn't.
3- She wishes she will win a prize in the next swimming competition.
4- I wish I will be at the conference tomorrow.
5- He wishes he knows your address but he doesn't.
6- They wish they carne to the party last night.
7- If only the weather isn't cold today.
8- She wishes that she will be an actress. She hopes so.
9- I wish I didn't waste my time last holiday.
10- He wishes he wouldn't fail his exams last ear.
11-You don't like Chinese food. I wish you like it .
12-She can't type. She wishes she will do .
13-I didn't see the programme last night. I wish I saw it .
14-If only I am richer, I'd build a palace.
15-I regret oversleeping last night. I wish I haven't overslept.
16-I wish you have come to the lake last weekend .
17-I wish you could come to my party next Friday .
18-I wish I can drive a car.
19-It's a pity you don't work more efficiently. I wish you work more efficiently .
20-I wish it will stop raining all the time.
21-He can't afford to buy her a diamond ring but he wishes he will .
22-I don't live close to rnvparents, but I wish I live closer.
23-I wish I attended the seminar last Monday .
24-If only it will rain and water the fields soon.
25-I can't tell him the truth but I wish I can.
26- She's not qualified enough for the job but she wishes she is .
27- I didn't go to the meeting last night but I wish I have gone .
28- I wish he is here now.

Question Bank
29-If only you have taken his advice but you didn't take it .
30-It's a pity I didn't read the book. I wish I have read it .
31-She won't accept help but I wish she will .
32-I wasted my time yesterday. I regret do that.
33-They haven't got any children but they wish they have.
34-If only I knew it was your birthday, I would have bought you a present.
35-They haven't got any children but they wish they have.

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1- Our neighbours are from hill. They are alwaysof us.
a) afraid b) fond c) proud d) envious
2- He was accused ofas he took part in a plot against his country.
a) treason b) leisure c) pressure d) treasure
3- I couldn't.him because he grew old and changed a lot.
a) remind b) realize c) recognize d) socialize
4- This is my..Hala. We got engaged a few weeks ago.
a) fianc b) fiance c) niece d) companion
5- My of disturbing my brother while he was studying.
a) deprived b) charged c) approved d) accused
6- I reallyever making friends with these evil people.
a) neglect b) submit c) regret d) select
7 - The children are often the innocent..of a divorce.
a) victims b) sacrifices c) survivors d) results
8- How could you be so to someone who never did you any harm?
a) tolerant b) kind c) grateful d) cruel
9- Thieves had taken a radio and a walkman but nothing of great. .
a) vote b) fate c) value d) valuable
10- The crew of the tanker were..just minutes before it sank in heavy seas.
a) reserved b) rescued c) preserved d) floated
11- People operating illegal businesses can imprisonment or a fine.
a) rewarded b) celebrated c) praised d) punished
12- A new drug has been developed which might help save the lives of cancer and AIDS .
a) victims b) purposes c) sacrifices d) survivors
13- He is very of my new jacket. He hates seeing me wearing it.
a) fond b) proud c) envious d) shy
14- Shop .should be helpful and tolerant to attract more customers.
a) buyers b) assistants c) tenants d) servants
15- His uncle is a famous professor. He Cairo University.
a) lectures b) opinions c) speeches d) talks
16- We've had some difficulties raising ..for the project.
a) financial b) financing c) financially d) finance
17 - She was so tired that she fell .sitting in her chair.
a) sleeping b) sleep c) sleepy d) asleep
18- He has been sentenced to ten years'.. .
a) prison b) imprison c) imprisonment d) impression
19- He is one of the world's most famous He has written ten plays.
a) poets b) playwrights c) novelist d) artists
20- My brother is English literature at the university in Cairo.
a) lecturer b) tutor c) teacher d) clerk
21- The new book was.with the author's name on the cover.

Question Bank
a) polished b) established c) published d) spread
22- The company is going to.50 other workers.
a) reply b) employ c) imply d) supply
23- Two of the plays of the famous playwright were. in Cairo.
a) farmed b) reformed c) formed d) performed
24- Charles Dickens is one of the greatest English He wrote a lot of novels during his life.
a) poets b) novelists c) playwrights d) journalists
25- In Egypt, young men must join the after finishing their education.
a) army b) battle c) prison d) police
26- He wants to take .on the judge who sent him to prison.
a) reliance b) business c) dependence d) revenge
27 - Eventually, her efforts were and she got a better job.
a) rejected b) refused c) rewarded d) accused
28-1t was impossible for the robbers to get to theas it was well- hidden.
a) pleasure b) treasure c) collision d) treason
29- At last I found the photograph the bottom of a drawer.
a) sunk b) buried c) drowned d) floated
30- Don't you think that Hanaa hasbeen ..very strangely recently?
a) behaving b) fighting c) quarrelling d) insulting
31- The job gave her an opportunity to gain..experience .
a) value b) valuation c) valuables d) valuable
32- Only the very..could afford to travel abroad.
a) poor b) modest c) wealthy d) misers
33- Some parentsto following a routine in bringing up young children.
a) subject b) take c) object d) use
34- She claims that her employersher of theft.
a) accused b) deduced c) induced d) accustomed
35- The minister denied the that he had behaved dishonestly.
a) calculation b) accusation c) recommendation d) imagination
36- The reporters felt they were innocent of a political decision.
a) sacrifices b) vaccines c) victims d) factors
37- At the age of 83, he finally..from public life.
a) recalled b) restored c) recruited d) retired
38- I that I will not be with you on such an important occasion.
a) regard b) regret c) recommend d) reflect
39- He always believed that the company would .him for his efforts.
a) reward b) punish c) dismiss d) torture
40- Their researches are beingin a well-known medical journal.
a) spread b) folded c) revealed d) published
41- Stress at home affects how you work.
a) make b) carry c) perform d) conceal
42- The politicians could not reach an..on what to do next.
a) explanation b) agreement c) accusation d) imagination
43- She has an slimness despite having had three children.
a) enviable b) advisable c) undesirable d) adaptable
44- I'm reading anovel.
a) historian b) historic c) historical d) history
45- Merchants should bein dealing with customers.
a) greedy b) vulgar c) devil d) honest
46- Decent people are those who take the of others into consideration.
a) feeling b) mood c) souls d) annoyance used in expensive jewellery and for cutting hard objects.
a) Copper b) Steel c) Sulpher d) Diamond
48-is a criminal act that deserves a death sentence.

Question Bank
a) Treason b) Treasury c) Trade d) Treasure
49- The local authority has refused to our new scheme.
a) manufacture b) finance c) bring d) raise
50- of all parties supported the war against nuclear weapons.
a) Artists b) Maids c) Politicians d) Sailors
51- More people are now in service industries than in manufacturing.
a) employed b) sent c) driven d) dismissed
52- the north of the country is extremely serious.
a) position b) situation c) location d) site
53- When he was young he led a .childhood.
a) single b) alone c) only d) lonely
54- My brother works.a new company outside Cairo.
a) on b) by c) for d) from
55- After he was arrested, he was sent to
a) for b) of c) to d) from
56- He accused me.. not behaving gently towards him.
a) from b) to c) for d) of
57- They are arguing the best team in Africa.
a) with b) about c) by d) from
58- They were envious him because he was happy and successful.
a) to b) of c) for d) from
59- Omar escaped prison and found Ola's hidden treasure.
a) of b) to c) from d) for
60- Ahmed was brought by IDS grandfather when his father died.
a) up b) down c) in d) out
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1- His last novel was established two years before his death.
2- They were sent to prison with life.
3- She started to learning cooking a week ago.
4- After his parents' death he was bred up by his uncle.
5- He is going to re-word the people who have helped him.
6- He caused her of stealing his money.
7 - Dr Rady is a professor in French literary at Ain Shams University.
8- My work is a bored.
9- I couldn't realize him because he was in disguise.
10- The shooting was in avenge for art attack by the opponents.
11- The criminal is arrested for his wedding pay.
12- Alexandre Dumas was interested in writing adventurous stories.
13- The books were publicised with no names on the cover
14- I object at marrying that girl . She's morally bad.
15- Don't be envy of your best friends .
16- Faria is an old religion man .
17- Good people should be punished .
18- I got engaged to Mona . She is my fianc
19- Some of Edmond's accusation were his best friends .
20- After having the buried treasure, he became a healthy man.
21- He looked at the old man with no sign of recognise
22- Some people are survivors of their courage. They may be wounded.
23- She is so clever that she is in the envious situation of being able to choose her university
24- Edmond escaped from prison and found Faria's visible treasure .
25- He has done harm to his country. He is charitable.
26- Do you regard telling him the secret?
27- Edmond could escape on prison.

Question Bank
28- He began his avenge on people who were envious of him
29- Edmond was the ship's pilot, so he spent most of his time at sea.
30- Lock the child at home , he's ill .
31- Alexandre's novels were immediate successes and made him a poor man.
33- The young man was accused of treasure as a spy for the enemy.
34- Poor people suffer from political problems .
35- Edmond rescued valentine from her kind family .
36- Edmond calls himself the lord of Monte Cristo
37- The children were severely rewarded for telling lies.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1-By the time she finished writing her report, she.six cups of tea.
a) had drunk b) has drunk c) drank d) had been drinking
2-She was tired because she.late to bed the night before .
a) has been b) had been c) was d) were
3-The little children's clothes were dirty because they the park all day
a) played b) playing c) have played d) had been playing
4-Karim fell asleep during the match because bed late yesterday.
a) went b) has gone c) had gone d) is going
5- By the time Alexandre was 20, his motherall her money.
a) spent b) has spent c) had spent d) spends
6-Theyall night when they reached the seaside .
a) had travelled b) travelled c) are travelling d) had been travelling
7-After his father had died, she ..send her son to school.
a) doesn't b) didn't c) hasn't d) hadn't
8-Before Dumashis novels, he had written plays.
a) wrote b) write c) had written d) writes
9-Ayman for work for over a year before he got a job.
a) had looked b) looked c) had been looking d) looks
10-When we got up that morning, there was sand all over the streets. There a sand storm .
a) was b) were c) had been d) has been
11-When he died in 1870, his son.his finances for a few years.
a) looked after b) had been looking after c) looks after d) was looking after
12-Sara found lots of fresh bread on the table because her mother ..................... all morning
a) had been baking b) was backing c) baking d) had backed
13-Aly ate a sandwich during the game because he..enough time to eat before it started.
a) hadn't had b) doesn't have c) hasn't had d) didn't have
14-He ..for only three weeks, so it is not surprising that he failed his driving test.
a) drove b) had driven c) had driven d) had been driving
15-Dumas checked what his assistants.. .
a) wrote b) written c) have written d) had written
16-After..her flat, Mona visited her aunt.
a) clean b) cleaning c) had cleaned d) has cleaned
17-I answered the questions I had read them carefully .
a) till b) as soon as c) until d) before
18-We won't start till Amr..
a) had come b) came c) comes d) was coming
19-Iall my lessons before I did the test .
a) had revised b) revised c) revise d) have revised
20-I decided to water the tree after
a) plant b) planted c) planting d) had planted
21-Having home, I heard an explosion.
a) leaving b)had left c) left d) leave
22-It wasn't..Ola had passed her exam that she travelled abroad.

Question Bank
a) before b) after c) until d) when
23-I couldn't recognize my friend1 hadn't seen him for so long.
a) till b) because c) no sooner d) hardly
24-Hany was over the moon.he had passed his final exams.
a) when b) till c) after d) then
25-Waleed couldn't buy a camera..the shop had shut.
a) because b) till c) no sooner d) hardly
26-Ito the doctor's yesterday evening because I had been feeling ill for nearly a week .
a) go b) went c) have gone d) had gone
27-Hassan borrowed money from Aly..he had left his money at home
a) because b) after c) till d) before
28-When he arrived at school, Ahmed's hair was wet, it. .
a) rained b) was raining c) has rained d) had been raining
29-Abdu asked which team was red because he ..these teams before.
a) didn't see b) hadn't seen c) didn't see d) hasn't seen
30-Hamid's brotherhe was at the match because Hamid had phoned him before he went.
a) knows b) knew c) had known d) has known
31When I.there I discovered that all the guests had already left.
a) arrive b) arrived c) had arrived d) was arriving
32- Omar gone home before you arrived at the party?
a) Has b) Was c) Had d) Did
33- I didn't know who she was until Iher.
a) met b) had met c) meeting d) have met
34- After.the tickets, he went out to do some courses.
a) booking b) have booked c) booked d) had booked
35- As soon as they had reached their destination; empty their luggage.
a) begin b) had begun c) began d) have begun
36 - Did you feel hungry after youyour meal?
a) had had b) have had c) have d) having
37-had we furnished the house when we moved into it.
a) No sooner b) After c) Before d) Hardly
38- The room was empty because everyoneout.
a) gone b) had gone c) go d) have gone
39-He had tried to call me for ten minutes before I his phone.
a) answered b) answering c) has answered d) answering
40- The children..all the furniture before their mother finished cooking.
a) dusted b) have dusted c) had dusted d) dusting
41- He had got a driving test before .a car.
a) had bought b) bought c) buy d) buying
42- Scarcely had the thief seen the policeman when he. .
a) escaped b) escaping c) had escaped d) escape
43-1t was not ..I had read the book that! made my notes.
a) after b) before c)until d) already
44-.returned home, I had a bath.
a) Before b) Having c)As soon as d) By the time
45- It was only when Istudying, that I went to bed.
a) had finished b) was finishing c) have finished d) has finished
46- As soon as e-mail, he sent a reply to it.
a) receive b) had received c) receiving d) has received
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1-His father probably died young because he spent time in prison.
2-Having eating all the salads, the waiter brought the meal .
3-He found work as a secretary to someone who has been a friend of his father's in the army .

Question Bank
4-They discovered that Dumas has been employing other people to write for him.
5-Before he Writes the count of Monte Cristo, he had become famous as a playwright.
6-The thief escaped after he has been caught.
7-Hardly have I left the house when it started to rain .
8-I gave the book to a friend when I have read it .
9-We don It hand the forms in until we had completed them.
10-When I met Aly yesterday, I remembered that we have met before.
11-Samiradoesn't go to the Cinema because she had already seen the film
12-Omar had been looking for his car keys for over an hour when he realized that he left them
in the car .
13-I have been trying to reach him several times by phone before he came to visit me .
14-The player didn't go on a diet before the team doctor had ordered him to do so.
15-Having taking the photos, he developed them.
16-She went shopping after finished the housework.
17-No sooner had my brother joined the army when he had his hair cut.
18-When hearing about my sister's exam result, I congratulated her.
19-After planting the tree, I had watered it.
20-My headache disappeared after I have taken an aspirin.
21-She was singing for years before she finally became a star.
22-They had sailed for a month before they reached a port .
23-Our team has scored three goals by the time we got to the match.
24-The professor didn't start speaking when everyone had been quiet.
25-He has been working on that computer virus for nearly a year before he realized that
nothing could destroy it .
26-I won't park my car until I had found a place.
27-When the doctor arrived, the patient has died, so he was frustrated .
28-Aly went out after locked his bike.
29-It was only after she had put the children to bed that she watched TV.
30-By the time the students wrote a report on the experiment, they have done it .
31- I have locked the doors before I went to bed.
32- My mobile didn't work until I have charged it.
33- Does he learn how to read before he was five?
34- After had typed the report, the secretary revised it.

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
l- He will have overall.for sales and marketing.
a) responsibility b) response c) responsible d) responsive
2-Efficient teachers are able to new ways of teaching.
a) revolve b) evoke c) evolve d) evade
3- Good visuals and diagrams are the magazine's most.features.
a) distilled b) distinctly c) distinction d) distinctive
4- Sham El-Nassim..the beginning of spring.
a) remarks b) marks c) makes d) markets
5- The quality but are generally acceptable.
a) value b) vote c) vary d) vow
6- The team is ..their third successive win.
a) consoling b) contributing c) corresponding d) celebrating
7- Large numbers of are often let off on happy occasions.
a) fireworks b) firewood c) firetraps d) firesides

Question Bank
8- The festival will open with a ...led by the mayor.
a) process b) procession c) funeral d) protest
9- Travel and modem technology enable us to listen to music from other
a) traditions b) areas c) cultures d) customs
10- .his father, he doesn't listen to music at all.
a) Likely b) Alike c) Unlucky d) Unlike
11- Poor , no doubt, increased food prices.
a) harvests b) nourishment c) feeding d) harmony
12- On the Eid we visit our.and friends.
a) enemies b) relatives c) opponents d) rivals
13- He's having a party in ..of his 84
a) defence b) achievement c) celebration d) contribution
14- Chinese New Year depends on the of the moon.
a) position b) location c) situation d) place
15- The Sphinx is one of the most famous .of Cairo.
a) landlords b) landslides c) fireworks d) landmarks
16- The Olympic Games is a sports .held every four years.
a) funeral b) festival c) club d) feast
17 -If you hit them hard, make a very loud noise.
a) violins b) ouds c) drums d) rababah
18- Small rural.rely on agriculture as the main source of their income.
a) communities b) towns c) cities d) ports
19- The jazz band provide while people ate and drank under the stars.
a) entitlement b) improvement c) employment d) entertainment
20- The opening and closing .at the last Olympic Games were more than wonderful.
a) weddings b) funerals c) ceremonies d) feasts
21- Don't let other people your personal opinions.
a) effect b) influence c) rise d) arise
22- The man's body was..with blows from a blunt weapon.
a) remarked b) noticed c) watched d) marked
23- My birthday party .until late at night.
a) lasted b) lost c) missed d) celebrated
24- Winter wheat is planted in the autumn and .in early summer.
a) added b) scattered c) spread d) harvested
25- What is yourkind of music?
a) favourites b) favour c) favourite d) favourably
26- Mothers use folk music to ..babies to sleep.
a) sing b) feed c) eat d) learn
27- We are responsible for .the traditional music of our country.
a) preventing b) protecting c) wasting d) destroying
28- Suzzy is clever at ..musical instruments.
a) flying b) doing c) playing d) breaking
29- It is .to drive dangerously, especially in towns or cities.
a) interesting b) acceptable c) exciting d) irresponsible
30- The ..of the internet has taken place over the last 20 years.
a) attachment b) evolution c) replacement d) discovery
31- Every culture has its own tradition music.
a) folk b) rap c) jazz d) rock
32- Snow .are shown during the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan.
a) statues b) structures c) sculptures d) slides
33- Our local university offers a of language courses.
a) various b) variety c) varied d) variable
34- You can buy this shirt in ..colours and styles.
a) vary b) variety c) variable d) various

Question Bank
35- I don't understand the between who and which.
a) distinct b) distinctive c) distinction d) distinguished
36- He is a modem musician who composes in the..of Bach.
a) style b) method c) route d) street
37- A is a musical instrument that you hold under your chin and play by pulling a
long object called a bow across its strings.
a) piano b) violin c) drum d) guitar
38- He travelled to France for the ..of making business contacts.
a) reason b) consequence c) result d) purpose
39- The team's performance was .by the rain.
a) increased b) effect c) affected d) continued
40- My grandfather is very old and he can't walk without a.. .
a) stick b) slip c) push d) chair
41- The investigation uncovered a chain of ..that could have been prevented.
a) serials b) events c) episodes d) incidents
42- She was still waving as the train .from view.
a) displeased b) came c) disappointed d) disappeared
43- It's very to see daughters who dress like their mothers.
a) public b) general c) common d) private
44- Members of the .community gathered together to discuss the district problems.
a) local b) universal c) international d) global
45- The soleof conducting a business is to make money.
a) result b) purpose c) duty d) reason
46- I'm not in ato say who my sources are.
a) preposition b) depression c) disposition d) position
47-..can be very dangerous, so they shouldn't be given to young children.
a) Firetraps b) Firesides c) Fireworks d) Firewood
48- A of about twenty thousand people moved slowly towards the king's palace.
a) process b) procession c) possession d) contest
49- We haven't seen each other for a long time. How about getting ..every evening?
a) through b) over c) across d) together
50- You should pay ..attention to spelling to avoid mistakes.
a) particular b) popular c) common d) general
51- When he loses his temper, he isn't for his actions.
a) changeable b) charge c) responsible d) response
52- The simsimyya is the music popular with the people in the Suez .
a) region b) country c) town d) nation
53- It's .for a bride to wear a white dress on her wedding day.
a) tradition b) traditionally c) traditional d) custom
54- Teaching methods.greatly from a society to another.
a) differentiate b) vary c) change d) suffer
55- The simsimyya is the musicalof the Suez area.
a) equipment b) instruction c) machine d) instrument
56- You have to.on yourself in finding the job.
a) depend b) insist c) live d) move
57- Where did the accident take ................? On Oraby Street.
a) to b) after c) place d) down
58- He is so clever that he can make .a story in no time.
a) for b) up c) off d) out
59- Folk songs may help people get.their day's work.
a) up b) over c) by d) through
60- Folk music passed down .families, friends or neighbours to children.
a) from b) of c) about d) with

Question Bank
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1- It is your responsible to run the factory during the manager's illness.
2- Are you clever at making for good stories?
3- This shirt can be bought in variety sizes.
4- The Sphinx is a landslide in Giza.
5- They traveled to London for a certain propose.
6- The flute is a musical equipment.
7 - I usually visit my relationships on feast days.
8- Samer is a big van of Al Ahly football team.
9- The boys are playing in the bark .
10- Let's have a party to contribute your birthday.
11- Large numbers of firetraps are often let off in a fireworks display.
12- I couldn't pick out any landslide in the dark and got lost.
13- A ceremony was held to remark the occasion.
14- What is your current financial composition?
15- Farmers expect that there will be a great hatred this year.
16- Countries hold festivals to celebrate important historic accidents.
17 - Different areas of Egypt use different musical equipment.
18- Salary scales very from one country-to another.
19- Revolve is to develop or make something develop gradually.
20- People clapped and cheered as the process passed by.
21- The method of Sayed Darwish was adopted by many musician.
22- Soha's marriage wedding festival was fantastic.
23-The Sphinx is a famous landslide.
24-How is this place different of the other?
25-Musical tools are different in different areas.
26-We should benefit from the accidents of the past.
27-The Oud is rare in the folk music of Cairo. Most people like it.
28-Folk music is like other kinds of music.
29-People usually celebrate Sham EI-Nessim in the dry air.
30-HistoriC events should always be commemorated.
31-Being individual, folk music was not quoted by music from other areas.
32-Bring in mind that there'll be a big meal later .
33-Yesterday a relative of mine met his end and I attended his
34-Young people are fond of listening for loud music.
35-Mass media have made it impossible for anyone to listen to music.
36-Young children shouldn't use fire brigades. They are dangerous.
37-On religious occasions, a lot of money is given up to the poor.
38-A good harvest means money for the next year.
39-The soldier's wear is clearly different from others. It's distinction.
40-His style of writing has evoked gradually over the past twenty years.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1. I started ..for the bank twenty years ago .
a) work b) worked c) working d) to working
2. When I was a child, I used to imagine a pilot
a) becoming b) to become c) becomes d) become
3. John mailed the letter and remembered later.
a) mailing b) to mail c) to mailing d) mails
4. Ahmed doesn't smoke any more. This means he stopped .
a) to smoke b) to smoking c) smoking d) smoke
5. I don't mind cooking but I hate .
a) iron b) to ironing c) ironed d) ironing
6. The flat needs .. .

Question Bank
a) decorate b) to be decorated c) decorated d) to decorate
7. I've delayed the dentist for as long as I could.
a) going b) go c) to go d) to going
8. I promisedmy homework carefully
a) do b) doing c) to do d) to doing
9.On her way home, my mother stopped a few things at the store.
a) picking up b) pick up c) picks up d) to pick up
10. We prefer watching IV to .to the cinema.
a) going b) go c) goes d) went
11. I can't stand with him as he talks so much.
a) stayed b) stay c) to staying d) staying
12-Ahmed looked forward to ..all his friends when he was in hospital .
a) have seen b) seeing c) saw d)see
13. The shop refused his cheque.
a} accepting b) accept c) to accept d) accepted
14. I regret that your application hasn't been successful.
a) to tell b) telling c) tell d) to telling
15.You have locked yourself out. Try the doorbell, someone may be in.
a) to ring b) ringing c) ring d) to ringing
16. Remember..out all the lights before you leave.
a) put b) putting c) to put d) putting
17. You don't object ..........................late tonight, do you?
a) worked b) to work c) working d)to working
18. I can't afford ..a new car this year.
a) buy b) buying c) to buy d)to buying
19. I would hate.this job up .
a) giving b) to give c)give d) to giving
20. I can't stand ..a suit in such hot weather.
a) to wearing b) to wear c) wear d) wearing
21. Don't spend too much games.
a) play b) playing c) played d) to play
22. Despite the difficulties, we hope.the African cup.
a) winning b) win c) to winning d) to win
23. My sister has never been able to quit. .
a) smoking b) smoke c) smokes d) to smoke
24. She deserved the prize. She is always hardworking.
a) win b) wins. c) to win d) winning
25. He avoided .the most difficult questions.
a) to answer b) answering c) answer d) answered
26. I have decided .the piano.
a} learn b) to learning c) learning d) to learn
27. I like..on the beach. I always spend my holidays sunbathing.
a) lied b) lie c) lying d) lies
28. I'd like..on the beach today .It's too hot to do anything else.
a) to lie b) lying c) lie d) to lying
29. I remember .this book, but I don't know who wrote it.
a) to read b) reading c) read d) reads
30. She article on classical music.
a) write b) writing c) to write d) to writing
31. It would be marvelous to fly in a balloon. I'd love one someday.
a) flying b) flies c) fly d) to fly
32. Do you regretto the concert ?
a) go b) going c) to go d) goes
33. Musicians practicetheir instrument for many hours a day.

Question Bank
a) put off b)to put off c) putting off d) puts off
34. He the theatre.
a) go b) to go c) going d) to going
. 35. The scheme will proposesome of the Victorian buildings in the town centre.
a) demolish b) demolishing c) demolished d) to demolish
36. The band stopped .and there was silence.
a) plays b) to play c) played d) playing
37. I tried hard.him to stay with us, but I couldn't.
a) persuading b) persuade c) to persuading d) to persuade
38. I regret.that Mr. Ali has been ill .
a) saying b) to say c) say d) to saying
39. Some workers went on strike and refused .
a) to eat b) eating c) for eating d) eat
40. Would you like ..a look round?
a) have b) having c) to have d) to having
41. We arranged at 9 o'clock.
a) met b) to meet c) meet d) meeting
42. I don't recommend .on a long car ride if you don't like travelling.
a) going b) to go c) go d) will go
43. Did you manage .your brother?
a) phoned b) phone c) phoning d) to phone
44. He started the piano when he was 10.
a) learn b) learning c) to learning d) learned
45. He came to the party but. he refused .to anyone.
a) to talk b) talk c )talked d) talking
46. She wanted .a new camera.
a) buying b) buy c) to buy d) bought
47 I can't stand .to him.
a) to listen b) listen c) listened d) listening
48 On my way home, I stopped a paper.
a) buying b) to buy c) bought d) buy
49. I stopped ..a letter that 1 had dropped.
a) to pick up b) picked up c) picking up d) pick up
50. He never forgot the Pyramids for the first time.
a)to see b) saw c) seeing d) see
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1-Nada's parents are very easy-going. They let her to do what she wants.
2-Don't worry. I remember to lock the office.
3-Leila isn't used to eat late at night. ,
4-Heba likes to walk not riding.
5-Essa.rn forgot doing his homework, so he felt sorry .
6-I'm afraid you forgot signing the cheque.
7-Fady agreed giving me a lift .
8-I look forward to receive your reply .
9-She. refused lending me her dictionary .
10-The doctor suggested to have a week off .
11-The driver avoided to hit the motorbike.
12-I don't mind to borrow money but I did like peter's doing it .
13-I usually avoid walk in the dark.
14-I intend taking the TOEFL at the end of the Semester
15-I enjoy to swim in the ocean.
16-Mona offered helping her mother prepare lunch.
17-I'm considering to change my old car.

Question Bank
18-I was forced to delay travel to London.
19-My father promised to lending me his car.
20-I'd love going shopping in my mother's company.
21-She wanted her son turn down his music.
22-I adore to go on long walks.
23-She made me to go to bed .
24-I stopped to watching TV for being harmful to my eyes .
25-She helped me doing the cooking.
26-Aly regrets to missing the chance of getting a prize.
27-I'd like going and see this new film.
28-The driver stopped to buying some cigarettes.
29-I regretted not attend the conference yesterday.
30-Ahmed dislikes to sleep during the day.

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1- Father put Bilal in ..of fixing the car.
a) role b) responsibility c) change d) charge
2- Salma thought this was agift for her teacher.
a) suitable b) effective c) charge d) solo
3- Hesham has just got his driving and already he wants to buy a car.
a) flight b) role c) licence d) degree
4- My parents have always to work hard at school.
a)discouraged b)encouraged c)prevented d)hindered
5- I'd prefer not to talk about that. It's something very. .
a) public b) person c) personally d)personal
6- Nurses have an important .in looking after patients in a hospital.
a. role b. date c. step d. appointment
7- A 14-year-old Japanese boy has become the youngest person to complete a .voyage
across the Pacific Ocean.
a. lonely, b. alone c. single d. solo
8- My older brother has a in Maths from Cairo university.
a. mark b. prize c. degree d. grade
9- Exercise can have a ..effect on your health and fitness.
a. negative b. positive c. had d. harmful
10- It was a great football match. Both teams played very.. .
a. positively b. badly c. negatively d. cruelly
11- A types Letters and 'answers the phones in offices.
a. secret agent b. pilot c. nurse d. secretary
12- Some students need more..than others at school.
a. depression b. encouragement c. frustration d. stress
13- She would be a good nurse. She has a very kind. .
a. hospitality b. fertility c. personality d. identity
14-, I believe that everyone should study science at school.
a. Personally b. Personal c. Person d. Impersonal
15- Dr Aisha's work had takenmuch of her personal life.
a. in b. down c. off d. up
16- Dr Aisha wrote many books and articles in which she argued ........... women's role in the
modern world.
a. on b. for c. against d. with

Question Bank
17-We.Hany to study hard to become a doctor._
a) discouraged b ) insulted c) encouraged d) blamed
18- He was awarded a prize for his. .
a) cowardice b) courage c) weakness d) insults
19-He was so.that he rushed into the burning building and saved. the child.
a)cowardly b) weak c) nervous d) courageous
20-Dr Aisha and Kasim Amin . for women's rights.
a) argued b) resisted c) fired d) attacked
21- Because of her parents' death, she left school with no .
a) qualities b) qualifications c) qualify d) qualified
22- An ambulance took the nearest hospital immediately after the accident.
a) wound b) wounding c) winding d) wounded
23- Naguib Mahfouz was..the Nobel Prize in 1988.
a) awarded b) rewarded c) announced d) reported
24- He has two cars and a big villa. he must be. .
a) healthy b) rude c) wealthy d) greedy
25- When she was 17, she. that she wanted to be a nurse.
a) decided b) intended c) offered d) determined
26- This problem was sothat everyone can't ignore it.
a) subjective b) effective c) reflexive d) efficient
27- He..the record in swimming.
a) broke b) achieved c) reached d) destroyed
28- The ..from Cairo to Geddah takes about two hours.
a) voyage b) flying c) flight d) picnic
29- Before you can drive a car, you need to have a driving .
a) card b) visa c )certificate d) licence
30- She a plane crash in 1941.
a) called b) killed c) dived d) damaged
31 My friend wasto be an engineer and finally his parents agreed.
a) determined b) pretended c) laughed d) studied
32 The clever teacher new ideas and methods into school.
a) offered b) presented c) introduced d) gave
33 These shoes aren't for you. They are too big.
a) profitable b) suitable c) helpful d) sufficient
34She.sure he had borrowed a lot of money.
a) did b) gave c) took d) made
35- The vase landed on the floor with a .
a) crash b) flash c )rash d) brush
36- My brother spent his night .revision for his exam.
a) do b) did c) doing d) to do
37-He managed to complete a .. voyage across the Pacific Ocean.
a) alone b) solo c) lonely d) only
38-The factory manager should have a strong .to be feared and respected.
a) personal b) person c) personally d) personality
39-Both Kasim Amin and Dr Aisha Adel Rahman argued for ..the women's position in
a) intruding b) refining c) improving d) inducing
40-He wasn't able to get the..because it has already been filled.
a) location b) position c) task d) risk
41-She finally managed to get to visit her husband in jail.
a) confession b) submission c) condition d) permission
42- Our journey to the UAE was.We will remember it forever.
a) impressive b) impress c) impressed d) impression
43- The pilot was still young, however he a long distance flight.

Question Bank
a) did b) formed c) made d) said
44- Visitors to the country have been asked to fill in a detailed .
a) questionnaire b) questions c) quest d) application
45- The police asked the witness to mention everything in .
a) detail b) details c) detailed d) detained
46- He felt desperate when he.the record.
a) broke b) lost c) missed d) dropped
47- Our teacher doesn't allow us to answer haphazardly. He asks us to take.. .
a) turns b) notes c) away d) action
48- He didn't decide to work as a photographer until he had grown. .
a) on b) off c) down d) up
49-She tried to explain, but heher in mid-sentence.
a) rushed b) interrupted c) interferred d) interpreted
50- What made you
a) after b) in c) up d) to
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1- Hamed is a success at his. work.
2- He works as 1;1 researcher assistant at Cairo University.
3- Noha was applied as a nurse in a hospital.
4- He was disappointed when he lost the record in swimming.
5- The president's speech was impressed.
6- She was bearing in 1990.
7 - Her father discouraged her to go to school.
8- Dr Aisha died in the age of 85 years.
9- She spent most of her personality life in the countryside,
10- I'd prefer not to talk about that. It's something very personally .
11- My older brother has a grade in maths from Cairo university.
12- Taha Hussein urged for equality in. education in Egypt.
13- She was in recharge of the nursing of wounded soldiers.
14- The pianist played a piece of music soul.
15- She was rewarded the Nobel Prize in 1908 in physics.
16- He made many other long-distances flights in many countries.
17 - She was called in a plane crash in 1941.
18- Finally he got' a driving degree.
19- She did sure there was wrong in the sewing machine.
20- She was popular for the British people.
. 21- He has a British national.
22- Some films are not suit for young children.
23- The fly from London to Cairo takes a long time.
24- Dr Aisha was rewarded her PhD in 1951.
25- Nursery is a job of looking after people Who are ill .
26- A voyage is a journey in plane.
27 - He produced new ideas into school.
28- He smashed the record in swimming in 1980.
29- She became interested at flying.
30- His behaviour towards us was impression. We all-admired' it.
31- Effect teaching has a positive role in the educational process.
32- He joined the university crew as a research assistant.
33- Have you got the qualifies needed for the job?
34- Optimistic people always think positive.
35- He spent most of time do his work.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1- Yesterday, I played a long game of tennis with my brother, ...............made me very tired.

Question Bank
a. who b. which c.whom d. where
2- The nurse,.......responsibility is to look after young children, has worked at the hospital for
ten years.
a. when b. who c. whom d. whose
3- Dr Aisha wrote many books and articles.she argued for women's positive role in the
modern world.
a. in which b. at which c. by which d. to which
4- Amy Johnson became very popular with the British people, .....called her the Queen of the
a. which b. Who c. whom d. whose
5- They said something very cruel, .I think they should apologies.
a. at which b. by which c. in which d. for which
6- My sister went to London university.she studied History.
a. where b. who c. when d. that
7- The person .does most of the Cooking in our family is my mother.
a. which b. where c. when d. who
8- 1837 was the year Victoria became queen of Britain.
a. where b. which c. when d. who
9- Cleopatra, was very beautiful, was the last pharaoh of Egypt.
a. that b. who c. whose d. which
10- Alexandria my mother was born, is in northem Egypt.
a. where b. who c. which d. when
11- Slippers are shoes..people wear in the house.
a. who b. when c. which d. whom
12- I'm talking about a car.uses very little petrol.
a. that b. who c. whose d. whom
13- She is the doctor .lives next door.
a. which b. that c. whom d. whose
14- I don't like people .talk all the time.
a. whom b. whose c. when d. who
15- Do you like their feelings?
a. whose b. who c. what d. whom
16- Have you ever been back to the town were born in?
a. where b. that c. when d. which
17- Who took the bag .was on the table?
a. who b. which c. whom d. whose
18- A vegetarian is someone.doesn't eat meat.
a. which b. whom c. that d. whose
19- I don't like dogsbark a lot.
a. which b. who c. whose d. whom
20- Downing street is the place.the prime minister of Britain lives.
a. that b. whose c. what d. where
21- She's the kind of person ..likes to go to parties.
a. when b. where c. which d. that
22- Woman's Day,.marks an important event, is on March 16.
a. which b. who c. that d. when
23- He says he's busy, he really means he doesn't want to go out this evening.
a. at which b. for which c. by which d. in which
24- Agatha Christie was a famous crime writerbooks were translated into many languages.
a. who b. whom, c. whose d. that
25- I have been reading a book about famous women, I have found very interesting.
a. which b. where c. whose d. who
26- Tomorrow, I am going to a meeting we're going to discuss women's role in society.
a. for which b. at which c. by which d. to which

Question Bank
27- A chemist's is a placeyou buy medicines.
a. when b. which c. where d. that
28- Lord of the Flies is a storywhich a group of school boys are shipwrecked on an
a. in b. at c. by d. for
29- A cardigan is like a jacket .keeps you warm.
. a. where b. when c. whose d. which
30- A greengrocer is someone sells vegetables and fruits.
a. which b. who c. whom d. whose
31-The woman lives next door is a doctor.
a) when b) who c) which d) Whose
32-The machine .. broke down is working again now.
a. that b. who c. whose d. where
33- Everything .. happened was my fault.
a) who b) whom c) whose d) that
34- The girlwas in injured in the accident is now in hospital.
a) whose b) where c) who d) which
35-Where's the nearest shop.. sells newspapers?
a) who b) which c) whose d)where
36-We live in a world is changing all the time.
a) that b) what c) who d)whom
37 Have you found the keys lost?
a) who b) when c) whom d) which
38- The bed..I slept in last night wasn't very comfortable.
a) who b) Whose c) which d) where
39- The people with.I work are very nice.
a) who b) whom c) that d) which
40- What is the name of the you borrowed?
a) whose b) which c) who d) whom
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1-Our new car, that is a BMW, is better than our old one.
2-It's a problem who has taxed many brains.
3-The man that you wanted to see him is on the phone.
4-The car where she wanted has been sold.
5-A model is someone whose wears new clothes at shows.
6-That's the horse who won the race.
7-I like shops which the assistants are polite.
8-I don't like restaurants where they play music in
9-The students, that had missed the bus, started the test late.
10-I know the candidate whose was elected.
11-That boy, who father is a footballer, is very good at sports.
12-This is the house which Charles Dickens died.
13-Someone's taken my cassette recorder. I don't know whom would do a thing like that.
14-I met the person which you told me about.
15-I finally met the woman that Charles has fallen in love with her.
16-The teacher that I studied with her has become quite famous.
17-I asked him which he was calling.
18-He was the only American which I saw at the conference.
19-There is often disagreement as to whom is the better student, Ahmed or Alaa.
20-I met him on the day when I was due to leave.
21-We stayed at a hotel which only recommendation was its cheapness.
22-Commuters, that had heard about the derailment, arranged alternative transport home.
23-The people which I visited last year are coming here for a visit.

Question Bank
24-We rented a cottage from a man whom novel has become a best seller.
25-The people which cheated on the examination had to leave the room.
26-She has a wonderful sense of humor whose makes their times together relaxing and
27-That's a fast-growing field where my father is interested in.
28-I read a book who was published last year.
29-We called at a cafe where is said to be the oldest in England.
30-The record when I told you about will be released next week.

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1- When little children get too muchI they can't sleep or even sit quietly.
a)excitement b) influence c) lifestyle d) regard
2- That writer's books' were regarded great literature.
a) like b) such as c) such d) as
3- The wedding was very The bride wore a long white dress f and the groom wore a
a) spontaneous b) influential c) adventurous d) conventional
4- Some people playing computer games as a waste of time.
a. regret b. regard c. resent d. repent
5-Charles Dickens was one of the 19
century's most famous. .
a. lawyers b. explorers c. storytellers d. editors
6- Children who.other children at school should be sent home as a sort of punishment.
a. bully b. accompany c. feed d. reward
7-Many people agree that Shakespeare is the most..writer in the English language.
a. influence b. effect c. influential d. sociable
8- The politician died last week. Thousands of people attended the .
a. conference b. celebration c. festival d. funeral
9- My brother is very.. he went on an expedition to the mountains last year.
a. clever b. cowardly c. slow d. adventurous
10- I've long been interested..Graham's life.
a. on b. at c. in d. of
11- My cousin believes in.., he never plans what he's going to do
a. spontaneity b. eternity c. fertility d. mortality
12- I want to find ..some information, I'll look on the internet.
a. on b. at c. out d. about
13- I'm not my friend, she does things as Soon as she thinks of them.
a. brave b. spontaneous c. cowardly d. courageous
14- They live in the country. They have a differentfrom people in cities.
a. lifelong b. lifestyle c. lifespan d. lifeless
15- We must..our life to the full.
a. leave b. bore c. enjoy d. hate
16- He gave his job as a journalist. Now, he is a novelist.

Question Bank
a. up b. up to c. in d. out
17- In some countries, it is shake hands whenever you meet someone.
a. convent b. convention c. conviction d. conversion
18- Government employees .at the age of sixty.
a. regret b. resign c. recycle d. retire
19- It was anlie. It's easily understood by everyone.
a. ambiguous b. obviously c. obvious d. unclear
20- The baby won't sleep unless youhim a story.
a. tell b. ask c. say d. tells
21- Can you look .my kids while I'm away?
a. at b. on c. up d. after
22- Many of Graham's books were based his travels.
a. in b. on c. of d. from
23- My brother has two children. He is .
a. married b. unmarried c. single d. a spinster
24- Let's give a warm welcomeour next guest.
a. on b. of c. to d. at
25- Young people who are bored with living here tend to travel .
a. indoor b. indoors c. aboard d. abroad
26- Some writers, especially the beginners I don't enough money from their novels.
a. earn b. gain c. do d. borrow
27- As a matter of , I'd like to have a regular check-up every year.
a. reality b. time c. red tape d. routine
28- Our holiday to Australia was a greatWe spent two months exploring the country.
a. adventurous b. adventure c. vision d. illustration
29- Despite being twins, they have: different . .
a. personal b. personalities c. personnel d. persons
30- What effect did meeting Augusta have Henry's life and personality?
a. at b. in c. on d. of
31- I finally reached my..two hours late.
a. delegation b. deputation c. integration d. destination
32- The maths teacher's always been very popular his students.
a. with b. on c. at d. from
33- That man is not doing enough exercise. This can sometimesto health problems.
a. result b. contribute c. prefer d. lead
34-AI-Ahram is a / an .paper. It's published inside Egypt.
a. nation b. national c. global d. international
35- When will our books be..? - Within a few weeks.
a. published b. addressed c. registered d. posted
36- Graham worked ..the British government in Africa during the Second World War.
a. up b. on c. up to d. for
37- We won't stop learning even after. .
a. graduate b. graduated c. graduating d. graduates
38- You must be on good-terms with your school.
a. colleagues b. college c. collectors d. conductors
39- .out! There's a snake in front of you.
a. Put b. Bring c. Set d. Watch
40- I get .I have nothing to do.
a. bore b. bored c. boring d. boredom
41- Augusta has shown Henry a new way of looking the world.
a. for b. up c. to d. at
42- Before his retirement, Hany's ..was a bank manager.
a. occupation b. address c. nationality d. qualification
43- Some trees have beautiful pink .in the spring.

Question Bank
a. roots b. branches c. flowers d. plants
44- We don't get many in the mall in the evening.
a. patients b. customers c. guests d. clients
45- I was not used to.., so I did not want to go anywhere.
a. eating b. steeping c. travelling d. studying
46- When Henry travelled abroad, he having good friends,
a. lost b. earned c. wasted d. missed
47- After the storm, back to normal.
a. gradual b. gradually c. surely d. definitely
48- My mother is old. She is now in her.. .
a. seven b. seventeen c. seventy d. seventies
49- People in the country lead a life.
a. quiet b. quite c. quit d. quietly
50- I'm not brave enough todecisions quickly;
a. do b. play c. make d. cook
51- How different is our life ..our ancestors?
a. from b. at c. on d. of
52- My uncle works as a bank.. .
a. chef b. leader c. president d. manager
53- I'd like to be in your for a long time.
a. company b. companies c. companion d.
54- How can young people benefit ..advice of older members of the family?
a. of b. at c. form d. with
55- Retired people enjoy looking after the flowers in their.
a. dubs b. companies c. factories d. gardens
56- What sort of life do you?
a. lead b. leave c. leap d. leak
57- My parents were tolerant me when I was young.
a. at b. off c. of d. in
58- .are wise and experienced enough to give the best piece of advice.
a. Grandchildren b. Grandparents c. Sisters d. Brothers
59- Which newspaper do you write. .
a. in b. at c. of d. for
60- Today's youth are very much interested in learning about American . .
a. habits. b. culture c. cultural d. cultured
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1-Don't do decisions without thinking.
2-Egypt is regretted as the gift of the Nile.
3-After years of disagreement, I got up very well with my wife.
4-He wrote a travel book about his experiments.
5-What's the normal retired age of people in Egypt7
6-I couldn't persist him to go travelling with me.
7-Graham's books were popular to ordinary people.
8-He is not single. He is unmarried with two children.
9-My cousin works on the National Bank.
10-He was surprising by what he what he saw.
11-A gardener looks for his garden.
12-Young people are greatly affected by western cultural.
13-Most of his novels were done into films.
14-After graduating, he became a journalism.
15-While you are away, I lose you very much.
16-He is famous. He is a TV personal.

Question Bank
17-I was surprised by the sudden advertisement of his death.
18-I sympathize with older people in their seventeen.
19-My family is influence in the world of banking.
20-Someone who tells stories is called a poet.
21-Don't pull people who are weaker or smaller than you.
22-Something good has happened, so he's very exciting.
23-My uncle spent most of his life aboard.
24-My daughter is interested on studying law.
25-There were a lot of interested people on the tour.
26-Henry looks to life in a different way.
27-He has just died. The wedding will be held tomorrow.
28-Some people have lived an adventure life.
29-I don't know where you go to. Tell me about your destiny.
30-I'd like to enjoy the excited of foreign travel.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1- ..I enjoy reading, I don't read much these days.
a. But b. However c. Although d. As well as
2- He was very unhappy at schoolhe was regularly bullied .
a. because b. even though c. though d. however
3- There's no airport in the city,.there's one about fifty miles away.
a. However b. even though c. however d. besides
4- ..being known as a difficult man, I got on very well with hire.
a. In spite b. In addition to c. Despite d. Because
5- Hady was a successful businessman, was at the expense of his family life.
a. even if b. so c. but d. though
6- having plenty of room, the flat is quiet.
a. Despite b. In addition to c. But d. In addition
7- There's no balcony,..there's a view.
a. however b. though c. as d. in spite of
8- .the hotel was expensive, we enjoyed staying there.
a. But b. Even if c. Because d. Besides
9- In addition to ..lots of buses, the city has a good subway system.
a. have b. has c. had d. having
10- being depressed, he's having trouble in school.
a. Besides b. In addition c. Beside d. Despite
11- Not only..he miss his family but he is also experiencing culture shock.
a. has b. does c. had d. do
12- Mohamed studies hard, .he isn't getting good grades
a. but b. because c. despite d. when
13-He was depressed, ..he went to see his advisor.
a. as b. but c. because d. so
14- The minister resigned ..the exposures about his private life.
a. because of b. because c. but d. if
15- He found it difficult to concentrate his worry about his grades.
a. because b. as c. due to d. since
16- I stayed in my room .1 was tired of speaking English all the time.
a. so b. due to c. but d. because
17- We couldn't buy the newspaper the shop was closed.
a. so b. because c. despite d. although
18- .we ran as fast as we could, we missed the bus.
a. Despite b. Because of c. Because d. Although
19- They told him he was sure to pass the test, he didn't believe them.
a. so b. but c. because d. as

Question Bank
20- My father would have taken you to the airport. You didn't ask him, .
a. so b. despite c. but d. though
21- She phoned me ..she wanted to know what time I was leaving home.

a. because b. so c. but d. despite
22-it rarely rains in Egypt, some European tourists bring umbrellas with them.
a. But b. So c. Although d. However
23- It's my mother's birthday soon, I want to buy her a present.
a. so b. but c. because d. however
24- ..really enjoying the book you lent me, I haven't finished it yet.
a. In addition b. In spite c. Besides d. Despite
25- I've been feeling tired all day,.I'm going to bed early tonight.
a. because b. but c. so d. though
26- Tourists like to go to Europe .they want to see the museums.
a. because b. but c. so d. when
27-Matt grew up in Kansas, he now lives in san Francisco.
a. But b. Although c. However d. Because
28- He not only missed his family but he missed his old friends.
a. or b. also c. either d. as well
29- he feels homesick, he'll stay until he finishes his studies.
a. Although b. But c. owing to d. Because
30- While..the Pyramids, I saw most tourists taking photos.
a) visited b) visiting c) was visiting d) visit
31- After., he became an engineer.
a) graduate b) graduating c) had graduated d) graduated
32- I've been working all day .I'm going to sleep early tonight.
a) so b) because c) if d) although
33- They were talking .we were watching the film.
a) as soon as b) after c) while d) before
34- She doesn't have many friends she's rude and unpleasant.
a) because b) so c) while d) despite
35- mother is from Paris, I've never been there.
a) Although b) When c) If d) Because
36- leaving school, he went to university.
a) On b) While c) Despite d) Before
37- .running his own business is hard, he does it happily.
a) Despite b) Because c) Although d) While
38- The reason I don't like Alaa is that he is selfish.
a) why b) when c) while d) where
39- ..he was a student, he wrote many perfect poems.
a) On b) While c) Despite d) So
40- going on a diet, she put on five kilos.
a) Because of b) Despite c) During d) So
41- I worked as a research scientist after I .. .
a) was graduating b) have graduated c) graduate d) had graduated
42- He went to see a doctor .being ill.
a) because b) so c) because of d) despite
43- ..answering the phone, I heard a boy crying.
a) On b) Despite c) If d) Because
44- I went to sleep last night, I read a book.
a) While b) Before c) After d) Though
45- He didn't earn enough money he had to find another job.
a) while b) because of c) because d) so
46- he had little money, he insisted on paying for the meal.

Question Bank
a) Although b) But c) However d) Despite
47- flying into Cairo, I saw the Pyramids of Giza.
a) Although b) While c) Because d) Despite
48- He has a lot of money., he doesn't enjoy himself.
a) because b) however c) although d) despite
49- He was the only child of a rich man..he was very spoilt.
a) because b) so c) while d) despite
50- .waking up this morning, I heard much noise.
a) In b) At c) For d) On
51- his intelligence, he couldn't solve this easy problem.
a) But b) Although c) However d) Despite
52- We shouldn't be cruel ..children so as not to make them violent.
a) to b) at c)for d) on
53- We got on very well .we'd never met before.
a) but b) despite c) although d) because
54- My friend Hady is regarded a brother who I can tell all my secrets.
a) to b) as c) so d) for
55- Most of his novels have been made films.
a) with b)for c) into d) at .

Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1- Because the traffic jam , I arrived at the office late.
2- The hotel was fully oooked.'but we stayed at a guest house.
3- The road is closed because of there has been an accident.
4- Due to the children are staying at their grandmother's, let's go out for the evening.
5- Although hard he studies, he doesn't get good marks.
6- In spite going on a diet, she put on five kilos.
7- However I studied hard, my grades were not good.
8- They enjoy living together although they have many common interests.
9- He is originally from France so now lives in England.
10- My sister is dark, so I'm blonde.
11- However you say, I won't believe you.
12- She decided to order a salad now due to she had started her diet.
13- Beside being clever, she is rich.
14- I not only enjoyed my job but else it's very well paid.
15- She's quite shy, so she wants to be an actress.
16- He managed to get a good mark in the test but he never does any homework.
17- Beside being a journalist, Aziz is a well known poet.
18- He's a company director though being only 26.
19- But the weather was bad, the ship departed.
20- Despite we're good friends, we don't meet very often.
21- But she is a careful driver, she had a terrible accident.
22- John's flat was on fire, so he didn't panic.
23- Despite she was tired, she worked overtime.
24- Clever however he is, he failed the test.
25- I invited sue although she did not come.
26- Even so he had little money, he insisted on paying for the meal.
27- Hard though she tried, she couldn't open the bottle.
28-Neither Nada nor Noha know how to drive.
29- She is both clever or rich.
30- Riding a bike may not be as comfortable as driving a car; so it is much more
environmentally friendly.

Question Bank

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1-The machine automatically the required information to his fax.
a) downloads b )carries c )holds d) bears
2- My brother has wonderful..of stamps.
a) rollers b) collections c) buttons d) chemicals
3- The government should ..the price of necessary items that all people can't do without.
a) cost b) reduce c) increase d) produce
4- To make potatoes tasty, housewivesthem in salted water for two hours before frying.
a) soak b) dissolve c) melt d) grill
5- A\ a book with a soft paper cover which is easy to carry with you.
a) encyclopedia b) gadget c) paperback d) website
6- , the firemen managed to rescue all the people who were in the burning house.
a) Fortunately b) Unfortunately c) Terribly d) Unluckily
7 - Most people think that e-books will traditional books completely.
a) replace b) place c) exchange d) remove
8- He told us an interesting story which was a .of fact and fiction.
a) protection b) culture c) collection d) mixture
9- A bestseller is a book which..people buy.
a) few b) great c) rich d) many
10- Some websites enable the internet users to programmes for free.
a) move b) download c) transport d) carry
11- libraries encourage young people to read.
a) General b) Whole c) Public d) Private
12- You can read e-books on the screen and turn the bages by pressing buttons or.the
a) hitting b) switching c) touching d) saving
13- My school has a.on the internet; every student can get the information they need
through it.
a) website b) paperback c) bestseller d) log
14- To.something, means to make it white or lighter in colour by using chemicals or
a) bleach b) polish c) clean d) sharpen
15- My friend is about the new project he has started.
a) enthusiasm b) enthusiast c) enthusiastic d) enthusiastically
16- A\An .can hold a lot of information and is small enough to carry in your pocket.
a) gadget b) button c) encyclopedia d) CD-Rom
17 - The new English book has some errors.
a) publishing b) lining c) printing d) pressing
18- We can getinformation about everything new through the internet.
a) up-to-date b) fashionable c) cut of-date d) old-fashioned
19- To .to move information from one part of a computer system to another.
a) transport b) move c) download d) hold
20- This medicine isn't now; you'll be able to get it this afternoon.
a) fashionable b) valid c) unavailable d) available
21- We should old things to keep the environment clean and save a lot of money.
a) waste b) recycle c) remove d) mix
22- We can red and white to get pink.
a) mix b) bleach c) hold d) educate
23- The parliament has passed some new traffic rules to.the number of road accidents.

Question Bank
a) soak b) cut c) hold d) press
24- a cylinder- shaped piece of wood, metal etc. that can be rolled over and over.
a) gadget b) CD-Rom c) button d) roller find a large sum of money, what will you do?
a) Announce b) Suppose c) Improve d) Believe
26- You can do shopping on the internet at the simpleof a button.
a) pressure b) press c) pressurized d) press-up
27- A\An .is easy to carry and read at any time.
a) CD-Rom b) encyclopedia c) paperback d) reference book
28- A\ a large book that contains facts about many Subjects.
a) encyclopedia b) paperback c) CD-Rom d) log
29- Through the internet, we can read.newspapers.
a) lining b) line c) offline d) online
30- Everyone clapped their hands when the manager..the winner of the competition.
a) phoned b) pressed c) announced d) published
31- He pressed theto switch on TV.
a) roller b) button c) gadget d) screen
32- My brother is a chess, He spends a long time playing it with his friends and on the
a) enthusiast b) enthusiastic c) enthusiasm d) enthusiastically
33- Wood, paper, plastic are..materials which can be reused.
a) recycle b) recyclable c) recycling d) recycles
34- If you want to find..information, you Can log onto the internet.
a) recycled b) offline c) online d) printed
35- The instructor taught keep fit and take part in competitions.
a) how b) what c) why d) who
36- Pupils in our schools must be taught in a safe healthy .
a) centre b) weather c) environment d) future
37- He is..; he shows a lot of interest and excitement about something.
a) regretful b) pessimistic c) optimistic d) enthusiastic
38- ..paper is cheaper than new paper.
a) Recycling b) Recycled c) Recyclable d) Recycle
39- ..can be used for moving heavy things that have no wheels.
a) Gadgets b) CD-Rom c) Rollers d) Disks
40- .which are cut from trees are broken into pieces to be used for making paper.
a) Fruits b) Roots c) Logs d) Leaves
41- We can't go to the theatre until we check the..of tickets.
a) available b) unavailable c) availability d) valuable
42- Sorry, we don't have this book now; it is .
a) unavailable b) available c) fashionable d) favourable
43- One of e-books is that it will save millions of trees and hundred of forests.
a) advantage b) disadvantage c) cause d) reason
44- A\An is a set of books which deals with every branch of human knowledge.
a) CD-Rom b) paperback c) encyclopedia d) roller
45- The police the suspect's fingerprints with those found at the crime scene.
a) regarded b) compared c) differed. d) explored
46- The car hit a rock and over many times before it caught fire .
a) soaked b) rolled c) recycled d) bleached
47- To make papyrus, the ancient Egyptians used the leaves of grass, soaked them in water and dry in the sun.
a) gathering b) together c) gather d) gatherer
48- I phoned Ali at home yesterday but he wasn't .
a) recycled b) available c) removed d) pressed
49- ".." means to cover something with liquid for a period of time .

Question Bank
a) Announce _ b) Roll c) Soak d) Bleach
50- Every year, millions of trees are .down to make new paper.
a) put b) take c) cut d) give
51- Computer are used for storing a large amount of information text form, sound
and pictures.
a) keyboards b) screens c) disks d) rollers
52- The new teacher is full of .................he urges students to work hard.
a) enthusiast b) enthusiastic c) enthusiasm d)
53- Wood is bleached during the .of making paper.
a) experiment b) process c) produce d) operation
54- The..subject of the conversation is how to develop our industry.
a) mainly b) mean c) main d) mail
55- The picture of the television is clear because enormous.
a)gadget b) disc c) screen d) roller
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1- It's possible to read offline newspapers on the internet.
2- When I went to buy a famous book; it wasn't availability.
3- My mother has a special budget for cutting vegetables.
4- He didn't show any enthusiastic for any sport of any kind.
5- His recuperation will depend greatly on the available of this kind of medicine.
6-Hazem overloaded some programmes from the internet
7-She blackened the clothes to make them white.
8- He passed the button to switch on the light.
9- An article is a large book that contains facts about many subjects.
10- Before you can cook these beans, you have to bleach them in water for three hours.
11- We can recycle paper and glass; they are recycling materials.
12- Modem equipment and machines have produced the workforce in factories to 50%.
13- I have wonderful connections of stamps in my album.
14- One advantage of a CD-Rom is that it can catch a lot of information.
15- The Ancient Egyptians used paper to write and draw on.
16- His first book was punished in 2002 and was ready for sale two weeks later.
17 _ This book is hardback so you can easily carry and read it at any time.
18- My uncle is a football enthusiastic; he is interested in everything about it.
19- It's thought that pressing books will become part of history because of the internet..
20-Computer boxes can have huge amounts of information on them .
21- During the operation of making paper, wood is bleached.
22- The discovery of paper has changed the world greatly.
23- You'd best do your homework perfectly.
24- We can bum pages of an e-book reader by pressing buttons or touching the screen.
25- People think that traditional books will be placed bye-books.
26- My cousin is a tennis enthusiastic; he spends most of his time playing and speaking about it.
27- Locks are cut from trees and are broken into pieces to be used in making paper.
28- No one knows exactly when paper was discovered. .
29- Computers can consist huge amounts of information.
30- The government should introduce the price of meat to enable the poor to
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1- By 2015 three our town.
a) will be built b) will build c) will have been built d) will have built
2- I.Ali tomorrow morning.
a) will have been met b) will meet c) will be met d) will have met
3- In the future, every new bookas an e-book.
a) will probably publish b) will have been published

Question Bank
c) will probably be published d) will have published
4- Governmental cards by 2015.
a) will have used b) will have been used c) will use d) will be used
5-In four years' time, most of the old modern offices.
a) will replace b) will have been replaced c) will be replaced d) will have replaced
6- In the future, most of our energy..with wind power.
a) will replace b) will have been replaced c) will be replaced d) will have replaced
7- Surgeons operations by using robots in the near future.
a) will have performed b) will have been performed
c) will be performed d) will perform
8-I think most e-books in the near future.
a) will read b) will have read c) will be read d) will have been read
9- The school next year.
a) will have built b) will build c) will be built d) will have been built
10- In the near future petrol and oilas much as they are today.
a) won't have used b) won't use c) won't be used d) won't have been used
11- I'm sure that he .the mission well.
a) will be done b) will have done c) will do d) will have been done
12-This the end of next month.
a) will complete b) will be completed c) will have been completed d) will have
13- The 3 o'clock tomorrow.
a) will be finished b) will have finished c) have been finished d) will finish
14- By the time you get home, I..the house .
a) will have been cleaned b) will be cleaned c) will clean d) will have cleaned
15- By 2050, petrol electric cars.
a) will have replaced b) will replace c) will have been replaced d) will be
16- You can find all the information you need the internet.
a) at b) in c) on d) of
17- Amal is enthusiastic.the idea of opening a shop for selling flowers.
a) of b) about c) at d) with
18- Farmers leave the seeds of crops to drythe sun.
a) with b) from c) on d) in
19- There must be strict laws to ban cutting keep the environment clean.
a) out b) off c) down d) of
20- The prices of most items increased ..10% this month.
a) at b) by c) with d) for
21- Housewives usually soak clothes.water and this can make it easy to dean
a) on b) from c) in d) of
22- Getting up early and eating fresh vegetables and fruit are good .your health.
a) at b) for c) to d) by
23- It has become easy to store all the information we need.a CD- Rom.
a) at b) in c) on d) form
24- This programme on T. V next week.
a) appears b) will be appeared c) will appear d) will have been appeared
25- Scientists should put plans.the future of the world.
a) at b) of c) for d) in
26- I predict that, mobile Egypt in the near future.
a) will make b) will have made c) will be made d) will have been made
27- The new underground railway line by 2012.
a) will have been built _ b) will have built c) will be built d) will build
28- People expect that the price of phone callsnext year.

Question Bank
a) will reduce b) will be reduced c) will have reduced d) will have been
29- education in two years' time.
a) will be finished b) will finish c) will have finished d) will have been finished
30- By the end of this year, the government the problem of powershortage.
a) will have solved b) will solve c) will be solved d) a) will have been solved
31-The produced by the Beatrix drug company.
a) will b) was c) is d) are
32-I'm sure, more foodto get over food crisis.
a) will produce b) may produce c) may be produced d) will be produced
33- It is expected that the government..taxes again.
a) will be raised b) will have raised c) will raise d) will be raising
34- By the time you receive this letter, Imy final exams.
a) will have been finishing b) will have finished c) win be finished d) will be
35- The money, I'll borrow from the bank,.in three months' time.
a) must repay b) must be repaid c) will have been repaid d) win repay
36- The author..his political book by the end of the week.
a) will have been published b) will have published c) will be published d) will publish
37- I.this essay in two hours' time.
a) will write b) will have written c) written d) will have been written
38- Grapesby the end of July.
a) will have been harvested b) will harvest c) will have harvested d) will be harvested
39- The new underground railway line by 2018.
a) win build b) will be built c) will have built d) win have been built
40- I think most bestsellers e-books.
a) will be read b) will be reading c) win have been read d) will read
41-By Friday, a decision .
a) will make b) will be made c) will have been made d) win be making
42- The furniture..tomorrow.
a) will deliver b) win be delivered c) will have delivered d) is delivered
43- I .my exams by the end of August.
a) will finish b) finish c) will have finished d) finished
44- With the help of robots I surgeonsoperations .
a) will perform b) will be performed c) will have performed d) will be performing
45- This soon as possible.
a) will discuss b) will be discussing c) will have discussed d) will be discussed
46- Vast areas of desert land .by the government.
a)will reclaim b) will be reclaiming c) will be reclaimed d) will have reclaimed
47- By the end of this year T more housesfor young people and newly married.
a) will build b) will have been built c) will have building d) will be building
48- In the coming years, pollution .
a) will be eliminated b) would eliminate c) will eliminate d) will have been eliminated
49- I predict that in future, mobile phones.smaller.
a) will make b) will be made c) will be making d) are making
50- By this time next week, Imy test results.
a) will hear b) will be heard c) will have heard d) will have been heard
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1- I think Huda will have gone home soon.
2- We will do a decision concerning opening the new factory by Friday.
3- I'm sure you'll have had a wonderful holiday next summer.
4- Perhaps we'll have seen Mona at school at the party tomorrow.
5- My sister's wedding dress will buy tomorrow.

Question Bank
6- I will have been finished this mission by eleven o'clock tomorrow.
7- A new city will be built outside Cairo by 2020.
8- I expect solar heating will have been used in homes on a large scale.
9- He will tell about his exam result tomorrow.
10- Come early to work or you'll dismiss.
11- In the near future, most of our shopping will have done on the internet.
12- I will move to my new house by the end of October.
13- This bridge will have completed by next year.
14- Prices have increased with 10% last month.
15- Cutting on trees damages the environment.
16- My brother is enthusiastic for travelling abroad.
17 - Planting more trees is good to the environment.
18- Most farmers dry the seeds of plants on the sun. .
19- They will have finishing their meeting by four o'clock this afternoon.
20-Do you think you will be passed your exams? - I hope I will.
21- By 10 o'clock, Soha will be reached her destination.
22- Ahmed will have been completed his studies by the end the year
23- I will have collected you from Peter's house on my way home.
24- In the future, some cities will be building under the sea.
25- By the time you get back, I will had tidied it up.
26- Aly hopes he will travelled all over the world by the time he's thirty.
27- Sarah will finish decorating the Christmas tree by midnight.

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1) My daughter has the right.for a job.
a. imagination b. accommodation c. kinds d. qualifications
2) To apply.a job, you must complete this form .
a. in b. to c. fur d. on
3) Medical..are needed for multi-national company in all governorate
a. documents b. representatives Co hosts d. guides
4) Which qualifications and personal..are necessary for this job?
a. qualities b. quantities c. duties d. interests
5) Interested applicants are kindly requested to send their to the mentioned address.
a. PhD b. MSC c. CV d. sse
6) He speaks English easily and smoothly. He is.
a. caring b. friendly c. fluent d. affluent
7) All applicants shoulda driving licence to be able to move freely.
a. catch b. receive c. extract d. hold
8)Without having excellent computer, you won't be accepted for the job.
a. skills b. interests c. hobbies d. awards
9)You are not allowed to drive as long as you don't..a driving test.
a. hold b. write c. pass d. strip
10) DOB refers to.of birth. _
a. date b. nationality c. place d. address
11) The applicant must have a/an ..............appearance.
a. ugly b. unfriendly c. strange d. smart
12) Reham's job is,it lasts only for a limited time.
a. vacant b. constant c. temporary d. permanent

Question Bank
13) This form needs to be filled to get this job.
a. up b. in c. on d. with
14) At the moment, Mr Sadek is training to be an...
a. accountant b. accountancy c. account d. accounting
15) My son won a prize at schoolEnglish language.
a. in b. for c. with d. of
16) To pass the test, you must complete three..
a. models b. modeling c. modules d. molecules
17)All applicants should be30 years old. More than this is not accepted.
a. on b. under c. over d. in
18)Aly is the moststudent in the class. He works hard and cares about what he does.
a. unreliable b. conscientious c. ignorant d. illiterate
19) I need some medicine. Is there a nearby?
a. work shop b. laundry c. pharmacy d. studio
20) My sister is a..nurse at our local hospital. She Will get her qualification next year.
a. trainer b. trainee c. training d. trained
21) Kasim is the most..player in our team.
a. skill b. skillfully c. beautiful d. skilful
22) When I go to university, I'm going toa modular science degree.
a. do b. play c. make d. give
23)The people in this part of town are always,especially in time of need.
a. neighbouring b. neighbourly c. neighbours d. neighbourhood
24) Even though he has only been here for six months, he can speak English...
a. carelessly b. slowly c. badly d. fluently
25) My father hasmany things to be proud of in his life.
a. succeeded b. made c. achieved d. contributed
26) Everyone of so friendly. They get on with each other.
a. enemies b. neighbourhood c. neighbours d. opponents
27) A secondary school in the United States is called ..School.
a. High b. Low c. Primary d. Preparatory
28) China, Japan and other countries in East and South East Asia are called theEast.
a. farther b. nearest c. farthest d. Far
29) Handicapped children are very bad atachievement.
a. academy b. academic c. epidemic d. acceptable
30) If you have the right qualifications, which job would youto do?
a. prefer b. hate c. dislike d. detest
31) He was awarded a prizehighest grade in finance module.
a. in b. at c. for d. on
32) Who's theof the French team?
a. headmaster b. principal c. officer d. captain
33) My little daughter is in Fadl school,3, primary stage.
a. degree b. graded c. grade d. gradually
34) Which skills are needed to succeed this kind of work?
a. at b. on c. in d. of
35) Who is the present minister of ?
a. finance b. finances c. financial d. financially
36) Being a good leader is a skill.
a. useless b. simple c. valueless d. personal
37) Employers look.hard and personal skills.
a. at b. on c. for d. after
38) Our school is very, the staff and students are always on time.
a. organised b. untidy c. beautiful d. ugly
39) Hospitals look for.young people to train to get on with their patients.
a. social b. political c. sociable d. lazy

Question Bank
40)Our family has It was started by my grandfather in 1935.
a. well cooked b. well -established c. well-done d. well-organised
41) When they are applying for a job, some people start their .with personal details, others
put their qualifications first.
a. CV b. GM c. SA d. PhD
42) Most of the houses in our.are quite old.
a. neighbouring b. neighbourly c. neighbours d. neighbourhood
43) Getting into university would be my greatest.. .
a. management b. measurement c. contribution d. achievement
44) I enjoy..people from other countries.
a. meeting b. hurting c. quarrelling d. disturbing
45)In order to sell a new product, you need to. it in the right way.
a. promise b. prolong c. promote d. progress
46) Master of Science is abbreviated into.
a. PhD b. CV c. BA d. MSC
47) The highprompted her to apply for the job.
a. temperature b. wall c. salary d. fence
48) Mr. Gamal is a..of Alexandria university. Faculty of Arts.
a. graduate b. graduating c. graduated d. graduation
49) To do well in an exam means to get a high.
a. degree b. grade c. training d. education
50) My brother has a polities.
a. care b. cargo c. carrier d. career
51) Everyone shouldhis skills to be promoted.
a. delay b. reduce c. develop d. downgrade
52) All of us should raise money for .
a. cinemas b. dubs c. theatres d. charities
53) Thanks to., the wor1d has become a small village.
a. BSC b. DOB c. IT d. PhD
54) Which.would you do at university club?
a. facilities b. languages c. contacts d. sports
55) One of the skills an applicant should have, is using Micro soft office.Word and Excel.
a. as b. like c. just as d. such
56) If the applicant does not have.., he can't achieve his goals.
a. ambitious b. ambitions c. agreement d. obligation
57) Some people refuse to be promoted as they don't have..qualities.
a. leadership b. citizenship c. relationship d. friendship
58) Many people might move if they were.a good job.
a. afforded b. appointed c. done d. offered
59) Is a good a prerequisite of success?
a. ignorance b. education c. illiteracy d. driving
60) All applicants should be accepted for the job .
a. politely b. unfashionably c. smartly d. wrongly
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1-Social people enjoy meeting and talking to other people.
2-He works in a neighbourly day-care centre .
3-Ahmed hasn't been fully trained yet. He is still a trainer.
4-He has much experiment in using micro soft office.
5-I have travelled all over Europe. My ambitious is to visit the Far East.
6-Reham gives her work a lot of care and attention. She is a conscious worker .
7-Mr Salah won a prize in English.
8-After a year in France, she was affluent in French .
9-On applying for a job, you have to state your interested and hobbies.

Question Bank
10-I wish I were as organiser as you are.
11-Employers look at both hard skill and personal skills.
12-What qualities which do you a good leader?
13-The pilot of the ship drowned during a storm.
14-During his carefree, he wrote more than fifty plays.
15-I would prefer to work as a customer service agency for a big company.
16-What is your experience on computers?
17-He got the highest mark in finance module.
18-He regularly works for charitable.
19-MSC is the highest university degree one can get.
20-It doesn't matter for me whether the new born is a boy or a girl.
21-He has earned a lot of useful experience.
22-My uncle's company is an establishing one with a very good reputation.
23-I've been working as a sales presenter in my uncle's pharmacy .
24-Do you have a driver licence?
25-It is important for sick people to have excess to the latest drugs available.
26-This company has a good repulsion in the medical profession .
27-Why are you applying to a new job?
28-From your PhD, employers know whether you are relevant to the job or not.
29-The meetings of the leaders have projected good relations between the two countries.
30-A CV is usually the first contract between employers and applicants.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1) that she was moving to Cornwall the following year
a) said b) told c) asked d) advised
2) The teacher.the pupils to do the homework.
a) threatened b) offered c) promised d) reminded
3) My father asked me where hethe newspaper.
a) can buy b) could buy c) buys d) will buy
4) Farid said that he couldn't accompany me as hework to do.
a) has b) will c) would d) had
5) Manalthat she had taken my wallet .
a) denied b) promised c) begged d) offered
6) The criminal..that he had committed the crime alone.
a) demanded b) threatened c) admitted d) offered
7) I asked the technician..he had fixed my computer.
a) to b) if c) why d) that
8) Nancyme what I would buy for her birthday.
a) asked b) said c) begged d) ordered
9) My brother agreedme his digital camera .
a) to lending b) to be lent c) to be lending d) to lend
10) Most tourists..that the hotel was too much expensive
a) complained b) suggested c) invited d) begged
11) My tell Mum if I didn't stop making noise.
a) pleased b) threatened c) begged d) offered
12) Mr Sadek .to drive me into the city centre.
a) said b) threatened c) ordered d) agreed
13) I asked Ramy if I a look at his photo album.
a) may have b) will have c) might have d) can have
14) The scientist asserts that there life on other planets.
a) was b) had been c) would d) is
15) The young man said that he..any more work the following day.
a) can't do b) couldn't do c) won't do d) hasn't done
16) I asked the touristhe was going to stay in Cairo.

Question Bank
a) how long b) how old c) how far d) how fast
17) The expert said that he ..a way of sending priceless message to other people in
the near future.
a) would invent b) invented c) will invent d) had invented
18) The doctor asked the fat man he exercised.
a) how old b) how high c) how often d) how many
19) They said that theyearly the next morning.
a) had been leaving b) would leave c) had left d) will leave
20) She encouraged..the job.
a) to take b) that Frank should take c) Frank to take d) to Frank to
21) They directed that the building. .
a) be pulled down b) to be pulled down c) should be pulled down d) should pull down
22) Sheher holiday in Finland.
a) told me about b) said about c) said me about d) told about
23) My brother asked meI had heard the latest news.
a) if b) what c) that d) to
24) She reminded .
a) what to do b) me what I have to do c) what I had to do d) me what to do
25) The night before police said that theythe missing girl.
a) had found b) have found c) find d) were finding
26) My boss said that the maps .on the table the day before.
a) have been b) are c) were d) had been
27) He asked meI wanted a packet of biscuit or not.
a) that b) whether c) how d) what
28) The guard warned us.touch the fire alarms once more.
a) to b) if c)that d) not to
29) My brother said that heon holiday the following week.
a) will go b) will be going c) was going d) is going
30) Maner..that the sweet factory was on fire.
a) said b) asked c) wondered d) ordered
31) Nora to show her the castle.
a) wanted b) advised c) warned d) said
32) My mother said that sheawake all night.
a) has been b) had been c)will be d) is
33) Doha asked where she..put the box.
a) shall b) can c) will d) should
34) She asked my advicesubject she should study at university.
a) on to what b) as to what c) on what d) to what
35) Julie.going shopping at the new Fairfax centre.
a) demanded b) warned c) advised d) suggested
36) He said hemeet me at the station and told me to take a taxi.
a) couldn't b) would c) shall d) should
37) Nada said that she was going to the stadium the week.
a) last b) next c) previous d)following
38) My teacher told me that Istay after school as a punishment for talking in class.
a) might b) had to c) have to d) will
39) to have a hot drink in his house.
a) suggested b) said c) invited d) warned
40) My pick me up from the airport.
a) promised b) said c) invited d) asked
41) She wanted to know if I..a driving licence.
a) have b) has c) have had d) had ,
42) She asked me whether my uncleI was trying to find another job.

Question Bank
a) know b) knows c)knew d) has known
43) She asked me why I to work for their company.
a) wanted b) was wanting c) want d) have wanted
44) She wanted to knowfeel about working in another part of the ' country.
a) how I will b) how I would c) how will I d) how would
45) He asked him how long..working in that bank.
a) has he been b) had he been c) he has been d) he had been
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
l- The manager asked me what salary I will hope to receive.
2- Ahmed told me he is writing his autobiography then,
3- She asked him if he has worked hard enough.
4- He asked me where I have been.
5- She told him that she'll phone him at 6 o'clock that night.
6- The teacher asked us that a lot of English words are borrowed from other languages.
7- Do you know where the post office was?
8- Could you tell me if that train will stop at Leeds?
9- The park attendant told us do not walk on the grass.
10- She told him he has caused a lot of pain to her family.
11- They begged the teacher not to give us any homework.
12- Maha asked Sally why she is making such mistakes.
13- She asked if I can speak Chinese fluently.
14- Dona asked sally if she'll like to go out for a change.
15- Hassan told me that he was given promotion the week before.
16- He said that the rain has stopped.
17- I told him when he got up in the morning.
18-She reported that she has been getting more and more annoyed by Ahmed's behaviour.
19- Peter asked me that he had hired a clown to entertain all his kids.
20- The doctor told me he was afraid we will have to do more tests.
21- My grandson wanted to know when I needed money or not.
22- Can you tell me what is your code number?
23- I wonder if Dr Ihab was able to come to the phone.
24- He asked me how many children I have .
25- Aly said that he had gone there to get some groceries,but the store was closed until
26- I wonder how much does your father's car cost.
27- He asked me what was my name.
28- I don't know where does she live .
29- I wanted to know what you are doing then.
30- I wondered where dig nose my keys.

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1) People lost their jobs and businesses closed during that year's terrible .
a. boost b. depressed c. depression d. depressing
2) Iaway the newspaper this morning. I didn't know you hadn't read it.
a. drove b. got c. threw d. kept
3) What's the best for a headache?
a. measurement b. treatment c. agreement d. amendment
4) Steinbeck is a famous novelist but his first three novels were not a .
a. success b. failure c. fall d. drop

Question Bank
5) an insect is very painful.
a. eaten b. drunk c. stung d. swallowed
6) I'd like to help my country by working as a civil . .
a, service b. servant c. server d. war
7) My grandmother's beautiful.necklace was a wedding present from her uncle.
a. copper b. brass c. iron d. pearl
8) The police are looking for the missing carhave been searching the river all day.
a .Divers b. Pilots c. Sailors d. Swimmers
9) A well- known opening a new supermarket in our town tomorrow.
a. celebrate b. celebration c. celebrity d. maker
10) On hearing about the pearl, thieves planned
a. rob b. repair c. steal d. eat
11) Kino's son was killedmistake.
a. on b. by c. at d. for
12) Money can make the greedy blindreality.
a. with b. of c. for d. to
13) It was John's mother who taught him to read and.him to become a writer.
a. discouraged b. encouraged c. depressed d. encountered
14) Finding the.pearl is a very rare experience.
a. Valuable b. valueless c. worthless d. fruitless
15).means having no private life.
a. Public b. Publicly c. Publicity d. In public
16) I respect some people forthe truth.
a. saying b. asking c. hiding d. telling
17) Did he succeed in becoming a writer?-Unfortunately .
a. yes b. never c. not d. no
18) Why are you? This is a private party.
a. including b. introducing c. invading d. intruding
19) Theof publicity is that people can treat you better.
a. cause b. reason c. advantage d. disadvantage
20) John Steinbeck.people to think about the problems of the country's poor.
a. afforded b. affected c. forced d. fought
21) Thinking that the pearl is evil, Kino and his wife throw itthe sea.
a. on b. away c. out d. into
22) Today's newspaper has a very interesting report from one of their ............... in India.
a. representatives b. correspondents c. politicians d. correspondence
23) My friendme to go swimming, even though I felt ill.
a. threatened b. persuaded c. invited d. obliged
24) You should be careful when youinto water if you don't know how deep it is.
a, dive b. dip c. wash d. swim
25) Don't be've eaten enough.
a. greed b. aggressive c. greedy d. cruel
26) Although people are frightened ofthey don't kill many human beings.
a. birds b. ants c. cats d. scorpions
27) Our income is low. How can we payour sons' education?
a. off b. for c. on d. at
28) When the man was bitten by spiders, he.out in pain.
a. cried b. fought c. cheered d. brought
29) With a littlehe's agreed to meet me tomorrow evening.
a. persuasion b. persuasive c. persuade d. approval
30) That shopkeeper is always great
a. make b. play c. give d. do
31) They gave about the company's problems.
a. sting b. stung c. stinging d. sticky

Question Bank
32) My Sister's arguments are very, so I agree with her.
a. false b. determined c. weak d. persuasive
33) Being.does not always solve people's problems,
a. health b. wealthy c. wealth d. healthy
34) They..the treasure under the ground.
a. stole b. robbed c. buried d. took
35) It is still not possible to..the common cold.
a. heal b. cure c. recover d. solve
36) The thieves got into the house by a clever.. .
a. trend b. trick c. tribute d. tree
37) When other people hear.the pearl, they plan to steal it.
a. on b. in c. from d. about
38) You need to..your work more carefully to achieve success.
a. spoil b. make c. plan d. delay
39) The family, being too to pay, the local doctor refuses to..treat the boy.
a. rich b. wealthy c. healthy d. poor
40) My uncle's job is to buy and sell goods. He is a .
a. pilot b. lawyer c. merchant d. postman
41) Merchants try toKino saying that the pearl is not valuable.
a. kick b. dick c. bribe d. trick
42) Kino is a Mexican pearl .
a. driver b. diver c. rider d. runner
43) size, the merchants refused to buy the pearl.
a. bigger b. valuable c. priceless d. beautiful
44) They fired theirat wild animals.
a. knives' b. rockets c. guns d. pickaxes
45) The ambulance arrived save the boy.
a. early b. earlier c. later d. late
46) Juana suggested..the pearl between stones.
a. breaking b. burying c. throwing d. keeping
47) Countries shouldn't spend too much money..armament.
a. about b. on c. for d. at
48) My friend, Shehab, is a very..person who hated publicity.
a. special b. privacy c. private d. sociable
49) Workers can't afford a holiday for working in.paid jobs .:
a. bad b. good c. well d. badly
50) Steinbeck won the Nobel Prize..literature In 1962.
a. on b. at c. for d. in
51), he went to Ain-Shams university.
a. low b. High c. primary d. preparatory
52) Kino can't.the pearl anywhere for being bigger in size.
a. buy b. sell c. bury d. throw
53) He's an expert ..the history of rock music.
a. of b. off c. about d. on
54) Some people seek public city,
a. like b. prefer c. avoid d. love
55) The boy was..for burns at the hospital.
a. treated b. treatment c. treasured d. tricked
56) Having the priceless pearl led..bad things, especially the death of his son.
a. for b. to c. in d. about
57) When it started to rain, we ran to shelter in a mountain...
a. tunnel b. subway c. slope d. cave
58) Juana believes that this pearl is evil and fears that it will..the family.
a. enrich b. destroy c. please d. regret

Question Bank
59) Some people think that money is the root of all .., so they don't want lots of it.
a. good b. devil c. evil d. happiness
60) At first Kinoto throw the pearl away to pay for his son's education.
a. accepted b. refused c. agreed d. approved
Find the mistakes and write the sentences correctly:
1-The doctor refused to heal the sick boy for being poor.
2- The man was killed with mistake not deliberately.
3- He insisted on paying off the meal.
4- Don't play tricky on me.
5- Greed bosses award themselves pay rises.
6- Kino is a pearl diving .
7- Kino's son is swallowed by a scorpion.
8- Thieves planned to rob the pearl.
9- Kino's wife tries to pretend him to throw it away.
10- The prisoners tried to breakout from the prison.
11-The moral of the lesson is that wealthy doesn't always solve people's problems.
12- I never throw anything up.
13- The last novel Steinbeck wrote won an influence prize.
14- What's the best measurement for a headache?
15- Famous writers always win the Nobel Prize of literature.
16- Journalists sometimes introduce into people's private lives.
17- He worked as a war correspondence for a New York newspaper.
18- I bought my wife a valuable pebble necklace.
19- This is hardly persuasion evidence. I don't believe it.
20- The pearl, found by Kino, is big in size. It's minute.
21- Drugs and alcohol are two of the merits of modern society.
22- He has a wealthy of experience in this area.
23- My little son was attracted by a mad dog.
24- The merchandise say the pearl is not valuable.
25- Rubbish should never be thrown on the sea.
26- Some people seek publicly, others do not.
27- My father works as a civic servant.
28- Poor people suffered greatly during the great percussion of the 1930s.
29- My friend is a very special person. He hates publicity.
30- I respect children who say the truth.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
1) to have dinner with her.
a. insisted b. suggested c. invited d. recommended
2) The teacher warned Georgelate again.
a. to be b. not to be c. don't be d. to being
3) A back injuryher to withdraw from the race.
a. forced b. suggested c. expected d. invited
4) John Tom to phone him the next day.
a. said b. suggested c. told d. helped
5) The teacher..her students to read ''The Pearl "before the next lesson.
a. wanted b. said c. helped d. required
6) Men be much more active nowadays.
a. reminded b. expected c. warned d. invited
7) My to read.
a. taught b. invited c. took d. warned
8) Mahmoud advisedhard from the beginning of the school year.
a. to work b. working c. work d. to working
9) The officer ordered the soldiers .

Question Bank
a. attack b. to attack c. attacking d. attacked
10) My father has advised .careful with my money when I'm on holiday.
a. to be b. being c. to being d. be
11) The teacher..the students not to talk during the test.
a. suggested b. regretted c. permitted d. warned
12) Our friends invited us..tea with them .
a. having b. to have c. to having d. to be
13) He's teaching his son ..a horse.
a. ride b. riding c. to ride d. to riding
14) Children should be encouragedas early as possible.
a. swimming b. to swim c. swam d. to swimming
15) He ordered usship as it capsized.
a. to abandon b. abandon c. abandoned d . abandons
16) Sheme to phone the docks about the arrival of the ship.
a. suggested b. recommended c. remembered d. reminded
17) Ahmed's parents warned him..leave university without getting a degree.
a. to b. not c. not to d. do not
18) The programme presenter asked Dr Carter..about Steinbeck's early life.
a. talk b. to talking c. to talk d. talking
19) Aya's mother asked her daughter.her prepare dinner for the family.
a. help b. helping c. to help d. to helping
20) They're never late, so I..them to arrive in a few minutes.
a. suggest b. expect c. advise d. warn
21) I'm grateful to my uncle Walid who taught me how .
a) driver b) drive c) to drive d) to driving
22) The doctor warned metoo much.
a) not to eat b) don't eat c) not eat d) to not eat
23) Do you want me..a ticket for you?
a) to book b) book c) booking d) to booking
24) The conference hosts sciences to discuss the problem of homelessness.
a) on b) of c)from d) for
25) I suggested that he.wait for us till we return.
a) would b) could c) should d) shall
26) I have decided to apply for the job I heard..from my friend Tawfik.
a) at b) of c) about d) with
27) My teacher advised me..too much TV.
a) to watch b) to not watch c) not to watch d) not watching
28) My room needs to be tidied,there are many things to be thrown
a) in b) away c) over d) up
29) I have never been to England, but I'd like.there.
a) going b) to going c) go d) to go
30) His parents always encourage him.sports to keep fit.
a) not to practise b) to practise c) practising d) to practising
31) Teenagersthe age of 18 aren't allowed to drive.
a) in b) below c) under d) over
32) I didn't want to buy a new car, but Shehab persuaded meso.
a) do b) to do c) doing d) done
33) Mr. Hassan is teaching his son.a horse now.
a) ride b) riding c) to riding d) to ride
34) The naughty boy fired his father's gunhis friend by mistake.
a) on b) at c) to d) out
35) I expected it yesterday, but it didn't.
a) to rain b) rain c) rained d) to raining
36) It is a free offer from the company; you don't need to

Question Bank
a) for b) from c) at d) on
37) The building which I live.overlooks the Nile .
a) in b) at c) on d) for.
38) You should have called the police instead ..attacking the thief alone.
a) in b) off c) with d) of
39) The teacher asked the studentsduring the test.
a) not to talk b) to talk c) not talking d) to not talk
40- 1 don't know where my book is ; I think Ali took itmistake.
a) by b) on c) in d) with
Find the mistakes and write the sentences (Grammar)
1- I don't want you being late for work.
2- I was made doing the test again.
3- I'd like seeing the manager.
4- You are recommended not to travelling by tube.
5- It's impossible to teach him swimming as he's afraid of the water.
6- I've warned you not going near the water before.
7- People are not allowed to smoking here.
8- My parents encouraged m"e doing better.
9- Remind me phoned you tomorrow evening.
10- I want him washing the car.
11- The police advised everyone staying clear of the area.
12- I recommend to stay at this hotel,
13- The police require any members of the public to coming forward.
14- You aren't allowed keeping. pets in the building.
15- I strongly advise you to seeing a doctor as soon as possible.
16- Everybody is obliged paying taxes.
17- Would you like me doing anything to help?
18- I advise to buy "The Best" series for distinction.
19- Teachers don't allow to eat in class.
20- I was advised concentrate well.

Choose the correct answer: Vocabulary
1-The gas factory has six hundred.
a) employs b) employees c) employable d) employers
2- Nasser evening course in English.
a) making b) playing c) inventing d) doing
3- She has worked very hard this year, so she is hoping work next year.
a) promotion b) punishment c) dismissal d) escape
4- Everyone likes working for Mr Hamdy. They say he is a very kind.. .
a) employee b) employment c) unemployment d)employer
5- I hope to be.when I finish this computer course.
a) removed b) punished _ c) promoted d) dismissed
6- I believe I have the bestfor the job.
a) qualification b) qualify c) qualified d) quantity
7 -.learning is a kind of learning which never stops as long as you are alive.
a) Short-term b) Lifelong c) Distant d) Distance
8- Heafter he reached the age of sixty.
a) desired b) tired c) retired d) fired
9- I'vein my local swimming class.
a) entered b) ruled c) enclosed d) enrolled

Question Bank
10- Is she..enough for such great responsibility?
a) mature b) foolish c) lazy d) idle
11- Many young women find their work with handicapped children very ..............They enjoy it
very much.
a) regarding b) revolving c) rewarding d) revolting
12- This company needs highlystaff.
a) qualification b) graduation c) unqualified d) qualified
13- Al Ghamry five hundred workers in his company.
a) employer b) employs c) employee d) employable
14- He hopes to get his master's ...................from Oxford University .
a) degree b) level c) grade d) class
15- You have not up your mind about the best way to do this.
a) done b) had c) made d) discovered
16- This is the main .for his quick decision.
a) reasonable b) reason c) purpose d) cause
17- My uncle spent the whole daythe field.
a) irrigated b) to irrigate c) irrigates d) irrigating
18- It would be to consult everybody first. .
a) sensible b) sensor c) sincere d) sense
19- We' a charitable organization for a grant for a project.
a) radiated b) depicted c) applied d) deprived
20- Doctors are only now beginning tohow dangerous this drugs can be.
a) intrude b) appreciate c) interfere d) affiliate
21- Enrol means to become a\anOf a university course.
a) employer b) professor c) organ d) member
22- Ideal is thethat something could possibly be.
a) best b) dirtiest c) oldest d) worst
23- Mr Samy left the teachingin 1998 to set up his own business.
a) task b) profession c) position d) place
24- For me, a park with trees is theplace for a picnic.
a) worse b) member c) ideal d) same
25- Most southern countries have a.climate ,hot in summer and cold in winter.
a) rewarding b) worthwhile c) same d) similar
26- My cousin used to be a soldier, but now he'sto be a teacher.
a) retraining b) enrolling c) rewarding d) feeling
27- My sister wants to be a teacher. She believes teaching is
a) similar b) worthwhile c) worthless d) boring
28- She works in the accounts.She is a well-trained accountant.
a) departmental b) departure c) part d) department
29- This book willyou with all the information you need.
a) prove b) repair c) provide d) join
30-This bank can ten extra staff.
a) employment b) unemployment c) employable d) employer
31- The business got intodifficulties. It may stop soon.
a) finances b) financial c) finance d) financially
32- You should your computer skills to do your job well.
a) reduce b) spoil c) improve d) decrease
33- Magdy.from Cairo University two years ago.
a) escaped b) departed c) left d) graduated
34- The..of Cambridge University are always preferable is getting jobs.
a) servants b) graduates c) couriers d) maids
35- Finding a cure for this disease is one of the greatest.faced scientists.
a) challenges b) changes c) charges d) chants
36- My father always encourages me job well,

Question Bank
a) make b) fail c) invent d) do
37- I have my car avoid breaking down.
a) regularity b) regulate c) regularly d) regular
38- You have to go to.for a lot of years if you want to be a doctor.
a) cave b) college c) collision d) court
39- I hope the new skills I am learning at college will make me more .
a) failure b) difficulties c) problems d) promotion
40- A company in my town closed last week, leaving 50 people.
a) employees b) employers c) unemployed d) employment
41- In many countries, the government is the main..of school education.
a) provider b) introducer c) producer d) intruder
42- I don't..much money out of this job.
. a) miss b) earn c) win d) gain
43- Lifelong learning is necessary because the world of work is. .
a) still b) fixed c) changeable d) stable
44-They signed a three-year.with the internet company.
a) contact b) contest c) conduct d) contract
45- Beeswith each others through signs.
a) communicate b) conduct c) contact d) connect
46- His political..began 20 years ago after graduation.
a) task b) function c) career d) work
47- He enrolled.Msc course in the .faculty of education.
a) by b) on c) at d) with
48- He decidedit was too late to go.
a) than b) to c) on d) that
49- Experienced people are usually goodtheir jobs.
a) at b) of c) on d) in
50- You can find all the information you needthe internet.
a) for b) of c) on d) in
51- This company provides courses its employees to improve their skills.
a) with b) by c) to d) for
Find the mistakes and write the sentences (Vocabulary)
1- Someone that pays people to work for them is employee.
2- Universities provide the country with high qualified young people.
3- Because he is clever, he gets promote very quickly.
4- He is responsible for the finance apartment of a big company.
5- I communicate on my pen friends bye-mail.
6- The company needs an employer to work as an accountant.
7- President Sadat was rewarded the Noble prize for peace.
8- He rolled, on an English course with the Open University.
9- I've attended an idealism marriage with my family.
10- His child behaves in a very nature way.
11- She has got a reward job.
12- His T-shirt is similarity to mine.
13- There's no cause for his failure.
14- She decided leaving her baby at home.
15- Mr Samy will attend the meeting instead for the headmistress.
16- Kamal used to riding a bike now he drives a car:
17- That hotel proves good meals.
18- Hady is well qualification for this job.
19- They employee her as an adviser.
20- The company provides courses for its employments.
21- Who is the new Minister of financial?

Question Bank
22- She is making a university course.
23- Samy regular takes part in school competitions.
24- Ahmed beats much money every month out of his job.
25- Hend has made of her mind about the best way to bring up young children.
Choose the correct answer: Grammar:
I-I'm surprised. Nobody told you that the road was very dangerous. You .........have been
a) must b) should c) needn't d) may
2- Youdo over 90 kilometers an hour. It is the maximum speed limit.
a) mustn't b) needn't c) shouldn't d) may not
3-The policeman said, "You will have to pay a fine. You..have driven so fast
a) wouldn't b) mustn't c) shouldn't d) can't
4- I've told you again and again, " late for work."
a) oughtn't b) needn't c) couldn't d) mustn't
5- I'll give you a lift, so you.walk to the station.
a) must b) had to c) don't have to d) mustn't
6- You ..wear heavy clothes. It is very cold outside.
a)have to b)mustn't c) needn't d) might
7- You..stay up late if you don't like to.
a) must b) needn't c) mustn't d) had to
8- You have done this exercise wrong. Youdo it again,
a) don't have to b) mustn't c) needn't d) have to
9- You ..smoke here. There is a "No Smoking" sign.
a) mustn't b) needn't c) must d) shouldn't
10- We have plenty of time. fast.
a) mustn't b) needn't c) must d) had to
11- He has left his car over there. He.that. There is a "No waiting" sign.
a) should have done b) shouldn't do c) shouldn't have done d) mustn't do
12- He..drink the milk. It's sour.
a) has to b) doesn't have to c) needn't d) mustn't
13- I didn't know there was a meeting today.
a) should have told b) should tell c) had to tell d) needn't have told
14-1t is desirable to get up early . You.get up early.
a) must b) should c) may d) will
15- You look ill today. You.see a doctor.
a) may b) might c ) should d) ought
16- I don't know why you apologized to him. him.
a) mustn't apologize b) don't have to apologize
c) shouldn't apologize d) needn't have apologized
17 - A) Shall I post the letter now?
B) No, You the letter now. You can post it tomorrow.
a) don't need to b) mustn't c) must d) have to
18- He.go to school yesterday. It was a holiday.
a) needn't b) won't c) didn't have to d) may not
19- He sounded the horn so many times; hehave done that.
a) oughtn't b) shouldn't c) mustn't d) couldn't
20- She added some salt to the salad but sheany as it became too salty.
a) needn't add b) has to add c) mustn't add d) needn't have added
21- I..accept his offer if I were you.
a) should b) shall c) ought d) must
22- Helal didn't go to the doctor's yesterday although hehave gone.
a) must b) ought to c) needn't d) shouldn't
23- You.smoke in petrol stations.

Question Bank
a) shouldn't b) needn't c) mustn't d) oughtn't
24- They went to Aswan by plane but theyhave gone by train.
a) shall b) needn't c) must d) could
25- I stayed at home yesterday although Ihave gone to the cinema.
a) could b) must c) shall d) can
26- I advise you to come. You.come.
a) will b) have to c) should d) can
27- You.fasten your seat belt or you'll be fined.
a) should b) may c) can d) have to
28-It's a good idea, you English well.
a) shall b) should c) will d) would
29-It's getting dark. I..go now .
a) have to b) had to c) ought d) should have
30- Swimming is not allowed here. Youswim here.
a) needn't b) shouldn't c) mustn't d) don't
31- Can I talk to you, please? Sorry, I..go now. I'm late for a meeting.
a) mustn't b) has to c) need d) must
32- Sony Mum. I've broken a plate. more careful.
a) may b) should c) might d) can
33- Did you deliver the parcel for me? No, I.......find the house, so I've come back to get a map.
a) can b) could c) couldn't d) mustn't
34- Emad had broken his leg, so heswim.
a) can't b) may c) should d) couldn't
35- A) "Was your suitcase very heavy?"
B) Yes, but Icarry it myself.
a) was able to b) can c) can't d) ought
36- The streets are wet, itlast night.
a) must rain b) should rain c) must be raining d) must have rained
37- Why didn't you call the police? You.done that.
a) should b) should have c) could d) must
38- I strongly advise you to revise for your test. This means you ...................... revise for your
a) should b) may c) must d) can't
39- My car broke down in the middle of the road, so Ipush it to the road side .
a) have to b) had to c) must d) has to
38- You..finish that report tonight if you're too tired. Midday tomorrow is the deadline.
a) need to b) must c) needn't d) shouldn't
39- Youhave a health check before using the gym for the first time.
a) must b) mustn't c) shouldn't d) couldn't
40- You are too fat to join the Police Academy; you go on a diet.
a) had to b) may c) has to d) have to
41- It's against the law to use your mobile while driving your car, so that.
a) needn't b) won't c) mustn't d) shouldn't
42- A) I'm going to the cinema. Do you want to come with me?
B) No, thank you. my homework.
a) had to b) can c) have to d) could .
Find the mistakes and write the sentences (Grammar):
1- What are you doing here? Need you be at college?
2- You should exercise after a heavy meal.
3- You needn't wear a helmet when you ride a motorbike, it's vital.
4- You must bring your mobile because I've got mine with me.
5- You can make so much noise. We'll be asked to leave if you don't stop it.
6- You should have written a letter, a text message would have been OK.

Question Bank
7- You must begin with light exercises to warm up.
8- You needn't use these medicines, they are classified as drugs.
9- He really mustn't have told his brother about this present. It was supposed to be a secret.
10- You ought to watered the plants this weekend, they look dry.
11- Should you play the piano? - Yes, of course.
12- Perhaps Tom is tired. He must be tired.
13- You can't be tired after all your hard work.
14- You'd better not to carry that heavy suitcase.
15- Nada's mobile was stolen last night, so she can't use it to call home.
16- One day, my husband was locked out of the house by mistake, but luckily he is able to get in
through an open window.
17- You can't borrow my car on Saturday if you like.
18- You aren't allow to throw litter in the park.
19- You should had a rest or you'll break down.
20- We needn't to cook tonight. Take away is better.
21- You may walk to work. I'll give you a lift.
22- You shouldn't had spoken to my mother like that.
23- You mustn't ask a member of staff if you aren't sure of something.
24- I'm afraid I can help you. I don't live here.
25- I don't has to go to school today. It's Saturday.