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The History behind the Word CHRIST and CHRISTIAN

Source: The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology. P. 168 The word, Christ derived from Middle English and Old English. Crist the anointed one, the Lords Anointed, Jesus Christ, (about 830, in Vespasian Psalter; 675, according to the Peterborough Chroonicle); BORROWED from Latin Christus, from Greek Christos. The Greek is a translation (more of a transliteration) of Hebrew Mashyach anointed, Messiah. This word and its derivatives and related forms, such as chrism, were rarely spelled with ch in Middle English even after the 1400s. The spelling Christ did not become standard until after 1500s. The more frequent name in Old English is Haelend which means healer, Savior. The pronunciation of Old and Middle English Crist with a long i is a result of Irish missionary work in England during the 600s and the 700s. Sometime in the late 1300s it became common to write Christ and words associated with it, such as Christian, with a capital letter, but the practice did not become fixed until the 1600s.

The word, Christian also derived from the Middle English and the Old English cristen (about 750, in Cynewulfs Elene), borrowed from Latin christianus, from greek christianos, from Christo Christ. In the 1500s the entire word was respelled after the Latin and Greek forms. End of Source.

As early as 200 BCE, there were Pagan worshippers of Serapis that called themselves Christians. In the Vatican, one can view an original Pagan relief depicting MITHRAS with the words CHRESTOS MITHRAS, meaning "good Mithras". Mithraism was the main Pagan religion of ancient Rome, and became blended with the Mashyach

(Messiah) of Yisrael (The True Messiah) through the compromises of the Nicaea Council, headed by Constantine and his son Crispus (325-326 CE). During those times, there was a certain sect of Catholics who call themselves born again Christians. To find out when the change in the spelling of the word, CHRISTIAN took place, one will have to conduct a search in some older bibles. Lets focus on Acts 11:26 where allegedly the people were named Christians. Acts 11:26 reads as follows in the King James Version Bible (Latest Edition): And when he (Barnabas) had found him (Saul), he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch. After looking at several Bibles dated throughout history, we find the word Christian all the way back to the 1568 Bishop's Bible until we get to the 1525 Tyndale New Testament where the word is spelled Christen (note the spelling):

1568 Bishops Bible: Acts 11:26 And when he had founde hym, he brought hym vnto Antioche. And it came to passe, that a whole yere they had their couersation with the Church there, & taught much people: in so much, that the disciples of Antioche, were the first that were called Christians. *We do notice variation in spelling of words in this verse, but notice the word CHRISTIAN is spelled as we spell it today, in modern times.

Now 1525 Tyndale Bible: Acts 11:26 And when he had founde him he brought him vnto Antioche. And it chaunsed yt a whole yere they had their conversacion with the congregacio there and taught

moche people: in so moche that the disciples of Antioche were the fyrst that were called Christen. *Did you see how the word CHRISTIAN has now changed in spelling?

Now lets define the word, christEN (the way it is spelled in the 1525 Tyndale Bible): According to the Websters dictionary (Unabridged): Christen is defined as: (1) To give a name to at baptism; as, the child was christened Edith. (2) To baptize; to take into a Christian church by baptism. (3) To name; to give a name to (4) To use for the first time; as, to christen a house. (5) To convert to Christianity. ***Lets press the PAUSE button for second. Lets look at number 5 again? TO CONVERT TO CHRISTIANITY In other words, to CHRISTIANIZE.

In the 1395 Wycliffe Bible: Acts 11:26 And al a yeer thei lyueden ther in the chirche, and tauyten myche puple, so that the disciplis weren namyd first at Antioche cristen men. *Here we see another change in the spelling. However, so you note another change? *The letter c is not capitalized as it was in all of the other versions above AND it does not begin with ch-. Wow! The word Christian has undergone many changes down through the years!

The word, cristen is now beginning to sound more and more like a word birthed from Catholicism, wouldnt you say?

Well, I am going to leave this thought with you. We have been taught that Christianity began with the Messiah. Where in the Scriptures does it say this or better yet, what Scriptures validates this? You will not find any. The first usage of the word Christian is found in Acts 26:28 and again in 1 Peter (Kaph) 4:16. The first usage of the word Christians is found in Acts 11:26. You will find the words Christian(s) only three times throughout the ENTIRE Bible. Three times people! If the Messiah supposedly started Christianity, then why do you not find the word Christianity in the Bible and why is the word Christian(s) used only three times? According to the timeline of the book of Acts, the Messiah was no longer walking the earth. He had been crucified, resurrected and ascended to His Father by this time. Even when you read the Gospels, you will not find the word Christian anywhere. Listen, The Messiah did not start Christianity. He did not start any religion at all. It plainly states in MathathYahu (Matthew) 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. This was Yahusha, the Messiah speaking. He walked as His Father commanded Him to and as we are commanded to do. He is our example. We too are to walk in accordance to Yahuahs will, His instructions and commandments. If the truth be told, Christianity began its origin with Constantine the Great, the mighty great emperor that ruled Rome during the 300s A.D. It has been said that during Constantine's rule, everyone could not afford a bible. It was only given to the very elite, the ones who supported the Church financially. Sound a lot like today, huh? People were not able to read the Bible, simply because they did not have access to it. There is a lot that I could say about Constantine and all the evil he did but I will leave it at that for now. We have access to the Bible but we wont read it nor will we study it. As I always say, people please study and do research. We have been taught many lies and it behooves us to search out the truth. Until the next time, Shalum and Yahuah barukh (bless) you.

One more thing.the word Christ is of Greek Origin right? If the Messiah came from the Tribe of Yahudah (Judah), who was one of the sons of Yacob (Jacob) whose name was later change to Israel (Israelites), then why would He carry a title that was of Greek origin? Even the name Jesus is Greek. Just something to think about.