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Digital 7 Processing of Speech Signals aru mA Arle sjeuBis yoaeds jo foe rrrered eT e)( a] CORP Rca PRENTICE-HALL SIGNAL PROCESSING SERIES Alan ¥. Oppenteim, Editor Anonews and Hunt Digital Image Restoration Bricuam The Fast Fourier Transform BURDIC. Underwater Acoustic System Analysis CastisMan Digital Image Processing CCaociteRe and RaBINeR Multirate Digial Signal Processing DuvoeON and MERSEREAU Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing Havoc Digital Filters, 2e HAYKIN, ED. Array Signal Procesting Lea, €0. Trends in Speech Recognition Line, 5D. Speech Enhancement MoCLELLAN and RADER Number Theory in Digial Signal Processing Orresmieiy, ED. Applications of Digital Signal Processing ‘Orpen, WILLSKY, with YOUNG Signals and Systems Oprenteim and SCHAFER Digital Signal Processing Raninen and Got Theory and Applications of Digital Signal Processing Raainer and ScHAFER Digital Processing of Speech Signals Roaissow and TRerrel. Geophysical Signal Analysis TaiBoust Seismic Applications of Homomorphie Signal Processing AlsT DIGITAL PROCESSING ‘OF SPEECH SIGNALS Lawrence R. Rabiner Ronald W. Schafer, Acoustics Research Laboratory Schoolof Electrical Engineering ‘Bel Telephone Lebortorier Georgie Instat of Technolog ‘Muray Hil, New Jersey ‘Alena, Georgia Prentice-Hall, Inc,, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632 ‘Cighalprecnsing of pencils. re eam) ee RT © 1978 by Bell Laboratories, Incorporated [All ights reserved, No part of this book: may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher and Bell Laboratories. Printed in the United States of America yw 176 is ‘Prewrice-HALL INTERNATIONAL, INC, London Prevrice-HaLt or Austaatia Pr, Litre, Sydney Paprice. Hatt or Canaba, Lto., Toronto Prexrice-HaLL oF IxpIA Private Luarren, New Delhi Pasyrice- Hator Japan, Ic, Tokyo Prerice-HaLLor Sourseast Asta Pre. Lr. Singapore ‘Wurrexatt Books Luarren, Wellington, New Zealand ‘Toour parents, Dr. and Mr. Nathan Rabiner and Mr. and Mrs, William Schafer, {or instilling within us the thirst for knowledge ‘and the quest for excellence; ‘and to our families, Suzanne, Sheri, and Wendi Rabiner and Dorothy, Bll, John, and Kate Schafer, {or their love, encouragement, and support.