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Name: Rika

Date: How can your environments impact who you are and the choices you make?

Rewriting Frankenstein

Pick one of the following scenes from the play. Think about how the situation affected the Monster. Think about how if the scene unfolded differently, the Monster may have changed. Rewrite one of the following to show how they would have impacted the Monster and his choices in life if the situation had been different. 1. 2. 3. 4. When Frankenstein sees the monster for the first time and his reaction is to run away When the monster is in a town, where dogs and towns people are after him When Felix shoots the monster When the monster kills William

Your scene should have between 2-4 characters. 1 or 2 of these characters may be your own characters (not from the play). Your scene will have two parts: 1. What happens to the monster (the situation) 2. His choices as a result (the impact) Which scene will you rewrite? I am going to rewrite Scene Number 3 (When Felix shoots the monster) What is the situation in the scene? What do How does this affect the Monster? What impact does it others do to the Monster? have on his life? What choices does he make as a result? This affects the monster because he might think that people When Felix finds the monster doing like him the way he is and he wants to change himself no something to Agathe he thought that the dont matter what and he is also frighten and scared about what monster was hurting this blind sister and Felix did to him. He also wants to take revenge to then Agathe and Felix argued and fight Frankenstein for the way he is and the way that people treat him and he doesnt like it. The impacts on how it connects to about the monster and how kind or his life is that maybe when Felix shot him, he might have mean he is but Felix didnt believe her thought that people dont like me the way I am and he doesnt and thought that he was mean and start like the way he is and he takes revenge to the creator panic and shot the monster thinking that ( Frankenstein). He also might have thought he doesnt belong here and then might take revenge on whoever did something he is a bad person. to him and then the monster might not turn out like he wanted it to be. The choices that he make as a result is that he made a wrong move on how he should change himself because it is good the way he is and dont let others change you. If you give a chance to let the monster be himself, he might have not been like that and then Frankenstein should have guide the Monster to take his own life and should have helped when the bad situation happened to the monster. How will you change the situation? How might How will this affect the Monster? What impact will it have things happen differently during the scene? on his life? What choices will he make as a result? This will affect the monster on how he has been acting to the When Felix comes in and sees the monster talking people and how he thinks about himself and shouldnt have to Agathe and he over reacted on how the monster changed himself because of how the people are treating it. It is talking but argues to Agathe and then talks to the might also affect his life on how people might treat him well monster on how he is struggling with his life and because of how Felix (when he thinks about the monster and how the people has treated the monster badly but might tell others that he is a good person and he is not like doesnt shoot him. Even though he doesnt shoot you think he really is) has told the people in the community.

Name: Rika him he thinks that there is something strange about him, but doesnt tell that to the monster because he is sacred on how the monster might react to Felix. (Stage Directions : Felix wanders on the stage thinking about the monster and his life and feels sorry for him )

Date: Also the monster might think that he think he made a good move on how he didnt change the way he is or the personality because he can improve but not changing it fully. This impacts on his life because when he didnt change he really and Felix has helped him, the people might think that Felix might be right, the monster might actually be a great person and think people in the community might have been friends with him and get to know him better. The choices that he make as a result is that it is a great move on how he doesnt change himself because that might be scary for the people in the community and that leads worse to the people and the people wont know him and actually think he is a real monster and does all the bad ruining things to the monster.

Rewrite the scene using your ideas from the purple boxes above. Your scene should: Include A Note On Staging refer to page 6 in the Frankenstein play o Explain the set design Well there is a small cottage and there is garden, swings and things like that but when the situation happens between the monster and Felix, the set would be inside the cottage. (beds, table, rusty chairs, fire place) o Explain the costumes and props Felix: An old rusty bag, fury black thick skin coat , hunting gun, old wolf skin hat Agathe: A basket of fruits and vegetables that she has picked out from the garden Monster: A long, black thick coat o Explain lighting, sound, and special effects When Felix and Agathe argues , you can put lightning and dark scary noises. When Felix and Frankenstein talks there going to be birds chirping.

Include a paragraph to explain your choices for your Note On Staging I chose this set design because when Felix and Frankenstein talks, there would be birds chirping because the Monster is talking in a kind and generous way because he wants to be a generous person. Also the props for the characters is like this because Felix is like a hunter kind a thing and he is a kind of dangerous person but is really worried about how the Monster might act. To wrap it all up, in the real play, there is like a small cottage showing that Agathe and Felix lives there in a forest and the costumes to that, shows that Felix is like a hunting kind of person and Agathe is kind of like a generous, kind. Honest person. That also matches the lightning and things like that because when the talking part happens that matches with the birds chirping because when they talk they talk peacefully. Also the main lighting and effects is the birds chirping because the main part happens everything is peaceful except one part but the talk between Felix and Monster. Include descriptions of the characters refer to page 8 in the Frankenstein play o List each character and give a short (2-3 sentences) description of his/her appearance and personality

Name: Rika

Date: The Monster: Should Look Ugly and Hideous, very strong and agile and in more of those Acts his voice sounds brave enough and powerful enough and his voice should be Impressive in some kind of way. Felix: Refugees, Agathes brother, brave and powerful man who takes risks even though he is scared of something, takes cares too much of Agathe, really strict with the rules they have. Agathe: Blind, but she knows where places are in her own little cottage, she is very generous and kind to others and never gets Angry.

Include stage directions (in italics) to indicate how the characters move and how they speak In your scene, include dialogue that will move the plot along and show how the new situation unfolds and how it impacts the Monsters life

Criterion A: You compose a script that shows how a situation impacts the Monsters life using a lot of details (dialogue and stage directions).

Criterion B: You write in the form of a script, using the appropriate structures expected in a play script. Your scene builds appropriately.

Criterion C: Your write your characters to reflect their personalities and tone. Your script is free of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.





You do not reach the standard described below. Your script reflects very limited imagination Your script does not use the Your script does not reflect the voice of and creativity. It does not show the organizational structures of a script. the characters. situation and how it impacted the Monsters life. Your script is generally disorganized. Your script has very frequent errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Your script has no details (dialogue, stage directions) to show how the Monster develops through the scene. Your script reflects limited imagination and Your script sometimes uses the Your script sometimes reflects the creativity. It attempts to show the situation organizational structures of a script. voice of the characters. and how it impacted the Monsters life. Your script is beginning to be organized Your script has frequent errors in Your script has insufficient details but lacks coherence. grammar, punctuation, and spelling. (dialogue, stage directions) to show how the Monster develops through the scene. Your script reflects some imagination and Your script usually uses the Your script often reflects the voice of creativity. It somewhat shows the situation organizational structures of a script. the characters. and how it impacted the Monsters life. Your script is generally well-organized. Your script uses generally accurate Your script has adequate details (dialogue, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. stage directions) to show how the Monster develops through the scene. Your script reflects imagination and Your script consistently uses the Your script often reflects the voice of creativity. It shows the situation and how it organizational structures of a script. the characters. impacted the Monsters life. Your script is usually well-organized. Your script consistently uses a formal Your script has substantial details The ideas build on each other. tone to explain. Your grammar, (dialogue, stage directions) to show how the punctuation, and spelling are accurate. Monster develops through the scene.

Name: Rika
Your script reflects a lot of imagination and creativity. It clearly shows the situation and how it impacted the Monsters life. Your script has illustrative details (dialogue, stage directions) to show how the Monster develops through the scene. Include a title Describe each character Include a note on staging to explain how your staging choices (set design, costumes/props, effects) show the situation and its impact on the Monster Employ dialogue to show how the scene develops Include stage directions to show the action Use details to show the actions and emotions of the characters involved

Your script uses the organizational structures of a script in a sophisticated manner. Your script is consistently wellorganized. The ideas build on each other in a sophisticated manner. Use the format of a script o Skip a line each time a new character speaks o Italicize the stage directions o Write dialogue by bolding character names Build the dialogue and action to first show what the situation is, then how the Monster is affected Your script masterfully reflects the voice of the characters. Your script shows a mastery of formal tone to explain. Your grammar, punctuation, and spelling are completely accurate. Edit for spelling, punctuation, and grammar Use first person when writing the dialogue Use the type of language that the character would use when writing the dialogue


In order to succeed you need to:

Frankenstein Script :

Rika- Frankenstein Rewrite Script

Chapter 1
Inside a simple cottage in the meadows, a rough dusty old table, a couple of rough chairs, beautiful garden and in the garden, there are swings and in the cottage a small fire place. The cottage is beautiful, neat and clean but very old. On the rusty old table there are some fruits in a basket and bread to eat. There is a window in the cottage which leads to a beautiful and bright scenery of trees, flowers and grass. In the other side of the cottage there is another door. Birds are peacefully singing because of this beautiful place. Far away, you could hear dogs barking furiously - like baring forever. The noise is there for a short while but in a short while the barking slowly disappears until it dies away. Suddenly the monster is nowhere in the meadows, where the sun is going down. Dont even know where to go and you cant even see his expression. Well, the expression might be angry and nervous of what the dogs has done. He is wearing a heavy coat but half ripped and filled with blood and bites. The monsters arm is torn out, bloody, torn and bitten. The Monster finds the small cottage and just stands there wondering who would be inside. He is nervous and scared if the people in the cottage might hurt him. Then he sees the table with food which leads him to go there and greedy, takes the food (Apple and Bread) but eats the Bread with one bite when he sniffs the apple, dont know what to do with it , just puts it in his mouth because he is too hungry. His arms and feet are with torn with blood and half of his toe is bit off. Hearing a voice, the Monster looks surprises and freezes. He could hear a young girls voice and a young mans voice. Looking scared, searches in the cottage and sees a back door. Quickly hiding in the back door and shuts it behind him, before Agathe and Felix comes in. Felix comes in with 4 dead rabbits when Agathe brings flowers in a basket Felix : What happened to your knees ? Agathe: What knees? (touching them ) Oh I dont know.

Name: Rika


Felix: Be careful, Im just going to get some medicine for you. By trading the dead rabbit. Be safe ok? Agathe : Ok Felix goes out the front door wondering what happened to Agathes knees. Monster unlocks the back door going in the living room and thinking that no ones in the house Monster: (Screaming Loudly with anger) Hello, anyone here? Agathe : (Walking towards the Monster) Yes, um who are you ?? (Speaks Scared) Monster , Sees Agathe and runs Monster: ARGHHHH!! Agathe: (Touches face) Dont be scared I wont hurt you. Trust me I wont After Touching Monsters face Agathe: Please, tell me your name? Monster: I have no name. Agathe: Oh, um then never mind, come sit down. Monster : Oh, What happened to your knees ? Agathe : I dont know but dont worry because, my brother is going to get some medicine for it. Monster: Oh, um, I think I should be heading now. Agathe : Oh, please stay. Felix comes in and sees that Agathe is taking to a hideous Monster

Felix: (screams with anger) Agathe, Who are you talking to! Agathe : Just a friend of mine. Felix: Well, that friend of yours is a horrible creature , He doesnt even know what he is doing Monster : (sick of the argument and screams) ARGHHHH!! Felix : (faces the monster and says to the monster with anger ) Leave, Now !! Agathe : (looking at Felix) Dont , Felix, he is gentle, kind and believe me he is Felix: Look, Agathe, I dont believe in your silly jokes ok? Just look at him. Cant you see his personality? Mean, Ugly and dont even know what he is doing.

Name: Rika


Agathe: Believe me, he is Felix interrupts him and takes a hunting gun and nearly shoots Agathe : (Says this with sadness) Please Felix, Dont do it Monster: ARGHHHH !! (Takes the hunting gun away from Felix when he is about to shoot)

Chapter 2
Felix: What are you going to do with that? The monster takes the hunting gun and leaves it on the table and leads to the rusty table. Monster: Come on, can we sit down and talk? Felix: What happened to your arms and legs? Monster : Is what the city dogs did to me . Felix: Oh, um . Monster: Never mind of that. I should be treated like that. Felix: As you were saying, Monster : The people in the city hates me. They started to throw tomatoes at me, dogs starts barking at me when some of them bite me which really hurts. (shows the monster the injuries) . They think I am a hideous monster, which I am not Felix: Go on, is there any more things you want to talk about ? Monster : Yes, um You know my creator, right ? Felix: Frankenstein? Monster: Yes, when I was created, he thought that I could manage my own life myself, So Frankenstein , what kind of creator does that? I just want (screams loudly) REVENGE!!! Felix : A creator that doesnt know what he is doing. But it has, nothing got to do with REVENGE Monster: Yeah, I agree but why not? Felix: Because taking REVENGE on someone is bad and when someone knows that more people start not liking you. Wait, I cant believe people treat you this way.

Name: Rika


Monster : Actually Felix, you did that too but never mind. I should change my personality that is what everyone thinks I should do. Felix: No, dont, be you. Dont even listen to what others say. Ignore them. You are unique in your own personal way and dont let others change you. Monster : But why? Dont I have to do what other people say because they want to find out that I am a good person? Felix : No, Well improve on how you want it to be. Dont listen to others when they talk about you. You will improve it yourself and find out that you are unique in your own individual way and no one has to deal with that. Monster: So you are saying that be who you are and be yourself. Felix: (nods), yeah

Chapter 3
When the Monster stands there wondering, Agathe comes in the room after listening to all of the talking with the Monster and Felix Agathe: Do you believe me now? Felix: Yes, I thought he was an hideous monster first but then when I actually like settled with him, he isnt that kind of monster that people is freaky or angry or scared ab out. Agathe: Well, dont judge someone on how they look before you met them or have talked to them, because the hideous one might be a nice one after all. Monster: So you dont want to change who I am? Felix and Agathe: (says together) yes! Monster: Well, How can I do that? Felix: Just Act like a normal human being. If a person doesnt like you or thinks you are bad, just let them calm down a bit, so then you can actually tell that you are a good, caring and generous person. Monster: That would be a good idea! Thanks Felix and Agathe for helping me. I am heading now Agathe: To where? Monster: Um..

Name: Rika


Felix: Yeah I should have told you Agathe, he doesnt have a home because all Frankenstein left him there to take care of his own world when the Monster scared all the people and you might be thinking Agathe : Poor Him!! Can he stay with us Please Felix ,Please ?! Monster makes a sad dog face Felix : Ill think about it Agathe: (says with bit of Anger )Think about it, look at him, he has been beaten off from all of this city town dogs and the people in the city is scared of him so they start a riot to burn him. Felix : But, Agathe : Please Felix, Please Felix: Fine, Just because of you want to take care of him ok? Ill be counting on you. Agathe : Thank You so much, Felix Felix : No, thank you for finding this Monster. I thought I should have respect my own manners to it. Monster : (says to both of them) Thank You !!! (Hugging them gently) Agathe : I need to do some cooking. Today is Rabbit Stew from the rabbits we got. Felix: My favorite meal and Special Day. I hope it gets better and better Monster : Everything is already better for me. Agathe : Of course it is! They both laugh and hug when the birds start chirping forever The stage starts to dim and dim until it is birds chirping and quietly and slowly dies. When the stage goes black, everyone and everything is quiet and slowly quiets down more and more.

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