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Office of Community Organization

27 East Housatonic Street

Pittsfield, MA 01201
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Moscow Ballet has a 15 year history of working with nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and
Canada, and a track record of success whenever and wherever an event has been organized.
Moscow Ballet is proud of the fact that it has helped raise millions for various non-profit
organizations in just the last three years alone.

For 2009, Moscow Ballet has designed the “Creative Development Partnership Program”
(CDPP) as an answer to the economically unstable time in order to continue the tradition of
fundraising partnerships with non-profit organizations. The CDPP incorporates Moscow Ballet’s
15 years of experience with skilled fundraisers from its own office as well as the offices of its

The CDPP offers the following to help your non-profit use Moscow Ballet to organize a large-
scale holiday season fundraiser:

- A block of our best tickets, discounted and available to be held for only a 10% deposit.

- Guidance and assistance on attracting corporate sponsors

- An opportunity to make this “the event” of the season for your supporters by organizing
a pre-or-post-show reception for donors and corporate sponsors.

- Opportunity to speak on-stage at the opening of the performance, addressing the entire
audience & giving you the chance to communicate your goals and thank your

- Option for a playbill insert that you can sell ads for and retain 100% of the revenue the
insert generates.

- A 100% refund guarantee on all unsold tickets 45 days prior to the performance.

The CDPP is virtually risk-free. Moscow Ballet is committed to seeing its partners succeed
through the program, and wants your non-profit to use our performance of “The Great
Russian Nutcracker” as the perfect way to energize your existing supporters while attracting
new individual and corporate donors!
Making A Difference With The Arts
Past Charity Beneficiaries
• PBS TV Public Broadcasting (Roanoke)
• National Public Radio (Roanoke)
• MS Society
• North Treasure Coast Chapter of the American Red Cross (FL)
• Diabetes Foundation (Pasadena, CA)
• AIDS (Harlingen, TX, Dallas, Buffalo)
• M.A.D.D
• Hospitals (Graduate Hospital Philadelphia)
• Children’s hospitals (Scottish Rite Atlanta)
• Alcoholism Foundation (1835 House / Recovery Acres)
• Arthritis Foundation
• Mental Health Association (Mercy Hospital)
• Universities’ development (UNC)
• Children Advocacy Charities
• Homeless shelter
• Museum (Hamilton ON Gallery)
• Cancer Hospitals (Hamilton ON Canada hospital)
• The Brattleboro Retreat (Vermont, Massachusetts)
• Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice (Sheboygan, WI)

Honorary Chairpersons
• First Lady Nancy Reagan (chaired a 30 city benefit tour)
• First Lady Roselyn Carter
• Mrs. Tipper Gore

Past Corporate Sponsors

• Ford Motor Co (For MADD, Virginia)
• General Motors / Saturn
• BJ Wholesale Club
• Osh Gosh B’Gosh
• Los Angeles Times (For Diabetes Foundation Benefit)
Benefit Structure
Sell 200 Tickets at Price Level 1
• Receive 15 complimentary tickets at Price Level 2

• Have the opportunity to design and produce an insert for the

playbill, which will be seen by all patrons who attend the show.

Sell 300 Tickets at Price Level 1

receive the above benefits AND

• Receive 30 complimentary tickets at Price Level 2

• A reception for you and your guests preceding the show.

• Engage in a photo opportunity with one of our international


• Address the audience on stage before the show.

• Receive Moscow Ballet souvenirs for your committee.

Raising Extra Funds
There are a number of ways to earn more money for your organization
than simply selling tickets.

• Moscow Ballet puts no limit on the price at which you can sell
these tickets. Use a “benefit rate,” charging more for each
ticket than face value. These are, in most cases, the best seats
in the house.

• Hold an auction to bring in the highest rate of return on tickets.

• Use the performance as an opportunity to solicit charitable

donations from high profile community members.

• Facilitate a dinner before the show for large donors.

• Sell the photograph session individually to members of your


• Host a pre-performance gala night dinner (1-2 months prior) to

introduce new donors, entice corporate underwriting, and sell
advance individual tickets at benefit levels.
Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker: November and December 2009

Procure 300 seats at $50 each. The seats will be held with a 10% deposit, $1500. This is fully
refundable if requested 30 days or more prior to the performance. Many of our nonprofit partners
acquire donations to cover this cost.

100 seats, PLATINUM*, at $250 = $25,000

200 seats, GOLD**, at $65 = $13,000

*PLATINUM seating indicates that patrons will also be welcomed to a prestigious pre-performance
cocktail party for major donors.
**GOLD seating indicates that patrons will be seated in the first 10 rows of the theatre on the
orchestra level.


Allocate four sponsors totaling $50,000.
In the past, Moscow Ballet enjoyed the national sponsorship of General Motors Saturn, IBM, Tyson,
and others. With a combined force of the prominence of your nonprofit organization and the artistic
excellence of the international brand Moscow Ballet, we are optimistic about the likelihood of
corporate sponsorships and major donations.


Moscow Ballet will provide up to three personal appearances in pre-event parties by a Russian
soloist, occurring in September 2009. Exclusive events limited to 50 top donors in upscale locations
(e.g., top law firm reception, prominent home, etc.)

AUCTION Additional Income $10,000

Available Moscow Ballet artifacts for auction include costumes, original painting of Great Russian
Nutcracker backdrop, posters autographed by the Prima Ballerina, etc.

MERCHANDISE INCOME Additional Income $5,000

There is a goal of $5,000 to be sold in t-shirts, musical scores, and other souvenirs.

EXAMPLE Earned Revenue $108,000